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Forced Exposure New Releases for 12/23/2013

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New music is due from Pitreleh (Duane Pitre and Eleh), Logos, and Koudede, while old music is due from John Cage, Karlheinz Stockhausen, and Annabelle's Garden.


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VOX POPULI!: Cut Chemist Presents Funk Off: Vox Populi!/Pacific 231 CD (ASS 008CD) 16.50
Vox Populi!, a 1980s French post-punk/industrial/minimal collective known for circulating cassette-only releases, gets the reissue treatment lovingly curated by turntablist/producer DJ Cut Chemist. In 2004, while on tour/record-digging in Milan, Italy, Jurassic 5 founder and DJ Cut Chemist picked up a compilation featuring a group named Vox Populi!, whose track "Megamix" caught his attention. As familiar as he was with early hip-hop releases that pioneered the megamix (The Adventures of Grandmaster Flash, Double Dee & Steinski's Lessons series), this was clearly coming from a different set of cultural reference points. Originally released in the '80s, the track was not rooted in disco, hip-hop, or in DJ history, but rather in the sounds of post-punk and industrial music. The rudimentary "scratching" present on the song was abrasive, and probably executed with a reel-to-reel tape machine rather than a turntable. Its intended effect was not to bridge two songs or breaks, but to jar the listener out of what was otherwise a seamless club track experience. "Musique concrète" is what the collective (Vox, Pacific 231, H.N.A.S., X Ray Pop, and others) might have called their approach at the time. "Wild Style on dust," was how Cut's collaborator Tom Fitzgerald described it. Finding this record ultimately led to Cut Chemist tracking down the group, bonding over shared aesthetics and getting their blessing for this collection, which includes unreleased tracks, photographs and little-seen flyers and art from the group. Their original output was primarily on cassette with the occasional vinyl LP/EP released on their own Vox Man Records imprint, or on other like-minded independent labels. Limited run on CD and LP, including extensive insert liner notes.


AC 152CD

FAIZ, FAIZ ALI: Qawwali Flamenco 2CD (AC 152CD) 44.00
"This recording brings together two legendary and powerful musical forces -- the Pakistani Sufi tradition of Qawwali and Spanish flamenco. Recorded live at the Fes Festival of Sacred Music, Morocco, in June 2005, and originally released in 2006, this special two-disc set is available once again. On it, the great Faiz Ali Faiz and his Qawwali Ensemble blend their art with that of Flamenco singers Miguel Poveda and Juan 'Duquende' Cortes and guitarist Juan 'Chicuelo' Gomez."


NMN 083-1LP

MARCHETTI, WALTER: La Caccia LP (NMN 083-1LP) 25.00
2010 release. LP version, previously released in the Il Divano Dell'orecchio 5LP box. Includes the same materials as the original 1974 Cramps LP titled La Caccia (1965). The LP sleeve reproduces the original scores, photos of both the 1965 ZAJ performances and of Marchetti recording La Caccia. The full-color inner sleeve reproduces the original La Caccia LP layout.

NMN 083-2LP

MARCHETTI, WALTER: In Terram Utopicam LP (NMN 083-2LP) 25.00
2010 release. LP version, previously released in the Il Divano Dell'orecchio 5LP box. Includes the same materials as the original 1978 Cramps LP titled In Terram Utopicam, or "J'aimerais jouer avec un piano qui aurait une grosse queue" (1974/1975), "Adversus" (Home-made electric music) (1966) and "Osmanthus Fragrans" (Home-made electric music) (1973). The LP sleeve reproduces the original scores of "J'aimerais jouer" and "Adversus," and includes photos of the performance at the Venice Biennale. The full-color inner sleeve reproduces photos of various Marchetti performances as well as the original In Terram Utopicam LP layout.

NMN 083-3LP

MARCHETTI, WALTER: Per La Sete Dell'orecchio LP (NMN 083-3LP) 25.00
2010 release. This LP includes "Per La Sete Dell'orecchio" (1981), previously privately issued on the LP of the same title. This reissue also includes "Song for John Cage" (1985), which has never been available on vinyl before. The LP sleeve reproduces the "Song for John Cage" score. The full-color inner sleeve reproduces the original Per La Sete Dell'orecchio LP layout. All texts are published both in English and Italian. First included in a 5LP box set together with other 4 LPs titled La Caccia, In Terram Utopicam, Natura Morta and Vandalia.

NMN 083-4LP

MARCHETTI, WALTER: Natura Morta LP (NMN 083-4LP) 25.00
2010 release. LP version, previously released in the Il Divano Dell'orecchio 5LP box (ALGA 083LP). The LP sleeve reproduces a photo of the performance at Milanopoesia in 1988, as well as the text In My Music. The full-color inner sleeve reproduces a photo of the Natura Morta installation.

NMN 083-5LP

MARCHETTI, WALTER: Vandalia LP (NMN 083-5LP) 25.00
2010 release. LP version, previously released in the Il Divano Dell'orecchio 5LP box (ALGA 083LP). Includes "Perpetuum Mobile" (1981) and "Le Secche Del Delirio" (1989). Both pieces have never been available on vinyl before. The LP sleeve reproduces a photo of the "Perpetuum Mobile" performance at Musicalia in 1981. The full-color inner sleeve reproduces a "Musica Da Camera" installation and the original Vandalia layout.


BRAU, JEAN-LOUIS: Instrumentations Verbales LP (VOCSON 084LP) 25.00
2010 release. The first LP ever issued by French pre-Situationist Jean-Louis Brau. Jean-Louis Brau (1930-1985) at the age of 20, joined along with Gil J. Wolman, Isidore Isou's Lettrist group, creating in this context (the same as Wolman's "Mégapneums," François Dufrêne's "Crirythmes," Lemaître's "Hyperphonies" and Isou's "Poèmes ciselants") what he called "Instrumentations verbales." In 1952 he recorded on a lathe the soundtrack to the unfinished film La barque de la vie courante (the first-ever recording of experimental poetry). In the same year, with Debord, Berna and Wolman, he gave birth to the Internationale Lettriste, from which he was eventually rejected for his military deviation. After the Indochina war (where he ran a brothel and traded opium), Brau joined the French Army in Algeria, between 1956 and 1958. In 1963, back in Paris, Brau gave birth to a Deuxième Internationale Lettriste together with Wolman and Dufrêne. He also designed an astonishing métagraphic roman: No More. He approached everything in an explosive way, creating a body of work which is discontinuous, small and incomplete, in which he sometimes achieved some major results: for example with his sound poetry, as demonstrated by "Turn Back Nightingale" (1972), in which Brau makes references to François Dufrêne, on a background of disarticulated drums and pre-punk saturations. Also included on this one-sided LP are "Elégie Elémentaire" and "Ataloche Roche," both recorded in 1961 during Isidore Isou's conference at the Musée d'Art Moderne in Paris, as well as "Instrumentation Verbale" and "Cantate pour l'interdiction de Mandrake," both recorded in 1963 and first published in Poésie Physique, a book with three singles (Brau, Dufrêne, Wolman), Achèle, in 1965. Edition limited to 350 copies. Features a reproduction of a page from No More on the front sleeve, as well as an essay by Frederic Acquaviva.


CARRION, ULISES: The Poet's Tongue LP (VOCSON 086LP) 25.00
2012 release. Ulises Carrión's audio works clearly reflect his passion for language, its structures, sounds and meanings. He greatly enjoyed grammatically dissecting languages and trying to understand and explore their structures. His many initiatives and projects bear witness to his boundless obsessions with communication and circulation of works and ideas as a cultural strategy. This LP includes "Hamlet for Two Voices" (1977) in which two voices read out the names of the characters in the Shakespearean play as they appear in the script, audibly representing the structure of the roles the characters perform. "Poema" (1977) orally represents the structure and spatial characteristics of a poem, by listing all its structural elements: words, paragraphs and verses, etc. The LP also includes "Aritmetica," "Three Spanish Pieces," and "First Spanish Lesson," as well as the legendary "45 Revoluciones por Minuto," the grooviest track ever created within the context of conceptual art. All pieces, recorded at the Instituut voor Sonologie in Utrecht between September and October 1977, have in common their refusal of discursiveness. They are not meant to be true or beautiful. Each piece is a series of vocal units that unfolds according to simple rules. Their beginning and end are arbitrary: they could go on infinitely. They should go on. They go on. First LP ever issued by Ulises Carrión, who in 1975 "created" the legendary bookshop-gallery "Other Books & So," the first space dedicated exclusively to artists' publications such as artists' records, books, magazines, postcards, etc. Edition limited to 270 copies.



HARMONIOUS THELONIOUS: Drum, Chant and Other Music 12" (ASAFA 003EP) 18.00
"Three tracks from Harmonious Thelonious, including 'Kwaku,' with Ben Zabo and an H.T. remix of his 'Danna.' All tracks written by Harmonious Thelonious, except 'Danna' written by Ben Zabo."


AUS 1355EP

HUXLEY: Inkwell EP 12" (AUS 1355EP) 14.00
Huxley's rise to the forefront of the UK dance music scene has been an exceptional and speedy process, establishing himself quickly as a figurehead with a foot in both the UK garage and house scenes. This release will tip off a successful year, that has seen the young producer tour around America and host his own Rinse FM show, all while running his ever-dependable Saints & Sonnets imprint. Whether veering towards deeper cuts (alongside Ethyl) on his own label, turning in cast-iron grooves for Tsuba or full vocal barnstormers like "Let It Go" for Hypercolour in early 2012, there's a clearly defined yet versatile sound to Huxley productions that marks him out as a truly talented producer.


BXS 1023CD

CYRILLE, ANDREW: The Complete Remastered Recordings on Black Saint & Soul Note 7CD BOX (BXS 1023CD) 42.00
"The Andrew Cyrille box includes the albums Metamusicians' Stomp, Nuba, Something in Return, Special People, The Navigator, X Man, and Good to Go, with a Tribute to Bu."

BXS 1024CD

MURRAY, DAVID: The Complete Remastered Recordings on Black Saint & Soul Note Volume 2 7CD BOX (BXS 1024CD) 42.00
"The David Murray box includes the albums Sweet Lovely, Morning Song, I Want to Talk About You, The Hill, A Sanctuary Within, Body and Soul, and Windward Passages."

BXS 1025CD

FARMER, ART: The Complete Remastered Recordings on Black Saint & Soul Note 6CD BOX (BXS 1025CD) 44.00
"The Art Farmer box includes the albums Isis, Manhattan, Mirage, Moment to Moment, You Make Me Smile, and Azure."

BXS 1026CD

LAKE, OLIVER: The Complete Remastered Recordings on Black Saint & Soul Note 7CD BOX (BXS 1026CD) 42.00
"The Oliver Lake box includes the albums Holding Together, Prophet, Clevont Fitzhubert, Expandable Language, Edge-Ing, Dedicated to Dolphy, and A New Organization."

BXS 1027CD

BLEY, PAUL: The Complete Remastered Recordings on Black Saint & Soul Note 10CD BOX (BXS 1027CD) 66.00
"The Paul Bley box includes the albums Sonor, Tango Palace, Hot, Notes, Mindset, Live at Sweet Basil, Memoirs, Conversations with a Goose, and Chaos. Bonus disc includes the Keshavan Maslak and Paul Bley album Not To Be a Star."

BXS 5001CD

GASLINI, GIORGIO: The Complete Remastered Recordings on Dischi Della Quercia 11CD BOX (BXS 5001CD) 80.00
"The Giorgio Gaslini box includes the albums Murales, New Orleans Suite, Free Actions, Graffiti, Sharing, Live at the Public Theatre in New York, Ecstasy, Four Pieces, Indian Suite, Monodrama, and Skies of China."



MONIKER: Billy D 12" (CCS 083EP) 12.50
Kenneth Scott and Emilio Orlandi aka Moniker coax heartfelt emotion and hand-crafted grooves from an array of beat-boxes and synthesizers without making any self-conscious moves to demonstrate how "undigital" they are. The live aspect of Moniker's mission undoubtedly shines through, manifesting itself in smart switch-ups and breakdowns, impulsive edits and subtle variations. In keeping with the warm tones of the original material, Detroit deep house legend Patrice Scott takes "Billy D" and runs it in a hot bath of shimmering pads and submerged acid, while the beat snaps forth with an urgency that offsets the ambient elements perfectly.



LUCY: 201 Phasing 12" (CLR 073EP) 14.00
Lucy is back on CLR with another one of his mind-bending, deep and hypnotic techno productions. The original version is a sonic journey that unfolds progressively over a time-span of more than 10 minutes, making the introduction of each individual element appear even more meaningful, impactful and exciting. Dadub and Chris Leibing supply remixes on the B-side, with driving and powerfully dynamic approaches. All three mixes represent a certain stylistic niche in the ever-expanding field of electronic music without limiting themselves to any pre-determined pattern.



GOITIA DEITZ: Dream Meridian 12" (CMM 011EP) 14.00
Goitia Deitz are a mysterious duo from Brooklyn, New York. Behind the pair's shrouded, ultra-esoteric persona are two DJs and producers that have been collaborating for the past several years. Their recorded experiments in minimal electronics hint at an extensive record collection and a shared bonding over their love of Krautrock, kosmische, italo, techno and house. Nothing is pre-planned or written.



ANNABELLE'S GARDEN: Time's No Measure 1987-1993 (Volume 1) 2LP (DAIS 040LP) 34.00
"Double LP retrospective of late '80s gothic folk collective, Annabelle's Garden. Annabelle's Garden were a radically underground goth-wave/neo-folk band founded in Hamburg, Germany by members of local acts La Lisa and Beyond Despair, most active between 1987 and 1997. Often compared to contemporaries like Death in June, Sol Invictus, or Current 93 (they toured extensively with 6Comm), they managed to create music that existed both in that realm and beyond, labeled as psychedelic, punk, new wave, and goth. You can clearly hear respect given to This Mortal Coil, The Cure, and The Wake -- making them as easily filed among classic World Serpent releases as they would fit among 4AD or Factory. The truth is, so little was known about Annabelle's Garden outside of Europe that their original releases on Kenaz extremely hard to find -- you were lucky to even have heard about them to know to search. However, what exists here in Annabelle's Garden is some of the most layered, deep, rich, and nostalgic music Dais has ever uncovered. This gorgeous limited gatefold double LP is comprised of not only the original Kenaz release from 1993: Wo Sind Nur Eure Götter Hin?, but also includes tracks from the band's original first recording and maiden cassette release, as well as a special never before heard remix of their classic anthem 'If.' Limited edition of 500 in a gorgeous gatefold double LP."


DA 003LP

EYE: Live at Relay LP (DA 003LP) 19.50
Dangerous Age records is Gregory Boyd (Black Past) , John Elliott (Emeralds,Outer Space) the label is focused on limited pressings (300-500) that you might not find in every record store or collection; that being said our intention with DA is for you to find these rarities and love them as much as we do. The entire DonewaitingTV in-studio concert, recorded live at Relay Recording in Columbus OH. Psych quartet EYE is a wonder of antiquated technology. The band filmed a session for DonewaitingTV in June 2012, comprised of three jams: "Usurpers" and "Restorers," both of which appeared on EYE's Center of the Sun, released by Kemado in 2012, along with the 19 minute soundscape "Dream," aptly-titled for its otherworldly vibing. Live at Relay was a self-release taped, but is now pressed up on deluxe vinyl. EYE = Matt Bailey - bass; Matt Auxier - electric guitar, moogfx, vocals; Adam Smith - organ, mellotron, arp & moog synthesizers, 8-track tapes, clavinet, vocals; Brandon Smith - drums, percussion , vocals. Recorded live on June 10,2012 at Relay Recording Studio.



PAPILLON: Papillon LP (CREP 009LP) 31.00
Debut album from Papillon, a new project by Discrepant head-honcho, Gonçalo F. Cardoso and with guest appearances by Cédric Stevens and Kink Gong. Taking inspiration from the 1969 French adventure book of the same name, Papillon explores the sonic interzones between dream and nightmare. Through the use of augmented field recordings, Papillon uses the exotic jungle as the starting point to develop a dense and evocative sound where ethnic recordings, impromptu synth jams, modular synthesis, and Foley art effects come together to create a quasi-mystical crackpot mix of esoteric visions, near-death experiences, shamanism, fever deliriums and lucid dreaming. The compositions were constructed from edited acoustic recordings by Laurent Jeanneau aka Kink Gong, raw and digitally-treated analog modulators by Cédric Stevens, various lo-fi synthesizers by Gonçalo F. Cardoso as well as guest drums by David Naan. All tracks were composed and edited by Gonçalo F. Cardoso in London 2013. Special vinyl one-time pressing of 300 copies. Mastered and cut at Dubplates + Mastering by Christoph Grote-Beverborg.



VA: Farside 23 12" (FAROTRS 023EP) 12.00
Here are four new trax straight from the Farside camp. Shooting stars Paskal & Urban Absolutes recorded an astonishing, more clubby live version of their Farside classic in Moscow. Henry L is back with his extraordinary groove skills, some old school sample vibes and a wink to Detroit. Matt Flores kills it with a smooth and demanding dub-tech monster, and Henry L & Ingo Snger keep things hypnotic with a deep sunset tune. This EP delivers funk, thrilling strings, dreamy Detroit-ish chords, and mystic pads a-plenty.



ORCHID SPANGIAFORA: Flee Past's Ape Elf 2LP (FTR 096LP) 27.50
Splendid, expanded reissue of this monster album, which most people know from its placement on the NWW List. Stapleton even went so far as to name a track of his ("Fashioned to a Device Behind a Tree") after a mis-hearing of one of Flee Past's' many memorable lines. The music has its roots in Hampshire College's Electronic Music Studio in the early 1970s. While taking a class on electronic composition, Robert Carey was smitten by the potentialities lurking inside piles of reel-to-reel tape. Presented with a stack of such stuff, mostly recorded from television broadcasts, he began an epic stumble into the universe of musique concrète. Carey refashioned banal spoken material into bizarre, hilarious and shockingly musical suites that you could listen to for sheer yucks or revelatory juxtapositions. Influenced by Gysin/Burroughs/Somerville's cut-up techniques, as much as Zappa's 1960s editing flair, Carey (rechristened Orchid Spangiafora by some wise-ass music professors) created new savage aural realities that you could almost dance to. The original album was released by Twin/Tone Records in 1979, at the behest of the Suicide Commandos' Chris Osgood (who'd been Carey's roommate at Hamsphire). It didn't make too much of a splash, but managed to sneak into a lot of important ears nonetheless. And it remains one of the few records that I can put on in the 21st century and still have people ask, "What the hell is that?" Now you can do the same. Edition of 500 copies.


540 043LP

GUTTERIDGE, PETER: Pure 2LP (540 043LP) 27.00
"Peter Gutteridge is the man who launched a thousand Flying Nun bands. Founding member of The Clean, the Chills, the Great Unwashed, Snapper and the Puddle, Gutteridge released one solo album, Pure, on Xpressway Records in 1989, which was recorded between 1986-1987. It's a collection of fragments and completed songs recorded on a Fostex four track. They were all recorded to tape, ideas going down as they were made them up. I was my own technician. There were no studio bills or aesthetics to deal with. Recording in a studio after this experience was a frustration. Once in a while, I believe you become a kind of channel, even if slightly muddled. The tainted shamen? I don't know. What I can say is this record you're hopefully holding in hand had its genesis long before I ever picked up a guitar. I've always loved a dirty drone. Notes corrupted and split apart by the miracle of the sympathetic note. Bagpipe, chanters, organs, pianos, ad infinitum. Throw a few clear notes in and you achieve creation on your own terms. Link it up to the background hum of the universe doing its thing and you have hypnosis in a sound. Shmaya."



FLASHBACK: Flashback #4 Winter 2013 MAG (FLASHBACK 004) 16.50
Issue #4 of Flashback, Winter 2013 issue. Edited by Richard Morton Jack (co-founder of Sunbeam Records and editor of the Galactic Ramble and Endless Trip books), it features writing from some of the world's leading pop music authorities, including Richie Unterberger, David Wells, Patrick Lundborg, and Aaron Milenski. A4 size (with a gloss cover), 212 pages long, and full-color throughout, it's packed with new research, exclusive interviews and rare photos. The cover stars this time 'round are UK folk-rock heroes Trees, and the epic accompanying feature includes interviews with all the band members, as well as numerous associated figures, and is illustrated with much rare and unseen material. Also featured are in-depth articles on Beverley Martyn, U.S. psych rockers Mandrake Memorial, Wilkinson Tri-Cycle, and Fraction, cult UK psych faves July, 50 intriguing albums in the notorious exploito genre, an exploration of proto-punk, and part two of Patrick Lundborg's investigation into mono vs. stereo, as well as a thorough CD, LP, DVD and book reviews section.


4TH 012EP

LEIBNIZ: What Matters 12" (4TH 012EP) 14.00
Leipzig resident Moritz was born in the small town of Dillingen, Bavaria to a musical family. Moving from his classical piano training, he spent the majority of his teen years in punk bands, until he discovered early dubstep and Aphex Twin. Fourth Wave is pleased to welcome Leibniz to the label family with his first single. As usual, packaged in beautiful full artwork sleeves.


FA 593CD

LES PRIMITIFS DU FUTUR: World Musette CD (FA 593CD) 20.00
"Catching world music of the '80s and '90s on the wrong foot, not to mention its pop crossovers, Les Primitifs du Futur decided to do things the other way and feature some real values: the earthy odor of background roots. On World Musette, the band's third album, accordions, ouds, violins, banjos, and ukuleles can be heard in tune with the odd Chinese waltz or Musette foxtrot. This collective adventure led by Dominique Cravic brings musicians and connoisseur-collectors together around the same passion, with just one aim -- to restore the music's prestige."



GB (GIFTED & BLESSED): Within These Machines: Modifications 12" (GBRMX 1111EP) 12.50
If you are going to put out a remix EP, you might as well go for it... and GB (Gifted And Blessed) has! Excellent stuff. Remixes by Afta-1, Dego, Ras G, and FunkinEven.



WICKED LADY: Psychotic Overkill CD (GUESS 041CD) 17.00
2013 repress. Second volume to complete the anthology of Wicked Lady recordings, their final tracks recorded in 1972, just before the band split up and guitarist Martin Weaver left for Dark (of Round The Edges fame). Another batch of excessive, over-the-top, doom-y psychedelic hard-rock including underground classics like "I'm A Freak" and the 21-minute epic "Ship Of Ghosts." Maximum sound quality, new artwork and liner notes by psychedelic guitar god, Martin Weaver, telling the real story behind Wicked Lady for the first time.


DUINDAM, JAN: Thoughts LP (GUESS 123LP) 25.50
LP version. After cutting his teeth in several rock and folk bands in the late '60s (Hush, Tail Toddle), Dutch singer/songwriter Jan Duindam released his first solo album in 1978 for the tiny Munich label. With help from local musician Guus Willemse of progressive band Solution, who played bass, drums and synth, Jan created Thoughts: psychedelic folk-rock/acid-folk with stunning guitar-playing and fragile, dreamy vocal harmonies. Features "Happiness and Tears," a track selected by modern neo-folk/indie-rock stars Midlake for their Late Night Tales mix. Remastered sound, gatefold sleeve, insert with photos and detailed liner notes.


GF 007EP

JUS NOW: Bare Wine/Vodou Riddim 12" (GF 007EP) 12.50
Jus Now are back on Gutterfunk with their second release and taking it back to the road, with "Bare Wine" and "Vodou Riddim." This one is for carnival girls dropping their batties down to the floor, so wave your flag and get ready to wine. "Wining is a form of dance that involves gyration of hips and can be slow or fast but must always be sexy. It is performed to mainly West Indian music like reggae, calypso, and soca." (Urban Dictionary) This tune is an ode to pure unadulterated wining. "Vodou Riddim" is a sacrificial offering to the gods of bass, channeling the power of the mighty 808 and paying respects to the patrons of different phenomena.



ORGAN GRINDER, THE: Another Process EP 12" (HEIST 003EP) 14.00
The Organ Grinder presents the Another Process EP for Heist Recordings. "How Did I Get Here" has the grittiest, most rolling percussion you've heard in a long time -- a looped key with a hint of sleazy techno and some mindblowing subs. Add some odd FM frequency noises and you've got yourself a killer tune. "Changes All the Time" takes a more drawn-back approach -- a set of carefully-placed stabs, pads, and strings that keeps you wanting more of that warm but rough groove. "The Valley of Doom" has a stripped-down, almost dubby techno vibe, nicely countered with The OG's signature slamming percussion.


HH 004EP

THESE HIDDEN HANDS: Atom TM/Kangding Ray/Ancient Methods Remixes 12" (HH 004EP) 14.50
Atom TM, Kangding Ray, and Ancient Methods revamp These Hidden Hands' album tracks for the floor. In Uwe Schmidt aka Atom TM's hands, "When Told" becomes a sprung, roiling techno weapon rent with dazzling spatial diffusions and streaking, Deathprod-like synth lines while saving that gloomy vocal for the most crucial moment. With "Diesel" Kangding Ray flexes some brute, driving techno muscle, and Ancient Methods lock "Isopod" down to a determined drone techno march.



PRINCE HAMMER: World War Dub Part 1 LP (HRR 102LP) 19.00
"Thumping dubs recorded at Channel One, mixed at Tubby's. Sly and Robbie, Horsemouth, Chinna. Bobby Kalphat and full crew, kicking off with a deadly real rock version and never letting up."



PITRELEH: Pitreleh LP (IMPREC 384LP) 20.00
"Full length collaboration from Duane Pitre and Eleh. Pitreleh use high resolution analog and digital tools to create music utilizing natural vibrations and harmonics as rhythm and melody. Inspiration is drawn directly from vibrational waves (sound, gravity, water). The electronics, of which both pieces are constructed, are tuned using pure intonation which utilizes prime numbers: 1-3-5-7. The debut live performance of Pitreleh was recently presented at the Issue Project Room in Brooklyn as well as the Museum of Contemporary Art in Cleveland."


PITRE, DUANE: Feel Free: Live at Cafe OTO LP (IMPREC 391LP) 20.00
"Beautiful ensemble performance of Duane Pitre's Feel Free, including James Blackshaw on hammered dulcimer. LP pressed in an audiophile grade edition of 1000 copies. Shortly after the release of Pitre's Feel Free, the composer set out for a 2012 solo tour in select European cities. To start off this tour he staged an ensemble performance of Feel Free, at London's renowned Cafe OTO. For his ensemble, Pitre chose to utilize only one veteran of a Feel Free performance (Jesse Sparhawk) and for the remainder of the group he used English musicians who'd not played the composition prior. The resulting performance sees Feel Free taking new shapes and producing different energies than the studio recording."



TRENTEMOLLER: Gravity 10" (IMR 016EP) 15.50
"Gravity" is the third single taken from the third studio album Lost by Trentemøller (IMR 014CD/LP). With the drum-setting inspired by early Krautrock, this wonderful and multilayered song still breathes the Trentemøller signature. The vocals come from Jana Hunter, singer of the Baltimore-based band Lower Dens. They melt perfectly with "Gravity." On the B-side you'll find a remix by Copenhagen- and Berlin-based band Pinkunoizu. Their version casts the song in a new light with re-arranged drums and a hypnotic build.


IP 006EP

QOSO/LOW JACK: Like It Soft 12" (IP 006EP) 16.00
"Low Jack and Qoso are two of the most exciting French talents of techno, teaming up here for an EP of mad club weapons, full of adrenaline rushes and dirty tricks. A fresh idea on what industrial might mean applied to house."

IP 008EP

QOSO: Monica 12" (IP 008EP) 16.00
"After the joyful mess caused by Brandy on adventurous dancefloors, Qoso goes deeper with three subwoofer-friendly tracks mixing house, techno, and just enough sonic dirt. A friend of the label since its beginnings, Perc steps in as a remixer and takes advantage of our weakness for the wildest parts of club music."

IP 010LP

SOMATICAE: Catharsis LP (IP 010LP) 25.00
"Catharsis is a terrifying affair experimenting throughout ten disciplined and often brutal noise abstractions - primitive techno lost between petrifying epileptic atmospheres as well as intricately-layered drones - rumbling sonic investigations, wielding barbarous kick drums and rusted percussion to lacerate weakening flesh - blind lamentations of bone chilling voices and abrupt sounds - a sort of black mass supported by punishing percussion - alarming levels of feedback and distortions - a steep emotional breakdown turning in an emotional renewal."

IP 011EP

LOW JACK: Flashes 12" (IP 011EP) 16.00
"Rambunctious EP from hell, expertly threading libidinal house grooves through squalling drones, exhalations, feedback, and general bloody racket. Invigorating stuff from the Parisian, and an outstanding label, too."



PIERCE, TROY: Softcore 12" (ITEM 027EP) 12.00
A pioneer of the darker side of electronic experimentation, Troy Pierce's A-side "Softcore" is anything but: a haunting, chugging peak-time production with a music DNA consisting of twisted strands of EBM, techno, and industrial, with a hint of dub thrown in for good measure. B-side "The Dangers with Strangers" is an equally-powerful effort. Elusive Bristol producer Dubspeeka (perhaps more famously known as one part of British group Kosheen) delivers a stripped-down yet driven interpretation of Troy's original. Kill The DJ-founder and ex-Pulp resident Chlo rounds off proceedings with a remix that is as atmospheric as it is club-suitable.



LOGOS: Cold Mission LP (LDN 042LP) 23.00
LP version. Cold Mission is the debut album from east London-based producer Logos: it features fellow producers Mumdance, Dusk + Blackdown, and Rabit. That Logos is a member of two emerging underground collectives -- new school grime specialists Boxed and the Keysound Recordings' 130 bpm family -- it gives you a rough sense of his whereabouts. At the first flickers of the album intro "Ex101," you begin to sense the scope and scale of Logos' mission. His modus operandi is a twin strike of connection and disconnection: he lurks in the spaces between places, both literally -- down badly-lit East End back streets -- and figuratively, swerving between established musical nodes with the mission of finding new ones. It's suspended in the tension between then, now and what's to come. In simpler terms: Logos is a junglist but this is not a jungle album. He's a grime-head but this is not a grime album. This is an excursion in the dissolutions of forms and edges; of the elongation of patterns into repetitive plateaus of intensity. The album bristles with tension: for the "cold" component, it is as if he dissolved the intros of a thousand dark-side jungle 12"s and dripped them into his analog hardware.



THOMPSON, LINVAL: Jah Jah Is the Conquerer LP (KSLP 048LP) 14.00
LP version. Linval Thompson is one of the great roots vocalists that ruled the dancefloors of Jamaica in the mid-'70s. With his distinctive vocal style and roots lyrics, he spoke of the struggles that faced the Rastas, which touched a chord with the people of Jamaica. This in turn would set a tone that he carried on through his music career and future production work. Even though he achieved a lot of success as a producer, it is his singing career that is the focus here, and Kingston Sounds has compiled a string of his classic hits for your enjoyment.



HERLIHY, GAVIN: Higher Love EP 12" (LOKEE 004EP) 14.00
With this release Lokee Musik and Gavin Herlihy go back to their roots: straight-up no-nonsense house music. "Higher," the first track on the EP, combines saturated swinging grooves with a pitched vocal to take things straight to the dancefloor. Laura Jones even shifts it up a gear and turns her remix into a hypnotic, rolling bass line monster for peak-time. "Just Love" shares the same chunky sound signature as the A-side, but is slightly more fluid and mellow. Death On The Balcony add some lush and dreamy soundscapes for their remix.



DEMDIKE STARE: Testpressing #004 12" (LOVE 089EP) 16.50
Searing, tormented darkside f**kery from Miles Whittaker and Sean Canty's Demdike Stare on their rinse-and-run Testpressing series. A-side "Fail" is a slowly descending panic attack of pealing hi-end frequencies and impending bass doom reaching a pit of noisy no return. B-side "Null Results" breaks loose with a scything jungle attack; frantic 16th note hi-hats and cone-crumpling subs laced with a rudeboy mentasm to incite warehouse capoeira. Come test.


STOTT, ANDY: Batillus - Concrete (Andy Stott Remix) 12" (LOVE 095EP) 14.50
Earlier this year, Andy Stott found himself playing on the same bill as New York "heavy metal hoarders," Batillus. Despite operating in completely different spheres, Batillus had been playing Luxury Problems, Stott's most recent album, on their tour bus and suggested a remix. The result is pressed up on this one-sided 12", a deadly reduction that pitches the original down into the abyss.



DEATH TRAP: Taste of Future 10" (MDF UDF1-EP) 18.00
First part of the "Ultra Deep Field" trilogy by Death Trap, from Iran. This is his interpretation of the future as a mixture of Krautrock and trap. Limited to 200 copies on white 10" vinyl with a hand-printed cover. Each unit comes with a unique color gradient. Mastering by Lopazz. Modularfield Records: Interdisciplinary connection of music, video, and design since 2012. Established and based in Cologne; at home around the globe.



MADTEO: Insider 12" (DOSER 018EP) 12.50
Madteo's return to Morphine. He really expands his electronic palette for this one, and goes into some heady, experimental realms.


COHEN, CHARLES: Music for Dance and Theater 2LP (DOSER 021LP) 25.50
Final part in the Charles Cohen trilogy on Morphine Records. Featuring various works made for dance and theater productions between 1976 and 1988. Eleven tracks in total -- lovingly spread over a double LP and featuring some of the most beautiful material of the series. While in the process of recording and optimizing the old reel tapes for the initial track list, Cohen discovered a master tape that was originally prepared for an extremely limited cassette release on the Generations Unlimited imprint in NYC. This collection, preserved in the original order of its initial release, contains some of Cohen's collaborations and performances in theater pieces and art installations by Jeff Cain, Tonio Guerra, Group Motion, and more. A 2LP document, Music for Dance and Theater shows Cohen's extremely sensitive and creative integration of sound into these theatrical performances and visual art installations. Issued in three parts, this vinyl series will culminate in a full CD release.



First 12" single from the Gregory Isaacs Remixed (NECMAY 007CD/LP), album. With three reggae legends on the same record, it's no surprise that "Jealousy" is gaining a massive response. A full-length vocal into dub mix, as well as a dub version that will have sound systems rocking make up the A-side. On the flip is the "Soundcheck" mix theme, and for melodica lovers there's Great Bigga Morrison with "The Ochi Cotton Tree." Limited one-time pressing.



GUERILLA TOSS: Gay Disco LP (NNA 069LP) 18.00
"Birthed from the depths of the sweaty basements of Boston, Massachusetts, deranged rock outfit Guerilla Toss is nowadays considered to be a New England underground staple by the freaks and weirdos that inhabit the region. Their newest record, Gay Disco, is an album that draws influence from new wave and no wave dance music, extreme dementia, drug problems, and absurdist humor. However, in the midst of the chaos, it is clear that the compositions are well-crafted and spout from the minds of educated individuals while avoiding the common esoteric pitfalls that could be associated with their sound. Kassie Carlson's ferocious vocals run the gamut of the human voice, blasting with jet engine shrieking and boiling over with urgency, while at the same time presenting a demented and direct spoken narrative with surreal conversational lyrics. Peter Negroponte's full force drumming spews forth alongside her like a tentacled beast, battling off fits of rage and panicking between four-on-the-floor dance beats and controlled, pounding trashcan thrash. Guitarists Simon Hanes and Arian Shafiee duel to the death with angular and jagged riffs ping-ponging between each other while keeping pace with dancey stabs of clanging string shrapnel. As messy as it sounds, Hanes' fuzzed and scuzzed bass jamming still retains heaps of thick, gooey funk in the purest sense, which perfectly complements Shafiee's masterful axe work that manages to shape-shift seamlessly between hardcore rawness, jazzy meanderings, and squealing noise rock pepperings. That glue that binds is Ian Kovac's synth work, which adds a healthy dose hyperactive danceability and electronic flourishing that contributes to the album's overall doped-up disco flavor. Gtoss succeeds in using the power of dissonance, aggression, and disorientation to derail the dancefloor in a record that captures the essence of a high-energy live band in its loudest, rawest recording to date."



BROTZMANN/STEVE NOBLE/JOHN EDWARDS, PETER: The Worse the Better: Live at Cafe OTO, January 2010 LP (ROKU 001LP) 23.50
Restocked. Café OTO is a concert venue operating in Dalston, East London, specializing in various strains of avant-music: free-jazz, song, electronics, etc. OTO have been professionally recording various shows on and off since the venue opened in 2008. Available in a deluxe vinyl edition, The Worse the Better is a recording of the stunning first set performed by the trio of Peter Brötzmann, Steve Noble and John Edwards at Café OTO in January 2010 during Brötzmann's first residency at the venue. It was also the first time this trio had played together. The concert was recorded at Café OTO by Shane Browne and mastered by Andrea "Lupo" Lubich at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin. The 180 gram vinyl edition comes with two-color silk-screened artwork by Peter Brötzmann, printed on acid-free archival card stock and housed in a two-color 300 gsm OtoRoku stock inner sleeve.


Restocked. The recordings on this double LP are taken from the first night of Roscoe Mitchell's inaugural two-day residency at Café OTO in 2012, and his first time playing with drummer Tony Marsh and double bassist John Edwards. It was one of those nights where the music electrifies the room. Everyone on edge. Everything alive with the possibilities. Although there was much talk after the concert of the group playing together again, this would sadly be the first and last time the trio would play. Tony passed away unexpectedly just a few weeks later, making this his last documented performance and a fitting tribute to a truly great drummer and percussionist. The LPs are housed in two-color screen-printed sleeves on archival quality card stock; designed by Oliver Pitt. High quality 180 gram vinyl pressing at Record Industry, The Netherlands. Recorded by James Dunn and John Chantler at Café OTO, March 9, 2012. Mixed by John Chantler. Mastered by Andreas "Lupo" Lubich at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin.


Restocked. Vi Är Alla Guds Slavar is the latest missive from the long-running duo pairing of Mats Gustafsson (The Thing, Peter Brötzmann Chicago Tentet, etc.) and Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth, Chelsea Light Moving, Dream/Aktion Unit, etc.). The recordings presented here are continuous excerpts taken from the heavyweight, high-volume duo sets that topped off each night of their two-day residency at Café OTO in September 2012. Mats mostly plays a selection of amplified table-top electronics as well as some knotty soprano saxophone at the beginning of the second side, while Thurston offers a fine example of the kind of liminal intensity he is capable of generating from his guitar, complete with the low-frequency/octave-doubling dive-bombs that have had us replace the speakers in our Fender Twin twice since he relocated to London in 2013. The title Vi Är Alla Guds Slavar translates as "We Are All Slaves Under God," and is taken from the painting by Edward Jarvis that also serves as the three-color screenprint for the LP sleeve. Printing by Patrick Wells at Heavyrock on archival quality card stock. Mixed by Robert Harder. Mastered by Andreas "Lupo" Lubich @ Calyx. Pressed on high-quality 180 gram vinyl at Record Industry in The Netherlands. First pressing of 1,000 copies.



RUDIMENTARY PENI: Cacophony LP (BOO 002LP) 29.00
180 gram black vinyl version. Comes in gatefold jacket with poster, download, and eight page LP-sized booklet. "Clocking in at 43 minutes over 30 tracks, Cacophony is a concept album from Rudimentary Peni, originally released in 1989, now remastered and reissued after being unavailable for 15 years. The album deals with the life of New England horror writer and misanthrope H.P. Lovecraft. It's hailed as a classic benchmark of outsider punk."



HEATSICK: Re-Engineering LP (PAN 048LP) 25.50
Re-Engineering is the bold new album from Heatsick, aka Berlin-based British artist Steven Warwick. Well-known for his epic multi-hour live club sets and acerbic wit, he characterizes this collection of new material as a "cybernetic poem" that both indulges us in the mores of hypnotic dance music while holding a critical, and at times satirical, lens toward the culture writ large. The opening title-track is symbolic of this balance, the crisp spoken-word poetry communicating hyper-modernity in crisis in a piece that equally evokes the masked humor of Chic and the biting surreal-ity of Chris Morris. "Modern life is still rubbish you say. Modern rubbish is still life." The tracks "Mimosa" and "Speculative" play with a similar conflict, warping the themes of modern luxury familiar to Malcolm McLaren's seminal Paris album, and delivering rare vocal lines that convey distance and a degree of uneasiness. The masterful club tracks that constitute the bulk of this album feel all the more powerful and honest when framed in this hyper-aware context, confirming the underlying inclusiveness in Warwick's music and perspective. We dance together, we crash together.



BASIC CABLE: I'm Good to Drive LP (PERM 039LP) 18.00
"Channeling bad vibes, worse hangovers and a general life-keeps-shitting-on-us attitude, Chicago's Basic Cable find a way to have fun as they commiserate with each other, and their listeners. Fairly new to the scene, their blown out guitars, shouted, monotone vocals and punishing rhythms make for a noisy, punk-as-fuck attack that tingles our dingles in ways we can barely comprehend." -- Empty Bottle



ECHOLOGIST: Storming Heaven 3x12" (PRG 005LP) 31.00
Echologist aka Brendon Moeller is undoubtedly one of the hardest-working techno artists around the globe and has left a prolific trademark in the electronic music world. His 10th album, Storming Heaven floods us with deep emotions and a unique sound experience. Prologue is always looking for new directions in electronic music and they feel strongly that this album fulfills the label's pursuit in an extremely exciting way. It will be treasured for years to come. This is music to immerse oneself in and explore sonic depths and worlds of synthetic sound that resonate on many levels. Brendon's intention for this album was to push himself beyond the comfort zone in an effort to make an album that, more than any other project he has done, will reveal a distinct and unique voice. While it reflects musical ideas from composers that have inspired him, he has attempted to personalize and interpret and therefore create something idiosyncratic yet nostalgic. "The Frequency of Love," the first track, shows us what humans can do with machines. This is the perfect way to start the journey into this masterpiece. Dive in and enjoy the sound of an artist in full bloom.


2013 repress. Donato Dozzy returns to Prologue with his mate Neel. This brilliant collaboration between them shows how techno sounds today. The four "Drop" tracks are deeply emotional and deeply designed, each with its own unique character from ambient to techno.


SS 001LP

PEREZ, LUIS: Ipan in Xiktli Metztli LP (SS 001LP) 30.00
"This tantalizing prospect of a label splashes down with an amazing LP first released by Luis Perez in 1981, originally within his native country of Mexico only. A kind of cosmic ethnography combining pre-Columbian percussion and wind instruments together with guitar, tape delay units, and analog synthesizers: a mystical weft of giddily deep grooves and experimentation. A limited edition beautifully presented in numbered, silk-screened sleeves, with notes."



SLICES: The Electronic Music Magazine Issue 4-13 DVD (SLICES 413DVD) 0.01
Slices is a free DVD magazine out of Germany, focusing on the contemporary electronic music scene. It can be added to orders at no cost. Features: Jon Hopkins, Ada, Cloud Boat, FNM; In The Car With: Mathias Kaden; New Faces: La Fleur; Tech Talk: Philsynth; EB Live & Rare: Mount Kimbie, Disclosure, Washed Out. Format: PAL 16:9. Running time: 89 minutes. Language: English/German. Dolby Digital 2.0.


SHIN 036

SHINDIG: Shindig! No. 36 MAG (SHIN 036) 9.00
"Country Joe & The Fish: Flying high with San Francisco's hippie-rock agitators. The Artwoods: The London R&B kingpins who should've been huge. Principal Edwards Magic Theatre: Performance art meets folk-prog. Big Jim Sullivan: The life and times of Brit session guitarist extraordinaire, plus Rd Laing, The Orgone Box, Affinity, and much more."


SHINDIG: Shindig! Annual Number Four Book (SHIN ANN#4) 17.00
"Shindig! Annual #4 gathers a bespoke selection of revamped highlights from Shindig! Magazine's collectable out-of-print back issues. Procol Harum: Former R&B wailers who invented prog-rock and cut the most successful single of all time. The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band: Enter the eccentric world of the dadaist pop terrorists. Julie Driscoll, Brian Auger & The Trinity: Adventures in jazz with the queen of UK psychedelia. Spirit: The early years of the LA psych-rock legends. The Poets: The story of Scotland's number one group. Kippington Lodge & Brinsley Schwarz: From teen pop-psych hopefuls to cult adulation. Gene Clark: The Byrd that flew too close to the sun. H P Lovecraft: Gothic psychedelic folk-rock from Chicago. The Litter: Minneapolis noiseniks exposed at last. The Dillards: The uncrowned kings of US country-rock. Jimmy Campbell: The tragic talent of the Liverpool beat bard. Iron Virgin: Glam-rock on the terraces. Zig Zag Magazine: Shindig!'s granddaddy."



FISHERMEN: Patterns and Paths 2LP (SKUDGEWLP 001) 25.00
The Skudge imprint is growing, along with its artists, and they're now ready to embrace longer formats, a testimony to the future and more than anything a continuous effort to grasp the present's relevancy. After their wonderful EP from a year ago, the Fishermen are ready to take you on a diving trip with their very first album, an accomplishment in itself. With Patterns and Paths, Thomas Jaldemark (YTA) and Martin Skogehall (MRSK, Smell The Flesh) have crafted a rather mesmerizing story of abstract and figurative tropes altogether, and "eerie" is probably the best word to describe the general mood of this, but hard with a raw eeriness. The affair starts with "Greenhorn," gentle foreplay setting the tone for an imminent journey into the lightless abysses. "Hope is Gone" further enhances the incoming grim turn of events in a coil-like fashion before "Serpents" makes your feet and hips take over your fear of the unknown. The trance has indeed begun and you soon enter a hidden warehouse rave cave of un-earthly shamanism, the unforgiving stomp of "Get None." "Dyspnea" manages to find a path into deeper regions, the groove shifting towards a darker funk with "Lost Teeth," a Caribbean techno banger that'd wake any zombie in the making. "The Four Skulls" suddenly hints at a safer journey with healing percs and melancholic pads, but "Rise" soon shatters those false hopes with an evil, motorik groove. Then you hit "Scurvy," where the pace slows down a little only to introduce the seductive side of this gloomy adventure, a challenge to your feet, inducing lascivious moves. Keeping you in a trance, "In Solitude" combines both previous tracks' strengths with an added Twin Peaks value. Now finally reaching the far bottom of the ocean, the mood gets even more claustrophobic with "Sunken Mosque," the last stage of this trance before returning to the surface. Indeed, if "Torments" lets you catch a breath of air, it is filled with minerals, the world above has changed, and you might very well feel safer back under the water, a reverse mirror to Mike Ink's old Gas project.



PARRISH, THEO: Black Jazz Signature 2LP (SDGBJ 1303LP) 24.00
Gatefold double LP version. This version is unmixed. Arguably one of the world's most important underground dance music producer/DJs Theo Parrish lends his hands to selecting and mixing a set of jazz and funk records licensed from and originally released on the Black Jazz label 1971-1976. World-renowned for his DJ sets and remixes/productions, this Chicago-raised artist is near impossible to pigeonhole. Revered by a wide spectrum of dedicated music fanatics, he is known for his otherworldly DJ sets, and his serious approach to DJing as an art form. Theo gives special attention to fellow Chicago musicians The Awakening (three consecutive tracks, four total on the mix), one of the best funk/fusion groups that the Black Jazz label released, and whose only output was on that label. The set itself is a masterful "two turntables all vinyl" execution, a format that Theo is dedicated to -- no mp3, no CD-R, just the vinyl palette for the true aural experience. Sit back and be drawn into his world -- hear things his way. Other artists include: Doug Carn, Gene Russell, Calvin Keys, Rudolph Johnson, and Walter Bishop Jr.



VA: Benin City Grooves 12" (SOFRSS 002EP) 15.00
2013 repress. "Two raw slabs of Afro rhythms re-edited by Frankie Francis (Sofrito) and Simbad (Raw Fusion/Brownswood). The second in the Sofrito Super Singles series uncovers dancefloor sounds from two of the musical legends of Benin City in western Nigeria. Victor Uwaifo's early '80s psychedelic masterpiece 'Ohue' is brought down to the bare bones to produce a seriously heavy dancefloor beast -- loping synths, deep bass and a heavy beat combine to produce a track that takes in dubby disco and pure Nigerian sounds for an Afro club winner. Sonny Okosun's Afrobeat classic 'Odenigbo' is smartened up for the dancefloor into a take-no-prisoners club workout for the Tropical DJs."


VA: Jungle Magic 12" (SOFRSS 003EP) 15.00
2013 repress. "Sofrito returns with more heat for your tropical discotheque, this time dipping into the mysterious sounds of Nigerian Acid Boogie. Benis Cletin's dog-rare 1979 effort 'Jungle Magic' lays a warped synth over a lethal bassline and a slow Afro disco groove, topping the whole thing off with a unique homage to Donna Summer. Originally released on Afrodisia records in 1979, the result sounds like the confused love-child of a time-travelling Derrick May and a Nigerian disco queen -- timeless eccentricity that bridges the gap between Lagos and Detroit. 'Money Makes Man Mad' is an uptempo slice of percussive Afro disco. Bubbling bassline and skittering drums lock down the groove for a serious tropical dancefloor excursion."



VA: Freedom Power LP (SME 001LP) 23.50
Originally released in 1970, reissued under license by Cometa Edizioni Musicali. Amazing funk library LP featuring tones of jazz-funk and psychedelic beats. The listener is constantly kept guessing as the music swings between psych funk, esoteric jazz and cinematic/love themes then back again. Tracks like "Love for Sale," "Privacy," "Metropolis Notte," and "Dopping 2000" are simply timeless and go a long way to explaining why Cometa albums are so highly regarded. The sounds here perfectly plunge into the universe of great 1970s music. Originally issued on limited edition series for collectors, this gem has finally been repressed on HQ 180 gram vinyl with improved sound quality for the joy of audiophiles. Edition of 500 copies.


Seriously wicked and really hard to find in its original edition, this superb sound-library bears the mark of the great, eclectic maestro Alessandro Alessandroni. The songs on this LP were originally composed for the broadcast of eight episodes made by RAI Italian TV called "Open Window." Many mid-'70s jazz-funk/scat themes full of samples, breaks and funky tunes. Merged in this record you'll find heavy funk-drama tracks devoted to 1970s poliziottesco's grooves interfering with slow lounge-funk arrangements featuring sweet scat vocals. Great brass, a sure winner. Originally issued in a limited edition series for collectors, this gem has been repressed on HQ 180 gram vinyl with improved sound quality for the joy of audiophiles. Originally released in 1970, and reissued under license by Cometa Edizioni Musicali. Edition of 500 copies.



Limited edition LP version. Stone Tape Recordings presents the eighth studio album from Alasdair Roberts. A collaboration with Scottish poet Robin Robertson (who provided the words that Roberts set to music), Hirta Songs is a concept album of sorts, inspired by the people, landscape, and history of the remote Scottish archipelago of St. Kilda. The seed of the record lies in Robertson's 2007 visit to the islands which he cites as one of the most extraordinary experiences of his life. Upon returning home he wrote the long poem "Leaving St. Kilda," but he knew that the islands weren't finished with him and, six years later, Hirta Songs is the result of his continued engagement. Much of the album sits in familiar Alasdair Roberts territory; exquisite contemporary folksong with a traditional slant which has Alasdair's distinctive voice and deft guitar-picking at the forefront, but the weight of Robertson's words adds a new dimension, and the fascinating stories behind the music make for quite a journey. Several of the album's 10 songs are informed by Roberts' recent explorations into Scottish Gaelic music, a natural progression from his collaboration with Gaelic singer Mairi Morrison, Urstan (Drag City, 2012). The supporting cast includes regular members of Alasdair's live and studio ensembles Tom Crossley, Rafe Fitzpatrick, and Stevie Jones, as well as Robin Williamson (of The Incredible String Band) and acclaimed harpist Corrina Hewat.


SF 084EP

KOUDEDE: Guitars from Agadez Vol. 7 12" (SF 084EP) 15.00
In October 2012, the Tamashek community lost one of its most luminous voices when Koudede's life was cut short by a car crash during his trip home to Niger from Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. Koudede was a leading light among the myriad musical groups that have recently proliferated in Niger and Mali to voice the Tuareg struggle against exploitation and to exalt their proud but waning nomadic heritage. His outstanding reputation and corpus of songs garnered the respect of his contemporaries, and his altruistic persona made him a formidable conduit for younger generations of musicians; he was always eager to foster dialog by spreading the music and message of his people. These recordings were captured in an atmosphere of tumult as the 2012 Tuareg insurgency led to a series of battles in the northern Sahara between the government of Mali and the National Movement for the Liberation of Azawad (MNLA). In a misbegotten alliance, the MNLA was drawn together with a rogue movement of dogmatic fundamentalists who were bent on destabilizing West Africa's generally symbiotic relationship with a peaceful, centuries-old Afro-Islamic culture. Three of these four tracks were recorded on location at Toumast -- the Tuareg headquarters in Mali's capital city of Bamako -- shortly after Koudede appeared as a featured artist at the Festival au Désert in Timbuktu. In February 2012, as conditions worsened for the Tuareg in Mali, Koudede's peers advised him to flee the country. The remaining track was recorded in Ouagadougou, after Koudede and his group left Bamako for the safer soil of Burkina Faso. These recordings showcase Koudede's mastery of song and emotion, and memorialize his tragically short tenure as one of the Tuareg's most venerable prophets of the Kel Tamashek message to the outside world. Sublime Frequencies is honored to perpetuate Koudede's extraordinary legacy with this four-song, 45-rpm 12" EP. Recorded and compiled by Hisham Mayet.



MECHANIKER: Station EP 12" (SUPPLY 006EP) 12.50
Supply Records introduces S. Jahan's Mechaniker project with a four-track techno EP. Title-track "Station" sets the mood with grinding ring-modulated percussion. "Krone" increases the pressure of the synthesizers while adding a menacing lurch to the beat. "Reben" starts the B-side with a new intensity -- a stomping and swinging beat under clouds of modulated chords. Finally, "Die Werke" takes the Mechaniker sound a step darker, with a maniacal atmosphere soaking its funked-out drum take.



YOUNGSTA & SEVEN: Architects/War Cry 12" (TEMPA 084EP) 12.50
Youngsta's latest Tempa release is a collaborative 12" with Seven. This release finds them ramping up the dread for a pair of intense, eyes-down floor movers. "Architects" opens in a cascade of synthetic notes and a shredding bass drone. A minute later, the floor abruptly drops out, with a burst of sub-bass that sends the track plummeting downwards amid snapping snares and intricate runs of struck percussion. "War Cry" opens in a towering haze of synthetic strings that recall the grandeur of classic sci-fi soundtracks. It subsequently plunges deep into the echo chamber, pairing dubbed-out percussion with engine rumble subs.


WIRE 359

WIRE, THE: #359 January 2014 MAG (WIRE 359) 9.50
"Our massive annual survey of the past 12 months in underground music, including the Top 50 Releases of the Year, the Top 50 Archive Releases of the Year, and a mass of genre charts, all voted for by our crack squad of contributors, who also give us their personal highs and lows of 2013. We also ask a number of the year's most active musicians and players to deliver their verdicts on the cultural year, plus take an in depth look at some of the year's lesser commented on trends and developments, including: Simon Reynolds on monumentalist reissues; Clive Bell on the rebirth of new age; Rory Gibb on the year of the breakbeat; Agata Pyzik on experimental music and nationalism and more."



HARLEY, RUFUS: Re-Creation of the Gods CD (TRANS 235CD) 15.00
"First time on CD for this legendary funk/jazz/old school Bagpipe-lead-over-hot-band album from 1972. Rufus was a saxophone player who also picked up the bagpipes for a few excellent '60s albums for Atlantic Records, and although those albums are great, this 1972 independent album is a real mind blower. The original LP lists on eBay for $150, and this CD adds a 10 minute track not even on that album. Also reprints all the original ultra-spiritual liner notes in an eight-page booklet, with superior graphics."


VA: Decoder DVD/CD (TRANS 373DVD) 20.00
"Deluxe CD/DVD release of the 1984 German cult film featuring William S. Burroughs, Genesis P-Orridge (Throbbing Gristle), F.M. Einheit (Einsturzende Neubauten), Christiane F, the prolific underground film star Bill Rice, etc. Never before on DVD. Dual layer DVD features include a beautiful color-rich transfer of the film with newly translated English subtitles, the original trailer, a slide show of 75 still production photos by Ilse Ruppert, a documentary on the Italian 'Decoder Collective,' a 46-minute audio interview with filmmaker Klaus Maeck, rare footage of Derek Jarman filming Burroughs on set, and Berlin riot news footage used in the film with a music loop by Genesis P-Orridge, commissioned specially for this DVD release. The soundtrack CD features Soft Cell, early Einsturzende Neubauten, Matt Johnson (The The), Dave Ball and Genesis P-Orridge, and William Burroughs (a lot of the music on the CD is not in the film and vice versa)."



VAN HOESEN, PETER: Life Performance EP 12" (TRESOR 266EP) 12.50
Following the release of Peter Van Hoesen's Life Performance (TRESOR 265CD), here are three vinyl edits taken out of Van Hoesen's live set and edited into DJ-friendly versions. Life Performance was captured into a single, long-form listening experience during a specially-curated Time To Express label night at Tresor on July 19th, 2013. This new live album represents an important step forward for the producer. Textural shifts, gentle rhythmic blends, dynamic synths, hooks and arpeggios coagulate into an exceptional aural experience, exemplifying an approach to music production in a live context that is both personal and unique.


WP 057

WAX POETICS: #57 MAG (WP 057) 11.99
"On the covers, front: Janelle Monae; back: Jody Watley. Contents: Kon, Boardwalk, Bruno Morais, Ed Motta, Black Milk, Mike Milosh, Todd Rundgren, Souls of Mischief, Earl Sweatshirt."


WER 6762

ANTHEIL, GEORGE: Antheil the Futurist CD (WER 6762) 25.00
"Early in 1920, the brash young American composer George Antheil decided to leave his home country and conquer the concert halls of Europe as a pianist. Born in Trenton, New Jersey as a son of German immigrants, Antheil spoke German at home. At ease with the language and the culture, he arrived in Germany in 1922 well prepared to dazzle Europe with his daring compositions and bold pianism. Most of his experimental piano music was composed in Berlin. Thanks to new discoveries and scholarly research, many of these works can be heard together for the first time on this recording performed by Guy Livingston. Livingston is one of the world's foremost exponents of Antheil's music." Performed by: Guy Livingston, Philippe Keler, and Stephane Leach. Featured works: "Piano Sonatas Nos.1-5," "Sonatina for radio," "Valses Profanes," "Golden Bird, after Brancusi," "Swell Music," "Little Shimmy," "For Merle," "Overture & Tango," "Suite for Piano four hands."

WER 6768

CAGE, JOHN: Solo for Piano CD (WER 6768) 25.00
"In the 1950s, John Cage tried to make the genesis of his compositions dependent on random processes. Several years later this randomness of the compositional process was reflected in the indeterminacy of the performance, with the aim of separating the compositional design from the interpretive result. Solo for Piano comprises 63 pages with 84 different types of graphical structures, which, due to their shape, are reminiscent of musical notation, but on the other hand, represent no clearly reproducible notes. Here, the notation is modified into a kind of 'proposal' for the performer; thus, all kinds of implementation of the score are infinitely possible. On this disc from Wergo, pianist Sabine Liebner presents her own unique interpretation of Cage's musical proposal."

WER 6785

STOCKHAUSEN, KARLHEINZ: Amour/Der Kleine Harlekin/Wochenkreis CD (WER 6785) 25.00
"Stockhausen's Amour is a series of five pieces for clarinet based on short poems written as gifts for women whom the composer was deeply connected to. The most complex and hypnotic of these is 'Die Schmetterlinge spielen' ('The Butterflies Playing'). 'Der kleine Harlekin' ('The Little Harlequin') is probably the best known of Stockhausen's theatrical works. The clarinetist faces a musically demanding score while wearing a costume and performing a range of dance movements precisely indicated in the score. 'Wochenkreis' ('Circle of the Week') describes an initiatory journey from birth to ascension to God, accompanied by the electronic sounds produced by the synthesizer player who has the role of the antagonist Lucifer." Performed by: Michele Marelli (clarinet, basset horn) and Antonio Perez Abellan (synthesizer).


WR 024EP

MOON WHEEL: Surinam 7" (WR 024EP) 9.00
Moon Wheel is the solo project of former Melbourne resident Olle Holmberg, a former member of Pissypaw. Holmberg has strong connections with some of Melbourne's stranger pop groups, including Superstar and Fabulous Diamonds. Holmberg's cerebral, shape-shifting compositions are inspired by "nature, history, and wandering," and synthesize electronic and organic sounds. "Aleifr" is a dense, captivating tune with its slightly muffled synth set-up and the subtly tribal rhythm -- a murky and unsettling piece of psych. "Somewhere between dub, drone, David Attenborough documentaries, and the hazy psychedelia of fellow Not Not Fun alumnus, Cankun."


WORLD 479082

DEBADEMBA: Souleymane CD (WORLD 479082) 19.00
"Debademba is a group formed from the magical encounter of two fellow musicians: guitarist and inventive beat master Abdoulaye Traoré from Burkina Faso and Malian singer Mohamed Diaby, a charismatic griot. These colorful characters are, like the other members of the group, Parisian Africans who are very prominent on the capital's cosmopolitan live music scene. The kind of music they make is modern and explosive, drawing from afrobeat, highlife, and mbalax styles, with hints of Mandinka music mixed in, all combined with strong blues elements and the occasional nod to rock. Souleymane is a powerful manifesto and an invitation to celebrate."

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