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Forced Exposure New Releases for 9/9/2013

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New music is due from Múm, Arbouretum, Nadja and Vampillia, Jon McMillion, The Julie Ruin, and Signal Flow while old music is due from Fairfield Ski, Chocolate Snow, Dream Syndicate, and Ike Reiko.


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50 030EP

SHED: The Dirt/Fluid 67 12" (50 030EP) 14.00
A new release by René Pawlowitz, regardless if it is as Head High, Wax, EQD, WK7, The Traveller, Shed or any of his other project names, is always big news. The Dirt/Fluid 67 is the first new Shed release since his fantastic third album, The Killer, (50 008CD/LP) released on 50 Weapons mid- 2012. The single unites two of the main elements of the Shed sound: dry and purist functional techno on the A-side and UK rave euphoria on the B-side.



METOPE: Black Beauty Remixes 12" (AREAL 071EP) 12.00
As the spirits of Metope's country-themed album Black Beauty (AREAL 008CD/066LP) ride towards the blood-red sunset of the Sierra Berlina, suddenly, a horn-blowing cavalry arrives. Starring remix outlaws Louie Fresco, Joerg Burger, Sid Le Rock and crazy cowgirl Ada.


AUS 1350EP

DEETRON: Count on Me 12" (AUS 1350EP) 12.50
For their 50th release, Aus Music presents a very special single-sided vinyl pressing of Deetron's single, Count on Me. As a producer, Deetron's melodic adaptations of electronica have seen him skirt the line perfectly between the soulful and the industrial and everything else in between, appealing to both techno heads and house lovers alike. Deetron has cemented his reputation as one of the most respected DJs and producers of all time, and with this single, he can add another legendary label to his name.


BAM 7005LP

REIKO, IKE: Kokotsu No Sekai LP (BAM 7005LP) 22.00
2013 repress; LP version. Although Ike Reiko was a mere 17 years of age when she recorded 1971's Kokotsu No Sekai, she was already a star in the world of Japanese erotic movies. Despite the tough-gal image, the music is pretty darn life-affirming, so don't think for a second you're getting an easy listening album here -- this is about as sexual as music can get. Throw "French Kiss" out of the window and give a kiss goodbye to your Serge Gainsbourg records, Ike Reiko is more sizzling than a branding iron as it makes its mark on the farmer's herd. The sex is literally dripping from every note on this record -- the style is "Iroke Kayôkyoku" or erotic kayôkyoku (kayôkyoku being a style of Japanese pop) but the sort of naďve jazz and pseudo spy theme movie music is all draped in a shroud of sexual shouts, screams and coos from the clearly excited Reiko. One must assume that she was in some kind of state of euphoria in the recording studio from the evidence on offer here, either that or she's a pretty realistic faker -- it's a smouldering collision, and that's about all that needs to be said. Kokotsu No Sekai has to be one of the finest gifts for the music fan in search of that killer oddity. First 180 gram vinyl reissue.



DREAM SYNDICATE: The Day Before Wine and Roses (Radio KPFK, Los Angeles 1982) 2LP (BANG 071LP) 30.50
Finally released on vinyl, here comes the recording The Dream Syndicate did at a radio session in Los Angeles in 1982 right before getting in the studio to record their legendary debut album The Days of Wine and Roses. And what you get is The Dream Syndicate at their purest essence -- long tracks where they developed all their talent and imagination. No studio limitations, no record company sound limits. Instead, we can hear long tracks, loud volume, distortion and improvisation. Featuring the extended and pumped-up volume songs of the early days, there are also unheard songs and covers of Neil Young and Bob Dylan, all done by the original line-up: Steve Wynn (guitar, vocals), Karl Precoda (guitar), Kendra Smith (bass), Dennis Duck (drums). Presented in a deluxe double vinyl gatefold edition and with previously-unreleased photography, plus liner notes by Steve Wynn recalling those days, this record is a masterpiece of The Dream Syndicate at their purest and best sound. Deluxe gatefold sleeve.



NOLDER, FEW: Private Drive 12" (BKS 005EP) 12.50
Few Nolder releases a 12" on Silence's sub-label Best Kept Secret to further his moody point of artistic view that someone once pinned down as "female techno." This artist never fails to surprise and is always full of unprecedented material that takes the listener to a mellow yet driving soundscape. Remixes by Mikesh & Filburt and Matt Walsh.



MODERAT: Moderat LP (BPC 200LP) 15.50
2013 repress. Gatefold LP version. This is the highly-anticipated debut full-length release by Moderat, the collaborative conjoining of Modeselektor and Apparat. A twist of fate at the Stadtbad Mitte (Berlin-Mitte City Pool) united them in the spring of 2008, and Moderat was reformed. Recorded at the legendary Berlin Hansa Studios (where David Bowie recorded Heroes) in analog with the help of the studio's vintage tube technology and an old EMI console from 1972, restored especially for Moderat. Moderat's self-titled debut makes it sound like these fellas have been working closely together for years -- and the analog production gives these tracks a steady, glowing warmth that pulses and breathes organically. Totally seductive, dark dance tunes that possess an almost tribal disposition for the most intense peak moments. This is a massive debut that unites two of techno's most celebrated acts.



PASTOR, JOACHIM: Wayfaring Stranger EP 12" (BUR 014EP) 12.00
American folk song "Wayfaring Stranger" is interpreted by Joachim Pastor from Paris and 18 year-old singer Florence Bird from England. Besides the pushing remix by AKA AKA & Thalstroem and the solo production "Leçon de Vie," there is another collaboration with Florence and AKA AKA on this four-tracker, "Sandman." All tracks show how melodic and dreamy tunes still can be danceable. Late summer of love on vinyl.



MOORE, R. STEVIE: Personal Appeal LP (CARE 109LP) 26.50
LP version. There can't be many who possess a back catalog containing more hidden gems and scarcely-touched-upon curios than R. Stevie Moore. Dubbed "The Grandfather of DIY" by some, it's the only tag that's ever stuck for this prolific, chameleonic artist, whose cult status has grown over nearly half a century of music-making, and whose back catalog -- which numbers in the hundreds of releases -- has influenced everyone from Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore to lo-fi pop king Ariel Pink. This wave of musical admiration from peers, both contemporary and new, has helped push this once most outsider of musicians towards the wider consciousness; the past two years have seen him appear on the cover of Wire, record a session for the BBC, tour Europe and tread festival stages -- the consequences of a most endearingly unfashionable artist suddenly finding himself in fashion. Personal Appeal both showcases why such acclaim is several decades overdue, but in its body of material it actually goes back to way before the magazine covers and rise to cult iconicity that Moore can now justly enjoy. These tracks have been taken from a period in between 1973 to 2001, an era during which he forged a deep connection -- for better or worse -- with New Jersey, after moving there from his native Nashville in 1978. The sheer volume of releases that have come out through Moore's career perhaps explain the wider overload of thought that occupies this most frenetic of minds. As he was releasing music on a number of labels, including his uncle's HP Music, he also put out swathes more on his own mail-order Cassette Club, which operated out of his NJ home. The cuts on Personal Appeal all derive from this vast, largely un-catalogued well of material that he was creating and self-producing alongside his more official output. The selection tells a story, not through comprehension, but through mood and representation. It veers through surf-rock, freak-folk, touches on bluegrass and country -- a nod to his formative years -- and sprawls outwards to include orchestral flourishes and broader rock sounds; Moore's writing has always mixed humor with melancholic sincerity, as indicated on track-titles like "Why Can't I Write a Hit?" and "Pretend for a Second That You Are Very Intelligent." Personal Appeal is a series of snapshots and insights into the mind of a man for whom the only editor he had or could answer to during his NJ years was himself. It's a narrative applied to a mass of frequently brilliant full recordings, half-ideas and experiments, and a reflection on the ups and downs of an artist who continued to strive for his music even when hope of any wider recognition seemed lost.



SAUCE81: All In Line/I See It 12" (CATUNE 051EP) 15.00
"Hyper limited edition 12" from Nobu Suzuki, aka Sauce81. 'All in Line' is a slomodisco- funk track, reminiscent of early works of Henrik Schwarz, with a groove from Sauce81's experience being in a gospel choir. 'I See It' is a modern electric funk jam with vocals, sophisticated electric piano, and funky bass lines that would warm up any dark dance floor. Remixes include treats by Stereociti and San Soda."



HEITZBERG THEOREM: Compost Black Label 102 12" (COMP 422EP) 12.00
Munich residents Heitzberg Theorem deliver heavy basses topped with trippy vocals, sounding like something from the future. After a creative but very frustrating phase of combining their different musical styles (a broad variety from drum 'n' bass, to house, techno, UK garage, and post-dubstep), this duo threw all of their initial ideas away and started from scratch. As a result, Heitzberg Theorem now concentrates on what's really important to them: producing bass-y, heavy and danceable UK-influenced house music.


MARBERT ROCEL: Compost Black Label 103 12" (COMP 424EP) 12.00
Marbert Rocel's Compost Black Label 12" is an exciting blend of organic and electrifying house with ethereal melodies, encapsulating a lot of variety. Remixes for the purist house-heads as well as for fans of deep leftfield house or twisted groove addicts. Remixes are courtesy of Marek Hemmann, Compost's very own Philipp Stoya, Leipzig's hottest newcomer Talski, and Marbert Rocel founding-member Panthera Krause.


DJ YELLOW & FLOWERS AND SEA CREATURES: Compost Black Label 105 12" (COMP 427EP) 12.00
The Konstantin Sibold remix of "No One Gets Left Behind" is already supported by Agoria, Dixon, Tale of Us, Scuba, Tensnake, Wankelmut, Kyodai and others. Also on this release and top notch: the original version and a Simon Garcia remix of "As Goes The Sun."



EVOL AI: Dark Disco EP 12" (CODIS 008EP) 12.00
Feel-good dance music, smile 'n' drive mutant disco with remixes by Ilya Santana and Sleazy McQueen. Evol Ai, artistic moniker of Slovenian-based musician, producer and DJ Alan Roposa, represents the emotional half of his musical orientation, while the other half Qualiass aims more at his energetic soundscape. Besides producing, making music for video games, advertisements and theater, Alan's been involved in various bands as a guitar player and the man behind the machines, most notoriously with fellow studio partner Yanoosh (Ohm Fat), with whom they had a series of live performances, which concluded in 2011 as full band support for The Klaxons at various festivals and clubs. Besides distinctive live shows with the band, Alan also tends to put distinctive elements into his DJ sets, which are a kind of hybrid mix of DJ, live, and re-edit approaches from techno to disco.



DAVIS' GHETTO MYSTICISM, STANTON: Things Cannot Stop Forever/High Jazz 12" (COS 501EP) 13.00
"The first in a new series of Cultures of Soul disco 12" records. This edition features two remixes of Stanton Davis and the Ghetto Mysticism Band by none other than UK disco fiend Al Kent! Al Kent is one of the world's premier DJs revitalizing the classic disco sound by playing his own re-edits and remixes. Al took the original multi-track master tapes from the Brighter Days sessions and rebuilt these two spaced-out jazz funk masterpieces for the dance floor. The A-side, 'Things Cannot Stop Forever' is built upon the original heavy bass line with a modern four on the floor bass drum laying down the foundation while Al layers the rest of the instruments from the original track piece by piece. The B-side features the up tempo track 'High Jazz' remixed with a solid disco beat. Limited to 500 copies in a colorful old school disco sleeve."



YOUTH CODE: Youth Code LP (DAIS 046LP) 20.00
"Youth Code needs no introduction. They have taken LA (and the world) by storm in less than a year. Their demo tape threw the scene on its side, and their 7? on Angry Love quickly followed up with another uppercut of strict BPM." Includes mp3 download.



JAWBOX: Grippe LP (DIS 052LP) 13.00
"Following the breakup of D.C. punk mainstay Government Issue in June, 1989, ex-GI Jay Robbins made the switch from bass to guitar and within a month, Jawbox began rehearsing. By September of 1989 the band had played its first show, a sold-out housing rights benefit with local heroes Shudder to Think and Fugazi. Jawbox released its self-titled 7" debut EP in March of 1990 on the collective DeSoto label with help from Dischord Records. Grippe is Jawbox's first full-length album, recorded with Eli Janney at Inner Ear Studios in October, 1990. It captures the original three-piece lineup of the band, which included Robbins, bassist Kim Coletta, and drummer Adam Wade. This repress of Grippe, the first in over 10 years, has been recut by Bob Weston at Chicago Mastering Service. The LP comes with a complimentary download card, which includes the complete record plus five extra songs -- the four tracks from Jawbox's self-titled debut EP and the song 'Footbinder,' which first appeared on the Simple Machines compilation EP, Screw."



WASHERMAN: Raw Poet 2LP+CD (DPC 046LP) 23.00
Washerman is a story at its best. The humble Gianni Siravo has been around for many years under different names. He released his first records in 1998 as Sequel on labels like Straight Ahead and Sonar Kollektiv. In 2008, he introduced us to his Azuni project and released the album City Look on Sthlmaudio as well as 12"s on Morris/Audio, Quintessentials and Drumpoet. In 2012 he decided to release his music as Washerman. His first single Kutz from the Basement EP for Drumpoet became one of the most played records that summer/autumn and gained him a big reputation, followed up by countless remixes and releases on labels like Nite Grooves, Saft and Deso. He also started his own label Deep Down Slam, where he is championing music which is inspired by the early house groove of New York and Chicago. He has been busy travelling the world as a DJ and producing music, such as this honest, raw album of quality house music. His first album entitled Raw Poet features nothing less than a 909, a Juno 60 and some other bits to create this unique groove you won't be able to resist. It's simply straight-to-the-point underground dance music in its purest form.


RB 103EP

FLUFFY HUNTER & JESSIE POWELL: The Walkin' Blues/My Natch'l Man 7" (RB 103EP) 11.00
Another evergreen classic jump blues side here, and a masterpiece in line-straddling risqué provocation, with lyrics which aren't so much suggestive as downright explicit. For those few innocents that may still need it explained to them, "walk right in, walk right out" is a metaphor. Either way, "The Walkin' Blues" is an absolute sure-shot, 100% party starter. The flip-side features another bawdy jump banger from Fluffy Hunter, "My Natch'l Man," making this frisky little package an essential pick-up.



BENOTMANE: Somewhere EP 10" (FENOU 019EP) 12.50
On this two-tracker the Swiss guy Benotmane skillfully combines groovy bass lines, melodic synths and carefully-adjusted vocal parts. "Somewhere" is one of these tracks that carry you out into the morning sun. Later on when you listen again, a melody snippet triggers memories of a perfect moment. The B-side is certainly no less exciting, although the mood of "Submarine" is more quiet, almost dreamier. Eyes closed, you'll get wrapped up in the sounds just to slowly drift away. As usual, the 10? vinyl release is again a hand-numbered limited edition.



CHOCOLATE SNOW: Inflation/A Day in the Life 7" (FRY 022EP) 8.00
Chocolate Snow were to be Wichita's answer to Earth, Wind & Fire or Sly & The Family Stone. This release (a take on the Wes Montgomery version of The Beatles' "A Day in the Life") broke new ground, yielding an almost unrecognizable take on the classic, but the 45 stiffed. They recorded the track again in L.A., but this time with a vocal on top, entitled "Inflation." Deep, deep music, way ahead of its time and presented here for the first time on 45.


GB 007LP

TAMIKREST: Chatma LP+CD (GB 007LP) 25.00
Gatefold LP version with CD. "Tamikrest" means "crossing" in the language of the Kel Tamashek, a traditionally nomadic Saharan people that are commonly referred to as the Tuaregs. It is an apt name for a band that so successfully merges the values of their timeless culture with the sounds and visions they have encountered on a headlong journey to the concert stages and iPods of the world. Since the band emerged onto the international scene with their debut album Adagh, they have been in constant motion, moving between the Sahara and Europe as though these places were next-door neighbors. All the while, during this same time period, their homeland has suffered increasingly profound and catastrophic events. Originally hailing from Kidal, in the northeast of Mali, as the result of ongoing war, persecution and political collapse, most of the band now lives in exile in Algeria. These last years have been intensely vivid for Tamikrest, defined as they have been by both tragic sadness (families and friends turned refugees, the brutal imposition of Sharia law in their hometown) and collective growth (their musical dreams building one upon another). Their album Chatma, their third, deftly navigates these experiences and fashions them into a fully persuasive and poetic musical document. The album is filled with sober reflection, moral indignation, musical experimentation, cultural celebration and the kick of rock and roll. Chatma is also Tamikrest's first album to be wholly written around a defined theme. In Tamashek, "chatma" means "sisters," and the band has dedicated the album in their own words to: "the courage of the Tuareg women, who have ensured both their children's survival and the morals of their fathers and brothers." Chatma also delivers Tamikrest's most wide-screen and wide-ranging sonic statement to-date. The infectious, sing-along rock stylings of "Imanin bas zihoun," the acoustic seduction of "Adounia tabarat," the Pink Floyd-influenced montage "Assikal" and the lush, melancholy ambiance of the album's finale, "Timtar," all add up to a sustained audio adventure. Echoes of dub, blues, psychedelia, funk and even art-rock are seamlessly woven by Tamikrest into their increasingly individual take on the Tuareg musical tradition. And on an album where the title translates as "sisters," it makes perfect sense that this time around we hear the full emergence of the haunting voice of female vocalist Wonou Walet Sidati in tandem with lead vocalist Ousmane Ag Mossa. A new guitarist, Paul Salvagnac has also joined the band, bringing with him fresh textures and possibilities. Contemporary Tuareg music has produced several unforgettable albums in recent years and Chatma certainly deserves to be ranked with these. But one also gets the sense, when listening to Chatma that there is something uniquely innovative and exploratory about Tamikrest's musical quest and that at last they have stepped into a wide-open space of their own.



FAIRFIELD SKI: Fairfield Ski CD (GUESS 048CD) 17.00
Birmingham's Fairfield Ski are one of the greatest lost UK psych/prog bands, ever. With a line-up which included ex-Terry Reid's band Bill Bonham (cousin of Led Zep John Bonham) on keyboards, their only recorded legacy is one of the rarest artifacts from the first UK psych-prog era: only three copies are known to exist of the Fairfield Ski acetate album, recorded in 1973 at top London studios such as Trident, Abbey Road and Apple. A perfectly played and professionally produced record which ranges from full-blown psychedelia to glam, hard rock, progressive pop, and dreamy psych. Echoes of Forever Amber, Five Day Rain, Octopus, Deep Purple, Procol Harum, Abbey Road-era Beatles and Appletree Theatre can be heard on the grooves of this lost classic. Fantastic remastered sound restored from the original acetate using state-of-the-art equipment. Insert with rare pictures and detailed liner notes by Andy Morten (Shindig!) revealing the Fairfield Ski story for the first time.


HWR 1009CD

VA: The Road to Jajouka - A Benefit Album CD (HWR 1009CD) 20.00
"Bachir Attar and the Master Musicians of Jajouka hail from an ancient village perched in the foothills of the Rif Mountains in Northern Morocco. For generations the Attar family have maintained one of the world's most unique and enduring musical traditions. This album is a musical tribute to the Master Musicians of Jajouka, featuring new performances and remixes created by western 'master' musicians, wishing to celebrate and support Jajouka's rich musical and cultural traditions. One hundred percent of the net profits from the sale of this album will go to The Jajouka Foundation." Performers include Master Musicians of Jajouka, Bachir Attar, Madeski Martin & Wood, Mickey Hart, DJ Logic, Ornette Coleman, Flea, John Zorn, Howard Shore.


HL 003EP

RROXYMORE: Precarious/Precious 12" (HL 003EP) 15.50
rROXYMORE's music is an intriguing one-off blend of contrasting textures -- organic and synthetic, icy and warm -- a fresh future step in dance music. rRoxymore aka Hermione Frank, released her epic 10-minute debut "Wheel of Fortune" in the summer of 2012, which came via a split 12" alongside Planningtorock's "Patriarchy Over & Out" (Human Level/DFA Records). Returning to Planningtorock's Human Level label, rRoxymore releases her first official EP entitled Precarious/Precious, featuring four tracks that combine nervous grooves, witchy cosmic synth lines, twisted snippets of acoustic instruments, and other signature sounds.



NADJA & VAMPILLIA: The Perfect World CD (IMPREC 385CD) 14.00
"Staggering collaboration between Nadja and Vampillia. The Primitive World originally saw release in Japan to coincide with Nadja's first Japanese tour in early 2012. The collaborative album combined Nadja's wall of guitars with Vampillia's operatic vocals and classical instrumentation to make a weird hybrid of doom and neo-classical music. This version of the release for Important Records features a new song, 'Avalanche,' and brand new mixes of the original tracks."


NADJA & VAMPILLIA: The Perfect World LP (IMPREC 385LP) 24.00
LP version, pressed in an edition of 500 copies.


PITRE, DUANE: Bridges LP (IMPREC 390LP) 18.00
LP version. "Duane Pitre's Bridges, features two pieces taken from a suite of analogous compositions by the same name, and was composed by Pitre in 2012. The two pieces that comprise the album are meant to work together in sequence as a composite work; or they can be isolated and listened to on their own. The title derives its name from the original concept for this work, which was to bring together aspects of traditional Eastern music (such as compositional form and tuning) with Western musical traditions (such as in the church music of the Middle Ages and modern classical music). The result is an album that merges the ancient with the new, while creating a sound that is wholly its own."


JBJ 1048EP

PERRYMAN, PAUL: Look at My Baby/Keep a Callin' 7" (JBJ 1048EP) 11.00
Two great sides from singer Paul Perryman, both originally cut for Bobby Robinson's Fire label. "Look at My Baby" is moody, atmospheric blues with great gospel-like backing vocals and an overall popcorn appeal, while "Keep a Callin'" is a more up-tempo rocker with a nicely brash organ riff and wicked, scratchy guitar work.


FOX, TONY: Love, Let Love and Be Loved/I Wanna Get Next to You 7" (SOUL7 033EP) 11.00
A modern soul masterpiece, this highly sought-after deep soulful disco spin by Tony Fox was thought for years only to exist as a track on his super-rare LP The Beginning. In the last 10 years, a couple of copies on 7" have turned up, going for big money privately to the world's biggest collectors before sniffing eBay (1000 English pounds plus). Real name Larry Capel, Tony Fox with his many aliases had various attempts at making it in the music business, but he never quite got there.



XITSONGA DANCE: Heke Heke/Hoza 12" (JIAOLONG 007EP) 12.00
Repressed. Nozinja from Honest Jon's Shangaan Electro: New Wave Dance Music From South Africa compilation (HJR 052CD/LP). "From the mastermind behind all the Shangaan electro music - this time under the alias Xitsonga Dance."


TSHETSHA BOYS: Bafana Bafana (feat. Themba Manganyi) 12" (JIAOLONG 010EP) 12.00
Repressed. "A Shangaan electro 12'' from mastermind producer 'Dog' Nozinja."


KK 074LP

LP version. Following the release of The National Jazz Trio Of Scotland's Christmas Album on Karaoke Kalk, the Berlin label now presents the second album by acclaimed pianist Bill Wells' latest project The National Jazz Trio Of Scotland; Standards Vol. II. While the previous record focused on seasonal classics, Standards Vol. II is comprised almost exclusively of Bill Wells' original compositions. Just for the record, The National Jazz Trio Of Scotland don't play jazz, nor are they a trio. And while their status as national ambassadors is not exactly official, Bill Wells has, however, worked with many of the key players in the Scottish indie scene from the likes of Isobel Campbell and Future Pilot AKA to the magnificent collaboration with former Arab Strap vocalist Aidan Moffat on Everything's Getting Older on Chemikal Underground. Indeed, a host of Glasgow's finest have contributed to the new NJTOS album with Norman Blake from Teenage Fanclub responsible for additional studio work and lending his voice to "Winter Breaks and Back to Spring." Belle & Sebastian's Chris Geddes and Stevie Jackson also helped with the recording. Yet despite these impressive rock solid credentials and all the big names with whom Wells works, what sets the National Jazz Trio Of Scotland apart is the vocal performances by Lorna Gilfedder, Aby Vulliamy, and Kate Sugden. While these girls may not be professional singers their voices posses an honest quality which fits Well's compositions to a tee. The sparse arrangements are understated yet outspoken while the lyrics tell of everyday moments, walking a fine emotional line between melancholy and optimism. The majority of the songs on Standards Vol. II are written and composed entirely by Bill Wells, and there are two covers including a version of the traditional Scottish folk song "Mary of Argyle" and a delightful cover of the Moondog tune "My Tiny Butterfly" with Gilfedder, Vulliamy and Sugden singing in a round to great effect. Already his fifth album on Karaoke Kalk, and including previous collaborations with Stefan Schneider aka Mapstation (the bassist from To Rococo Rot), Barbara Morgenstern, and the Japanese improvised free-jazz ensemble Maher Shalal Hash Baz, Standards Vol. II marks another milestone release for the Glaswegian musician.



ARBOURETUM: A Gourd of Gold CD (GMT 036CD) 15.00
"Arbouretum offer up four cover versions of Gordon Lightfoot songs, the oft-overlooked Canadian singer-songwriter who helped define the folk-rock sound of the '60s and '70s. These are exactly what cover songs should sound like - immediately familiar, reverent, but fresh and worthy. CD comes in foil blocked folder with color insert."


ARBOURETUM: A Gourd of Gold LP (GMT 036LP) 20.00
LP version. Pressed on 180 gram vinyl and presented in a die-cut custom jacket with foil blocked inner sleeve. Includes color insert.



MIND AGAINST: Atlant 12" (LAD 012EP) 12.00
Berlin-based, Italian-born Alessandro and Federico Fognini paint us a picture of lost civilizations and intergalactic missionaries. Trans-dimensional creatures visit us in our dreams and in our visions, bringing us coded messages about the future from a place beyond time. With a throbbing beat and epic melodies they build towers of steel and halls of philosopher's stone. Futuristic sounds hold court with swinging, percussive beats, telling us tales of how we can work together to overcome the challenges of our immediate circumstances.



HILL'S FAMILY AFFAIR, ROBBIE: Gotta Get Back: The Unreleased L.A. Sessions CD EP (LITA 110CD) 9.00
"Almost 10 years ago, Light In The Attic and DJ Supreme La Rock compiled the first ever set of vintage Pacific Northwest soul on Wheedle's Groove: Seattle's Finest In Funk & Soul 1965-75 (LITA009) featuring such rare sides as 'I Just Want To Be (Like Myself)' by legendary funk outfit Robbie Hill's Family Affair. Nearly a decade on, more unheard Seattle soul gems continue surfacing. Now, Light In The Attic is honored to release Gotta Get Back: The Unreleased L.A. Sessions from Robbie Hill's Family Affair. Originally recorded at RCA Studios in Los Angeles in January 1975 with Executive Producer Cuba Gooding Sr. and The Main Ingredient (the Family Affair were the Ingredient's backing band at the time), these five tracks remained lost until the recent discovery of the original multi-track masters. The tapes were carefully mixed by renowned engineer and producer Steve Fisk. To say it's a miracle that these tapes surfaced would be a massive understatement. Robbie named his band 'Family Affair' for a reason -- his band is his family and what you hear is proof that the blood really is thicker than the mud. What you're now holding in your hands is a pinnacle recording from a band that continues on to the present day, surviving in Seattle's Central District, carrying on a decades' long tradition."



DEAD AIR: Dead Air LP (LOAD 143LP) 15.00
"Vinyl only release. Dead Air is essential hard rock for creepy people in the food court. The trio brings to mind pill poppers and school skippers like the U-Men or the Cherubs in attack with an additional double helix sniff. Six tracks straight from the main vein of a grease clogged heart."


HUMANBEAST: Venus Ejaculates into the Banquet CD (LOAD 144CD) 15.00
"Providence duo Humanbeast present 12 expertly assembled songs spanning some definite NC017/XXX topics, flourished by dark electronic pop classicism with crunch beats and squealing synth cackles. Heels are pointy and the leggings sheer, so prove it in the inter zone set up in the woofer thrust of Humanbeast."


HUMANBEAST: Venus Ejaculates into the Banquet LP (LOAD 144LP) 15.00
LP version. Limited to 500 copies.


WHORE PAINT: Swallow My Bones LP (LOAD 145LP) 15.00
"Vinyl only release. Throwing off some fierce attitude, this three piece hit the ground running wherein wiry blank wave guitars pin down primal drum thud, aggressive howls and velvety croons. They don't hide their politics (they do have a feminist manifesto), though we'd be remiss if we didn't inform you that their hearts flow with 100% molten rock, evoking such luminaries as the Jesus Lizard, Teenage Jesus & The Jerks, and The Wipers. Whore Paint brings the truth with rock fury, you have been waiting for this."



L.U.C.A.: Precipizio 12" (MONDO 001EP) 20.00
The name Mondo has its roots in "Mondo Movies," an Italian movie genre born in the '60s. Mondo movies are characterized by documentary-like content that addresses several topics from around the world. The Mondo label has the goal to produce music that is descriptive of concepts, images and environments. Mondo is inspired by library music, a genre frequently used as theme or background music in radio, film and television in that very same period. Production music libraries typically offer a broad range of musical styles and genres describing everything ranging from deserts to war and sports. Library music composers and session performers had no constraint at all. They typically worked anonymously, rarely became known outside their professional circle and they have produced what probably is the most creative music catalog ever. The Mondo productions start with four releases dedicated to seascapes; scenarios range from sea fauna to poaching, from natural parks to sea dunes. Pressed on 180 gram vinyl.



MUM: Smilewound LP (MORR 124LP) 22.00
Gatefold LP version. You don't need to be Freud to regard teeth as a delicate issue. They can make joy look joyous and pain look painful, and on the cover of the new múm album they do both at the same time. Smilewound is another example of the band's art of juxtaposing two conflicting meanings and taking advantage of the energy created through the tension between both. Sparser in sound than many of its predecessors, Smilewound is an airy, relaxed record. The múm core duo of Örvar and Gunni doesn't make you laugh out loud (except maybe for the quirky vintage arcade-sound-start of "When Girls Collide"), but it will make you smile often -- despite the heavenly voices singing about violence in one form or another in most songs. Musically, múm's capability to build playful electronic sound-ornaments around simple melodies is in full bloom. And these days they know that trimming the ornamentation can strengthen the melody. Take "The Colorful Stabwound": an aguish drum 'n' bass piece and Smilewound gets close to a straight pop-song. Even that isn't very close, but it combines its rhythmic strength with a simple yet effective piano-line and the soothing lushness of a female voice to something compelling that follows you like the smell of a delicate eau de toilette. Or "Candlestick," which started out as a little ditty strummed on an acoustic guitar many years ago and has grown into this bouncy piece of synth-pop that changes its musical colors every couple of beats until you feel comfortably dizzy. Perfect pop in very fancy clothes. No wonder that antipodean pop-princess Kylie Minogue wanted to collaborate with múm on "Whistle," the main song in 2012 movie Jack & Diane. Recorded in, among other places, the band's practice space, an old Baltic farmhouse and on the kitchen table after dinner, the album was produced by múm themselves. And being the revolving collective they are, it comes as no surprise that we see the return of former member Gyda. Defining satellites as part of the core fits nicely with the band's penchant for ambivalence -- in fact, that's part of the album's charm.



DJ SPRINKLES: Queerifications & Ruins Vinyl Sampler 3 12" (MUSIQ 164EP) 14.50
Volume three in a vinyl sampler from DJ Sprinkles' remix collection Queerifications & Ruins (MUSIQ 042CD). The remix of indie-rock band Ducktails is straight deep house, and it's definitely the most clubby remix. It will be an instant house classic. On the other side, the remix of Adultnapper is typical of Sprinkles' house style, and it's already a classic.



BLU: No York! 4LP (NWC 734LP) 39.00
"Experience an experiment turned masterpiece: No York! Los Angeles emcee Blu's oft-delayed masterpiece has been the talk of the internet for years, but has never seen a proper retail release. Now, the album (which features U-God of Wu-Tang Clan, Pac Div, UNI, J*Davey, Tiron, Ayomari, and more) will be released in a deluxe vinyl edition. While Blu has turned in a number of critically acclaimed projects lately, No York! (also known as York) is his most ambitious project to date. Applying timeless vocals over detailed, textured instrumentals, Blu seems to have placed himself at the forefront of a new genre, melding classic hip-hop lyricism with the experimentation of the L.A. beat scene. With contributions from beat icons like Flying Lotus, Exile, Shafiq Husayn of Sa Ra, Daedalus, Dibia$e, and Samiyam."


NA 5065LP

VA: Those Shocking, Shaking Days 3LP (NA 5065LP) 28.00
2013 repress. Deluxe 3LP version: packaged in a six-panel triple gatefold jacket with a 16-page full-color booklet. Subtitled: Indonesian Hard, Psychedelic, Progressive Rock and Funk: 1970-1978. "The untold story of Indonesia's various underground 70s musical scenes; extensive liner notes, photographs and ephemera; fully restored and remastered audio; officially licensed." Artists: Panbers, The Brims, Rollies, Shark Move, Golden Wing, AKA, IVO's Group, Ariesta Birawa Group, Terenchem, Benny Soebardja and Lizard, Super Kid, Koes Plus, The Gang Of Harry Roesli, Black Brothers, Rasela, Freedom Of Rhapsodia, Rhythm Kings, Duo Kribo.

NA 5084LP

VA: Soul Cal: Funky Disco & Modern Soul 1971-1982 2LP/BOOK (NA 5084LP) 31.00
2013 repress. "The double gatefold LP is presented with a perfect bound 80-page book filled with rare photos and each band's story. The definitive survey of America's best, independent, '70s soul-ensembles. Profiled within this album and book are the bands that transitioned from funk to disco; the bands that kept up the backbeat as rhythm moved to the backseat. Against the odds, they left recorded artifacts for we at Now-Again to dig out, dust off and restore. Collected here for the first time are the musical dreams of dozens, dreams that were deferred but were never discarded."


OMM 7007CD

GIBSON, JON: The Dance CD (OMM 7007CD) 20.00
"Orange Mountain Music presents The Dance, a collection of works by composer Jon Gibson. Long-associated with the minimalist music scene, Gibson was a founding member and performer with the Philip Glass Ensemble. Steve Reich's 1967 composition 'Reed Phase' was written especially for him. Gibson has been working extensively in the world of dance. This program includes some recent and older dance pieces including commissions for choreographer Nina Winthrop and Dancers."



CONCRETE FENCE: New Release (1) 12" (PAN 039EP) 18.00
Luminaries of British electronic music spanning over two decades, Russell Haswell (Gescom, Haswell & Hecker) and Downwards label founder Karl O'Connor (Regis, Sandwell District, British Murder Boys) have come together to produce three tracks of inimitable experimental techno in their debut collaborative release. With each track built on a permutating sonic foundation, these are muscular and expertly paced compositions that effortlessly transition between hypnotic rhythms and textural and timbral experimentation. On white vinyl.


BLACK SITES: Prototype EP 12" (PAN 046EP) 18.00
Helena Hauff and F#X get together on a new project for Pan called Black Sites. This is riotous and cerebral club music. The analog artifacts of "Prototype" permutate in tandem with melodic Detroit chords, a pounding rhythm section and a central ascending 303 line. "N313P" maintains the intense pace. Building around competing resonances, the untethered Drexciyan melodies probe, expand and contract to rapturous effect. On white vinyl.


PERL 092-4LP

VILLALOBOS, RICARDO: Dependent and Happy 4 12" (PERL 092-4LP) 14.00
Part 4 of the vinyl editions of the full-length Dependent and Happy (PERL 092CD) from Ricardo Villalobos. Was originally released in 2012 as an edition of 300 -- to be sold only in the Perlon retail shop. Now available to just about anyone.



BOSTRO PESOPEO: Cheer Up EP 12" (PERMVAC 111EP) 12.00
In 2010 Resident Advisor said: "Of all the precocious talents to grace the Permanent Vacation roster, Bostro Pesopeo is perhaps the most overlooked and underrated... His debut, Falls, was nonetheless a bypassed masterpiece." Then in 2011, Bostro Pesopeo released the wonderful collabo EP with Pional. The EP's hit track "Yes" made it into plenty of DJ charts and playlists. This was followed by Bostro Pesopeo's highly-acclaimed remix for John Talabot in 2012. Also in 2012, Bostro Pesopeo set up his live show (no laptop involved) -- a driving and energetic dancefloor experience made in Munich. And for now, get yourself a copy of Bostro Pesopeo's Cheer Up EP.


RB 042EP

DIETZ, ROBERT: Common EP 12" (RB 042EP) 12.50
Robert Dietz returns to Running Back with old-fashioned Frankfurt sounds, techno soul leanings, Rhein-Neckar ambient songs, bold melody moves, and Todd Terry rave house reminiscences. Four tracks, four hits, for you forever.



D.REAMTEAM: Parade 10.0 12" (STRIKE 145EP) 12.00
Shitparade label owners Daniel Meteo and T.Raumschmiere finally teamed up in the studio to give birth to their first release as dad and dad. This 12" kicks off surprisingly soft with a seven-minute club trip without any bass-drum. "Pult" is after-hour DJ food for the drug crowd. "Kata" is a reverse variation of the same material but on a fat-ass shuffle beat. "Shit" could be described as typical rock-techno-opera a la T.Raumschmiere but with a Meteo touch.


SP 030LP

UNICORN HARD-ON: Weird Universe LP (SP 030LP) 20.00
Valerie Martino's Unicorn Hard-On project has been a long-running staple in the American underground since its inception in 2003. Through her own Tangled Hares imprint, as well as many others, she's built a strong, constantly evolving catalog of singular works that serves to many as a prototype of the current beat-oriented phenomena currently sweeping the nation. Martino's vision, however, remains unphased and flourishes accordingly to her own unique vision; standing outside of any trends and remaining loyal to the Unicorn Hard-On sound. Despite constant touring, releasing music, booking shows and occupying various cities throughout the U.S. over the last 10 years, there has been no full-length Unicorn Hard-On LP until now. Weird Universe delivers on all fronts, encompassing all styles of the projects past and present to create a cohesive and definitive debut album. The album pounds with Martino's signature drum thud and percussive clatter, filing in the crevices with her signature electronic static and keen melodic phrasing. The album's opening track, "Rock Salt," kicks in the door and unwinds itself into spiraling mania of ramping bass tones with only a steady rhythm keeping it from going off the rails completely. Many of Unicorn Hard-On's classic elements remain intact, with a wide array of bizarre modulations and deeply layered subconscious structures. Versatility and evolution are exhibited in tracks like "Houndstooth" or "Wet Pet," which play out like an extraterrestrial Rachmad cut, or perhaps like a classic Psyche-styled Craig track with hypnotic, time-altering melodic patterns and impeccably calculated rhythm programming. All comparisons aside, this record thrives in its own Weird Universe, making this a thrilling debut album 10 years in the works.



VA: The Fuzztones: In Fuzz We Trust 2LP (STAGO 040LP) 25.50
Double LP version, in a gatefold sleeve. The album you now hold in your hands is nothing short of the greatest tribute album ever recorded. Nowhere in history have as many legendary performers appeared on one record for the purpose of saluting another artist. In this case, the artist is the band that instigated the '80s garage revival that continues today -- The Fuzztones. Preaching the garage (and psych) gospel since their inception in 1980, The Fuzztones influenced countless bands worldwide with their enigmatic image, high velocity performance and personalized interpretations. Fact is, even if The Fuzztones had never written a song in their long and illustrious career, they succeeded in accomplishing something much more important, even profound... they resurrected a music style that had only existed from (roughly) 1966 to 1967, and through relentless touring and recording, kept it alive for over 33 years. Initially, the band's mission was to introduce this long-lost music to the world, and did so by covering obscure classics, many by artists who appear on this album. "When The Beatles and Stones started out, they covered a lot of Motown and blues stuff, in an attempt to turn people on to it," points out head Fuzztone Rudi Potrudi, "and that's what we wanted to do as well." The music they chose to cover was so obscure that most of their audience assumed they were originals, and the band could easily have kept it that way. Instead, Rudi joined forces with Germany's Music Maniac label and released the album, Songs We Taught the Fuzztones, a collection of original versions of songs made famous by The Fuzztones. This record, released in 1993, turned Fuzztones fans on to the original artists, hence beginning the "purist" movement that eventually spawned the emergence of reunited '60s garage and psych legends, as well as events such as Cavestomp, which brought them and their newfound fan base together. But The Fuzztones are much more than a cover band. Their original material bears their own distinctive sound -- which owes as much to Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley, The Stooges, and The Doors, as to the '60s garage and psych they obviously adore. When you hear The Fuzztones, there's no mistaking them for someone else. This album is the last of a three-part trilogy of Fuzztones tribute albums that began with Fuzztones Illegitimate Spawn 1 and its successor 2. Now we come full circle with a collection of Fuzztones classics, covered by the legendary bands that inspired The Fuzztones in the first place. Ladies and gents, the Holy Grail: In Fuzz We Trust. Artists include: Davie Allan & The Arrows, Shadows Of Knight, Sky Saxon, The Pretty Things (w/Plasticland), The Shy Guys, Gonn, The Monks, The Electric Prunes, Charlie Souza & The Tropics, Shadows Of Knight, The Vagrants, Strawberry Alarm Clock, Wallflowers, ? & The Mysterians, Davie Allan & Craig Moore, and Vanilla Fudge.


AS 411EP

Steppas Records are pleased to announce the release of Get Up by UK dubstep heavyweights Goli & Ashburner. The newest record from the cult-indie label also includes remixes by world-renowned dubstep musician RSD (aka Rob Smith) and label-boss Alpha Steppa. Representing a move towards darker, deeper and heavier roots-based dubstep, Get Up demonstrates the best of UK dubstep at its most innovative.



D-PULSE: Keep On Running 12" (TEARDROP 008EP) 12.00
D-Pulse, the live electronic trio from St. Petersburg, have released their music on such established labels as Tirk, Gomma, OM, Theomatic, and most recently, Island Records, with their remix for British rock-musician Paul Weller. "Keep On Running" is an outstanding tune in every way -- its full of analog synth-lines, drum grooves, live instruments, vocoders and vocal bits. Three remixes from Datasette, Andy Hart & Max Graef, and Amberflame complete this package and should have something for everybody.



ZEBRA HUNT: Only Way Out/Get Along 7" (TEN 001EP) 11.00
Since their inception in the spring of 2012, Seattle three-piece Zebra Hunt has been delivering decidedly minimal and infectious garage pop with more than a few nods to the '80s Flying Nun catalog and early Go-Betweens. The band wields propulsive rhythms with a melodic sensibility into something addictive and exciting. Within the first few months of playing together, drummer Mitch Leffler, bassist Erik Bennett and singer/guitarist Robert Mercer recorded what would become the band's first EP, Beaches, released in April 2013 on the now-defunct Manic Pop Records label. Since then it's been a steady stream of shows supporting the likes of Twerps, Bleeding Rainbow, Chris Brokaw (Come, The New Year) and Eternal Summers. The band completed their first U.S. West Coast tour in support of their EP in July 2013, which is now followed by their second 7" single on Tenorio Cotobade.



JULIE RUIN, THE: Run Fast CD (TJR 101CD) 13.00
"After a 7-year hiatus from the music scene, Kathleen Hanna (Bikini Kill, Le Tigre) triumphantly returns with a new band, The Julie Ruin, and their debut album, Run Fast. The Julie Ruin is poised to bring back the presence and voice of one of punk's great icons. This release also marks the much-anticipated reunion of Kathleen with her Bikini Kill bandmate Kathi Wilcox. Recorded at Oscilloscope Studios in New York, the 13 songs on Run Fast range from sing-along anthems about being part of the underground in the modern economy ('Kids In NY') to punk stompers ('Oh Come On') and danceable takedowns ('Ha Ha Ha'). The album also includes the soulful 'Just My Kind,' produced by James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem."


JULIE RUIN, THE: Run Fast LP (TJR 101LP) 16.00
LP version with mp3 download code.



SIGNAL FLOW: Dirty Hands 12" (TOCR 001EP) 14.50
2013 marks the introduction of a new imprint in music: Touch Of Class Records. The label's founders, PillowTalk member Michael Tello alongside Ray Zuniga aspire to exhibit distinctive deep-house, indie dance and raw-techno textures. Michael and Ray now present their innovative partnership Signal Flow. Dirty Hands features two prodigious original compositions as well as a remix produced by Wolf + Lamb newcomer Navid Izadi.


TEG 75527LP

CAPONE-N-NOREAGA: The War Report 2LP (TEG 75527LP) 20.00
"When Queens natives Capone-N-Noreaga dropped their 1997 debut album The War Report, hip hop was in the middle of a transition period. A new crop of MC's were coming in, many of the benchmark artist of the late '80s and early '90s were starting to fall off and labels focused their efforts on getting artist on mainstream radio ushered in by the 'Jiggy Era.' For Capone-N-Noreaga this commercial shift was not an option, they represented what just a few years earlier their Queens brethren Mobb Deep displayed on their second coming The Infamous LP. To make the Queens connection even deeper, the mastermind behind The War Report was QB Legend Tragedy Khadafi who discovered and molded the duo into the flagship artists for his newly christened 25 to Life Records. In many ways Tragedy was the unofficial thirrd member of the group as he appears on more than half the album. The War Report represented a new era of street science and gritty New York beats, tracks like 'Illegal Life,' 'Stick You,' and 'T.O.N.Y' all became anthems that summer, making this one of the greatest debut albums in hip hop history according to Complex Magazine."



SCOUTS/RUSTY ISABELL, THE: Mr. Custer Stomp/Fire Water 7" (TTSHAKE 114EP) 8.00
A Native American-themed twin-spin, with the top-side featuring The Scouts recounting Custer's infamous last stand in stomping, hollering glory. In today's enlightened world, it's questionable of course, but the phony native chants really add to the greatness of this wonderfully kooky piece of rock and roll exotica. Speaking of kooky, Rusty Isabel gets himself all juiced up on the B-side, with a jaunty, groovy instrumental named "Fire Water." Both sides guaranteed to rock your own little pow-wow.



VA: Poco Loco in the Coco Vol. 2 LP (UOVR 009LP) 21.00
University Of Vice presents the second volume of the craziest compilation of music from all over the world. This comp collates a worldwide mixture of painfully obscure crud-a-phonic dance craze platters from the '50s and '60s. A brilliant and bonkers concoction of exotica and international nonsense novelties. If you need something new to listen to after you've worn out yer Las Vegas grind and jungle exotica records, then this is for you and will liven up any party. Lurch-eriffic tropical crazes and totally daffy mix-n-match foreign language tracks that'll make your eyes and ears pop just like corn. Long live the University Of Vice. Artists include: George Nardello, S. Love, The Watusi Warriors, Jose Madrigal, The Chiefs, The Locos, Guillermo Gonzalez, Det Moor, Sabah, Barel Coppet, Los Makuesons, The Lettermen, Shorty Martinez, and Conj Libertad De Sgto De Chuco.



KOBOSIL: - ----- 12" (UTON 005EP) 12.50
The fifth release on Ostgut Ton's sister label, Unterton, is an obscurely-titled EP from Kobosil. After a self-released debut, his second EP places him somewhere between noise, techno and the verve for sobriety. . The opening track merely insinuates futurism; through its cadence with analog connotations, "Contact" places itself firmly between years past and tomorrow. Both the throbbing, psychedelic sci-fi theme of "Aggregate" and the emphatic, steadily-rising synth-line of "Osmium" may be called purist techno. The EP concludes with "Herschel" and underlines what constitutes Kobosil's music: singularity.


WER 6588

OCKERT, MATTHIAS: Laminar Flow CD (WER 6588) 25.00
"As a jazz guitarist with a background in architecture, Matthias Ockert gets ideas for his works from the art of interior design, transferring spatial structures to music. A student of Wolfgang Rihm and Hanspeter Kyburz, Ockert combines a distorted electric guitar with flute and violin, and places succinctly rhythmic passages next to synthetic sound surfaces. On this portrait from Wergo, Ockert's music combines contemporary ensemble music, jazz music and electronic composition. The majority of the works released here are new productions recorded at the Centre for Art and Media Technology (ZKM) in Karlsruhe and are world premičre recordings." Performed by: Yannick Wirner (piano), Edicson Ruiz (double bass), Ensemble Modern, Schola Heidelberg, Ensemble Aisthesis, Manuel Nawri, Walter Nussbaum.

WER 6859

LIM, LIZA: Tongue of the Invisible CD (WER 6859) 25.00
"Chinese-Australian composer Liza Lim was inspired by the lyric poetry of the Sufi poet Hafiz for her work Tongue of the Invisible. Lim explains, 'the way in which he mixes and shifts levels of meaning gives rise to complex and indeterminable frames of mind in oneself.' This variety of meaning is first and foremost reflected in the juxtaposition and coexistence of precisely and meticulously composed textures and improvised elements. But the compilation of the text set to music also facilitates numerous variants and interpretations. These dialogues are superbly 'narrated' here by the pianist Uri Caine, singer Omar Ebrahim, and the soloists of the ensemble musikFabrik."



MYRAKARU: Suuskuu 12" (YAH 002EP) 12.50
The Myrakaru duo was the most famous IDM project in the Baltic States, comprised of Tallinn, Estonia members Indrek Tamm and Joel Tammik. This production was beautiful and timely in 2000, after which they disbanded and disappeared. This is crate-diggers IDM, now updated with deep, Balearic, and main floor remixes from Tigerskin (Dub Taylor) and Pan-Pot.



MCMILLION, JON: Horus House 12" (ZBZ 002EP) 12.00
Jon McMillion steps aboard the Zoombézoom ship as it sets sail into a sea of dreams of future past. He gently weaves the sounds of jazz piano and disco organ loops with darkly glittering garlands of drum computer sequences and moody bass lines; he journeys far to shine light onto deep emotions and inner beauty.

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