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Forced Exposure New Releases for 12/9/2013

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New music is due from Ryoji Ikeda, Goat, BJ Nilsen, and Zombie Nation, while old music is due from Esquivel and His Orchestra, Manu Chao, and Lou Reed, John Cale, and Nico.


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50 032EP

BAMBOUNOU: Ignition/Take It Out on Me 12" (50 032EP) 14.00
Bambounou, 50 Weapons' French connection, has released records on ClekClek Boom and produced remixes for Count & Sinden, Strip Steve, The Aikiu, and Modeselektor, amongst others. Each one is a crafty, minimalist techno/house/bass curveball with one single purpose: to make your ass move. And that's exactly what you can expect from Ignition/Take It Out on Me.

50WRMX 009EP

MODERAT: Bad Kingdom EP 12" (50WRMX 009EP) 14.00
In late 2012, Modeselektor and Apparat came together to reform their Moderat project. When the Moderat debut album was released on BPitch Control in 2009, Modeselektor decided to release an unofficial remix 12" on their newly-formed 50 Weapons imprint featuring remixes by Shackleton, Headhunter and T++. To follow this ritual, Moderat invited their friends Shed and Marcel Dettmann to contribute remixes for the new album II. Again released as unofficial remixes, out of the regular line of singles on Monkeytown Records, you can enjoy two stunning techno reworks by two of the world's best producers.



BOMBER JACKETS, THE: The Lister LP (ALT 014LP) 23.00
The Bomber Jackets are the London-based trio of Russell Walker, Daniel Bolger, and Sian Dorrer. The former two names you may recognize from their roles in prolific post-punk nitwits the Pheromoans, while the latter has played in various groups in London's thriving DIY scene and opened the notorious London venue Power Lunches. Founded by Walker and Bolger after the death of an ill-fated trio with Nik Void who went on to find greater fame and fortune with Factory Floor, the group was originally augmented by the drumming skills of Wetdog member Sarah Datblygu. This line-up recorded and released their debut on the cassette imprint of the short-lived Sex Is Disgusting label, before misfortune hit Walker and Bolger for a second time with Datblygu upping sticks for the USA. Bowing out from her role, she gave permission for the two to continue under the condition that her replacement was female, so the two recruited former Plug drummer Sian Dorrer on electronic drums who gave the group a more defined electronic sound and an opportunity to seize some sort of stride with cassettes, lathes and 7"s for various labels like Night People and Night School. The Lister is their first full-length and the most focused statement of their singular and somewhat awkward aesthetic. Recorded primarily by Bolger and Dorrer at home in North-East London during a particularly rough time in Walker's life which involved frequent visits to his newborn son at the Lister hospital in Stevenage. A situation where sparse moments of creativity were reduced to writing lyrics in the form of text messages in mundane places such as Sainsbury's Café, the hospital restaurant and the Beefeater carvery at Corey's Mill. Walker's dry observations from the period give The Lister a slightly macabre atmosphere throughout its eight tracks and provide moments of black humor, self-deprecation and a perverse euphoria in misanthropy. Musical reference points could be directed towards early Legendary Pink Dots, Hype Williams, early European minimal synth and even Angelo Badalamenti's Twin Peaks score, while evoking a scenario that feels somewhat uneasy -- a hungover/slightly drunk train journey to somewhere you don't really want to be but at the same time can't avoid, trying to step outside of yourself to raise a wry and knowing smile at the misfortune along the way. Artwork by David Blanco and mastering by John Hannon at No. Dedicated to Hannah Walker.



VA: Angola Soundtrack 2: Hypnosis, Distortions & Other Sonic Innovations 1969-1978 CD (AACD 075CD) 22.00
In 2010, against all odds, Angola Soundtrack Vol. 1 (AACD 069CD/AALP 069LP) was awarded the German Record Critics' Prize in the category "Black Music." This victory was all the sweeter for its triumph over the predicted winner, Aloe Blacc's multi-platinum record, Good Things. Many were surprised that the award was handed to a compilation that covered obscure music, but it didn't surprise the team behind Analog Africa, who believed such an award should have come much earlier. Since discovering the music of Angola 15 years ago, styles such Kazucuta, Rebita, and Semba have become an addiction for Samy Ben Redjeb, the compiler, who proclaimed a serious warning in the first edition liner notes: "Listening to these tracks may cause addiction and provoke heavy rotation!" The unique blend of incomparable musicianship, passionate delivery and regional rhythms that make these tracks so combustible are no accident. An exceptional set of circumstances existed in the history of Angola before Independence that created the giant leap in the style and standard of bands and recordings of the time. When Portuguese repressive measures prevented the small Turmas, street musician groups, from being able to perform in Carnaval celebrations in 1961, a Portuguese civil servant, entrepreneur and Angolan music fan named Luis Montês was already in a position to capitalize on Luanda's need for a live music scene. His self-designed "Kutonocas," Sunday afternoon live music festivals, delighted a Luandan population hungry for a communication between the city and musseques (townships). It also forced groups to adapt to a different style of playing that would accommodate large stages and broader audiences. They equipped themselves with electric guitars, and fed on the musical influences from Cape Verde, Congo and the Dominican Republic, while staying patriotically true to their own musical legacy and unique rhythms. The intimacy of those participating in this musical revolution meant they playfully and professionally wanted to trump each other's style; communication between the groups was frequent as everyone studied each other's records and concerts and players were under a lot of pressure to outdo each other due to the limited recording and performing opportunities. Development of skill and ingenuity was a must, as well as addressing the highly politicized climate. The optimism of Independence can be heard in these recordings; a common goal between the audience and musicians. Upon reading the characteristically generous liner-notes of this Analog Africa release, you will be given more hints of the crucial melting pot that allowed this short period to have such an outstanding productivity. Featuring 44 pages acquired in coordination with the National Library of Luanda and the art magazine Note E Dia, Analog Africa head honcho Samy Ben Redjeb has managed to collect newspaper clips, extremely rare pictures of the bands onstage and printed interviews from the '70s. The stunning pages of passionate photography and artistic design also include interviews with many of the original artists and their families, biographies of the three labels that made it all possible, and of Luis Montês, who was the pulse of the live music scene in Luanda. This compilation is a dedication to the short-lived recording industry in Angola, a brief moment of history between 1969 and 1978 in which three recording companies produced approximately 800 records, mostly singles. They are rare jewels, each song with a significant story and feel behind it. You will hear exciting music blazed with the anticipation of emancipation, tracks fuelled with a sense of unity, community, importance and immediacy. This addictive, outlawed music from Angola shakes and grooves with the smoothness of staccato machine gun fire. Do yourself a favor and submerge yourself into some of the most the addictive music created by mankind.



MOSCA: A Thousand Years' Wait 12" (ANN 018EP) 12.50
Ann Aimee has readied its next release from UK tastemaker and Radio 1 presenter Mosca. First up is "It's Not What It Looks Like" -- a hunched over, industrial-tinged house groove with rattling percussion and a heavy kick drum. Full of grainy textures and clanging machines, the whole thing is backlit with serene pads and smeared with deft synth patterns. "Kneecap" features off-kilter chords bringing a sense of paranoia to the barreling beats and bristling percussion. "Press Up" is a bit of deep and atmospheric house, smoothed over with misty textures and a bottled-up sense of funk. Cover artwork by Boris Tellegen.



DANIEL & MATTHEW DEKAY/MARC MIROIR, MAHER: Tauben/Under Control 12" (ARAS 004EP) 12.50
Maher Daniel & Matthew Dekay produced the first track, "Tauben," for Marcuca Rec. This track features rolling bass lines and a floating synth part combined with gentle vocal elements. As the head of Paso Music, Marc Miroir has released many records, including his album debut Hitting Home. "Under Control" is the result of shared production between Marc and Asem Shama. It has an excellent, massive groove with some dark vocals and a very strong, hypnotic atmosphere.


AUS 1354EP

SEI A: Make It Work EP 12" (AUS 1354EP) 14.00
Aus continues its run of releases with Glaswegian, London-based producer Sei A stepping up to the helm once again, following up his well-received Wants EP. "Make It Work" is a blend of muscular drums, pitched-down vocals and hypnotic synths which pan across the record in on and off rhythms. "I'll Take You There" is definitely from the same gene pool, with its pounding pulse and stark vocals, led this time, however, by an equally energetic mid-range bass line. Breach adds his own unique twist to the package with an inspired remix of the title-track, hollowing out the center and building it up with patience on his more extended interpretation.



HOWELLS, DANNY: Balance 024 2CD (BAL 010CD) 23.00
Danny Howells doesn't fit into the standard dance music paradigms. With a reputation as "the DJs' DJ" he has remained stoic in the face of ever-shifting trends and fads in dance music since he broke through into the global house music consciousness in the late '90s. Quietly ploughing his way through the house music continuum, he has remained one of the world's most captivating selectors. That and his distinctive style and silky mixing, of course. Balance 024 comes as a long-awaited next chapter in his illustrious cannon of timeless compilations that have proven the calling card of his career. His numerous Global Underground volumes, Renaissance mixes and more besides have found a fond place in many a clubbers' home listening collection, earning him a legendary reputation as one of the best musical storytellers in the electronic world. His first freeform mix compilation proper since 2008 -- aside from a Dig Deeper label compendium -- it represents one of the year's most exciting and anticipated releases. Howells wears his heart on his musical sleeve at all times, favoring a sense of emotion and drama as his modus operandi rather than sticking to a certain genre or style. "That Mix" (CD1) begins by harking back to the ethereal sounds of the legendary Northern Exposure compilations with Desolate's haunting remix of rising talent Essay, a variety of broken beats seguing across these first tracks. Jamie xx's dusty rhythms skip towards some vintage sounding super deep tech house, again taking us back to Howells' early years in the spotlight. Will Saul & October's brooding techno locks horns with Michael Mayer's euphoric class, The Mole's loose funk luring us towards Joakim's gently uplifting chimes and KiNK's glorious rework of Jimpster. Sisterhood's arpeggios glisten and Matthias Voigt adds drama to Ian Pooley's juicy groove before these sorrowful strains give way to the joyous tones of Oxia and AWOL. As the mix threatens to go bigger still, we're reined in with a hypnotic slice of Axel Boman to bring the mix to rest. "This Mix" (CD2) begins with the Balearic tingle of Maricopa, a theme continuing into the fist-pumping pianos of Shur-I-Kan and the lazy nu-disco funk of Deep Sound Express tackling Sixth Avenue Express. Seva K and Durerstuben continue the mesmerizing combination of delectable bass and heavenly melody, the grooves toughening up as the pulsing melody of Chopstick & Johnjon provides a moment of intense beauty. Daze Maxim's remix of Le Loup takes things darker and trippier, Rompante raising the intensity with tough incessant snare patterns and pounding kicks next. Ewan Pearson takes the mix to a giddy peak with his expansive re-rub of Kaltehand & Natasha Waters, a double helping of Prins Thomas keeping the melodic intensity burning. Jagwar Ma's acid trip throwback soars towards the end of the mix, leaving it to Sandrien to reach climax with an impeccable 303 vs. 808-style jam. As ever, Howells' mixing is impeccable throughout -- unnoticeable in its harmony and subtlety, each track taking on a piece of the previous one, like relay runners passing on the baton. The dedication that's gone into this mix and the humanity Howells has sprinkled all over it make for a hugely satisfying return to the compilation game from a man who should be considered one of the UK's national treasures.


BAM 7012CD

VA: Sixties Japanese Garage-Psych Sampler CD (BAM 7012CD) 17.00
Finally available on CD, this pioneering compilation gathers a dozen of the best bands in the "Group Sounds" movement that swept Japan in the 1960s. Featuring plenty of frantic songs with wild guitar and intense vocals, it's proof that rock and roll was truly an international language, and includes early material by musicians who went on to perform with legendary bands such as the Flower Travellin' Band, Speed, Glue & Shinki, Les Rallizes Denudes, and Foodbrain. It's presented here complete with a full-color booklet and detailed background notes. Artists: The Golden Cups, The Dynamites, Outcast, The Carnabeats, The Tempters, The Beavers, The Bunnys, The Mops, The Spiders, D'swooners, Zoo Nee Voo, and Fingers.

BAM 7013CD

VA: Monster a Go-Go Volume 1 CD (BAM 7013CD) 17.00
Under the influence of The Beatles, the "Group Sounds" movement swept Japan in the mid-1960s. This esteemed compilation -- out of print for over two decades -- gathers a dozen of the wildest tracks in the genre, spanning surf-rock, fuzzed-up R&B and even psychedelia. It's presented here complete with a full-color booklet offering background notes on each artist, and is sure to thrill fans of the further reaches of garage rock. Artists: The Beavers, The Carnabeats, The Spiders, The Voltage, The Mops, D'swooners, The Bunnys, The Golden Cups and The Savage.



VA: Crossover EP 12" (BBR 005EP) 14.00
Welcoming Deymare Fin and Saverio Celestri to the deep family, Batti Batti delivers another four-track EP of well-crafted house music. While Deymare, Owen Jay, and Melchior Sultana produce groovy deepness on the A-side, Saverio Celestri and MP cross over to the dark side, giving us raw and urban bangers on the flip.


BEC 5161262

CHAO, MANU: Baionarena 2CD (BEC 5161262) 14.00
Originally released in 2009. "Manu Chao's second live album, Baionarena, is a frenetic 33-song, two-disc set... This is a lively concert featuring songs from Chao's three solo albums, as well as from his former band, Mano Negra, and a selection of covers in which Chao and his band Radio Bemba Sound System give their all and ask for the audience's all in return." --All Music Guide

BEC 5161604

CHAO, MANU: Clandestino CD (BEC 5161604) 14.00
Originally released in 1998. "The first solo album released by the former frontman of Mano Negra, Clandestino is an enchanting trip through Latin-flavored worldbeat rock, reliant on a potpourri of musical styles from traditional Latin and salsa to dub to rock 'n' roll to French pop to experimental rock to techno... Just about every track has odd sampled bits from what sound like pirate radio-station broadcasts (a possible link to the title). There are so many great ideas on this record that it's difficult to digest in one listen, but multiple plays reveal the great depth of Manu Chao's artistry." --All Music Guide

BEC 5161606

CHAO, MANU: Proxima Estacion: Esperenza CD (BEC 5161606) 14.00
Originally released in 2001. "The French-raised Spaniard distilled the scattershot Europop-rock of Mano Negra into 1998's DIY, polyglot Clandestino, a word-of-mouth smash throughout Latin Europe and then Latin America. Clandestino was warm, sprightly, melancholy, palpably humane. This is all that with magic on top, reprising and varying a small store of infectious tunes into a motley suite segued and differentiated with sound effects, funny voices, surprise guest instruments, and spoken-word samples. The pulse is Marley sans Africa-reggae, whiter than the Bellamy Brothers, ska liter than polka. The mood is festive in the urbane, liberal, and internationalist manner of Chao's new home, the pan-European haven Barcelona, a city that resisted Franco so vivaciously for so long that it assumes entertainment coexists with dread. Just in time -- Euroworld! Never thought I'd hear it done right. A" --Robert Christgau

BEC 5161610

CHAO, MANU: Radio Bemba Sound System CD (BEC 5161610) 14.00
Originally released in 2002. "Radio Bemba Sound System captures a 2001 live performance featuring songs from Esperanza, Clandestino, and the albums of Mano Negra. The recording, a blend of two performances, never lets up, packing all or part of 29 songs into an hour, and I think it captures the inclusive spirit of Chao's music even better than his studio work. The cheers at the end of 'Bienvenida a Tijuana' -- when the final line offers a ringing endorsement of sex and marijuana -- are amazing, and the transformation of punky Mano Negra songs such as 'Peligro,' 'The Monkey,' 'Mala Vida,' and 'Machine Gun' into multi-genred beasts is something to hear... Chao's 10-piece band is extremely versatile, augmenting a standard rock set-up with horns, accordion, and extra percussion. They leap from reggae to funky merengue to punk to flamenco with flourishes of surf, blues, North African rai, Central African rumba, mariachi, and rock'n'roll while also switching languages, sometimes in mid-song. Esperanza's subdued reggae track 'Mr. Bobby' is much funkier live, with a great psychedelic guitar solo and second, dancehall-ish vocal from Bidji. Because it samples two shows, a few songs appear twice but that feels like an appropriate side effect of the collage approach." --Pitchfork

BEC 5161612

CHAO, MANU: Siberie M'Etait Conteee CD (BEC 5161612) 14.00
Because Music reissues Manu Chao's first all-French language album. It sold out instantly upon its limited release in 2004 and this is the first time it's widely available on CD. Features 23 tracks celebrating Parisian life. Includes the hit single "Petite blonde du bld brune."

BEC 5772387

CHAO, MANU: La Radiolina CD (BEC 5772387) 14.00
Originally released in 2007. "Manu Chao makes music that cuts across cultural lines. As though singing in seven languages (French, Spanish, Galician, Arabic, English, Portuguese, and Wolof) wasn't enough, he brings aspects of music from across Western Europe, North Africa, and the Americas into his sound. You could say he was destined to live a life between cultures from the start. He was born in Paris to Spanish parents who had fled Franco's regime. His mother was from Bilbao, in Basque country, while his father was a journalist from Galicia, a region in far northwestern Spain that, like Basque country, has its own unique language... The most immediately noticeable thing about La Radiolina is how relatively rocked-up it is relative to its two predecessors. It's as though his old affiliation with the Latin Alternative movement and punk decided to reassert themselves. Mind you, it's not the kind of rock that's going to smack you around with its riffs and stomping drums -- this is more measured than that, and cut with so many global influences that it can't help sounding unique... Manu Chao is living proof that you don't have to be big in the U.S. to be one of the world's most important and influential musicians, and La Radiolina provides a healthy reminder it's a big world out there beyond our borders." --Pitchfork



MENACE & LORD: Sun, Moon & Stars CD (BETTER 003CD) 17.00
Menace & Lord was founded by MTV award-winner Simon Lord and legendary electronic producer Kris Menace, who has worked for the likes of Depeche Mode, Metronomy, Lana Del Rey, Röyksopp, LCD Soundsystem, Empire Of The Sun, and others.


CUT GLASS: Fallen CD (BETTER 004CD) 17.00
Cut Glass is the coming together of three great gifted musicians: Max Cooke (vocals), Kris Menace (keyboards, drums, production), and Robin Felder (keyboards & vocals). Max was part of the band The Good Books, signed to Sony Music, and is currently part of Ellie Gouldings fame, touring with her all over the world. Kris Menace is a legendary electronic producer who has worked for the likes of Depeche Mode, Kylie Minogue, Robbie Williams, Air, LCD Soundsystem, and many others. Robin is an international songwriter and author, who has worked with Kris for more than 10 years on many successful projects.



Retrieval is the debut collaborative album from Faith Coloccia and Alex Barnett. Artist and composer Coloccia was a founding member of Everlovely Lightningheart, and is perhaps best known as one-half of Mamiffer. She has contributed to recordings by House Of Low Culture, Boris, and William Fowler Collins, among others, and collaborations with Circle and Daniel Menche are forthcoming. Alex Barnett played in Oakeater, but since 2009 has been active primarily as a solo artist, with releases on Catholic Tapes, DRAFT, Nihilist, and others. Following an initial exchange of ideas, the bulk of Retrieval was recorded over three intensive days at Otic Sound in Vancouver, with Coloccia contributing treated vocals, tape-manipulated acoustic recordings and AM radio sounds, and Barnett adding an array of synth instruments to create further loops, drum sounds and other rhythmic elements. A grave, deeply introspective work, pastoral in essence but cosmic in scope. Opening with the stately, medievalist sequences of "Harbor," Retrieval's narrative takes in subdued techno abstraction ("Hallway"), chrondritic psychedelia ("So, How Much Do You Know About Me?"), saw-mill gear-grind ("Repeating Pit") and eldritch noise invocations ("Retrieval," "Bird's Eye"). Throughout, it invigorates without consoling. Mixed by Randall Dunn at AVAST!. Mastered by James Plotkin. Vinyl cut by Noel Summerville and pressed at Optimal. Housed in a full picture sleeve with an 8.5" x 11" photocopy insert. Recorded at Otic Sound by Joshua Stevenson in Vancouver, Canada, using: EMS Synthi AKS, A, and 100; Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 and Pro One; Roland Vocoder Plus VP 330; Korg Polyphonic synthesizer PS3300; EDP Wasp; Korg Lambda; Moog Opus 3 and Prodigy; Farfisa Synthorchestra; tape cassette recorder; voice.



ORB & LEE SCRATCH PERRY, THE: The Deadbeat Remixes 12" (BLKRTZ 010EP) 12.50
Deadbeat's dub credentials by this point are as solid as they come, and being asked to remix two of the genre's heaviest hitters, not once, but twice, is just about the greatest complement anyone in said position could ever hope to receive. Originally released on CD as part of the deluxe package for the mind-blowing collaborative The Orb and Lee "Scratch" Perry albums via Cooking Vinyl, BLKRTZ are over-the-moon excited to commit these two dub monsters to wax for the first time. Without a doubt, this limited vinyl-only 12" release is an essential purchase for any and all archivist of all things dubwise.



VA: Blooming Soul 6 12" (BLMG 006EP) 14.50
Limited to 200 copies. Blooming Soul strikes back with a very special release that has its roots in the Motor City. K-Alexi Shelby, Rennie Foster, Rob Belleville, Laurent Maldo, and Dave-G joined forces for a four-track EP full of expertly-crafted techno funk that will undoubtedly raise the temperature on the dancefloor and bring a smile to your face.



VA: Boysnoize Presents: A Tribute to Dance Mania CD (BNR 020CD) 15.50
Chicago's Dance Mania Records has been a huge influence for most of the producers and DJs on Boysnoize Records. Many 12"s from DJ Funk, DJ Deeon, and Paul Johnson that were produced in the middle of the '90s still work so well in any club environment. The idea of simple, jackin' booty house records to use as tools, more or less, has always been timeless weapons in many DJ sets. Alex Ridha aka Boys Noize thought it time to pay tribute to one of their favorite labels and producers so they've asked the Boysnoize Records crew and friends to produce tracks for this special compilation. Artists: Feadz, Strip Steve, Bart B More, DJ Scholar, Housemeister, Rynecologist, SCNTST, Harvard Bass & Pilo, Audionite, Bok Bok & Tom Trago, Pipes and BS1.


SCNTST: Self Therapy CD (BNR 021CD) 15.50
The word "prodigy" gets thrown around a little too often, but for Berlin-based Bryan Muller aka SCNTST, the term is somewhat unavoidable. Born in 1993 and raised in Munich on a diet of rock and hip-hop, SCNTST developed a love for intricate rhythms and sequences at an early age. This involved splitting time between playing drums in his father's band, experimenting with midi keyboards and building an understanding of melody and structure, the foundations of his now-trademark techno sound. Inspired by Paul Kalkbrenner's critically-acclaimed movie Berlin Calling and armed with a plethora of early influences ranging from Tiga and Boys Noize to J Dilla and Tyler The Creator, he started building tracks in Ableton. This led to a series of releases on a small American label before ditching trashy electro for a more advanced techno sound. With a far-reaching skill-set disproportionate to his age, it was only a matter of time before he drew the attention of Boysnoize Records at the age of just 17, dropping his first EP on Alex Ridha's electronica powerhouse in 2011. 2012's Premelodic Structures EP saw SCNTST expand his promise, pacing through the sounds of Baltimore, Detroit, London, and Berlin with his own unique sound creation and dynamic arrangement. Young prodigy? Audible savant of his time? From hypnotically progressive opener "Velour," the hard-hitting, bombastic club sounds of "Mintra," right through to the last dreamy keys of the closing title-track, Self Therapy is an unstoppable debut album by anyone's standards and regardless of any tag. With the release of his first full-length, it seems the boy from Munich has come of age.


VA: Boysnoize Presents: A Tribute to Dance Mania 2LP+CD (BNR 107LP) 23.00
Double LP version. Includes a CD copy of the album.


SCNTST: Self Therapy LP+CD (BNR 113LP) 23.00
LP version. Comes with a CD copy of the album.


BB 151CD

SCHICKERT, GUNTER: Kinder in der Wildnis CD (BB 151CD) 17.00
The fact that this album appeared at all in 1983 owes less to Günter Schickert and more to Steven and Alan Freeman, who sought him out for their Krautrock encyclopedia The Crack in the Cosmic Egg. On learning that Schickert had heaps of recordings in his archive, the Freeman brothers proposed compiling an album. Schickert agreed and handed over material which the English YHR label had released in cassette form. Kinder in der Wildnis is a more heterogeneous album than either of its predecessors, understandably so, since the pieces it contains are not immediately related to one another. Occasionally (above all, on the two bonus tracks -- available here for the first time), the influence of Neue Deutsche Welle (German new wave), virtually omnipresent in that era, may be detected. For the most part, however, Schickert stays true to form and creates layers of hypnotic, filigree echo patterns, frequently accompanied by a dragging beat. To add to the atmosphere, he mixed in dummy head recordings made in Kreuzberg on New Year's Eve, 1980. In the following decade he augmented these with corresponding recordings from New Year's Eve, 1990. A rare treat awaits on the title track -- his four year-old daughter can clearly be heard singing the chorus at full pelt. Günter Schickert remains one of the greats of the Krautrock underground. Alongside his solo album work, he was a member of GAM, No Zen, and Ziguri Ego Zoo and composed a wealth of music for theater. He also painted (the drawings in the booklet, for example) and worked as a multimedia artist. His career in music began in the late 1960s, early 1970s in Berlin's legendary Zodiak Free Arts Lab (founded by Konrad Schnitzler and Hans-Joachim Roedelius). Among the similarly creative free spirits he met here was a certain Klaus Schulze, then drumming for Tangerine Dream. He would later join Schulze on tour as a roadie and musician and sometimes looked after Schulze's house when he was on the road. They recorded an album together in 1975 and intended to release it under the title Ich bin zwei Öltanks ("I am two oil tanks"). Alas, it would be another 38 years until it saw the light of day (with the rather more sensible title of The Schulze-Schickert Session). Today, amongst other things, Günter Schickert is back touring with his old band, Ziguri.

BB 159CD

PYROLATOR: Pyrolator's Wunderland CD (BB 159CD) 17.00
Bureau B reissues Pyrolator's Wunderland, originally released on Ata Tak in 1984. Quote 1: "I have always strived for the opposite of whatever is hip at the time." (Pyrolator in June 2013) Quote 2: "Wunderland is so beautiful -- the first time I heard this record, I cried." (Andreas Dorau). New York City, 1983. Andreas Dorau has a gig at Danceteria and Pyrolator accompanies him as sound engineer. Back then, it really looked as if Ata Tak could make a go of it in the USA. "We had a New York office," Pyrolator recalls. Not bad at all -- possibly the first and only German independent label to set up shop. "Sadly, it was short-lived." A shame indeed, but the costs were too high. Still, Pyrolator was able to take advantage of the label's sporadic expansion to stay a while longer in the city that, famously, never sleeps. And he made the most of it. Right place, right time. "I was searching for new rhythms." It was in 1983 that rap, electro and hip-hop emerged from New York to take over the world -- styles and approaches to music and sound which were not so alien to the Ata Tak crew. But: look back at the Pyrolator quote before this text. The opposite of what happens to be hip, wouldn't that mean steering clear of electronic beats? Which, of course, is what Pyrolator did on Wunderland. Instead of checking the hottest sounds in record shops, he copied out bossa novas, cha-chas and mambos in the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts and scoured stores and second-hand dealerships for sheet music. After these forays, he returned to his Lower East Side apartment and sat down at the piano to compose melodies and modify his newly-acquired rhythms. The foundations of Wunderland were laid. Pyrolator recorded birds and other animals, used hollow wood as a marimba and now, with his modified Latin rhythms, had the conditio sine qua non for Wunderland. Modern technology (Emulator 1, serial number 13!) and hollow tree trunks, and melodies on a par with Ennio Morricone or Burt Bacharach. Includes five bonus tracks.



INFORMATION GHETTO: Inspiration 12" (BRK 007EP) 14.00
Russian producer Denis Korsunskiy aka Information Ghetto explains his latest EP: "'Inspiration' is one of my favorite works so far. It's a unique composition which I envisioned and later managed to accurately replicate in the world of sound waves. I create my music in constant dialogue with my instruments and often they show me the limit of my creative processes, but with 'Inspiration' it turned out to be totally the opposite with me pushing my equipment to new levels and I believe I managed to consciously integrate into it the energy of when I was first introduced to electronic music. For me, those far-away days in the '90s were the period I remember fondly and love so much." Remixes from Chicago's masters of the deep, Specter, and techno pioneer Aubrey.


CC 014CD

POLIAKOV, OLEG: Random Is a Pattern CD (CC 014CD) 17.00
Circus Company has watched the rise of Oleg Poliakov after he first joined their ranks with Datcha Musik way back in 2007. Since first swearing allegiance to Circus, he has continued to unfurl a refined approach to house and techno that carefully balances a respectful mastery of the classic tropes of the genre with his own instinct for seductive melodic content. Finally, after no less than 11 singles for labels such as Bass Culture and Eklo as well as Circus, the time has come for Oleg to embrace the album format and take us on a journey that stretches beyond the immediacy of a dancefloor 12" and perfectly captures where he is at right now. There is a techno spirit roaming the circuitry of Oleg's studio, tussling with the delay and reverb gates, firing off focused, intricate rhythms and unafraid of whipping up a mean-tempered kick or two. Across Random Is a Pattern you can hear such energy surging out of tracks like "Beyond" and "Anatomy of a Shipwreck," with the latter having an especially tough rhythm section. However, these cuts have just as much brain as they do brawn, and in between the driving drums sit haunting pads, ethereal dub textures and curious string harmonies. This is not an album of functional club tracks though, far from it. Recognizing the value of the album as a vessel for exploration, Oleg turns his hand to some truly unexpected patterns and tones. "A Quiet Storm" comes from the school of classic ambient electronica and leftfield broken beat, while "Holy You" makes for one of the most startling moments on the album with a powerfully resonant vocal sample over plaintive piano and a fractured rhythm. While some may be surprised to hear the styles that Oleg has turned his hand to, the tracks are undeniably his. In his choice of mysterious chords and moving key structures, he continues along the smooth creative arc he has been carrying us on since he first emerged. When he can demonstrate such a gift for diverse tempos and moods and make them all sit together comfortably as his own, Random Is a Pattern marks a perfect culmination of what has come before, not to mention being an exciting precursor to what will come after.



VA: Piercing Brightness 12" (PSB 001EP) 12.00
This is the 12" single from the soundtrack to the science fiction film Piercing Brightness, by visual artist Shezad Dawood. Radioactive Man mixes Acid Mothers Temple, Mordant Music, and Alexander Tucker with dialogue excerpts. Recorded at Brooksby's, and mixed at Immersion Studios, London. 300 white label copies. Produced by City Projects, London.


CLE 2012001CD

AL BILALI SOUDAN: Al Bilali Soudan CD (CLE 2012001CD) 12.00
Al Bilali Soudan's performance-style is an improvisational tour de force of traditionally-based rhythms and scales. The group's name is the ancient name of the city of Timbuktu. Their style is takamba, or in Timbuktu, tashigalt. Or, simply, tehardent, after the traditional stringed instrument played by these musicians. The group's leader, Abellow Yattara, hails from a well-known Tuareg griot family which has performed this music for generations. Mr. Yattara began to play this three-stringed fretless instrument when he was 10 years old. Both his father and uncle were master musicians and his grandfather was also known for making the ceremonial swords used in traditional dance that accompanies the music. Abellow Yattara's instrument is widely heard in West Africa. Known as tehardent in Tamasheq, ngoni in Bambara, kourbou in Sonhrai, and tidinit in Arabic, it is the precursor of the modern banjo. Instruments similar to the tehardent have accompanied griots, bards, dancers, and vocalists for centuries. The percussion instruments on this recording are the calabash, a hollowed half-gourd. Mr. Yattara can also be heard on many other recordings, such as the first cassette recordings of Ali Farka Touré, the 1970s recordings of the Orchestre De Tombouctou, and many Radio Mali broadcasts. He can also be heard on the recordings of several other contemporary artists such as the vocalist, Khaira Arby, and he is widely sought-after to play at weddings, baptisms and other celebrations. Now, Abellow Yattara brings his own band, Al Bilali Soudan, to world audiences. Made up of cousins and in-laws, the group has played together for years. Aboubacrine Yattara plays the bass tehardent, Mohamed Dicko and Abdoulaye Ag Mohamed play calabash. Their ease with one another is obvious in the verve of their relaxed performance-style. This recording represents contemporary masters of their instruments and their genre.



MOOMIN: Au Bord de la Mer 12" (CLOSER 002EP) 14.50
Moomin is back on his own label with a beautiful two-track EP.



PSYK: Eclipse 12" (CLR 072EP) 14.00
On PSYK's Eclipse EP, CLR finally releases a track that Chris Liebing has been playing on all kinds of occasions. "Eclipse" formed an essential part of countless of his sets. Manuel Anós aka PSYK is a highly inspiring and respected artist from Madrid. Like other similarly contagious tracks, "Eclipse" also has an intoxicating, elegantly rolling beat and loads of well-defined bass. The general choice of sounds and atmospheres has a somewhat trippy and otherworldly yet uplifting feel, which beautifully combines with the driving character of the track. Additional remix by Chris Liebing included -- available on this vinyl only.



GREY WOLVES, THE: Blood and Sand LP+CD (CSR 042LP) 25.50
Cold Spring Records reissues Blood and Sand by The Grey Wolves. Originally released as a cassette a decade ago (with Shock City), the original tapes have been radically remixed by the band, and digitally mastered to bring out the extreme sound of the UK's premiere industrial unit. Do not expect simple noise -- this CD contains extreme electronics, mixed with dark ambient rumblings, the sound of armored helicopters, and military transmissions. It was originally issued as a comment on the Gulf War, then raging in the early 1990s. Limited to 400 copies. Includes a CD version in a card sleeve.


TROUM: Syzygie CD (CSR 183CD) 16.50
Formed by Glit[S]ch and Baraka[H] in 1997, Troum rose from the ashes of Maeror Tri. The duo creates unbearably beautiful drones, multi-layered transcendental noise, and highly atmospheric dream-muzak. Syzygie: Zusammenkunft und Gegenschein zweier Planeten, or: an antithetic relationship between (personified) beings of the spiritual world and their shadows. A collection of rare/deleted tracks from compilations Vol. II (1999-2002). Everything recorded by Troum between November 1999 and May 2002 on analog 8-track. Nine meticulously-crafted tracks, carefully compiled by Troum and delicately remastered by Martin Bowes (Attrition).


No Closure is the collaborative output of ex-Sutekh Hexen members Scott Miller and Lee Camfield, with Japanese noise mastermind Masami Akita aka Merzbow. Mixing elements of psychedelia, black metal, doom, and industrial music, the three musicians created a spellbinding work of experimental art. Conceptually crafted in a dark basement recording studio in the Mission District of San Francisco and later fleshed out in Tokyo, Japan, Miller, Camfield and Akita have completely pushed the boundaries of sound far beyond their individual comfort zones. With the implementation of standard instruments being force-fed through loop pedals and precise layering, multi-instrumentalists Miller and Camfield set out to build an album rooted deep in the exploitation of intentional rhythms and deliberate patterning. Through their use of guitar, bass, drums, organs, synths and vocals, purposely devoid of their usual feedback and oscillator projections, they left the inevitable incorporation of varied sound manipulation and textures strictly to Akita, thus giving birth to this two-track, 44-minute long masterpiece of epic mind-warping and experimental composition.



BLACK 80S, THE: Compost Black Label 108 12" (COMP 433EP) 12.00
Hollis P. Monroe is responsible for classic songs in both the deep house and funky breaks genres. Since 1994, Hollis has made sporadic but significant musical contributions on highly-respected labels including Ovum, Defected, West End, Stickman, Soul Candi, and Jive Electro. Since early 2012, Hollis has been rejuvenated by talented music veteran, Overnite. Overnite brings his vast experience as a vocalist and producer into the musical direction, DJ sets and live performances as they swiftly move forward as The Black 80s. Initially billed simply as "Hollis P. Monroe and Overnite," The Black 80s have already made a big impression on the house community. Features a remix by Rubini.



KRIS MENACE: The Entirety of Matter CD (COMPU 033CD) 17.00
One year after Kris Menace's collaborative album Features (COMP 022CD), the incredible maestro of all things electronica returns with quite possibly his most stunning body of work yet -- The Entirety of Matter. Upon first listen, the sheer emotion ploughed into Kris' beautifully-crafted, futuristic synth-scapes is omnipresent. Joining the dots between melancholy and joy to tranquility and agitation, every track oozes with passion, reinforcing Kris' ability to capture raw feelings and make them into beautiful, empathetic musical pieces that tug hard on even the coldest of heart-strings. The Entirety of Matter comprises 12 instrumental tracks, each one with its very own futuristic GIF animation designed by Mr. Div (aka Boston-based motion graphic designer Matt DiVito). Kris' works have been signed to some of the most influential labels in the world and have in turn become treasures of the world's electronic dance community for both fans and pioneers alike. His prodigious influence on contemporary electronic music is well documented, with Kris becoming one of the most respected producers, known for a string of acclaimed releases including LPs, remix work for LCD Soundsystem, Depeche Mode, Metronomy, Röyksopp, Air, Underworld, Moby, and Lana Del Rey. Just to name a few of his side projects: Black Van (DFA), Menace & Lord, and Stars On 33 (Eskimo). In 2012 he unleashed the incredible Features album, collaborating with Julian Hamilton (The Presets), Miss Kittin, Robert Owens, the late and great Romanthony, Xavier Naidoo, Chelonis R. Jones, Dodgy, and MTV award-winner Simon Lord, among many others.


MVD 6074CD

RESIDENTS, THE: Mush-Room CD (MVD 6074CD) 13.00
"Music originally written for the performance Mush-Room (2013) by Grace Ellen Barkey and Needcompany (a Belgian theatre/dance company). The Residents inspire movement with a mix of percussion and electronics that marries classical sensibilities with modern exploration. Essential for anyone who saw a performance, or anyone who didn't see it and wishes to mentally choreograph their own production."



SHANNON, MIKE: Gravitron EP 12" (CYN 099EP) 12.50
Mike Shannon throws another volley of monster techno. "Gravitron" is the A-side named after a cheap amusement park ride that spins its passengers inside a wheel faster and faster until they are all floating off the ground. Playing this track at 100 dB should also give the listener the same effect. "Valosel 4000" is a phase-shifted bass monster. With a chest-hitting kick, this track takes hold of a spacious, wave table bass line that connects the listener with a sound influenced from early '90s UK techno/hardcore but weaves its reference into a complex maze of compression and dynamics only found in the music of the future.



DE MEESTER, LOUIS: Alpha Recordings LP (VCR 005LP) 22.00
Dead Cert collect three unique and chilling electro-acoustic compositions by the pioneering head of Belgium's Institute of Psychoacoustic and Electronic Music, dating between 1958-1971. Born in 1904, in Roeselare, Belgium, Louis De Meester was a self-taught musician who, after travelling widely as a professional player, professed himself an autodidactic composer by 1945 and proceeded to become "Music Modulator" at The BRT (Belgian Radio and TV broadcasting company) and later head producer and artistic director at IPEM in Ghent between 1962-1969. His work, covering chamber music, lieder, cantatas, and concertantes has been subject of renewed focus recently, thanks to reissues such as Metaphon's 50-year anniversary compilation of IPEM recordings, and now thanks to the efforts of Andy Votel and Demdike Stare's Dead-Cert imprint, we're presented with three of his finest pieces plucked from the archive of Alpha Brussels and carefully transferred from tape with little to no further processing by Andy Popplewell. They include "Incantations" (1958) and the string-heavy "Spielerei" (1970), plus a very necessary reissue of the outstanding "Mimodrama" (1971), which was also reissued by Keith Fullerton Whitman's Creel Pone in 2008 and was last available on vinyl in 1974. "Mimodrama" is the record's biggest attraction; a 26-minute composition for magnetophone, patching elements of previous works into a sort of biographical account, travelling from oneiric electronics to more defined concrète shapes and textures to almost arcane Mittel European folk melodies and rhythms. Remastered by Gareth Mallinson and Matt Colton. Limited edition pressing of 500 copies.


MIL 5664CD

MILOSH: Jetlag CD (MIL 5664CD) 18.00
"Jetlag is the fourth studio release from Canadian singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer Milosh. Milosh first came on the radar via his critically acclaimed Plug Research releases, You Make Me Feel (2004) and Meme (2006), and gained further notoriety as the elusive vocalist behind the 2013 release of Woman, via side project Rhye. Jetlag picks up where Milosh last left off, capturing a revelatory life moment, holding tight to inspiration and artistic integrity along the way; the ultimate testament to true and absolute love. The album is a collaboration between Milosh and his wife Alexa Nikolas, recording unexpected intimate moments of laughter and love together; found sounds of everything from their travels around the world together to the most private spaces in their home. Previously living in Berlin and Thailand, Jetlag chronicles the time when the couple came together and eventually settled in Los Angeles. The refined sound plays as the ultimate romantic and joyful soundtrack, with equal parts homage to the minimal electronic artists like Autechre and Boards of Canada that inspired Milosh and classical and jazz elements from his formal training on cello."


DEC 1104LP

CYBOTRON: Enter 2LP (DEC 1104LP) 25.00
"Seminal techno album Enter finally gets the definitive reissue it deserves. First released in 1983, Cybotron's debut LP has long been considered a landmark release in the storied history of Detroit music and an invaluable seed that sprouted countless branches of electronic dance music from house to techno. Founded by visionary Vietnam veteran Rik Davis and teenaged future funk freak Juan Atkins, Cybotron combined a fondness for electronic gear as favored by groups like Kraftwerk and Yellow Magic Orchestra with a dark lyricism that echoed the urban blight of Detroit and advanced prophetic environmental concerns. This long-overdue reissue has been carefully curated to satisfy the most discerning fans, and to provide an accessible entry point to one of the most influential electronic music releases ever. This edition features the original full-length album, including the sought-after initial mix of the mega-hit 'Clear,' replaced on earlier issues with its better known remix. That remix, sampled famously for Missy Elliot's 'Lose Control,' leads off the bonus tracks -- a collection of singles, B-sides and alternate mixes that provide a complete picture of Cybotron's enormously trend-setting style. The original artwork is supplemented by band photos and rare label images, plus a powerful essay by noted scribe Dave Tompkins (How to Wreck a Nice Beach) that explores the roots of the group's sound."



ANDERSON, JOEY: Fall Off Face 12" (DKMNTL 015EP) 12.50
Few producers have caused quite the stir that Joey Anderson has in 2013. The New York DJ and producer has turned out a steady stream of dark, shadowy, and deep techno EPs on labels such as Latency, Inimeg, and Syncrophone, but now steps up to Dutch label Dekmantel with an offering ahead of his debut full-length in 2014. It features three new tracks of moody stuff for the darkest dancefloors out there.



WALKER, PETER: Has Anybody Seen Our Freedoms? CD (DEL 025CD) 15.00
"Peter Walker is an American original, as eclectic and enigmatic as the songs he writes. The legendary seventy-five year old raga/psychedelic/folk acoustic guitarist, who was schooled by masters such as Ravi Shankar and Ali Akbar Khan, has been described by Larry Coryell as, 'One of the most original practitioners of contemporary music' and proclaimed by the Beatles' press agent Derek Taylor as 'Perhaps the greatest guitarist in the world.' His music, celebrated by the late Jack Rose, James Blackshaw, Steffen Basho-Junghans, Thurston Moore, and Greg Davis, all contributed original compositions to the 2006 tribute album, A Raga for Peter Walker. In the mid-'60s, while musical director to Timothy Leary's LSD explorations, Walker released the classic Rainy Day Raga LP in 1966, and 1968's influential Second Poem to Karmela, or Gypsies are Important, both on Vanguard Records. Following that, Peter Walker disappeared from recording for almost forty years, but never stopped practicing, learning, and reaching. Now, Delmore Recording Society is proud to announce the release of a lost studio session from 1970. Recorded at Mercury Studios, NYC. Has Anybody Seen Our Freedoms? is Peter Walker's manifesto. A solo guitar/vocal album, all one take, no overdubs, that could have been Peter's classic third album had it been released at the time. (Peter had been storing the reels in a converted bread truck for decades). While his previous two records are incredible collaborative efforts, the playing of Bruce Langhorne, Jeremy Steig, and John Blair as important to the final product as Peter's, this album is 100 proof Walker. A requiem to the 1960s, chronicling lovers on the run, anti-war movement adventures, and living off the grid in Mexico, California, Detroit, and NYC."


WALKER, PETER: Has Anybody Seen Our Freedoms? LP (DEL 025LP) 21.00
LP version. Includes a four-panel insert with images and an essay by Peter Walker, plus a download code.



VA: 100DSR/VAR3 12" (DSR 100-VAR3-EP) 12.50
To mark the occasion of Delsin hitting 100 releases, the label presents five new various artist EPs. Label-mates Convextion, Sawlin, and Ross 154 (aka Newworldaquarium) contribute one tack each for the third EP in the series. Sawlin offers up stiff rhythms of industrial percussion, grainy lo-fi pads and plenty of fuzzy textures on his heady jam "Zeitstempel." Next up is Convextion with his breezy, summery jam "Verna." With a squelchy and snaking bass line and subtly uplifting pads, it twists and turns as it drives forward. "Moon FM Desire" is a serene and slo-mo trip by Ross 154 with tumbling drums and thin, heavenly pads.



DER DRITTE RAUM: Mokka 12" (DDR 009EP) 12.50
The Der Dritte Raum label presents the second 12" EP from its latest album release Morgenland (DDR 007CD). Andreas Krüger once again steps up to deliver the goods. And with his cutting-edge collection of dirty little machines, he certainly proves to have his finger on the pulse of contemporary dance music. This is a solid and compelling follow up 12" that represents a sound which is not only sweeping the charts, but lies somewhere in between techno and house.



DURAND, FEDERICO: El Idioma de las Luciérnagas LP (PATHWAY 007LP) 17.00
"How do you play the wind chimes? I hear crickets pulse; it sounds like breathing. If it seems that the elephant of memory plays the piano, it's because the speed of the pulsing notes punctuate each moment before sounds vanish in a bright, gray haze. There is a sweetness beyond melancholy in the natural tones of the sounds as if Durand had bumped into an old calliope and discovered that its steam whistles had punctured the keyboard with the sap of new seedlings. The firefly language is based on roots of light. The music dawns on you, in you, all over you. And then you forget who you are and just listen because you are not just listening but experiencing. The sounds of birds blend with the raindrops of piano notes until it seems the birds are singing while playing the piano, or the piano is accompanying the birds."



2011 release. Comprised of singer/keyboardist David Steiner, guitarist Andrew Gray, bassist Pete Moore and drummer Jeff Wilmott, London post-punkers In Camera came to 4AD label-head Ivo's attention when they opened a show for Bauhaus. Displaying a spiky, PiL and Joy Division-influenced sound on their 1980 debut single "Die Laughing" (the first 4AD release engineered by John Fryer), the group had matured considerably by the time of their IV Songs EP at the end of the year. By 1982, the quartet had fallen apart. The Fin EP was their 4AD epitaph: a Peel Session from December 1980, which Ivo licensed from the BBC. Desire is extremely proud to release this record comprising the very first 7'' (Final Achievement/Die Laughing) coupled with the first 12'' (IV Songs). Fully licensed from 4AD, it's the first time in 30 years these recordings are available on vinyl. Limited edition of 500 copies only, pressed on black vinyl.


MASS: Labour of Love LP (DESIRE 026LP) 23.50
2011 release. After Rema-Rema split, Gary Asquith, Mick Allen, and Mark Cox formed arty UK post-punk outfit Mass with Danny Briottet. The quartet debuted in 1980 with the single You and I/Cabbage, following it up a year later with their sole album, Labour of Love. The group subsequently split into two halves: Asquith and Briottet formed Renegade Soundwave, while Allen and Cox remained with 4AD for their new project, The Wolfgang Press. Desire is extremely proud to release this long-deleted album. Fully licensed from 4AD, it's the first time in 30 years these recordings are available on vinyl. Labour of Love is a classic post-punk album with bitter and dark tones that still sounds modern 30 years later. Limited edition of 500 copies only, pressed on black vinyl.


DANCE CHAPTER: Chapters LP (DESIRE 037LP) 23.50
Dance Chapter -- powered by the angelic vocals of Cyrus Bruton -- were initially seen by Ivo's (4AD) partner Peter Kent as a band who might be capable of filling the void left by the death of Joy Division's Ian Curtis. Although there wasn't, in fact, a great deal of musical similarity between the two bands, Dance Chapter's first single "Anonymity" was an impressively tense piece of work. A four-song EP, Chapter II, followed in 1981, after which the band parted company with 4AD. Desire is proud to release Chapters aka The Complete Discography of Dance Chapter. Officially licensed from 4AD, Chapters includes their first 7'' and their sole 12'' with an unreleased track ("Uncertainty"). Beautifully packaged in a glossy full-color sleeve, Chapters also contains a nice double-sided 12'' insert reproducing the original artworks. For fans of Joy Division, The Associates, The Chameleons, and early Fra Lippo Lippi. Limited to 500 copies on black vinyl.


LIVE SKULL: Bringing Home the Bait LP (DESIRE 057LP) 23.50
LP version. Comes on grey-colored vinyl. The unholy trinity of Live Skull/Swans/Sonic Youth dominated New York's so-called noise scene throughout most of the 1980s, but Live Skull was the component in that musical equation that was, first and foremost, always about the songs. Years before the noisy-catchy anthems of Daydream Nation, Live Skull was pioneering their own radical fusion of concisely constructed songwriting feeding off the seductive potential of chaos, transforming dissonance into something alluring while pushing the boundaries of what defined a song. Many of the band's most potent and perverse musical explorations began to take shape on their second record (and first full-length album), Bringing Home the Bait, recorded in 1984 and originally released in 1985 on the Homestead label. Bringing Home the Bait extends the approaches found on Live Skull's first EP, but the feel here is even harsher, more complex and confrontational. Using the most traditional of rock instrumentation -- two conventionally-tuned guitars, bass and drums -- Mark C., Tom Paine, Marnie Greenholz, and James Lo gleefully throw themselves into the business of subverting traditional rock forms, and the result is an intensely eccentric, nearly unclassifiable record that has been called, among other things, "The Best Noise Rock Post Punk New Wave No Wave Experimental Indie Emo Goth Album Ever." Make no mistake: BHTB can be a tough listen, but it's also an immensely rewarding one. The UK paper Sounds gave the record a five-star review, stating "Live Skull grab accepted practice by the throat and twist it to their own perverted ends," while Pulsebeat gushed, "Devastating, intoxicating noise, practically unparalleled among this year's record releases." Spin magazine appreciated the record's "highly distinctive dark, slow and dedicated sound," while the New York Times' Robert Palmer, writing for New Look magazine, famously declared: "The most startlingly original array of guitar sounds and approaches since Jimi Hendrix. They make guitars do things you've never imagined."


TOBAR, RICARDO: Treillis 2LP (DESIRE 095LP) 25.50
Double LP version. Includes download code. Ricardo Tobar releases his long-awaited debut album Treillis on established French label Desire (Ike Yard, Monoton, Live Skull, Keluar, Deathday, Egyptology). Inspired by mysticism and noise, Ricardo uses old drum machines, analog equipment and also samples he's been storing away for years to create dirty-sounding drums and modulated synth sounds, keeping far away from the more expected and polished sounds most artists are using. In a way, his music develops the punk side of electronic music. His other inspiration on Treillis is definitely esotericism, in the way that music can profoundly touch you and transport you to another dimension. Inspired by the deepness of electronic music, his music is very intuitive, the same way Nirvana, Sonic Youth, or My Bloody Valentine were with guitars. Ricardo Tobar was born in a city called Viña Del Mar in Chile nearly 30 years ago. After two acclaimed 12"s on Border Community, James Holden's label (the beautiful El Sunset in 2007 and Boy Love Girl in 2008) followed two EPs on Traum Schallplatten (With You in 2008 and Mi Pieza Esta Llena De Cosas in 2009). In 2012 he unleashed one EP on In Paradisum (French underground label run by Mondkopf), the more experimental and highly addictive Esoteric.



LAWRENCE: Films & Windows Remixed 12" (DIAL 065EP) 14.50
Due to his wonderful Films & Windows (DIAL 029CD/LP) album, Lawrence presents a remix bundle that sounds like the essential selection for a gorgeous night out at Panorama Bar, Berlin. Timeless grooves, Detroit-ish sounds, infinite space. Remixes by Freerotation Resident XDB, Chicago's Steven Tang and the world premiere production liaison of Carsten Jost & DJ Richard.



DONOSO, RICARDO: One Verse Sharpens Another 12" (DIGI 062LP) 16.50
The second part in a two-part 12" treatise that together will be entitled As Iron Sharpens Iron, One Verse Sharpens Another. Ricardo Donoso completes his latest trance mission for Digitalis with One Verse Sharpens Another. Four tracks of serpentine arpeggios, rolling bass pulses, and stealthy, soaring synth chords that simulate cybersex in anti-G, from the X-Files atmospheres and alien seduction of "The Redeemer," to the pilo-erect triggers and tense pizzicato strings of "Open Drawer, Full of Masks" and over to the sublime, supple bass roll and gentle ambient caress of "Child Primitive" and the mind-weaving Belgian trance bliss of "Master Game (Shape to Come)."



BLAND, BOBBY: Here's the Man!!! LP+CD (DOK 329LP) 26.00
"Here's The Man!!! was originally released in 1962 on Duke Records - Houston's legendary R&B label run by the infamous Don Robey - and is the second LP from Bobby 'Blue' Bland. Featuring one of his most enduring and classic hits, 'Turn On Your Love Light,' along with 10 other smoking R&B numbers - Here's The Man!!! is a fine showcase of one of the most influential and important R&B/soul singers of the 1960s." Includes a CD copy of the album.


MONK, THELONIOUS: Monk in France LP (DOX 901LP) 23.00
"Thelonious Monk and his quartet spent a good chunk of 1961 touring Europe, including this date, recorded at Olympia in Paris on April 18th of that year. Featuring his long-time quartet saxophonist Charlie Rouse - whose vibrant tone and rhythmic sense are on display here ? the group churns through a small handful of Monk classics. A fine live recording from one of the most celebrated jazz quartets of all time, reissued on LP by Doxy."


RED GARLAND QUINTET, THE: Soul Junction LP (DOX 902LP) 23.00
"Though it was recorded in 1957 (on the same day as his All Mornin' Long LP), Soul Junction was not released until 1960 on the Prestige label. Featuring the fine tenor work of his fellow Miles Davis Quintet alum, John Coltrane, and the blazing trumpet of Donald Byrd, Soul Junction is one of Garland's finest releases as a band leader. The center piece is the 16-minute long title track which features a stunning, mellow and bluesy solo from Red himself. Yet another jazz classic reissued on LP by Doxy."


ELLINGTON, DUKE: Ellington at Newport 2LP (DOX 904LP) 32.00
"Recorded at the third annual Newport Jazz Festival, on July 7, 1956, Ellington at Newport -- both the performance itself and the subsequent LP release -- singlehandedly revitalized the career of the greatest big band leader in the history of jazz. By the mid-1950s Duke Ellington was one of the few leaders still touring with a big band which proved to be, for the most part, an unsuccessful endeavor; He was often forced to pay the band out of his own pocket just to keep it going. Ellington at Newport changed all that as the group was the absolute hit of the festival; a performance that culminated in a stunning, 27 bar solo from tenor man, Paul Gonsalves, during 'Diminuendo in Blue and Crescendo in Blue' which had the crowd whooping and dancing in the aisles. This double LP on Doxy brings back into print one of the most important live performances of the Duke's storied career. Dig in."


VARTAN, SYLVIE: 1961-1962 LP (DOY 689LP) 23.00
"1961-1962 compiles some of the earliest recordings from one of France's most iconic and longest lasting yé-yé pop stars, released way back when she was known by French journalists as 'la collégienne du twist' or, translated, 'the twisting schoolgirl.' Though only 16-18 years old at the time of these recordings, her mature vocal performances on this LP belie her age as she rips through French language versions of Elvis' 'Don't Be Cruel,' Ray Charles' 'What'd I Say?,' The Everly Brothers 'Bye Bye Love,' and lots more. Another fine offering from Doxy for the Francophile in all of us. This title is a companion piece to DOY681LP and together they comprise Vartan's complete recordings from 1961 and 1962."


COOKE, SAM: Cooke's Tour LP (DOY 690LP) 23.00
"Originally released in 1960, Cooke's Tour is the debut LP release for Cooke on the RCA label - after many years with the Los Angeles indie, Keen. The album, like its title suggests, is a concept album of songs about various parts of the world, from the West Indies to the South Pacific, the Mediterranean to Mexico. One of the poppier albums in Cooke's discography, Cooke's Tour is a classic showcase for one of the most talented, genre transcending, vocalists of the 20th century."



HOLLEY, LONNIE: The Sandman's Garden: A Film by Arthur Sloss Crenshaw DVD (FURNACE 001DVD) 16.50
The Sandman's Garden examines the life and art of Lonnie Holley, a self-taught African-American artist and musician who was based in Birmingham, Alabama at the time this film was originally released (2005). The documentary follows Holley as he builds a sculptural environment out of discarded materials and found objects in the Birmingham Museum of Art's sculpture garden. His art is by turns profound, playful, and deeply moving. As the garden grows piece by piece, Holley is revealed as a man who has overcome a tortured past. Growing up poor and black in the 20th century American South, Holley worked to overcome prejudice and deprivation by using art to explore his life and ideas. The camera captures the artist's process and reflections as he gathers materials, creates pieces, plays music, interacts with others, and relives the joys and sorrows that forged his unique and genuine artwork. NTSC format, region free. Stereo sound, 64 minutes, Aspect ratio: 16:9.


DW 001EP

UNKNOWN: I Love the Way/So Special 12" (DW 001EP) 12.50
From the Kid housing on Dopeness Galore.


EM 1117CD

TAKEMATSU, RYO: Six-O-Seven Blues CD (EM 1117CD) 16.50
Tokyo's Ryo Takematsu proves the universality and timelessness of the blues on his debut solo release Six-O-Seven Blues. Recorded mainly in a Japanese bedroom, Takematsu's heartfelt and sincere acoustic guitar-playing filters his love of pre-war American country blues through the more relatively recent influences of John Fahey and Backwards Sam Firk; the seven pieces here, on three 7" records, slingshot these influences through space and time, from America in a previous century to 21st-century Japan and on to the wider world. Bookended by opening and closing collaborative tracks, Takematsu, one of the founding members of EM Records stalwarts Noahlewis' Mahlon Taits, rides solo for the bulk of the tracks, sounding relaxed and focused. The opening title-track, by Takematsu, features some guest percussion from his bandmates, and the final track is a remix, by Tomoki Kanda, of John Fahey's "On Doing an Evil Deed Blues." Two more tracks by Fahey appear, plus songs by Skip James and William Moore. This time-travelling set is a charm.

EM 1119CD

SHERIFF LINDO AND THE HAMMER: Ten Dubs That Shook the World CD (EM 1119CD) 20.00
There are certain albums which shake the world immediately upon release, and others which come from far underground and whose shocks and aftershocks rise to the surface gradually over the years, gaining momentum and power. Ten Dubs That Shook the World is of the latter type. Since its original vinyl release in 1988, the prescient impact of this Australian homemade dubwise solo massive by Anthony Maher aka Sheriff Lindo has become ever-more apparent and influential. With its dual island combination of Jamaican dub and UK industrial and post-punk, and the twinning of spaced electronic drums and effects with some very fine, superbly-rooted bass lines, the tectonic Ten Dubs has proven to be a durable, doubly-solid shaker. This 2013 repress is dedicated to the original producer John Blades, founder of the Endless Recordings label, who along with Maher and Richard Fielding constituted The Loop Orchestra. The CD version features three previously-unissued recordings as bonus tracks. EM Records is also pleased to announce that they are preparing Lindo's first release since Ten Dubs was launched 25 years ago. From deep underground in Australia, rising, reverberating and resonating across the globe, Ten Dubs That Shook the World vibrates on. Newly remastered. Includes a 12-page booklet with liner-notes written by A. Maher, R. Fielding and J. Blades. English & Japanese text.



EXERCISE ONE: Tales of Ordinary Madness CD (EXONE 020CD) 17.00
To mark a decade of their live techno outfit, Exercise One release a new album by choosing 10 remixes for their 10 years of performing live and nine tracks on the album for nine years of releasing records. The close duo of Marco Freivogel and Ingo Gansera have spent the past decade recording and performing live as Exercise One, collaborating, remixing and running two independent labels all their own way. Already seasoned live performers when they met, Marco's early years were spent absorbed in goth culture and industrial music, while Ingo leads a double life as the drummer of a Berlin punk band. These influences fuel their old school Kreuzberg DIY vibe as well as injecting their brand of techno with a warmth and vibrancy that bursts from every exuberant record and infectious performance. Their energy mixed with an abundance of creativity has helped to seal their musical world view, that music production and performance should have a symbiotic relationship. Early on, Exercise One created their own label Lan Muzic, where they put out the first techno releases of Peter Van Hoesen and Philip Sherburne, as well as Donato Dozzy and Jacopo Carreras. Their debut album was released on Anja Schneider's Mobilee Records, with 12"s over the years on Dumb Unit, Cocoon, and Wagon Repair as well as remixes for a host of others too numerous to name. Most recently they have recorded almost exclusively for their former bootleg label Exone alongside collaborators like Mathew Jonson, Matilda, Mike Shannon, and Deadbeat. In the last two years, Exercise One completely overhauled their live PA, throwing out the computer and returning to the root of techno armed with an arsenal of blustering analog machines. It's a testament to their belief that music and techno should be alive, with their music always guided by the spirit and flow of improvisation, driven forward by the tension of their real-time onstage interaction and ability to go "off script" that makes their performances more exciting and dynamic than the norm. "Same Story" sets the scene for the album, with the duo's musicality illustrated in the sea of gauzy pads that unfurl over an increasingly skewed rhythm. After succumbing to a cacophony of resonant percussion, the focus is shifted to the floor, with the unyielding 4x4 thump and haunting motifs of "Verlooka" ushering in tracks that capture the vitality of the pair's much-lauded live act. "Gatium" finds them at their most arresting, exercising the kind of restraint that renders every spluttering synth-line utterly captivating before "Electric Glare" revs into action with a dank riff locking itself on top of a feverish bass line. After the cinematic "Stay" serves as a blissful palette cleanser, we're back on the pulse with the jacking sensibilities of "33 to Pay the Rent" and the abrasive thuds of "The Raven," perhaps their most stark work to date. Penultimate track "Outshine" masterfully reintroduces ethereal hints of melancholia over an undulating groove. Finally "Look at the Harlequins" serves as an album closer like none other, a perfect distillation of a sound that unfolds like a dystopian nightmare; but one that's sure to play a part in the most hedonistic moments of dancefloor abandon.



SIMS, BEN: Fabric 73 CD (FABRIC 145CD) 16.00
Prolific, eclectic, and always evolving, Ben Sims' name has been synonymous with quality techno for nearly two decades. Influenced by the "perfect and elusive" environment of fabric's Room 2, his long-awaited contribution to the fabric series matches that industrial setting and the depth of experience possible in a dark, sweaty, peak-time room. Drawing on a rich and unparalleled musical history, fabric 73 is as much autobiography as it is vision of an uncompromising musical future. Artists: Alden Tyrell, Benjamin Damage, Chicago Skyway, Clouds, Dimi Angélis & Jeroen Search, Donnie Tempo, Floorplan, Fokus Group, Gingy & Bordello, J Tijn, Joton, Julien H Mulder, Kirk Degiorgio, Kryptic Minds & Paul Mac, L-Vis 1990, Marcel Dettmann, Mark Ambrose, Mark Broom, MDL vs JR, Mike Dehnert, Nphonix, Ø (Phase), Paul Mac, Pfirter, Robert Hood, Rod, Sandrien, Special Request, Terrence Dixon, Tripeo, Truncate, Robert Hood, Mr G, James Ruskin, Mark Broom, Ritzi Lee, Ben Klock, Surgeon and Trevino.



FAKI & JOHANNES HEIL, LEN: Volume II 12" (FIGURE 049EP) 12.50
Len Faki and Johannes Heil welcomes us indoors to the winter season, with two darker, straighter and more paranoid weapons on Volume II. "Dirty" presents an old school, intense party-techno vibe with a grinding organ hook, leading us into the heart of the beast. Taking the best of techno's '90s-era drums -- crisp claps and searing hi-hats -- combined with the two producers' top-class production, it's quite a handful. "Maniac" is a more introspective workout that fuses a pumping, warehouse vibe with submerged, filtering synth-play. At once psychedelic, yet funky and timeless, it snakes and stalks its way through seven minutes of classy reductionism.


DREIHEIT: Dreiheit 12" (FIGURE 050EP) 12.50
Limited edition with embossed black sleeve. Figure Records proudly celebrates its 50th release with a new collaboration from three of its core artists. Dreiheit, meaning "trinity," brings us up to date with two addictive club tools. The vinyl release features limited edition embossed black sleeves, making it a must-have for any Figure fan. Since 2003, Len Faki's Figure label has grown into the internationally-respected techno transmission that we know today. We now look forward to the next chapter in the label's story with Dreiheit.


GET 54058LP

BERRY, CHUCK: San Francisco Dues LP (GET 54058LP) 21.00
"Reissuing the oft-forgotten Chuck Berry gem on vinyl, painstakingly re-mastered and re-created with the same level of care and detail that have come to define the Boston label's reissues. A bygone classic from one of rock n' roll's great trailblazers."


GB 1111LP

GB (GIFTED & BLESSED): Within These Machines 2LP (GB 1111LP) 23.00
Double LP version. Full-length album by GB (Gifted & Blessed) on his own label. It's hard to believe that with an output as prolific as that of Gabriel Reyes-Whittaker, Within These Machines is only his second widely-distributed full-length release in his more than 10-year career. Having released critically-acclaimed projects as The Abstract Eye, The Reflektor, Julian Abelar, and of course, his best-known guise GB, he returns again with what is perhaps his most ambitious project to date. GB's Within These Machines is a song set themed around the various applications of his primarily analog electronic instruments. Working in concert and synchronized via MIDI and triggering mechanisms, the machines act as the performers themselves with Gabriel serving as engineer, conductor, composer and producer, guiding the machines in their performance. All pieces were recorded live and in one take. Within These Machines encompasses not only GB's stylistic versatility and technical prowess but also the capabilities of vintage electronic musical instruments that in many cases had not yet been explored. GB visits and expands upon many subgenres of the wide world of electronic music while not quite stepping fully into any category. Yet the album moves with a consistency and theme that illustrates the unique character of all of Gabriel's music.


GB 003LP

TRAORE, LOBI: Bamako Nights: Live at Bar Bozo 1995 LP+CD (GB 003LP) 25.50
180 gram LP version, housed in a gatefold sleeve. Includes a CD copy of the album. Bamako Nights captures the incendiary genius of Lobi Traoré, a soulful singer/songwriter and blazing electric guitarist from Mali, who died too young -- just 49 years old -- in 2010. Lobi produced five studio albums during his career, as well as four live releases, including the solo acoustic session Rainy Season Blues (Glitterhouse, 2010). But Bamako Nights offers the deepest and most intimate record of this artist's astounding power onstage in a small Bamako nightclub. In 1995, the Bar Bozo was a unique destination. Mali's democracy was just a few years old, and people were finding new ways to exercise freedom. The bar was an unglamorous downtown nightspot, dark and often crowded. It didn't cater to elites, but working people, who came to drink and dance and enjoy a live band long into the night. Lobi Traoré was still emerging as a popular artist in Bamako. His earthy blend of Bambara roots and edgy electric guitar, and his philosophical songs concerning social life and the challenges rural people face in the city, were made-to-order for Bar Bozo. No wonder he packed the place on a weekly basis -- Lobi had begun recording albums by that time, and performing in Europe with an acoustic ensemble. But at Bar Bozo, he and his small electric ensemble were developing a new, rawer sound, one that would make Lobi a staple of Bamako's live scene, and a legend of African blues celebrated around the world. You can hear in this smoldering session Lobi's joy at having recently acquired a flanger pedal. His solos build to soaring, ecstatic heights, as unhinged as anything in African rock since. The set starts out slow and meditative with "Ni tugula mogo mi ko," conjuring a trance atmosphere that Lobi elevates systematically with his keening vocal and eloquent picking. You can almost feel the weight of a sweltering Bamako night as Lobi forcefully guides his band though musical catharsis. By the time they kick into high gear on "Sigui Nyongon son fo," the weight has lifted and spirits are flying. It's hard to say enough about Lobi as a guitar stylist. His sound echoes older Malian pentatonic guitarists, notably the iconic Zani Diabaté, whom Lobi accompanied briefly. And there are clear rock echoes; Lobi was a fan of AC/DC's Angus Young. But in the end, Lobi's guitar voice is his own -- unmistakable, deeply informed by tradition and graced with sparkling personal epiphanies -- even with the flanger set to 110%. A few weeks after this recording was made, Bamako authorities closed down the Bar Bozo, and Lobi had to move his joyful party to an obscure venue on the outskirts of town. Bamako Nights is a time capsule recording. It evokes an artist, a time, and a place that came together with amazing potency, and can never be recreated.



DEO & Z-MAN: No Bullshit 2LP (HFNDISK 009LP) 23.00
With their debut album on Hamburg's tastemaking Hafendisko, Deo & Z-Man proceed with their research in contemporary electronic music beyond stylistic boundaries and present a wide-ranging lucky bag of songs. The Italo-rooted brothers melt influences from modern house music, hip-hop, electronic, and even jazzy elements into a fresh and life-affirming total work of art. With a healthy dose of tongue-in-cheek humor and a seemingly endless supply of fresh ideas, Deo & Z-Man might have pulled off one of the most creative albums of the year. Effortlessly gliding between wigged-out house for the dancefloor, synth-y space weirdness, hip-hop-infused beats and twisted, smoked-out electro-pop, No Bullshit is a rare thing, a collection of esoteric and eclectic influences that hang together perfectly as a proper album. The boys have long since created their own special vibe through their well-received singles, live performances and DJ sets -- mixing musical knowledge, party-rocking skills and a sense of fun that is all too often lacking these days. Even rarer is to capture that magic in the studio over the course of an album. Yet No Bullshit, as the name cheekily suggests, nails it. Listening to the album, it's easy to see how Deo & Z-Man cut their teeth with hip-hop tracks like "Tamastar Santini" (feat. Janos), "Two Blue Bros" and "YRUAG" reveal a background of beats and rhymes that infuses the whole vibe of the album. Equally at home in the club, recent single "XTC," "Chopped Memories," and "Tales of Love" are lessons in leftfield club dynamics -- deep, musical grooves that hint at the brothers' legendary nights as residents at the famed Golden Pudel Club. Yet No Bullshit doesn't stop there -- "Iced Out Space Lazerlights" and "Universal Neighbours" are both journeys into the synth stratosphere, while "Music to Driveby," "Slippin into Somethin," and "Smokeroad" are unclassifiable -- weird and inventive in the way that all great pop music is.


HYR7 130EP

CRIMEA X: Haunted Love/A Present 12" (HYR7 130EP) 14.50
Crimea X offer up two more singles from their second artist album, Another (HYR 7117CD). Ensuring the package is even more essential are remixes from Lauer and Legowelt, and both were co-produced and mixed by Norwegian legend Bjørn Torske. "Haunted Love" is awash with seas of liquid synths and floaty-light vocals. Lauer's remix makes it a deeper, moodier affair. The other original is "A Present," an ever-building and tumultuous brew of insistent drums and zithering synth lines. With vulnerable vocals floating up top and sweet, glistening analog lines, it's a truly heartfelt indie-disco jam. Legowelt's remix transforms it into a forest-y bit of deep house complete with impish synth lines, magical melodies and a snaking bass line.


HH 003EP

THESE HIDDEN HANDS: Marcel Dettman/SHXCXCHCXSH/Old Apparatus Remixes 12" (HH 003EP) 14.50
Marcel Dettmann, SHXCXCHCXSH, and Old Apparatus follow Vatican Shadow's lead to remix Tommy Four Seven and Alain's These Hidden Hands project. Dettmann's "Laika" mix finds a cool balance of ruggedly stable techno groove and teasing, almost uplifting synth lines; SHXCXCHCXSH's "Kheium" version works on some mutant basement tech-noise grime; Old Apparatus reject rhythms in favor of an epic, widescreen take on "Hidden," rent with sepulchral harmonics to bleedin' scary effect. Pressed on white vinyl.



TIMOKA: Waters EP 12" (HOLGER 002EP) 14.50
A few words by Steffen Bennemann: "When the Webermichelson guys introduced us to Timoka, we didn't even dare to hope he would ever join a start-up label like Holger. His work just sounded way beyond that, so sophisticated and well produced, highly artistic and melodically complex. But as it turned out, he not only became a part of our family -- he even went on to define our graphic identity (together with Reymund Schröder) with his visual art. We couldn't dream of a better match. Plus: 'Aare' is a hit (even if Timoka hates to hear that)."



DJ NU-MARK: Our Generation 7" (HPR 010EP) 8.00
"In the next two months I plan on releasing two very special and requested 45s from my Broken Sunlight album. The first will be a re-edit of 'Our Generation' by Ernie Hines taken from the original 1974 multi-track recording. I made a special unreleased 'Cali Mix' for this 45 only. You might recognize this soul classic from Pete Rock & CL Smooth's 'Straighten It Out.'" -- DJ Nu-Mark


DJ NU-MARK: Oya Indebure/Tough Break 7" (HPR 011EP) 8.00
"A re-mastered and mixed version of 'Oya Indebure' featuring Laudir de Oliveira. This is an uptempo Brazilian banger that never fails the clubs. Backed by 'Tough Break,' which is a high powered dirty funk track. 'Tough Break' was recently featured in the motion picture Battle of the Year a movie about American B-boys on a mission to win the world B-boy championship."



AKKORD: Akkord 2LP (HTH 015LP) 33.00
Double LP version. Pressed on 180 gram vinyl. Presented in a bespoke PVC sleeve with spot varnish pattern. Following on from a pair of highly sought-after white labels and the superb Navigate EP, Akkord return to Houndstooth with their self-titled debut album. Akkord began as a shadowy collective with an espoused passion for mathematics and sacred geometry, crafting intelligent and beautifully oppressive electronic music. Eventually revealed as a collaboration between experienced Mancunian bass producers Synkro and Indigo, Akkord blurs the lines between junglist revivalism, smoky ambience, and suctioned dub, with a consistently engaging pulse linking the styles. Carefully arranged and achieving maximum impact on a proper soundsystem, Akkord have turned in an ominous and daring debut. Cut and mastered by Matt Colton.



BOT'OX: Sans Dormir CD (CLICHE 053CD) 17.00
Bot'Ox is a duo formed in 2005 by Frenchmen Julien Briffaz and Cosmo Vitelli. After a road-trip to Babylon (Babylon by Car, their first album released in 2010), they come back to haunt dark clubs with a second album, Sans Dormir. The album consists of 10 tracks, mostly sung, some of which have already been released in the form of singles and remixes. For the second album, the battered Cadillac comes to a stop in the parking lot of a deserted nightclub, as suggested by the visuals presented with the project, abandoned French clubs as photographed by Phillipe Lebruman. Opening with a spectral visit from downstairs, "Basement Love," the album continues with "Grands Boulevards," an instinctive, nocturnal trip where rockabilly guitars rub elbows with Moogs while giving an account of obsessions, recurring dreams and waking nightmares. "2.4.1" speaks of disillusionment in love while leaning towards soft-rock. "Another Form of Fatigue" tries to tame the migraine with a dubby feel. "Back from the Suburbs" is a twisted electro-rock ballad. "Goodbye Fantasy" is an anti-declaration of love with pro-British pop accents. "The Face of Another" is a kind of dissatisfied, sexually wandering disco-pop while "Night Stuntman" is a psychedelic credit roll for a movie with no happy ending. The sweet "Unfinished Business" makes an attempt at reconciliation, before the synthesizers all emerge for the title-track. In the cold but heartfelt voices of the artists is a meeting of male and female intimacy, which sometimes replies to each other ("Unfinished Business"). These voices include Mark Kerr, Anna Jean and Judy Nylon (of the legendary punk band Snatch). They are joined here by Samy Osta and Foremost Poets, the iconic trans-Atlantic voice of underground house/techno. The two members of Bot'Ox are prominent figures of electronic music "made in France." Julien Briffaz was a long-time part of the house and techno duo Tekel. Cosmo Vitelli earned his reputation as a producer during the early French Touch years, remixing or being remixed by De Crecy, Cassius and Daft Punk. Cosmo Vitelli and Julien Briffaz came together by indulging their common obsessions: an aesthetic mechanical universe, marked by the mythology of the automobile, the paradoxical fragility of its bodywork, and a fanatical mutating vision of music. This highway alternates car chases, anxiety-filled passages through customs and forest walks at dusk.


BOT'OX: Sans Dormir (Deluxe) 2CD (CLICHE 053LTDCD) 22.00
Deluxe double CD version. Includes previously unreleased and digital-only tracks, plus excerpts from the soundtrack to Mineurs 27, directed by Tristan Aurouet.



Ibadan Records, known for its persistent pursuit of dope jams, unleashes the Sun Ark EP. The A-side re-explores the original mind-bending Carl Craig classic "Angel." Jerome Sydenham contorts this gem with a depth-defying A-class re-edit. Following this, Sydenham's original production exemplifies the term "soulful tech-house." The B-side introduces the new Japanese duo Lo Hype, consisting of Ibadan recording artist Katsuya Sano and new compadre Shin Sasama. Their combined efforts defy terms like electronica or techno. "Route 303" has the 303 written all over it, coupled with analog basses and classic synths, all enveloped in 118 bpm heaven.



HUNTEMANN, OLIVER: 5unf - Five Years Ideal Audio 2CD (IDEAL 029CD) 23.00
It is now five proud years since Oliver Huntemann, together with his long-term business partner Jan Langer, founded Ideal Audio. To celebrate the occasion, the label is heading out on a worldwide tour, and is releasing a double CD compilation of brand-new exclusive material alongside the most memorable classics from the label's roster. Since 2008, the label has grown into one of the foremost techno outlets in the world, with a wide and deep fan base stretching all across the globe. Ideal Audio has also spawned countless label parties, fruitful collaborations, and many EP, LP, and mix compilation releases from plenty of exciting talents. "Here we are, five years richer in experience, and still as loud as ever," says Oliver on the anniversary. "Some new and promising acts in the form of Dubspeeka from Bristol, Remain & Electric Rescue from Paris, and Soel & Jonni Darkko from Rome have recently joined the ranks, breathing new life into Ideal. For me personally, it is still a great pleasure to work on and with electronic music and the crazy party circus every day. I look forward to the next five years!" And so to the 5ünf compilation: across two discs and 25 tracks it showcases the Ideal Audio style, which in the past has been described as "dark, hypnotic and powerful." The compilation spans the last five years -- with new and exclusive cuts on disc one, and classics on disc one -- and proves that Oliver and Jan have done a great job evolving the label while always staying true to their roots in exciting techno. A fine retrospective at the same time as being focused on the next five years, the 5ünf compilation proves Ideal Audio to be one of the most assured labels of our time. Other artists include: Joran van Pol, Extrawelt, Hatzler, André Winter, Andreas Henneberg, The Glitz, Sebrok & Tassilo, Dubfire, Marc Houle, Pan-Pot, Mihalis Safras, Sebastian Radlmeier, and Carlo Lio.



GUNN & MIKE GANGLOFF, STEVE: Melodies for a Savage Fix LP (IMPREC 392LP) 23.00
"Steve Gunn and Mike Gangloff (Pelt) combine six-and 12-string guitars with gongs, tanpura, singing bowls, shruti box, and banjo for a gorgeous collection of improvised compositions. The two artists took it pretty far off the beaten path for Melodies for a Savage Fix, sequestering themselves for an overnight session in the remote farmhouse/recording studio of noted roots-music engineer Joseph Dejarnette (Carolina Chocolate Drops, Bruce Greene, Curtis Eller) in the countryside of Floyd County, Virginia. Pressed in an edition of 500. There in the tiny community of Topeka, miles from the county's one traffic light, they set up an assortment of six- and 12-string guitars, gongs and Indian instruments, plus the banjo Gangloff sometimes plays at monthly square dances at a country store just up the road, and settled in for an intense night of improvisation."



SOUNDS OF THE CITY EXPERIENCE: Sounds of the City Experience CD (JMAN 061CD) 17.00
Soul and funk from the early '70s from this multi-racial band out of the Bronx. These guys played for fun, understanding and mutual respect -- no pressure from the record company to make a hit record = positive vibes and freedom. And it shows. One of the eternal issues of record collecting is the question of how good records actually become rare. Perhaps the record company goes bust. Perhaps the label is busy pushing some lame pop act on the roster, leaving the good stuff to rot. Maybe the band splits up just before the release. Less frequent than any of these is this: perhaps the record wasn't supposed to sell in the first place. As strange as it seems, that was exactly the case with this album, by Sounds of the City Experience. In Jazzman's Holy Grail reissue of the highly-sought after Sounds of the City Experience LP on notorious tax-scam label Tiger Lily, Jazzman interviews the producer Mario Sprouse and finds out exactly why this album is so rare. They discover and disclose the story behind the band and why they made these high-quality recordings which were never intended for release. The CD includes three previously-unreleased bonus tracks and comes with a 16-page full-color booklet containing detailed liner notes and previously-unseen pictures of the band in action. All tracks fully licensed and digitally restored from the original master tapes.


GILSON, JEF: The Archives CD (JMAN 063CD) 17.00
A collection of previously-unreleased recordings, rehearsals, demos and alternate takes from the personal archive of brilliant French pianist, composer and arranger extraordinaire Jef Gilson. Since his passing in 2012, Jazzman Records has surveyed the substantial personal archive of Gilson's acetates, test pressings and reel-to-reel tapes with the kind permission of his widow, Geneviève. The task has not been easy; it's taken numerous trips to France and the generous assistance of a small army of translators, advisors, musicologists, amateur enthusiasts and record collectors, as well as the surviving members of Gilson's musical entourage, for the label to gather together the information required to make this album. Here you'll find early experiments in oriental and ethnic jazz with Lloyd Miller, unissued alternate takes of Gilson's classic repertoire, long-lost live performances from 1960s European jazz festivals, and rehearsals and jam sessions that developed into a lifelong creative obsession, none of which has been officially released before. The music on this release was specially chosen from hundreds of hours of alternate takes, rehearsals, live recordings, unissued sessions and personal recordings made from the '50s to the '70s. Despite the limitations afforded by mastering some of these recordings from anonymous reels of twisted, buckled tape and scratched, dusty old acetate discs, we hope that the music contained herein affords a fascinating and otherwise impenetrable insight into the workings of one of the great unsung creative forces of European jazz. The CD comes with a 24-page color booklet with in-depth liner notes and previously-unpublished photographs. All tracks previously-unreleased, fully-licensed and digitally-restored from their original source.


GILSON, JEF: The Archives 2LP (JMAN 063LP) 25.50
Deluxe double vinyl LP pressing housed in a thick, glossy gatefold sleeve


GILSON, JEF: Chansons De Jazz 10" (JMAN 064LP) 18.00
A collection of little known chansons -- with a twist of jazz -- produced by French jazzman extraordinaire, Jef Gilson. Available only on 10" vinyl, this album is a companion disc to the Jef Gilson Archives album (JMAN 063) and all tracks are exclusive to this release. Classic Gilson '60s repertoire with rarely heard vocal performances, this is sublime, sexy and seductive chanson jazz with a distinctly French flavor, some previously-unreleased songs, sung by obscure (or unknown) chanteuses inspired by Brigitte Bardot, France Gall and Francoise Hardy. The French chanson is a song that's as inextricably linked to French culture as crêpes, croissants and cognac. Their poetic, romantic lyrics are set to music that's characterized by following the rhythms of the French language rather than those of English, and have been used as serenades since time immemorial. Even in recent years many French artists, from Édith Piaf to Serge Gainsbourg, have added their own particular gems to the roster. Includes comprehensive and detailed liner notes with information on each track in English and French.


KK 076CD

VA: New German Ethnic Music - Immigrant's Songs from Germany CD (KK 076CD) 15.50
Featuring Matias Aguayo, Natalie Beridze, Eric D. Clark, Margaret Dygas, Mark Ernestus, Gudrun Gut, Khan, Thomas Mahmoud, Guido Möbius, Niobe, Ulrich Schnauss, Symbiz Sound, and Murat Tepeli. In the 1970s, the American composer Henry Flynt started a series of pieces under the title New American Ethnic Music. In so doing, he worked together native styles of music such as blues, country or hillbilly with electronic production methods to make something altogether new. So far in Germany it has never been attempted to rework folklore electronically for a compilation. However, this picture changes if one redefines the idea of who the population is. Incomers have brought new national anthems to Germany, which means: even the Portuguese Fado, the African Gnawa, the Croatian Klapa or the Vietnamese Quan ho are these days at home in Germany. With the cultural project "Heimatlieder aus Deutschland" ("National Anthems of Germany") founded by former Spex editor Mark Terkessidis and label manager Jochen Kühlung, all the various styles of traditional folk music now found in Germany has been collected. Thirteen of the songs recorded for the project have now been transformed by contemporary electronic producers to present a New German Ethnic Music. But why remixes? For one thing, electronic music has recently focused a lot on the past (ghost music, hypnagogic pop, etc.) -- electronic editing is well-suited to follow the effects of the immigrant music which the imaginary national anthems have created. Furthermore, the project's instigators were curious how electronic musicians would handle folk music and folk songs. To this end, artists were sought out who could get along with the idea of each music style and who are known to already have experimented with the human voice. Guido Möbius put out an album of electronic versions of gospels, which made him the ideal candidate for the Fado piece "Milho-Verde" -- the remix has already been hailed by Deutschlandfunk as "wonderfully smooth." Cuban Son seemed like the perfect basis for a disco version by ex-Whirlpool member Eric D. Clark. Margaret Dygas' presents a Polish song about a girl's arranged marriage. Symbiz Sound are two young DJs of Korean origin who, with a rework of the Korean Choir of Berlin, have somehow redefined the song of their own parents. With his remix of the marrabenta of Mozambique, Mark Ernestus has continued the rhythmic experiments he is known for with Jeri-Jeri. The results are as varied as the music styles and DJs involved. Some melodies remain completely intact while others are abstracted beyond recognition. Murat Tepeli and Natalie Beridze emphasized totally different aspects with subtle amplification and editing. Gudrun Gut dynamized the dalmatinische klapa as you have never heard it before. Thomas Mahmoud translated Gnawa into dub, Khan represented Greek dances as Gothic panoramas, while Niobe and Matias Aguayo transformed Vietnamese Quan-ho and Spanish Renaissance choral singing into their own unique idioms. Finally, Ulrich Schnauss turned "La Pagliarella" into a hymn for the horizon-expanding power of migration.


KH 9008CD

REED, JOHN CALE & NICO, LOU: Le Bataclan, Paris. Jan 29, '72 CD (KH 9008CD) 17.00
To the surprise and delight of their growing fan base, in early 1972 rumors began to circulate that Lou Reed, John Cale, and Nico would be performing together again. In fact they only played one show, at the small Bataclan club in Paris on January 29th. Thankfully, a soundboard recording was made, preserving the superb concert for posterity. On it the trio performs a cross-section of Velvet Underground and solo material in acoustic settings, offering a unique opportunity to hear familiar songs by three of rock's most enduring cult artists in a fresh style. It makes its long-awaited return to CD here, together with background notes and two rare tracks culled from a rehearsal held in London shortly before the gig.



LOGOS: Cold Mission CD (LDN 042CD) 16.50
Cold Mission is the debut album from east London-based producer Logos: it features fellow producers Mumdance, Dusk + Blackdown, and Rabit. That Logos is a member of two emerging underground collectives -- new school grime specialists Boxed and the Keysound Recordings' 130 bpm family -- it gives you a rough sense of his whereabouts. At the first flickers of the album intro "Ex101," you begin to sense the scope and scale of Logos' mission. His modus operandi is a twin strike of connection and disconnection: he lurks in the spaces between places, both literally -- down badly-lit East End back streets -- and figuratively, swerving between established musical nodes with the mission of finding new ones. It's suspended in the tension between then, now and what's to come. In simpler terms: Logos is a junglist but this is not a jungle album. He's a grime-head but this is not a grime album. This is an excursion in the dissolutions of forms and edges; of the elongation of patterns into repetitive plateaus of intensity. The album bristles with tension: for the "cold" component, it is as if he dissolved the intros of a thousand dark-side jungle 12"s and dripped them into his analog hardware.


KI 010EP

COLO: Holidays 7" (KI 010EP) 12.50
A first taste from Colo's debut album UR. On the A-side we have "Holidays," which is a down-tempo track with mystic vocals accompanied by a percussive beat. The dragging flow of this track is underlined by a soft chorus and crispy sounds, giving it great depth. Colo perfectly showcase their style on this track and that is why it is the first single before their debut album on Ki. On the B-side is a remix by none other than Christian Löffler, who gives the track his trademark sound, building up slowly and turning the original into a spheric deep techno track.



CAMPBELL, CORNELL: Fight Against Corruption CD (KSCD 047CD) 14.00
Cornell Campbell's distinctive falsetto voice alongside his Rastafarian beliefs during the '70s gave him a musical style that added urgency and righteousness to songs that few other singers could match. This album was produced by Bunny Lee and released in 1983 on Vista Sounds. Engineered by King Tubby and Scientist and mixed at King Tubby's, Kingston, Jamaica. Cornell Campbell on vocals with The Roots Radics as a backing band. Members include: Sly Dunbar, Santa Davis & Ben Bow (drums); Brother Chris, Flabba Holt & Robbie Shakespeare (bass); Willie Lindo & Chinna (guitar); Keith Sterling & Jackie Mittoo (piano); Winston Wright & Robert Lynn (organ); and Sticky & Skully (percussion). CD version includes four bonus tracks.


KIS 4042CD

WOODY'S TRUCK STOP: Woody's Truck Stop CD (KIS 4042CD) 17.00
Best-known for having featured Todd Rundgren in an earlier line-up, Woody's Truck Stop were one of Philadelphia's leading late-'60s bands. Local heroes, they shared stages with legends such as Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, and The Byrds, but were undermined by a constantly fluctuating line-up. Recorded in New York in the summer of 1968, their sole album showcases them to powerful effect, most notably on the extended psychedelic workout "Color Scheme." It makes its long-awaited CD debut here, complete with background notes.

KIS 4043CD

YANKEE DOLLAR, THE: The Yankee Dollar CD (KIS 4043CD) 17.00
Reminiscent of Jefferson Airplane, The Byrds, and Buffalo Springfield, this short-lived Californian sextet were discovered and produced by Strawberry Alarm Clock manager Frank Slay. Their sole album is a powerful set of originals and covers that came and went in the fall of 1968. Distinguished by the powerful vocals of Liza Gonzales (who went on to song with Stevie Nicks, Linda Ronstadt, and others) and guitar of Greg Likins, it makes a welcome return to CD here, complete with two rare tracks from their post-album 45.



PAGE, JAMES PATRICK: Session Man 3LP BOX (MJJ 364LP) 60.00
"James Patrick Page, born 9 January 1944, and better known to the record collecting world as the one and only Yardbirds and Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page, got his start in the music business as a London session musician. He soon became one of the more sought after guitarists in all London and was especially favored by the American ex-pat producer, Shel Talmy (he of Kinks, Who, and Creation fame). Featured in this deluxe triple LP set are 59 tracks, spanning the years 1963-1968, with some of Jimmy's heaviest session work, from Lulu to Donovan and points in between. An absolute must have for any serious fan of British beat, garage, and plain old rock and roll."


ASHKAN: In from the Cold LP (MJJ 369LP) 23.00
"In from the Cold is one of the most sought after pieces of heavy British progressive blues rock, featuring the blistering guitar work of Bob Weston three years before his brief stint with Fleetwood Mac. Originally released in 1969, In from the Cold was the very first release on the Decca Nova series (an imprint intended for 'underground' albums) and original copies now fetch upwards of $500 online. Another stone cold classic of the British scene, reissued on LP by Klimt."


"Japanese guitarist Naoki Zushi was a founding member of '80s noise rock legends Hijokaidan, and has played on many albums with psychedelic folk group Nagisa Ni Te, as well as recording under his own name since the late '80s. His third solo album, appropriately titled III, was originally released on CD only, in 2005. A beautiful piece of meditative and progressive folk-rock that harkens back to the best albums of the 1970s, III is issued here on LP for the first time by Klimt."


GERONIMO BLACK: Geronimo Black LP (MJJ 373LP) 23.00
"'Hi Boys and Girls, I'm Jimmy Carl Black, and I'm the Indian of the group.' Such was the catch phrase of this alumnus of The Mothers of Invention, future member of Beefheart's Magic Band, and founder of the group Geronimo Black, along with Mothers wind player Bunk Gardner. Their self-titled LP, originally released in 1972, included many other Mothers/Magic Band members and, not surprisingly, effortlessly flows from hard rock to avant-garde to boogie to fusion and back again. Geronimo Black was not just a Zappa footnote, it is a fully realized classic in its own right and Klimt is here to bring it back from obscurity, reissuing it on LP for a new generation. Includes the B-side to the group's 45, '59 Chevy,' as a bonus track. Housed in a gatefold sleeve."



KOHNCKE, JUSTUS: Justus Kohncke & The Wonderful Frequency Band 2LP+CD (KOM 280LP) 23.00
Double LP version housed in a gatefold sleeve, comes with a CD copy of the album. Justus Köhncke & The Wonderful Frequency Band -- his first major release in five years after Safe and Sound (KOMP 063CD) -- is Justus Köhncke & The Wonderful Frequency Band's long-awaited return to the full-length format: neatly coinciding with Kompakt's exuberant 20th anniversary activities, the leftfield house virtuoso, former Whirlpool Productions member (see From: Disco To: Disco) and producer of seminal cuts such as "Was Ist Musik," "2 After 909," and "Timecode," hits the floors with an entirely new set of future classics, remedying desolate crowds in dire need of a party to remember. A format the artist evidently feels most comfortable with, albums prove especially well-suited for the quirky detours and iconoclast tropes that one-man-band Justus Köhncke & The Wonderful Frequency Band likes to weave into his disco narrative. It's with Justus Köhncke & The Wonderful Frequency Band, however, that Kompakt's leading dance music troubadour might just have trumped himself: over the course of 10 lushly twinkling tracks, he plots a perfect party scenario full of bright starbursts and crisp optimism. "Hello, come on in," says a voice at the beginning of opener "Flitter Und Tand" (trans. "Frippery and Kitsch"), and it happens to be accompanied by one of the slickest bass lines to ever come out of Justus' studio, making this an offer you simply can't refuse. Once inside, you'll find the party in full swing with the opener's bleepy boogie ingenuity giving way to the sensual thrust of disco bait "Tell Me" (featuring Whirpool Productions buddy Eric D. Clark), the introspective vocal cut "Das Selbstgespräch" (trans. "The Soliloquy") and sparkling house manifesto "New Direction." Emotional (and numerical) centerpiece is "Wonderful Frequency Band," a love-struck tribute to Burt Bacharach and the golden age of songwriting. This immensely infatuating pop operetta, a collaboration with Mouse On Mars' Andi Toma, finds Justus Köhncke & The Wonderful Frequency Band's composing prowess peaking yet again, a veritable paradigm shift in the album's dramaturgy that allows for successor "Idee, Prozess, Ergebnis" (trans. "Idea, Process, Result") to break into a different gallop and boost its lyrical dancefloor musings with fusionist techno. A stroke of utter club genius comes in the form of uptempo acid ballad "Loop," that bolsters its hopelessly romantic vocals with raw Chicago beats and an achingly beautiful melody. Hot on the heels of love, it's another massive showstopper before the album's final triptych is introduced with sonic trompe-l'oeil "Unaufmerksamkeitsblindheit" (trans. "Inattentional Blindness"), an uncanny cross-breed from the master of interspecific hybridization. Manic banger "Nucleus Accumbens" -- also a region in the human brain that plays an important role in reward, pleasure, addiction and impulsivity -- torches the last car of the night, followed by vocoder aria "Now That I Found You," the cover of a cover (the original inspiration being Nashville country star Allison Krauss covering Northern Soul legends The Foundations) and an appropriately dreamy conclusion to a genre-bending record full of magic and wonder.



VA: L.I.E.S. Presents Music for Shut-Ins 2CD (LIES 041CD) 20.00
A collection of hits, misses, new loves, and future head-scratchers running the gamut from floor-ready beat tracks (Legowelt) to post chill out room bleep-hop (Daywalker & CF) to industro-wave anti beat experimentation (Svengalisghost) with no restrictions or limitations. As with the American Noise (LIES 018CD) compilation, disc one revisits prime cuts from the nearly 30 releases the label will have released by the end of 2013, while disc two compiles unreleased tracks exclusive to this CD. A document of the immediate energy surrounding these musicians here and now, maybe one can call it club music for people who hate going to the club? Or simply Music for Shut-Ins. Other artists include: Vapauteen, Shadowlust, Marcos Cabral, Greg Beato, Vereker, Samantha Vacation, Florian Kupfer, Terekke, Jahiliyya Fields, Antenes, Xosar, TX Connect, Beautiful Swimmers, Beau Wanzer, Entro & Terri, P.O.I. and Gunnar Haslam.



HECKLE, JOHN: Baiyun Mountain 12" (MOS 020EP) 12.50
The Baiyun Mountain EP is John Heckle's debut appearance on M>O>S Recordings. Heckle has more than established himself as a lone sonic explorer thanks to releases on labels like Mathematics and Creme Organization. Across these three tracks, he lays out his dense and textured vision of house music once more. "Cactus Jack" is a writhing thing with coarse snares, wild acid gurgles and plenty of paranoid synth lines. "Birds with Vertigo" is another gauzy affair where every bit of sound is filled with fuzz, analog rawness or splintered percussion. "Baiyun Mountain" features springy metallic synths, ticking percussion and a supple bass line all wrapping around each other.



BONDE DO ROLE: Tropicalbacanal (Deluxxxe Version) CD (MAD 184CD) 13.00
"Bonde do Role's sophomore album out on CD for the first time. Everything they see is upside down. How else do you explain Bonde do Role? They turn Brazilian folk songs into dance tracks, and they make rockabilly replays into haunting taunts. In 2007, when their debut album With Lasers was released and Diplo and Pitchfork and Fader and everyone else talked about how wild and weird and wonderful they were, it seemed like a stunt. In 2012, with their second album Tropicalbacanal about to be released, they're even more wild, more weird, and more wonderful. Not many people know what Bonde are singing about, but everyone keeps singing along anyway; they're the third world Black Eyed Peas. Tropicalbacanal - produced by Diplo and Filip Nikolic of Poolside, and featuring guest turns from Caetano Veloso, Kool A.D., Ce'Cile, Rizzie Kicks, and the Death Set - ushers in the fresh wave of avalanche tropical (the bossa nova of modern Brazil) and is all over the place; they wouldn't have it any other way. Features a brand new English version of their hit single 'Kilo,' plus the unreleased song 'Ayo' and a remix of 'Brazilian Boys' by Major Lazer."


VA: Best of Jeffree's Vol. One 2CD (MAD 201CD) 13.00
"Since the start of Mad Decent, Diplo and Paul Devro have fought the discouraging reality of having to pass on amazing records again and again. The old model of releasing music wasn't working, so they had to find a new way. They brainstormed for months and came up with Jeffree's, a modern record label that embraces technology and human demand for more content by dropping a new release every week to two weeks. Year one surpassed any and all expectations. Zebra Katz took over Paris Fashion Week with their single 'Ima Read,' one of the songs that prompted Jeffree's birth in the first place. Diplo gave birth to one of the most popular photo memes of the decade with his futuristic NOLA bounce tune, 'Express Yourself.' Nobody could have foreseen the success of the first year, especially with the worldwide hit 'Harlem Shake' and the placement of multiple songs in nationwide TV commercials. So please, enjoy this varied two disc collection of music from some of the most talented producers the world has to offer. Features 30 tracks of music never before released on CD, including hits from Diplo, DJ Snake, Zebra Katz, and more."


MIG 1081LP

AGITATION FREE: Fragments LP (MIG 1081LP) 25.00
"Agitation Free are one of the most highly acclaimed bands in the field of krautrock music. This fourth vinyl edition (after the successful releases of Malesh, 2nd, and Last) comes from Made in Germany and is limited to 1000 numbered copies."


MIR 100706LP

EMBRYO: Opal LP+CD (MIR 100706LP) 26.00
"Originally released in 1970 on the Ohr label, Opal is the debut album from Munich jazz-rock legends Embryo. Falling somewhere between the krautrock groove of Can and the jazz-rock experimentalism of Bitches Brew, Opal laid the foundation for the mind expanding world-rock-fusion that was soon to come from Christian Burchard and company. This reissue contains 'You Better Have Some Fun' taken from the same session, originally not included into the album." Includes a CD copy of the album.

MIR 100707LP

EMBRYO: Embryo's Rache LP+CD (MIR 100707LP) 26.00
"Despite being released only a year after their debut - in 1971 - Embryo's Rache shows the band progressing significantly towards the ethnic/world-rock fusion that would come to be their stock in trade. Though still firmly in the jazz/krautrock realm, the album contains deep Eastern flourishes that separate them from the standard progressive crowd. A stunning album from Christian Burchard's Munich group reissued here with a bonus track, 'Back To Africa,' recorded live in 1973."

MIR 100710LP

EMBRYO: Zack Gluck LP+CD (MIR 100710LP) 26.00
"Effortlessly fusing krautrock with jazz and ethnic music, Embryo were unparalleled in the world of progressive fusion and 1984's Zack Glück is one of their most ambitious and rewarding LPs. Flutes and saxophones mix with oud, marimba, and violin to make an intoxication concoction. Originally released on Italian's Sonori label, Mirumir is pleased to present the very first official vinyl reissue of this prog classic." Includes a CD copy of the album.

MIR 100711LP

EMBRYO: Africa LP+CD (MIR 100711LP) 26.00
"Africa - originally released in 1992 on Materiali Sonori - may be a late entry in the Embryo catalog but it was one of their most ambitious and truly progressive albums to date. Like the name implies, the Munich group not only draws influence from the continent to their south, but even employs an African percussion ensemble on many tracks. A hypnotic and beautiful affair reissued on LP by Mirurmir for the first time since its original release." Includes a CD copy of the album.



RE.YOU: Do I Know? 12" (MOBILEE 121EP) 14.00
Do I Know? takes the classic Re.You formula of walloping kicks, freewheeling drums, and spacious sound design and reworks it with a deep autumnal mood. The title-track is formed around a thick, rubbery bass line and clipped percussion before spiraling off into twisted dancefloor trickery: skewed voices, wonky keys, and a broken breakdown melody. "Hurt Me" hones in on jungle drums and whispered voices. Sounds and melodies float as if somewhere underwater, and a heavy bass line plunges the track even further into deepness. "The Whistle" is a deep tribal jam with crystal-clear percussive layers and evocative nature sounds. Remix by Anja Schneider.



MIRT: Rite of Passage CD (CAT 015CD) 16.50
Rite of Passage is a continuation of and opposition to the last album made by Mirt, Heading South. Like its predecessor, it is a kind of modern soundtrack for some non-existent trash movie. The title is taken from an episode of Miami Vice. Some voices are taken from old zombie movies. It sounds like a joke, but right now there is a significant change going on in Mirt's music and it really is a kind of rite of passage for him. There aren't that many rich, multilayered textures, there is less of a chaotic background, but more hypnotic, repetitive sequences. His music has become more minimalistic and dark, and rhythms once hidden are now distinguishable. However, you can still feel the strange, cinematic atmosphere of Mirt's previous recordings. Each track was made in just one take using modular synth, without any further mixing or overdubbing. Tomek Mirt: musician, graphic artist and designer. Works solo and in collaborations. He is part of XAOC Devices, a small boutique company developing modular synths. Mirt has released nine solo albums (for MonotypeRec, Nefryt, Foxglove/Digitalis, Backwards and Cat|Sun).


TER: Fingerprints CD (CAT 016CD) 16.50
"These few tracks are like fingerprints -- you can start searching for them on albums I made with Brasil and Mirt. Maybe in the future they'll be worn away..." Fingerprints is a mix of opposites: vintage vs. modern electronics, free, acoustic percussion vs. tight electronic beats, minimalism and cold vs. thousands of colorful drips and noises. There are echoes of '80s soundtracks and something taken from tribal music mixed with dreamy synth lines and nervous rhythms. Fingerprints is the debut album from TER -- member of defunct Polish psychedelic band Brasil And The Gallowbrothers Band. She made three albums with this project, released on Last Visible Dog and MonotypeRec. Lately, TER has been working live in duo with Mirt, and she has also participated on most of his solo recordings. From the very start, the most important tool for TER is electronics -- analog and modular synths, old drum machines, and sometimes processed vocals. Some of the tracks on this album were recorded with percussionist Zale.


RLW & SRMEIXNER: Just Like a Flower When Winter Begins CD (MONO 060CD) 16.50
Recorded by RLW (Ralf L. Wechowsky of P16.D4) and SRMeixner (Stephen Meixner of Contrastate) between 2010 and 2013. The first emanation of the project came up with two versions of one mutual piece ("Sunglasses..." by RLW, and "Wishing..." by SRM). The core structural elements of the release can be seen in SRM's meditation on sentiment ("Old Hearts...") and RLW's text-based pieces ("Prach-tjunge," "Alle," "Definition"). More instrumentally-based are "Gummidorf" (SRM) and "Spaßbremse" (RLW). Beyond there, both artists have touched all pieces in various ways, as indicated indirectly here: RLW (Dec 2010): "Some weeks ago I did a horrible DJ-set for a 75th birthday celebration, which included Heino and other German schlager cruelties. It was so terrible. Maybe I'll go back to the pieces I used for this event some day. This stuff is awful enough to make another use of it." SRM (Jan 2011): "I have been thinking about your description of German schlager cruelties and how horrible it was and awful enough to do something with. Maybe there is a possible project there?"


HATI: Wild Temple CD (MONO 062CD) 16.50
The new studio album recorded by Rafa? Iwa?ski and Rafa? Ko?acki aka Hati, with special guest S?awomir Ciesielski -- a great percussionist and drummer of legendary Polish rock band Republika. In the 1980s, Republika was one of the most original European bands, thanks to their specific anti-mainstream rock 'n' roll songs, with new wave-inspired music and lyrics. Hati forms a link between a personal interest in modern, improvised and acoustic music with ritual and meditation. They worked together in 2010 on several tracks presented on the album and finally, all material was recorded in big military installations in Torun from the 19th century, called Fort I. After the recording session, the trio played one concert at the Centre of Contemporary Art in Torun.


Mia Zabelka, Zahra Mani, and Lydia Lunch collaborate on the seductively sinister full-length recording Medusa's Bed, which fuses Zabelka's avant violin stylings to Mani's psychoambient soundscapes, creating an otherworldly sound -- the perfect match for Lydia Lunch's nocturnal vocals. Medusa's Bed is reminiscent of a murder mystery or hypnotic late-night radio drama. Evocative and suspenseful, the album evokes the threat of something devious, sneaking up out of the dark and whispering an invitation to your shadow. "Linked due to their ability to physically affect the subject, desire and rage, two of those most feral of urges, exist deep in the limitless free-flow of the unconscious. These may be the very excess of all emotions, when all else has been articulated and temporarily spent -- these twin urges can still spit forth; they exceed simple containment. Instead, they demand like an incessant, raw itch to be scratched again and again, until finally, even under dirty bitten, uneven nails, the surface gives way, the skin breaks and along the thin trails, blood blossoms. But no adequate crust can form; any scab will be picked away. Rather, these urges demand unending physical satisfaction; they work through the body, manifest on and across it." --Jack Sargeant; Mia Zabelka, sound artist, violinist and vocalist from Vienna. She has developed a unique language based on the de- and reconstruction of the violin's sonic possibilities, expanding the instrument using live electronic devices and innovative performance techniques. Thus, she constructs and explores the limits of sound and music in a language entirely her own. The violin, voice and her own body transform into sound bodies, which are at once organic and primal, screaming, lyrical, composed and explosive. Zahra Mani lives in Austria and Croatia. As a composer and multi-instrumentalist, she creates pulsing, shifting soundscapes derived from her burgeoning archive of instrumental and found-sound that she has been recording and developing since 2002. Her work focuses on spaces between, where field recordings, voices, instruments, machines, the sea, the wind, animals and landscapes provide the acoustic basis for auditory worlds. Lydia Lunch is a restless nomad forever travelling the globe in search of new collaborators. An independent artist prolific in music, literature, spoken-word, film and photography, she was voted by Time Out New York as one of the most influential performers originating from NYC. She has performed as well as taught workshops at numerous universities, museums and art festivals for three decades and continues to explore new mediums in which to express her passion and creativity. Lydia Lunch (vocals); Mia Zabelka (electric violin, effects and live electronics), and Zahra Mani (bass guitar, samples and live electronics).


TROPHIES: You Wait to Publish CD (MONO 068CD) 16.50
You Wait to Publish is the third release by the powerful voice and electronics, fretless guitar, and drums trio led by Italian (via Berlin) speech musician, Alessandro Bosetti with Tony Buck (The Necks) from Australia, and Kenta Nagai (Shelley Hirsch, Tatsuya Nakatani), originally from Japan, but now based in the USA. This album sticks to the band's original core approach based on obsessively-repeated speech melodies, while it opens up to a wider spectrum of post-jazz, post-pop, and post-minimalist solutions and colors, enhanced by Hilary Jeffrey (Zeitkratzer, C.Christer Hennix) on trombone and Els Vandeweyer (Fred Van Hove, Ken Vandermark) on vibes on several tracks. References range from Henry Threadgill's Zooid to early Talking Heads, via Scott Walker and Red Crayola, ultimately summing up to an absolutely unique sound. As with the previous Bosetti Monotype release, it features cover artwork by German artist Kati Heck.


ENOUGH!!!: Enough!!! CD (MONO 069CD) 16.50
Enough!!! is a pan-Atlantic trio of well-known composers and artists that have had enough of everything (CM Von Hausswolff, Jason Lescalleet, Joachim Nordwall). Still, they don't hide themselves inside caves like hermits or in the shade like junkies -- they sigh thrice and then they endlessly move on with their skills like electrons around the atomic nucleus; like the fruits on a thousand year-old olive tree; like the harmony of the spheres. Enough!!!


POSTMARKS: National Parks CD (MONO 075CD) 16.50
Postmarks is a duo comprised of saxophonist Boris Hauf and pianist D. Bayne. Their first album Western Ave was recorded in Chicago (2005) and released as a limited-edition CD on Luminescence Records. The 100 copies were packaged in unique covers, each a handcrafted collage from 1920s Chicago postcards by T. Kellers of Studio Twelve 3. For National Parks, Hauf and Bayne went to Vienna, Austria to record with guitar experimentalist Martin Siewert. Musical outlines for the pieces were inspired by U.S. national parks and their representation in iconic posters from the 1930s and 1940s. Boris Hauf (London) works as musician, composer, curator and lecturer. He plays reeds, keyboards, computer-based applications, cymbals and bells and tours worldwide in a variety of bands, ensembles, and in various other performative contexts and, if necessary, as a solo artist. He also composes for large and small ensembles, performance artists, film, radio, soloists, video and installation art.



WAILERS, THE: At the Castle LP (SUITABLE 1303LP) 23.00
"In a region rife with garage bands, The Wailers were the first and, arguably, the best. The Tacoma, WA group's 1962 album, At the Castle, is their finest moment. Nearly 40 minutes of shredding rock and soul that inspired groups across the Pacific Northwest and beyond, from The Sonics to The Kingsmen to The Raiders. An absolute ripper of a garage album that still sounds fresh some 50-plus years later. Reissued on LP by the archaeologists at Mr. Suit."


DYLAN, BOB: Live at Carnegie Chapter Hall - New York City November 4, 1961 2LP (SUITABLE 1305LP) 32.00
"The night of November 4, 1961 marks one of the most important performances of the legendary Bob Dylan's early career. Coming just 10 months after he arrived in NYC, and a mere 10 days after he signed a recording contract with Columbia Records, Bob Dylan ventured north of Greenwich Village to play a concert for the first time. The fact that only 50 or so people were in attendance or that it took place in what amounted to a rehearsal room on the sixth floor of the storied Carnegie Hall only adds to the mystique. Could you imagine being one of those 50 lucky souls to witness America's most celebrated songwriter at the brink of stardom? Featuring 22 songs, a mix of traditional folk, blues, Woody Guthrie covers, and originals -- including many tunes that would be included on his debut album released early the following year -- Mr. Suit is pleased to present this legendary concert in its entirety on a deluxe 2LP set."



KUNIYUKI: Remix Collection 12" (MUSIQ 168EP) 14.00
Japanese deep house master Kuniyuki collects two of his best remixes on this EP. Originally available in Japan only, these two highlights from his collection are finally available on vinyl. Side A is a very rare remix of the famous Japanese band Sakanaction, a band you could compare to UNKLE. The B-side is an aggressive jazzy remix for young French producer Arno E. Mathieu. Definitely one of his best remixes and always a highlight of his live sets.



COSMIC COWBOYS: Zero Gravity Love Remixes 12" + CD (MGF 024CD) 22.00
The Cosmic Cowboys project was born in 2008 from the different styles of two young Venetian artists: Nicola Sansoni aka Randomatique and Kaled Jabari aka Kaledj. For Zero Gravity Love, their forthcoming first album, they collaborated with talented musicians and singers from all over the world. It defines a mixture with their well-known emotional, groovy and new dub and electronic structures. The result is nothing that can be pigeonholed into a specific genre but is a mix of all their influences reshaped into the new sound of Cosmic Cowboys that they like to call "the version 2.0 of ourselves." But there's more to it than that. If you still haven't noticed yet, there are also three fabulous remixes, which fit best together with the album. Dub Taylor, Matthias Meyer & Patlac and also Kollektiv Turmstrasse did their very best and created something new. Zero Gravity Love Remixes is the perfect match and absolutely dancefloor-ready. Dubby, hypnotic, playful, moving, and last but not least, music made with much love. Features contributions from Lazarusman, Martina, Kevork Keshishian, Mz. Sunday Luv, Akami, and Maria Leonard.


MVD 5926LP

MEAT PUPPETS: Meat Puppets LP (MVD 5926LP) 21.00
"Vinyl edition of the Meat Puppets frenzied debut. Includes download card. Meat Puppets was released in Summer of 1982 to near unanimous praise from the rock press. The New York Rocker called it 'one of the most forcibly gripping blobs of wax ever created,' and New Musical Express called the Meat Puppets'"near-virtuosos, three of the most inspired musicians living under the sun.' Includes the In a Car EP."

MVD 5942LP

MEAT PUPPETS: Mirage LP (MVD 5942LP) 21.00
"Vinyl version (with download code) of the Meat Puppets at their psychedelic peak. A tightly crafted labor of love, Mirage was released in spring of 1987 to increasing interest from mainstream rock circles. Joe Sasfy (Washington Post) proclaimed it 'their finest, as close to a polished artistic arrival as you'd want from a frisky anti-pop band committed to musical spontaneity and adventure.'"


NN 027CD

DANNY AND THE DARLEANS: Danny and the Darleans CD (NN 027CD) 15.00
Danny Kroha is a founding member of The Gories, who released two albums and a handful of singles containing influential blues/punk between 1986 and 1992. From 1993-2006, Kroha co-led the Demolition Doll Rods through five albums of primitive glam/roots scorch, touring the U.S. and Europe several times both as headliners and as openers for the likes of The Cramps (on a full U.S. tour) and Iggy Pop (for several West Coast shows). Now, Kroha comes full circle with his latest combo, Danny And The Darleans. They play what Kroha describes as "garage rock," a style of American folk music which is blues-based and is played with electric guitar, electric bass, and drums. He goes on to say "I'm really into the idea of garage rock as folk music. It was the folk music of '60s teenagers. Anybody can do it." What becomes evident after one listen to the band's debut LP on Nero's Neptune, however, is that not just anybody can do it like the Darleans do it. With the explosive rhythm section of sometime-Detroit Cobra Richie Wohlfeil on drums and Colleen Burke on bass and vocals, the band storm through 12 numbers with the raw energy and toughness one would hope for from Detroit's best rock and roll band.

NN 027LP

DANNY AND THE DARLEANS: Danny and the Darleans LP (NN 027LP) 18.50
LP version. Includes download code.



NICE UP! VS. MAXIMUM SOUND: Jungle Soundclash EP 12" (NUP 012EP) 12.50
Another dancefloor essential from the Nice Up! crew, this time hooking up with iconic reggae label Maximum Sounds. Label owner and producer Frenchie entrusted Nice Up! head-honcho Shep to delve into the vaults to rework some classics for this EP. First up, Belgium's Turntable Dubbers take on the mighty Bounty Killer and Lukie D, creating a monstrous drum 'n' bass anthem. Then it's Portugal's Ricky Tuff's turn to ramp up a selection of vocalists including Mr. Vegas, Burro Bantan, Carl Meeks, and Fuzzy Jones on the "Sound Exterminata" riddim -- total soundboy destruction. Both tracks are tried and tested by Serial Killaz, Benny Page, David Rodigan, and more.



BLACK DEER: Trail of Tears 12" (RHD 006DEER-EP) 12.50
Sympathetic storytelling from NYC's Willie Burns on this curious side-project ... "For the real Americans." Full-color picture sleeve in a very limited edition.


NA 5108EP

HELIOCENTRICS, THE: Quatermass Sessions 1 12" (NA 5108EP) 13.00
"Returning after their 13 Degrees of Reality album with a full on volley of psychedelic-funk songs first heard on Gaslamp Killer's Helio X GLK EP, the Heliocentrics offer nine tracks that Rolling Stone describe as '...sprawling, with percussive patterns that suddenly morph into extraterrestrial sound blasts and opaque, detouring patterns.' We couldn't have said it better. This is the kind of EP that you would happily welcome as an album -- and, you know what, in the future you might: as the title hints, this is probably only the beginning of The Heliocentrics' excavations into the sonic experiments they entered into for years at their recently vacated Quatermass Studios."

NA 5112EP

J. ROCC: J. Rocc Enjoyed the Experience 12" (NA 5112EP) 13.00
"J. Rocc is the world-famous founder of Southern California's legendary Beat Junkies DJ crew, DJ for the likes of the late J. Dilla, Black Star (Mos Def and Talib Kweli) and Madlib, and, as his Stones Throw Records album Cold Rocc Stuf made clear, one funky producer to boot. Following in the lineage of his series of now-classic megamix 12" releases on Stones Throw and Now-Again, J. Rocc has now tackled the privately-pressed albums found within the oddities contained in Sinecure Books' Enjoy the Experience book. As per normal, knocking drums, quirky samples and a master's touch abound on all three selections on this hard-hitting, fast-paced EP release from Sinecure in conjunction with Now-Again."



Dennis Ferrer's dancefloor smash "Mind Ur Dub" has already seen a release on Defected and taken the floors by storm, thanks in no small part to the incredible vocal from Janelle Kroll. This remix package sees a return to its original home and Dennis' own Objektivity imprint. The trio of mixes is led by Dennis' own "Dub Mix," which further promotes his exciting return to a fully-analog studio set-up. The bass drone of the original is replaced by a warm, full, and textured groove-heavy bass-line which works to perfection as Dennis chops Janelle's vocal and twists the filters. Remixes by Nick Curly and André Hommen.



MOVE D: The KM20 Tapes (1992-1996) 12" (OMRKM 201EP) 16.50
Mini LP of unreleased Move D tracks, lovingly selected by Off Minor. Prepare to be surprised. Very limited edition.


OT 004EP

BOOT & TAX: Acido 12" (OT 004EP) 12.50
Optimo Trax is an offshoot label of Optimo Music for tracks aimed at DJs/dancefloors. The next two Optimo Trax releases are from Milan. This first one is four hot tracks from self-effacing Milanese maestros, Boot & Tax. "Acido" is already shaping up to be a club classic and never fails to cause a commotion; it has been thoroughly road-tested throughout the summer 2013. The other tracks cover all idiosyncratic bases, from high-grade sleaze-funk to Spaghetti Western-infused, low-slung house.



HUMBLE BEE, THE: Henrietta LP (OTR 003LP) 22.00
Following a trio of hard-to-obtain releases for his own Cotton Goods CD imprint, Craig Tattersall (The Boats/Remote Viewer/Hood) returns with his first-ever vinyl transmission as The Humble Bee. The project makes subtle use of field recordings and analog overlays in a manner that anyone familiar with Tattersall's work over the years will know and love. On Henrietta, recordings made in Cornwall during November 2011 are enhanced by the warm fuzz of a vinyl pressing, in places reminding us of Pole's seminal first album with its loose adherence to broken fidelity. Sharply contrasting with Other Ideas' relatively radical aces from The Mistys and The Boats, it offers quieter, more contemplative sentiments, capturing and playing around with the autumnal atmosphere of rural Cornwall. Scuffed, sepia-toned field recordings are filtered through Tattersall's patented fuzz boxes and rubbed like leaf drawings against music box tinkles and keys that dapple the surface like fading, late afternoon November light on a fresh puddle. If Bellows came from Lancashire and holidayed in the south west, this is the sort of music they might make; haptic, melancholic, just-out-of-focus, like hearing musical composting in action. Edition of 300 copies pressed on yellow wax and housed in a custom-made sleeve in a PVC outer. Mastered and cut by Matt Colton at Alchemy.



DJ KOZE: Amygdala Remixes 1 12" (PAMPA 018EP) 14.00
After the huge success of DJ Koze's remix for Matthew Herbert's classic "It's Only" (#1 on the Resident Advisor charts for two consecutive months), Herbert insisted on returning the favor, delivering an instant classic. His 10-minute remix of "Magical Boy" featuring Matthew Dear is magical, fired by the fantastic voice of singer Rahel, who transforms the track into a song and gives it a whole new drive. In Efdemin's remix of "La Duquesa," the deep house legend delivers a deep, subtle, galactic sound spectacle. A powerful cosmic trip with an elegant, futuristic sound design, tons of heat and unexpected twists.



TANAKA, FUMIYA: Dark Pad 2x12" (PERL 098EP) 28.50
Fumiya Tanaka, now in his second musical decade, delivers this new four-track double 12".



KIZILOK, FIKRET: Anadolu'yum CD (PHS 016CD) 17.00
What if Bob Dylan was also a dentist, and then he hired Keith Emerson to play keyboards on songs he wrote for a play? It happened in Istanbul, friends. Turkish folk singer Fikret Kizilok started out balancing his interest in the toothy arts with playing rhythm guitar in a Beatles knock-off band. He quickly gave both up for more serious acoustic songwriting, unveiling aged melodies and florid picking that evoked the long history of the hilly Turkish countryside. In the early '70s, while trying to recover from a period of mourning, Kizilok also hired an electric and very splashy backing band, and started throwing in prog flute and ritzy, Doors-ish organ rips. This collection of singles from 1971-1975 lets you taste each of Kizilok's and Anatolia's many moods. Remastered sound, insert with liner-notes and pictures.


PE 65347CD

PAPERCLIP PEOPLE: The Secret Tapes of Dr. Eich CD (PE 65347CD) 17.00
Restocked. The classic 1996 Paperclip People album by Detroit techno legend Carl Craig gets remastered for a brand-new 2012 edition on CD. New artwork.



COATES, OLIVER: Towards the Blessed Islands LP (PRAH 001LP) 15.50
LP version. PRAH Recordings -- a new label set up by Stephen Bass of Moshi Moshi -- announces its first release from renowned cellist Oliver Coates. Coates is also an experimental composer of contemporary music, winning plaudits for his collaborations with the likes of Radiohead's Jonny Greenwood, DOOM, and Massive Attack -- and likewise for concerto performances around the world -- notably, with the BBC National Orchestra Of Wales, BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, and Britten Sinfonia. His arrangement of the Boards Of Canada track "In a Beautiful Place Out in the Country" was produced with Mira Calix and released on the Warp 20th anniversary box set to wide acclaim. Coates followed this with a duo album of cello drone and electronic noise with the long-term Brian Eno collaborator Leo Abrahams, entitled Crystals are Always Forming. Towards the Blessed Islands (the title taken from a poem by Norman MacCaig) is Coates' debut album and devotes itself to rich sounds and clear harmonies which develop slowly over time. The cello is tuned or strung differently, or thrown into an unusual playing method on every track. "Think Sonic Youth and their guitars," says Coates. Reflecting a decision this year to explore a different approach to space, architecture and music-making, Coates didn't use a conventional studio set-up to record the album, opting instead to use churches, tombs, disused oil rigs and taking field recordings in railway stations at night. Includes contemporary cello pieces with versions of songs by This Mortal Coil/Roy Harper, Squarepusher, Xenakis, and more.


HACKFORD, BRYCE: Fair 12" + CD (PRAH 002EP) 15.50
Fair is the first release for Bryce Hackford on new experimental label PRAH Recordings. Against the warehouse-wrecking "Another Fantasy" and luminous synthesizers of "I Want More," are the chiming spirituals of "Heart to Beat" and "Slow Motion." Bryce's atomized formulation of electronica and dance echoes the classic Detroit house of Moodymann and Theo Parrish. Since 2007, Bryce has been making experimental recordings and collaborating with visual artists. One of his first recordings was the 27-minute electric guitar performance "Modern Propeller Music." Constructed with guitar, effects, and tape loops, it gets a re-release here as a bonus track with another long-form soundscape, "Run-On Cirrus."


PT 8014CD

SOUTHERN COMFORT: Frog City CD (PT 8014CD) 17.00
With connections to psych legends Harsh Reality, Marmalade, Smile and Spooky Tooth, Southern Comfort had already weaved a web of their own in the annals of rock music as well as achieving a number one single with "Woodstock." Frog City was the band's heavily impressive second LP from 1971, establishing the band in their own right and revealing a plethora of musical talent that had sprung from the psychedelic underground in the late '60s. Their full story is presented here for the first time with Frog City making its debut appearance on CD. Digitally remastered. Includes detailed liner notes.

PT 8015CD

MORGAN, JOHN: Kaleidoscope CD (PT 8015CD) 17.00
Formed from the ashes of psychedelic blues legends Spirit Of John Morgan, this talented yet arguably overlooked keyboard player continued his career with the underground indie label Carnaby Records. However, the arrival of Kaleidoscope in 1971 failed to achieve the applause it deserved, leaving Morgan in the midst of progressive rock's obscured past. Kaleidoscope makes its long-awaited and welcome return to CD with detailed liners affirming Morgan's deserved place in progressive rock history. Digitally remastered.



SNAKEFINGER: Snakefinger's History of the Blues - Live in Europe CD (CON 024CD) 24.00
"The guitar master who cut his teeth with avant garde masterminds The Residents took a break to revisit his first love, the blues, with an eight-piece band (featuring members of Captain Beefheart and Iggy & the Stooges), captured live and smoking. Unique vinyl-like cardboard packaging. Originally issued in 1984, remastered for this reissue with nine bonus tracks. Includes a 36-page booklet."



DAZE MAXIM: Drf 12" (RANDFORM 003EP) 12.50
Conceptual minimal techno from Daze Maxim. Vinyl-only. No repress.


R-N 150CD

IKEDA, RYOJI: Supercodex CD (R-N 150CD) 17.00
Supercodex is the final album in Ryoji Ikeda's trilogy on Raster-Noton that began in 2005 with Dataplex (R-N 068CD) and continued with 2008's Test Pattern (R-N 093CD) that has been exploring the potentials between "data of sound" and "sound of data." Ikeda integrated, differentiated and re/de/meta-constructed the music of the previous two albums and that of his other art installations/projects. Supercodex is also inter-related with Ikeda's new long-term project "Superposition," that, since 2012, has focused on quantum information. It consists of performance pieces (two performers on stage) and forthcoming installation works. The new live set of Supercodex will be premiered in Tokyo in November 2013 and will be toured internationally after then.



MOLINARI, FEDERICO: Sacoa Generation 12" (RAUM 088EP) 12.50
Oslo label mastermind Federico Molinari now releases his first solo single for Raum Musik. Federico has been constantly upgrading his studio over the last two years and as a result has gained even better production skills. His new way of working involves combining modular sounds and lots of effects with his own very well-structured and characteristic rhythms.



POPULATION ONE: Random Variables 12" (REDUCTION 003EP) 12.50
Terrence Dixon as Population One turns it up even higher. Chiming, melodic, and magnificent abstractions from the depths.


REL 3027CD

VA: Fifth Pipe Dream CD (REL 3027CD) 17.00
This legendary psychedelic compilation is a showcase for several acts managed by the self-proclaimed originator of the San Francisco sound, Matthew Katz. Originally issued in 1968, it makes its long-awaited return to CD here, and is sure to thrill all lovers of true West Coast acid rock. Artists include: It's A Beautiful Day, Tripsichord Music Box, Indian Puddin & Pipe, and Black Swan.



VA: Wandering Stars: Songs from Gimpel's Lemberg Yiddish Theatre 1906-1910 CD (REN 128CD) 17.00
Julian Futter and Mike Aylward together with Renair Records are proud to announce the launch of a new album -- Wandering Stars, the story of Gimpel's Lemberg Yiddish Theater. In 1900, Lemberg was one of the most important cities in the Austro-Hungarian Empire, with a population of 160,000, of whom a third were Jewish. The Lemberg theater was the first permanent and most important Yiddish theater in Europe. Leading Yiddish author Sholem Aleichem visited in 1905 and based his novel Wandering Stars on his experiences there. In 1910, Franz Kafka was profoundly affected when he saw members of the troupe perform in Prague. Joseph Roth and Mark Chagall were hugely influenced by what they saw as well. The theater gave birth to a unique form of musical drama that to a significant extent shaped popular American culture. Thanks to the efforts of a small band of record collectors and discographers operating worldwide, many of these records have been documented and copies located to make it possible for the first time in over 100 years to give a voice to this silenced civilization, whose destruction has been rigorously documented, but whose achievements have so far been largely unexplored. Listen to songs about weddings, wild women, drinking, the original "Yidl mit sein Fidl," a Hatikvah recorded in 1909, an out-of-control Simchas Torah and, of course, sex. The recordings are accompanied by a richly illustrated, full-color, 40-page booklet which places the theater in its historical context, provides full biographies of the artists and detailed information on all the recordings.



VA: Crystallized - Celebrating 15 Years of Rocket Recordings 2LP (LAUNCH 060LP) 29.00
For the uninitiated, the Bristol/London-based Rocket Recordings has been releasing psych-infused outsider music since its inception in 1998. Crystallized is a double LP of exclusive music from an eclectic mix of bands. Some are well-established Rocket bands, some are good friends of Rocket and some of the bands you may not have heard yet. The compilation opens with the analog drones from Rocket's Teeth Of The Sea, who drop their trademark sound for an exploration in controlled noise. Following this perfect first track, we have the aggro beat of Blood Sport, that to our ears sound like This Heat meets Blurt meets Hookworms. London's Vision Fortune deliver a stunning but very different take on their repetitive drone-pop. Side B starts with a looped, industrial psych track from Salford's kosmiche ravers, Gnod. Following them is a track of high-octane motorik from the relatively unknown Swedish band, Uran. Staying in Sweden, we have the mighty Hills. They deliver a perfect slice of fuzz-driven, commune psych rock. Side B finishes with a track that was meant to come out as a Rocket 7" back in 2001. Rollbars was a short-lived project by Bristolian Latch Manghat that also featured the odd "Head" or two. The mighty $hit & $hine dominates side C with an uncompromising track that sounds like The Necks covered by the Buttholes. Then friend and collaborator of Rocket Cherrystones presents a minimal psych groove that calls to mind early Achim Reichel. Side D opens with Rocket's fave Italian band, The Lay Llamas -- their track is a looping, spacey, Afro, kraut groove that sounds very unique but strangely familiar. Following that is Goat, who have recorded a short studio jam, which adds a hint of Cologne to their Swedish voodoo psych. Finally we have Anthroprophh, which is the new band featuring Paul Allen from The Heads, backed up with fellow Bristolians Big Naturals. Together they create a full-on repetitive, psych-noise monster that climaxes in a wall of heavy fuzz. The perfect way to end this heady compilation.


GOAT: Live Ballroom Ritual CD (LAUNCH 062CD) 16.50
In August 2012, Swedish collective Goat released their debut album, World Music (LAUNCH 048CD/LP). The record went on to become one of the most talked-about albums of the year, topping many "Best of 2012" lists and the following year, the band took the album on the road. Footage, audio, and photos of their sold-out U.S. shows streamed across the Internet and revealed a band at the top of their powers. They had taken the magic of World Music, extended it, psyched it out, and explored its groove, further representing it in a mesmerizing live performance. Rocket Recordings realized that they needed to capture and document this much-hyped set for all the world to experience. On July 27, 2013 they appeared at Camden's Electric Ballroom in London to celebrate the recent launch of their single "Stonegoat." The show was incendiary; the 1,100-plus crowd either danced furiously to the band's psyched grooves or stood there, mouths open, gazing in awe at the spectacle they couldn't believe they were witnessing. Goat went on to wow more people across Europe when their onstage rituals visited the cream of the summer festivals at Primavera, Roskilde, Flow, Way Out West, etc. After a long but successful summer of 2013, the band are now back in Korpilombolo, writing the follow-up to World Music.


GOAT: Live Ballroom Ritual 2LP (LAUNCH 062LP) 28.50
Gatefold double LP version. In August 2012, Swedish collective Goat released their debut album, World Music (LAUNCH 048CD/LP). The record went on to become one of the most talked-about albums of the year, topping many "Best of 2012" lists and the following year, the band took the album on the road. Footage, audio, and photos of their sold-out U.S. shows streamed across the Internet and revealed a band at the top of their powers. They had taken the magic of World Music, extended it, psyched it out, and explored its groove, further representing it in a mesmerizing live performance. Rocket Recordings realized that they needed to capture and document this much-hyped set for all the world to experience. On July 27, 2013 they appeared at Camden's rElectric Ballroom in London to celebrate the recent launch of their single "Stonegoat." The show was incendiary; the 1,100-plus crowd either danced furiously to the band's psyched grooves or stood there, mouths open, gazing in awe at the spectacle they couldn't believe they were witnessing. Goat went on to wow more people across Europe when their onstage rituals visited the cream of the summer festivals at Primavera, Roskilde, Flow, Way Out West, etc. After a long but successful summer of 2013, the band are now back in Korpilombolo, writing the follow-up to World Music.


RM 455LP

IRISARRI, RAFAEL ANTON: The Unintentional Sea LP (RM 455LP) 25.00
Partly inspired by the true story of the Salton Sea, a failed river redirection to assist Californian agricultural development at the turn of the 20th century, Rafael Anton Irisarri's The Unintentional Sea mimics the ideas of transformation of place. During the 1950s, this ecological disaster was seized and rebranded by corporate land developers, flipping it into a dream getaway destination for West Coast elites. Before long, record temperatures and a rising level of water mineralization led to the mass death of fish and other wildlife, and in turn, the resort town's population vanished, leaving behind a vast post-human deserted wasteland. This unintentional sea had given life and now has taken it away. The follow-up to the much acclaimed The North Bend, this album continues Irisarri's development of landscape-inspired musical renderings. Like the Salton Sea of today, his latest edition is a gently churning portrait of fluidity. It's a record that sounds like staring at a vast ocean in light breeze. Layer upon layer of currents swirl below the surface, while gentle surges and waves coalesce, creating fleeting patterns and moments of intermeshed sonics. As these elements meet and break away again, a sense of motion -- both micro and macro -- is created, a rendering of the ocean calm before the inevitable storm. Coated in a thick blanket of bass tonality, flickers of light catch on the crests of these waves, uneasy jewels of sonic light that appear as quickly as they disappear.


RH 120EP

POLICY: One Last Time 12" (RH 120EP) 12.50
New York-based producer Policy returns to Rush Hour with a new single including remixes from FaltyDL and Tom Trago. "One Last Time" is an emotive piece with a strong theme -- the drum track is fierce, giving it a futuristic vibe. Tom Trago teams up with studio partner Maxi Mill and delivers a tough, stripped-down 909 house version. FaltyDL on the other end went exploring in electronic adventure-land for a fresh, new perspective.


DJOKO, WILLIAM KOUAM: Deflourished EP 12" (RH VD11-EP) 12.50
William Kouam Djoko returns with Deflourished. After a year with a lot of high highs and some deep lows, William found himself on the dancefloor listening to a set by Chicago footwork specialists DJ Rashaad and DJ Spinn. William experienced what religious people might call a divine moment. All the experiences, emotions, and soul-searching from the previous year came together in one emotional, energetic moment. William tried to recapture all of this in his studio the next day and within hours, Deflourished was created. A pure form of energy shared by William for everyone to enjoy, hopefully as much as he enjoyed creating it.


TRAGO, TOM: The Light Fantastic CD (RHM 006CD) 17.00
The Light Fantastic is a dancefloor-oriented club album with a range of influences like deep house, vintage synthesizers, classic boogie, disco, Chicago jack, acid house, and even a dash of full-throttle rave revivalism. There are many ways to move forward as an artist. You can reinvent yourself, keep track of fashions, or try bold new things. Tom Trago has spent the best part of 10 years pushing his sound in impressive new directions. Yet on this album, the well-regarded Amsterdam-based producer has done things slightly differently. This time round, his influences come from much closer to home, and he has admitted to being inspired by the dancefloor-focused style with which he made his name. Trago is an old hand at this kind of thing. Back in 2009, his debut album, Voyage Direct (RH 025CD), impressed with its warm, disco-centric blends of full-throttle deep house and boogie-influenced synthesizer funk. He cast his net wider on 2011's Iris (RH 114CD/LP), choosing to work with a wide variety of international collaborators on an album that laid bare his myriad of musical influences. On The Light Fantastic, he's decided to "step back to move forwards" with a warm, involving set that puts the simple pleasures of the best dancefloor moments at its heart. "I tried to go a bit back towards the style I was doing on Voyage Direct, to dancefloor beats with deeper impact," Trago admits. "I was trying to make tracks that work on the dancefloor, but also move your heart." There are many collaborations on The Light Fantastic, but listen out for contributions from Steffi, Ben Westbeech, "studio neighbor" San Proper, Makam, vocalist Holly Wood and, most surprisingly, a local club owner who just happened to swing by the studio. "Using my friends was a big part of the process," Trago admits. "One of the points of the album was using people who were close to home, part of the family almost." It's an approach that definitely paid dividends. Certainly, this celebration of Amsterdam's blossoming electronic music scene adds a little extra frisson of excitement to The Light Fantastic's impressive vibrancy.


TRAGO, TOM: The Light Fantastic 2LP (RHM 006LP) 23.00
Gatefold double LP version.


SA 004LP

VA: The Ecstasy of Gold: 26 Killer Bullets from the Spaghetti West Vol. 4 2LP (SA 004LP) 23.00
Volume four in this essential and peerless series. Selected from one of the most complete Spaghetti Western audio archives, this five-volume series showcases the most inspired tracks in this legendary genre. Digging deep to excavate a treasure trove of obscure and rarely-heard tracks by some of the genre's greatest composers and vocalists, Ecstasy of Gold is the definitive series for aficionados of Euro-Western films and the music that they created. Loud gunshots with reverb and echo appear with the first image of a lawless killer riding a horse... a punchy and trebly bass guitar seeps into your brain as he draws his pistol, a hair-raising scream half-melodic, half-banshee spews forth from the speakers as blood splatters yet again onto the desert floor. The audio soundtrack to the Italian version of the American West is flamboyant, brutal, intense, and unforgiving. Songs composed for the Italian Westerns of the 1960s and 1970s have become a genre all unto themselves. There were hundreds of European Westerns during this period and the majority of them were made by Italian directors and scored by Italian composers. Crying trumpets, exploding surf guitars, thundering drums, droning organs, dramatic vocal performances, and innovative special effects were woven into a wild and violent desert backdrop creating that undeniable Spaghetti Western sound heard on this record. The most famous of all the Italian soundtrack composers is Ennio Morricone and his music for the Italian Western is guaranteed to inspire and amaze until the end of time itself. But there were many other great and legendary maestros who scored their share of Westerns and this compilation presents transcendent, brilliant and challenging tracks from the likes of: Bruno Nicolai, Gianni Ferrio, Francesco De Masi, Marcello Giombini, Luis Bacalov, Stelvio Cipriani, Alessandro Alessandroni, Nora Orlandi, Nico Fidenco, Piero Umiliani, and many others. 2LP gatefold in a limited edition pressing of 750 copies.


SX 037EP

JAWORZYN, STEFAN: Shock EP 2 12" (SX 037EP) 16.50
"Welcome to another sojourn in hell. 'Bilharzia' is 15 minutes of electronic nausea, adding layers of bleeping LFO nastiness to a relentlessly repetitive base. I have no idea how to categorize it and don't intend to try. Definitely one of the more twisted pieces of music I've been involved in creating. You should know you'll get what's coming to you with a song called 'Make a Joyful Sound.' Pounding brutality and a bad time guaranteed to be had by all. There is a kind of tune in there somewhere though, lurking dimly in the background." --Stefan Jaworzyn, 2013


SKA 032-2EP

TEAM DOYOBI: Digital Music Volume 2 12" (SKA 032-2EP) 14.00
Volume two in Doyobi's Digital Music series. The electronic tonalities and rhythmic arrangements deployed here showcase the duo's more mechanistic and caustic aesthetic. Convulsive computer-chunk beats and excoriated synth-noises are dramatically thrown into a blender then rebuilt to produce gelatinous slurries of pure Team Doyobi goodness.


PHONO GHOSTS: Chrome Position Cassette (SKASSETTE 004CS) 12.00
Chrome Position by Phono Ghosts is an ode to the humble cassette tape. Constructed using tiny fragments of long-unwanted cassettes found in local charity shops collected over many years in the dark of night. The result is an idiosyncratic fusion between languid funk, hypnologic vocals, and swirling, psychoactive melodies.



SMELL THE FLESH: Smell the Flesh 12" (SKUDGEW 004EP) 12.50
The fourth release of the Skudge White series and MRSK's latest project, a journey beyond techno that almost takes a shamanistic turn. In his new Smell The Flesh guise, the man delivers six cuts of eerie beats, challenging his western aesthetics with a nonetheless complex yet primal approach. "Hail Kongo" sets the tone with its syncopated, haunting beats before "Closed Walls" creeps you up with dark Jamaican acid. Then, "Unsettled Conflict" reminds us of those '80s horror movies, the most menacing kind, while "Blood Relic" throws us in the middle of a trance-like chase scene. The record closes off with "Struck by Venom's" voodoo techno and "Cardiac Arrest's" final morbid message, an all-in-all unsettling journey.


OUT 5009LP

COSTANZO, JACK: Latin Fever LP (OUT 5009LP) 25.00
"Originally released in 1958 on the Liberty label -- and featuring a legendarily lascivious album cover -- Latin Fever is one of Jack Costanzo's very first records as a leader, after years as an in-demand sideman for the likes of Nat King Cole and Stan Kenton. Don't let that somewhat soft pedigree fool you, though, this LP is end to end burners full of fiery bongos and stereo trickery. An absolutely incredible album that helped set off the Latin craze in the USA, reissued on 180 gram LP by So Far Out."

OUT 5013LP

KATZ, FRED: Soulo Cello LP (OUT 5013LP) 25.00
"A classically trained cellist, Fred Katz spent four years in the Chico Hamilton Quintet from 1955-1958 and in the process single-handedly introduced the bowed cello to jazz. During that time he also released albums as a leader, including this one, from 1957. A cinematic, swinging, and intensely listenable affair, Soul° Cello is the perfect introduction to the man that quietly revolutionized America's highest art. Sadly, Mr. Katz just passed away on Sept. 7, 2013, but his music will live on in this fine 180 gram LP reissue on So Far Out."

OUT 5014LP

ESQUIVEL AND HIS ORCHESTRA: Other Worlds Other Sounds LP (OUT 5014LP) 25.00
"Thought it's not his debut album 1958's Other Worlds Other Sounds is the moment where Esquivel first presented his own, fully realized sound. Vocal choruses, stereophonic madness, and space age bachelor pad playfulness abound. Another out there classic reissued on 180 gram LP by - who else? - So Far Out."



MYKESTRO FEAT. KENDRICK LAMAR: Set Precedent EP 12" (SOS 007EP) 13.00
"Pressed on gold vinyl and housed in a metallic gold ink lettered jacket. Despite the tough odds, one artist in particular has managed to rise above the current repetitive musical climate and shed light on true talent with his mixture of intricate wordplay, real life-subject matter, and an appreciation for music as an art form. Mykestro, the younger brother of producer-extraordinaire DJ Battlecat, is ready to bring his brand of 'reality raps' to the forefront. Born and raised throughout Los Angeles's various inner city neighborhoods, Mykestro not only faced the everyday challenges of violence and adversity as a man, but also had to overcome being a rapper that didn't fit into the stereotypical lowriders-and-bandanas persona associated with the West Coast. His determination to succeed musically while staying true to his own style has led to a reputation as being one of the most lyrical artists to ever come from Los Angeles."



UNDER, ALEX: Nao ha Macieiras no pais da Sidra 12" (SONIC 018EP) 12.50
Famous Spanish producer Alex Under, known for his releases on his own CMYK label and others such as Plus 8 and Soma, is the author of this Soniculture release. A football match should be appreciated in front of a big screen and the main snack should be lupini beans, but please pay attention that you should eat them without their skin by tearing them off, one by one, with your teeth and "popping" the seed directly into your mouth. Magical techno grooves at their best, with futuristic acid lines and synth arrangements that will make the lupini beans pop into your mouth at the speed of light. Goal!



MAREK & ASHRAF SHARIF KHAN, VIKTOR: Pudel Produkte 23 12" (AKTSIE 047EP) 12.00
Ladies and gentlemen: Pudel Produkte strikes back... again. Legendary sitar-player Ashraf Sharif Khan mixes his strings with crazy dubstep beats from Viktor Marek (8 Doogymoto, Kings Of Dubrock, etc.). One track features Sensational of WordSound and Crooklyn fame. On the B-side you can listen to Demdike Stare cooking some crystal dubmeth out of it all. Cover by Alex Solman (CIA/MFOC). Limited to 500 units on (white) vinyl only.



VA: The Beat from Badsville Vol. 1 CD (STAGO 044CD) 17.00
Subtitled: Trash Classics from Lux & Ivy's Vinyl Mountain. Songs from The Cramps' vinyl collection: 24 jewels of U.S. trash culture, part one of the series. After the release of the vinyl version on 2x10" vinyl in July 2012, Stag-O-Lee now follows up with the CD version. "Brought up on the radio shows of the legendary rock 'n' roll DJs, the moondogging Alan Freed, Mad Daddy and, later, the ghostly Ghoulardi, it was hardly surprising that The Cramps' Lux Interior and Poison Ivy began trawling the thrift stores for juvenile delinquent tunes, lip-curling bad-boy rock 'n' roll, strange exotica, bizarre novelty 45s, dysfunctional doo-wop, psychedelic weirdness and instrumentals made by madmen. In America in the 1950s and 1960s, there seemed to be small town versions of such vinyl madness everywhere that, by the 1970s, were remaindered and to the majority of people unwanted. To the fledgling Cramps, this was nothing short of heaven. The duo filled their house with novelty memorabilia, schlock horror furniture and a record collection to die for. Lux eventually gravitated to his own Purple Knif Radio show and The Cramps delivered their versions of some of the stuff they'd found, from Ronnie Cook And The Gaylads' 'Goo Goo Muck,' to The Novas' 'The Crusher,' Lightnin' Slim's 'It's Mighty Crazy'and a whole host of others originally hand-tooled by The Phantom, Carl Perkins, The Groupies, Hasil Adkins and many more. The duo name-checked many a 45 along the way and seeking them out and sampling their eccentricities is nothing short of mind blowing. Indeed, in many cases, you have to wonder at what the artists involved were thinking before they went into the studio. Cackling laughs, offbeat plotlines and maniacal lyrics, detuned guitars, coded gibberish and B-movie horror all wrapped up in under three minutes, these are songs from a golden era of DIY music when the rule book of contemporary MOR music was lost down the back of the sofa. This 24-track collection positively effervesces with eccentricity. Side one offers half a dozen slabs of lip-curling rock 'n' roll, from the madcap beginnings of 'Bongo Beatin' Beatnik' through to the teenage rampage of Gene Maltais' unhinged 'Gang War.' Side two gives fashion tips, conveys strange love-talk, songs where words are meaningless and novelty driving stories, while side three brings guitars from Hades, honking saxophones and rhythmic dance routines. Finally, we have sounds to make you shriek on side four, with scorpions, witches and nightmares all on offer, plus probably one of the oddest 45s ever in 'The Cave.' Every track pirouettes dangerously and at times haphazardly around the expected. These are songs for strange times by what can definitely be considered strange people." --Dave Henderson, MOJO magazine, 2012



KOLETZKI, OLIVER: Schneeweiss II CD (SVT 120CD) 17.00
Schneeweiss II, presented by Oliver Koletzki: a collaboration of neighbors. Over the years, Oliver Koletzki has continuously cited Berlin as a point of reference and, more importantly, a source of inspiration. Two of his albums -- Großstadtmärchen (SVT 037CD) and Großstadtmärchen 2 (SVT 075LP/ SVT 080LP) -- have been a direct ode to the capital. Friedrichshain, one of Berlin's vibrant districts, has always held a special place in Oliver's heart. This is where he started out when he first moved to the city, and this is where he lives now. Moreover, the Stil vor Talent HQ is situated in the center of the bustling Kiez. So is Schneeweiss, one of Friedrichhain's best and most-loved restaurants. Over the course of eight years, the stylish eatery has impressed many a Berlin foodie with its contemporary take on alpine cuisine and attention to detail. Music is part of the experience here, which is no surprise due to one of the owners' extensive background in Berlin's club scene of the early days. Pairing striking award-winning interior design with a home-y laid-back atmosphere, Schneeweiss welcomes everyone with open arms: Kiez locals and celebrities, students and businessmen, hipsters and families -- all can be found here, Oliver Koletzki among them. Thus, after many a late-night label dinner an idea slowly formed. Why not join forces and collaborate on a compilation that represents both Oliver Koletzki's and Schneeweiss' taste? Compiled specifically with the restaurant in mind, Schneeweiss II convinces as a tasty treat for the music connoisseur and a musical treat for the culinary aficionado. For the second installment of the compilation, Oliver Koletzki gathers stunning tracks by the likes of Âme, Stimming, Chopstick & Johnjon, Kruse & Nuernberg, Teenage Mutants and Labtracks, filled with melancholic melodies, subtle sunshine and blissful energy. Other artists include: Ron Flatter & Nick D-Lite, Ry & Frank Wiedemann, Fran, Klangkünstler, Joshua Jesse & Midas, Kellerkind, Niconé (feat. Sascha Braemer & Yvy), Dan Caster, and Nico Stojan.



BALDO: Choosing Time EP 12" (SUBWAXEXC 1204) 14.00
The Choosing Time EP is just what the name suggests, featuring four absolutely timeless deep house tracks in the vein of old-school Chicago house. If you are into Mr. Fingers, Chip E, Robert Owens, Rocky Jones and so on, then this one is for you.


SBR 5100CD

RAVEN AND JOAN MILLS, MICHAEL: Death and the Lady CD (SBR 5100CD) 17.00
Though they remain largely unknown, Michael Raven and Joan Mills made some of the most evocative and distinctive folk music ever recorded. Death and the Lady combines Raven's virtuoso guitar playing (which draws on both British and Spanish traditions) with Mills' pure and haunting voice to spellbinding effect. Pressed in a run of only 250 vinyl copies in 1972, it has barely been heard since. It is presented here complete with detailed background notes and rare photographs, and is a truly essential addition to any folk collection.

SBR 5101CD

RAVEN AND JOAN MILLS, MICHAEL: Hymn to Che Guevara CD (SBR 5101CD) 17.00
Though they remain largely unknown, Michael Raven and Joan Mills made some of the most evocative and distinctive folk music ever recorded. Hymn to Che Guevara combines Raven's virtuoso guitar playing (which draws on both British and Spanish traditions) with Mills' pure and haunting voice to spellbinding effect. Pressed in a run of only 100 vinyl copies in 1974, it has barely been heard since. It's presented here complete with detailed background notes and rare photographs, and is a truly essential addition to any folk collection.



MUMDANCE & LOGOS: Legion/Proto 12" (TEC 075EP) 12.50
Mumdance & Logos have managed to merge elements of UK hardcore-jungle, pounding, mesmerizing techno, gut-wrenching grime and paranoid dubstep into the dancefloor beast that is "Legion." Rising panic is struck immediately from the dissonant strings that lead you into the rhythm, before luring you into an ambush in the form of a pounding, relentless, weighted kick pattern. "Proto" continues the old-skool jungle vibes at 128 BPM. The intro charges up with a muted 4/4 kick pattern, and a demented Hoover sample, getting progressively more aggressive as it develops. Then comes the rush of broken breakbeats and 808s, cutting forwards and backwards. 100% killer.



AN-2: Sunset Stories LP (THEOM 003LP) 15.50
Approaching Theomatic's tenth anniversary, Andrey Zakharov aka AN-2 brings together Sunset Stories, the first true full-length released on the label. The six tracks include the previously-unreleased "Ode to Andromeda" and "Elegy FM" and represent AN-2's very best production from 2006 to 2011. Comes in a fine full-color printed sleeve.


TO 095CD

NILSEN, BJ: Eye of the Microphone CD (TO 095CD) 14.50
BJ Nilsen's fourth solo album for Touch is a surreal audio rendition of the sounds of the city of London recorded and mixed 2012-2013. A sound and recording artist born in Sweden, Nilsen primarily uses field recordings and electronic composition as a working method and has worked for film, television, theatre, dance and as sound designer. "In 2012 I received a scholarship from the Leverhulme Trust for a one-year Artist in Residency at the UCL Urban Laboratory in London, to introduce sound as an art practice to urban scholars and students. As part of my research I decided to dérive the city. I spent full days and sometimes nights sweeping the streets and its interiors for sound - walking and listening with no route or intention. A city without sound does not exist. Every location, passageway, alley, road, park, and pub contains its own world of isolated sound events and patterns - the sound of a shopping bag caught by the wind on the asphalt of a busy street when a bus passes by. What seems to be merely a bus is also a cacophony of sounds, a sound world in itself: hydraulics, breaks, interior noise, honking, public announcements, humans, rolling bottles, cell phones, mp3 players. The rattle of an air-conditioning unit in an old pub toilet gradually develops its broken down sound over many years, creating a raga for it own demise. Nobody seems to hear it. Is it there? The choice of sound varies; its a personal selection, some sounds made it into this composition, many hours of recording didn't. Sound composition can alter space and time and transform a specific location and experience into an imaginary world." -- BJ Nilsen



PATTERN DRAMA: Sweet Romance 12" (TOCR 003EP) 14.00
Pattern Drama is comprised of Rami Abousabe, also known as Rami DeeJay, and Corey Baker, one-third of UK trio Wildkats. These two talented DJ/producers have graced the underground dance music scene for over 10 years and presently call NYC their home. Their debut EP, Sweet Romance, was recorded in Brooklyn and features vocals by Brazilian vocalist and classically-trained pianist, Candida, as well as vocals by Faux, a NY-based vocalist. The remix is produced by Eric Volta, who uses members of the London Philharmonic in a beautifully arranged masterpiece of music. The tracks exude exotic sounds of strings, keys and voices from distant lands, emitting emotion and deep tones, fitting for pure listening pleasure, yet, suitable for any dancefloor.



ROCKEY, PALMER: Rockey's Style Movie Album CD (JBH 050CD) 15.50
One of the rarest, weirdest and most brilliantly odd soundtracks of all time, written and performed by one of the most fascinating underground characters ever. Described by Jello Biafra as "a disco lounge lizard from hell," Palmer Rockey and the Palmer Rockey story have to be read to be believed, and even then, you might not believe it. And this album has to be heard properly to understand the madness, weirdness and total passion brought to the studio sometime in Texas in the mid- to late 1970s. Palmer Rockey was a remarkable con-artist. He made this one record, the soundtrack to his one weird movie. It's incredibly rare, only one copy surfacing in the last decade. Once heard, you may fall deeply for Palmer's charms, it's strangely moving and all wrong, like something straight out of the world of David Lynch. The edited Palmer Rockey story goes something like this: after a difficult childhood but an interesting education, Palmer Rockey became obsessed by the movies. So obsessed, that he travelled to the UK and tried to get a film script to Boris Karloff in Shepperton. Unsuccessful, he returned to Texas to make his own film. To do so (according to legend) he conned rich Texan housewives out of money. When he got money, he shot film, then fell out with the cast and crew. He then conned more money from different women, shot more film with different cast and crew, then fell out with them, too. This continued for years. The "finished" film, It Happened One Weekend was only shown once (ironically just once, one weekend), at the premier in Canyon Creek, Sunday October 11th, 1974. In fact, the photo on the front of the album was shot by his wife the night of the premier. The film was written, produced, edited, directed, and starred Palmer Rockey (as twin brothers of course), with all music by Palmer Rockey. The plot was apparently demonic and "beyond the room of terrifying evil." Also included was a "Sunday Surprise Ending." I believe the surprise that Sunday was that people laughed all the way through, and even walked out. It was a total disaster on every level, apparently nothing in the movie made any sense at all. But undeterred by such poor reaction, he continued to tinker with the film -- sure that it would eventually bring him an Academy Award. He released it again and again in several different versions over the next few years, firstly with the title It Happened One Sunday, which played briefly in Denver, El Paso, and also at drive-in theaters. The film then disappeared, was recut with new scenes and appeared again in 1980, as Rockey's Style, Scarlet Love, and also Scarlet Warning 666. All the while Palmer Rockey was battling debtors, having already been sued in the 1960s by his uncle for non-payment of loans. There's not a great deal of information about his career and life in the 1980s, but we do know he passed away in 1996, leaving behind very little apart from debt and this unusual self-pressed album. There is no sign or trace of any version of the film anywhere. And boy, are people looking for it. Palmer wrote all the music for the film(s), and there are, as far as we know, two private issues of the soundtrack from the same period -- 1980. There's Scarlet Love, which was followed (or it's possibly the other way around) days or weeks later as he'd decided to change the name of the film again, to Rockey's Style. Both have the same original catalog number and subtitle of "Movie Album," and both have track titles that do not match the albums. You will observe Trunk has kept the original and incorrect tracklisting on the album sleeve, but kept the correct ones on the album and CD labels. Musically it's beautifully played and oddly performed, with a bizarre sense of passion and surprising honesty. It's an unusual album in that once heard, it sticks like glue to your brain. You may well find yourself getting slightly obsessed by it. We certainly have. Sleeve notes include an intro by Jon Brooks of Ghostbox, who not only remastered the album but also quickly became consumed by the music and the Palmer Rockey story. And now this incredible and unique outsider album is released, one has to wonder if anyone will ever find the missing Palmer Rockey movie.


UT 036

UGLY THINGS: #36 MAG (UT 036) 9.95
"Two big cover stories dominate this issue. Top of the bill, a brain-searing interview with Andrew Loog Oldham, the brilliant '60s Svengali of Immediate Records and Rolling Stones infamy. The cover features an exclusive '60s era photo of Andrew by famed photographer Gered Mankowitz. Next, 13 years in the making: the strangest, deepest, darkest tale ever told in UT. Mike Stax goes on the trail of Craig Smith a.k.a. Maitreya Kali, the mysterious figure responsible for the loner psych mega-rarities Apache and Inca. An epic-length story you will never forget. Also the stories of The Haunted and The Radiators from Space continue, plus UK freakbeat legends Sands and Sundragon, The Motions, and The Dream from Holland, Manzanita Jungle, and an interview with Britain's 'King of the Beatniks,' Royston Ellis. Cyril Jordan's outrageously popular column relives the year 1966, and, as always, there's our extensive review sections covering all the latest reissues, rock'n'roll books, and DVDs."



ZOMBIE NATION: Fishtank/Guzzler 12" (UKW 017EP) 12.50
Munich groovebox Florian Senfter gets bubbly as Zombie Nation with this new Fishtank/Guzzler EP on his UKW Records imprint. "Fishtank" was carefully handcrafted in the analog laboratories of Zombie Studios. There is a decisive bounce, creating waves around the edges of the aquarium, while never creating a nasty spill. Some say it has too much bass, but there is no such thing as too much bass. "Guzzler" is a straight ride on the Akai MPC. It's nonstop gas-guzzling muscle which is inspired by ZN's love for classic Dance Mania records.


UY 004CD

CHEAPERS, THE: Upon You Diary No. 3 CD (UY 004CD) 17.00
This Diary, an Upon You compilation, is the third of its kind and is presented as a retrospective. Featured are a collection of ancestral artists like Marco Resmann, ONNO, Magit Cacoon and Gunnar Stiller, as well as external ones like Chris Wood & Meat, Alland Byallo, Canson, Skinnerbox, Madmotormiquel and Ante Perry. Compiled by The Cheapers, who provided their track "Memories" for this project. The two have been collecting exclusive tracks from Upon You artists as well as friends to create an assembly that covers the colorful spectrum of Upon You: deep, classic, jiggly, thriving, crooked and sometimes a little poppy. In comparison to the parent Diarys, the two Cheapers tried to add a more personal note by not only including their worn-out passport photos on the cover but also utilizing the tracks in a delicious mix. What could be better than to consume a nice mix of 19 tracks on the couch while rummaging in a booklet designed with love? Whoever wants to hear the last track from Ruede Hagelstein And The Noblettes has to buy the CD because it is exclusive only here. Other artists include: Jules & Moss, Denis Horvat, Emerson Todd, Samuel Dan, Brian Cares, and Sierra Sam & Pascal Hetzel.


VA 052EP

AVATISM: Adamant Remixes 12" (VA 052EP) 14.00
Introducing the first of Avatism's Adamant (VA 006CD) remix packages. Since the whole project was, generally-speaking, "a personal affair," and a lot of the album was not necessarily "club-ready" (does that even make sense?), Avatism invited their friends onboard to do the dirty deeds and rework the sounds into something normal people can dance to. Features work from Mind Against, Lake People, Alex Smoke, and Sons Of Tiki.


VF 004CD

The Martin Brothers are pioneers of the Nigerian funk and Afrobeat scene. Besides many releases under their own name, as the Tabansi studio band, they lit up innumerable recording sessions -- it's them on Pax Nicholas' Na Teef album, for example; and the same team is behind the legendary Saxon Lee & The Shadows International LP. Money is the Martins at their deepest and heaviest -- tearing, wailing, mid-'70s funk, heady with spirituality. Super-bad from start to finish, with no let-up. Original copies are amongst the most sought-after of all African and funk records on the international collectors' scene. It seems there is just a tiny handful of copies at large. The tracks were originally laid down at Ginger Baker's ARC recording studio in Lagos and later mixed down at London's Tin Pan Alley Studio. The audio restoration and remastering for this reissue was done at Abbey Road Studios.



VA: Our Beat Is Still New - Pre-take 12" (WPH NEWBEAT1) 12.50
We Play House label-boss Red D decided to ask a bunch of his favorite producers new and old to make a new track inspired by Belgian new beat from the '80s. The result -- dare we say it -- is nothing short of astounding, with people from all over the house board bringing a fresh take on the genre. In this first volume (of four in total) we find Juju & Jordash, JD Twitch and Metrobox.


VA: Our Beat is Still New - Take 1 12" (WPH NEWBEAT2) 12.50
WPH brings you Take 1 in its tribute to the biggest Belgian electronic music heritage, new beat. Four new killer cuts by a 100% WPH family line-up: San Soda/Nick Berlin, Sebastien San/Dr. Hypnotic, and Red D/Max Erotic. Also welcoming long-time friend Aril Brikha/The Assyrian Lover to the family.



Marcello Napoletano is back on What Ever Not with a fresh EP including four raw house tracks.


YT 2013-3EP

VA: Young Turks 2013/3 12" (YT 2013-3EP) 14.50
The third EP in Young Turks' series of uniquely artworked limited edition 12"s. Each vinyl features two exclusive new tracks by artists affiliated with the label in 2013. At the end of the year, fans will be able to purchase a box set designed to house all of the 2013 series releases. Number three features a track by Short Stories split with a track from Pional's Invisible/Amenaza EP. Young Turks was established in London in 2007 and has released records by SBTRKT, Chairlift, Holy Fuck, Sampha, The xx, and many more.

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