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Forced Exposure New Releases for 10/21/2013

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New music is due from Compound Eye (featuring Drew McDowall), Tindersticks, Forgotten Birds, Ben Vida, Painted Caves, Aloa Input, and Alessandra Celletti, while old music is due from Michael Rother, Easy Kabaka Brown, Tim Buckley, and Serge Gainsbourg.


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4M 125LP

CALE, JOHN: Paris 1919 LP (4M 125LP) 19.00
2013 repress. "Originally released in 1973, Paris 1919 is Cale's fourth solo release following his departure from the Velvet Underground. Cale's songs on Paris 1919 are hyper-literate numbers filled with political intrigue and shady characters loosely based around the Versailles Conference alluded to in the album's title. Recorded with help from Lowell George and Richie Hayward of Los Angeles southern-rockers Little Feat and the UCLA Symphony Orchestra. Pitchfork called Paris 1919 'the most accessible and most purely beautiful record of Cale's storied, multi-faceted career.'"

4M 129LP

SIMONE, NINA: Nina At Town Hall LP (4M 129LP) 19.00
2013 repress. "One of Nina Simone's finest recordings, this 1959 Colpix LP features the unique singer/pianist performing classic versions of 'Black Is the Color of My True Love's Hair,' 'The Other Woman,' and 'Wild Is the Wind.' With supportive work from bassist Jimmy Bond and drummer Al 'Tootie' Heath, she also sounds fine on a few instrumentals. 'Summertime' is performed twice, once as a vocal. From the start of her career, Nina Simone carved out her own unique niche, meshing together her classical piano technique with folk singing, civil rights protest lyrics and jazz. All of those elements are in evidence on this highly recommended set."

4M 146LP

BUCKLEY, TIM: Lorca LP (4M 146LP) 19.00
2013 repress. "Buckley's 1970 Asylum album once again available on vinyl. Continuing his jazz explorations, Buckley created the most 'out' album of his career. The 5/4 time signature title track is strikingly weird with haunted house pipe organ and two faster-paced numbers, the mellow contemplative love song 'I Had A Talk With My Woman' and the slightly funky blues-based 'Nobody Walkin',' are even fun. The band is Lee Underwood, John Balkin (bass, haunted house pipe organ on 'Lorca'), and Carter Collins (congas).180 gram."

4M 171LP

GAINSBOURG, SERGE: Aux Armes Et Caetera LP (4M 171LP) 19.00
2013 repress. "Originally released in 1979, this is the first (and best) of Gainsbourg's two forays into reggae. Recorded in Jamaica with some of reggae's biggest names including players/producers Sly & Robbie. Probably Gainsbourg's last truly classic album, Aux Armes Et Caetera is full of dubbed out tracks and Serge's signature speak-sing drawl. His reworking of the French national anthem in the title track earned him death threats from members of the French right-wing, adding to his controversial image. Sultry, stony, dubby, jams from one of the '70s most important artists." 180 gram vinyl.

4M 173LP

FUNKADELIC: Cosmic Slop LP (4M 173LP) 19.00
2013 repress. "Another classic LP from the P-Funk camp, originally released in 1973. The title track is an absolute stone classic funk jam and 'Nappy Dugout' is another heavily sampled nugget (most notably on A Tribe Called Quest's 'Ham And Eggs'). George Clinton gets heavy too, in the harrowing Vietnam War spoken word 'March To The Witch's Castle.' Get down with another killer Funkadelic title." 180 gram vinyl. Deluxe gatefold sleeve.

4M 208LP

FUNKADELIC: Tales Of Kidd Funkadelic LP (4M 208LP) 19.00
2013 repress. "1976's Tales of Kidd Funkadelic is the last Funkadelic album on Westbound Records and it was actually released after George Clinton and company had left the label for Warner Bros. Just before leaving, Clinton (as a contractual obligation) delivered to their original label a collection of recently recorded outtakes (some leftover jams, songs, and funk pieces) which were released as the album Tales of Kidd Funkadelic (the LP did significantly better commercially than their first album for Warner Bros., Hardcore Jollies, and included 'Undisco Kidd,' an R&B Top 30 single)." 180 gram vinyl housed in a gatefold sleeve.


50WRMX 007EP

ANSTAM: Gita/Stinky Wig 12" (50WRMX 007EP) 14.00
Anstam's brand-new remix single combines reworks of Moderat's second single "Gita" with a remix of his dear friend and Moderat label-mate Siriusmo. An unlikely combination you might say, but wait until you hear how well this all melts together. Anstam's "Dustified Dance Edit" of Moderat's "Gita" shows an unexpected almost pop side of Anstam, while the "Bustified Breaks" edit of Siriusmo's "Stinky Wig" explores four-on-the-floor territory the Anstam way.


AU 5029LP

HEAD MACHINE: Orgasm LP (AU 5029LP) 22.00
Pressed on 180 gram vinyl. Taped by psychedelic rockers the Gods (as Head Machine) at the tail-end of 1969, shortly before they morphed into Toe Fat and then Uriah Heep, this British underground rock classic features plenty of wailing guitar from Ken Hensley, and powerful drumming from Lee Kerslake. Extremely rare in its original form, it makes a welcome return to LP here, complete with background notes.


AUS 1351EP

DUSKY: Careless EP 12" (AUS 1351EP) 14.00
As Dusky, the British duo of Alfie Granger-Howell and Nick Harriman have asserted their position amongst the top producers working in electronic music right now. Their Careless EP on Aus has a relaxed flair, melding a diverse range of classic house, techno and garage influences with a wholly modern energy here, marking yet another step forward in their technique and approach. The four tracks are crackling and expansive with just the right amount of dancefloor-centric coloration, detailing a more roughed-up and rugged example of Dusky's deft ability to rethink and reshape their sound for the modern club context.


BEC 5161471

VA: Cosmic Machine: A Voyage Across French Cosmic & Electronic Avantgarde (1970-1980) 2LP+CD (BEC 5161471) 36.50
Double LP version. Comes in a replica gatefold sleeve with a CD copy of the album. At the start of the '70s, France had no petrol, but it had ideas and artists that managed to tip them into the 21st century a full 30 years in advance. Cosmic Machine compiles 20 rare tracks put together with passion and erudition by Uncle O (who previously did the Shaolin Soul compilations) and throws together a collection of stars, a few free-spirits, and also shooting stars. This group of people don't form a scene per se, they're more like a collection of individuals who, through sheer ingenuity and with all their singularity, managed to break down the barriers between pop and experimental to give birth to a mutant variety of electronic music that owes as much to mobile discos as sound illustration, to the GRM, to the Bogdanoff brothers, to Métal Hurlant, and the European Space Program. Cosmic Machine is a panoramic dive into this epic era when the synthesizer was man's best friend and when the future had a future: our present time. Daft Punk, Air, Justice, Zombie Zombie, or Add N To (X), Stereolab, and Broadcast weren't born in incubators. The electric fairy stood above their cradle and they're all the children of these French pioneers who were among the first to celebrate the union of flesh and circuits. Androids, robots, humans and other celestial creatures, now board the Cosmic Machine. Artists include: Patrick Juvet, Didier Marouani, Droids, François De Roubaix, Space, Universal Energy, Pierre Bachelet, Space Art, The Atomic Crocus, Jean Michel Jarre, Bernard Fevre, Cerrone, Frederic Mercier, Quartz, Rene Roussel, Serge Gainsbourg, Dvwb, Alain Goraguer, Jean-Jacques Perrey, and Rockets.



YAMASHITA, YAKUYA: Daybreak (Mirko Loko Remixes) 12" (CADENZA 089EP) 12.50
Long-serving Cadenza recording artist, Mirko Loko, has always worn his Detroit musical influences on his sleeve, counting pioneer Carl Craig as his mentor, and having worked with the likes of Derrick May and Stacey Pullen in the studio. And on Daybreak, Mirko fully indulges in the one genre that seems never to get tarnished, mechanical and industrial beats working off deep and soulful strings and melancholic pads, a true hallmark of the classic sounds of the Motor City. The original mix of "Daybreak" by Takuya Yamashita gets three new versions from Mirko.


CH 114LP

ANCIENTS, THE: Night Bus LP (CH 114LP) 17.00
LP version with download code. Dreamy Melbourne psych-pop band The Ancients return with third album Night Bus. Their first record for Chapter Music, Night Bus is an elegant, expansive guitar epic with twinges in all the right emotional places. Baby-faced fret-wizard Jonathan Michell's eerie, often falsetto murmurings are set against swirling, soaring psych-pop, impeccably recorded by John Lee (Pikelet, Lost Animal) and Neil Thomason (My Disco, The Slits). The six-minute "Molokai," a sweeping guitar symphony in miniature, was premiered in July 2013 on Impose Magazine's web site. New single "Hey Now" is probably the catchiest thing Chapter Music has released all year, while the gentle, introspective title-track sees Michell musing over a trip on one of Melbourne's infamous late-night buses. The Ancients were formed in the late 2000s by Michell after his tenure in celebrated super-group Mum Smokes, who played a Dirty Three-curated All Tomorrow's Parties in 2007, and whose 2009 double album Easy/House Music became an Australian underground hit. The band's line-up has shifted around Michell over the years, but on Night Bus it includes keyboardist Yuko Kono (of Japanese band My Pal Foot Foot), drummer Julian Patterson (a former Mum Smokes cohort who has also played in Kes Band and Minimum Chips, amongst others), and bassist Georgina Ward (Function Group, Moon Dice, also the painter of the album cover). Matt Nicholson of Function Group also plays banjo on the wistful "House of Cards," while guitarist Hamish O'Neill (Moon Dice, Isle Adore) has recently joined the band, but doesn't play on the album. The band self-released a split single with buddies Twerps in 2010, while previous album The Ancients 2 was released on the Sensory Projects label in 2010, and first album The Ancients was released in 2009 by UK label Moteer. Night Bus is the Ancients' grand statement, an embarrassment of aural riches and diffident, endearing lyrical honesty.



BEISSPONY: Brush Your Teeth LP+CD (COSR 046LP) 21.00
LP version. Includes a free CD and 10 picture cards. Slow-motion-piano-punk with open stitches. One-third piano, one-third converted drums, one-third singing sewing machines, talking skirts, buzzing laser guns, and clacking typewriters. The Munich-based duo Beißpony reveal what it sounds like when a singer-songwriter and textile artist with roots in the riot-grrrl and feminist DIY-movement join forces. Laura hails from the singer-songwriter and antifolk-scene. "I'm more interested in experiments and accidents," says Steffi. Both girls got to know each other in 2006 at the infamous Kafe Kult in Munich, where they also had their first stage appearance. They used the facilities to record the first couple of songs for their debut album Brush Your Teeth in a one-week kamikaze-recording session with a lot of ice cream. The final part of the album was recorded with the Zork Free Arts Lab in an abandoned police training building. Over the years, Beißpony have played live shows in Italy, Austria and Germany, at festivals and in art galleries. They combine their shows with imaginative fashion and art performances and surprise their audience time and again.



AJU, DAVE: Maybeso 12" (CCS 081EP) 12.50
Dave Aju is back for a focused two-track release that finds the San Franciscan enchanter summoning up his finest deep house powers. As ever, there is a wistful, sun-kissed quality to the music, as Blue Note keys wrap themselves around the nagging beats, side-stepping the frantic urgency of so much dance music to focus on a more sensual kind of body movement. From the pitched-down surreality of his tones on "Maybeso" with its hopeful lyrical refrain, to the catchy rap-singing alternation that runs through "Inmahed," Aju's voice is his music and his music is his voice, the two perfectly intertwined like no one else could step to.



MCKAY, HARVEY: Cinnamon Kiss 12" (COR 108EP) 14.00
Harvey McKay is back and stronger and harder than ever before. His last release for Cocoon climbed to the top position in the Beatport charts and stayed there for quite some time and it was about time that the Drumcode- and Soma recordings producers return to Cocoon. Cinnamon Kiss brings us spicy cinnamon flavor for the colder days and nights. A massive tech-house-tune with cool oldskool house chords and cool breakdowns that will put raver hands up in the air. "Push It" does what the names says and pushes the beat even higher -- a pumping techno monster that even features a little D-Shake sample.


The message of Mauro Picotto's and Ricardo Ferri's release The Riff is clear: cool but lush house beats with the right amount of techno added, merging with hypnotic synths and monster bass lines that force you to dance, dance and dance. Get crazy, get lost, forget where you are, shake your head, and feel the vibe. Sure, Mauro Picotto is a master of all things hedonistic techno, however, this gem is one of his best productions, ever. Their second track "EMP" proves this even more, as it is another masterpiece of techno-madness. Their last tune "Don't Wake Him" shows the deeper side of Mauro Picotto and Riccardo Ferri. Almost relaxed, but still highly floor-oriented, this one is loaded with emotions, featuring vocal samples and string sounds.



WOLFF & MAARTEN MITTENDORFF, JASPER: The Transmission Express 12" (CCRT 003EP) 12.50
Since Jasper and Maarten played at one of the first-ever Concrete parties called "Twsted II," they knew this Parisian movement was something rare and unique. As an ode, they made these tracks keeping in mind those magic early Sunday morning hours. The result is two melodic and atmospheric tracks. Their brother-in-crime Makam is responsible for the remix. Machine soul techno music is the keyword for this Paris-Amsterdam affair.



OH91: Stealth 12" (COY 005EP) 12.50
There's a restless groundswell of producers making some seriously rowdy grime beats down in Bristol in 2013, and the dank, claustrophobic club nights and tight-knit community of heads battling dub for dub has seen a crop of unruly riddims. One of the rudest soundboys of the lot goes by the name of OH91, and he brings that unabashed, soundsystem duppying, backhand-you-in-the-face toughness on his tracks. Coyote Records are hyped to welcome him to the crew as he drops heat with the peak-time gullyness of "Stealth," backed with remix fire from Slew Dem don and legendary selector, Spooky. Built around brash synth-lines, huge piston-pressurized drums and subs that hit hard and low, "Stealth" is grime built for the rave. Spooky's version agitates the rhythms with phrases of rolling two-step skanks, and treats the snyths with raw, acid-like corrosion, blasting you head-on with the same full sonic spectrum and levels of energy as his electrifying DJ sets.



Brodanse team up with vocalist Cari Golden and resurgent beatsmiths Groove Armada for a huge new track that has already been road-tested in Ibiza and has drawn all the right reactions. "Sweat (Club)" is a big bouncy house track with neon synth stabs, raw and thumping kick drums and icy hi-hats that all coalesce into a barnstorming peak-time track designed for maximum destruction. It's simple but effective, economic but efficient in terms of design and keeps your attention locked for seven minutes of inescapable house tension. The deep version is less rigid and regimented, there is more swing in the drums and percussion and a golden glow of warmth radiates from within. The vocal here is also smoother and creamier, making its way into your heart as the waify chords add more layers of sonic richness. This is one for sun-down rather than hands-up moments and perfectly encapsulates the forward-facing house vibe the Danse Club label embodies.



VA: 100DSR/VAR2 12" (DSR 100-VAR2-EP) 12.50
Following on from the first EP that included tracks from Claro Intelecto, Gerry Read and Unbroken Dubs comes the second offering from Delsin, which features Mike Dehnert, Conforce and CiM. Full-blooded techno, underwater and atmospheric track ambiance, and experimental techno filled with sonorous bells and the busy micro-activity of lots of tiny synthesized sounds.


REDSHAPE: Red Pack II 2x12" (DSR 101LP) 23.00
Almost exactly three years after the first, Redshape has readied his second Red Pack on his own Present imprint alongside his frequent Dutch home, Delsin. While the world is still enjoying the German's latest album Square (RB 005CD/LP), the man himself has typically moved on once more. On Red Pack II, he offers up six tracks of hugely atmospheric and romantically industrial techno across two pieces of vinyl. First up, "Disco Marauder" has raw, jangling beats, traumatized vocal cries and plenty of sci-fi ambience, all coalescing into a filmic techno tapestry, before "Path Dub" goes deeper and more streamlined with rattling claps peeling off taut synth cables in hypnotic fashion. The same track also comes in an original version, which is a much more jagged, roughshod and textured affair. "The Source" is a track slowed to a crawl that almost seems to want to collapse under its own weight. Machines gurgle and gargle, the beats march on with a heavy heart and widescreen synths present a sense of cinematism that makes Redshape such a unique producer. Standout track "Daft Mode" features a beautiful Reese bass line and rich layers of classic Detroit chords of the sort Inner City once championed. Redshape then pairs them with slicing percussion and loose-limbed but tough-edged beats and lets them roll on to a blissfully emotive oblivion. Fans of "Mucky Bones" from the first Red Pack might see this track as a close relative. Last track "Bulp Head" is one of Redshape's more euphoric tracks, thanks to the glistening and pixelated melodies which rise up and up through choppy, metallic percussion. It closes out another release from Redshape that offers six more classic pieces that are as idiosyncratic as they are innovative.


SON.SINE: Upekah 12" (XDSR 004EP) 12.50
In 2000, the Nurture label released Upekah, the one and only single to come under the Son.sine moniker. It's an alias of New Zealander Leyton Glen, who released only a select few EPs under different names, and one that sounds as good today as it did back then, given all its dub-infused techno glory. It's always been hard to come by, but now Delsin are remastering and re-releasing it into the world once more. Spacious, gently-pulsing dub and huge chambers of echo and reverb in ambient patterns. Classy business, indeed, from the New Zealander.



BUTTRICH & MOUSSE T, MARTIN: Session 1 12" (DESOLAT 034EP) 14.00
Desolat are proud to present Martin Buttrich & Mousse T on Session 1. Few producers have had the longevity and success of these German heavyweights and this two-track 12" sees both producers demonstrate why they remain two of the most highly-regarded producers in the scene. Title-track "Sunseeker" kicks off the EP in fine style with a teasing guitar riff which is supplemented by resounding pulses of warm bass. Further elements are expertly added into the equation soon enough, such as a warped spoken-word vocal, numerous melodic textures and trippy flourishes which all come together, building and yielding as the track drops back into its rolling, sun-kissed groove. On the flip-side is "Smack Back," which is marginally the more restrained of the two tracks on offer, characterized by a succession of subtle, misshapen sounds, twisted effects and an ascending synth which compliments the punchy percussion and melodic stabs. Cover painting by Luio Onassis.



TCB: Monogamie 12" (ORKL 001EP) 14.00
TCB prophesizes unborn futures and fates with a little magic by Kassem Mosse and Mix Mup.



AMO: Outside the Box EP 12" (DISS 018EP) 12.50
Dissonant is proud to present Andrew M. Oritz, a producer and DJ who has spent his life immersed in DJ culture. Having earned his stripes as a DJ across countless clubs in New Jersey and New York, as well as further afield in Florida, his explorations into production have fed into this first release. "Outside the Box," featuring Zay De Mello, is the perfect club track, full of hypnotic percussion that pushes forwards with an unstoppable energy, while the well-selected vocal samples add an extra layer. "Doctor Who" takes a more subtle approach, using minimal rhythms and space to create an unpredictable feeling.



Distraction Records are proud to present Necro Deathmort's first foray into the world of vinyl with EP1. It's yet another change of pace for the duo, supplementing their doomy ambience and whirlpools of 23Hz low-end with evil '70s filthy synths and harsh, pummeling '90s techno, with frequencies cutting, slicing and bursting all over the place. Think the likes of The Tuss, Goblin, Underground Resistance, John Carpenter, and maybe even Tangerine Dream, Surgeon, or The Horrorist. Necro Deathmort aka AJ Cookson and Matthew Rozeik are the duo that emerged from London's underground doom scene with a sound described by The Quietus as: "Veering seamlessly between dub-infused electronica, pounding sludge and experimental noise, their music is as intriguingly fresh as it is furiously grim." Their first album proper, This Beat Is Necrotronic, came out in 2009 on Newcastle's Distraction label; and picked up steam as a sleeper word-of-mouth hit until Aquarius Records made the album a "Record of the Week." Soon, NDM were very much in-demand, playing festivals and touring Europe, and going from strength to strength following their albums Music of Bleak Origin (2011) and The Colonial Script (2012). The last few years have seen Necro Deathmort play Sónar, Supersonic, Asymmetry, CTM, Soy, and Audioscope festivals, as well as internationally-renowned doom-fest Roadburn. They've remixed Steven Wilson, Ulver, RA, Dead Fader, and Altar Of Plagues. NDM have also played alongside Ulver, Atari Teenage Riot, Godflesh, GY!BE, Shining (NOR), Ufomammut, The Haxan Cloak, Dub Trio, dUSK, Sleep, Warm Digits, and Altar Of Plagues.


PT 4002LP

HOLLEY, LONNIE: Just Before Music 2LP (PT 4002LP) 22.00
Just Before Music is the debut album by Lonnie Holley. Available on vinyl for the first time, the double LP includes four songs Holley recorded live at WFMU on March 21, 2013. "Last year, at 62, after decades of singing while he worked, Holley released his jarring debut album, Just Before Music, a marriage of improvised keys and the rambling, hollow bellow of his voice, as well as the first original recording put out by the archival label Dust-to-Digital. This year, he'll tour, and he recently performed in a Whitney Museum group show, 'Blues for Smoke.'" --The Fader. Comes in a gatefold jacket with insert.

PT 4003LP

HOLLEY, LONNIE: Keeping a Record of It LP (PT 4003LP) 16.00
Keeping a Record of It is the follow-up to Lonnie Holley's debut album Just Before Music (DTD 026CD). Guest performers include Cole Alexander from the Black Lips, Bradford Cox from Deerhunter, and visual artist Lillian Blades. Gatefold sleeve. "Lonnie Holley sings with an intense, emotional voice and unleashes lyrics without consistent meter or rhyme over gossamer keyboard lines that hang in the ether. His music is a blues nebula, splotched with riffy word jazz that shares in some rappers' collagist aesthetics as well as the runaway passion of a gospel preacher enlivened by the Spirit." --Aquarium Drunkard



COMPOUND EYE: Journey from Anywhere 2LP (EMEGO 181LP) 29.00
Compound Eye is Drew McDowall (formerly of Coil) and Tres Warren (Psychic Ills and Messages). Journey from Anywhere is their second album release following Origin of Silence, an art edition LP on The Spring Press label. This double LP features four sides of improvised electronics that lead the listener into the dark recesses of the duo's subterranean explorations. Each of these works move at a slow and considered pace, gradually unfolding into a transportative blur of dark psychedelic minimalism. Like elements of Coil's long-form works, this is music which has the potential to melt time, open space, and create a flowing web of liquid memory. A sublime record for those who like music that encourages travel. Mastered and cut by CGB at Dubplates and Mastering, Berlin, August 2013. Artwork by Stephen O'Malley.



EXERCISE ONE: Tales of Ordinary Madness 1/3 12" (EXONE 017EP) 12.50
To mark a decade of their live techno outfit, Exercise One release a new album and series of remix EPs by friends and fellow travelers from along the road. Choosing 10 remixes from their 10 years of performing live, and nine tracks on the album for nine years of releasing records. For the EPs, Exercise One invited Sigha and Deadbeat along to remix their favorite tracks. On EP 1/3, you find on side A the original album tracks "Verlooka" and "Gatium," accompanied by remixes of "12 Years" (originally released on Lan Muzic, 2006) and "Top Score - Stop Thinking!" (originally released on Cocoon Recordings, 2011).



VALENTINO, PABLO: Friends Say So EP 12" (FACES 1214EP) 12.50
Tidy disco-fied house EP from the Faces boss, also featuring the talents of Tokyo's Kez YM. After his last release on Room With A View (with the Detroit Swindle remix) and several contributions to labels like MCDE, Endless Flight, and Creative Swing Alliance on Wolf Music, Tsuba, and City Fly, Faces Records and MCDE labels head-honcho Pablo Valentino decided to release what he describes as his first full EP on his own imprint.



G.E.S. & JAN JELINEK: Temple 12" (FAITICHE 011EP) 12.00
Faitiche presents Jan Jelinek's Temple. This mini-LP is the final installment in a series of four vinyl compilations that bring together the wide variety of Jelinek's music: commissioned works, live recordings, collaborations with other musicians as well as unreleased material from the last five years. As was the case with two tracks that appeared on the 2012 mini-LP Music for Fragments, Temple stems from a collaboration with French-Canadian choreographer Sylvain Émard. "Temple" is a re-worked excerpt of the music for the dance piece "Fragments -- Volume I." The Gesellschaft zur Emanzipation des Samples (G.E.S.) welcomes a new member: Helmut Schmidt samples his way through the middle-class canon of values and assembles collages of Messiaen and Debussy (or is that Bach and Milhaud?), which are once again played back in public spaces and recorded anew. A backdrop of gambling unites the recordings: the playback locations chosen by Helmut Schmidt are Geneva, Baden-Baden and Bad Homburg -- a triumvirate of bourgeois casino tradition.



VIDA, BEN: Extraction LP (FAG 001LP) 25.00
"Future Audio Graphics is pleased to announce Extraction, the latest from composer and sound artist Ben Vida (PAN, Amish, Shelter Press, et al). Extraction (FAG 001) is a collaboration between Vida, visual artist Meredyth Sparks, and curator/writer Anthony Elms and is the first in a series of collaborative releases for Future Audio Graphics. Continuing Vida's explorations of digital and analog processing systems, Extraction gives particular focus to aural phenomena -- engaging electronic, non-representational sounds that appear to cut, move and oscillate on both vertical and horizontal planes. Building on his past work, Vida's two, side-long contributions to Extraction include, among other things, a series of what appears to be infinitely long, sweeping tones staggered between short, halting breaks. The audio parallels an artistic practice and method that visual artist Meredyth Sparks has developed over the last five years in her own studio and practice. Full-color gatefold LP, limited to 350 copies. Mastered by Rashad Becker at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin."


GET 54043LP

GENIUS/GZA: Liquid Swords 2LP (GET 54043LP) 24.00
Another 2013 black vinyl repress. "According to legend, when the Wu-Tang Clan formed like Voltron on their debut album in 1993, GZA happened to be the head--an appropriate place for a man also called 'The Genius.' Yet at the time few could have predicted that his 1995 masterpiece Liquid Swords would be considered 'one of the most substantial lyrical journeys in hip-hop history' (Chicago Tribune). At the peak of his powers as a producer, Wu-Tang mastermind RZA crafted the album's distinctive soundtrack at his basement studio in Staten Island; a haunting landscape of dusty samples, sharp snares and menacing urban gloom, with frequent interludes of dialogue from the classic Samurai flick Shogun Assassin. Cerebral, strategic and precise with his words, GZA crystallizes a range of influences--from chess to kung-fu films to mob flicks and Eastern philosophy--into sharply delivered rhymes. The album features appearances by the entire Wu-Tang Clan, and includes the auspicious debut of Killah Priest on 'B.I.B.L.E.' Acknowledged as one of the '100 Best Rap Albums' (The Source) and 'Top 100 Records of the 1990s' (, Get On Down is proud to present Liquid Swords as it was intended to be experienced, on double vinyl with audio remastered from the original source tapes and the original iconic cover artwork from DC Comics artist Denys Cowan." Includes poster insert.



VA: Heidi Presents Jackathon Jams feat. Waifs & Strays vs. Lukas & DJ Sneak 12" (HPJJ 004EP) 14.00
Bristolian dream-team Waifs & Strays vs. Lukas meets Chicago legend DJ Sneak: that sums up the next Jackathon Jams package from the queen of the scene, Heidi. Loaded with bleeps, bumps and bass, "Gimme Love" is driven by its disco-chugging bass line and low-slung groove, while the "Stokes Croft Dub" version gives the track a warped, stoned haze. Second original "Dance Me (Dance You)" combines heavy low-end with more '90s female vox swagger and DJ Sneak delivers his unmistakable funked-up Chicago style in a rendition of "Gimme Luv" with strains of boogie.



CHALAQUE: Sounds from the Other Ideology LP (ROWF 037LP) 21.00
Chalaque is the solo project of UK guitar player Nick Mitchell, but he regularly incorporates various supporting players. The power trio formation is in effect here on Sounds from the Other Ideology with Burnt Hills' bass player Eric Hardiman (see also Rambutan, Century Plants and the Tape Drift label) and Part Wild Horses Mane On Both Sides' drummer Pascal Nichols providing punk-as-fuck Motörhead-isms behind relentless psychedelic shredding and fretboard tapping.



LP version. In 1982, the mysterious Steve Hall, a self-proclaimed "hippie-punk" who had previously released a couple of D.I.Y. basement-punk albums with his band Afflicted Man, recorded one of the most obscure, underrated and killer heavy-psych albums of all time. Credited to High Speed & The Afflicted Man, Get Stoned Ezy consists of three long tracks of late '60s/early '70s-influenced psychedelic hard-rock. A fuzz-wah assault of epic proportions in the style of other guitar-damage gods like Human Instinct, Wicked Lady, Hendrix, High Rise, Sabbath, Stooges, etc., all played with a real acid-punk attitude. Guerssen Records present the first-ever legit reissue of this lost masterpiece, licensed by Steve Hall. Remastered sound, insert with detailed liner notes by Chris Stigliano (Black To Comm), and rare pictures.



GRAEF, MAX: Broken Keyboard EP 12" (HEIST 002EP) 12.50
Max Graef's track "Jungle" (with multi-talented pen-pal Andy Hart) is probably the most sought-after track of Heist's sets lately and has caused quite a flow of emails ("what the hell is this??"). It's got that ass-shaking groove without being a regular four-to-the-floor banger. "Ignorance is Bliss" has a rough warehouse vibe on the lows, a hint of disco and a set of Rhodes-y keys running through the track to set the mood. "Zitze" features layers and layers of vocals, textures and keys taking turns and a great shuffle that runs through the track that makes it just as much a good listen as a dancefloor jam.



DAZE MAXIM: Flash/Anavi 12" (HELLO 022EP) 14.00
Hello?Repeat presents "Flash" and "Anavi." Both tracks bring a linear and continuous flow, to many, a Daze Maxim signature in the sense that each element does not scream for attention alone, it is the combination of them which creates the overall impact. It has to do with structure and the way in which elements are thrown in, adding that bit of surprise effect which is able to stun and amuse. Groovy, hypnotic, dark, and surprising, filled with locomotive rhythms and synth pad harmonies, here are two killer cuts from Daze Maxim.



SPECIAL REQUEST: Soul Music 2CD (HTH 012CD) 17.00
Following a run of four incendiary 12"s on his own imprint that drew attention from right across the dance music community, UK producer and DJ Paul Woolford delivers Soul Music, his debut full-length album as Special Request -- diving even deeper into the raw energy of UK pirate radio influences that informed his previous EPs. Using a studio built almost exclusively from vintage hardware and boosted by industrial-strength EQ and an FM transmitter, Woolford constructs what he refers to as "false memories" -- broadcasting his material in order to sample and re-incorporate it in a myriad of different ways. The outcome of this unorthodox method is an album of considerable weight. The CD version includes a bonus disc featuring the Special Request VIP of Tessela's "Hackney Parrot" alongside the remix of Lana Del Rey's "Ride," further tracks from the previous 12"s, plus unreleased reworks from Detroit's Anthony Shakir, New York's Anthony Naples, Leipzig's Kassem Mosse & Mix Mup, Chicago's Hieroglyphic Being and London's Lee Gamble. Not for the faint-hearted. Presented in bespoke PVC sleeve with spot varnish pattern.



HEARTTHROB: Discount Dancer 10" PIC DISC (ISNISNT 001EP) 14.00
Purveyor of chrome-plated cosmic funk and Berlin-resident, Heartthrob returns on his newly-minted ISNISNT imprint to deliver three futuristic jams worthy of only the sleaziest of intergalactic parties. "Discount Dancer" sets the tone, marrying the infectious energy of classic Roland grooves and maxed-out acid funk to compelling effect, cruising along under a relentless cowbell that acts as a rallying cry for the sordid revelers of his dreams. On the flip, "Lets Talk About Reading" draws upon that prior energy and focuses it into a jacking homage to the fallen star of Paris Is Burning, Venus Xtravaganza, awash with crackling atmospheres and gauzy pads that serve as a stark juxtaposition to the militant drums and contagious bass line that underpins them.



MESSENGERS INC.: Soulful Proclamation CD (JMAN 059CD) 17.00
In the '70s radio stations were a powerful force across the whole of the U.S., and anyone with a transistor radio had access to all kinds of music. Live music was another matter altogether, and unless you found yourself in a major city, your nights out were limited to what the local talent had to offer. This was especially so with soul and funk acts, as mainstream rock and pop was where the money was. So for a small time, for Oklahoma soul bands such as husband and wife Charles and Barbara Burton's groups Messengers Inc -- and later Burton Inc -- times were tough. However, like many purveyors of soul, tough times were no match for those with determination, persistence and a story to tell. Many artists scraped enough money together to make a 45 or two on their own label; but the Burtons took this to another level -- they got themselves organized and released their own full-length LPs. With these two albums, Jazzman tells the story of the Burtons and their contribution to 1970s Midwest funk and soul. Their dreams and desires, struggles and setbacks are all set out in the 16-page extensive liner notes, complete with previously-unseen photos of the bands. But above all, here are two albums chock-full of good music -- the first reissue is Messengers Inc from 1972 with heavy funk and deep soul. All tracks fully licensed and digitally restored from the original master tapes.


MESSENGERS INC.: Soulful Proclamation LP (JMAN 059LP) 25.50
LP version. Numbered edition of 1000 copies.


BURTON INC.: L.A. Will Make You Pay $$$ CD (JMAN 060CD) 17.00
In the '70s radio stations were a powerful force across the whole of the U.S., and anyone with a transistor radio had access to all kinds of music. Live music was another matter altogether, and unless you found yourself in a major city, your nights out were limited to what the local talent had to offer. This was especially so with soul and funk acts, as mainstream rock and pop was where the money was. So for a small time, for Oklahoma soul bands such as husband and wife Charles and Barbara Burton's groups Messengers Inc -- and later Burton Inc -- times were tough. However, like many purveyors of soul, tough times were no match for those with determination, persistence and a story to tell. Many artists scraped enough money together to make a 45 or two on their own label; but the Burtons took this to another level -- they got themselves organized and released their own full-length LPs. With these two albums, Jazzman tells the story of the Burtons and their contribution to 1970s Midwest funk and soul. Their dreams and desires, struggles and setbacks are all set out in the 16-page extensive liner notes, complete with previously-unseen photos of the bands. But above all, here are two albums chock-full of good music -- the second reissue is L.A. Will Make You Pay $$$ from 1976 with soulful disco and boogie, including the rare title-track dancefloor favorite "L.A. Will Make You Pay $$$." All tracks fully licensed and digitally restored from the original master tapes.


BURTON INC.: LA Will Make You Pay LP (JMAN 060LP) 25.50
LP version. Numbered edition of 1000 copies.


KK 075CD

FORGOTTEN BIRDS: Sahara CD (KK 075CD) 15.50
Karaoke Kalk presents an album from Hamburg duo Forgotten Birds. Their music takes us along a track strewn with memories from good old times when girls braided flowers in their hair and swayed to tales sung of life and love's battles -- country folk. Jan Gazarra and Judy Willms' would-be nostalgia is as substantial as a flashback of first love on an autumn evening in a Finnish sauna: passionate but familiar, and somehow outlandishly hot. They recorded this record at Rocko Schamoni's cabin near the Baltic Sea with Jörg Follert (Wechsel Garland, Wunder) in seven days. Also making an appearance on the record is Marcin Öz (the bass-player for Whitest Boy Alive). Forgotten Birds splash the grey of everyday with psychedelic rainbow sunbeams. When they play, knees go soft. Hearts break and squaredance on sticky bar-tables. Their energetic live support includes Alexander Polzin, who also does electronic stuff, and Stephan Rath, who plays drums and things with the Goldene Zitronen, the enchanting Frenchwoman Hélène Gaudet gives the act that last, essential bit of magic.

KK 075LP

FORGOTTEN BIRDS: Sahara LP (KK 075LP) 17.00
LP version.


KD 123314CD

MOONDOG: Elpmas CD (KD 123314CD) 17.00
2013 restock. Originally released in 1991, Moondog's Elpmas is a landmark late-period work by the legendary composer. After a prolonged period of silence while living in Germany, Louis Thomas Hardin (aka Moondog) returned to America in 1989 to partake in a highly-praised performance at the 10th New Music America Festival, sharing the program with John Zorn and Butch Morris. Although returning to his home in Oer-Erkenschwick, Germany shortly after the performance, the sudden attention and renewal of interest in his work prompted Moondog, then in his late-70s, to record new material. Elpmas is the stunning result of a revitalized legend still at the peak of his vitality and innovation. On Elpmas, Moondog uses a sampler for the very first time, complementing his compositions with field recordings, and explaining, "The sampler is ideal for my kind of music, which is mostly contrapuntal, specifically canonic." The percolating marimba patterns on opening track "Wind River Powow" recalls the type of pure, luscious tone-studies that once deemed Moondog "the founder of minimalism" by Philip Glass and Steve Reich, but Elpmas is a varied, thematic work, epic in scope and dedicated to the aboriginal peoples of the world. "Westward Ho!" is an 8-part canon depicting the western migration from Europe to the New World, and features guest musicians Götz Alsmann and Andi Toma (Mouse On Mars). "Suite Equestria" is the most energizing piece on the album, its intricate marimba pattern carried to epic heights by the incursion of a valiant male chorus. Elpmas also introduces Moondog's "Overtone Continuum," an ambitious compositional system in which a 4-part male chorus is overdubbed 12 times, resulting in the disorienting 144-voice experiment "The Message." The album ends with "Cosmic Meditation," a 24-minute expanse of hazy warmth and melancholic, Eno-esque ambience intended to suggest the rising and falling waves of the Siderial Sea. As Moondog concludes in the liner notes, "Its unworldly sound brings one close to the essence of things, to the 'peace that passeth all understanding.'"

KD 133017CD

MOONDOG: A New Sound Of An Old Instrument CD (KD 133017CD) 17.00
2013 restock. Originally released in 1979 by Kopf and reissued in 1999. By the time A New Sound Of An Old Instrument was released, Moondog (Louis Thomas Hardin) had made his home in Germany for 5 years, and decided to compose this suite of pieces in honor of "The King Of Instruments," the pipe organ. "The organ has not been called the 'King of Instruments' for nothing, because of all instruments, it has the widest range of possibilities, lending itself to any mood or style. In suffering the organ to emit secular and even profane music, namely dance music, I do not find it out of place, since I am fully aware of the organ's pagan beginnings, the pipes of Pan." Playing upon this notion, Moondog matches several of these organ pieces with shakers and other forms of knocking percussion which lends an organic feel to what is traditionally thought of as a formal, unbendable instrument. On the contrary, Moondog emphasizes the percussive and contrapuntal/staccato tones the organ is capable of producing, rather than drones, although those are also used here to provide a background for what does feel like decidedly vernal, lilting, woodland pipes. He also explains in the liner notes his "logrundrs," a canonical method of counterpoint. A New Sound Of An Old Instrument is a true Moondog oddity, but his mastery of illustrating the neverending nature of patterns in melodic tone and sequence are especially prominent here, focused as it is on one instrument. Organs played by Fritz Storfinger and Wolfgang Schwering. Package includes liner notes written by Louis T. Hardin himself.

KD 330140CD

MOONDOG: In Europe CD (KD 330140CD) 17.00
2013 restock. Originally released by Kopf in 1977, and reissued in 1999, Moondog In Europe was visionary composer Louis Thomas Hardin's (aka Moondog) first release after moving to Germany. Perhaps reflecting the historicity of his new environment, this album is more structured and formal than most of his previous releases; however, his layered song-cycles are just as circular and experimental, and still backed by a fair amount of tribal percussion. There are moments of whimsy, as on "In Vienna," with its bouncing, music-box like celesta, or on "Viking I," also reflected with a snappy celesta melody, but there are also moments of parlor-room somberness, as on the string arrangements for "Romance In G" or the last 20+ minutes of the album, which is comprised exclusively of extremely heavy pipe-organ suites. Moondog In Europe, though less playful than other of his albums, displays Moondog's virtuosity as a classical composer, with elegantly stylized pieces that see Moondog embracing a grandiosity he hadn't approached previously.

KD 330160CD

MOONDOG: H'Art Songs CD (KD 330160CD) 17.00
2013 restock. This is Kopf Records' 1999 CD reissue of Moondog's H'art Songs, originally released in Germany in 1978. In 1974, New York City's famous "Viking Of Sixth Avenue" travelled to Europe to produce a concert of his works with the Frankfurt Radio Orchestra. Afterwards, Moondog (Louis Thomas Hardin, 1916-1999), who once told an interviewer that he considered himself a "European in exile," felt compelled to stay on the continent in order to realize the imagined European identity he invoked with his clothing and music. Moondog felt culturally and artistically closer to Europe and it was here where he spent the rest of his life, developing some of the most unique and surprising, if not lesser known developments in his vast body of work. H'art Songs is one anomaly in the composer's output during this period, as each of the songs are considerably traditional in form with a sing-song, almost pop-oriented mentality. All the songs consist of Moondog singing to minimal, catchy piano accompaniments and occasional percussion. Moondog sings with a quavering sincerity in his voice that recalls Robert Wyatt while the pathos and humor in the lyrics to songs like "Enough About Human Rights" ("What about hog rights?/What about frog rights?") and "I'm Just A Hop Head" ("...and so I'll be, till I'm dead/I started hopping when first I hopped into bed") suggests the innocent despair of Daniel Johnston. The simplicity in these songs, however, is misleading, as the repetitive melodies are blessed with subtle chord structures that gradually take on an epic, even otherworldly, feel. This singular quirkiness and radiant uniqueness in approach makes this music distinctly Moondog. Highly accessible yet criminally overlooked, H'Art Songs' music reveals a fascinating stage in Moondog's artistic development, blessed with the understated beauty that makes his work so timeless.



SUN RA: Disco 3000 LP (KSAY 001LP) 18.00
January 1978 was a fruitful month for Sun Ra. As well as days spent in the recording studios in Rome, Ra, along with John Gilmore, Michael Ray, and Luqman Ali, played several gigs in Italy before flying back to the U.S. The magic music from one night in the Teatro Ciak, on 1/23/1978 in Milan, is preserved on Disco 3000. Disco 3000 is arguably among the most important documents of Sun Ra's long musical career. Now available again through the Kindred Spirits/Artyard collaboration series.



LAMBKIN, GRAHAM: Abersayne/Attersaye 7" (KYE 706EP) 9.00
"Kye is proud to present Abersayne/Attersaye, a brand new 7" single by Graham Lambkin, his solo debut on the format after 21 years in the game. Abersayne/Attersaye pairs a perfectly serviceable love song with a rough-and-ready late-night lament (featuring one conspicuous overdub). Expertly mastered by Jason Lescalleet at Glistening Labs, Abersayne/Attersaye arrives in a pro-printed full color high gloss sleeve, with lyric insert, in an edition of 500 copies."



TINDERSTICKS: Across Six Leap Years LP (LUCKYDOG 015LP) 26.50
Limited LP version, on 180 gram vinyl. Includes download coupon. 2013 is a landmark year for Tindersticks, who turn 21. In this time they have recorded nine studio albums, composed music for films, museums, fashion shows and installations, have toured the world, played with various orchestras, collaborated with many great singers and musicians, lost their desire, split up, rearranged, reformed, re-kindled their musical passion and in 2012 made what they, and many critics consider to be one of their finest albums, The Something Rain. Tindersticks wanted to mark this special anniversary year in some way, to connect this history with what they have become. After much discussion, they entered the legendary Studio 2 at Abbey Road and between the 6th and 9th of April 2013 recorded Across Six Leap Years, their 10th studio album; 10 new versions of songs from throughout their history. Across the years some songs were "lost along the way." For one reason or another, they never became how they were imagined to be in their recorded form, until now. Across Six Leap Years brings together these previously-unrealized tracks as part-celebration, part-reinvention. "Recording these songs again was not so much about righting past mistakes or inadequacies, but more about the power of now. It's something that's been growing since the film shows, something that made us recognize how we feel now, and connecting that to our past feels important. Walking up to Abbey Road, it could easily have overcome us. But it had nothing to do with its past. We weren't there to take photos on the crossing. I didn't think about playing the 'Lady Madonna' piano. I'd like to say it was just another studio, but sadly, that's not true anymore. It's one of the only studios of its kind left. And it wasn't about our past either. These songs feel like cover versions. Someone else's music we feel we had something new to bring to." --David Boulter, 2013


TINDERSTICKS: Les Salauds (un film de Claire Denis) CD (LUCKYDOG 016CD) 19.50
Continuing a long and fruitful creative relationship, Tindersticks have completed their 7th original film score for renowned director Claire Denis, for her provocative thriller Les Salauds (trans. "Bastards"). The film premiered at Cannes in Un Certain Regard and offers confirmation, were it needed, of Denis' status as one of the most exciting and innovative filmmakers currently working, and of one of the most consistent and unique partnerships existing between a director and a group of musicians. Marking a fundamental stylistic departure for the band, the hypnotic electronic score resonates with the darkly sensual and dream-like rhythms of the film's revenge narrative, featuring a new twist on the Hot Chocolate classic "Put Your Love in Me." The soundtrack for Les Salauds is released on the band's Lucky Dog label. On the creative process Claire Denis says: "Stuart read the screenplay, which I believe upset him a little. It took him time to find his bearings and start composing. I told him the film began in the rain, and suggested echoing this with dissonant electronic music. I had in mind Tangerine Dream's music for Michael Mann's Thief. We worked together as we're accustomed to: I'd go and see him in his studio in Creuse, he'd come to Paris to make me listen and we'd talk." Stuart Staples adds, "We talked about sailors and their relationship with dry land; an unreal place where the worst of things can happen... and inevitably do, a world of nightmares. I started to experiment with synthetic sounds -- a strange environment, I felt like that sailor, surrounded by equipment and ideas that I didn't understand. The idea to use Hot Chocolate's 'Put Your Love in Me' was an early point of connection for me, to shift the desperation in that song into a different space, to give me something to hold on to and to grow from." 2013 is a landmark year for Tindersticks who turn 21. The band are celebrating this special milestone with a plethora of exciting new music and art projects across 2013 including their 10th studio album Across Six Leap Years, and the autumn UK release of the book Singing Skies, the first collaboration between Staples and his wife, artist Suzanne Osborne. CD is housed in a 2-pocket sleeve in a high-quality 300 gram card, including a 10-page concertina booklet on agrippina paper. Packaged in its own inner sleeve.



R-A-G: Vacuum 12" (MOSDEEP 016EP) 12.50
R-A-G is M>O>S boss Aroy Dee in partnership with Marco Spaventi and G String. Together they make frayed and analog house music that joins the dots between '80s Chicago and the modern day. This new EP does just that once more, opening with the dense sci-fi stomper that is "Vacuum." With coarse synths and plenty of sonic scuzz, it fires your every synapse.



VA: Daora: Underground Sounds of Urban Brasil - Hip-Hop, Beats, Afro & Dub LP (MAIS 016LP) 15.50
LP version. Features the choicest DJ cuts from the Daora compilation available on 2CD (5060091552982) -- a collection of the freshest hip-hop, leftfield beats, Afrobeat and dub-influenced sounds from Brazil. It comes with a free download for the 32-track Daora album. Compiled by respected São Paulo beat-head Rodrigo Brandao -- who has collaborated with members of The Roots, Afro-beat master Tony Allen, producer Prince Paul (De La Soul), and artists from the Ninja Tune and Big Dada stables -- it features tracks that represent the musicians, MCs, and beat-heads making some of the most thrilling urban music in "the alternative lanes of Brazil's third world megalopolis." Rodrigo explains: "Blending both the foundations of boom-bap and Brazilian rhythmic and melodic heritage, Daora (São Paulo street-slang for something that's 'f*cking cool') is an introduction to the most cutting-edge beat culture plus percussive-oriented music coming out of Brazil today." Rodrigo Brandao is one of the Brazilian beats movement's most respected generals whose career has been pegged to the scene he loves. An in-demand producer, collaborator and MC, he's been crowned the official MC of the Zulu Nation, Brazil by none other than the father of hip-hop, Afrika Bambaataa. He rose to fame in Brazil as one-half of acclaimed Brazilian hip-hop pioneers Mamelo Sound System and, alongside Mike Ladd and Scotty Hard, recently featured on Ropeadope's acclaimed Brazilian-US collaboration Ekundayo. He has brought international acts like De La Soul, Mos Def, and Talib Kweli to São Paulo and Brandao's mission is to discover and join the dots between Brazilian music and its American and African families.



ALOA INPUT: Anysome LP (MORR 125LP) 18.00
Gatefold LP version. This is the debut full-length album from Aloa Input -- Cico Beck (aka Joasihno), Marcus Grassl (formerly part of Missent To Denmark) and Florian Kreier (aka Angela Aux) Anysome essentially resembles a huge map that covers most of the musical worlds and sonic landscapes we know. Drawing from a long list of influences all three members agree upon (e.g. Animal Collective, Eno, Beck, The Beatles, Morricone, Can, The Notwist), Aloa Input are well aware of the album's world-spanning approach, mentioning "guitars from Cape Town to Portland, beats from Berlin to Chicago, and vocals from NYC to Düsseldorf." And yet there's more to Anysome: the exotic detours, the band's willingness to experiment and to go that extra mile for a good hook, the hypnotic singing and electrified horizons, all neatly placed on top of minimalist bass lines. With the album's "Prelude" we enter a world that seems to be coming at us, rolling up like the flickering images of a Laterna Magika: mellow birdsong, paired with hazy strawberry field sounds. Some of the other stops include world pop in search of greater truths, burning bushes (and Kraut references) in Africa, a mirage reminiscent of cLOUDDEAD, all kinds of euphoric choruses with melancholy hatches underneath, plus the recurring sense that people get older.



GRACIOPPO, MICHAEL: Santo & Christine EP 10" (MCDE 1001EP) 12.50
MCDE proudly presents the debut works of Canadian Michael Gracioppo. Featuring a remix from Fred P (Mule/Underground Quality). Very limited edition. The label's first 10" is headed by "My So-Called Friends," the Montrealer's deeply personal ode to an over-indulgent past lover.



CIRCUIT, BURNS & HAWK: From the Legal Pad Of... 12" (RHD 012LE-EP) 12.50
Secret Circuit, Willie Burns, and Torn Hawk hooked up in L.A. and jammed out these two sun-touched rollers.


OS 001LP

KURUKI: TV Scape LP (OS 001LP) 16.50
2009 release. With their first single "Crocodile Tears" they almost conquered the world, but instead of repeating the same old trick endlessly, they maintained their personality and made this stunning synth-pop classic album. During the past 30 years, Kuruki's first and only full LP, TV Scape, could only be found in the record collection of collectors with a preference for minimal synth and synth-pop. Kuruki was a Belgian band project spearheaded by Ghent-based musician Gerry D'Haeyer and Alain Bureau. The band was founded in the early 1980s and shortly after its conception a first release was recorded. The single "Crocodile Tears" immediately hit the charts and became a hit. Afterwards the band released 12" records including single "Such a Liar." After intensive touring, a new single "Just a Cat" was spawned in 1983. As a live band at that time Alan Gevaert from dEUS and Chris Whitley joined them. Live, Kuruki put forth a mysterious act, with a lot of color and show elements. In 1984, the final release TV Scape, a full LP, was released. On this record the last pieces of the puzzle came together. On an accurately crafted structure of frivolous minimal electronics, Sally Joy and Monsieur Tic sing about an era wherein alienation and mass consumption are an everyday routine and television offers the ideal escape. Released in an edition of 500 LPs.

OS 007LP

POLAR PRAXIS: Music for Fireworks LP (OS 007LP) 25.00
2011 release. In 1978, Philippe Genion bought a guitar for 1000 Belgian francs (25 euros). He connected it to his hi-fi amp, quickly learned how to play "Smoke on the Water" and a few punk songs with two fingers, and within two weeks, pushing the amp more and more to the limit, blew his 200W speakers out. Later, around 1980, he bought an old ARP synthesizer from Walloon band Jo Lemaire + Flouze and started playing with these instruments and a few old flanger and distortion pedals, and started recording songs on a reel-tape recorder belonging to the RTBF. Genion started creating bands with all the friends that he was meeting on the train from Charleroi to Brussels, on the way to the rock concerts he went to several times per week. In this way many bands were created, among which Los Casios, The Presocratic Umbrellas, JTB, Confite Sonar and à;GRUMH, which became a major EBM band of the '80s and now has a practically cult status. In the meantime, parallel to being involved in bands with other people, Genion, who had become S3 EVETS, created three solo projects: A Finger Society, for pop electronic songs, The Penultimate Infinity, for arty projects, not only music but also painting, poems, writing and performances and Polar Praxis for more serious and also industrial music. The only project that became prolific was Polar Praxis. A first tape called Gory Oscillation came out on Titicaca, a long improvisation made on the basis of three cassette tapes, mixed together with live studio interventions. After that, S3 started to compose songs in various styles -- industrial, electro, experimental, minimalistic, and also repetitive music. The first tape called Werk Een was released on TTKK, later followed by Werk Twee and Werk Drie both with collectible multiple covers. In 1985, Polar Praxis released Music for Fireworks on Play it Again Sam's Scarface sub-label, a two side/two song LP containing rhythmic, dance-like electronic music, which pre-figured the DJs at the end of the '90s. Later, on the new label created by S3 and Kenny Gates of PIAS, Circle Records, Polar Praxis released a second, and last, mini-album Fireworks. Music for Fireworks is repetitive music in the style and inspiration of Philip Glass and Steve Reich. Both tracks were actually used as music for professional fireworks in Belgium and Europe. Remastered from the original masters. Pressed on colored 160 gram vinyl and housed in a black & white glossy cover.

OS 009LP

COMPANY OF STATE: Dance Remotion LP (OS 009LP) 23.00
Company Of State was a Belgian new wave and DIY minimal synth duo that started out experimenting with a rhythm box and post-punk guitars in the vein of early Cabaret Voltaire. Rudolf Hecke explains the origin of the band: "By the end of the '70s we were both living in small towns near Leuven. I had been playing in bands since 1973 and was still living with my parents in Veltem-Beisem where the garage was my rehearsal-room. One day he showed up, he was looking for a songwriter, he'd be the singer. He rode a bike." The group debuted in 1983 on their own label with an incredible 7" ("Dark/Discipline"/"Dance Remotion/Here as I Am"). Rudolf Hecke provided screeching guitar playing with different forms of feedback and distortion, Paul Taes expressed his mood through his singing and the rhythm box did what it had to do, it rumbled along. It made sense for COS to join the Anything But Records label run by Ludo Camberlin (A Blaze Colour), where they shared the roster with bands like Neon Judgement, Poésie Noire, Aimless Device, and Men 2nd. On stage they always delivered a spectacle to the public. "Well, we very much liked to mess up things. Most of the time there was blood, I broke my nose once and ended up at the hospital when I cut my left arm with a razor blade on stage. We had some medieval weapons we'd like to throw around while the strobo's were lit." On this retrospective LP release the emphasis lies on the first few years of the band, including their first 7" and demo recordings from that period, when the experiments were still rough, the spirit high and the results chaotic and surprisingly dynamic. Pressed at Handle With Care and housed in a rough-sided cover sleeve. Mastered by Anders Peterson. Edition of 500 copies.

OS 011LP

AROMA DI AMORE: Ongehoord LP (OS 011LP) 16.50
Released in 2010. Belgium new wave band Aroma Di Amore returns on vinyl with 10 previously-unreleased tracks pressed on a dark-red LP. Elvis Peeters, Fred Angst, and Lo Meulen have selected nine tracks from their archives and added one new song: "Hartslag" was recorded at Trixx in February 2010 and is a cover of "Heartbeat" by the post-punk band Wire. Most of the unreleased tracks ("Snoep Voor Jou," "Bewegende Beelden") were recorded during rehearsals and are excellent examples of their potential as a new wave band and songcrafters. There are also some alternate versions of well-known Aroma songs on Ongehoord. The track "Moeder Gaat Neer" is the version they played on the Rock Rally competition way before it was released on De Sfeer Van Grote Dagen (1985). Comes with a double-sided insert. Released in an edition of 550 LPs.

OS 014LP

HUMAN FLESH: Second Hand Emotions and Half-Forgotten Feelings LP (OS 014LP) 18.00
2011 release. Human Flesh is the long-lived project of Alain Neffe. The tracks presented here are all unreleased songs recorded in the mid-'80s. With a wide range of unconventional instruments, Neffe and his compadres create their own dark and twisted world. With a lot of improvisation and cracked-up minimal synth, this is a great album. Besides synths and rhythm boxes, we hear zither, bells, strings, tarang, ocarina, Yugoslavian vocals, reel-to-reel tape scratch, and more. Limited edition of 400 copies. Cover-sleeve and insert by Alain Neffe.

OS 015LP

TRANQUIL EYES: Walks LP (OS 015LP) 23.00
Much needed re-issue of this fantastic and unfortunately overlooked 1985 tape on Stichting Stopcontact. Lex Grauwen and Paul Oosterbaan had worked together for about eight years before they formed Tranquil Eyes in 1982. They decided to turn their back on stage performances and started experimenting with home-taping. Using an array of electronics, Tranquil Eyes recorded a great amount of songs and made a fine selection on Walks, their first and only release. The wonderfully-produced tracks sound a lot like A Blaze Colour and Snowy Red. Minimal synth at its best with a great feel for song structures, melody and occasionally aiming at the dancefloor. If you're at all attuned to the cassette culture of the early years, don't miss out on this one. Lex Grauwen was also in, and produced Frozen Ducks and Cheiron. Lex Grauwen (instruments, vocals and production); Paul Oosterbaan (instruments and vocals). Includes a booklet with song texts, photos, credits and liner-notes. Remastered by Ruud Braumuller. Artwork re-designed by Pieter Eykens. Pressed on 180 gram vinyl in a limited edition of 500 copies.

OS 017LP

TWILIGHT RITUAL: Rituals LP (OS 017LP) 23.00
1986's Rituals is one of the best-kept secrets of the Belgian synth-pop/coldwave movement -- sinister, dark, with touching melodies. Peter Bonne and Geert Coppens had already been playing for a few years in other projects such as Autumn and Linear Movement, and in 1985 they managed to create this stunning album. Highlights on the album include "I Never Called You a Dream," "Rooms," "Amorphous Materials," "Closed Circuit," and every other track. When the LP was originally released, by some awkward mistake, the artwork was printed in reverse (black became white and white became black). The artwork is now restored to its original form -- how it was intended to be. This album was born at the height of the analog era, when Geert and Peter collected as much synths and recording devices as they could get their hands on. Using the all-time favorite TR-808 as rhythm provider, sequencers and effects formed the basis for a unique-sounding album. Sounds were processed in every possible unintended way, recording layer over layer with voices, guitars and doubled keyboards and solos. Instruments included TR-808, SH-2, Teisco 7, Jupiter 4, JX-3P, Trilogy, Minimoog, Crumar Performer, Roland System-100, syndrums, double cassette player, two-track tape recorder, four-track cassette deck, tape echo, phaser foot pedal and manual flanger, some self-built switches, splitters and other weird materials. Remastered by Anders Peterson. Edition of 500 copies with double-sided insert.

OS 018LP

TWILIGHT RITUAL: The Factory Scream LP (OS 018LP) 23.00
Belgium's Twilight Ritual was/is the main project by Geert Coppens and Peter Bonne. During the early '80s they were involved in many other bands including Autumn and The Linear Movement (both recently re-released on Minimal Wave), but Twilight Ritual is by far the most inspired project. The spirit of the band lingers on beneath the work of Autumn through A Split Second. The work of Twilight Ritual is diverse, yet concise. Their pioneering album Rituals inspired other musicians and became an underground cult classic in the minimal synth genre. The Factory Scream is a compilation of varied works recorded during 1984 and 1986. After finishing the tracks for Rituals, they went on discovering new areas of expression. And it shows. "Visions of Steel" and "L'Uomo Moderno" are two international-sounding and wonderful analog-induced tracks, "Wired to the Machines" could have been a potential club hit, "Black Track" can stand next to the best Neon Judgement material and "She Told Me Lies" is a truly mesmerizing '80s synth-pop song. The Factory Scream has many different facets, and it often sounds like there is more than one band playing on this album. Artwork by Twilight Ritual. Remastered by A.P.. Pressed on 180 gram vinyl. Limited edition of 500 copies.

OS 019LP

KISS THE ANUS OF A BLACK CAT: Weltuntergangsstimmung LP (OS 019LP) 23.00
After several albums on top labels like Kraak and Conspiracy, Kiss The Anus Of A Black Cat releases their fifth album Weltuntergangsstimmung on Zeal and OnderStroom records. The new record isn't the drone-folk album you might expect from the band. Their newest shows us a whole new and different side. Frontman Stef Heeren recorded the songs for Weltuntergangsstimmung with an old drum machine, analog synthesizers and guitar. And An Pierlé adds wonderful backing vocals on a few songs. Kiss The Anus... is still a hypnotic and apocalyptic band, but transformed overnight into a NEW new wave band. Gatefold sleeve.

OS 021LP

DE BRASSERS: Live at Doornroosje LP (OS 021LP) 23.00
Recordings of a stand-out gig at Doornroosje in Nijmegen (NL). By 1982, De Brassers had been playing in almost every small public space or squad in the area and logically they had gathered a cult following. Doornroosje was/is the club where underground music groups performed before they became well-known, especially in the '80s, which were an interesting period with Joy Division, Nick Cave, and many local punk/new wave bands hitting the stage. Here we find De Brassers at the peak of their powers performing "Pijn," "They Wanted Us Away," "En Toen Was Er Niets Meer," the Joy Division cover "Shadowplay" and six other raw punk/synth/wave tracks. Live, they sound even more real and raw. De Brassers are one of the most notorious bands in Belgian new wave/punk history. With their no-nonsense attitude, they scared the shit out of the local Catholic community of Hamont. De Brassers were a local mixture of the Sex Pistols (in the lowest gear) and Joy Division, combining a criticism of bureaucracy and politics with experiences of psychological and existential tensions. The doomed sound they produced tells a lot about the dark atmosphere of the late '70s and early '80s: the fear of atomic bombs, Cold War pessimism, police violence against squatters, the first cases of AIDS, and the grim years of Reagan and Thatcher. Pressed at Handle With Care and housed in a matte-varnished cover sleeve. Mastered by Anders Peterson. Edition of 300 copies.


OM 035-36LP

DIAGRAM:A: Your Object 2LP (OM 035-36LP) 31.00
"Diagram:A exists in the tendons that connect Western Mass basement dada, the psychedelia of repetition, sculpture, and an idiosyncratic sense of composition and space. It is the sound of electricity, systems connecting and breaking down. An expression simultaneously personal and inhuman. Gatefold 2LP in an edition of 250 with cover art by Bill Nace and insert art by Dan Greenwood."



WBEEZA: Perfect High/I Like It 12" (PFLY 001EP) 14.00
Wbeeza's first release on his own label, P Fly Music. Two cuts. A-side "Perfect High" is a deep jam that kicks. B-side "I Like It" is a hard and heavy jacking groove with a delicious vocal sample. Killer cuts.



RENE HELL: Vanilla Call Option LP (PAN 040LP) 25.50
Jeff Witscher aka Rene Hell is a notoriously unique artist and nomadic SoCal everyman. An avid chess player, he occupies the role of both trickster and aesthete, an embodied example of a time where experimental ideas and attitudes switched fluidly between the club and gallery. Travel is a central theme of his work, with the digital and minimalist palette on Vanilla Call Option built while on the move between airports, performance spaces and public libraries. In his own words, Witscher attempted to construct "vertical narratives" that at times evoke the musique concrète of Bernard Parmegiani and probing electronic experiments of Charles Dodge. Rejecting melody to form a new language of timbre, timing and flight, these crisp compositions oscillate between flux and grandeur, piercing synthesis and meditative piano, strings, and voice.


ASH 3002LP

2013 repress. Deluxe LP format; 180 gram pressing. Reissue of the second Flower Travellin' Band album, originally issued by Atlantic Records in Japan in 1971. Satori is a conceptual hard rock/psych album driven by Hideki Ishima's furious guitar licks which erupt and explode over the harmonic heart beat of the drums and bass. Yamanaka's banshee-like vocal style turned him into an occidental Iggy Pop or Robert Plant while the band itself was rapidly becoming Japan's answer to Led Zeppelin. Satori is a huge album in every way. From power chords to Eastern-tinged North African six-string freak-outs and crashing tom-toms, the band flexes its collective muscle from start to finish. In short, this is a real rock classic of the type they simply don't make any more.



ALBA: Knokke/Law 12" (PWRLD 001EP) 14.00
Alba (formerly Albatross), have combined an immaculate eye for detail and warmth with their brand-new release, Knokke/Law. A-side "Knokke" comes out strong with the dogged drive of 909 hats and kick, over deep, ominous noise and re-pitched vocals. "Law" treads in similar territory with its percussive rustles and scrapes, which build into a melodic, arpeggiated corker. The EP features remixes from two of Detroit's finest: Rick Wade and Jimmy Edgar.


PT 8011CD

UNCLE DOG: Old Hat CD (PT 8011CD) 17.00
A short-lived collaboration between cult singer Carol Grimes and songwriter David Skinner (formerly half of pop duo Twice As Much), Uncle Dog formed in London in the autumn of 1971. Their rare album was recorded at various times over the ensuing year, and features musicians including guitar legends Paul Kossoff, David Lindley, and Paul Rudolph, as well as Plastic Ono Band/Yes drummer Alan White. A blend of prog-rock with rural and soul influences, it has sold for hundreds of dollars, and makes its long-awaited return to CD here. Background notes included.

PT 8012CD

DR K'S BLUES BAND: Dr K's Blues Band CD (PT 8012CD) 17.00
Named after pianist Rick Kay, this North London band featured Fairport Convention's Ashley Hutchings in its first line-up. By 1967 they were one of the busiest bands on the burgeoning British blues scene, playing up and down the country (as well as on the continent) and sharing stages with underground stars such as Pink Floyd and Tyrannosaurus Rex. Their sole album was taped in the autumn of 1968, and produced by Peter Eden (who'd overseen Donovan's early sessions). A superb set of Chicago-style blues with fine slide guitar and boogie-woogie piano, it makes its long-overdue return to CD here. Includes background notes.


REL 3026CD

HELP: Help CD (REL 3026CD) 17.00
This unfairly obscure rock trio consisted of Jack Merrill (guitar, vocals), Bob Rochan (bass, vocals) and Chet McCracken (drums). Recorded in Hollywood in 1970 and issued at the start of the following year, their debut was recorded by the legendary Dave Hassinger (best-known for his work with the Rolling Stones). Packed with concise songs, great hooks and edgy guitar, it makes its long-overdue return to CD here.



SAMANTA FOX & SNUFFO: Klaus You 12" (RENATE 002EP) 15.50
In the midst of the crowd, Samanta bumped into a man, a strong man who went by the name of Snuffo. He took her to a room full of smoke and broken televisions to show her something exciting. She said, "What is this?" Snuffo whispered, "Girl, this is acid." From there the night went sideways. Faces of the people in the crowd began to move in weird ways. The music consumed her mind. As the evening rolled on, she came across a bearded character who went by the name of Skatebård. He spoke in a foreign tongue that she strangely understood. Together they found their god Renate and slowly faded away into the cold Berlin night.


RM 021EP

MTD: Random Thoughts EP 12" (RM 021EP) 12.00
MTD presents his Random Thoughts EP. "Nonsense" will blow the stack, with cavernous kicks, down-the-line 909 claps and hats, and good old-fashioned warehouse bells. "Decision" is a jackin' factory floor jam. Spitting percussion that's reverbed to the roof combines with a one-note synth and pacy high-end work for a full-on strobelight track. Myk Derill goes DIY on his re-work of "Nonsense," bringing more detailed rhythm work and creating a dynamic jam that ebbs and flows, constantly moving in and out of focus. Polishing off this belting release is "Imprinted" -- an atmospheric sci-fi rhythm reminiscent of Convexion or even Monolake.



TEETH OF THE SEA: Master LP (LAUNCH 059LP) 25.00
LP version. Master, the long-awaited and devastating third album from Teeth Of The Sea, is an unprecedented junket into mind-melting abstraction and neon-drenched revelation. Nearly three years have passed since the band released Your Mercury (LAUNCH 040CD/LP), their transcendent second album, and the four-piece have kept very busy during this period -- they've gigged constantly, sharing stages with the likes of Goat, Circle, British Sea Power, Trans Am, and Parts And Labor, collaborating live with Wire and Esben & The Witch, and taking their incendiary barrage to festivals like Roadburn, Green Man, Supersonic, Supernormal, and Standon Calling. Yet the evolution of their third album was most dramatically affected by two specially-commissioned soundtrack projects they embarked on -- at Branchage Film Festival in Jersey, the band performed "Reaper," a new live score to a re-interpretation of Neil Marshall's film Doomsday, and a year later, at Bestival on the Isle Of Wight, they unveiled Beyond the Transfinite, a tribute to Kubrick's 2001. In this period, the band's experimental instincts have continued to extend in a myriad directions, and while Master nods to the established Teeth of the Sea touchstones of Throbbing Gristle, Goblin, Heldon, Angelo Badalamenti, and Slayer, recent work by the likes of Byetone, Pete Swanson, Raime, Powell and Prurient, alongside a long-standing fixation on the disco stylings of Patrick Cowley and Giorgio Moroder, have helped to mark out a gritty, confrontational path whereby abrasive and sparkling electronic textures do battle with waves of incandescent noise and a merciless beat-driven imperative to form a powerful alchemical charge.


RD 2433221CD

MOONDOG: The German Years 1977-1999 2CD (RD 2433221CD) 20.00
2013 restock. Originally released by Roof Music in 2004, this is a 2CD compilation of recordings from the last 20 years of visionary composer Louis Thomas Hardin's (aka Moondog) life, when he lived in Germany and composed, arguably, perhaps the most vibrant and eclectic music in his whole canon. CD1 is comprised of studio recordings from 1977-1999 -- songs for pipe organ, chamber ensemble, piano and voice, string quartet, saxophone, etc., and CD2 is an exceptional recording of his last live performance from Arles, France, recorded a month before his death. Featuring pianist Dominique Ponty, who plays 34 of his pieces for piano. Includes a 44-page booklet of photos, notes, essays, interviews, lyrics, and more, housed in a deluxe hard cardboard package.

RD 2633272CD

MOONDOG: Rare Material 2CD (RD 2633272CD) 20.00
2013 restock. Released in 2006, this double CD collection compiles an expansive body of songs from throughout Moondog's vast and eclectic body of work. For almost 50 years, Moondog (Louis Thomas Hardin, 1916-1999) impressed and influenced artists such as Benny Goodman, Leonard Bernstein, The Beatles, Charlie Parker, Igor Stravinsky, Frank Zappa, and others. Fascinated by the canon form as well as composing principles of tonality and counterpoint, Moondog's music always existed between the classical and the jazz world without ever belonging to any of them. He has composed over 80 symphonies, numerous chamber works, over 300 madrigals, as well as scores for brass bands, string orchestras, and organ pieces. While most of the material Moondog recorded is documented in great detail, there are also many recordings that, despite their artistic importance, were only available for a very short period of time. Rare Material is a collection of that material and reveals a remarkable musical spectrum. It extends from rather minimalist works of the early '50s, to arrangements for string quartet of the '80s, to opulent orchestrated big-band productions of the '90s. Reissued here on CD for the very first time are four tracks from Bracelli, released on Kakaphone in 1986, and two tracks from Instrumental Music, released on Musical Heritage Society in 1978. This collection comes with a detailed 24-page booklet that includes notes from Moondog about each of the tracks, excerpts from his biographical poetic impressions, and a chronology of his life. This is a lovingly compiled selection of music that provides an expansive, widescreen portrait of one of America's most compelling and unique composers.



VA: Musik for Autobahns Sampler 12" (RHD 125EP) 12.50
More tracks selected by the Running Back head honcho, Gerd Janson, for Rush Hour's Music for Autobahns series. This 12" includes tracks previously released on CD only, plus some exclusives: varied and roadworthy electronics that can also be used on cycle lanes and footpaths. Tipsy new wave music done by jazz-funkers or neo disco-ists, Autobahns has an unintentionally strong leaning towards ambient-not-ambient, Kraut pleasers, and codeine house, i.e. industrial ambient and electrifying new age. Artists include: Suzanna Kraft, Marcus Worgull & Motor City Drum Ensemble, Young Marco, Acoustic High-End Research, and Osborne.



PAINTED CAVES: Surveillance LP (SHELTER 029LP) 21.00
Painted Caves is Evan Caminiti. Surveillance is his debut LP under this alias. Primarily sourced from modular synthesizer, Surveillance compiles seven tracks recorded over the last year, warped with cassette tapes and other digital tools. Beamed in like a scene from Videodrome, this sensual brand of dystopian psychedelia creates a grainy and tension-filled narrative to get lost in. Much of Caminiti's past work has inhabited a world of its own, but Surveillance is a direct response to life in an American city today. Inspired by the darker aspects of the constantly plugged-in digital age, this album seems to turn feelings of alienation and paranoia into something cathartic. Lying somewhere between no wave dystopia and Basic Channel minimalism, heavy grooves and polyrhythmic percussion lay a foundation for bell-like drones and decaying saw-wave mantras which fade into rhythmic abstraction as distant choirs and flickering static interference hovers around the edges.



DENITIA AND SENE: His & Hers. CD (SDGINP 820CD) 15.00
Limited physical edition of this Brooklyn duo's debut album, with a bonus track not available digitally. Denitia And Sene's first EP, Blah Blah Blah was released in August 2012 and presented by, a three-track assortment blending definitive soul with electronic be-bop. Their track "Casanova" won the attention of many music tastemakers, with Fader magazine calling it "an effortless, snuggly gem primed for late Saturday mornings tangled in rumpled covers." Because their partnership has been effortless and magical from the get-go, they intend to continue down the same track, aiming to create authentic and intuitive music that is accessible to a wide variety of people. No fronts and no concessions -- it follows only the rules they set for themselves, compromising nothing that might contradict their signature sweet panache. This album recalls Massive Attack, Everything But The Girl, and dare we say, Portishead -- the defining '90s female downtempo/soul voices backed by bold, sultry beats. His & Hers is hard to compare to anything else coming out right now, apparently their intention. With production from J57 (Homeboy Sandman, Brownbag All Stars, Sene's solo work on Plug Research), Illingsworth, Nolan Thies, and DeeJay Element, the album somehow transcends the various producers' backpack roots and lands not far from Vice or Dim Mak Records territory -- chic, hip, and alluring. Both are inspired by a variety of artists and backgrounds, listing Sade, the Fugees, Crosby, Stills, Nash And Young, The Beatles, and Janet Jackson as a few of their shared favorites. Such diversity is reflected in the dynamism of their own sound, from smooth bass lines and reverberating vocals to synth-laden blues and abbreviated narratives.



KANAGA, DAVID: Dyad Ogst LP (SFT 026LP) 21.00
"Limited vinyl edition in a deluxe jacket. Includes digital download code. In the videogame Dyad, a mysterious, micro organic particle zips through a Pollock-like tunnel that intensifies in shape, color and feel as players advance through the game. But like Dyad's predecessors, games aiming to be all-out sensory assaults, the synapse-frying player experience is inherently tied to the game's extraordinary soundtrack. Designed and produced by Oakland based composer David Kanaga, the soundtrack to Dyad will be made widely available for the first time by Software Recording Co. David Kanaga's maximalist score for Dyad fuses a breakneck array of sound events to rich, ambient segues of layered harmonies and melodic color. Like the ceaseless forward movement of the game itself, where the protagonist particle encounters cascades of oncoming enemies, the elements of the music also shift in concert with the events of the game. There are drops in octaves according to speed of the particle, and synced musical events signaling an array of hallucinatory actions on screen. Textures morph, pitches drift, events quantize and de-quantize in meditative 'flows' that sustain repose one moment, and sonic assaults the next. Kanaga casts a wide net stylistically; a kaleidoscope of influences ranging from acid-fried happy hardcore, to jungle and drum-n-bass rhythms to re-applied fragments of Top 40 production tropes, not to mention more than several sublime passages of hazy, cosmic coloring. Importantly, even with this stylistic range, the soundtrack never veers from referencing the particular intensities of the events in play. The frenetic music shifts in accordance with the game's own digital psychedelia, becoming on its own a kind of virtual stand-in for the game itself."



EASY KABAKA BROWN: Opotopo LP (SNDW 056LP) 27.50
Soundway presents a very limited vinyl-only reissue of an obscure LP by the enigmatic Nigerian artist Easy Kabaka Brown. The LP was originally released and recorded by Philips/Phonogram in 1976 and only sold in very small numbers. Musically it's an intriguing mix of mostly Nigerian highlife with a bit of Afro-jazz sung in the language of Kalabari from the Delta region of Southern Nigeria. From the bouncy good times of "Belema" to the deeper extended Afro workout of "Agboho," this unique album stands out from thousands of others of its time with a sound of its own that draws on many influences, with Congolese and Latin touches, to jazz trumpet and psychedelic organ lines. Easy Kabaka Brown (Opotopo was his nickname) was a versatile and eccentric musician who recorded two full-length albums (this is the first) and only a couple of 45s. Soundway have deemed this record way too sweet to be forgotten -- it's a record that will give you a golden, warm feeling. Your toes will tap, your face should smile, and it certainly deserves to be heard by far more than only the few hundred people who bought it nearly 40 years ago. Strictly limited to 1,000 180 gram vinyl copies and released in a rigid paste-on sleeve, these will not last long, so don't sleep on it. LP comes with a free download of the entire release.



BURKHARDT, CHRISTIAN: Sent the Money Back 12" (SOUVENIR 059EP) 14.00
As an artist, Christian Burkhardt is not content with existing within the realms of house and techno, but is determined to further stretch its limits with his signature sound. Originally from Heidelberg, Germany, he has carved out his own unique path in production, something which is perfectly evident on Sent the Money Back. His earliest productions found their way onto Oslo, Raum, Musik, Deep Vibes and Area Remote; all contemporary go-to labels for quality house music. Over the years, his productions have surged through the speakers of main floor events and fuelled after-hour parties across Europe and beyond.



CLANCY: What You Do EP 12" (SPIEL 001EP) 12.50
Dirt Crew sub-label Spiel presents brand-new artist Clancy, who presents here his debut EP. You'll not only find your deep house here, but also some more genre-crossing styles of music in the indie dance and nu-disco field. Clancy is a young producer from Manchester now living in London that only just started to break through. He already did a remix for Little Dragon that got a lot of praise and is close to reaching 100K plays on his Soundcloud page. His music is very uplifting and a great mix of UK house and more nu-disco-like flavors. There's also a remix by Norwegian disco master Prins Thomas who transformed the original into a stellar space anthem.



KENNEDY, SOPHIA: Angel Lagoon 7" (AKTSIE 045EP) 10.00
What a soulful single debut. Sophia Kennedy from Baltimore, Maryland moved to Hamburg in Germany to study film where she met legendary Carsten "Erobique" Meyer. Together, they produced this lovely, Carole King-ish tune. Limited to 500 copies worldwide.



JONES, CHARLIE: Love Form LP (STRLP 016LP) 15.50
LP version. From the opening tendrils of "The Messenger" to the blaze of distortion, intimately conversational piano and persistent snare keeping things tight that follow, the debut album by Charlie Jones immediately puts you in the mood. Charlie Jones is a musician's musician. His bass playing has been called upon by the likes of Robert Plant, Page & Plant, Siouxsie Sioux and, latterly, Goldfrapp. His talents as a composer saw him win a Grammy for co-writing on the Robert Plant and Alison Krauss album Raising Sand. On Love Form, Charlie finds his own métier, stretching out to two sides of instrumental languor and tension that only a well-seasoned writer and player could conjure. Stylish, intellectual and sensuous noir of this ilk is at best hinted at or sampled these days but here we are blessed with the talents of a composer able to fully immerse himself in the depths of such kaleidoscopic dimensions. Each successive track on Love Form offers evidence of a muscular and musical brain that crackles with invention. Conceived as an account of his adventures in rock 'n' roll, the squalling drone and driving jazz drums of "Big Hair" channels the Master Musicians Of Joujouka and Jack DeJohnette jamming in a Moroccan souk, evoking an inner landscape redolent with meaning. Elsewhere, such as on "Silver," the presence of jazz percussion, strings and a soaring soul voice -- generated entirely by electronic distortion -- momentarily suggests different eras before taking you somewhere else entirely. The choice of musicians he has assembled says much about the care with which Charlie approached the making of this remarkable album. They include leading harpist Ruth Wall, Portishead and Massive Attack-collaborator Johnny Baggot on piano, Alison Goldfrapp on whistling duties and no fewer than four top-tier percussionists in Rob Brian, Chris Hughes, Clive Deamer and Tony Orrell.


SA 019EP

LAKKER: Untitled 12" (SA 019EP) 14.00
Stroboscopic Artefacts presents the new release from Irish duo Lakker. "Harbour" illustrates a vessel out to sea, battling a tempest. Heavily distorted rhythms build like the swirl of a storm, a distress signal popping on, radio distortion. As implosion seems near, a moment of calm sets in and a less maniacal beat assumes control. But the unpredictable hammers resume once more, thumping above a sheet of sharp precipitation. "EeAea" is based on surer footing, concrete beneath the limbs. "Valentina Lane" is set upon a gas of syncopated flashes and airy scrapes. An uncomfortable synthesizer hums in the background, darting high and interjecting low.



NEW ALCHEMY, THE: On the Other Side of Light LP (SUBL 089LP) 27.50
LP version. The New Alchemy is all about Swedish artists Per Svensson and Ebbot Lundberg making dark, intricate, swirling rock psychedelia. Ebbot Lundberg and Per Svensson had started their careers as artists at the legendary Radium 226.05 in Gothenburg during the swinging 1980s. Per was releasing sound art and poetry and Ebbot was the lead singer of Union Carbide Productions at that time. During the following decades, both guys have been developing their art; Per continuing on as a solo artist and Ebbot as the well-known lead singer of TSOOL -- The Soundtrack Of Our Lives. Now the time has finally come for them to join forces in the New Alchemy. The band is made complete with an all-star cast of Mats Gustafsson (highly-renowned musician with Sonic Youth and myriads of other bands) and Patrik Caganis (Union Carbide Productions). "We've been living parallel lives for a while and sometimes we've bumped into each other during the last decades. And now finally we have decided to collaborate and put our ideas, our density and our gravity together." --Ebbot Lundberg; "It feels like a groovy alchemic trip. The songs are created in the eggs of the cosmic serpent that uncoils into the year of the snake." --Per Svensson; The concept of the New Alchemy is to mix and deliver new psychedelia. This will be done with the constellation of cunning artists/musicians followed by more psychedelic live alchemy, a worldwide release and live shows. The new album is being released by Stefan Kéry's wayward music company Subliminal Sounds, that has worked with making Swedish psychedelia a universal concern. Sessions were executed at Northern Europe's largest megalithic monument; Ale's Stones (Ale Stenar) at Kåseberga in the South of Sweden and at the new secret space observatory at Råö situated by the sea on the Swedish west coast south, amongst other places and studios.



BORTZ, DANIEL: Patchwork Memories 2LP+CD (SUOL 004LP) 23.00
Gatefold double LP version. Includes a CD of the album. It was the mid-'90s, the heyday of techno in Munich-Riem, home to the Optimal and other legendary clubs, when Daniel Bortz stepped into the never-ending, untiring loop of the stoically pumping bass drum. He was born in Berlin in 1981, but for the last 13 years has been forging his deep beats, grooves and tracks for the club world from his base of operations in Augsburg. And it's precisely that club world that Bortz has been gracing with his releases, aiming right for its hype-craving g-spot. His sounds include crate-digging, house-nostalgia, dancefloor-transfer, sample insanity and a healthy dose of eclecticism. But Daniel Bortz is no friend of excess. Anyone familiar with his previous work is aware of the clear contours that permeate and define his tracks. Overkill, in any case, is not in his repertoire. What Daniel Bortz does instead is pack compatible sounds together from all the drawers in the "beat" cabinet and arrange them into a system bearing his own inimitable signature. And that's how this album works. Following diverse 12" singles, here's the debut album for Fritz Kalkbrenner's label, Suol. Bortz is unmatched in how he crafts his sounds, how he modulates reverb depths, how he opens spaces and inserts details between the tracks with the precision of a Swiss watchmaker. His nonchalance in turning apparently cool vibes into a fiery inferno is the definition of informed understatement. Patchwork Memories becomes tangible as an experience through the depth of these moods, through the immediacy he applies in portraying his memories. These are memories Daniel has scribbled down in sketches and arrangements over time. For the album he returned to them, carefully picking those to resuscitate. He's somehow managed to accomplish this audio self-revelation without stumbling into self-immolation and, most importantly, without losing sight of the laws of the dancefloor. Those suspicious that LP productions are for the head (phones) and not for the feet will be astonished at how Patchwork Memories brings both to life.



S L V: Dagger/Dagger (Desto Remix) 10" (SBKT 001EP) 12.50
S L V is the collaborative project of producers Downstate (Shanghai) and Hamacide (Tokyo). After releasing their debut EP on Urban Waves in 2012, Shanghai's SVBKVLT label are proud to kick off their new 10" series with Dagger, one of S L V's strongest productions to date. A tough yet cinematic 80/160 BPM cut, "Dagger" sees the two producers' styles collide and complement each other perfectly, creating a track aimed at the head as well as the feet. Finnish producer Desto takes on "Dagger" for the B-side and amps up the pressure to maximum effect. Nordic footwork styles via East Asia. Having already proven its potency on the dancefloor at clubs such as Fabric (London), The Shelter (Shanghai) and Ageha (Tokyo), this 10" has had DJ support from Kode9, Perera Elsewhere (Jahcoozi), Puzzle (Leisure System), and Doshy, amongst others.


TR 272LP

HILL, CLARA: Walk the Distance LP+CD (TR 272LP) 22.00
LP version with CD. After a four-year break from recording, Clara Hill returns with Walk the Distance, which takes her back to her early youth. The un-self-conscious sound experiments that have always accompanied her are met here with new inspirations, leading to an album that sounds intimate and incredibly familiar, yet otherworldly. As a young girl, an East German Triola, a Bulgarian plastic guitar and a small plastic piano formed the basis of her musical world. Throughout her youth, Clara Hill was influenced by music, but her focus was on sound experiments rather than the quest for the perfect composition. Walk the Distance is not about the pursuit of a smoothly-produced album, but about open experimentation, authenticity and the free development of ideas. With that in mind, Clara created song sketches on her own at home and deliberately left room for small inaccuracies. These little errors lend the album an endearing atmosphere that makes it special. A new environment was also important. Hanno Leichtmann was immediately inspired by the song sketches and produced a large part of the album. Schneider TM plays a characteristic guitar on one piece and Thomas Bücker (Bersarin Quartett) developed the opening track of the album from one of the sketches. YoggyOne, aus, Kalle Kalima and Simon Whetham were also involved. The result is enchanting, magical and sometimes even hallucinogenic, in some places intimate, otherworldly in others -- Clara Hill undergoes this journey through abstract soundscapes, thus newly challenging both her audience and herself.

TR 273LP

LP version. Includes a CD copy of the album. The Pitcher is Christian Kjellvander's fifth solo record since the 2002 debut Songs from a Two-Room Chapel. Recorded in an old church in the Swedish countryside, this massive piece of work is perhaps his most elegant and well-crafted album to date. We see Christian driving his car across the back roads of Sweden. The road is as straight and as minimalistic as can be. To the left, an ancient forest. To the right, a canyon. Between the lines -- eloquence. In the back seat is the cornerstone of his new album. A guitar with associations to Leonard Cohen, an amplifier that once belonged to Neil Young and a voice as deep as the honesty it spells. We often glorify, romanticize, and mystify the laborious, but we tend to forget that they are among us now. In an old church in the Swedish countryside -- that is both home to Christian's family and his work -- with help from friends, family and players from the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra -- The Pitcher has evolved. Carved from words, notes and memories, starting with the opening chord progression of "The Mariner" -- the sweet documentary ballad of cutting your past away for the sake of another's future -- via the midlife interruptions of "The Zenith Sunset" towards the truthful hymn "The Bloodline," the clarity is mesmerizing. After the reawakening of Loosegoats and three years since the release of The Rough and Rynge (2010), from the reality of a man who since then has lost a brother and gained a son, Tapete gives you The Pitcher. Long-time friend and associate Craig Schumacher (Wavelab Studio) engineered the recording during 10 days in early June 2013. It was mixed by Craig at Wavelab and mastered by JJ Golden at Golden Mastering.



D.R. CARLSON ALBION/ROGIER SMAL: D.R. Carlson Albion/Rogier Smal 7" (TOZ 011EP) 15.50
Split single by Dylan Carlson of Seattle band Earth and Dutch drummer Rogier Smal -- each take a side. Carlson plays one beautiful, mesmerizing riff throughout the whole A-side. Smal plays extensive free-improvised drumming on the B-side. Lovely screen-printed insert. Amazing work by both.


TEG 74002CD

WATERS, MUDDY: Can't Get No Grindin' CD (TEG 74002CD) 15.00
"By the time Muddy Waters reached the 1970s, it seemed as though the fuzzed-out blend of Chicago blues he pioneered, and the electric British blues he inspired, had surpassed him. The 1970s would see the release of his final albums with Chess Records, and would prove that Waters hadn't lost step in spite of his age. Fresh off his acclaimed London Sessions, (Which saw the Mississippi native work alongside Steve Winwood of Traffic and Mitch Mitchell of the Jimi Hendrix Experience) 1973 brought Can't Get No Grindin' which was a welcome return to the rugged, slide-guitar blues that originally defined the bluesman, after experimenting with psychedelia, brass blow-outs, and other forays. Can't Get No Grindin' is a classic showcase of Waters' raw power as a musician, and is every bit as sharp and edgy as the primal blues he became famous for in the 1950s. Whether remakes of classics like 'Mother's Bad Luck Child,' newer compositions such as 'Love Weapon' or the often-covered 'Garbage Man,' or instrumental jams like 'After Hours,' Waters dominates each track without resorting to electronic studio gimmickry or celebrity guest appearances."



CELLETTI, ALESSANDRA: Above the Sky CD (TRANS 381CD) 16.50
"Alessandra Celletti's album Above the Sky consists of nine original piano pieces and three by composers who have been an ongoing influence on her work (George Gurdjieff, Lawrence Ball and Alan Hovhaness). The CD is packaged in a very beautiful digipak with ten color paintings on the panels. "This new album as always affects my relationship with the flight and the starry sky. Maybe my 'extreme' album more because my interest is going right to the essence of the sound, the music as pure color and tonal experimentation. For this reason I have chosen precious fellow travelers, who, like me, intend music research as an exploration of sound, and I wanted to juxtapose to my compositions authors who I feel similar in the way of intending music as a tool to give voice to the invisible. I threw the coins to form three hexagrams. They formed the 'Sky,' the 'Crescent Moon,' and the 'Vision...' and maybe the album will start from these notes. I tried to sing the stars, the emergence of a lily in the fog... following the sound to dissolve the image of a dream. Next to my piano you will hear the colors of an accordion, a bass flute, the poignant notes of a saxophone, the magic of a Theremin, the drum beats. I'm not anticipating the names of the musicians, but some of you who know me better, may have already guessed. I decided to record in my house and with my piano because for a work of this kind I needed a total familiarity with the sounds and colors that I wanted to find. And then my house, small and chaotic, is my launching pad towards the infinite." -- Alessandra



CAVAAN: Signs EP 12" (TURDJR 002EP) 14.00
Cavaan effortlessly present three beautifully-constructed productions that demonstrate the convergence and symbiotic nature of their musical past and present. The Signs EP is a feather-light feeling of completeness, with a euphoric kick in every track. These are three small dissertations that experiment with synthetic song structures with skillfully-placed drums and bass lines which have to be felt and heard. "Black Snow" received remix treatment by Isolée who created "Beau Mot Plage," a club-hit classic which is still turning all around the world.



AYLER, ALBERT: Nuits de la Fondation Maeght 1970 CD (WATER 103CD) 11.00
2013 repress. "Fantastic CD reissue featuring two classic late Albert Ayler's albums (both originally released on the French Shandar label). Albert Ayler with Mary Maria, Call Cobbs, Steve Tintweiss and Allen Blairman recorded live in France at the Fondation Maeght in St. Paul de Vence (July 25th and 27th, 1970). Stellar live performances capturing his two last gigs ever. Contains new exclusive liner notes by Wire contributor David Keenan. Digitally remastered."


ROTHER, MICHAEL: Sterntaler CD (WATER 205CD) 15.00
2013 repress. "The second solo album from Krautrock legend Michael Rother (Kraftwerk, Harmonia, Neu!), originally released in 1978. Featuring Jaki Leibzeit of Can on drums and produced by Conny Plank (Kraftwerk, Ash Ra Tempel, Brian Eno, Devo), Sterntaler is wildly ahead of its time. Rother himself handles duties on guitar, synth, piano, bass and more creating transcendent and trance-inducing ambient rock of the highest level. A Krautrock classic that ventures beyond the limitations of its genre into the territory of pioneering electronica. Hugely influential. New detailed liner notes."


HARMONIA: Live 1974 CD (WATER 208CD) 15.00
2013 repress. "Though they only released two albums (1974's Musik Von Harmonia and 1975's Deluxe), in their brief existence Harmonia were considered one of the most important and influential bands of the German Krautrock/Kosmiche scene. Composed of Michael Rother from Neu! and Hans-Joachim Roedelius and Dieter Moebius from Cluster, this live recording captures Harmonia at their peak on March 23, 1974 at Penny Station in Griessem, Germany. Previously unreleased and featuring 5 extended, never before heard songs and liner notes. Cosmic German space-rock from the true originators."



VA: WPH Summer Special 2013 12" (WPH SS2013EP) 12.50
New We Play House Summer Special. Tracks by Kiani & His Legion, Metrobox, and a remix of FCL by David Morales.

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