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Forced Exposure New Releases for 9/23/2013

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New music is due from Maja Ratkje, Yoko Ono Plastic Ono Band, Maggots, Fire!, Pete and Royce, and Richard Chartier, while old music is due from Francois Bayle, Rudimentary Peni, Meat Puppets, Martin Rev, and Robert Crumb.


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4M 820LP

FRANK, JACKSON C.: Jackson C. Frank LP (4M 820LP) 21.00
"Jackson C. Frank is the highly regarded debut and the only official album he ever released, produced by friend and fellow musician Paul Simon in England and released on Columbia Records in 1965. Jackson has been called the most famous folk singer of 1960s that no one has ever heard of and his influence was felt more in England, where his album was a hit, rather than in the U.S., where his record was a commercial failure at the time of its release. His most famous song 'Blues Run The Game' has been covered by scores of musicians including Simon and Garfunkel, Counting Crows, Colin Meloy, Bert Jansch, Laura Marling, and Robin Pecknold, while Nick Drake also recorded it privately." On 180 gram vinyl.


50WRMX 006EP

COSMIN TRG: New Structures for Loving EP 12" (50WRMX 006EP) 14.00
Cosmin TRG's sophomore album Gordian (50 013CD/LP) is a great example of an artist continuously pushing his own boundaries and denying genre limitations of any kind. This isn't easy listening material, but a delightful listen, packed with plenty of rewarding oddities. 50 Weapons' series of remix singles highlight the DJ aspects of the album, and this first volume hosts a remix by 50 Weapons affiliate Marcel Dettmann. Lee Gamble's remix on the B-side is a techno gem oscillating between sonic illusions and post-Detroit-techno.



PUPKULIES & REBECCA: Wolde EP 12" (ACKER 041EP) 12.00
Pupkulies & Rebecca joined forces with African singer and guitarist Tibau Tavares to deliver this exotic groove cocktail full of stomping rhythms, sparkling chords and catchy vocals. The title "Saude" puts in a nutshell all the elements that make the trio's gigs a rousing listening experience full of exciting twists and turns. These elements draw their power from both the energetic live feeling of a band and the dancefloor boost of electronic beats. Remixes by Eule:Nhaupt & Molle:Nhauer and Mollono.Bass.



VA: Afrobeat Airways 2: Return Flight to Ghana 1974-1983 2LP (AALP 074LP) 26.50
Double LP version.



REDDING, OTIS: Pain In My Heart LP (ATCO 33161HLP) 13.00
2013 repress; 180 gram exact repro reissue, manufactured by Rhino. Originally released in 1965. "This album works on so many different levels, that it's essential listening for at least three categories of buyer -- fans of Otis Redding and Stax Records (natch), and more general soul listeners, and also anyone serious about their devotion to the work of the Rolling Stones and any other British invasion bands that covered American soul. Pain In My Heart was practically a road map to Mick Jagger and any number of other would-be white soul shouters in the UK, not just on the title track but also numbers like the hard rocking 'Hey Hey Baby.'" -- All Music Guide


BBS 1305EP

DOUBLE K: Esprit de la Jungle 12" (BBS 1305EP) 12.50
Mr. Raoul K and Kuniyuki present their first release under their new alias Double K. They have come up with an atmospheric 16-minute journey with constantly-changing atmospheres. Starting off softly, almost tiptoe-ing Esprit de la Jungle begins an expedition into the inner jungle. Accompanied by Kuniyuki's subtle flute and keyboards and graced with Wiltrud Weber's awesome vocals, the track constantly changes its mood and is full of surprises. Expect the unexpected after every turn. Mr. Raoul K's beats blend in very slowly and do not take over until the very end. Close your eyes on the dancefloor and find yourself exploring the secrets of the unknown.



PICONE, ALEX: It Takes Time EP 12" (BAO 042EP) 12.50
New debut on Be As One from Italy's Alex Picone, who has conquered critics and fans, both for the quality of his tight productions and the lush sounds of his DJ sets. "Another Time" opens the EP with a 909 classic sound and a hypnotic melody that gently sets the mood for the following "It Takes Two," which lifts up the tone and gets the groove rolling. "Fake Room" closes the EP, injecting uplifting techno energy for the finale.



ADICTS, THE: Sound of Music LP (BEAT 041LP) 21.00
Second album by UK punk band The Adicts, originally released on Razor Records in 1982. Sound of Music was a new and forward step for The Adicts -- it was a fantastic record that also combined some other musical influences besides punk. The final result is a great record, one of the most important for the time and for the genre, for sure. All are excellent songs that, with the times, have obtained more and more praise from all around the world. Beat Generation is proud to re-issue this great album in a limited edition of 500 copies on glorious black vinyl and with the original cover and inside artwork.


PARTISANS, THE: The Partisans LP (BEAT 042LP) 21.00
The Partisans were formed in South Wales in 1978 with the original line-up of Phil Staton (vocals), Rob "Spike" Harrington (guitar and backing vocals), Andy Lealand (second guitar), Mark "Shark" Harris (drums), and Mark "Savage" Parsons (bass). This line-up changed after one year as Parsons and Staton left the band and Rob took the vocal position and Louise Wright became the bass player. Basically influenced by The Sex Pistols, The Clash, and The Ramones, The Partisans started to cover those bands and play some of their own sounds, too. In September 1981, they released their first 7" under the label No Future Records, a fantastic single that helped the band to tour with the likes of Blitz, The Ejected and Peter And The Test Tube Babies. In May of 1982 they released their second 7" and when 1983 arrived, the band's debut LP was out. This debut LP is one of the seminal steps in British punk, for sure -- a record that still sounds fresh and strong after 30 years. Beat Generation is more than proud to announce the reissue of this legendary record on 180 gram vinyl with the original cover and inside artwork -- strictly limited to 500 copies.


BEC 5161635

MAJOR LAZER: Watch Out for This (Bumaye) 12" (BEC 5161635) 14.00
New 12" single from Major Lazer, featuring remixes by Daddy Yankee and Dimitri Vegas with Like Mike.



MOIN: Murphy 12" (BLACKEST 021EP) 14.50
An EP from Moin, the duo of Tom Halstead and Joe Andrews aka Raime. This 12" follows Moin's debut offering "Elsie," which appeared as part of a 2012 split 7" release with Pete Swanson on Blackest Ever Black's Confessions sub-label. Three new tracks recorded with drums, guitar and bass, arranged with effects and sequencer. Cut by Matt Colton at Alchemy and housed in a full picture sleeve.



VAINIO, MIKA: Kilo 2LP (PTYT 076LP) 31.00
Double LP version. Mika Vainio's first solo album for Blast First sees him return to his classic power electronics/heavy beats approach that made Pan Sonic garner a worldwide reputation. The album developed from Vainio's recent live sets to make 10 tersely-titled tracks inspired by the shipping container industry.



GUY & JUNIOR WELLS, BUDDY: Drinkin' TNT 'n' Smokin' Dynamite LP (BPLP 1182LP) 24.00
Pressed on 180 gram vinyl. "Cut at the 1974 Montreux Jazz Festival with Stones' bassist Bill Wyman anchoring the rhythm section, the set captures some of the ribald musical repartee that customarily distinguished the pairing of Buddy Guy and Junior Wells..." -- All Music Guide.


COTTON, JAMES: Take Me Back LP (BPLP 2587LP) 24.00
Pressed on 180 gram vinyl. "Legendary harmonica master James Cotton, who played for years with Howlin' Wolf and Muddy Waters, returns to his roots on this self-produced album of blues standards."


SMITH, GEORGE "HARMONICA": Now You Can Talk About Me LP (BPLP 5049LP) 24.00
Pressed on 180 gram vinyl. "Now You Can Talk About Me collects mid- and late-period Smith, with the harmonica genius' '60s sides for the microscopic imprint Sotoplay sampled on the first five cuts. The remainder of the album is from a 1982 session for the Murray Brothers label with Rod Piazza behind the board, which produced the Boogie'n with George album. Also included are the previously unreleased 'Last Chance' and a powerful instrumental slow-burner. Junior Watson shines on guitar on these tracks and Smith's tone is big, fat, rich, and full of ideas galore on tunes like 'Bad Start' and 'Sunbird?' If you like great blues harmonica playing, you're going to love Now You Can Talk About Me. Add Smith's name to the list of all-time greats near the top with this one." -- All Music Guide.


WATERS, MUDDY: The Lost Tapes LP (BPLP 5054LP) 24.00
Pressed on 180 gram vinyl. "It's been a while since we've seen any unreleased material from Muddy Waters. You've heard all of this before, but the clarity of the sound, and the fact that Waters seems in pretty good spirits, playing with a crack band, makes The Lost Tapes an essential addition to any blues lover's collection, and a must buy for Waters devotees... Waters' signature mellow but insistent persona shines, the band is ultra-tight, Perkins and Smith lay it out time after ever lovin' time, and Waters' slide work gets some overdue play. Don't hesitate on this one thinking it's outtakes or damaged, substandard goods. It's not by a long shot; in fact, it might be the best live Muddy Waters ever released, and an important audio document from perhaps the greatest bluesman of them all." -- All Music Guide



PINKCOURTESYPHONE: Foley Folly Folio LP (BKEDIT 008LP) 23.50
Boomkat Editions is very pleased to present a vinyl version of Pinkcourtesyphone's seductive ambient pop project, Foley Folly Folio (2012) on (neon pink) vinyl as the eighth Boomkat Edition. A sublime, dream-like drift evoking "the sonic essence of some nicely dressed 1960s housewife wistfully peering out her window." It narcotically impresses a deep Lynchian vibe shot through with a dark, ominous feel and mysterious sensuality that's had Boomkat returning to its charms like some modern Betty Draper character with a well-thumbed 50 Shades of Grey. Line boss and revered minimalist Richard Chartier aka Pinkcourtesyphone slimmed down the original five extended tracks to four, opening with the spine-chilling effect of "Wistful Wishful Wanton" -- a five minute dose of swirling voices and amorphous electronics as sensual as they are haunting/haunted -- before succumbing to a deep melancholy with the semi-conscious unease and spectral presence of "A Dark Room Full of Plastic Plants," and segueing the gauzy bliss of "Germs Through Wires (Version)" with crepuscular chorale, "Evening Theme," and the glassy, hollowed beauty, "All Made Up." Newly mastered and cut by Matt Colton at Alchemy. Individually numbered run of 300 copies on glow-pink vinyl.


BB 145LP

SCHNEIDER TM: Guitar Sounds LP+CD (BB 145LP) 22.00
LP version. Includes a CD copy of the album. "Sounds" series part two: electric guitar explorations. Dirk Dresselhaus aka Schneider TM turned building-site noise into music on Construction Sounds (BB 117CD/LP). On his latest offering, he explores the full potential of the electric guitar and an array of effects. Dresselhaus is no stranger to the instrument, it is fair to say. He played guitar in the 1990s for several experimental indie combos and has made liberal, idiosyncratic use of the instrument over the past couple of decades as Schneider TM in electronic music, film, radio plays, and various other sound projects. Technical perfection is not paramount on Guitar Sounds. The focus is on spontaneity, improvisation -- if the result is flawed in the classic sense of the word, this concerns him not one iota. Dresselhaus is interested in atmosphere, in the intensity and magic of the initial moment when decisions are made and played without knowing which direction they will take or where they might end -- music without a safety net, so to speak. Unleashed, the guitar sound takes on its own life, in the spirit of generative music. At the decisive moment, Dresselhaus reins it back, like a dog-owner tugging on the lead, thereby creating an energy field between tension and relief, harmony and disharmony, control and loss of control, construction and deconstruction, positivity and negativity, sobriety, and humor. Or to use a more striking image: surf-sound dualism. All tracks are improvised ("Instant Composition"), none composed in advance. Some pieces were inspired by films or were improvised to film (e. g. "Teilhard" by Christoph Ischinger). The basic "Überzahl" track and elements of "Landslide" were used in Carsten Ludwig's film In der Überzahl and completed with overdubs for this album. The equipment list runs as follows: various electric guitars and bass guitars, lap steel guitar, travel guitar, line amplifiers and combo tube amplifiers, reverbs, echoes, delays, looper pedals, octave effect boxes, pitch shifters, isolation cabinets, filters, cello bows and bottlenecks.


CH 113LP

SYLVESTER, DARREN: Off By Heart LP (CH 113LP) 17.00
LP version. Melbourne artist Darren Sylvester returns with his second album Off by Heart, on Chapter Music. Renowned for his multidisciplinary practices in photography, sculpture, video, performance, and music, Sylvester applies a highly-polished, highly-referential aesthetic to everything he does. His musical practice began with videos of himself performing as David Bowie or Kate Bush, and progressed to re-building The Carpenters' Los Angeles garden for a 2009 exhibition. In 2012, he released his first book Compass Point, about the demise of the famous Bahamas recording studio, including archival photos supplied by Talking Heads' Chris Frantz. In this context-heavy context, Sylvester views Off by Heart as akin to Prince performing the songs of Jeff Lynne (two artists who, like Sylvester, also write and record alone). Sylvester plays every instrument on the album, and also offers up the melodrama of Suede's Bernard Butler, the histrionics of Billy Idol's guitarist Steve Stevens and the power ballad keyboards of Foreigner as musical departure points for his own investigations. A sparkling addition to the album is the vocal backup duo of Jojo Petrina and Biddy Connor (both of Magic Silver White). Lyrically, the album flits between the mistakes of love and the sharp realization of mortality, but presents both with a wink that acknowledges the undying fantasy world of the pop song. Sylvester's entry into the world of recording and live performance came in 2008, when he made his self-titled debut album as part of Optimism, an exhibition at Brisbane's Gallery of Modern Art. Encouraged by friends, he played his first live show in Melbourne in 2008 with fellow first-timers Beaches. From there, the debut was given a wider release by the Unstable Ape label, and its lifespan culminated in a 2011 co-headline tour of America with James Cecil of Super Melody, who went on to produce Off by Heart at Super Melody World and Electric Dreams Studios. Off by Heart is a classically-produced rush of an album. Darren Sylvester may exist in a world bedazzled by slick '80s pop heroes, but his music is no shallow pastiche, and irony doesn't enter into it. In fact, Off by Heart is a deep, rich and dazzling album by an artist at the height of his powers.



ONO PLASTIC ONO BAND, YOKO: Take Me to the Land of Hell CD (CHIM 019CD) 14.00
"The 13 tracks on Take Me to the Land of Hell were recorded in NYC and produced by Yoko, Sean Lennon, and Yuka Honda. Yoko Ono Plastic Ono Band includes members of Cornelius and Cibo Matto, plus special guests for this album: tUnEyArDs, ?uestlove, Lenny Kravitz, Nels Cline, and Andrew Wyatt. The album includes remixes by Mike D & Adrock and Keigo 'Cornelius' Oyamada."



BEANFIELD: Compost Black Label 104 12" (COMP 426EP) 12.00
One of the leading lights in Compost's history, Beanfield mastermind Jan Krause has produced an impeccable run of singles and albums, and in the last three years he has done productions for dozens of other great artists like Permanent Vacation, Roland Appel, and Robert Owens. He also recently he wrote and recorded two songs with Christian Prommer for Christian's Ambach album. "Alone" featuring Marzenka is shows Beanfield in formidable form: kicking forward with slick n' tuff beats and bass lines, soulful vocals by Marzenka, blistering synths, and beautiful ingredients, all underpinned by an aqueous atmosphere. Both tracks are timeless, balanced and infectious house tunes.


CR 032LP

NEW BOMB TURKS: !!Destroy-Oh-Boy!! LP (CR 032LP) 19.00
"The New Bomb Turks return with 20th anniversary deluxe edition on vinyl only of their legendary !!Destroy-Oh-Boy!! album. LP comes in gatefold jacket, crammed with pics and liner notes by John Petkovic (Death of Samantha). If you'd given Jimmy Lee Swaggart some PCP, three nubile teenage girls, and a swank-ass voice, sooner or later he'd have formed a band just like this."


DEC 1101LP

BLACKBYRDS, THE: Walking in Rhythm: The Essential Selection 1973-1980 3LP (DEC 1101LP) 28.00
"Donald Byrd was one of the greatest and most successful practitioners of the fusion of soul and jazz. In 1973 he released Black Byrd on Blue Note and it became the label's first million-seller. Taking their name from that album, a group of Byrd's Howard University students formed The Blackbyrds in 1974, and within a year they had delivered a top 10 pop hit. Their albums, produced by Donald Byrd and Larry Mizell's Sky High Productions, made a major impact on dance floors, urban radio waves and with black music lovers around the world. Their music has continued to be rediscovered by new generations. They were a major influence on the 1990s acid jazz scene and many of their records have been sampled by a diverse array of artists including De La Soul, Gangstarr, Massive Attack, and many more, including - most recently - Wiz Khalifa. Drawn from the Blackbyrds' eight albums released by Fantasy Records, this specially priced, deluxe multi-LP set Walking In Rhythm: The Essential Selection 1973-1980 presents a complete retrospective of the band's career, as well as key album cuts, rarities and extended dance floor mixes. This package also features many rarely seen photos and extended liner notes, including a newly-commissioned interview with original band members by A. Scott Galloway."

DEC 1103LP

JAMES, BOB: Rhodes Scholar: Jazz-Funk Classics 1974-1982 3LP (DEC 1103LP) 28.00
"Legendary keyboardist and composer Bob James is one of the major architects of the '70s jazz-funk sound, and is also notorious among a younger generation raised on hip hop. His early albums have been plundered for samples countless times, and his tunes 'Nautilus' and '(Take Me To The) Mardi Gras' are two of the most revered B-boy classics, acknowledged as musical foundations of the hip hop movement. Amazingly, until now there has been no collection that focused on the funkiest side of the keyboardist's vast catalog, the years when his instrument of choice was the classic Fender Rhodes electric piano. Previous Bob James collections have attempted to please smooth jazz aficionados who know the man for his later, synthesized-based sound, throwing in a token representative or two of the rougher, groove-based tunes of his early career. Compiled by Wax Poetics magazine's contributing editor Andrew Mason, Rhodes Scholar makes no concessions to fans of the smooth jazz sound and goes straight for the funk jugular. The 22 songs here are the gold that beat-diggers sift through stacks of albums to find, with all of James' heaviest (and most heavily sampled) tracks included. Fans of rappers Wu-Tang Clan, Run-DMC, Arrested Development, De La Soul, and EDM/house music stars Royksopp, Moodymann and Dmitri From Paris will hear familiar themes as this compilation lays bare the sources of some of their biggest hits. An extremely scarce alternate mix of one of James' biggest and most controversial tracks, '(Take Me To The) Mardi Gras,' is included for the first time since its Italian-only 1975 release. Previously unseen vintage photos plus detailed liner notes by Mason with comments from Bob James himself further enhance this long awaited package."



GROVES, LAURA: Thinking About Thinking 12" (DEEK 004EP) 14.50
Laura Groves, lead singer of Nautic and original Bradford girl. Her forthcoming EP Thinking About Thinking includes the first songs she's written since moving to London from her hometown. Self-producing for the first time (with additional production from DEEK label boss Bullion), Laura places her exquisite voice at the heart of lavish arrangements of harmonies, synths and guitars, building on where she left off with her 2009 solo debut as Blue Roses.



LOS CONDENADOS: Yeppers! LP (FTR 126LP) 16.50
Three hot chunks of explosive improvisation fill the debut LP by Los Condenados, one of the Boston area's most resolutely form-destroying units. Blending electronics, woodwinds and vocals into searing blasts of audio-thuggery, Los Condenados create a gibbering racket that sounds like a collaboration between Voice Crack, the Snyder/McPhee Duo, and Schimpfluch. Andrea Pensado, an Argentinian expatriate (by way of Poland's Krakow Academy of Music), handles laptop and vocals. Her voice contains some of the birthing-terror described by Yoko Ono, but manages to fit itself into treated-packaged sequences rather than long-form squack-yodeling. Her laptop work is the essence of beautiful noise. Jules Vasylenko plays invented woodwinds -- bamboozle sax and trombax -- with furious circular logic that makes him sound like Foghorn Leghorn screaming while bobbing on the ocean in a little raft. Walter Wright (who runs Lowell's 119 Gallery, where the first side of the LP was recorded) is a fascinating electronics-fiddler as well. Small shrieking events pour from his set-up like bronco worms. The results have a riveting post-form logic, filled with small events that haul your attention in, unlike many other abstract excursions we could name. The three pieces on Yeppers! were recorded live in Eastern Mass, during 2011 and 2012, and they will stroke the underside of your taste-receptors so lovingly, you'll want to lick the damn record. But keep your tongue-socks on, sport. Music is for listening. Not eating.


TOOTH ACHE: Flash & Yearn LP (FTR 130LP) 16.50
Winters get cold in New England. This is especially true up around Burlington VT, where the icy wind whips pinecones around so hard they can pierce metal. Thankfully, Burlington-based musician Alexandria Hall brooks none of winter's guff. Using the nom de musique Tooth Ache, she creates oppositional swirls of pure electronic heat, her voice blending and bending amidst the beats and fat key chords she uses to keep her yurt warm. There are elements of deep club music in Alexandria's work, but her sound has an ecstatic wobble that constantly shifts its gravitational center up and down a long rubbery sonic shaft. This can leave it dangling dangerously, just beyond reach, or make it wriggle in your grasping hands like a fat live sausage. As with much other Vermont music, there's a kind of druggy loveliness to the way Tooth Ache songs come together in your head, and this should make us all happy that a friend left some electronic equipment in Hall's basement a few years ago, thus freeing her from the acoustic folkie shackles that had bound her earliest work. Ms. Hall has proposed three videos from the album, and the first -- "Matador" -- has now been shot and released. Much of the footage was done at Shenanigans, a combo bowling alley/strip club in White River Junction, VT, and it works really well both visually and narratively. "Eurydice" and "Not Even the Moon" should follow soon. So be prepared. And warm. Edition of 300. Recorded & mixed by Ryan Power (NNA Tapes artist who also recorded Happy Birthday & Ruth Garbus).



HANNAH WANTS & CHRIS LORENZO: What I Want 12" (FRM 006EP) 11.00
Undoubtedly one of the UK's most sought-after double acts, Hannah Wants & Chris Lorenzo join the Formula Records roster for the release of their anthemic club-stomper "What I Want." Having crafted a sound that sits comfortably between the sub-low emissions of Claude von Stroke and his Dirtybird label mates and the raw edge of the Midlands bass line scene, the track is a full-on exercise in the bass-led sound of house. Adding to the package are stellar remixes from Killjoy who has been turning heads with his productions while Formula Records acts Jamie Hustle and Notion chime in with no-holds-barred re-workings that take the original into a myriad of interesting directions.


GP 1020LP

RAVEN: Who Do You See... LP (GP 1020LP) 26.00
"Originally from Terre Haute Indiana, members of Raven played and toured with bands such as Reo Speedwagon, Cheap Trick, Dan Fogelberg etc.. George Phelps who had joined The Carnations met up with Goliath members in a studio and through a myriad of circumstances, teaming up with drummer Robert Wolff (ex Micah) these musicians merged into Raven in Louisville KY in late 1972. From this moment on, the band toured extensively through 24 states non-stop for the next four years before recording this material in 1976, unreleased until today. The material was recorded in Atlanta Georgia at a studio called The Sound Pit. Soon after the recording was completed, Raven got a record deal with Capricorn records. Two weeks later, they went bankrupt. The tapes were subsequently destroyed in a fire. With Disco sound moving in in the mid seventies and with the bankruptcy of Capricorn records, Raven was literally like fish out of water, and slowly but steadily what had felt like the beginning of something unique, was lost. Musically the album relies on a hard driving Progressive sound with a very rhythmic approach filled with virtuoso guitar and keyboard solos as well as pulsating bass lines in a hard-rock backing. Think Primus meets Emerson, Lake & Palmer with a touch of Yes, Deep Purple, Rush, and Dream Theater. Features Robert Wolff previously with Micah and currently with Corvus Stone. Finally Who Do You See sees the light of day 37 years after being recorded. Strictly limited to 500 copies in high quality old-style tip-on jacket plus obi."



SILENT SERVANT: Negative Fascination LP (HOS 357LP) 22.00
Limited clear vinyl repress. Negative Fascination is the first official full-length album from Silent Servant. Juan Mendez has achieved international acclaim as a DJ and is one of the founding producers of the infamous and highly-influential Sandwell District label. Long-time followers will feel the effects of a die cast over a decade of precision and dedication to underground minimalist electronic music. Mendez blends his previously-stated interpretations of early post-punk, filtered through the monolithic works of Basic Channel with his own progressively nihilistic vision of industrial music. He utilizes a relentless and uncompromising mastery of hard-as-nails sequencer techno combined with dystopian atmospherics filling the void. Negative Fascination bridges disparate factions on ideological grounds, regardless of sound in the age of mutation. Mastered and cut by Matt Colton at Air Studios, London.



HOUSE OF BLACK LANTERNS: You, Me, Metropolis 12" (HTH 008EP) 14.00
"You, Me, Metropolis," a sci-fi-influenced, juke-tinged bassbin-botherer, is amongst the standout tracks from House Of Black Lanterns' Kill the Lights LP (HTH 003CD/LP) (Q Magazine's "Electronic Album of the Month"). HoBL supporters were drafted in to provide remixes, with Houndstooth label-mates Dave Clarke and Mr. Jones showcasing the electro aspect of their _Unsubscribe_ project on their take of "Broken." Meanwhile, Breakage (who described Kill the Lights as "the album I've always wanted to make") takes Leni Ward's vocals to the center of the peak-time dancefloor. The EP closes with the epic, melancholic melody of brand-new track "Worthless."


SPECIAL REQUEST: Hardcore EP 12" (HTH 010EP) 14.00
Paul Woolford's Special Request moniker shrewdly merges UK house and pirate radio-beamed jungle trends, blending infectious rave tunes that could sit in all kinds of sets, from 120bpm techno to 170bpm drum 'n' bass. Prior to joining Houndstooth, Special Request has made four transmissions; released only on vinyl, they've all since long sold out. "Wall to Wall" merges the jacking tradition of Chicago with the UK's love affair with sub-bass, while "Broken Dreams" updates the music of the post-rave period, when the ecstasy rush of rave began to fade into more oppressive, drum-and-bass-driven hardcore. Meanwhile, two of the most exciting names to recently break onto the electronic music scene, Anthony Naples and Lee Gamble, offer respectively dense and spacious interpretations of "Mindwash" and "Capsules."


SNOW GHOSTS: And the World Was Gone 12" (HTH 011EP) 14.00
"And the World Was Gone" is one of the standout mood pieces from Snow Ghosts' debut album, A Small Murmuration (HTH 006CD/LP): a track that pins a sense of raw unease to an acoustic guitar riff and a cello through Augustus Ghost's moving vocal, and the remixers on the EP each interpret that feeling in their own way. Roly Porter (one-half of confounding dubstep pioneers, Vex'd) amplifies the track's darkness on his remix, while drum 'n' bass maestro Calibre emphasizes the melancholy in the track's melody, and in-demand Bristol producer Kahn, part of the city's blossoming Young Echo collective, provides the most subtly-arresting cover version imaginable.


CALL SUPER: Black Octagons 12" (HTH 013EP) 14.00
Call Super returns for his second Houndstooth release, with a highly-rated FACT mix and DJ appearances at Fabric, Berghain and Boiler Room under his belt. Black Octagons continues over three tracks Call Super's exploration of intricate, occasionally unsettling take on techno that he began on The Present Tense. Comparisons have been made to the work of Jeff Mills, Actress, and Terrence Dixon.



HUNTSVILLE: Past Increasing, Future Receding LP (HUBRO 3521LP) 22.00
180 gram vinyl version. The distinctive trio Huntsville continues to impress on their fourth album, Past Increasing, Future Receding. This is clearly the group's most atmospheric and monumental release so far. The excursion into an ever-darker landscape that began with the critically-acclaimed LP For Flowers, Cars and Merry Wars (HUBRO 2505LP) continues here. Past Increasing, Future Receding was recorded in Emanuel Vigeland's Mausoleum at Slemdal in Oslo, a dimly-lit, almost entirely dark barrel-vaulted room completely covered with frescos painted by Emanuel Vigeland (1875-1948). The artist himself erected the building in 1926, with a view to housing his sculptures and paintings there in the future. He later decided that the museum would also serve as his burial chamber. All the windows were bricked up, and his ashes were meant to rest in an urn above the door. Inspired by Italian influences, he named his building Tomba Emmanuelle. The impression made by the dimly-lit frescos, portraying hundreds of naked figures, is heightened by exceptional acoustic properties and a long-lasting echo. This unique room has gradually become a popular concert and recording venue for artists such as Stian Westerhus, Susanne Sundfør, Diamanda Galas and Nils Økland. Even the most tentative sound evokes an enormous acoustic response in the Mausoleum. For the members of Huntsville, the overwhelming acoustics of the room became a sort of fourth member of the band while they were recording this new album. The music feels more hypnotic and visually evocative than on earlier albums, and demands the full attention of the listener. The album was the result of three intense working days with sound technician Thomas Hukkelberg. This time, too, the band mixed the album at Propeller Studio together with Kåre Chr Vestrheim (Motorpsycho, Jaga Jazzist).


180 gram vinyl version. On the album Sails Set, recorded at Rainbow Studio in Oslo, we can hear the same trio line-up as featured on the critically-acclaimed album Elegy (HUBRO 2504CD): bassist Mats Eilertsen (Tord Gustavsen), pianist Harmen Fraanje (Michael Moore) and drummer Thomas Strønen (Food, Meadow). Sails Set offers exclusively improvised material, relatively short and often melodic pieces in solo, duo or trio format. The members of the trio communicate seamlessly and effortlessly, and all three possess a richly varied palette of sounds and make a creative contribution to the ensemble, both as soloists and accompanists. Mats and Thomas have joined forces on a wide variety of projects since they met at the conservatory in Trondheim in the mid-'90s. Among these are bands such as Food, the Maria Kannegaard Trio, Parish and Turanga. Pianist Harmen Fraanje met Mats when the latter lived in the Netherlands for a period of time, and since then they have stayed in touch and played together regularly in various connections. Sails Set asserts its subdued and sometimes understated qualities with the resonance of piano, bells and gongs, or in the lower registers of the bass and percussion instruments. There are passages with a refrain-like feeling ("Sails Set"), sonorous and slightly plaintive solo sections with the double bass ("Lunar Light"), more chant-like, monotonous and somewhat grandiose passages ("Monument"), and sonata-like piano segments ("Stellar").


ASTRO SONIC: Come Closer and I'll Tell You LP (HUBRO 3530LP) 22.00
180 gram LP version. The rocking synth trio Astro Sonic have focused on a broad sonic spectrum on their debut album Come Closer and I'll Tell You. The music on the group's first album is fearless, and most of the tunes are improvised. It evokes associations with experimental ambient, Krautrock, synth improv and Bo Hansson's instrumental music of the 1960s. The atmosphere of the music moves effortlessly between the upper stratosphere and abandoned mines deep within mountain caves, from viscous planes of sound to explosive rhythmic drive. The three members of the group have been collaborating for quite some time, but it was not until 2008 that they decided to establish Astro Sonic. Erlend Slettevoll's (Grand General, The Core) synths really get the opportunity to shine in a soundscape that is at times whipped onwards by a powerful rhythm section comprised of Rune Nergaard (Marvel Machine) on bass and Gard Nilssen (Susanne Sundfør, Lord Kelvin) on drums, both of whom have been playing in the power trio Bushman's Revenge for over 10 years.



DUMITRESCU, IANCU: Pierres Sacrees/Hazard and Tectonics LP (SOMA 003LP) 20.00
Born in Romania in 1944, Iancu Dumitrescu is one of the leading personalities in contemporary music, whose significance embraces composition, interpretation and philosophy of music. His music and ideas are increasingly influential, centered on the idea of acousmatics and on the phenomenological approach he learned from Sergiu Celibidache, which Dumitrescu applies to the composition itself. Acousmatics represents for Dumitrescu not only "the art of disguising a sonic source" in a concrete approach, but the very metaphor of the sound -- infinite, cryptic alchemy applied to the sound material. Dumitrescu's activity as a musicologist, composer and performer (conductor) intersected from the very beginning. In 1978, he received a scholarship from Sergiu Celibidache in Germany, thereafter embarking on systematic studies of general and musical phenomenology, while also conducting at the University of Trier and Munich. He adopted the Husserlian phenomenological perspective which led to important theoretical crystallization and to fertile creative conclusions, placing in question the principles of academic composition. According to Dumitrescu, this was the first time phenomenology was utilized as a true method of composition, which throws into query essential concepts, nevertheless hidden at that time: inspiration, vision, creativity, and imagination. Dumitrescu is considered one of the leaders of the spectral music trend worldwide. In 1976 he founded the Hyperion Ensemble, proposing a new aesthetic in today's music, hyper-spectral, based on the radiant power of sound within its microcosmic complexity, which is questioned, analyzed, and recomposed from a spectral perspective. Dumitrescu is also founder and artistic director of the International Music Festivals of Computer Assisted Music, Acousmania, Musica Nova, Musica Viva and the International Spectral Music Festival, Spectrum XXI -- held annually in three European capitals. His music is performed all over the world, with different ensembles, soloists and orchestras. As a Blodget artist-in-residence at Harvard University, he shared his methods and techniques of composition to the student graduates in composition. His output includes more than 300 works of chamber music, electroacoustic, orchestral music, computer music, etc. His work has been edited by Salabert (Paris), Editura Musicala (Bucharest) Gerig Musikverlage-Schott-Schone (Koln). His previous LPs and CDs have been published by Edition RZ (Berlin), Generation Unlimited (United States), Escargot-Harmonia Mundi (France), Electrecord (Bucharest), Artgallery (Paris), ReR Megacorp (London), Bananafish (Los Angeles), and Edition Modern (London-Bucharest). Vinyl cut at 45 rpm by CGB at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin, July 2013. Front cover photo courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech.



REV, MARTIN: Martin Rev LP (JMB 228LP) 12.00
Exact repro repress. Martin Rev's self-titled 1979 solo album, recorded at Sorcerer Sound in New York City. "The crisp drum pattern and pretty, naïve synth melody in 'Mari' sounds like an extrapolation of the proto-synth pop Rev and Alan Vega were working on at the time, while 'Nineteen 86' features the insistent, sibilant drums and ominous drones that became Suicide trademarks. 'Baby Oh Baby' could've easily appeared on one of the group's albums, though it's interesting to hear Rev's whispered, monotone delivery instead of Vega's alien-beatnik howl. But Marvel isn't just a Suicide album by another name; on many of the songs, Rev indulges his experimental leanings in different ways. 'Temptation,' the album's seven-minute centerpiece, mixes a wind chime-like melody and gusty synths into a hypnotic, though far from serene, meditation. 'Jomo' and 'Asia' mine similar territory, juxtaposing layers of synths and stiff percussion for a mechanical but still melodic feel." -- All Music Guide



BLACWORLD: Subduing Demons in South Yorkshire Part 2 CD (INTONE 007CD) 10.00
2005 release. Recorded in the summer of 2000 by prolific UK electronic musician/producer Richard H. Kirk, this is basically a long, open-ended track, mixed live in Western Works Studios, Sheffield, UK, which utilizes as extra sound sources, urban birdsong, the sound of scaffolding being erected, a gang of builders singing "we're all going on a summer holiday" and a loud-mouthed neighbor. Subject to much processing and sonic manipulation, this piece of soundscape/Satanic dub has been used on two occasions as the soundtrack to Kirk's video installations. Clocking in as a single track at a staggering 53 minutes 52 seconds, IDs have been added at relevant points throughout to enable the listener to easily access into the body of the track should they so desire. Due to the hypnotic nature of the soundscapes, it is a genre-defying composition that soon draws in the listener to terrifying effect, creating the impression of being stuck in a nightmare that you can't escape from.


JPR 82801LP

WIPERS: Is This Real? LP (JPR 82801LP) 19.00
2013 repress. "Unquestionably Portland's most well-loved punk group, the Wipers formed in the late 1970s and in 1980 released their debut LP, Is This Real? -- twelve songs of stabbing, jittery guitar, snapped vocals, and unabashed teen angst. Full of desperation and yearning, the LP has stood as a blueprint for wretched youth for over 25 years. In the early 1990s Is This Real? was given mainstream attention when Nirvana covered two tracks off the record and Cobain announced it was one of the primary influences on his group. While it was reissued on compact disc and available as a part of the Wipers Boxed Set (Zeno), this is the first time Is This Real? has been available on vinyl in the U.S. since its initial release. Remastered from original tapes as provided by Greg Sage himself, the LP is pressed on audiophile grade vinyl and housed in a deluxe tip-on sleeve. Complete with a printed insert that replicates the original innersleeve, the Jackpot Records reissue of Is This Real? is a lavish tribute to one of the greatest recordings of the last 30 years."

JPR 82807LP

WIPERS: The Power in One LP (JPR 82807LP) 19.00
"The Wipers The Power in One became the final Wipers recording. Recorded in 1998 by Greg Sage, all tracks were recorded through vacuum tubes. 'As with every Wipers LP I would spend many months observing people and their situations to get ideas of what was in their mind and their motivations. This was always where the inspiration would come from for our songs. I would get a glimpse of the future by doing this and it was easy to write songs that would make sense 10 years from then. The Wipers songs and sound has always been a reflection of real life. I would look for raw and powerful emotions to write about, things that would bring a sense and illusion of realism, this would make our LPs more personal to the listener. I got so many songs from just walking the streets of Portland and watching people.' - Greg Sage (The Wipers). Re-mastered from the original tapes."



DIXON JR., KENNY: Emotional Content 12" (JDR 003X-EP) 14.00
"I said emotional content, not anger, bitch!" There you have it, the opening phrase from this Detroit house mega-classic by Kenny Dixon Jr. aka Moodymann. This Terrence Parker remix was originally released back in the mid-'90s and since then vanished from the record store shelves for more than 10 years. Now JD Records with kind permission from Intangible Records and Soundworks are happy to give this beautiful and timeless piece of music history new life with a re-mastered version. One-sided 12" with original remix only [the previously announced 4-track EP (JDR 003EP: 827170503960) has been cancelled].


KEIN 91505CD

CRUMB, ROBERT: Hot Women CD (KEIN 91505CD) 15.50
2013 repress. Subtitled: Women Singers From The Torrid Regions Of The World. Originally released in 2003. For cartoonist and music-lover Robert Crumb, the best music was created between 1925 and 1935. What he likes so much about songs from this decade is their adherence to a culture of live music, free from any modern commercial forces -- but he also could not do without several gems from the 1940s and 1950s. Crumb now proves his love for this music in a selection of songs from women singers from southern countries all over the world -- Greece, Turkey, Africa, India, Mexico, Italy, Spain, and many more. Women whose passionate voices make you think of torrid desert landscapes or tropical islands. Women singing of pain, of love, of their circumstances and cultures. As an ardent collector of old 78 RPM records, as a virtuoso guitar-, banjo- and ukulele-player, as a co-musician on and publisher of various records and CDs, Robert Crumb is one of the most knowledgeable experts on this musical era that has been largely forgotten. And of course it goes without saying that this CD is most wonderfully designed and illustrated by the famous artist himself.


K 2000LP

AIKEN & FUTURE 2000, TONY: Unity: Sing It, Shout It LP (K 2000LP) 23.00
"Hailing from New York during the mid 1970s, Tony Aiken and Future 2000 were a musical group whose funky brand of R&B-meets-dance featured a distinct sound reminiscent of a combination of Carribbean music and afrobeat. Their strong arrangements, pulsating beats, and unique orchestrations made them underground darlings for much of the mid-'70s. Their Kimsha Records release Unity: Sing It, Shout It was a joyous, booty-shaking pile of East Coast disco at its most raw. Aiken has since gone on to work with artists such as Dennis Brown, Frankie Paul, Chosen Few, and many more, but the original Unity album has largely been forgotten... until now! In association with Traffic Entertainment, Kimsha Records is proud to present this sterling reissue of the original Unity LP, right on down to the recreation of its original jacket. Features hard-hitting funk tracks like 'Better Days,' and soulful cuts like 'Time Tunnel,' with bouncing bass-lines and sinuous keyboards. Unity's crown jewel however is its' title track, a nine-plus minute long stomper with hints of reggae and tastes of early-disco vibes. An obscure gem, and a classic for any fan of fine afro-centric music."



CHERRY/KRZYSZTOF PENDERECKI, DON: The New Eternal Rhythm Orchestra LP (MJJ 318LP) 23.00
Restocked. "Recorded live at the Donaueschingen Music Festival in Germany on October 17, 1971, this rare concert has not been available on vinyl since the seventies! This recording, while still firmly rooted in the American free jazz tradition of Ornette Coleman and Albert Ayler (with whom Don Cherry frequently recorded), brings in elements of traditional Indian, African, Chinese, Mayan and Balinese music. Of the three pieces found here, the first two are composed by Cherry and feature an international group of musicians reminiscent of Sun Ra's Arkestra (Cherry also recorded with Ra). His son, the three-year-old Eagle-Eye Cherry, and his wife Moki, can also be heard in some sections! The final piece was written and conducted by Grammy Award-winning Polish avant-garde composer Krysztof Penderecki, best known for his groundbreaking 'Threnody to the Victims of Hiroshima.'"


LS 86071HLP

JACKSON, MELVIN: Funky Skull LP (LS 86071HLP) 13.00
Pressed on 180 gram vinyl. Exact LP repro, originally released on Limelight, 1969. "Bassist Melvin Jackson has exactly one album in his catalog as a leader (he spent most of his time playing with Eddie Harris). But man, that's all he needed. Pumping his upright through a Maestro G-2 filter box, a Boomerang, an Echoplex, and an Ampeg amp, he made that thing sound like something from outer space while keeping it firmly in the groove of the corner bar on Front Street. Gimmicky? That's what they once said about Roland Kirk playing multiple horns at once, too. As for the naysayers who think of this as a novelty, consider the heavies in his band: Roscoe Mitchell, Leo Smith, Lester Bowie, Phil Upchurch, Pete Cosey, Morris Jennings, Jodie Christian, Billy Hart, Byron Bowie, Steve Galloway, and a whole lot of others. All of these cats were heavyweights in their own right. What does Funky Skull sound like? Psychedelic, funky soul-jazz and a whole lot more. Jackson bowed his bass a well as plucked it depending on what the tune needed. Produced in Chicago by Robin McBride and originally released on the Limelight label, it marked an era of exploration and Jackson was on the ground floor of the space station."



CHARTIER, RICHARD: Interior Field CD (LINE 062CD) 13.00
"Interior Field is a new stereo variation of a multi-channel sound work created from field recordings of a variety of small and large spaces from around the world. This work was originally presented at Civilian Art Projects in Washington, DC in 2012. Through his compositional practice, Chartier utilizes the unique physicality of these environments to create a newly defined acoustic space. Interior Field is a transposition of location, focus, and experience itself. A significant element of 'Interior Field (Part 2)' comes from binaural recordings at the McMillan Sand Filtration Site in Washington, DC. This unique historical site, built in 1905, is currently slated for almost complete demolition and redevelopment. Chartier was given special access to record at this site during a major rainstorm."



PETE AND ROYCE: Suffering of Tomorrow LP (LBCR 010LP) 18.00
"The whacked out private press reboot of Pete and Royce Suffering of Tomorrow -- I enlisted John Olson of Wolf Eyes to spill a few words about the release. 'Prog: Its outsider-outsider music but with chops and concepts. Anyone can sound like Byrds but fuck find me a unit fast that sounds like anyone from the Killer Dutch camp of Cargo, Windy Corner, Cliffhanger, Ahora Mazda, or the grim brilliance of the entire Xhol Carvan outputs or the stark and ragged downer Gravestone LP. Even the well-knowns: The Nice, Finch, Colosseum, any Vertigo Jammers: yes those have 'the aura' to alienate and 'fantasy-ize' the internal of your brain-existence. Ever read Edgar Allan Poe while Forbidden Planet is stroking your globes and massaging the electrics in your nug jelly on a long night alone and then fell asleep only to dream of huxley? Ever wish jazz was more... makeup friendly with dragons with a slight flirt of glam? Can you be a loner and draw dragons? Did you spend your high school years with one thumb in Maximum Rock and Roll and the other in A Crack in the Cosmic Egg? Then playboy you are progressive, be proud. So what is this odd rugged looking LP here? This platter has been called the 'first' private press Greek prog LP from the 'late and weird' period of prog where things were getting softer and more 'living room' soft-strange (re: Mexican Sscene ala Iconoclasta) and nearly all the raw homemade privates were starting to sound like Jeff Libermans (amazing) 'Summertime' jam off his phemon Synergy rec - so dont have the 1980 year by Pete and Royce fool yeah: This Greek duo with all sorts of elaborate help are throwing down a wicked and tuneful dose of Cantenbury UK Cressida-slowed downed gracious! - styled 'Steel Mill' English UK worship deal that can fit right next to your Spring reboot and not be filed in next to your Socrates, Poll, or Blue Birds wrecks. Organ runs the game here: there are slight flashes of the claustrophobic high end synth lurch to bring/jerk you back to the '80s but the majority of the movements are rich lavish Hammond pensive deals that recall DOM 'Edge of Time' as much as they lay lazily in the thick Emerson shadow. Great songs here: In classic prog style there is a short intro to side two then a lengthy broken up long concept track about 'Death and Decay' that'll sink your boat fast into a pool of complex arrangements and gadgetry: all well played and thought out: nothing on Deram was this whacked out, not the World Of Oz single played on 16 RPM can get this Brit-close. Even somehow with what I image to be a small budget this thing does not sound like the 3 Grit Basement attack of the almighty Yezda Urfa. Instead its big clean sound with strong emphasis on the song writing and plenty o'hooks/the heralded 'interplay' is kept slightly and subtle in the back rendering. The beyond amazing cover art is gonna draw/line you in but the songage is gonna keep you on a one year plis lease with option to lurk for an original.'"



DARK: Dark Around the Edges LP (PICCHU 002LP) 24.00
LP version. "Sleeved in a tip-on gatefold jacket, with an expanded version of the original LP booklet. Includes twenty pages of lyrics and never before seen photos from the group's personal archives. One of the greatest guitar-heavy psych records in the world, Dark Round the Edges was originally issued in an edition of around 50 copies, mostly for friends, family, and the odd record company. Its reputation has since blossomed into something resembling a redwood, or perhaps an original Van Gogh. This album is the holy grail for lovers of fuzz-driven hard rock, and has been the most sought-after privately pressed LP on the planet. We've spared no expense to bring you the deluxe reissue of this classic, an album beloved by heads and cosmic couriers around the world for its great songwriting, terrific instrumental workouts, and mysterious vibe."



Collaboration pushes us through conflict and pulls us back together, balancing somewhere in between. This 12" from Jorge Ciccioli, NSOUND, and Justin James is presented in a first pressing of 500 copies in a limited embossed sleeve and pressed on 180 gram vinyl.



MODERAT: Bad Kingdom 10" (MONKEY 034EP) 12.00
For this 10" single Moderat have chosen the enchanting "Bad Kingdom," a song that perfectly unites the two main musical elements of their project: pop and club.


MR 256LP

GUN CLUB, THE: Fire Of Love LP (MR 256LP) 19.50
2013 repress; 2003 release. Jeffrey Lee Pierce -- reggae enthusiast, heroin addict, and former president of the Blondie fan club -- suffered a lonely, depressing death on March 31st, 1996 of a brain hemorrhage, after untold years of drug use and alcoholism. Why this event mattered much to anyone lay in a fantastic record his band, The Gun Club, recorded 16 years earlier: the masterful Fire Of Love. A visionary and fierce moment in time when The Gun Club took the raw, dripping meat of shopworn delta blues and infused it with the energy and fire of the LA punk rock scene. Inspired by bands like X, Television and the Cramps, he met Kid Congo Powers (who later played with Nick Cave and Cramps) and they formed the Creeping Ritual in 1979, soon to be renamed The Gun Club. Pierce was already a notorious drunk, exhibitionist, poet and fanboy. The Gun Club were quickly a dangerous new spoke on the spinning wheel of dynamic LA alt-culture. By 1980, Jeffrey Lee had moved into a deep reverence for Mississippi delta blues. The Gun Club paid more than passing homage: they wholeheartedly swiped complete riffs, words and attitude from the masters. Pierce participated in the great blues singer tradition by cobbling together distinct lines from other people's songs to create new ones. Snatches of Blind Willie Johnson, Blind Lemon Jefferson and Robert Johnson can be heard throughout this debut LP -- released in 1981 on Slash's Ruby Records. What makes Fire Of Love such a brilliant listen long after its time is that this blatant homage to the blues was amplified, energized and kicked into overdrive -- in a new style that combined the ghostliness of the original model with a FAST, unwound and supremely energetic beat. The engineering feats of Pat Burnette contributed to that sound: he wielded his Quad-Teck studios like a weapon, and mastered some of the greatest sides in LA music history (such as Germs' GI). Pure fullness of sound and the raw hot throb of records that were made to stand the test of time. From the immensely dark and aggressive sexuality of "Sex Beat," Gun Club's most recognizable number, to the fetishistic salute to fellow traveler Poison Ivy of The Cramps in "For The Love Of Ivy," including the hellfire classic "She's Like Heroin To Me," a 2:33 masterpiece in which everything comes together; Fire Of Love is pure perfection. It stands among the greatest classics of rock history, and shows the genius of the great Jeffrey, whose haunted singing has never been replaced. It proved out to be one of the most influential records of the '80s, with countless musicians declaring their love for the Club.

MR 333LP

LAS CHINAS: Amor en Frio: Grabaciones Completas 1980-1982 LP (MR 333LP) 21.00
A comic book would be the most appropriate medium to tell the story of Las Chinas. Its five brave super-heroines would be Jose (vocals), Montse (bass), Isabel/Luna (guitar), Miluca (keyboards), and Speedy (drums). The scenario is 1979, post-Franco Spain, then immersed in an accelerated process of modernization with the scarce resources available in every sense. In that context, for five girls to start a group which drew from then-current influences was a bold adventure. But little by little, Madrid's underground gave shape to a scene which included fanzines, artists and bands of a kind that had never been seen before around these parts, leaning towards punk or more openly new wave. One of those bands was Las Chinas. Mainly self-taught, through countless rehearsals they developed a repertoire which consisted of their own songs and a selection of covers. They played live often, both in and outside Madrid, facing the technical difficulties common in most venues at the time. Their image was fascinating, an explosion of color in the middle of an atmosphere that was fighting to escape from the grey and brown. The single El hombre salvaje/Amor en frío came out in 1980, a thrilling pop gem that would become their only release while the band was active. Despite their popularity and TV appearances, for their next record they had to wait until their participation in the soundtrack of La próxima estación, from 1982. By then there had been some changes in the line-up, and just a few months later, frustrated by the lack of a forthcoming album, the band broke up. During their brief time, Las Chinas created a handful of wonderful songs which are now compiled here, along with demos and live tracks. Together they form one of the greatest pop legacies of Spain's thriving early '80s music scene.



PROMMER, CHRISTIAN: The Lost Originals 12" (MAUTO 001EP) 12.00
The first release on brand-new Munich label Musica Autonomica is from Munich-based super producer Christian Prommer. Well-known for his drum lesson project or his numerous collaborations, he is now working on a brand-new solo project. The track "Sarabande" was given a futuristic and cinematic treatment by the German producer Christian Lffler. The remix sounds fantastic and its sound design is mind-blowing. On "Wonders of the World," Christian Prommer teams up with a long-time friend and includes a deep and driving dancefloor rework from the Polish deep house maestros Catz 'n Dogz.


MVD 5928LP

MEAT PUPPETS: Out My Way LP (MVD 5928LP) 21.00
"Meat Puppets' 1986 EP back on vinyl; includes bonus tracks and download card. The Meat Puppets stretch their legs on 1986's Out My Way, jamming their way through a bunch of tunes, including the title track, 'She's Hot,' and 'Good Golly Miss Molly.'"


NEOS 10722CD

SCELSI, GIACINTO: Chukrum/Quattro Pezzi/Natura Renovatur/Hymnos CD (NEOS 10722CD) 15.50
2013 repress. Performed by Symphonieorchester des Bayerischen Rundfunks, conducted by Peter Rundel & Hans Zender. Plus: Elisabeth Zawadke (organ). Features: "Chukrum for Large String Orchestra" (1963); "Quattro Pezzi for Orchestra" (1959); "Natura Renovatur for Eleven Strings" (1967); "Hymnos for Organ and Two Orchestra Groups" (1963). Live recordings: Munich, February 2, 2001; March 3, 2006.

NEOS 10806CD

LACHENMANN, HELMUT: String Quartets CD/SACD (NEOS 10806CD) 15.50
2013 repress. Performed by Stadler Quartett (Frank Stadler, 1st violin; Izso Bajusz, 2nd violin; Predrag Katanic, viola; Peter Sigl, cello). "Lachenmann is one of the most prolific contemporary German composers whose 75th birthday we celebrate on November 27th (2010). On the occasion, NEOS Music will release his string quartets performed by the Stadler Quartett on May 1, 2010." Stereo/multichannel hybrid SACD that can be played on any CD player.

NEOS 11033CD

KURTAG, GYORGY: Complete Works For String Quartet CD/SACD (NEOS 11033CD) 15.50
2013 repress. Performed by Athena Quartett. "Any attempt to describe Gyorgy Kurtag or to praise him for his music is largely superfluous at this stage. Without doubt Kurtag is one of the most important composers of our time. The Athena Quartett of Berlin takes its name from Athena, the ancient Greek goddess of arts and sciences. Founded in Berlin in 1999, the ensemble studied with the Alban Berg Quartet and attended master classes headed by Ferenc Rados, Gabor Takacz and the Arditti Quartet. Thanks to its close collaboration with composers of the stature of Gyorgy Kurtag, Henri Dutilleux, Pascal Dusapin, Konstantinia Gourzi and Hans Zender, the young musicians developed a keen interest in contemporary music. Another focus in their broad repertoire is a deep study of the masterpieces of Viennese classicism with an eye to period performance practice. The Athena Quartet has won the Geneva Competition and the Joseph Joachim International Chamber Music Competition in Weimar. Performed by Athena Quartett." Stereo/multichannel hybrid SACD that can be played on any CD player.



MR BENN (FEAT. TENOR FLY): No More Guns 7" (NUP 009EP) 11.00
Taken from the Shake a Leg album, Bristol's Mr Benn teams up with veteran dancehall/jungle MC Tenor Fly for this heavy roots-infused reggae track. A rallying cry of "No More Guns" underpins a deeper message from this pairing, telling the story of a youth killed on the streets of Brixton. With plays already from Daddy G (Massive Attack), Mungo's Hi Fi, and Don Letts, this is sure to become an anthem. 7" vinyl with version on the flip.


NA 5093LP

APPLE AND THE THREE ORANGES: Free and Easy: The Complete Works 1970-1975 2LP (NA 5093LP) 21.00
Repressed. 2LP version. "Contains a 16-page booklet with full annotation, extensive liner notes, and never-before-published photos. This 2-LP set comes sleeved in a lovingly reproduced version of the cover photo."



MARGOTS: Pescado CD (OKKA 093CD) 14.00
"New ensemble comprised to develop and record the songs of Adrienne Pierluissi, a contemporary painter living in Milwaukee, WI, featuring Ken Vandermark, Nick Macri, Tim Daisy, John Dereszynski, Rick Reger, Joe McPhee, Tomeka Reid, and Jen Paulson. Vandermark called upon his years of experience working with the Dutch group, The Ex, to create his first arrangements for a vocalist, while Dereszynski provided the harmonic foundation for the pieces, which can be considered a song cycle, inspired by the likes of Robert Wyatt and various tropicalia from Brazil."


MARGOTS: Pescado LP (OKKA 093LP) 22.00
LP version. "New ensemble comprised to develop and record the songs of Adrienne Pierluissi, a contemporary painter living in Milwaukee, WI, featuring Ken Vandermark, Nick Macri, Tim Daisy, John Dereszynski, Rick Reger, Joe McPhee, Tomeka Reid, and Jen Paulson. Vandermark called upon his years of experience working with the Dutch group, The Ex, to create his first arrangements for a vocalist, while Dereszynski provided the harmonic foundation for the pieces, which can be considered a song cycle, inspired by the likes of Robert Wyatt and various tropicalia from Brazil."


"Impressions of Po Music is a unique album completely dedicated to exploring the written material of Joe McPhee. Vandermark has rearranged eight of McPhee's pieces from the 1970s and '80s for a nonet that includes Jason Adasiewicz, Josh Berman, Jeb Bishop, Tim Daisy, Kent Kessler, Fred Lonberg-Holm, Dave Rempis, and of course, Joe McPhee. Vandermark features McPhee's tenor playing throughout in a contemporary set of arrangements inspired by the collaborations of Gil Evans and Miles Davis."



DETTMANN, MARCEL: Dettmann II 2LP (OSTGUT 014LP) 21.00
Double LP version.



RUDIMENTARY PENI: Cacophony CD (BOO 002CD) 14.00
"Clocking in at 43 minutes over 30 tracks, Cacophony is a concept album from Rudimentary Peni, originally released in 1989, now remastered and reissued after being unavailable for 15 years. The album deals with the life of New England horror writer and misanthrope H.P. Lovecraft. It's hailed as a classic benchmark of outsider punk. CD version comes in gatefold digifile sleeve with a 20 page booklet."



MANIK: House Cut 1 EP 12" (OVM 233EP) 12.50
A long-standing veteran of Josh Wink's Ovum imprint, the House Cut 1 EP marks Manik's fourth offering on the label and maintains the high quality you've come to expect from an artist who is comfortably at the top of his game. True to its name, the EP consists of a trio of raw, chunky, house-influenced cuts which vary in style and function. The title-track itself lures the listener in with bubbling synths floating over a clipped 4x4 beat, before giving way to a hectic salvo of staccato clap rushes and ride cymbals. It's an extremely versatile record with something for everyone.



MARGINAL CONSORT: INSTAL. Glasgow 2008 4LP (PAN 025LP) 44.00
PAN is honored to present one of its boldest releases yet; a 4LP edition of a 3-hour set from the legendary Japanese group, Marginal Consort, recorded live at Arika's INSTAL 08 festival at The Arches, Glasgow. Marginal Consort is a Japanese avant-garde improvisational collective made of sound and visual artists, who were all students of Takehisa Kosugi at the radical Bigaku School of aesthetics in Tokyo in the '70s. The group is a reformation of the East Bionic Symphonia, who released an incredible long-form drone record in the early '80s, a large improvisation ensemble in the spirit of Kosugi's Group Ongaku and Taj Mahal Travellers projects. Marginal Consort is formed around musicians Kazuo Imai (a student of Japanese free jazz linchpin Masayuki Takayanagi and also member of both Taj Mahal Travellers and Takayanagi's New Direction Unit), Tomonao Koshikawa, Kei Shii, and sound-artist Masami Tada (also in GAP). This extended set explores forms of sound and ways of playing that never coalesce into music, but create a group dynamic of ebb and flow, of exploration and fluidity. Marginal Consort also featured previously artists Yasushi Ozawa, bassist in Keiji Haino's Fushitsusha, and Chie Mukai, from dreamy psychedelic group Che-Shizu. With this cast on board, they took their free improvisation to the streets to create drones and percussive interplay in urban communal harmony. "A form of sound that does not turn into music and a group that does not produce harmony; individual concepts and group fluidity; individuals who are at once independent entities and components of the whole; coexisting time frames and intersecting rhythms -- these are among the images of group improvisation that have occupied my mind since the '70s. These images neither presuppose specific elements nor regulate the entire process. There always remain, however, the fundamental premises that sounds are separately produced phenomena and that their accumulation forms the whole." --Kazuo Imai; 4LP mastered and cut by Rashad Becker at Dubplates & Mastering and pressed on 4x 140 gram vinyls which themselves are housed in a silk screened PVC sleeve. - Features liner notes by Barry Esson, extended photo documentation by Bryony McIntyre and artwork by Bill Kouligas.



BOSKA: Submarine EP 12" (PERMVAC 110EP) 12.00
Boska is a good example that Norwegians are not only capable of doing brilliant disco anthems and epic Krautrock sagas, but also electro-tinged melodic house music with a good dose of B-boy breaks and a nod to the modern UK bass sound. Via Norway's infamous techno capital Tromsø, in 2012, Boska found a home in another undisputed techno capital, Berlin. He has since released two EPs on Love OD Communications, as well as a bouncy analog jam on Stockholm's Studio Barnhus label, which got played by Julio Bashmore on his BBC Radio 1 show. For his first Permanent Vacation release, soundboy Boska prepared a classic three-track EP of bassy yet pretty house music, which fits very comfortably between different genres.


PT 8007LP

FYNN MCCOOL: Fynn McCool LP (PT 8007LP) 22.00
LP version. Named after a mythical Irish warrior, this quartet arose from the ashes of beat band the Shake Spears in 1968. Their sole album showcases their distinctive blend of organ-driven prog, hard rock, and country-rock over 11 tracks. It appeared in July 1970, apparently without their consent, and sank without trace. It has gone on to become a considerable rarity, making this reissue especially welcome.


PP 003EP

BELL TOWERS: Lightrail 12" (PP 003EP) 14.00
The third installment on Public Possession features Bell Towers, previously known for his releases on Hole In The Sky and Internasjonal. Bell Towers delivers an 11-minute electronic masterpiece that will provide ecstasy on the dancefloor, but can easily be used for home or beach vibing, too. On the flipside, Protect-U of Future Times fame work their remix magic, getting all bumpy and energetic without losing any trippiness. The release is completed by cover artwork from Misha Hollenbach.



BAYLE, FRANCOIS: L'Experience Acoustique 3LP (REGRM 010LP) 40.50
"In addition to being a masterpiece of the acousmatic repertoire, L'Expérience Acoustique is also a fine example of the 'musical research' spirit. This work, a systematic exploration, investigates the true nature of the listening process itself. The composition of this piece, spread over several years, managed to tap into the potential of the analogue technologies of its time, producing a complex blend of unprecedented sonic occurrences. What emerges from this extensive work is a reflection on sound, in all its forms and through all its textures. François Bayle therefore invites us to a genuine listening experience and for the first time on vinyl, in its full version lasting more than two hours." --Christian Zanési and François Bonnet


MS 2115CLP

2013 repress; colored vinyl version manufactured by Rhino. 6th album, following The Spotlight Kid. "In 1972, Warner Bros. Records producer Ted Templeman, already riding high with the Doobie Brothers and soon to be known as Van Halen's producer, decided to produce Beefheart. The result was Clear Spot, one of Beefheart's best-sounding records. It's also one of the rare occasions when Beefheart's music survived commercial staging without failure. Throughout the album, the band -- Zoot Horn Rollo, guitar, steel guitar and mandolin; Rockette Morton, rhythm and bass guitar; Ed Marimba (Art Trip), drums and percussion; and Oréjon (Roy Estrada ), bass -- cooks, Beefheart is in great voice and the sound is crystal clear."



NEW WORLD: Night Stalker 12" (RVN 006EP) 12.00
Leipzig connoisseurs will already have cherished Markus Gebauer's earlier works under the moniker Boytalk, but here he astounds with an EP that should be able to light up the new disco sky with his neon-white new name. This EP is called Night Stalker, and already the two first tracks fork out trumps with such an ease that your hips will loosen up and your heart will open. There is the opener "Stretching," featuring Jennifer Touch, that weaves dreams from synth planes and grabs a pointedly funky bass. The title-track is also refined by Miss Touch. Carefully-stacked planes, sparkling melodies and unbounded reverb spaces make up the flavor carriers. The package is rounded off with the rattling phantasm "Mirage" and a floor-standardized house variety of the title-track from the Lauer smithy. The artwork originates with Gebauer himself who makes no pretense of the fact that he has a couple of Peter Saville sleeves in his vinyl cabinet. Limited to 300 copies.


RS 036LP

CARTER, CHRISTINA: Lace Heart 2LP (RS 036LP) 29.00
Restocked, last copies. "Double LP reissue of a 2005 CD-R released on Christina's own Many Breaths imprint. Six love songs comprised of elliptical bell like guitar phrases, barely there, sometimes even coaxing silence, set behind the extended vowel sounds of voice. Soft gentle performances here, like this whole record was cut very very late at night or in the early hours of the morning. An unhinged 'nowness' is pervasive in Christina's work, and Lace Heart is no exception. There is a very private feeling here, some kinda intimacy that just feels really rare. Lovers of past, present & future all collapse into one. Memories of smells, tastes & textures all channeled into wide open song. No one really does it like this. Three sides of music & and an etching of one of Christina's drawings on the fourth side. Red vinyl with maroon splatter. Edition of 500."


RC 039EP

ECHONOMIST: Blowback EP 12" (RC 039EP) 12.50
Raw, effective Detroit-inspired DJ weapons. Comes on white marbled vinyl. Includes a remix by Nikola Gala.


RLP 3028LP

RATKJE, MAJA: Voice LP+CD (RLP 3028LP) 22.00
LP version. Comes with a CD copy of the album. The debut solo album from founding Spunk member and composer Maja Ratkje has secured her a place among the finest experimental singers. From the weird and furious to the enchanting and beautiful, this is an album rich in atmosphere, color and creative madness. First released on CD in 2002 and now available on vinyl for the first time, this is a central release in Rune Grammofon's catalogue and is an essential item in any record collection of experimental music. Composer, singer, electronic manipulator -- and sometimes, violinist and theremin player -- Maja Solveig Kjelstrup Ratkje (born 1973) has exceptionally impressive credentials. Her compositions have been performed in more than 30 countries including Germany, France, Italy, Great Britain, Austria, the Netherlands, Japan, USA and the Sc2andinavian countries. Performers include distinguished ensembles such as Oslo Sinfonietta and Cikada and Vertavo string quartets. Her teachers have included great contemporary composers like Sofia Gubaidulina, Louis Andriessen, Klaus Huber and Kaija Saariaho, and her own works have won international and Norwegian prizes. She has recorded and performed with a myriad of musicians, among them Ikue Mori, Zeena Parkins, Sylvie Courvoisier, Lasse Marhaug, Paal Nilssen-Love, Poing, members of Enslaved and of course Spunk, the all-female improv quartet she co-founded in 1999 and who have released six albums on Rune Grammofon, including the impressive Das Wohltemperierte Spunk 6CD box set (RCD 2140CD).

RLP 3146LP

FIRE!: Without Noticing LP+CD (RLP 3146LP) 22.00
LP version, includes a CD copy of the album. Rune Grammofon presents (without noticing), the fifth album from Swedish trio Fire!, comprised of Mats Gustafsson (The Thing), Johan Berthling (Tape) and drummer Andreas Werliin (Wildbirds & Peacedrums). This album follows collaborations with Jim O'Rourke, Oren Ambarchi and the gargantuan 30 piece Fire! Orchestra band. Fire!'s latest burnt offering features the trio alone with themselves, lighting up a sonic blaze which smolders, then catches alight under their careful attention. Recorded in Stockholm over the long, harsh winter of 2012-13, and as far from noodling instrumentals as it's possible to get, the tracks are spontaneously combusting rituals with a clear sense of purpose. Each of the three members is gifted with a formidable technique and arsenal of tricks and effects on their respective instruments, but they use these to feed the flames of rock based riffs and rhythms. The album also sees acclaimed saxophonist Mats Gustafsson boosting his already versatile skills, by swapping to keyboards and electronics on selected tracks. Note, for instance, the heavily distorted organ on "Tonight. More. Much more. (without noticing)," and the guttural grunts of a Fender Rhodes electric piano on "Molting Slowly (without noticing)" and "I Mostly Stare (without noticing)." The oddly cut-up titles on (without noticing) are lifted and inspired by Smog founder Bill Callahan's letters to Emma Bowlcut, published in a volume by Chicago label Drag City. The strategy gives an insight into the broadminded frame of reference of this eclectic trio. With all three members pulling in elements from free jazz, ambient improvisation and electronic pop/rock, their music has reached a new confidence and intensity on (without noticing).



SUN RA: The Soul Vibrations Of Man LP (SATURN 771HLP) 14.00
2013 repress. 180 gram exact repro, originally released in 1976. Two flutes, cosmic ambience. "What is your soul number? Is your number up or down?"



SLICES: The Electronic Music Magazine Issue 3-13 DVD (SLICES 313DVD) 0.01
Slices is a free DVD magazine out of Germany, focusing on the contemporary electronic music scene. It can be added to orders at no cost. Features: Howling, Andre Bratten, Schlachthofbronx; In the Car With: Ben Klock; Tech Talk: Chopstick; Club Special: La Machine du Moulin Rouge Paris; New Face: Chasing Kurt; EB Live & Rare: Chilly Gonzales "Never Stop," Roosevelt "Around You," Rangleklods "Riverbed." Format: PAL 16:9. Running time: 85 minutes. Language: English/German. Dolby Digital 2.0.



JYOTI: Denderah LP (SOS 006LP) 20.00
"From the multi-talented singer/songwriter/producer Georgia Anne Muldrow comes the second installment in her instrumental electronic jazz series under the alias Jyoti. Written, produced, arranged, and performed by Muldrow the album was inspired by her father, mother and spiritual mentor, Alice Coltrane. Taping into her Ancestral Orchestra this one woman band fuses the elements to create this unique landscape of sound. Differing from her debut Jyoti release, Denderah serves as a more straight-ahead jazz release."



VA: Kiss of the Damned: The Original Soundtrack CD (SOR 001CD) 13.00
"Xan Cassavetes' acclaimed erotic Euro style vampire tale Kiss of the Damned, features one of the most talked about soundtracks in recent years. With its French female vampires, timeless mansions, and dirty clubs, KOTD provides the ultimate framework for an amazing, eclectic soundtrack. Dominating the film's sound are original compositions by guitar virtuoso Steven Hufsteter (Repo Man, Machete), with lush Morricone infused love themes giving way to dark intense synth odysseys breaking into gorgeous baroque pieces, and ripping guitar showdowns, all fit for the most hardcore vampire and soundtrack lovers. Hufsteter's waves of decadent, sonic tracks are complimented by a few of KOTD's handpicked needle drops, courtesy of KOTD Music Supervisor Dina Juntila, including the Wicca-tastic sounds of psychedelic French high priestess Brigitte Fontaine and London's dark contemporary chanteuse Jane Weaver. Add the sting of German punk rock heroes Der Fluch and a sensuous and epic borrowed track from Jean Rollin's Shiver of a Vampire, by Acanthus and you have a collective audial experience that will surely become a cult classic."


VA: Kiss of the Damned: The Original Soundtrack LP (SOR 001LP) 30.00
LP version. "Includes an 18" x 24" award winning poster from the film and a digital download card for the album."



NICONE: Burnhain 12" (SVT 111EP) 12.50
Niconé presents his first solo full-length, Let Love Begin on Stil vor Talent. Burnhain gives a taste of what's to follow and is one of two 12" EPs accompanying the album. "Burnhain" features classic house sounds such as driving high-hats and '90s rave stabs. "Querido," which features Sascha Braemer and the newly-discovered vocal talent Yvy, initially drops the energy on the B-side before exploding with Mediterranean life, castanets included for good measure. "You Are My Best Meowfucker" then pushes us back into the club as a techy rhythm and repeated vocal hook draw us to the floor. The track's twist offers itself in the form of a string loop that lends an exotic edge. Spicy and addictive.



BORTZ, DANIEL: Maxi Cosy EP 12" (SUOL 049EP) 12.00
Suol presents the Maxi Cosy EP from Daniel Bortz. All three tracks have Bortz trademarks all over them. First, there's the detailed, synth-melody ridden, somewhat spaced-out and significantly-titled opener, "Cosy." Then, there's the dry and pumping "Low," introducing Nils Coren, who makes a feature appearance on Bortz's album Patchwork Memories, and finally there's the filtered and loopy affair "Half Edit," not doing things by halves at all. Three equally-strong tracks to let this thing run under triple A-side.



VA: Polyrhythmic Series No. 2 12" (SVS 002EP) 12.00
SVS Records was set up by Beni Brachtel and Daniel Hermann-Collini as an imprint of Brachtel's sister project Selbstversorgersound (SVS). A compilation titled SVS 1 was released in October 2012. This was the first official collection made up of songs from the last three years by various artists whose backgrounds could hardly be more diverse. Next up is a three vinyl series named Polyrhythmic Series 1-3. Volume 2 contains exclusive productions from Gnther Lause (Karlsruhe/ Berlin, Crosstown Rebels, Paradise Now!, Laut und Luise, SVS), Larkin & The Sky (London/Munich, Paradise Now!, Goldsmith, SVS), Bartellow (Munich, Pollyester, Tambien, Columbus, GTA Hoffmann, SVS) and Konrad Wehrmeister. Four techno tracks of the highest caliber ranging from dubbed-out to tripped-out and way beyond.



DISTAL: The Shadow Egg EP 12" (TEC 073EP) 12.50
Distal returns to Tectonic with a solid four-track EP that spans the full range of his production ability. Taking in elements of crunk, techno, dubstep, house, footwork, and hardcore, Distal flips the script upside-down and inside-out. "Ridge City" kicks the EP off to a flying start with a barrage of relentless snare rolls that jitter in sync around a more grounded string hook. ''Drone Circle" is a unique blend of industrial, distorted drums, disorienting vocal snippets and soothing sunset pads. "106 Degrees" switches up to a 4/4-based kick drum pattern for this sweat-inducing 808 drum workout -- cutting in distorted riffs and deadly sonics to bring a well measured moodiness to the EP. Closing things off is ".25 Automatic," which sees Distal drop back a gear for a slow-building, deep-crunk electro affair -- melancholic pads and acid scribbles fill out the sonic landscape as the kick drum progressively distorts into action.


WIRE 356

WIRE, THE: #356 October 2013 MAG (WIRE 356) 9.50
"On the cover: Matana Roberts: Daniel Spicer speaks to Chicago-born saxophonist Matana Roberts about the latest instalment of Coin Coin, her sprawling series of releases on Constellation Records that channel a long tradition of radical African-American music and literature as well as delving deep into her own family's history and folklore, and finds a musician navigating the borders between jazz, avant-rock, poetry and performance. Inside the issue: The Necks; Charles Cohen; Shalabi Effect's Sam Shalabi; Invisible Jukebox Nozinja/Shangaan Electro; Cross Platform Hannah Sawtell."


TSQ 2967CD

VA: Live at Caffe Lena: Music from America's Legendary Coffeehouse (1967-2013) 3CD BOX (TSQ 2967CD) 40.00
"Unreleased performances by Dave Van Ronk, Ramblin' Jack Elliott, Kate McGarrigle, Rick Danko, Anais Mitchell, Sleepy John Estes, Arlo Guthrie, Sarah Lee Guthrie, and more. Caffè Lena, the oldest continuously operating folk music coffeehouse in the US. Opened by Lena Spencer in 1960, this tiny room has played host to influential artists across diverse genres of music; traditional folk, blues, singer-songwriters, jazz, and bluegrass. Luckily, many performances were caught on tape through the years, offering the listener a thrilling seat inside this hallowed venue. This boxed set, the result of years of investigative research, contains 47 tracks, all released for the very first time, alongside previously unpublished images. Now the oldest continuously operational folk music coffeehouse in the US, Caffe Lena is stil open for business. Come on in."



VIOLETSHAPED: The Remixes Part 2 12" (VPN 004EP) 18.00
Violetshaped is a collaboration between the enigmatic Violet Poison and Berlin-based artist Shapednoise. Violetshaped Remixes Part 2 is the second in a remix series divided into several parts. This time round they appoint Keith Fullerton Whitman, JK Flesh, and Grischa Lichtenberger for remixes of their eponymous debut album tracks. The KFW recomposition of "Anesthesia" is worth the entry fee twice over -- masticating the original with his hybrid analog/digital modular system, manifesting a noxious roil of stereo-splintered percussion, banking clouds of gaseous metallic tone and plonging globular bass oozing for 13 minutes. The legendary Justin Broadrick aka JK FLesh has his way with "cX31Ø," first sizing up a widescreen gothic intro before a Reese bass-drop and half-tempo amens roll out from the shadows like "The Dark Soldier's" dungeon-dwelling spawn, while Lichtenberger reduces "Spectral Nightdrive" to a schematic of precise bass pressure and mercurial, Autechre-ian oversteps.


WP 056

WAX POETICS: #56 MAG (WP 056) 11.99
"On the covers, front: Little Dragon, back: Hiatus Kaiyote. Contents: Cultural Roots: Jamaica, Rodion G.A., Shintaro Sakomoto, The 40th Anniversary of Hip-Hop, Madlib, Kool Herc, Afrika Bambaataa, Tackhead, Mac Miller, Disco Remixer John Morales, plus Bruce Lee soundtracks."



GREEN, CAMILLA: Small Town Girl 12" (WWR 010EP) 12.50
A new record by Camilla Green, the beautiful Australian, Rome-based DJ/producer -- adding a new layer to her deep house point of view.

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