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Forced Exposure New Releases for 11/4/2013

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New music is due from Yancey Boys, Toshio Hosokawa, Ryan Davis, and Millis, while old music is due from COUM Transmissions, Labradford, George Jones, Relatively Clean Rivers, Damon, Monoton, and Dickon Hinchliffe.


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50 031EP

DAMAGE, BENJAMIN: 4600 EP 12" (50 031EP) 14.00
Benjamin Damage's brand-new 4600 EP is an homage to a rare analog synthesizer and a more dancefloor-oriented follow-up to the album Heliosphere (50 012CD/LP). Benjamin Damage: "Most of the source sounds come from my recently repaired ETI 4600, a massive synth I rescued from a garage it had been sitting in for 30 years. It's a really unique machine with a reverb chamber and pin matrix. It spent 18 months with a synth-obsessive in Suffolk, north of London, who fixed the major design faults and believes it is the only existing model that has ever worked properly."

50WRMX 008EP

COSMIN TRG: Terminus Abrupt EP 12" (50WRMX 008EP) 14.00
Cosmin TRG's sophomore album Gordian (50 013CD/LP) is a great example of an artist continuously pushing his own boundaries and denying genre limitations of any kind. Not easy listening material, but a delightful listen, packed with plenty of rewarding oddities. 50 Weapons is preparing a series of remix singles to highlight the DJ aspects of the album. Legowelt's remix of "Terminus Abrupt" is a timeless, superlative techno monster. Miles Whittaker's (one-half of Pendle Coven and Demdike Stare) remix of "Noise Code" is exactly the superb demonstration of deep drone techno dub epicness you would expect. Only it's even better.



KNXWLEDGE: Rap Jointz Vol. 1 10" (ACK10X1) 12.50
L.A. via Philadelphia, beatmaker Knxwledge returns to All City with a couple of records for Autumn 2013. First up is Rap Jointz Vol. 1: three rap tracks, plain and simple, featuring Quelle Chris, Blu & Dudley Perkins aka Declaime. Usual All City artwork rules apply -- download code included.



COFFA, TOBIA: Get Over It 12" (AMAM 024EP) 12.50
Milan-based Tobia Coffa, one of the Amam roster's most valuable players, is stepping up with his next full EP. Tobia gets straight to the point in his short-but-sweet Facebook biography: "Living, eating and breathing music. Currently engaged in a serious relationship with his faithful bong." And it's clear that creating impeccable tracks is his focus, not tedious self-aggrandizing. "Presence" is one of the more playful Amam tunes heard this year, a low-swung strut paving the way for handmade keystrokes and jumpy acid accents -- managing to be both "cool" and "hot" simultaneously. Remix by Francys.



BRADOCK, PEPE: Imbroglios Part 4/4 12" (ATA 015EP) 14.00
The Last Part (4 of four) in Atavisme's Imbroglios series.



HAXAN CLOAK, THE: The Haxan Cloak 2LP (ABX 050LP) 26.50
Grey vinyl version. Long awaited deluxe double vinyl edition of the debut album from The Haxan Cloak, housed in a gatefold sleeve with printed innersleeves; on 180 gram vinyl, with download card. Only 400 copies available. The Haxan Cloak's debut album is barely believable. Exploring mystic and occult audio space with cello, field recordings, violins, hand-made percussion and the human voice, this is barely conceivable as an artist's first album. The depth and quality is on a par with Ben Frost/Tim Hecker. Combining elements of modern classical, film score and electronica with modern free folk and even metal sensibilities, The Haxan Cloak is a truly diverse album. "Burning Torches of Desire" brings to mind a sedated Prurient trapped on a galleon, whereas "Fall" and "Parting Chant" have the pathos of incredibly powerful modern classical pieces, with stunning vocal performances from collaborator Mikhail Karikis. "The Growing" shows a more modern, more digital side with its nod to modern electronic and even dubstep in its processed percussion, though culminating in unexpected grindcore blast beats courtesy of noted tattoo artist and drum maestro Liam Sparkes (Trencher). Additional visceral power was gained thanks to the mastering of Kris Lapke, longtime cohort of NYC's Hospital Productions, home of Prurient, amongst others



HINCHLIFFE, DICKON: Red Riding: In the Year of Our Lord 1980 LP (BLACKEST 020LP) 28.50
Blackest Ever Black presents the first vinyl edition of Dickon Hinchliffe's original score for 1980 -- the second part of Channel 4 and Revolution Films' Red Riding trilogy, adapted by Tony Grisoni from David Peace's quartet of novels and first screened in 2009. Each film in the Red Riding trilogy, a landmark achievement in British television history, was helmed by a different director and had its own distinctive look, sound and feel. While Julian Jarrold's 1974 and Anand Tucker's 1983 were both marvelous, well-rounded pictures, James Marsh's 1980 -- photographed by Igor Martinovic on 35mm -- somehow seemed to penetrate deeper, hit harder, and linger longer and more vividly in the memory. Described by Tony Grisoni as "an elegant steely trap," 1980's tragic arc is all the more devastating for the glimpses of lightness and redemption with which it taunts its hero -- policeman Peter Hunter, played with astonishing grace and nuance by Paddy Considine. Warren Clarke, Maxine Peake, Peter Mullan, Tony Pitts, Jim Carter, David Morrissey, Sean Harris, Shaun Dooley and Lesley Sharp also figure in what surely ranks as one of the finest British ensemble casts ever assembled. So yes, the acting, writing and direction are all first-rate, but crucial to the mesmeric, elegiac and ultimately pincering, punishing effect of 1980 is its music, composed by Dickon Hinchliffe and performed by a small string ensemble augmented with bass, piano, guitar and percussion. A founding member of Tindersticks, Hinchliffe has played a major role in the band's scores for the films of Claire Denis (including Vendredi Soir, Trouble Every Day and Nénette et Boni), and since flying the roost has established himself as an arthouse and Hollywood composer of considerable renown, with credits including Forty Shades of Blue, Project Nim, Winter's Bone and Rampart. Even more eloquently than Paddy Considine's note-perfect performance, Hinchliffe's music for 1980 articulates Hunter's journey from righteousness to ruin, his optimism gradually consumed by dread and paranoia. Even at its most tender, its most hopeful, its most soaringly romantic, the stench of death is all over it.



LOOS, JOSIA: Trippin to the Tunnel Pt. 1 12" (BLUFIN 137-1EP) 12.50
Josia Loos was actually more into rock music before he discovered the techno thing. He started DJing and moved from his homebase Frankfurt/Main to Berlin in order to dig deeper into music and the scene. In this time of DJing and producing a lot, he developed a musical style that combines techno and hedonism with psychedelic rock and social criticism. As producer and remixer, Josia combines dirty electro bass lines with deep psychedelic soundscapes and effects on a base of minimal techno beats.


LOOS, JOSIA: Trippin to the Tunnel Pt. 2 12" (BLUFIN 137-2EP) 12.50
With the second part in the conceptual release Trippin to the Tunnel, Josia Loos recovers the influences of his time in Berlin. Five tracks total (three on this 12") tell the story of an adventurous escape from an exhausting world of technology and control towards a reunion with nature. The trip leads through dark club sceneries of dream-like visions, machine-wars and emotional outbreaks.


BC 042EP

HOLDEN: Circle of Fifths 12" (BC 042EP) 12.00
Of all of the Class A synth-jams contained within James Holden's monumental album proclamation The Inheritors (BC 040CD/LP), the tape-softened fuzziness of "Circle of Fifths" may not seem like the most obvious single candidate -- but in these three not-on-the-album alternative interpretations, we see the foreboding-filled interlude assume surprising new proportions. The "Tool" version is more of a deep-and-dirty primal club freak-out that brings the lunatic gibbering of the mysterious Shimble right to the forefront. The "Dub," meanwhile, transposes the pagan aesthetic of the album for the communal ritual of the club dancefloor, while the final bonus "Gibbersolo" lets Shimble's Gollum-esque madness rip in a disturbing a cappella form.


BM 006LP

LAID BACK: Uptimistic Music 2LP (BM 006LP) 28.50
Double LP version. Earlier in 2013, Danish electronic pioneers Laid Back released Uptimistic Music Vol. 1 (a digital download-only release), their first studio album since 2004. The duo's long-awaited comeback was followed by critical acclaim and a series of live performances. While playing festivals in Ibiza, Georgia, Denmark, and the Faroe Islands in the summer of 2013, John Guldberg and Tim Stahl took the time to put the finishing touches on this release: Uptimistic Music, a double album featuring volume one and a second record of unreleased material. "Brother" was the album's first single: "The track originates from the mid-'80s and it talks about the brotherly feeling in us," explains Stahl. "Its lyrics are even more relevant today: 'Brother, time is running out.' We are well-aware of the fact that we are some old music industry geezers," says Guldberg jokingly. "Uptimistic Music is a combination of some old songs we had lying around -- that are still alive and kicking! -- and new songs we composed since our last album Happy Dreamer. Anything less than a double album wouldn't have been enough. The positive and timeless message that pervades our music is deeply-rooted in the way we think and express ourselves. A song should be judged on its longevity rather than its novelty," agree the two musicians, who have been friends for over 40 years.



OSHANA: Reminisce 12" (BQD 030EP) 12.50
Oshana's first EP release with Brouqade is reminiscent of summer and good times past. Rhythmical gem "I Don't Write Lovesongs" is transformed into a colorful crescendo of evolving synth notes and chugging percussion. Wiping away the melancholy, Alejandro Vivanco builds his remix around an organic bass line. The emotional "Finale" of the EP begins with pads which take hold of you while the percussion leads you on an endless journey. The deep house groove of this track will demand the attention of house lovers and techno fanatics alike. The complex rhythmic structure of Dana Ruh's remix punctuates the sultry, dancefloor-friendly atmosphere.



POLIAKOV, OLEG: C.A.V.O.K (NOSIG) 12" (CCS 082EP) 12.50
This EP from Oleg Poliakov is propelled by an infectious energy that marks a progression, even for a producer as accomplished as Oleg. The title-track wastes no time in kicking into action on a hook of a groove that slams like techno while it soars like house. The rhythmic elements whip up a driving frenzy of snapping hi-hats, rattling congas and off-beat snare funks, but these urgent intonations are off-set by the lilting bed of pads, subtle bass throbs, and occasional flocks of keys that come fluttering by. This canny mixture of emotions gives the impression of flying over a vast open space, the landscape underneath rushing by while illuminated by the overpowering gaze of the sun. Maintaining the rush of the A-side, on "Subterranean Rivers," Oleg sets sail on a funky, uptempo thrust of kick and hat, while the synths come into earshot in dream-like waves, loaded with mystery that will never be fully revealed.



RADIO DIFFUSION: Compost Black Label 106 12" (COMP 429EP) 12.00
Radio Diffusion is an electronic music project founded by Hans Staudinger and Sebastian Badics -- both DJs, producers, and passionate music enthusiasts. Radio Diffusion was born as an authentic-n-synergetic strike duo with a clear-cut course. Their biggest hit was a release with Compost Records in spring 2013. The single "BHVL" caught the attention of a huge audience and has been broadcasted on several radio stations in Austria and beyond. Heavy basslines, driving synth chords, sophisticated drum-programming -- that's the world of Radio Diffusion. Remixes by Roman Rauch, MOTSA, and Nico Pusch.



Funk, disco, soulful down and mid-tempo heaven. Four amazing sonic tunes, including a liquid, crystalline Good Guy Mikesh & Filburt remix. The Blaxploited Orchestra is the latest project from Spanish producer Simon Garcia (Poker Flat, Pets, Supplement Facts), strongly influenced by classic funk, soul, disco labels such as Capitol and Motown, nu-soul labels like Daptone, Differ-Ant, and Truth & Soul, and of course, timeless electronica imprints like Sonar Kollektiv and others. The Pursuit EP comes with four tracks ranging from nu-funk to jazz to soul, including a stellar remix by Good Guy Mikesh & Filburt.


SOUTH 321984LP

CRASS: Penis Envy LP (SOUTH 321984LP) 15.00
"Remastered & reissued vinyl version of what should've been one of the first 10 records you ever bought. Comes with download coupon for the digital punks out there. Named as a reference to some of Freud's ideas concerning sexuality, this release marked something of a departure from the somewhat macho, hardcore punk image that The Feeding of the 5000 & Stations of the Crass had given the group. Featuring more obviously complex musical arrangements, this release showcases exclusively female vocals provided by Eve Libertine & Joy De Vivre. The album addressed feminist issues & once again attacked the institutions of 'the system' such as marriage & sexual repression."



COUM TRANSMISSIONS: Home Aged & The 18 Month Hope LP (DAIS 051LP) 20.00
"The most recent installment of the rare and unheard archival recordings from the transgressive '70s performance art group COUM Transmissions. Founded in late 1969 by Genesis P-Orridge, COUM Transmissions' provocative performances mixed with visual art solidified the group as one of the most forward thinking breakthroughs within the '70s conceptual art scene. Only in the past couple years has COUM's recorded works seen the light of day. This release collects various selections spanning the years 1971 through 1975, including a rare live performance opening for Hawkwind, lost radio interview, obtuse poetry readings by early member Fizzey Peat, piano and violin compositions by Genesis P-Orridge, and insightful field recordings. Limited to 1,000 vinyl copies."


LUNDVALL, TOR: Structures and Solitude 5CD BOX (DAIS 052CD) 27.00
"Tor Lundvall's elegant soundtracks have been captured onto nine full length albums and collected within various compilations, raising his stature as one of the most abundant craftsman within the field of ambient music. Lundvall's second box set for Dais features a five disc collection of more recent works including the albums Empty City, Last Light, and CD versions of the vinyl-only albums Sleeping & Hiding and The Shipyard. Additionally, the fifth disc in the collection entitled Night Studies compiles Lundvall's 'after hours' recording sessions, setting the atmospheric tone for the ensemble. All discs include previously unreleased bonus tracks with a booklet and artwork by Tor Lundvall."


DA 002LP

MOORE, STEVE: Primitive Neural Pathways LP (DA 002LP) 19.50
Steve Moore is a New York-based musician active in projects such as Zombi and Titan as well as creating under various aliases of his own. After a whirlwind of outstanding releases the last few years, Moore has managed to carve out a following of dedicated loyalists who come back time and time again for his special brand of synthesizer composition. Primitive Neural Pathways was originally released 2010 on the Static Caravan label based out of the UK. A CD edition followed, as well as a tape edition on the VCO label, which quickly disappeared. This instant classic has been hard to obtain on vinyl for a while now and Dangerous Age is pleased to present a deluxe American repressing, hot off the heels of Moore's Zero Point Field EP on the L.I.E.S. imprint. Falling somewhere between the best composed pieces of Jean Michel Jarre and the glowing electro sounds of early Walter Christian Rothe's more synthesizer-driven pieces, Primitive Neural Pathways' vintage inspiration combined with forward-thinking has proven itself to be an essential modern work. No bin in any good record store should be without this classic work and D.A. is glad to have it back on the streets again.


DV 9072LP

YANCEY BOYS: Sunset Blvd. 2LP (DV 9072LP) 27.00
Double LP version. "Delicious Vinyl proudly releases Sunset Blvd., the new album from Yancey Boys, the group piloted by John 'Illa J' Yancey and Frank Nitt. The dynamic new collection is built around previously unheard tracks created by Illa J's brother: the late, great J Dilla (James Yancey). With Frank Nitt's standing as J Dilla music catalog curator and the official approval of Yancey Media Group, all productions on Sunset Blvd. originate from The Lost Scrolls -- the stunning cache of beats Dilla left behind. With its rapturous single 'Quicksand' featuring Common, Sunset Blvd. also teams Yancey Boys with De La Soul's Posdnuos ('Beautiful'), The Pharcyde's SlimKid3 ('Rock My World'), and T3 of Slum Village ('Jeep Volume'), making it clear that the Dilla legacy is being represented by those who knew and collaborated with Dilla in his lifetime. Additional guests include DJs Rhettmatic, C-Minus, and J Rocc (Beat Junkies) as well as rap roughneck Guilty Simpson and R&B strongman Eric Roberson."

DV 9073LP

YANCEY BOYS: Sunset Blvd. Instrumentals 2LP (DV 9073LP) 27.00
"Sunset Blvd. Instrumentals contains full instrumental versions of the entire album, an album created specifically around J Dilla's legacy beats."



MONOTON: Monotonprodukt 07 2LP (DESIRE 034LP) 27.50
Reissue of Monoton's cult second album Monotonprodukt 07. Originally released in a limited edition of 500 copies in 1982, it is now a collector's item. Reissued for the first time on vinyl in its original gatefold double 12" version. This reissue was cut at Berlin's legendary Dubplates + Mastering, in collaboration with Oral Records. This album "... is so alive with the pulses that triggered many electronicas to come, from techno through trance to Mego's creeping static, you could make a case for Becker's guru-hood. Yet, for all its prescient, washed-out tones, threadbare textures and minimalist rigor, it has the edge on much that followed. Adopting an imperious art stance towards mainstreams and margins alike, Becker cast a cold analytic eye over electronica's ur-fathers, picking up on Suicide's jitter-tronic urgency, if not their melodrama, and DAF's throbbing sequencers, but with the sex threat removed, which he patched into his own crackling circuits, hissing vistas and tumbling beatstreams." --The Wire, #175, Sept. 1998, (listed in "100 Records That Set the World on Fire [When No One Was Listening]). Monoton was founded in 1979 by hypermedia wizard Konrad Becker as an art project that underwent various transformations and collaborations in its exploration of psycho-active sound. A pioneer in experimental electronic music, Becker continued to break new ground in electronic media. In 1994, he co-founded the Institute for New Culture Technologies/t0, and became Director of Public Netbase, a legendary center for digital communication culture. An initiator of, a cultural intelligence provider, he continues to be active as artist, researcher, writer, interdisciplinary event designer, organizer and producer. Recent conceptual ventures include the project. For listeners of early electronic experiments, Cluster, Can, and pre-IDM essays.


PANICO: Resonancia LP (DESIRE 077LP) 23.50
Having released several rock albums in Chile, Mexico and Europe, Panico decided to explore a new musical direction. They embark on a sonic adventure and dive into the heart of the Atacama desert -- the driest desert in the world, a place where native cultures continue to exist in an ambiguous present, suspended between colonialization and contemporary globalization, in the shadow of industrial decline. They leave the city armed with their portable recording gear and musical instruments. They listen and experiment, and discover that the Atacama is full of strange stories and atmospheric aural landscapes. Their musical sensibility is transformed as the trip progresses. They perform in unexpected places, in the empty metallic swimming pool in the ghost town of Humberstone, a percussion jam in the heart of a huge meteorite crater, a show under the setting sun for the locals in the sleepy town square of Inca de Oro. The band is guided by sonic curiosity and chance encounters. New sounds and songs take shape, an album is born: drums hypnotized by their own echo, the metallic vibrations of a steam engine, a guitar in dialogue with the wind, a day spent recording the deep drone of a sand dune. Desire brings to vinyl this sandy, icy music, edited in collaboration with Brendan Canty, former drummer in Fugazi. The adventure is portrayed in the film called The Band that Met the Sound Beneath, directed by James June Schneider. Limited edition of 300 copies on brown vinyl. Comes in a gatefold sleeve with a download card.


PRIMITIVE CALCULATORS: I Can't Stop It/Do That Dance 7" (DESIRE 082EP) 11.00
Cult Melbourne band Primitive Calculators cut a single in 1979 before splitting in the true punk fashion. A posthumous eponymous live album was released in 1981 and that was it. These two tracks are as fresh now as they were more than 30 years ago: in a style not dissimilar to the Screamers or Cabaret Voltaire (circa Nag Nag Nag), Primitive Calculators used raw monophonic synth lines with scratchy guitars and screaming vocals, but the songs stood on their own (as the unplugged version of "Do That Dance" that appears on the Primitive Calculators and Friends 1979-82 could testify). The original 7" is now incredibly rare and hard to find and this reissue is its exact replica. First pressing limited to 500 copies.


TEE VEE POP: The Only Years LP (DESIRE 083LP) 19.50
"In 1980 Esle, Jette, and myself started playing together and soon after Sods/Sort Sol was kind enough to lend us their equipment and rehearsal room. Knud Odde (the bass player in Sods) sang with us a couple of times and he put his words to the music, and the song "Tell Me" was born. In the autumn of 1980, Xenia joined the band as singer and we had to find a name for the band. We came up with Tee Vee Pop.On January 3rd we played our first gig in Rockmaskinen, Christiania. Our set consisted of three songs that we played twice. In the spring of '82 we recorded the songs on this album, thanks to Irmgardz, an independent record company, out of which four were put on an EP and the rest were published on tapes. Irmgardz also arranged for us to support The Fall when they visited Copenhagen in '83, Nico in Montmartre in '82 with Martin Hall playing drums, and a small tour of Denmark with Nico and The Blue Orchids. Towards the end we changed the band's name to The Vanishing Point and played a few gigs under that name. During all this time Peter Peter was our steady sound engineer. The few times he couldn't be there to push the buttons at a concert, we felt quite lost." Includes a 12" insert. Tee Vee Pop were: Xenia Foss (vox), Anne-Maria Sigbrand (guitar), Elsebeth Seeger (bass), Henriette Sommer (drums). Includes a download coupon.


KELUAR: Ennoea LP (DESIRE 084LP) 19.50
Desire Records presents an album from cold wave act Keluar. It started as an exchange of material and ideas between Berlin and London, eventually settling in Berlin. Contemporary and vintage hardware, plus software and percussive sounds from objects form the rhythm-oriented instrumentals, while the voice provides them with melodic components. Creating homogeneous atmospheres is the main musical focus. The lyrics explore the nature of the mind, cast through the lens of personal experiences, and reveal a philosophy of continuity and fluidity. Limited edition of 300 copies pressed on black vinyl. Comes with a 12''x12'' insert and download card.


TOBAR, RICARDO: If I Love You 12" (DESIRE 090EP) 14.00
On this first Desire Records 12'' release, the original mix of Ricardo Tobar's "If I Love You" (in an edited form) is accompanied by three great reworks. Opening the record, D'Marc Cantu delivers a deep and acidic version while Samuel Kerridge presents some industrial atmospheres and slow beats into the mix. Low Jack closes the record with a hard-hitting techno number. 500 copies on solid red vinyl. Includes a download card.


EM 1115LP

NO RIGHT TURN: No Right Turn LP (EM 1115LP) 22.00
LP version. No Right Turn was a Derbyshire band, and befitting a group from the center of Britain, they combined elements of folk music from all across the United Kingdom. Beginning as an acoustic trio, but with the addition of a fine bass and drums rhythm section and the clarion vocals of the late Jayne Marsden (who became Jayne Cooper when she married the band's bassist Andy Cooper), they began to expand their sound, bringing in progressive rock elements and combining extremely catchy vocal tunes with tastefully virtuosic instrumentals. After a period of development and refinement through live performance, their self-titled first album was recorded in 1982-1983 in the studio of Fairport Convention's Dave Pegg, Woodworm Studios, with engineer Mark Powell capturing the well-rehearsed band's energy and freshness in a minimum of takes and adding some decidedly un-folk synthesizer in spots. Despite the band's evident musical prowess and the appearance of a number of fine instrumental tracks on the album, with some surprisingly fleet and crunchy playing from electric bassist Cooper, it is the pure, beautiful, often double-tracked voice of Jayne Marsden that allows No Right Turn to rise above being merely a local band. Fans of great folk singers like Vashti Bunyan and Linda Perhacs will find much to love here. All good folk music is about life, and it was life and the pressures and desires thereof which conspired to drive this incarnation of the band apart soon after the record's release. Life aplenty is what the listener will find here -- all the joy and sadness, the beauty and mystery and love.



BOOKA SHADE: Eve 2LP (BMV 001LP) 34.00
Fred Astaire is quoted as saying that the hardest thing about dancing is to make it look easy -- a description that perfectly sums up Eve, the fifth studio album by Berlin duo Booka Shade. In their latest work, Walter Merziger and Arno Kammermeier again reveal their talent for transforming the immense sound available from today's electronic production possibilities into pure, ethereal lightness. In that sense, Booka Shade and Fred Astaire aren't all that different. They don't simply dance, they prance. A few summer days in Manchester finally brought light to the end of the tunnel. Booka Shade set up house in the city's acclaimed EVE Studios, a "residential vintage recording studio" where musicians can live and work with rare, old-school recording equipment around the clock. That moment of clarity in Manchester, when everything suddenly fell into place, has now been immortalized in their new album title. And Eve remains true to the principle that has underpinned this duo's work from their first musical experiments right up to today: Booka Shade perform with four hands. That's it. Two hands on the drums and two hands on the keyboards have to do the job for every track in the studio and onstage. The only exception is when they are joined by special guests, this time including such luminaries as Fritz Helder (Azari & III), as well as Groove Armada's Andy Cato, blasting his trombone in a vast echo chamber while Fritz Kalkbrenner heralds the next departure singing the hymnal lines, "We've burned the bridges on our way." Booka Shade have a long history of building new bridges. Those bridges connect their rich past as producers with the glorious present, from Berlin's "Maifeld" to "Jesolo" on the Mediterranean and onwards to the Far East. Booka Shade are underway again and Eve is like a great voyage, an album imploring listeners to get moving, to begin dreaming, and to start prancing. Housed in a gatefold sleeve.



EXERCISE ONE: Tales of Ordinary Madness 2/3 12" (EXONE 018EP) 12.50
Part 2 in Exercise One's series of vinyl remix EPs, selecting 10 back-catalog remixes for the duo's 10 years of performing live and nine tracks on the album for nine years of releasing records. "Electric Glare" revs into action with a dank riff locking itself on top of a feverish bass line. After the cinematic "Stay" serves as a blissful palette cleanser, we're back on the pulse with the abrasive thuds of "The Raven." EP 2 continues with Ewan Pearson masterfully remixing in typically grandiose style, putting on the breaks and laying down an irresistible groove. Alex Smoke's charred contribution has an air of narcotic outlandishness with the swirl of Farsi poetry.



LATE GREAT FITZCARRALDOS, THE: Listen to the Sound of the Late Great Fitzcarraldos LP (FDR 020LP) 17.00
The Late Great Fitzcarraldos is a Danish trio consisting of Tobias Buch-Andersen (vocals and keyboards), Jacob Funch (guitar and vocals) also known from I Got You On Tape, and Jakob Millung (bass and vocals) -- also in the band Choir Of Young Believers. So far, they have released an EP in Denmark (Speed of Sound, 2010) and a self-titled first album that they toured with Efterklang. The sound of The Late Great Fitzcarraldos is like sand between your toes -- bittersweet love songs paying homage to Otis Redding, Brian Eno, John Cale, and Luther Vandross. This is sophisticated, melodic luxury music for a generation that has the history of music up their sleeve, but really just wants to meditate.


4TH 007LP

READ, GERRY: Jummy 2x12" (4TH 007LP) 26.50
UK-based producer Gerry Read has turned into a worldwide house phenomenon in an incredibly short amount of time. His raw-edged EPs for the RAMP Recordings sub-label Fourth Wave in 2011 were hard to categorize, and even harder to forget. 2012 was even more rewarding for the young producer, with the peak-time disco-house throwback track "90's Prostitution Racket" and the ridiculous "Demolition Man" collaboration with Kevin McPhee cementing his reputation as a hit machine. Gerry followed this by releasing his rough and tumble Yeah Come Dance with techno institution Delsin, to similar global effect. It may be hard to believe that this is all the work of a cheeky laptop-wielding producer in his early 20s sitting in his bedroom in the sleepy market town of Bury St. Edmunds in Suffolk, but it's what makes it all the more intriguing.


FM 011EP

ALBERT, JOHANNES: Hotel Novalis - The Remixes 12" (FM 011EP) 14.50
"I asked some people to remix my album Hotel Novalis (FM 010LP). Really happy what Fred P, Moomin, Lauer, and Orson Wells did to my tracks. From the inner trance into dreamy moods -- from Frankfurt's crazy acid to Larry's w-funk: people say it's house music, after all. 12" comes with additional sticker. Hope you enjoy ze music as much as I do." --Albert Johannes



MOORYC: Roofs LP (FREUDE 010LP) 23.50
LP version. With the EP All Those Moments, Maurycy Zimmermann alias Mooryc has fascinated both critics and fans alike. Gentle electronica meets up with melancholy and his voice reconciles relentless straight tact with quixotic ballads. Unforgettably, he made his mark on a bittersweet song on KRL, the strong first album by Douglas Greed. From that arose their collaborative project Eating Snow, and in the words of Douglas Greed "a bipolar friendship" and the wonderfully beautiful downtempo track "Siamese Twins by Choice" that appeared on BPitch Control. There was also Dapayk, who recognized Mooryc's qualities and released the limited 10" Simply on his Fenou label. And now there is Roofs, the debut from Mooryc. It is an organic continuation of his work heretofore, that unites everything from then and takes it one step further. Mooryc experiments strongly with new rhythms, explores new tone worlds and adapts them carefully for his own dancefloor ideal -- both imaginary and in reality. On all ten titles from Roofs, it is abundantly clear who is behind the haunting signature, and that is Mooryc. With his voice he moves constantly between painful despondency, courageous expectation and a muscular courage. This album doesn't merely satisfy expectations -- it is a gift for all the finely-tuned ears of the world.


GB 1111CD

GB (GIFTED & BLESSED): Within These Machines CD (GB 1111CD) 17.00
Full-length album by GB (Gifted & Blessed) on his own label. It's hard to believe that with an output as prolific as that of Gabriel Reyes-Whittaker, Within These Machines is only his second widely-distributed full-length release in his more than 10-year career. Having released critically-acclaimed projects as The Abstract Eye, The Reflektor, Julian Abelar, and of course, his best-known guise GB, he returns again with what is perhaps his most ambitious project to date. GB's Within These Machines is a song set themed around the various applications of his primarily analog electronic instruments. Working in concert and synchronized via MIDI and triggering mechanisms, the machines act as the performers themselves with Gabriel serving as engineer, conductor, composer and producer, guiding the machines in their performance. All pieces were recorded live and in one take. Within These Machines encompasses not only GB's stylistic versatility and technical prowess but also the capabilities of vintage electronic musical instruments that in many cases had not yet been explored. GB visits and expands upon many subgenres of the wide world of electronic music while not quite stepping fully into any category. Yet the album moves with a consistency and theme that illustrates the unique character of all of Gabriel's music.



ACDA, CHANTAL: Let Your Hands Be My Guide LP (GZH 046LP) 25.00
LP version. Currently based in Belgium, Chantal Acda (b. 1978) has worked under the Sleepingdog moniker since 2006, making three acclaimed albums that closed on the With Our Heads in the Clouds and Our Hearts in the Fields (2010) album for which she collaborated with Adam Wiltzie (Stars Of The Lid, A Winged Victory For The Sullen). They toured the UK and Benelux with Low in 2011. After all this, it was time for her first real solo record. Playing in various formations had made her conscious of the patterns that we all, as humans, share in. So, she sought out kindred spirits with whom she might record an album filled with freedom and intensity, and who were conscious of the patterns we so often fall back on. Nils Frahm was the first of these to cross her path. The inventive German pianist and producer is an intense and adventurous performer and was a perfect match for this project. Acda also experienced a direct bond with Peter Broderick, a multi-instrumentalist known from his solo work (on labels such as Bella Union and Erased Tapes) and from his work with, among others, Efterklang. Cellist extraordinaire Gyda Valtysdottir from Icelandic group múm had previously worked with Chantal as a member of the Sleepingdog live band. And lastly, Shahzad Ismaily stumbled into this picture by chance, but when Acda and he found themselves in the same room, they formed an instant rapport. The circle completed, Acda had found the four worlds that would enable her to record the album in full freedom. Power revealed through vulnerability. Nils Frahm, who plays throughout the record, also took on the role of producer. What began as a journey ended as this wonderful record -- one wherein the five musicians were able to find their place and, together, and with great warmth, tell their nine-song story.



RAUM: Event of Your Leaving LP (GLASS 003LP) 21.00
"Event Of Your Leaving was recorded by Raum (Jefre Cantu-Ledesma and Liz Harris) in 2011 and 2012. Their first collaborative LP, the record is a loose set of memories, dreams, and images interpreting the work of visual artist Vija Celmins for piano, guitar, keyboard, voice, and tapes. The three-panel, fold-out cover is an offset and letterpress print of a drawing by Harris. This release was commissioned by San Francisco, CA based Glass, house and is supported by a Alternative Exposure Award from Southern Exposure. Artwork printed at Stumptown Printers in Portland, Oregon and LP mastered at Dubplates in Berlin by Rashad Becker. Edition of 500."



TUNNEL SIGNS: Dream City 12" (HAKT 006EP) 14.00
Hardly a stranger to the scene, Ash Moses first made a name for himself in DJ booths across his hometown of Sydney. It wasn't long before the bonafide musician crossed the DJ booth threshold into the realm of production under the Tunnel Signs moniker and, eventually, as one-half of the Death Strobe label, where he released his debut Sun EP. Remixed by the likes of Daniel Avery and championed by DFA's James Murphy, Sun made ripples in the electronic pond far beyond his homeland. Following its success, Ash Moses has returned with a solid EP via Have A Killer Time. The product of two years in the studio, Dream City brings to life an array of Ash's influences across five tracks. Layered, complex, and slightly tortured, the record is a seamless amalgamation of inspiration.



RMILLIS: Relief LP (HMS 025LP) 18.00
"Our man Millis is a Climax Golden Twin and a noted curator of globe trotting/time traveling esoterica, amongst other accolades. In the former category, Millis and Jeffery Taylor steadily release some of the most head-scratching amalgamations of avant-rock, decontextualized temple music, heightened-state minimalism, and collaged field recordings this side of the Sun City Girls (including the soundtrack to the cult film Session Nine); and in the latter, Millis has published a number of acclaimed anthologies for Sublime Frequencies (Scattered Melodies, This World is Unreal Like a Snake in a Rope, Phi Ta Khon, The Crying Princess, etc.) and Dust-To- Digital (our personal favorite, aptly titled Victrola Favorites). With his fingers in so many jars of jam, it can seem like an uncommon occurrence for Millis to release solo work although he is one to smear his sticky hands all over himself in performance, installation, and collaboration. Thus, The Helen Scarsdale Agency is delighted in presenting his latest opus, Relief. A fever dream of blurred harmonics and ethnomusicological spelunking, Relief repeatedly returns to variations on a peculiar yet beautifully serpentine drone, whose twinkling acoustic properties meld the hallucinatory mouth-music of the Bangladeshi Murung people and the curved air hypnosis of Terry Riley. Millis bookends and interrupts his mysterious miasma with comedic interludes snatched from his lauded collection of antique 78s, maudlin piano tone-clusters, and teleported crescendos of spectral ballroom waltzes. More Nurse with Wound than The Caretaker, this polyglot raga-drone of daytime somnambulism and psychedelic slipperiness speaks to the uneasy borders at psychological, cultural, and geophysical states of being. Oh, to be a human on this planet."



DALT, LUCRECIA: Syzygy LP (HEMK 032LP) 18.00
LP version. For her follow-up album to 2012's Commotus (HEM 019CD/LP), Lucrecia Dalt treats listeners to a perilously brief, intricately conceived meditation. At times rich and cinematic, and at other times, delicate and fragile, Syzygy is a journey into a kind of Ursprung of beautiful distress. Another stylistic leap for Dalt, Syzygy eschews her quietly textured, bass-guitar-driven method of song craft for a more direct approach to production. Syzygy furthers her previous album's raison d'être, being never simply easy to get, but never forbidding or inaccessible. Composed in a whirling interstitial moment between Barcelona and her recent relocation to Berlin, Syzygy brims with uncertainty and suspense. Fluttering arpeggios, unexpected bursts of tone, surrealistic tropical interludes, and deep, contrapuntal sub-bass drones are the language of Syzygy. It's hard not to make a comparison to the zoo of elementary particles, or a space age sound library; Except the album advances forward with such inexorable cohesiveness that its brevity comes as the most electric shock of all. Dalt's trilingual vocals (Spanish, English, Catalan) ride the edge between psychological drama and philosophical reverie, swirling complex themes sourced from texts by Walter Benjamin, Italo Calvino and films by Antonioni and Bergman, into a freeform confessional fabric. Dalt let these classic films run straight through while she worked on the album, allowing the films' sudden changes of mood and tempo to push her music in new directions, as if these cinematic moments were simply stems in the mix. The end result is a listen more tempting, and yet more mystifying than ever. Syzygy encourages repeat listens and addictive contemplation, and represents Dalt's most definitive statement yet. Cover image by Tonje Thilesen. Includes download code.



HUNTEMANN, OLIVER: Licht & Schatten 12" (IDEAL 030EP) 12.50
Ideal Audio boss Oliver Huntemann flies solo again on Licht & Schatten. While we are all aware of Oliver's arena-conquering techno credentials, his latest work finds the German producer taking his foot off the gas, just a touch, and allowing the groove to dominate these tracks. The driving, pulsing and cascading bass line of "Licht" provides the backdrop to crisply-synced, stiffly-arranged hi-hats and kicks, before dropping into a minimal but funky melody. "Schatten" treads a similar path. The track is anchored by an industrial, mechanized kick and flash-like synth touches before swollen, acidic stabs set the pace on the drop.



TRENTEMOLLER: Lost 2LP (IMR 014LP) 22.00
Standard 2LP edition. In My Room presents Lost, the third full-length venture from Anders Trentemøller. Lost, much like its predecessor Into the Great Wide Yonder (IMR 002CD/LTD), serves not only as a logical continuation of his work, but also as yet another fuck you to whatever genre you thought you had him boxed into. The Trentemøller sound is definitely left intact, yet as a whole it really doesn't sound like anything he's ever produced before. Featuring guest appearances by Jonny Pierce (of The Drums), legendary slow-core pioneers Low, Jana Hunter (of Lower Dens), Marie Fisker, Ghost Society, Kazu Makino (of Blonde Redhead) and Sune Wagner (of The Raveonettes).



RIMSHOOTERS, THE: Love Lie Love Die EP 12" (JACKOFF 009EP) 12.50
This is Massimiliano Pagliara's project with production partner Rotciv under the name The Rimshooters. This EP consists of two original trax. "Love Lie Love Die" is a deep and dark acid journey and is remixed by long-time label supporters Dance Disorder. With a more old school flavor and uplifting electro vibe, the remix has already been tested on leading dancefloors in Europe with massive response. "Padorama" was born out of a jam that Massimiliano did with nd_baumecker back in the day, and was re-worked by The Rimshooters into this dancefloor killer.


JV 33570015LP

ASTATKE, MULATU: Sketches of Ethiopia LP (JV 33570015LP) 24.00
"Sketches of Ethiopia is Mulatu Astatke's first international release. The album's remarkably rich music reveals influences ranging from jazz and Latin American music to the traditional music of his homeland. Master of the vibraphone and conga drums, Astatke plays with his England-based group Step Ahead. Pressed on high-quality 180 gram vinyl."



VEROCAI, ARTHUR: Arthur Verocai LP (KSRE 008LP) 18.00
2011 release. Official limited reissue of the ultimate Brazilian classic by Arthur Verocai. Originally released in 1972, this self-titled album became one of the most sought-after releases from Brazil to date. The last copy on eBay went for over $5,000 USD. The entire album is a true masterpiece, containing funk flavorings, a touch of folk, jazz-style soloing, 20-piece string arrangements, the blending of electronics and keyboards with organic sounds, and superb soundtrack-style music. Comes in a gatefold sleeve with unreleased photos. Pressed on 180 gram vinyl with remastered audio and a printed inner sleeve.


GUELEWAR: Touki Ba Banjul: Acid Trip from Banjul to Dakar 2LP (KSRE 009LP) 23.00
Touki Ba Banjul is a compilation of music from the Gambian psych sensation Guelewar, who played a major part in the development of the Afro Manding sound. From 1979-1982 the band released four albums, featuring some of Gambia's best funk tunes. This official, first-time-ever reissue features the highlights of their career. Before Guelewar, Laaye N'Gorn, the lead singer of the band, was already one of Gambia's most celebrated artists. He was the central figure in The Supreme Eagles, with whom he played as the main act in one of Gambia's successful clubs, The Bambo No. 1 Night Club. In return for the success, the club manager offered them instruments, after which they renamed their band Super Alligators. Due to the mixture of Western influences such as soul and funk, with traditional and regional rhythms like boogaraboo and sawrouba, Super Alligators had a unique sound. The result of this blend is known as the psychedelic sound of Gambia (Senegal). In 1973 the Super Alligators decided to rename the group Guelewar, which is Wolof for "noble warrior." After a turbulent couple of years with many musicians joining and leaving the band, Laaye managed to reform the band in order to record their first album in 1977. Over the course of the following five years, Guelewar released a total of four albums, which are all filled with deep psychedelic funk gems. Due to the limited pressings, these albums are very much sought-after by collectors. Kindred Spirits compiles the highlights of these albums, which are presented on this double LP. Touki Ba Banjul is not only a must-have for collectors of African music, but for music lovers worldwide.


MYRIAN MAKENWA: La Extraordinaria LP (KSRE 010LP) 18.00
One of Colombia's most significant Afro-psychedelic records, capturing the country's sound system subculture of that time. Killer. In the 1970s, people on the Caribbean coast of Colombia became captivated by a host of African rhythms. Records brought in by merchant sailors from Africa became the new craze, with local sound systems becoming the main driving force behind the popularity of African music in the region. Record labels, seeing an opportunity to capitalize on this new phenomenon, began hiring local bands and creating new line-ups to cover and re-adapt these African styles into Spanish. Discos Machuca became one of the pioneering record labels to mix local Colombian rhythms with these new African styles. In his quest to create a record that would capture and embody the whole sound system subculture of the time, Rafael Machuca created the band Myrian Makenwa. The line-up of the band was shrouded in mystery, and in 1981, at the Discos Machuca recording studio in Barranquilla, Rafael Machuca began producing what would arguably become one of the most pulsating and innovative Afro Colombian records ever made on Colombia's Caribbean coast. He gave the musicians total creative freedom, allowing them to experiment with new sounds, mixing Afro Caribbean and Latin rhythms with elements of Afrobeat, highlife, and soukus. The result was a blistering set of raw, hypnotic grooves -- a sonic voyage, with songs like "Lady Makenwa" and "Amampondo" completely personifying the new hybrid sound Machuca was searching for.


VA: Voltaique Panoramique Volume 1: Popular Music in Ouagadougou & Bobo-Dioulasso 1968-1978 2LP (KSRE 011LP) 23.00
Kindred Spirits presents a compilation containing 13 rare and sought-after recordings from Burkina Faso. Rich and fascinating, this release comes with extensive liner-notes and an insert with photographs of the original 7" records from which Voltaique Panoramique was compiled. Until recently, not much was known about music from Burkina Faso, formerly called the Upper Volta. It is still one of West Africa's lesser-known forms of popular music. A few years before the country changed its name to Burkina Faso, thanks to Thomas Sankara's dream for a new society, voltaic music emerged as some form of true cultural revolution. Remote, poor and isolated, Burkina Faso looked to the orchestras and artists from neighboring countries such as Mali, The Ivory Coast, Ghana, Togo, and Benin. Despite the fact that the 1960s and 1970s Upper Volta lacked a proper recording studio and record pressing plant, there was a great deal of popular music produced in the country, mostly on 45s. Located at its northern border, Niger is the only other West African country whose music stayed as isolated as the music hailing from Burkina Faso. Many of its bands and artists hail mostly from Ouagadougou and Bobo-Dioulasso. They infuse some of the rich local traditions, such as mossi dances or dioula singing with Afro-Cuban flavors, American rhythm 'n' blues, French pop, and Congolese rumba. Electric guitars and organs swirl around balafon and solid horn sections.



KAITO: Until the End of Time 2LP+CD (KOM 288LP) 23.50
Double LP version. Comes with a CD of the album. Kompakt proudly presents a new full-length from Hiroshi Watanabe aka Kaito called Until the End of Time that sees the artist crafting a deeply personal narrative in line with his earlier works while carving out the timeless qualities of his trademark sound to interlock with today's floor gusto. Kaito's work always had a dreamy quality to it that set the producer apart from his contemporaries, but it certainly would be wrong to assume the new material to be a living room experience only. Since his very first Kompakt release Beautiful Day from 2001, Hiroshi Watanabe's tectonic trance antics featured a strong beat foundation that keeps those swirling soundscapes firmly floor-bound. The tracks from Until the End of Time are no different, starting with "Sky Is the Limit," an enticingly grooving trip to heady heights revealing an ethereal landscape. The doors of perception are further opened with "I'm Leaving Home," "Will to Live," and "Run Through the Road in the Fog," which establish a heartfelt coming-of-age story already by their titles. Private everyday life has always been a major source of inspiration for Hiroshi, who used to showcase pictures of his son on his record covers, thus creating a deeply personal timeline of human growth. This has changed, however, with the cover of the new album, delving into the abstract imagery of meshing clouds, therefore reinforcing the universal, soul-dilating qualities of tracks like "Behind My Life," "Inner Space," and "Star of Snow." The album's closing chapter, an alluringly intimate triplet of pieces featuring "Dear Friends," title-track "Until the End of Time," and "Smile," goes for a more introspective mood by curbing the overall tempo to a meditative jog, wrapping the listener in cozy pads and twinkling fragments of an acoustic guitar. It is a perfectly befitting victory lap for a uniquely wholesome and profoundly life-affirming body of work that leaves you in a state of merry meditation. There's always asking for more, sure, but rarely has an album delivered on so many levels, providing an experience that is highly satisfying both spiritually and physically. Kaito might just have outdone himself this time around.


CHYMERA/NAUM GABO: Speicher 76 12" (KOM EX076EP) 12.50
Starting out in 2001 to tie up some loose ends from Kompakt's regulars, Speicher has since become a guarantee for vanguard dance sounds from all over the planet, allowing Kompakt to invite and support electronic artists that comfortably inhabit both the delicate and the more deliberate ends of the electronic music spectrum. For Speicher 76, two Irish acts crank up the volume for a healthy dose of sweaty, delirious techno -- both acclaimed tracksmith Chymera and renowned Speicher favorite Naum Gabo hail from the green island, as is reflected in the color choice of this latest installment in the series.



LABRADFORD: Prazision LP 2LP (KRANK 001LP) 19.00
"To coincide with the 20th anniversary of the original release, we are issuing Kranky katalog #001 on vinyl for the first time since 1993, newly remastered and with new artwork. The debut album from Labradford, as well as the premier Kranky release, was originally issued in late 1993 to a surprising amount of acclaim as well as a fair bit of confusion. What was one to make of these beatless atmospheres cum pop songs that had little to do with contemporary 'indierock? ' The album was typically lumped into such newly minted sub-genres such as 'lo-fi ' and 'post-rock ' even though there was no connection to any such imagined scenes. Lo-fi? You can hear Mark Nelson breathe between vocal lines. Must be the lack of cymbals and hi-hat that accounts for that fallacy. Post-rock? Did that catch-all phrase for disparate musical groups and sounds even imply anything concrete or encompassing? Alas, just another label that quickly became meaningless. What is clearly evident upon listening to the album anew is that this is not a dated or stale work by any means. It could just as likely have been recorded in 2003, or 1983 for that matter, as in 1993. It does not contain any of the markers so typical of pop music that would place it in any time frame, no production touches or instrumental sounds that would identify it as being the product of a specific period. At the very least, Labradford created a timeless work, one that still challenges the listener today. More to the point, they created a masterwork."



BURKHARDT/DANIEL ROTH, CHRISTIAN: Body (feat. C'mone)/Voblab 12" (LLFO 022EP) 12.50
LLFO presents another exceptional split EP, this time including tracks from Christian Burkhardt and Daniel Roth. Christian opens the release with his brilliant contribution "Body," featuring the mysterious C'mone. "Body" is a deep and organic piece of extensive drum patterns, analog bass madness and haunting sample bits. Soon, a deep and enthralling acid bass line drops into the atmosphere. Daniel Roth delivers a superb B-side track which can be briefly described as "hypnotizing." He chose classy drums, rare vocal samples and quirky sounds for an easy but effective after-hour piece. This one is definitely a secret weapon.


MT 024LP

GRASS HOUSE: A Sun Full and Drowning LP (MT 024LP) 15.50
LP version on grey vinyl with mp3 download code. A Sun Full and Drowning is the stunning debut album from London four-piece Grass House. The album was recorded at Monnow Valley Studios in Wales with producer Jim Anderson -- best known for his work with Cold Specks, The Twilight Sad, and 2:54. Featuring 10 tracks, the album includes new versions of the band's critically-acclaimed and sold-out singles "Spinning as We Turn" and "And Now for the Wild," plus their current single "I Was a Streetlight." With a sonic interest in the sound explorations of Brian Eno, and the more freaked-out Velvet Underground jams, as well as more contemporary influences such as The Walkmen, Crystal Stilts, Deerhunter, and Ducktails, yet through an unerring wish to create something progressive, the band have developed these influences into something unique and captivating. Taking inspiration from a wide breadth of places; including art, nature, society and the boundaries that cross between each, their self-titled brand of outsider pop refers back in part to the somewhat untrained outsider artists, who, working from their own tenets, were able to create something much more personal. The Grass House line-up of Liam Palmer (vocals), Steven Dove (guitar), Ross Hall (drums), and Nicholas Jones (guitar) recently played successful shows at East End Live, Green Man Festival, and were invited by Radio 1's Huw Stephens to play The Social in London.



GUILLAUME & THE COUTU DUMONTS: Impossible Rendez-Vous 12" (MEANDER 013EP) 14.00
From the funked-up and highly danceable heat of A1 to the spaced-out drum ornaments and "Rider-on-the-Storm"-esque keys of A2, the wriggly run of this record finally flows over into a deep, slow burner on the B-side -- atmospheric elegance. Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts' inimitable expertise for intuitive dance patterns made him a well-seen suspect on neat labels like Circus Company, Hartchef Discos, Karat, Oslo, Mutek, and Musique Risquée. Long in the making, this EP is the logical continuation of a long-time friendship between Guillaume and the Meander gang.



PAN-POT: The Mirror 12" (MOBILEE 119EP) 14.00
This is the 10-year anniversary for the Berlin-based techno duo, Pan-Pot, one of the biggest techno acts in the world. "The Mirror" was the first track the pair produced in their new Berlin-based studio following a long studio break. Often steering clear of vocal use in their tracks, Pan-Pot opted to change things up a bit and invited their friend Kathy to join them in the studio. "Rosinenbomber" features samples of the last-ever conversation between a pilot and the control tower at Berlin Tempelhof. The start of the new millennium brought change, innovation and an array of technological developments.



STRANGER, THE: Watching Dead Empires in Decay LP (LOVE 088LP) 20.00
LP version. Polymath James Leyland Kirby must surely have one of the most confounding CVs in the business: he spent years taking the piss out of the music industry with anthems rallying against the (VV)MCPS, he notoriously fell out with various well-known record labels for reasons you'll just have to Google, goaded Aphex Twin with a series of "tributes" and channeled his love of everything from Falco ("Rock Me Amadeus"), Chris De Burgh, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, and Stockport karaoke nights into a stream of increasingly bizarre 7"s back in the early noughties. But at the same time, he was responsible for releasing some of the very earliest material from Boards Of Canada (Hell Interface: 1997), made a ruck of frankly groundbreaking industrial electronic records, brought new beat to the world's attention and, in 1999, made his first album as The Caretaker, a project that would go on to release some of the most loved ambient/Lynchian albums of recent times. Since then, he's also produced an incredible suite of releases under his own name, scored various film projects and released three EPs under the Intrigue & Stuff banner which are so ahead of their time, they might just start sinking in properly by the end of the decade. All of which brings us to Watching Dead Empires in Decay, a new album recorded under another of Kirby's pseudonyms, The Stranger, and released on Modern Love, a label that has been close to Kirby through these last eventful 15 years. It's a dream album for the label: perhaps the most ambitious of Kirby's career so far. It's complex, singular, enigmatic, percussive, dark, and you just can't work out how it was constructed. Gone are the sampled 78s of The Caretaker, but it also doesn't exactly sound electronic -- you just can't quite fathom how any of it was put together: Field recordings? Found sounds? Sheets of metal scraped and hammered? Drum machines re-wired? It's stark and unsettling, haunted, even troubling -- but often just beautiful. It starts with the sharp clang of opener "We Are Enemies but Not Here" before the woozy percussive crawl "So Pale It Shone in the Night" sucks you into a bare landscape: somewhere between Eraserhead and Fumio Hayasaka's music for Akira Kurosawa. And then there are moments that break through the tension with clarity and familiarity, nostalgia even: "Where Are Our Monsters Now, Where Are Our Friends?" could have been made by Boards Of Canada if they had taken a turn into more noxious terrain back in 1998, while "Spiral of Decline" offsets the drum programming you'd most likely associate with a Powell record with an oblique sense of timing and space. It all ends with "About to Enter a Strange New Period," an unusual, vaporous coda that offers no resolution -- it just shuts proceedings down with nothing settled. Mastered and cut by Matt Colton; artwork by Guy Denning.



HANNE & LORE: Supergirl EP 12" (MONA 019EP) 12.50
Hanne & Lore are finally home again, gifting Monaberry for her 19th birthday with a groovy, pounding EP. The needle touches the A-side and immediately releases the first euphoric and crackling sounds of "Supergirl." A true tech-house firework, which ignites itself without having Hanne & Lore lose themselves in too many bells and whistles. The supergirl leaves the stage and makes room for a bass line that is looking for its partner. Completely lost in thought, you get thrown back into electronic life by Cascandy's synth-shots-packed rework.


SUPER FLU: Halle Saale 2LP+CD (MONA 020LP) 23.50
Feliks Thielemann and Mathias Schwarz are Super Flu. For almost 30 years they have been one of the top acts in the electronic club scene and never grow tired of reinventing themselves and trying new things. After "Heimatmelodien," intended almost exclusively for the dancefloors of this and other parallel worlds, accelerated the pulses of the 4/4 electronic music fans, the pair are now venturing on deeper and more picturesque paths with this album -- and sometimes even disappear into the forest to pick some pop. Halle, also known as the diva in gray, was the model for the second album and reveals herself in all her facets. Welcome to a world where crispy-baked bass drums give the keynote, where "Momratzn" twitch to tweaking hi-hats and speech bubbles wave engaging basses at you. Do you have a hard time making tough decisions? Super Flu recommends garlic bread rolls and six-minute boiled eggs. Is your equipment rubbish? Trust your intuition, tickle the max out of the old stuff and squeeze inspiration out of everything you can lay your hands on. Are you lacking ideas? Take your cockatoo's advice: go on vacation and have some beer. Listen to jazz. Tinker with whatever comes to your mind using funny snack bar names, exotic instruments and kid's toys. Now with your best mate and at least one mutual favorite bakery, lots of Herzblut and a great Traum behind, nothing can harm you anymore.



CMKK: Gau CD (MONO 065CD) 16.50
In March of 2012, nearing the end of a tour together through the Netherlands and Belgium, Celer, Machinefabriek, and Jan and Romke Kleefstra gathered in a country studio, spending an afternoon improvising to record Gau. Recorded by the old hardcore rocker Jan Switters at the Landscape studios in Gauw, situated in the countryside in the midst of Friesland, the place was surrounded by green fields with idle tractors, few trees, buzzards and only massive farmhouses dotting the horizon. From the almost four hours of original studio recordings, later mixed down in Rotterdam by Machinefabriek, this 48 minutes represents the highlights of an afternoon with coffee and orange cake in the isolated Frisian countryside. Gau is a Frisian word that means in a hurry or fast, but is also the Frisian notation of the village name where the studio is located.



JACK THE BOX: Side A CD (MOOD 021CD) 17.00
DJ Tyree Cooper has been a proactive element of the music industry since the beginning of house music back in 1986. Now the veteran teams up with newcomer UK producer and DJ Bobby Starrr as the Berlin-based combo Jack The Box. Side A shows the rare craftsmanship Tyree Cooper and Bobby Starrr have to offer. Their different backgrounds emerge as their strength, resulting in an album that is truly Chicago-inspired house with a contemporary vibe. This is not the type of house music that you need to create a new buzzword for. This is solid house. Soulful, emotional, intense, refreshingly raw at times, and always respectful towards the history of electronic music. It reflects truly who Bobby and Tyree are as DJs and as people. It is honest. On stage, Jack The Box's undeniable charisma and enthusiasm for deep, Chicago-inspired yet contemporary house music and their flawless track record of successful parties has garnered Tyree Cooper and Bobby Starrr a distinguished reputation amongst a remarkably high caliber of international house veterans which they have invited to their regular parties at Kater Holzig and Tresor in Berlin. The duo translates their party spirit into their first album output in their collaborations with Baby Bambaata (Jungle Brothers), Lady Blacktronika, and Mandel Turner, keeping a balance between deep and sexy instrumental jams and full-on party house.



LOWMAN, LEON: Liquid Diamonds LP (MFM 001LP) 19.50
Following on from co-compiling one of 2012's best-received compilations Into the Light: A Journey into Greek Electronic Music, new Amsterdam-based record label Music From Memory sets sail with a compilation of lo-fi beach funk and lazy synth jams from the Rhode Island keyboardist and ocean-loving Leon Lowman. As well as a devoted painter and East Coast surfer, the synthesizer-loving Lowman privately released two albums Syntheseas (1980) and its follow-up cassette-only Sound Horizon (1982). Something of a homage to his love of the local seashore and the women he was trying to woo there, the albums also express Leon's pure love of the sound of the synthesizer and reflect his unique melodic wanderings. With Leon's albums meeting little commercial success at the time of their release, both albums have in recent years become highly sought-after. Along with previously-unreleased material from the time, Liquid Diamonds highlights Leon Lowman's unique blend of lo-fi synth-funk and surf ambience.



FOOM: Surface Noise and Imperfections LP (NFA 003LP) 12.50
"Green marbled vinyl in limited edition, hand-glued, artisanal LP sleeves. Cut-up, lo-fi electronics. Ambient, drone, modern classical. Foom (no reference to the old Marvel Comics fan club) is a catch-all name for musical projects by Boston's Whitehaus Family peripheral member Chris Lichatz. His solo output dates back to the 1990's, and ranges from the demented blues-based Butthole Surferisms of 1994's Six of My Favorite Turds (Stomachache Records) to the abstract lo-fi electronics of 1998's self-released No Fidelity Audio CD. This new LP ends a 10+ year commercial release hiatus, and showcases his now-honed technique of layering loops from distressed thrift store and dollar-bin vinyl into hypnotic sound collages. 'Years ago I made a full album of layered skipping vinyl, and distributed it for free as a small run CD-R, but there wasn't a reliable way to perform live with the skipping records and get them to do what I wanted, plus it was unwieldy.' And so this set-up was born: one battery operated turntable, a splitter, two looping pedals, and a pile of forgotten easy listening vinyl. 'These pieces are supposed to be like dreams, and that kind of sleepy but disjointed confusing reality you feel when dreaming, where things are familiar but somehow wrong. Pleasant drones lead to angular chaos and coalesce into competing rhythms, only to degenerate, William Basinski-style, into a quiet rumble.' The hand-crafted LP sleeve is wildly divergent from his recent CD-R history, 'I'm not much on self-promotion' he admits. This long-overdue 'proper' packaging for one of Boston's slept-on lo-fi composers is definitely the presentation his music warrants."



DMX KREW: Reith Tracks 12" (RHD 011DMX-LP) 18.00
Ed DMX drops this brilliant mini-LP of electronics that he recorded on an old farm in Reith, Austria. Emotive stuff that destroys. Big Sound. "Man, this project sounds good. (It also) sounds clean, 'analog-y', fat and all those things. I will be playing a few of these cuts in my sets. You got a winner here." --Anthony "Shake" Shakir


MVD 5921LP

JUNZO, SUZUKI: Sings II LP (MVD 5921LP) 21.00
LP version. "Brand new release from psychedelic Japanese guitarist Suzuki Junzo (Overhang Party, Miminokoto, 20 Guilders). From Jandek-style weird folk to beautiful crystalline guitar passages, this melancholy masterpiece covers all the bases. Acid Mothers Temple guitarist Kawabata Makoto guests on three tracks. Recommended if you like Loren Mazzacane Conners, Acid Mothers Temple, Syd Barrett."


NA 4107LP

DAMON: Song of a Gypsy (Deluxe Edition) 2LP (NA 4107LP) 32.00
"The Now-Again select edition: expanded version of the album with bonus disc of Damon's '60s recordings and demos contained in a separate dress jacket."

NA 5107CD

DAMON: Song of a Gypsy 2CD (NA 5107CD) 21.00
"Deluxe reissue of the legendary late '60s Los Angeles psychedelic masterpiece: restored/remastered transfer, pitch/speed corrected for the first time ever. Contains second disc: the entirety of Damon's '60s recordings, and never-before-heard demos. Extensive booklet contains dozens of unpublished photos and images, a thorough investigation into this landmark album, and an extensive interview with Damon. Damon's Song of a Gypsy is generally regarded as one of the finest privately-pressed psychedelic rock records and has, for over twenty years, been one of the most sought after late '60s American rock artifacts in the world, with the scant original copies that exist exchanging hands for thousands of dollars. Song of a Gypsy has remained high on its own plateau: out of reach and indescribable. It seemed that this homespun, funky psychedelic monument borrowed from nothing and sprung from nowhere. Damon's unique, introspective songwriting and nuanced voice, the interplay between he and lead guitarist Charlie Carey and an atmosphere that so perfectly captured the last bloom of the flower power era as it decayed into the dark haze of the '70s underground could only have arisen from a spark of auspicious genius. But did it? Over the past seven years, we at Now-Again have been obsessed with Song of a Gypsy and have researched the album, and Damon's life-arch. This anthology is our attempt to put forth a convincing argument for the overwhelming importance of this album, a unique high point from within but also outside of America's psychedelic movement. We follow Damon on his 'predestined life as a gypsy' from his birth into a tight knit Italian American family in Rochester, New York, through the various Los Angeles communities that he would call home. We compile, and analyze the entirety of his oeuvre, from his first surf-rock single in 1960, through schmaltzy pop, convincing doo-wop, blued eyed soul and garage rock in the mid 60s. And we focus on the year 1967, the founding of his label Ankh, and his transformation from a pop hopeful to the tortured soul who would create Song of a Gypsy. To that end, we've uncovered demo recordings and acetates that show an artist in transition, and we attempt to make sense of the seminal moments that made this transformation possible in a crucial moment in America's psychedelic high water mark."



MADTEO: Strumpetocracy 12" (NEK 007EP) 12.50
Repressed. On the Strumpetrocracy EP, Madteo constructs a distinctive sound-world that throws a very strange light on dance music. "Laissez-Faire Couture" instantly transports you to bizarre realms with midtempo funky beats haloed in swirling, celestial synth drones and angelic female swoons contrasting with strident Roland 303 twangs and unsettling, growling bass frequencies. "We Doubt (You Can Make It)" threads a male vocalist over a broken tech-house rhythm. DJ Sotofett's "Radio Mix" of "We Doubt" adds an urgent blaxploitation-flick bass line and Dresvn offers a chilled dub version.



MISTYS, THE: Redemption Forest LP (OTR 002LP) 22.00
Redemption Forest is the beguiling debut album of recombinant pop from Andrew Hargreaves (The Boats/Tape Loop Orchestra) and Beth Roberts' new duo, The Mistys. The project serves as a vehicle for Andrew and Beth to explore concepts of pop as a subversive medium; a way to communicate ideas other than the usual messages of love and other such frivolities, but in a context that means the listener could still "jitter bug along," even if they missed the point. It's a potent medicine served in the sweetest, even sickliest, sonic syrup, taking inspiration from the classic EBM of Front 242 and Nitzer Ebb, the garage art-pop of Devo, Can's motorik Krautrock, early Yello and Mute singles to create a Neue Burnley Welle ov post-punkish, multi-perplexing pop. Beth's vocals are incredibly saccharine, like Diane Vickers suckled on Eccles cakes and nothing but, and the arrangements almost nauseously overdriven, working infectiously effective hooks, dizzying harmonic developments, and driving industrial noise rhythms. As with Leyland Kirby's best, there's a deeply-rooted sincerity at play and a genuine, abiding love of pop music at its core, refracted thru a complex and ambiguous emotional flux bound to evoke the strangest feelings. Mastered and cut by Matt Colton at Alchemy. Edition of 300 copies pressed on blue wax and housed in a custom-made sleeve in a PVC outer.



CASSY: My Auntie 12" (PERL 052EP) 14.00
2013 repress. "Catherine Britton aka Cassy entered the electronic music world in Vienna, as a vocalist for Elin aka Autorepeat. After her first DJ gigs in Vienna, Munich and further productions, she met Dave The Hustler in Geneva where they started working on a project for Mental Groove. Geneva was also where she met Luciano and co-produced 'La Ondita,' one of the album tracks on Lucien-N-Luciano's Blind Behaviour for Peacefrog and 'Alpine Rocket' together with Mathew Jonson for Perlon. In March 2003, Cassy moved to Berlin where she became involved in projects with artists such as Steve Bug and Ricardo Villalobos. On Ricardo's last album for Perlon, she co-produced 2 tracks. Perlon 52 marks her first ever solo release."


HALF HAWAII: All Over 12" (PERL 096EP) 14.00
Two brand-new songs by Half Hawaii, the band of Sammy Dee and Bruno Pronsato.


ASH 3007LP

RELATIVELY CLEAN RIVERS: Relatively Clean Rivers LP (ASH 3007LP) 22.00
LP version. Former Beat Of The Earth leader Phil Pearlman assembled Relatively Clean Rivers in the early '70s and eventually released this excellent rural rock album in 1975. Although Pearlman's first recorded effort was a surf/hot rod 45 entitled Chrome Reversed Rails which appeared on the Fink label in the mid-'60s, it was with Beat Of The Earth that he began to forge a distinctive musical voice. The band was one of the earliest-known experimental bands with a sound reminiscent of their East Coast counterparts, The Velvet Underground, whose influence is often discernible on Relatively Clean Rivers. That said, RCR is recognized by those fortunate enough to have heard it as one of the very finest albums of the era, with a clearly-defined American sound akin to The Grateful Dead in all their American Beauty pomp or CSNY circa Déjà Vu. An album highly recommended to anyone even remotely interested in '70s West Coast music or simply great music in general. Finally available on 180 gram vinyl once again, and comprehensively remastered using the latest 48-bit technology.



JONES, GEORGE: Country Song Hits LP (RSV 101LP) 18.00
"In 1956 The Grand Ole Opry invited a young country singer named George Jones to perform on their show. The 25 year-old Marine Corp veteran was already picking up momentum in his homeland of Texas, where he was signed to Starday Records. A year earlier his song 'Why Baby, Why' became his first hit. However, in his own words, 'My success as a country singer, no matter how big it became, would always be limited unless I appeared on the Grand Ole Opry.' When he finally got the call to perform at the Opry, he drove almost 800 miles from Houston, borrowed a guitar from Jimmy Dickens, and performed one song. His appearance was a success and he was quickly asked to come back and become a member. Back in Beaumont, Texas, Jack Starnes and Pappy Daily knew they had to move quickly if their label, Starday Records, was going to keep up with Jones' new found popularity. In early 1957 they released George Jones' first album, Grand Ole Opry's New Star, which also happened to be Starday's first LP. To this day this record has never been reissued in its entirety, making it one of the most collectible country records in the world. Lovingly remastered and carefully restored, this remarkable piece of music history has never looked and sounded so good."



11PARANOIAS: Superunnatural CD (RITE 023CD) 12.50
After one jam on 11/11/11, members of Ramesses (Adam Richardson and Mark Greening) and Bong (Mike Vest) conjured a new band which they baptized as 11Paranoias. The synergy between the three musicians is perfectly captured on this debut, and is proof enough that 11Paranoias have something unique to offer.



HOUSE OF MUSIC: House of Music Issue One MAG (HOM 1) 0.01
House Of Music is a small (24-page, 6"x9"), black and white free magazine released by Rush Hour. This first volume holds interviews with Xosar, Tom Trago, Rheji Burrel, Willie Burns & Charles Manier.


VIRGO: Virgo 2x12" (RH TX1-LP) 23.00
2013 repress. 2x12" version. Originally released in 1989 on Radical Records in the UK, and as a series of EPs on Trax Records in the U.S., this is a very special record, and truly a contender for best house album ever made. Virgo are Chicago house duo Merwyn Sanders and Eric Lewis, who also recorded as Ace & The Sandman and M.E. and shouldn't be confused with the other Virgo of Vince Lawrence and company. This album does not have one filler, all tracks are essential pieces of house music. Limited release with new artwork and remastered tracks.


SSR 1001EP

BLACK MARKET BRASS: Big Muffler/Snake Oil 7" (SSR 1001EP) 5.50
"Black Market Brass is an 11 piece Afrobeat band that delivers a unique, yet very authentic interpretation of the genre. 'Big Muffler' is a hard charging tune that always keeps asses moving on the dance floor. 'Snake Oil' is an intricate song that mixes heavy grooves with an intensely eerie vibe. Both tracks were recorded live in one room directly to tape, capturing an energy lost in many of todays over produced digital recordings. This 7" is a must have for any fan of Fela Kuti's Afrobeat sound."



Downtown Party Network have established themselves in the remix, presenting their swell versions of music by Kolombo, Sander Kleinenberg (feat. Jamie Cullum), Mario Basanov, etc. Their music is called a favorite by the likes of Groove Armada, Aeroplane, The Revenge, Jamie Jones, Kolombo, Sasha, and many others. After a couple of EPs on Silence's sister label Best Kept Secret, their new vocal track "Space Me Out" is ready to be released. It features the mesmerizing vocals of Egle Sirvydyte, a member of award-winning mmpsuf project.



OSTARA: Paradise Down South CD (SOL 184CD) 14.00
"Ostara return with their sixth album, Paradise Down South, a thirteen-gun salute to 2013 that explores the heart of darkness with a spirit of upbeat pessimism. Richard Leviathan has a long history in the neo-folk and industrial scenes, having worked and performed with many of the leading names, including Death in June, NON, Sol Invictus, Sieben, Forseti, Foresta di Ferro, and Knifeladder. The album traverses themes both historic and universal, from the spiritual fallout of the Global Financial Crisis to the darkest corner of Hollywood. Songs to uplift you to the depths. Features a guest appearance by Douglas P. from Death in June."



LOVE OVER ENTROPY: Off the Grid EP 12" (SOHASO 001EP) 14.00
This is the much-anticipated launch of the new label of DJ, producer, and Trouw resident Nuno Dos Santos. SoHaSo 001 comes from the mysterious Dutch producer Love Over Entropy. "Off the Grid" is a beautifully deep, atmospheric and hypnotic number that envelops the listener with its warm and tender touch as its swelling keys pulse in waves of increasing intensity that never meet a crescendo. Versalife (aka Conforce) harnesses the power of the original, adding ambient textures and breakbeats to give "Off the Grid" an impressive Detroit electro vibe. The 10-minute tech workout "Groundswell" is a new school hypnotic stormer that builds and builds.



PLASTER: Circular Mechanism 12" (SONUOS 003EP) 14.00
Gianclaudio Hashem Moniri and Giuseppe Carlini formed the group Plaster in Rome, Italy in 2008 and have released EPs, albums, and been on compilations with their sharp-edged sounds, deep beats and funky syncopations since 2010 on labels such as Kvitnu, Crazy Language, Stroboscopic Artefacts, and Touchin' Bass. "Circular Mechanism" starts off with a dark vibe with drippy notes flickering in the soundscape, just before one of the bass lines kicks in teamed with the bass drum in syncopated perfection. The Substance remix, meanwhile, is saturated deep in dub.


SNDW 10003EP

MAWI, JIMMY: Jimmy Mawi 10" (SNDW 10003EP) 14.50
Continuing further into the music of 1970s East Africa, Soundway present a limited edition 10" of raw, bluesy garage-funk-rock from Jimmy Mawi. Jimmy Mawi was a Madagascan guitarist based in Nairobi in the mid-1970s. He cut only three 45s for EMI East Africa on their Pathé imprint, all of which have virtually disappeared from sight in the nearly 40 years since they were recorded. Soundway reproduce four of the best tracks here. Fuzz guitars, raspy vocals, and metronomic drumming combine for an exhaustive Afro-rock workout.



KELLERKIND: I Know 12" (SVT 114EP) 12.50
This 12" compiles two highlights from Kellerkind's album Music is a Miracle (SVT 115CD) alongside three high-calibre remixes. "I Know" is trademark Kellerkind, as he treats us to filtered disco breaks, colorful chords and a smooth vocal hook, while on "Music is a Miracle" a funky garage bass-line, Chicago strings and urgent trumpets surprise us as they drop after a Moodyman-esque monologue. The B-side is then dedicated to the remixes of "I Know." British heavyweights Leftwing & Kody present energetic dub chords and an urgent acid bass-line on their tasteful interpretation, and Oliver Koletzki surprises with a rave-tastic old-school UK hardcore mix. Lastly, Murat Kilic focuses on jacking percussion and a rolling bass-line on his version.



PORTER, ROLY: Life Cycle of a Massive Star CD (SUB 005CD) 16.50
Two years after his landmark debut Aftertime, former Vex'd member Roly Porter presents his second full-length LP, Life Cycle of a Massive Star. The piece explores expansive scale and macroscopic processes through the thematic framework of the birth and death of a cosmic star system. The album is underpinned by a parallel investigation into the human response to this vast celestial order and its overarching dialogue with the infinitesimal lives we lead. The material considers the crucible of space as a poignant symbol of the brevity of existence and highlights humanity's part as both observers and participants in an endless cosmic cycle of creation and destruction. While the album continues on from Porter's previous work, through fractured eruptions and volcanic textures, it equally invokes a more historical mode of reflection, enacting a distant remembrance of the history of electronic music and a dream-like recollection of a Wagnerian landscape.



SIN COS TAN: Afterlife LP (SOLINA 030LP) 22.00
LP version. Hot on the heels of their critically-acclaimed debut in 2012, Sin Cos Tan has kept busy recording their sublime follow-up, Afterlife. Doused in both color and darkness, Afterlife sees the Sin Cos Tan duo of musical omnipresence Jori Hulkkonen and singer-songwriter Juho Paalosmaa of Villa Nah plunging head-long into a netherworld of electro-pop. The follow-up offers a slightly different angle on the genre, adding variety, organic elements and a more thematically profound approach than the debut. Hearts are broken, spirits awoken -- and even Casey Spooner of Fischerspooner makes an appearance.



PEZZNER: All Night Dancing Party 12" (SYST 097EP) 12.50
With the release of his forthcoming artist album Last Night in Utopia on the horizon (SYST 018CD), Seattle resident Pezzner presents an exclusive first-taster of his Systematic Recordings album with this 12" All Night Dancing Party, a disco-fuelled, lady-loving house cut that is set to soundtrack the end of the summer and far beyond. The glittering original is backed by two remixes: one from Robert Babicz and one from Justin Martin.



KLANG & KURONEKO, MICHA: Soleil EP 12" (TABLA 002EP) 12.50
Tabla is back with a mighty second EP, this time from Micha Klang in partnership with Kuroneko, a producer living in Düsseldorf. Here they mine a tough yet tender deep house vein across three tracks plus one remix from Ekkohaus. "Revolution" is a stripped-back bit of machine house funk where gently undulating synths and oversized hi-hats dance a jazzy dance up top and solid kicks propel the thing along. Ekkohaus remixes the track into a much cleaner but trippier track. "Soleil" means business from the off with a big, scraping and monolithic kick setting the tone to techno.



MR. G: The Old Miami 12" (RBTOM 001EP) 14.00
A special record originated from a special day. Mr. G's spree to Detroit's Movement Festival ended at the notorious Need I Say More? matinee. Held yearly in the backyard of the reputable veteran's club The Old Miami and helmed by a promoter's crew named Visionquest, it cultivates debauchery and fine music. Back home, Mr. G produced these two tracks with two DJs in mind. Heavy bass, mean percussion, double bass, walkie-talkie voices... what more do you need?



DAVIS, RYAN: State of Mind 12" (TRAUM 169EP) 12.50
After Ryan Davis' album Particles of Bliss (TRAUM 026CD), it was clear to everyone that he was one of the most versatile artists on the label. There was no electronic playground he did not enter. Now Davis returns with what can easily be referred to as the most powerful EP production of his to date. Opening the doors to newly-embarked soil, the EP kicks off with "Ghosts," an attractive and sophisticated piece of sculptured melodic techno that cuts out the cheesy bits and endless doodling often found in melodic emo music to give them an extra bit of physical strength and deepness.



FLUXION: Vibrant Forms 2LP (TYPE 117LP) 25.50
Double LP version. Kostas Soublis' productions under the Fluxion moniker helped define legendary Berlin imprint Chain Reaction, and with 1999's Vibrant Forms, the Greek producer released a milestone in the dub techno genre. Hazy and distant, there was still more than enough dancefloor push to propel Soublis into the (very short) list of genre legends, and make Vibrant Forms one of the very rare techno albums that works from beginning to end. Out of press for far too long, this new edition of Vibrant Forms has been remastered and will finally see the entire album released on vinyl for the first time. The most shocking thing hearing it almost 15 years after its original release, however, is how little it has dated. Soublis wisely avoided any cultural tropes, and the productions still sound fresh and deceptively alien. Through washes and waves of reverb and the faint thud of a kick drum, the all-analog productions contain a raw quality that is all too rare these days. Just head to the album's elegiac closing number "Opaque." Upbeat and propulsive, the track still maintains a deceptive calm, buoyed by swirling synthesizer washes and sizzling, tape-saturated percussion. This is the way dub techno should sound -- don't accept any imitations, Vibrant Forms is the real thing. Completely remastered by Matt Colton at Alchemy.


VG 011LP

MORPHITIS, CHRIS: Where to Go LP (VG 011LP) 20.00
LP version. Composer, guitarist, and producer Chris Morphitis releases his debut album on Village Green. Recorded in his suburban garden shed, the album merges Morphitis' love of Zimbabwean and Greek music with his intuitive passion for experimentalism. He is known for performing with and producing bands that rework traditional folk music, including MOBO-nominated "Best African Act" The Owiny Sigoma Band (2011) and Greek psych band Mavrika (2012). Where to Go beautifully combines the influence of Gustavo Santaolalla's Latin American folk and Steve Reich's African-styled rhythms. For fans of Steve Reich, David Pajo/Papa M, Gustavo Santaolalla, and Dirty Three.



VA: Our Beat is Still New - Take 2 12" (WPH NEWBEAT3) 12.50
This third volume in WPH's Our Beat is Still New project completes the 12 tracks that form the album. The A-side opens up with the Dresden counterpart to WPH, the Uncanny Valley family of Jacob Korn, Credit 00, and Sneaker. With "Drum Abuse" they provide the roughest track of the compilation, and one that will have techno DJs play new beat again. The second track on the A-side comes courtesy of Jacques Renault and Mark Verbos aka Goodnight Moon, giving a serious New York rendition of new beat. On the B-side we have Social Disco Club and Outlander, both no strangers to WPH, and both very much on point again here. Social Disco Club marries his trademark deep house sound with a new beat feel, and Outlander was pretty much there when new beat started, so he provides us with vintage machine slowness straight from new beat heaven.


WER 6761CD

HOSOKAWA, TOSHIO: Silent Flowers - String Quartets CD (WER 6761CD) 25.00
"Toshio Hosokawa's compositions for string quartet reveal a deep connection with traditional Japanese arts. His relationship to sounds is therefore fundamentally Asian, based on the idea of permanent transformation. In these string quartets, there is not a single sound whose character is not continuously modified. Effects include glissandos, trills, tremolos, harmonics, vibratos of different sorts, constantly shifting dynamics and bowings, by which the individual note is transformed into a dynamic structure. The Arditti Quartet combines innate comprehension of Hosokowa's style with the highest technical skill in these definitive performances."


YT 101EP

PIONAL: Invisible/Amenaza 12" (YT 101EP) 12.50
Pional's Invisible/Amenaza EP brings the groove and audio-perfectionism of his previous collaborations but adds an unsettling sense of paranoia which brings the music depth and tension. "Invisible Amenaza" translates as "invisible threat." Pional's influences aren't really worn on his sleeve, but the forward-thinking producer adds influences from The Zombies, Roy Ayres, and The Police into a sound that manages to work on the dancefloor as well as the headphones.

YT 2013-2EP

VA: Young Turks 2013/2 12" (YT 2013-2EP) 14.50
Young Turks are set to release a series of uniquely artworked limited edition 12"s. Each vinyl will feature two exclusive new tracks by artists affiliated with the label in 2013. At the end of the year, fans will be able to purchase a box set designed to house all of the 2013 series releases. The second of these is the release of a rare track by The xx ("Reconsider"), split with "Without," from Sampha's now sold-out Dual EP. This is the first vinyl release for "Reconsider," which was a Japanese bonus track on Coexist.



NO MAD RONIN: Chemical Planet 12" (ZAI 002EP) 14.00
Mat Ronin aka No Mad Ronin debuted on Ibadan in 2012. The original mix of title-cut "Chemical Planet" kicks things off here, a raw, dubbed-out number, built around gritty, shuffling drums, heavily-delayed chord stabs, hypnotic bass tones and tension-building atmospherics. Processed vocals are thrown into the mix as well as subtle nuances in the key elements, creating a blossoming dynamic. Following on is the Quiet Daze remix. Daze, better known as Ian Pooley, offers up a stunningly contrasting mix, opting for a more direct 4/4 feel to the drums, while stuttering synth lines and swirling atmospherics flutter around the foundations. "See the Jungle Within" winds things down with an ethereal vibe.

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