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Forced Exposure New Releases for 11/18/2013

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New music is due from AANIPAA (Mika Vainio and Stephen O'Malley), Migrations in the Dust, and Lubomyr Melnyk, while old music is due from Borbetomagus, Basic Channel, Asmus Tietchens, and Durutti Column.


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8BIT 072EP

JUNIOR GEE: Kerfuffle EP 12" (8BIT 072EP) 12.50
Based on the South Coast of England, Junior Gee has been involved in the house music scene since 1996. Known from his past releases on Plastic City, he's delivering his first EP on Gorge and Nick Curly's 8bit imprint. Six tracks from deep house to the more tech house side with early support from Mathias Kaden, Monika Kruse, Nick Curly, Gorge, Gregor Tresher, Paolo Martini, Ray Okpara, Tripmastaz, Markus Homm, Toni Rios, Bunte Bummler, Huxley, Steffen Deux, Johnny D, Tuccilo, and Ultrasone.



BORBETOMAGUS: (1st) CD (AGARIC 1980CD) 13.50
Originally released in 1995. The trio of Jim Sauter (reeds), Don Dietrich (reeds) and Donald Miller (guitar) are practically an American institution at this point. For the better part of two decades they have raised the mantle on intense improvisational sound parameters into one of the most unique sound configurations heard on planet earth. Heavy noise, deeply coiled feedback manipulation, hair-raising electronic squeal, and the ultimate in air propulsion explosiveness, all initiated by humans. Pretty much every home could use at least one Borbetomagus recording; this CD is a reissue of their debut album from 1980, with the addition of Brian Doherty on electronics. Includes a previously-unreleased track.


BORBETOMAGUS: Borbetomagus CD (AGARIC 1982CD) 15.00
1990 reissue of the trio's self-titled third LP. "There's something very exhilarating about music that revels in its own sheer noisiness. Borbetomagus sustain their caterwaul of sound with admirable stamina. The trio's interplay, as Jim Sauter has explained, is aimed at a total group sound in which individual parts merge into the whole. They get it. The bent notes, thick textures and quasi-feedback squeals of the saxophonists blend with Donald Miller's industrial strength electric guitar. Miller apparently gets his rough and grainy sound by severely overloading his amplifier and using controlled feedeback. The result is distortion so radical it makes individual notes all but impossible to pick out. You can trace some of these sounds back to conventional guitar techniques, but to list them would miss the point." --Kevin WhiteheadTrack 1 recorded live at Aimi Studio in New York, New York, September 22, 1981. Track 2 recorded live at In Roads in New York, New York, August 29, 1981. Track 3 recorded live at Bergen Community College in Paramus, New Jersey, December 1, 1981. Track 4 recorded live at The Wreck Room in Nyack, New York, June 24, 1979.



QBECK: Railway Mood EP 12" (AMAM 026EP) 12.50
Alessio Mereu is pleased to scoop up Ukrainian producer Qbeck for a full EP on AMAM, titled Railway Mood. "Eureka" has an irresistible, galloping groove, with an off-kilter tick-tock giving a countdown to eternity. Soon, after the slightly unnerving melodic plucking sounds, you can hear breathy gasps punctuating the atmosphere. Then, Hooved takes the more menacing aspects of Qbeck's original and reworks them into his own style. On the flipside, Romanian producer and Highgrade Recordings artist Mihai Popoviciu offers his own vigorous interpretation, combining Detroit otherworldliness and Chicago jacking rhythms to take you on a nocturnal cruise.


HOOVED: Timeless EP 12" (AMAMHVD 001EP) 12.50
Gaetano Vinci aka Hooved has been one of the most dependable producers on AMAM over the years, and more recently, his sound has mutated in some unexpected directions. That's why it's high time to give our knob-twiddling satyr his own special catalog code from now on. The near-15-minute "TMLSS 1" begins with a two-step beat, and as it unfolds, the beats only get more broken, causing a sense of auditory psychosis while somehow remaining calm, cool and collected. Includes a remix by Thomas Brinkmann.



VA: Rebita 74 LP (AADE 004LP) 25.50
It is with a great sense of privilege that Analog Africa presents this holy grail of Angolan popular urban music. Produced by Fadiang (Fabrica de Discos Angolana) this LP, known by music aficionados as Rebita 74, is the first LP to be recorded and pressed on Angolan soil. Released in 1973, this album is in fact a compilation of tracks by Urbano de Castro, Os Kiezos and Jovens do Prenda, the best-selling artists at that particular time, who were asked to compose four songs each, exclusively for this project. The result is a masterpiece -- one of the best LPs recorded in Angola. On 180 gram vinyl, this is a strictly limited pressing of 1000 copies.


VA: African Scream Contest: Raw & Psychedelic Afro ...Sounds From Benin & Togo 70s 2LP (AALP 063LP) 26.50
2013 repress on vinyl. Double vinyl version, in deluxe gatefold sleeve and printed inner sleeves which replicate all of the liner notes from the CD version booklet. Same 14 tracks as the CD.



VA: The Recordings of the Harisis Group from Northern Greece 1933 7" (AMA 003A-EP) 6.50
Little is known about the Harisis group that recorded the 78s found on this EP. We know their last names and the first initial of their surnames. That they hailed from the region of Northern Greece known as Epirus can be gleaned from both their repertoire and style. These four battered sides (probably the only ones they recorded and likely the best condition copies to survive the ravages of time) represent a distinct, unearthly rawness, a primal, almost dark energy that sets them apart from the other groups that recorded in the region. It is also likely that they were from Zagori, a sparsely populated area in the Pindus Mountains and contains 45 villages. Although 78s featuring songs and dance music from Epirus are scarce and desirable, the two discs by the Harisis group are vexingly rare. The archaic melodies and insistent, droning rhythms on these discs suggest a sound that is ancient and enigmatic.



AND: Ard Core Krew 12" (ANN AND-EP) 12.50
Mancunians AnD serve up three tracks on the Ann Aimee label. The titular track "Ard Core Krew" kicks things off with squealing machines, huge dump piston sounds, metallic synths and brutalist kick-drums. "Changed My View" is much the same, with every single element sounding raw, frazzled and under plenty of strain. It's a fuzzy, dirty track with lots of detailed activity as well as huge, stomping kick-drums, which pin it all together. "Free at Last" is the most propulsive and forward-moving; surging as it does on a grimy brew of splintered hi-hats, incessant kick-drums and low, fizzing frequencies.


AUS 1353EP

DEMAC & WILL SAMSON, TOM: It Grows Again EP 12" (AUS 1353EP) 14.00
After a string of releases on Drumcode Records, Pets Recordings, and Hypercolour, Tom Demac has joined forces with Will Samson in a somewhat unlikely pairing for their debut release via AUS. "It Grows Again" and "Chasing Shadows" reflects the duo's experiences with a striking blend of wistful vocals and ambient guitar swells from Will Samson and Tom's distinctive grumbling and weighty bass lines. The final track on the EP is Tom's Formula remix which seeks a more four-to-the-floor approach, led by punchy beats and groove rather than intricate vocals.


BC 002EP

BASIC CHANNEL: Phylyps Trak 12" (BC 002EP) 10.00
2013 repress. "Diggin' in the chords -- legendary blueprint techno. The main tune uses the kind of chords we all do love since Inner City's 'Big Fun' has been released. In addition the track has a sonic density which is considered as a trademark of the label. Backed by a powerful 909-groove this is one of the ultimate club anthems a DJ can't fail with. The two versions on the B-side providing the space every sound contained needs to breathe."

BC 003EP

BASIC CHANNEL: Lyot Rmx 12" (BC 003EP) 10.00
2013 repress. "Deep shaped reworks of Phylyps Trak & Lyot. The BC treatment of 'Lyot' turns the timeless, peak hour club anthem into a beautiful, warm sounding ambientish sound texture with a subtle pulsating groove. The remix of Phylyps' 'Trak 1' optimizes the features of the original tune and enforces additionally the mesmerizing potential of the track."

BC 004EP

QUADRANT: Q 1.1 12" (BC 004EP) 10.00
2013 repress. "This EP gives tribute to the blue, optimistic mood of the classic Detroit techno of the first and second generation. Driven by functional grooves which are surrendered by BC branded chords, these four tunes are a late night highlight on every floor."

BC 005EP

CYRUS: Inversion 12" (BC 005EP) 10.00
2013 repress. "The most impressive characteristic of this 12" is the further development in sound processing (filtering and modulation), which seems to have no relation to anything else within the genre. 'Inversion' is a rhythm backed journey into the world of coloured noise, while the other side delivers a repetitive, gloomy and metallic sounding ambient piece."

BC 006EP

QUADRANT: Dub 12" (BC 006EP) 10.00
2013 repress. "This 12" is the companion release to Round One's 'I'm Your Brother' (Main Street 02). The constantly modulated, organic sonical sphere of the two versions included on this 12" is a perfect match to the world of sound of BC. Although driven by subtle, deep grooves both sides are a laidback listening pleasure with a less obvious deep house characteristic."

BC 007EP

OCTAGON: Octaedre 12" (BC 007EP) 10.00
2013 repress. "The importance of this release can't be over estimated. A new concept of what a club track can be was born through the transfer of the groove away from the backing rhythm towards the sound sphere. Allied with an unique sound design this makes room for an ongoing renewal of the techno concept. Ambitious record collections are incomplete without this 12". Most futuristic & soundwise advanced release on the label."

BC 009EP

PHYLYPS: Trak 2 12" (BC 009EP) 10.00
2013 repress. "2nd in legendary trackwork series, a blueprint! Nominally related to 'Phylyps Trak 1' (Basic Channel 002) these tracks can't deny what happened meanwhile on the label. Again a unique sound design for this 12" has been done. Additionally, the mix on the untitled side releases explicitly the force out of the combination of dub with techno for the first time. This track is one of the roots for what is now known as the dub house genre."


BASIC CHANNEL: Basic Reshape 12" (BC BR) 10.00
2913 repress. "Basic Reshape features Basic Channel's very free takes of two of Carl Craig's projects that were originally released separately from each other on his own Planet E label. The Basic Reshape of 'The Climax' (which itself was originally released in 1991 on Retroactive) first appeared on the 2001 reissue of this milestone in Carl's work, is one of the most hypnotic and driving club tracks that Mark Ernestus and Moritz von Oswald have produced in their 'post Basic Channel' period. 'Remake' Basic Reshape from 1994 relates to 'Remake Uno/Duo', Carl's sample-based re-interpretation of Manuel Göttschings epochal 'E2-E4'. Basic Channel take a radical, abstract, sample-free approach with a breathtaking slow motion groove under a multilayered sound sphere. This track also appeared on the Basic Channel CD."


QUADRANT: Infinition 12" (BC QD) 10.00
2013 repress. "The Quadrant EP, originally released in 1993 on Carl Craig's Planet E label, was a one-off project by producer duo Mark Ernestus and Moritz von Oswald, also known from their work as Basic Channel, Maurizio/M-Series, Rhythm & Sound and others. Out of print for nearly half a decade, this reissue features the two main titles that reverberate an early 90s Detroit techno vibe and combine it with an early imprint of Basic Channel's timeless trademark sound aesthetic."



CUT HANDS: Damballah 58 12" (BLACKEST 022EP) 14.50
Damballah 58 is the monstrous sequel to 2012's deadly Black Mamba 12". The title-track's diabolically addictive vaudou rhythms insinuate deeply before uncoiling convulsively into an irrevocable reclamation of the consciousness. The B-side features "Mamba Muntu" (sister track to the previous "River Mumma" and "Witness the Spread of the Dream"), the treacherously beautiful "Belladonna Theme," and the marauding, burning rush of "Immersion." Written and produced by William Bennett. Original vévé artwork by Mimsy DeBlois. Cut by Noel Summerville at 3345 Mastering, London. 12" vinyl housed in reverse board picture sleeve.



SCNTST: Percee Scan 12" (BNR 109EP) 14.00
"When I signed SCNTST (Bryan Müller) he was about to turn 17 years-old and by that time he was already making really good techno, house and breaks tracks. BNR released his first two EPs Monday and Premelodic Structures and he started touring the world. Within the following two years, his production skills and taste developed into an open electronic sound which beautifully combines basically anything possible. His musical influences range from Aphex Twin to J Dilla to Boys Noize to Warp to Hard Wax." --Alex Ridha (Boys Noize) about SCNTST



RUH, DANA: Mawan EP 12" (BQD 031EP) 12.50
Brouqade 031 features Dana Ruh, bringing classic house vibes to keep your hearts warm as things begin to cool down. "Mawan" is a beatless percussion-based track with beautiful vox. Fred P's Reshape of "Mawan" brings the thump while still bringing a classic deep house flavor with dubby pads and classic piano notes. It's sure to liven up the dancefloor while still keeping the poetic and beautiful vibe of the original. Lastly, "Blue Moon" is a more dancefloor-ready track. On this one Dana mixes elements of deep house and techno together flawlessly, creating an extremely nice, spaced-out groove.


BB 143LP

TIETCHENS, ASMUS: In die Nacht LP (BB 143LP) 21.00
LP version, on 180 gram vinyl. Bureau B reissues Asmus Tietchens' third solo album on Sky Records, originally released in 1982. It stands to reason that any musical journey undertaken by a skeptic like Asmus Tietchens is destined to head into the night (In die Nacht) rather than into the day. In die Nacht, the third album in the so-called time signal ("Zeitzeichen") phase, continuing in the same vein as Biotop (BB 141CD/LP) and Spät-Europa (BB 142CD/LP), while laying down its own stylistic markers, no doubt attributable to the sizeable challenges facing the composer. Time, or the lack thereof, was the most pressing concern. With only a few weeks available in which to produce the record, he had to rein in his ambition. In the past, Tietchens had seldom allowed tracks to exceed three minutes in length, avoiding the effect of "musical drift"; hence, the ideas came thick and fast on his previous two albums. This time around, in creative terms -- and with all due meticulousness -- he needed to be more economical. Four of the tracks turned out far wider-ranging than they might have done under different circumstances. Ironically, these are the very pieces which lend the album its enduring character. The exuberantly stumbling rhythm of "Höhepunkt kleiner Mann" is as typical as the dark mood of the title-track, although jaunty and highly-charged tones creep into the latter. "Regenwald," on the other hand, carries the listener off to a magical sonic setting, a hypnotic allure underneath pulsating rhythms. Such a display of color is akin to the atmosphere of Max Ernst's jungle paintings. In technical terms, In die Nacht differed notably from its predecessors as Tietchens now had access to a Polymoog, enabling him to play chords. The Minimoog and rhythm machine he had used until then were deliberately pushed into the background; the drum machine in particular was drastically taken out of the mix. The creative versatility of this relatively modest equipment still appears remarkable today.

BB 151LP

SCHICKERT, GUNTER: Kinder in der Wildnis LP (BB 151LP) 21.00
LP version, on 180 gram vinyl. The fact that this album appeared at all in 1983 owes less to Günter Schickert and more to Steven and Alan Freeman, who sought him out for their Krautrock encyclopedia The Crack in the Cosmic Egg. On learning that Schickert had heaps of recordings in his archive, the Freeman brothers proposed compiling an album. Schickert agreed and handed over material which the English YHC label had released in cassette form. Kinder in der Wildnis is a more heterogeneous album than either of its predecessors, understandably so, since the pieces it contains are not immediately related to one another. Occasionally (above all, on the two bonus tracks -- available here for the first time), the influence of Neue Deutsche Welle (German new wave), virtually omnipresent in that era, may be detected. For the most part, however, Schickert stays true to form and creates layers of hypnotic, filigree echo patterns, frequently accompanied by a dragging beat. To add to the atmosphere, he mixed in dummy head recordings made in Kreuzberg on New Year's Eve, 1980. In the following decade he augmented these with corresponding recordings from New Year's Eve, 1990. A rare treat awaits on the title track -- his four year-old daughter can clearly be heard singing the chorus at full pelt. Günter Schickert remains one of the greats of the Krautrock underground. Alongside his solo album work, he was a member of GAM, No Zen, and Ziguri Ego Zoo and composed a wealth of music for theater. He also painted (the drawings in the booklet, for example) and worked as a multimedia artist. His career in music began in the late 1960s, early 1970s in Berlin's legendary Zodiak Free Arts Lab (founded by Konrad Schnitzler and Hans-Joachim Roedelius). Among the similarly creative free spirits he met here was a certain Klaus Schulze, then drumming for Tangerine Dream. He would later join Schulze on tour as a roadie and musician and sometimes looked after Schulze's house when he was on the road. They recorded an album together in 1975 and intended to release it under the title Ich bin zwei Öltanks ("I am two oil tanks"). Alas, it would be another 38 years until it saw the light of day (with the rather more sensible title of The Schulze-Schickert Session). Today, amongst other things, Günter Schickert is back touring with his old band, Ziguri.


CH 110LP

PRIMITIVE CALCULATORS: The World Is Fucked LP (CH 110LP) 17.00
LP version with download code. Thirty-five years after they first crawled out of dark, suburban Springvale to spew their synth-punk filth over Melbourne and beyond, Primitive Calculators have made their first-ever studio album, aptly entitled The World Is Fucked. Stuart Grant, Denise Hilton, Dave Light, and Frank Lovece formed Primitive Calculators in 1978. They existed in bitter antipathy and vile hedonism in St. Kilda and Fitzroy until 1980, reformed briefly to appear in the 1986 film Dogs in Space (starring INXS' Michael Hutchence), and then reconvened more permanently in 2009, at the invitation of the Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds-curated All Tomorrow's Parties festival at Mount Buller. Their original releases, classic synth-punk single I Can't Stop It/Do That Dance in 1979 and a posthumous live album from 1982, are now Holy Grails for collector scum around the world. French label Desire Records reissued both records in limited vinyl editions. Despite their vicious reputation, Primitive Calculators actually nurtured a thriving community of impromptu bands around them, now renowned worldwide as the "Little Bands" scene, including groups like Thrush And The C**ts, Too Fat To Fit Through The Door, and the incredible Take. Recorded with Neil Thomason (My Disco, The Slits) and mastered by David Walker (Lost Animal, Pikelet, Twerps, etc.), The World Is Fucked pulls no punches across its nine one-word songs. The sound is a kind of shimmering ball of white noise and malice, a floating miasma filled with all the bile most people never let emerge from their subconscious. The album also includes their version of a song they have been playing since the late '70s, "Nothing" by New York outsiders The Fugs. Thirty-five years later, bleaker, harsher and more desperately hilarious than ever, Primitive Calculators present The World Is Fucked -- the ultimate aural statement of aging, despair, and futility.

CH 116LP

STEVENS, THE: A History of Hygiene LP (CH 116LP) 17.00
LP version with download code. Melbourne scratchy pop foursome The Stevens formed in 2011 around guitarist (and now Twerps drummer) Alex Macfarlane and NZ-born axe-slinger Travis MacDonald. The band now also includes bassist Gus Lord (Boomgates) and drummer Matt Harkin. Earlier this year, Chapter Music reissued the band's 2012 self-titled EP, six insanely catchy songs that haunt your ears for much longer than the record's 13-minute duration. Now Chapter is very excited to announce A History of Hygiene, The Stevens' debut album. A History of Hygiene is markedly different from the EP, an impressionist whirlwind of song fragments and frenetic anxiety-pop classics, sequenced almost without pause in a heady 24-song, 44-minute rush. First single "Hindsight" was premiered in early October by Ad Hoc, and was picked up by the likes of Pitchfork and the Guardian and played on BBC 6. Drummer Tam Matlakowski (Pop Singles) and bassist Callum Foley appear on the album, but departed the band in late 2012. The Stevens are now made up of two pairs of childhood friends -- Alex and Gus have known each other since they were babies, and Matt and Travis went to school together in Victoria's Central Goldfields. The Stevens formed when Travis moved to Melbourne, met Alex, and the pair decided to combine their respective solo projects into a single band. Much of the album was recorded by Eddy Current/Total Control guitarist Mikey Young (whose vast recording CV includes Chapter bands Dick Diver, Twerps, and Fabulous Diamonds), and the rest handled by the band themselves. A History of Hygiene was mastered by MacDonald family friend Tex Houston, who has worked with the likes of the Clean, the 3Ds, and the Verlaines.



GALLON DRUNK: Live at Clouds Hill 10" (CLOUDS 045EP) 15.50
Mini-album on 10" vinyl with five exclusive live recordings. This version will be not released on digital or on CD. First press is on white vinyl. After starting the band in 1989, Gallon Drunk went through a lot of changes, but have refocused their distinctive musical vision in 2012 with a collection of impassioned songs, imbued with pure mania, despair and abandonment onto the record The Road Gets Darker from Here. Featuring founder, frontman, and former Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds member James Johnston (vocals, organ, guitar, harmonica, piano), Leo Kurunis (bass), Terry Edwards (saxophone and percussion) and Ian White (drums, percussion), each of the acclaimed London band members are playing in other bands as well (e.g. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Tindersticks, PJ Harvey, Lydia Lunch, Faust).


BOSNIAN RAINBOWS: Live at Clouds Hill 10" (CLOUDS 051EP) 15.50
Exclusive mini-album on 10" vinyl with seven exclusive live recordings. This version will be not released digitally or on CD. First pressing is on white vinyl. In September 2012, Bosnian Rainbows embarked upon its first tour under the banner of the Omar Rodriguez Lopez Group. Before the tour, the band spent time rehearsing and recording a live session at Clouds Hill Recordings in Hamburg, Germany. After the European leg of the tour, they returned to the studio to record their debut album. Regarding the band's influences and aesthetic, Rodriguez Lopez noted, "These are very much shorter, more to-the-point songs [than The Mars Volta's]. They still have spaces that stretch out, but what I mean to say is that it's all the same influences ... Can is there, Siouxsie And The Banshees is there, Gang Of Four is there, all the Led Zeppelin, whatever... it's just different elements of those things."



THOR: Connaisseur Iconography Part 2 12" (CNS 062EP) 12.50
When Connaisseur Recordings released Thor's "Yellow Sky Over Reykjavík" on the first part of their Icelandic Lost Tracks series in 2010, they were proud beyond words to discover such an outstanding and still unreleased track from one of their heroes from the '90s. When they decided to do the Iconography series with its wonderful artwork, split in four parts and illustrated by Julia Humpfer, they knew they had to use this bomb for it, but also that they had to choose the remixers wisely. Prins Thomas and Baikal interpreted the tune in a very personal way, but with full respect for the original parts.


DEC 1201EP

CYBOTRON: Clear/Techno City 12" (DEC 1201EP) 13.00
"Inspired by a combination of George Clinton's midwestern funk, Kraftwerk's eclectic synth-pop, Yellow Magic Orchestra's electronic experimentation, and futurist authors like Alvin Toffler and Ray Kurzweil, Michigan's Juan Atkins, Richard '3070' Davis, and John 'Jon 5' Housley would form the group Cybotron in 1980. Their sound was an amalgamation of Detroit funk mixed with a post-industrial electronic sound that helped shape the foundation and early evolution of techno music, and the electro-defined funk music of the 1980s. By far their most influential and celebrated composition appeared as the final track on their 1983 debut Enter, which would later be reissued in 1990 under the famed track's title. The song was called 'Clear.' It has sold over 50,000 copies since its release as a 12" single, and the British avant garde magazine The Wire has referred to the song as a 'groundbreaking, first-generation piece of pure machine music.' For many people, the song's main selling point is its' instantly recognizable loop, which has been a staple of hip-hop sampling, having appeared on tracks by the likes of T.I., Missy Elliot, Poison Clan, Blowfly, and many more. Thirty years later, Decision Records recognizes the impact and full extent of this Cybotron single, and presents 'Clear' reissued in its original 12" format, featuring an alternate remix, and vocal/instrumental mixes of the B-side, 'Techno City,' another important Cybotron release, which Jon Savage of the Guardian has referred to as 'a perfect fusion of technology, ambient mood and human warmth from a time when people were not afraid to project into the future.'"



TUFF CITY KIDS: Roby Tease 12" (DSR H7-EP) 12.50
Running Back boss Gerd Janson and fellow German Phillip Lauer are Tuff City Kids and are the next pairing to contribute to Delsin's house-leaning series. Their only previous EP came on Ostgut sub-label Unterton and the tracks they offer up here continue in a similarly raw and analog house vein. "HFS" is a louche and laid-back affair. It's a spacious track with plenty of ambient textures as well as hollow-sounding melodies and more grating percussive stabs. "Wendy (Girlfriend 43 Piano Mix)" is underpinned by a rasping, hiccupping bass line and is built on heavy rubber kicks while a lead melody brings a sense of brightness to the otherwise murky mix. "Reeze" is a sketchy slo-jam that will work crowds into a stupor with ease.



EVIL C & THE HUSTLER: Get Up EP 12" (DER 013EP) 14.00
Do Easy Record's 13th release brings us a 1999 classic: "Get Up" by Evil C & The Hustler, with a massive "Industrial Remix" from Julien Bracht. Played by Ricardo Villalobos, Sonja Moonear, and Cristi Cons.



AANIPAA: Through a Pre-Memory 2LP (EMEGO 175LP) 29.00
Gatefold double LP version. "Mika Vainio and Stephen O'Malley are both seminal figures in the experimental underground having established themselves in the epoch-defining acts Pan Sonic and SunnO))). While they explored different worlds, one abstracted guitar drone metal, the other hard rhythms and analog atmospheres, there was always an underlying thread which bound both acts: massive blocks of sound, vast cavernous spaces, a sense of drama and the foreboding along with a deep exploration of the physical experience unlike any previously experienced. Pan Sonic and SunnO))) first collaborated together on a Suicide cover version for a Blast First Petite series in 2007/2008, and following this, Mika and Stephen decided to collaborate further with what eventually became the ÄÄNIPÄÄ sessions. Recorded at Einstürzende Neubauten's Andere Baustelle Tonstudio in Berlin and mixed at Avast! (Soundgarden, Earth) in Seattle over an extended period, the results see individual approaches coalesce into a monumental whole. The signature motifs of both players are to be found here: the sparse, crushing rhythms of Vainio's minimalist techno alongside the black-hole drones of O'Malley's guitar workouts. It is the alchemical combination of these elements that shifts this release into a new world of burning intensity. At once unholy and emotional, Through a Pre-Memory takes the listener on a vast journey. On "Toward All Thresholds" immense bleak landscapes succumb to sparse glacial rhythms. "Mirror of Mirror Dreams" holds itself in reflective terrain as string arrangements by Eyvind Kang are played with Moriah Neils (contrabass) and Maria Scherer Wilson's (cello), providing desolate strokes to the cleansing ambient landscape preceding it. A new level of terror is reached on the epic "Muse" and "Watch over Stillness/Matters Principle," as the writings of Russian modernist poet Anna Akhmatova are put to music and sung/spoken/screamed by Alan Dubin (Khanate/GNAW/O.L.D.). These monumental texts which book-end this LP are at once ravenous and destructive. The shredding light shining through an impossible black. Through a Pre-Memory is a deep, immersive experience from two of the most extreme forward-thinking music/sound practitioners today." --Press release by Mark Harwood, 9/13, London; Music by Mika Vainio & Stephen O'Malley with Alan Dubin (vocals), Eyvind Kang (viola), Moriah Neils (contrabass), Maria Scherer Wilson (cello). String arrangements by Eyvind Kang, tape manipulations by Randall Dunn.



Feeding Tube is chuffed to present the first vinyl offering from Moscow's berserk Asian Women On The Telephone. Formed as a duo in 2007, they have since expanded (in all directions) to assume sextet form, with stage names worthy of Smegma -- Oriental Yid (drums, guitar), Good Enough Freundin (guitar, vocal, drums), Brown Polizei (keyboards, voice, bass), Divine Gift (percussion, voice), Mutter Land (drums, percussion, bass), and Lewd Primat (bass, voice). Many of their insane, extremely theatrical performances are available for peeping on YouTube, and they have quite a bit of music available for download as well. But let's face it, records are the way to go. And Ivan is a doozy. The closest easy comparison to extant sounds would be to some of the weirder outfits of the Neue Deutsch Welle -- with hints of Malaria!, Abwarts, Die Tödliche Doris and various other Zick Zack, Monogam and Pure Freude label outfits. The music is alternately spacey and rhythmic with classic neo-industrial underpinnings, sputum-rich vocals and thick gobs of string and/or key noise. Of course, we can't understand a goddamn thing they're singing, but that does nothing to detract from the rich sonic palette they create. Squeaking like Kleenex one moment and throbbing like Mouth Crazy the next. Impenetrable song-titles, mysterious graphics, zero information... what more could any fan of mystery aktion ask for? Edition of 300 copies.


NOISE NOMADS: Ernest Thrasher LP (FTR 132LP) 16.50
Back when I was about six months older than I am now, I used to see these bumper stickers around town that said, "There is Nothing Like a Grateful Dead Concert." My first reaction was to say, "Thank fuck," since the last Dead show I saw (Jersey City 8/6/74) pretty much blew. Then I remembered that last goddamn Dead show anyone saw was almost 20 years ago (Chicago 7/9/95) and it makes me wonder what kinda stupid pills the cars' occupants have been snorting. 'Cause Jesus, there're all sorts of things like a goddamn Dead show. I won't name 'em since they mostly suck. But there are plenty of 'em. What there are not plenty of is things like a Noise Nomads show. If you ever saw one, you know what I mean. Caveman percussion, noise and action all mooshed into a huge art-apocalypse that happens one time and then never happens quite the same way again. Jeff Hartford -- Mr. Noise Nomad, himself -- approaches every show like a happening, and he creates a vibe and vision that will hang in yr head and ears long after the fire has burned out (as it were). He does the same thing with his albums, of which there have been three on vinyl previously. Realizing that visuals don't mean DICK when yr listening to a record, Mr. Hartford cuts way back on the performance hijinks, and focuses on dastard electronics. His approach on Thrasher is to offer up two extended pieces, created from oscillating tones that are knobbed into pitch variations in a way that maintain equal levels of aggression and abstraction. In the studio, Hartford approaches synths less like the ass-up twiddlers of the recent past than the wilder analog brain-scramblers of early generations. The material on Thrasher reminds me a lot of guys who felt like they were creating "pure noise" back in the '70s. Music that when revisited later showed itself to be complicated, textural, and really quite beautiful in ways no one imagined possible when they wrote their first review of Metal Machine Music. This is a great, time-warping set of sounds. Bending both contemporary time-as-heard and historical time-as-prologue. Good stuff. Although, still, there is nothing like a Noise Nomads concert. Nothing.



DDD & MTSP: FurTrade 14 12" (FURV 014EP) 12.50
Montreal producer Bowly released his debut EP on Berkane Sol to great fanfare, so this scorching follow-up on Fur Trade has been a long time coming. From the opening bars of "Red Right Nighter," it's evident that the Knife & Fork crew captain has matured behind the controls, delivering a pitched-down evolution of his UK funky calling card that borrows equal parts reggaeton swagger and Balaeric tempos. On "MTSP1," omnipresent drum machines turn that funky twitch into a slow-cruising electro nighttime drive. Bowly exercises his 303 muscle with "Tristan," tipping his hat to early Chicago acid house. Finisher "Siula Grande" turns those very acid ingredients skyward, toward the kosmische stars.



FLIGHT FACILITIES: Claire de Lune 12" (FCL 090EP) 14.00
The innocence of Christine Hoberg's vocal on "Clair De Lune" slowly but quietly crept its way into a lot of people's lives. The Claude Debussy-inspired track could only demand equally tasteful remixes. Starting with Norwegian disco god Prins Thomas; the seemingly quiet tastemaker goes about his work with effortless ease, and puts his sophisticated take on the Flight Facilities eight-minute journey. Crazy P, known for their fun stage shows and infectious original music, apply the combined skills of Hot Toddy and Ron Basejam. It's a slow-burning ear-worm that becomes more addictive with each listen.


BAIO: Mira EP 12" (FCL 101EP) 14.00
2013 sees a return from Baio with the Mira EP, which expands on an already vast and abstract sound while maintaining an irresistible, sun-drenched vibe. On "Banj," Baio demonstrates his ability to produce mind-bending electronic music via doses of layered percussion, luscious, deep-down bass and pitched vocal edits. Title-track "Mira" will be sure to make dancefloors move effortlessly with its euphoric, house-inspired synth stabs and throbbing bass progressions. "Welterweight's" undeniable bounce is brought to life via sinister bass and humanized by Baio's yearning vocals and blissful synths. Includes download code.


GET 54061CD

"In 1968, Chess Records' lesser known subsidiary Checker Records engaged in an interesting experiment. Perhaps inspired by similar blues super groups such as Cream and Steampacket, or 1964's Two Great Guitars, which paired Bo Diddley recording alongside Chuck Berry, Checker brought together some of the best artists in their roster - Diddley, Muddy Waters, and Little Walter - to combine their talents into an album of hard-hitting, soulful Chicago blues. The three bluesmen were brought together by legendary R&B producer Ralph Bass to record Super Blues, an informal jam session which featured a backing band of blues greats such as Buddy Guy on guitar, and Otis Spann on piano. Critics remain divided over the merits of Super Blues as an album, but most agree it occupies a remarkable place in history both as an experiment and as a shape of things to come. Recorded at a time when electric blues' influence on the mainstream was at its height, shades of Waters & Bo's future proto-funk experimentation can be heard throughout Super Blues' rough-at-the-seams, yet still loose and relaxed tracks."

GET 54061LP

LP version.



WICKED LADY: Psychotic Overkill 2LP (GUESS 099LP) 34.50
2013 repress; Double LP version. Second volume to complete the anthology of Wicked Lady recordings, their final tracks recorded in 1972, just before the band split up and guitarist Martin Weaver left for Dark (of Round The Edges fame). Another batch of excessive, over-the-top, doom-y psychedelic hard-rock including underground classics like "I'm A Freak" and the 21-minute epic "Ship Of Ghosts." Maximum sound quality, new artwork and an insert with liner notes by psychedelic guitar god, Martin Weaver, telling the real story behind Wicked Lady for the first time.


THUNDERTREE: Thundertree LP (GUESS 121LP) 25.50
Coming from the same Minneapolis '60s scene which spawned bands like The Litter, Thundertree evolved from garage band The Good Idea. In 1970 they released their sole album for the Roulette label: a perfect example of the transition from psychedelia to hard-rock and early progressive sounds. Killer fuzzed-out guitar, organ, and powerful vocals. Including hard-psych classics like "In the Morning" and "Room at the Top of the Stairs" along with the monstrous 17-minute long "2025" suite. For this, the first-ever legit vinyl reissue of Thundertree, Guerssen has included two previously-unreleased tracks: "Pepper Palace" (a great psychedelic number) plus a storming cover of "Sixteen Tons," which was the signature song in Thundertree's live shows. Both tracks were recorded at UA Studios, Minneapolis, in 1970. Includes an insert with lot of pictures and bio notes by Billy Hallquist (Thundertree, Persephone Billy). 24-bit remastered sound.


VESCOLI, TONI: Information LP (GUESS 122LP) 25.50
In 1970, when Swiss garage-beat band Les Sauterelles split, their leader, Toni Vescoli, decided to start a solo career. At first, inspired by Dylan, he thought of going strictly acoustic, but he soon changed his mind and started incorporating psychedelic and electric elements to his sound, such as feedback, primitive drum machines, guitars and vocals filtered through Leslie speakers etc., as he was also influenced by bands like Pink Floyd and King Crimson. He also incorporated into his repertoire some of the songs he had written for the never-recorded Sauterelles concept album, Seven Deadly Sins. In 1971, Toni released his debut solo album, Information, a folk-rock/psychedelic gem which reflected his influences at the time: folk, rock, psychedelia, and progressive-rock. From fragile acoustic numbers to dark, wigged-out psychedelic tracks, this is highly recommended to anyone into C.Q.-era Outsiders or Frank Nuyen's Rainman album. Stunning mastertape sound, original gatefold sleeve, repro of the rare poster and insert with detailed liner-notes by Mike Stax.


HYR7 126EP

The Hell Yeah label-boss first heard Alexander Robotnick's "Undicidisco" track in a set by Justin VanDerVolgen. He went to ask what it was and turns out the track had only been released digitally. Keen to give it the full release it deserved on wax, he fully licensed it and got a remix from the man who first played it, as presented here. The track itself is seven minutes of playfully droning bass synths and boom-bap percussion. Doc Martin's remix of "Flashmob" is a heavyweight shuffling bit of house funk with a tight, knotted, and tumbling bass refrain propping up soaring diva vocals and grainy, infectious claps. Artwork designed by Andrea Amaducci.


HT 008EP

MR G: A G Moment EP 10" (HT 008EP) 14.00
Mr. G returns to Tomoki Tamura's label with another session of insatiable tech soul. One of the most venerated men in techno, Colin McBean paints from a strictly timeless sound palette. Refusing to kowtow to any trends or fads, both he and his collection of analog hardware have remained highly relevant and well-respected for almost 15 years. "A G Moment" struts with Detroit-ian distinction, the groove awash with thick, woozy chords. "So Get Down" follows with percussive panache. A forthright fusion of thundering kicks and rolling bongos, we're soon introduced to a cheeky snippet of a very well-known vocal.



VA: Jukebox Jam Volume 2 2LP (JMAN 062LP) 25.50
Deluxe gatefold double LP version in pasteback sleeve. The original Jukebox Jam!: Blues & Rhythm Revue (JMAN 045CD) compilation album was released in 2011, a collection which brought together the dynamic and varied R&B sounds of Liam Large's London-based club night and reissue label. With an action-packed, all-killer set, it quickly became an instant classic, a comp of vintage sounds which truly stood out in an ever-saturated market. Two years on, and we are proud to unleash the second volume of Jukebox Jam, another collection of 23 obscure masterpieces from mid-century America. Perhaps even more ambitious than the first volume, the follow-up broadens the scope of investigation by digging both deeper back into the 1940s, with a couple of jazzy blues numbers, and further into the 1960s, with gritty rock and roll and early Detroit soul both featuring prominently. In between these sounds, there's of course a healthy fill of dirty '50s blues, jumping R&B and swinging popcorn, but it's safe to say that on this set, the surprises come a little more frequently. Jukebox Jam Volume 2 is another essential classic in waiting.



SMART, LEROY: The Don Tells It Like It Is... LP (KSLP 045LP) 14.00
LP version. Reggae singer and producer Leroy Smart, the self-proclaimed Don, carries much respect in the Jamaican musical community. He came through the Alpha Boys School in Kingston that produced the cream of Jamaican artistic talent -- such legends as Don Drummond, Tommy McCook, and Johnny Dizzy Moore, to name but a few. Leroy Smart's talent lay in his vocal attacking style that gives his lyrics and tune that extra meaning. His best work came in the heady mid '70s, working with "The Hitmaker from Jamaica" Mr. Bunny Striker Lee. Bunny put Leroy Smart on some of his best rhythms, starting in 1973 with "God Helps the Man" and "Wreck Up My Life." Other killer hits were to follow such as "Mr. Smart," "Pride and Ambition," "Bad Minded People" and "Mr. Richman." All tracks tell it like it is. Kingston Sounds has compiled all these cuts together, every song a story in itself, told only as Leroy Smart could.



DURUTTI COLUMN, THE: A Paean to Wilson 2CD (KOOKY 029CD) 18.00
2013 repress, originally issued 2010. A Paean to Wilson was arguably The Durutti Column's most important and consistent piece of work since the demise of Factory Records in the early 1990s. Manchester International Festival of Music commissioned it for their festival in July 2009. Vini Reilly had already composed pieces for Tony Wilson to listen to while he was ill in the hospital and it was from here that the project developed. With Reilly and drummer Bruce Mitchell augmented by bass, keyboard, violin, electric piano, drum machine, and trumpet, the band's beautiful pieces reflected Wilson's love of rock and classical. Reilly's plangent guitar work showed grief's emotional spectrum, from sadness to overdriven anger. As in life, Wilson had the last word, his recorded voice expounding thoughts on Socialism with an eerie echo. Ever-critical of Vini's voice, but ever a fierce champion of his talent, the late Tony Wilson would surely appreciate this instrumental tribute by The Durutti Column.



This record represents The Cairo Jazz Band responding to the American jazz scene of the '60s and '70s, with influences from Mongo Santamaria to Randy Weston and Sun Ra. These tracks were first presented by The Ministry of Culture in Cairo as a Prism Music Production and released with an additional disk by the composer Soliman Gamil. The release of this music marks the first time Salah Ragab and The Cairo Jazz Band's definitive works have been presented to the West.


SUN RA & HIS ARKESTRA: The Lost Arkestra Series Part 2 10" (KSAY OFF2-EP) 12.50
Three tracks taken from Sun Ra's Cosmo Earth Fantasy album. The A-side features an amazing track filled with African rhythms and percussion called "The World of Africa," followed by "Love Is Always," a beautiful downtempo jazz composition. The B-side contains a wild version of "Space Is the Place," full of chanting and free improvisation.


LQ 001CD

LUND QUARTET: Lund Quartet CD (LQ 001CD) 15.50
Lund Quartet is an instrumental band from Bristol. Five years in the making, their unique approach to music blends the space of the Scandinavian jazz scene with the creative opportunities of subtle turntablism. These highly-skilled players seek a careful balance between precision and improvisation, combining the power of a jazz piano trio with the solo recordings of specially-recorded performances of local musicians, both straight and scratched. Lund Quartet consists of the self-taught Simon Adcock on piano and Theremin, hip-hop producer Jake Wittlin on turntable, and the dub, ska and drum 'n' bass-influenced Rob Childs and Sam Muscat on double bass and drums. In 2010, they decided to dedicate themselves to the Lund Quartet by renting out an industrial unit in a car mechanic's yard and building their own studio with scavenged materials and equipment. This ability to build from the most diverse of sources is at the heart of the Lund Quartet manifesto. At ease with technology, their compositions often form around the recording of a hypnotic groove, then inviting someone to play over it. This is then chopped up, sampled and replayed through the turntable. A rhythmic pulse of the double bass. A train-track drum pattern and an emotional sweep of piano keys. Then along comes the gloriously plaintive Afro horns, distorted and scratched. Already making radio waves from Gilles Peterson on Radio 1 to Radio 3's Late Junction, Lund Quartet are taking their sound to a wider world of jazz, hip-hop, and electronica.

LQ 001LP

LUND QUARTET: Lund Quartet LP (LQ 001LP) 15.50
LP version.



BAIKAL: Why Don't Ya? EP 12" (MAEVE 002EP) 14.00
Maeve is the record label run by three close friends, Mano Le Tough, The Drifter, and Baikal. Maeve 02 consists of two versions of Baikal's "Why Don't Ya?" from friends of the label, Ripperton and Dixon. Ripperton turns Baikal's "Why Don't Ya" into a 14-minute epic. Dixon gives Ripperton's remix his concise edit treatment on the flip. The tracks have had huge responses worldwide and have appeared on Dixon's BBC Essential Mix and Sasha's Mixmag mix.



HURLEY, MICHAEL: Land of Lo-Fi LP (MRP 052LP) 13.00
"You could be sitting there wondering why Mississippi releases such a huge amount of records by Michael Hurley (this is our eighth). To put it as mildly as we can - Hurley is by and large one of the greatest song writers of all time and we consider it an important part of our mission to get the world aware of his awesome talent. Here we have Hurley's latest batch of home recordings and believe me when I say they are some of his best songs ever. It's unusual for a man 50 years into his recording career to come up with some of his greatest songs yet, but here 'tis. Hurley plays heart breakers solo with guitar and/or organ accompaniment, along with three tracks where he is joined by the beautiful voice of Jolie Holland. Some incredible new songs such as the eerie 'Alligator in the Water,' the poignant and all too true 'Disaster at the Wheel,' the utterly cosmic 'Corridor,' the near avant garde 'Doin' the Opossum,' the stone cold intense 'You Got to Die' and on and on. True geniuses are hard to come by, so wake on up and give this record a long hard listen. If it doesn't move you, then I don't know what will."



COHEN, CHARLES: The Middle Distance LP (DOSER 019LP) 20.00
Morphosis' Morphine Records boldly steps into the archives of one of Philadelphia's best-kept underground secrets: synth composer, Charles Cohen. This excellent release beholds seven key tracks (recorded between 1979-1988) that go into uncharted polyrhythmic/ambient/cosmic territory. The label says "First chapter in the trilogy of Charles Cohen retrospective works, featuring some of his early works from the Philadelphia's 'No Man's Land' art installment, the 'University Of Texas in El Paso,' and 'The Painted Bride' art center performances. This release also features the track 'Dance of the Spiritcatchers,' which previously appeared on the Music from No Man's Land EP by Ghostwriters, a split record with Jeff Cain, originally issued in 1980 on Zero Records." Issued in three parts, this vinyl series will culminate in a full CD release.



MIGRATIONS IN RUST: Two Shadows LP (NNA 065LP) 18.00
"Migrations in Rust is Jesse Allen. As a member of the Red Light District collective in Queens, NY (which has included some of the best in modern experimental musicians such as Yellow Tears, Pharmakon, John Mannion, Diaphragm, DJ Dog Dick, and a slurry of other side projects, solo projects, and collaborations), former member of the Cathode Terror Secretion and current performer in Cowards, in addition to producing and performing under the guise of several other solo projects (Hollow Seed, Goldeater, etc), Jesse has been actively pursuing many diverse avenues for his musical expression. Migrations in Rust, whose original sonic intentions could have at one time been more easily categorized as ambient music, has slowly shifted towards the unrecognizable. Migrations in Rust has ascertained as Jesse's longest running solo endeavor and holds as his most personal, having transformed from merely a study of emotion and a practice of understanding emotions into something altogether more grand and wholly personal. Three years in the making, during which Jesse relocated from New York City to the valley of Western Massachusetts, Two Shadows communicates the yolk of this transformation. The elements of interplay between turmoil and tranquility, and the means of composing organically to achieve these results, have been filtered through new approaches in an attempt to reach closer to a finer understanding of grace, and towards more precisely using music and sound as a vessel of psychic emotional transmission. Throughout the record, orchestral landscapes blend with rustling concrete textures, settling in a purgatory between melancholy bleakness and slow-burning serenity. Each second is densely packed with incredible detail and carefully-layered instrumentation, crafted with an expansive palette of acoustic, electronic, and naturally-occurring sound sources. Amorphous melodic passages travel with well-paced fluidity from one idea to the next, producing a dream-like narrative. At times placid and evocative, Two Shadows also has a tendency to teeter on the edge of powerful ferocity, sometimes brewing with crackling fury while tastefully maintaining the restraint not to explode into outright violence. This shifting temper is constructed with elements of noise, ambient, hip hop, musique concréte, and sci-fi R&B, all finding their place in the innovative tapestry that unfolds across Two Shadows."



CORBIE: Emotion.Remxs 12" (NEK 010EP) 12.50
Not much is known about Lithuania's Corbie besides that he's classically-trained, composes music for children's theater productions, and avoids plug-ins and samples. He solicited Nuearth Kitchen with demos and impressed them enough to merit a 12" single containing two tracks remixed from his unreleased e.motion.s album by two of the world's most slyly subversive house producers: DJ Sprinkles (Terre Thaemlitz) and Juju & Jordash. The original "Arktika" is a fantasia of lush, romantic synth washes and suavely understated beats that could've come off Roxy Music's Avalon. "Sprinkles' Deeperama" reconfigures it into an even more libidinous and elegant tribal-house excursion. Juju & Jordash supersize the beats on "Movement" and then introduce an ominous, tensile bass line and imminent-doom synth atmospheres. The Amsterdam-based duo have ushered Corbie's winsome composition to the dark side, where it breathes with an entirely new vigor.


OT 003EP

LUMA: Amesville 12" (OT 003EP) 12.00
Optimo Trax is an offshoot label of Optimo Music for tracks aimed at DJs/dancefloors. Like the parent label, Optimo Trax will release music by new artists and excavate forgotten classics. Luma is a project by Dave Clark from Glasgow. Dave had his first release as a member of State Of Flux in 1993 on T&B vinyl, the label Twitch ran with his DJ partner of that era, Brainstorm. Twitch and Dave have continued to work together in various ways ever since. He has released records as Truffle Club, and as Big Ned on Optimo Music, as well as working with Twitch from 2005-2010 remixing a plethora of artists under the Optimo (Espacio) moniker. The 20th anniversary of that first release seemed a fitting date for Dave to unleash his monster new club music alter ego, Luma.



DICKSON, LEIGH: Definitions of Praise 12" (PRTR 014EP) 12.50
Features two remixes of Leigh Dickson's "Praise." One by Ryan Elliott, one by Baby Ford.



REMINISCENT MOOD: Reminiscent Mood 1 12" (PHORMA 004EP) 14.50
Phorma introduces Reminiscent Mood: a side-project of a well-known German producer whose identity is kept veiled. The Reminiscent Mood project creates Maurizio-inspired and concept-driven dub techno tracks with a timeless aura. This is the first of two Reminiscent Mood EPs. Vinyl only.


QA 006LP

BUILDING, THE: Building - Part 2 of 2 LP (QA 006LP) 17.00
LP version. Mix the essence of MGMT, the darkness of Zola Jesus, the groove of The Whitest Boy Alive put atop of Morricone's or Calexico's shimmering desert landscapes and around the sexiness and lasciviousness of the Chromatics or Glass Candy, and you've got The Building, a trio from Hamburg based around the fabled drummer Sven Elsner (ex-Tigerbeat), as well as writer and singer Daniel Chun and pianist and second lead vocalist Tina Kaempe. In this Building there is no exterior nor interior, it comes from within and in two fully different tonal structures as a double release with the same songs, in different versions and on two labels, Clouds Hill (Part 1) and Questions & Answers (Part 2). Architects that need their fixed floorplan might call it a "folk-rock album" or "electro-album," but that's only half of it. Building The Building means ethereal spaces and oscillating sound, conveyed on fragile CinemaScope. This is actual meta-pop with the right amounts of enigma.



CUPP CAVE: NVMB 12" (RAMP 058EP) 16.50
Leader of the new wave of Belgian artists; Cupp Cave unleashes his first set of tracks since 2012's mini-album Retina Waves. NVMB is more focused and dancefloor-friendly than his previous release. Cupp Cave is currently putting the finishing touches to his debut album, due on RAMP in 2014.



BONG: Mana-Yood-Sushai LP (RITE 020LP) 23.00
Blue vinyl repress. Ritual Productions proudly present the vinyl version of Bong's Mana-Yood-Sushai, remastered for vinyl by Greg Chandler (Esoteric). Pressed on 180 gram pure virgin vinyl with full-color printed vinyl labels with a black paper inner sleeve and a full-color premium 300 gram heavy card outer sleeve with 3mm spine and matte varnish. Following their 2011 masterpiece Beyond Ancient Space, Bong prove to be ever-prolific with Mana-Yood-Sushai. Recorded, mixed and mastered in just two days in December 2011, this marks the first time Bong have entered a professional studio and recorded with an engineer. At the helm was Greg Chandler of Esoteric who had this to say about the experience: "It was really great to record an album live in the studio with Bong, whose heavy, droning, psychedelic improvisations unfolded like a lucid, transcendental journey. Great vibe to the session with these guys, and a real pleasure to work with." That the music on this record is described by Greg as unfolding "like a lucid transcendental journey" is easy to imagine when you hear it. "Dreams of Mana-Yood-Sushai" seems to pick up where Beyond Ancient Space ended, with ritualistic vocal passages atop their meditative jams. "Trees, Grass and Stones" evolves at an unhurried pace, first emerging with simple chimes and drones before locking into a most seductive groove. This is Bong as we have never heard them before, and they sound all the better for it. Artwork is an image of a splendid painting by Nicolas Roerich entitled "Mount of Five Treasures." Overall, a great collectible and utterly entrancing.



ICECROSS: Icecross CD (ROCK 051CD) 14.00
"40th anniversary first official reissue of 1973 Icelandic hard rock underground monster that's been the target of collectors for several decades. Carefully re-mastered for pristine sound that lays waste to all the inferior bootlegs that have come before. Includes a 12-page booklet with liner notes, clippings and photographs. After several years of hounding band members we are very happy to finally be able to bring you the first official reissue of this legendary gem. Icecross possess a unique dark sound which reveals influences ranging from Sabbath to Crimson and beyond all melded together in such a way to form their distinct Icecross style. Considered proto-metal by many, though they don't achieve this with a typical smash your face approach. Instead, Icecross unleash some killer inventive guitar sounds by way of Leslie speakers combined with ominous effected bass lines and splendid use of bow, creating a perfect dark heavy guitar album that really creeps up on you. One of the few, if not the only, Icelandic band inspired by Sabbath at that time. For fans of Leaf Hound, Blue Cheer, Elias Hulk, Iron Claw, Jerusalem, Necronomicon, Hairy Chapter, Incredible Hog, Dust, Pentagram and the like."


SI 106BK

BESTE, PETER: Houston Rap BOOK/7" (SI 106BK) 38.00
"Houston Rap is the second offering from Sinecure Books, after their debut Enjoy the Experience: Homemade Records 1958-1992. Hardcover, 272 pages, 130 gram matte photo paper, features color photography, oral histories, and a historical timeline. Includes a limited edition 7" vinyl record of DJ Screw's version of UGK's 'Tell Me Something Good' and Fat Pat's 'Tops Drop.'Houston Rap is an immersion into the everyday life of the Houston hip hop community. This hardcover 272 page book features the photography of Peter Beste who spent nine years documenting the culture alongside writer Lance Scott Walker. The book is edited by Johan Kugelberg who also worked with Peter on his previous book True Norwegian Black Metal (Vice) which to date has sold through eight editions. The Houston, Texas neighborhoods of Fifth Ward, Third Ward, and South Park have grown to be hallowed ground for modern hip hop culture, possessing self-contained celebrities, entrepreneurs, support networks, and a micro-economy of their own. Houston Rap profiles noted artists such as Bun B of UGK, Z-Ro, Big Mike, K-Rino, Willie D of the Geto Boys, Lil' Troy, and Paul Wall, alongside reflections on the lives of departed legends such as DJ Screw, Pimp C, and Big Hawk. The book also features community leaders, rappers, producers, businessmen, and family members, all providing an astonishing and important insight into a great American cultural narrative."



RIVET: Driftwood 12" (SKUDGE PT009EP) 12.50
The concept behind the Driftwood EP can be traced back to an old Swedish theater soundtrack from the '80s. What you get is Rivet's most floor-bending material ever. Filled with evil, lurking storms of the most timeless kind, the journey starts with a bang as "Driftwood" crosses over the whole dance music spectrum, taking cues from funk, post-punk, Manchester and Chicago house. "Crane Dance" follows a more sinister path with its witchy incantations carving a somewhat demonic take on house, a mesmerizing cascade of beats and eerie pads. Lastly, "Line of Moments" brings us some more mellow grounds filled with melancholic strings soon to be revealed as deceivingly acidic chimeras.



VANGELIS: Sex Power: Bande sonore originale du film de Henry Chapier LP (SSLP 2003LP) 22.00
Extremely limited 180 gram vinyl reissue of the soundtrack for Henry Chapier's film Sex Power, starring Jane Birkin. Originally released in 1970 by Philips, this electronic/prog classic is essentially Vangelis' first full-length solo effort, as around this time his band Aphrodite's Child released their last album, 666. The soundtrack consists of 11 tracks and all the future Vangelis trademarks are already there in rudimentary form.


.O.RANG: Herd of Instinct LP (SSLP 2004LP) 22.00
Reissue of this 1994 album from .O.rang, the project of Lee Harris and Paul Webb, formerly of Talk Talk. Featuring guest appearances by Beth Gibbons (Portishead), Matt Johnson (The The), Graham Sutton (Bark Psychosis, Boymerang), Mark Feltham (Talk Talk) and Anthony Thistlewaite (The Waterboys). An excellent, if overlooked leftfield/electronic/dub album in the style of later Talk Talk material.



LUNATIK SOUND SYSTEM: The Heavy Minded Orchestra 2LP (SOME 013LP) 17.50
2013 repress. Stephan Laubner aka STL aka Lunatik Sound System invites you to something very special -- a journey into the depths of his soulful ambient music. This vinyl double pack contains selected works from the Something CD series and comes strictly limited to 500 copies with no repress! On this beautiful album there are painted, extended listening tracks of orchestral, heavy-minded soundscapes, haunting, melancholic waves and mellow, dreamy sound sculptures, which can change depth perception when listening carefully and in full-length. Deep and wonderful details drift at the horizons and within the apparent insignificant moments. Take a time-out and enjoy this fascinating music. This Lunatik Sound System double vinyl comes with a full inside/out cover and is meant for collectors and listeners, as well as for ambient DJs or people who want to spice up their mix-set with a nice in or outro.


SP 029LP

DOZZY, DONATO: Plays Bee Mask 2LP (SP 029LP) 27.50
Repressed; double LP version. In hindsight, the pairing of Chris Madak and Donato Dozzy was inevitable from the moment when the two connected on Mount Naeba, Japan at the storied Labyrinth party last fall. Both artists have worked to craft singular visions unlike anything else happening in electronic music today, yet despite each producer's unmistakable individuality, there is a deeper reservoir of shared sensibility between them which makes Donato Dozzy Plays Bee Mask feel like a logical and necessary event. 2012 saw the release of Madak's monumental When We Were Eating Unripe Pears (SP 023LP) album along with the astounding Vaporware 12" for Room 40, the title-track of which opened Bee Mask's Labyrinth performance to memorable effect. Dozzy had an equally massive year thanks the release of the acclaimed Voices from the Lake (PRG 001CD/003LP) album with Neel, which set the bar for intricate, subtle, and forward-thinking contemporary techno at a new high. Both artists have pushed the respective boundaries of their work to arrive at the point of this crucial and welcome overlap: a double album of material from the Vaporware sessions, re-imagined as only Dozzy could do it. Initially commissioned for a single remix, Dozzy found so much possibility in the source material that he turned in over an hour of material, making a standalone release the only reasonable course of action. The results are absolutely divine, a suite of seven pieces of time-stopping bliss in which the structure and melodies of Vaporware glitter through the prism of Dozzy's singular production style. The meeting of these powerful minds provides evidence of an unparalleled organic chemistry. When listening to these works we hear the worlds of Bee Mask and Donato Dozzy bleed into one another, creating a new sonic entity with a life of its own -- one which with any luck will not end at this release. Mastered and cut at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin, May 2013.


SA 020EP

DADUB: Untitled 12" (SA 020EP) 12.50
At the center of this release from Dadub lies the myths of the ancient Greek goddess Demeter -- her search for daughter Persephone, the drink at the Eleusinian Mysteries ceremonies in her honor, and the fungus which gave the drink its psychoactive properties. "Mistresses March" is a thumping narrative where textures merge, scrape and plummet. Powered by a sound and groove generator invented by Daniele de Santis (Grün), "Ergot Kernel" is a chemical cauldron -- a beat continuously emerging from the undergrowth. Conversely, the atmosphere is also bright, full of electricity and warmth, with moisture descending.



BOMAN, AXEL: Family Vacation 2LP (BARN 018LP) 23.50
Gatefold double LP version. Axel Boman broke through in 2010 with his Holy Love EP, released on DJ Koze's Pampa Records. The track "Purple Drank" became an instant classic in underground house music circles -- since then, Boman has toured extensively while releasing original productions and remixes on labels like DFA, Hypercolour, Kompakt, Permanent Vacation, and Ovum, as well as on Studio Barnhus, the label he runs together with Kornél Kovács and Petter Nordkvist. Family Vacation is Boman's debut album. "I decided to go through the vast collection of ideas and sketches I had on my computer, as a final project before I set that machine on fire and let it all go up in flames. Kind of like what Lee 'Scratch' Perry did with The Black Ark in Kingston in the '70s. A friend says the album sounds like 'weird Jamaican space disco,' so maybe it's a fitting reference," says Boman. Axel Boman's music has also been described as "raw and playful house music drenched in oceans of soul." He graduated with a Master's degree from the Valand School of Fine Arts in 2010 and currently lives in the calm and peaceful Stockholm suburb of Gröndal.



PRISM & VALOR: Biodigital Jazz EP 12" (SUBALT 002EP) 12.50
The second release from Subaltern Records comes from Prism & Valor. The release has received a lot of support from the likes of Joe Nice, N-Type, BunZer0, Syte, DJ Foster, and Bakir, and has been played by Vivek at the legendary NY-based night Reconstrvct. This 12" features three innovative takes on the 140 genre, with soothing melodies and a nice four-on-the-floor twist, along with the moody jungle-dubstep crossover "Ghost Hawk." Highly respected Turkish producer Gantz completes the record with a masterfully deconstructed remix, adding weight and urgency yet retaining all the melodic warmth of the original.



EMPTYSET: Demiurge LP (SUB 010LP) 23.00
Issued now for the first time on vinyl is the complete studio album Demiurge (2011) produced by Emptyset, the collaborative art/electronics project founded by James Ginzburg and Paul Purgas. The release demonstrates a moment in the development of the project's production processes, examining non-grid based structures and the integration of sculptural feedback into the analog signal chain. The collective body of work exhibits the precursor to their current studio work with Raster-Noton and highlights the project's emergence and transition into a distinct sonic grammar, reflecting upon the re-appropriation of analog media and the innate physical properties of sound.



CHASING KURT: From the Inside EP 12" (SUOL 047EP) 12.00
Chasing Kurt's From the Inside presents the Giessen-based troupe at the apex of their game, that being warm, velveteen house music awash with soulful pop sentiment. It is a formula that has already caught the attention of contemporary dancefloor purveyors like Maya Jane Cole, who snapped up the trio's sophomore release "Money" for her DJ-Kicks mix in 2012. The EP comes with remixes from Till von Sein collaborating with Tigerskin on the punchy, B-side, with a more languid, sensual rework from Daniel Bortz.



OCH: Force Mass Control Vol. 2 10" (SYST 1010EP) 12.50
One from Och -- A-side "Soul Burner" with "Starts from Now" on the B-side.



SECK, MAR: Vagabonde - From Super Cap-Vert to Number One: Unreleased Recordings 1969-1980 2LP (TBLP 018LP) 33.00
Limited double LP version, comes with silk screen print, European '60s style gatefold sleeve, and booklet that includes photos and liner notes outlining Mar's career. All tracks are mastered and mixed from the original recording tapes. Teranga Beat proudly presents Mar Seck, a delicate singer and songwriter who marked the history of Senegalese music. A crossover between Cuban compositions and Senegalese folklore, his songs gave birth to salsa-mbalax, the popular dance music of '70s Senegal that went on to influence a new generation of Senegalese musicians including a young Youssou N'Dour. Featuring 12 tracks recorded over three different sessions, Vagabonde focuses on the best of Mar Seck's career. The first recordings are taken from a raw and unreleased 1969 session at the Dakar National Radio. Recorded with his first group Super Cap-Vert from Rufisque, it captures an 18-year old Mar singing the first version of his now famous composition "Vagabonde." The remaining six tracks from the session include a beautiful cover of Fonseca's "Sibouten." A 1973 live recording is also featured here, made with the Star Band de Dakar in Saint Louis. Previously unreleased, it comes from a time when Mar was establishing his name playing at the legendary Miami Club in Dakar, the "École de Passage" for all great Senegalese musicians. The final two tracks (one of them unreleased) finds Mar accompanied by the most complete band of Senegal, the Number One de Dakar.



THING, THE: Boot! CD (TTR 001CD) 17.00
After more than 600 concerts around the globe, five studio albums, and a variety of live releases over the years, the Scandinavian garage, free-jazz trio, The Thing -- Mats Gustafsson (saxophones), Ingebrigt Håker Flaten (bass), and Paal Nilssen-Love (drums) -- are excited to present their sixth studio album, Boot!. As the first album on their new label, The Thing Records (in association with Austrian Trost Records), and first studio album following their collaborative release with Neneh Cherry, 2012's The Cherry Thing, Boot! is The Thing's most hard-hitting, open, and epic release to date. Recorded over three intense days, Boot! breathes life and energy, capturing the deep riffs and distorted activities of the electric bass, the attack of the snare drum, the depth of the bass sax and epic lines of the tenor sax. It marks an important development in the trio's endless search of musical poetic meltdowns with its definite rock sound and open playing. Throughout, they transform their roots, combining their own free jazz and punk aesthetics with elements of Ethiopian music, soul, funk, and noise, and re-work album-oriented material by jazz icons, John Coltrane and Duke Ellington. With dedicated fans in the rock, noise, and jazz communities, Boot! takes The Thing's music to new, uncompromising levels and continues to solidify The Thing's special and important position in the contemporary independent music world.


THING, THE: Mono 2LP (TTR 002LP) 29.00
First time on vinyl. The CD edition was first released on Smalltown Superjazz in 2011. Pressed on 180 gram vinyl and housed in a gatefold sleeve. Includes a cover of Sonny Rollins' "Alfie's Theme." Members of Norwegian jazz supergroup The Thing include: Mats Gustafsson (bass, baritone, tenor and soprano saxophones), Ingebrigt Håker Flaten (electric bass), and Paal Nilssen-Love (drums).


VF 095EP

CHAPMAN, DINOS: Luv2h8 2x12" (VF 095EP) 16.50
Dinos Chapman returns with a new EP, Luv2h8, showcasing three brand-new tracks that mark a clear progression for the artist-turned-musician. Clocking in at nearly 10 minutes each, these compositions encompass the throbbing, dancefloor-oriented title-track, the bucolic and unnerving "The Combine" and the snaking, hypnotic "Samourai." Also included on the EP is a monstrous proto-techno-style remix of "Luftbobler" by producer Trevor Jackson.


WIRE 358

WIRE, THE: #358 December 2013 MAG (WIRE 358) 9.50
"On the cover: Demdike Stare (The Manchester duo mine music, machines and myths from the past to create uncanny club tracks and imaginary film soundtracks). Inside the issue: Heatsick + Helm (Luke Younger and Steven Warwick have morphed from contrary noise duo Birds of Delay into creators of mutant house and industrial soundscapes); Invisible Jukebox: Maria Chavez (The New York turntablist scratches the surface of The Wire's mystery record selection); Laraaji (Greg Tate clears the new age fog around the zither master and Eno collaborator to uncover a musician deeply rooted in African-American mystical traditions); Global Ear: Western Russia; Cross Platform: Robert Beatty (The Hair Police musician and sleeve artist's work also spans videos, installations and film soundtracks). Plus all the (un)usual world-beating news, views, reviews and more from deep inside the global new music underground."



LIMINANAS, THE: Costa Blanca CD (TIM 060CD) 11.00
"Once again recorded at their home in the south of France by Lio himself, Costa Blanca pushes the envelope of their signature Franc-o-phonic sound; the color cafe cool of Gainsbourg, the hypnotic drone of VU-era Cale, AND the spiky fuzz of Davie Allan. This time around the band laces the tunes with a dramatic flair of French new wave soundtracks and the percussive sonic accents found in Morricone's work in Il Gruppo, for it's funk-laced tracks incorporated with elements of avant-classical and experimental sonic elements."


LIMINANAS, THE: Costa Blanca LP (TIM 060LP) 16.50
LP version. Comes with a printed inner sleeve and download card.


UW 011CD

MELNYK, LUBOMYR: Three Solo Pieces CD (UW 011CD) 15.00
"Comprised of three balanced examples of his 'Continuous Music' technique on solo piano, Three Solo Pieces serves as perhaps the best introduction the Ukrainian-Canadian composer Lubomyr Melnyk yet available. 'Marginal Invitation' is a subdued work with a deeply rooted melodic sensibility that is rich in overtones, while 'Corrosions on the Surface of Life' exhibits a dissonant fury of patterned note play. The final, side-length meditation 'Cloud Passade No. 3' is a chordal work in free-time which functions equally well as furniture music and a meditative exploration of pure light. Three Solo Pieces is the first set of new Lubomyr Melnyk recordings produced by Unseen Worlds and his first release for the label since the 2007 reissue of his debut album KMH: Piano Music in the Continuous Mode (1979). Following that reissue, efforts were shifted from record projects to bringing Melnyk's still-thriving 'Continuous Music' alive for audiences with a set of memorable and well-received concerts in Seattle and New York in 2009. Since his popular rediscovery through a variety of releases on his own and other labels, as well as being hosted all over the world for concerts, Lubomyr Melnyk has successfully risen from obscurity and emerged as a welcome new entry in the history of contemporary classical music, as well as a vital performer for the 21st Century."

UW 011LP

MELNYK, LUBOMYR: Three Solo Pieces LP (UW 011LP) 20.00
LP version, includes download.



F.E.X.: Rough Cough 12" (UYX 001EP) 12.50
Upon You has a new baby. Coming at you without artwork and without frills: only the stamp reveals its origin. The so called "X" series will soon be sporadically enriching the UY catalog with timeless music. The first contribution is made by the Parisian F.E.X., who runs the Robotronic label. With "Rough Cough" and "This Is Rob," he's dropping his Upon You debut and rounding it out with a remix by Oliver Deutschmann.



ART OF TONES: Take Me Higher 12" (WPH 019EP) 12.50
We Play House delivers Art Of Tones with Lauer remixes. Art Of Tones is the much-praised pseudonym of Llorca, who has long since moved on from his F-Communications days and is without a doubt one of the finest and most accomplished house music producers of our time.



KAREEM/TRISTEN: Faces 7 12" (WHITE 022EP) 12.50
The Faces series continues with two well-known artists and long-term White family members. Kareem and Tristen deliver two very different but strikingly powerful tracks. On the A-side, Kareem's "Big Hunk" is a driving and uplifting summer jam that swirls around beautifully on any dancefloor. On the B-side is Tristen's "Downtime," a hypnotic and mellow deep house stream of positive and calm vibes.

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