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Forced Exposure New Releases for 2/10/2014

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New music is due from Al Cisneros, Hand, Kaito, and Camille Norment, while old music is due from Bruce Haack, Haxan Cloak, and The Cramps.


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50SX 001EP

OTHER LIVES/ATOMS FOR PEACE: Tamer Animals/Other Side 12" (50SX 001EP) 12.00
2014 repress. Who hasn't yet heard about Thom Yorke's super group with Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers? Here is a split 12" that includes Atoms For Peace remixing themselves and Other Lives, Radiohead's U.S. tour support. The band Other Lives, four guys and one girl from Stillwater, Oklahoma, have been compared with Godspeed You! Black Emperor and Sigur Rós.



FAIRMONT: Dysnomia 12" (AREAL 073EP) 12.50
Areal presents a 12" from Fairmont. "People of Dysnomia, come out of your cute little houses with your hands up high in the sky!" That's when the Dysnomians start running, unable to accept the unavoidable. "How many percent on the cannon?" he yells. "Sir, 100 percent Sir!" The Captain does not over-think. "Fire!" And as the laser cannon fires, the crew suddenly realizes the Dysnomians are not as stupid as they thought they were. Instead of firing frightening laser-fire next to their homes to make them obey the mighty pirate and give up all their gold and adamanthium, the ship itself gets fired away backwards into the endless emptiness of the Haumea nebula.



HAXAN CLOAK, THE: The Haxan Cloak 2LP (ABX 050LP) 26.50
2014 repress on red vinyl. Long awaited deluxe double vinyl edition of the debut album from The Haxan Cloak, housed in a gatefold sleeve with printed innersleeves; on 180 gram vinyl, with download card. The Haxan Cloak's debut album is barely believable. Exploring mystic and occult audio space with cello, field recordings, violins, hand-made percussion and the human voice, this is barely conceivable as an artist's first album. The depth and quality is on a par with Ben Frost/Tim Hecker. Combining elements of modern classical, film score and electronica with modern free folk and even metal sensibilities, The Haxan Cloak is a truly diverse album. "Burning Torches of Desire" brings to mind a sedated Prurient trapped on a galleon, whereas "Fall" and "Parting Chant" have the pathos of incredibly powerful modern classical pieces, with stunning vocal performances from collaborator Mikhail Karikis. "The Growing" shows a more modern, more digital side with its nod to modern electronic and even dubstep in its processed percussion, though culminating in unexpected grindcore blast beats courtesy of noted tattoo artist and drum maestro Liam Sparkes (Trencher). Additional visceral power was gained thanks to the mastering of Kris Lapke, longtime cohort of NYC's Hospital Productions, home of Prurient, amongst others


AUS 1457EP

KOMON & APPLEBLIM: Jupiter 12" (AUS 1457EP) 14.00
Aus Music presents the Bristolian pairing of Appleblim (Laurie Osborne) and Komon. Venturing out earlier in 2013 together on Gas Jam/Silencio, both Komon and Appleblim struck up a productive working relationship that saw them detailing an altogether more house-influenced direction, rich in texture and full of clarity. With this new EP, the pair steer left-of-center by way of bumping house, colored with a low-swung boogie, rinsed in '80s new wave nostalgia, and underpinned by the brooding swagger of thundering sub-bass.



APE, THE: The Ape LP (BANG 076LP) 21.00
The Ape is Tex Perkins' (The Beasts Of Bourbon, The Butcher Shop, Cruel Sea, Dark Horses, etc.) new project. The Ape is a rock band with a strong '70s hard rock vibe. A strange sound where you can feel the mix of Bon Scott's AC/DC with Sly And The Family Stone or James Brown. Hard, rough, funky and groovy, The Ape also takes you back to the sound of The Beasts Of Bourbon's Little Animals era. This new project has the unique stamp and signature of Tex Perkins and also features members of The Drones, among other recognized Australian musicians.



COCKNEY REJECTS: Unheard Rejects 1979-1981 LP (BEAT 044LP) 21.00
Unheard Rejects 1979-1981 is a collection of demo tracks recorded between 1979 and 1981 by the mighty Cockney Rejects. Twelve songs from the first era, their first steps inside the '77 punk movement that they and others bands like UK Subs or Sham 69 helped to build. Here you can find the rudest Cockney Rejects songs with some of The Clash's influences audible in the reggae riffs. This record was originally released under the Wonderful World label and now Beat Generation is more than proud to offer it again to the new punk movement and also to the people who never paid it the attention it deserved. First repress on vinyl. Features an original cover replica. Limited to 500 copies worldwide.


BEC 5161709

MOCKASIN, CONNAN: I'm the Man, That Will Find You 12" (BEC 5161709) 12.50
First single off of the 2013 Caramel album by Connan Mockasin. Exclusive B-side "She Lives In My Lap" is an acoustic Outkast cover. "Connan Mockasin is one of the most interesting, creepy, and compelling people of the year: he sings like a baby girl, wears silk dresses, and has the face of a German murderer. He's Klaus Kinski in a golden kimono, on helium." --Chris Chafin, Village Voice. Includes mp3 download.



SPAYES, ISAAC: More Gaz (Sid's Cut)/Bring Me Your Softness 12" (BORN 009EP) 12.50
Tripping dub tekkno excursion, in full extended versions from Stockholm's own Isaac Spayes. Dug out from his archives, 150 copies worldwide, no digital sales.



AN-I: Kino-I 12" (CITI 011EP) 18.00
"An-I is the latest musical moniker for Berlin based former New Yorker Doug Lee. Doug has been DJing and producing records for the last decade under various aliases and collaborations. The Cititrax EP Kino-I will be the debut release and home for An-I, a showcase of his love affair with machines. It fronts a hard hitting sound beyond category, moving from techno to jack to punk and to noise. It suggests an anything goes attitude perhaps dictated more by the will of machines themselves then any author. Pressed on 160 gram fluorescent yellow vinyl and housed in a high gloss black and white sleeve."


BRUTA NON CALCULANT: World in a Tear LP (CITI 012LP) 24.00
"Cititrax is honored to introduce Bruta Non Calculant, a new project by Alaxis Andreas G, the mastermind behind Le Syndicat Electronique and numerous other analog electronic, experimental and esoteric industrial folk projects. Alaxis formed Bruta Non Calculant in 2006 along with his brother Victor-Yann (De Frontanel). Their debut album, World in a Tear, presents 10 tracks drenched in a dark European atmosphere complete with a sound fully formed and heroically executed. Themes of death, lust, and unrequited love are all bound in this brown book-esque collection. The songs occupy their own space and communicate in their own language and as such almost seem to have the ability to alter time once the listener has succumbed to their discordant beauty. An unsurprisingly impressive comeback, Bruta Non Calculant's debut album blends new wave elements with folkloric balladry impeccably, and approaches this with a modern sensibility. World in a Tear is an elegant collection of seductive songs. Pressed on ultra clear 160 gram vinyl and housed in a matte full color printed sleeve."



GALLON DRUNK: The Soul of the Hour LP+CD (CLOUDS 062LP) 21.00
LP version. Pressed on 180 gram vinyl. Includes a CD copy of the album. After the critical success of their acclaimed album The Road Gets Darker From Here (CLOUDS 037CD/LP) from 2012, Gallon Drunk have returned to their producer Johann Scheerer's Clouds Hill studio in Hamburg. Together with new bassist Leo Kurunis, Gallon Drunk have created their most exciting, passionate and groundbreaking work to date -- The Soul of the Hour. A howling celebration of survival and creative drive against the crushing weight of day-to-day existence, The Soul of the Hour finds Gallon Drunk pushing ever further into previously uncharted musical territory for the band. With an emphasis firmly upon hypnotic, locked-down grooves, free-flowing instrumental passages and all manner of European inspirational music that courses through the band's collective bloodstream (singer/guitarist, keyboard player James Johnston was a member of Faust), Gallon Drunk have stretched out their music into thrilling and unfamiliar shapes. Though always present in Gallon Drunk's music, the band has thrust the leftfield aspect inherent in their sound to the fore -- with exhilarating results. An emphasis upon a more focused, disciplined attack has fashioned a compelling musical wall of sound of considerable power, melancholy and fury. The Soul of the Hour offers heartfelt songs of dread, sadness, love and anguish, ever reaching for the transcendent moment within the incessant race against the passage of time. Opening with the epic "Before the Fire," which lets the tension and momentum build over a mesmeric nine minutes, the album then explodes with the wild, brutal euphoria of "The Dumb Room," and the relentless hypnotic Krautrock of "The Exit Sign," continuing with the album's immense title-track, the unsettling tension carried by Johnston's haunting vocal before erupting into a wild explosion of Ian White's relentlessly heavy drums and Terry Edwards' glorious brass section. Throughout the album, Leo Kurunis proves key to the new sound of the band, as evidenced in the subtle and sympathetic playing on "Dust in the Light," where rolling toms carry an uncharacteristically fragile upper register vocal from Johnston. Without doubt the most beautiful song the band have put to tape, its ghostly feel is reminiscent of Big Star's Third. Penultimate track "Over and Over" is washed over by waves of synthesizer -- an immense and dream-like song of anguish and yearning. Finally we reach the album closer, "The Speed of Fear" where James Brown meets motorik European psychedelia, insistent vocals and extended, hypnotic freak-outs building to a crushing final chorus. The Soul of the Hour marks Gallon Drunk's return in a style of its own, and with an album of true sonic brilliance.



Picture-disc version with hand-stickered, slightly oversized matte labels and a 25x25 cm poster inlay of the original EP. Super-rare one-time reprint of the deleted CS 008 from 2011/2012, which was Darkside's first-ever release from the same year. An extremely rare piece with three songs NOT on the album. The EP begins innocently enough, but as you progress into the tracks, entitled "A1," "A2," and "A3," it feels like searching for pleasure where you know you shouldn't. The beat in this clandestine affair has just enough restraint. By the time Darkside concludes, you know the catharsis is worth the sin.


CR 008LP

MEDICO DOKTOR VIBES: Liter Thru Dorker Vibes LP (CR 008LP) 31.00
2014 repress. "The first licensed reissue of Médico Doktor Vibes' mysterious Liter Thru Dorker Vibes LP from 1979 is now available. We feel privileged to have the opportunity to offer this singular recording. Exact repro copies were pressed at RTI with crisp, heavy, old-style tip-in jackets produced by Stoughton. Turns out these seven songs are Guyanese-American artist Bill Russell's only recordings. Bill had 100 vinyl copies pressed up in 1979 on his own Bi-Russell Records label, promoted it modestly and locally, and it went nowhere. Thirty-some years later, in a kind of message in a bottle-type scenario, one of those copies ended up at the Oakland Coliseum Flea Market and found its way into our hands. Inspired by army pals who were recording and releasing music without any label backing, Russell bought a Fender Telecaster and a Korg Mini and recorded Liter Thru Dorker Vibes in a makeshift home studio in South Central L.A. in just a few short sessions. When asked about his influences he insta-mentioned Santana and then added Hendrix, Sly Stone, Jobim, along with some New Orleans jazz stuff as well. For fun we'll go ahead and recommend this to any fan of Suicide, Cymande, Steve Reich, Nadi Qamar, Otis G. Johnson, Lord Invader, Bruce Haack, TJ Hustler, T-Rex, Heitkotter, Edward Larry Gordon, Madrigal, or The Mind Expanders."


DC 524EP

CISNEROS, AL: Toward Nazareth 12" (DC 524EP) 12.00
"Here are some more songs I wrote (through the blessings and grace of God). Thank you for listening." - Al Cisneros

DC 571LP

CALLAHAN, BILL: Have Fun with God LP (DC 571LP) 18.00
LP version. "Dub is a spiritual, abstract, visceral, mystical thing. Finite and infinite at the same time. Deeply rooted in the earth and embracing outer space. Don't be fooled by names, dub has come and gone. Dub is a ghost, a duppy. A duppy of a childhood guppy. Flushed and thriving in the sewers and the swamps. Here you will find versions of the Dream River songs that have been killed and resurrected, spilling tales of the other side of life in a language conceivable only if you let yourself be taken there."

DC 579LP

WOEHRLE AND MICHAEL YONKERS, JIM: Borders of My Mind LP (DC 579LP) 20.00
"The album that initially prompted Clint Simonson of Destijl records to track down Michael Yonkers and get this whole legend thing on wheels was 1973's Borders of My Mind, recorded in the living room of Jim Woehrle, Yonkers' former bandmate in Michael and the Mumbles and the Michael Yonkers Band. Woehrle had to quit the MYB shortly before Microminiature Love was recorded, because of his school and work schedule, but the two were fortunately able to make this privately-pressed LP a little ways down the line. The songs were recorded at Jim's apartment using a full-track mono, one quarter- inch reel-to-reel tape recorder, using only one bi-directional ribbon microphone. Mic placement was extremely critical, because only this microphone was used to capture Woehrle's transcendent piano, Yonkers' plaintive guitar playing, and the two's arcing vocal harmonies. Plus, one can hear the very real sounds of the phone ringing and natural reverb, along with the occasional post-production psychedelic flourish -- making this an unjustly-unheard classic for lovers of homespun astral folk. Fans of Ed Askew, Fred Neil, Mij, Tim Buckley, and Bill Fay, take note! The original art and labels have been faithfully reproduced and with a similarly sensitive remastering job, the tracks shine brightly."

DC 580LP

YONKERS, MICHAEL: Michael Lee Yonkers LP (DC 580LP) 20.00
"There's yet another musical color revealed on the uber-rare private press, Michael Lee Yonkers, which was home-recorded in 1971 and '72, while Michael was working in an unheated, hundred year-old warehouse. He ran the forklift and drove the truck for the company, hauling extremely heavy loads of industrial surplus and scrap metal. His co-workers almost exclusively listened to country and western music, which inspired him to create and perform an oddly countrified set on weekends, when he would play in coffeehouses and at house parties. Yonkers would do an acoustic set of original 'country' and 'rock' music for the first part, then he would get out an 'electronic music machine' that he had built himself and play 'electronic music' (quotes all added by Michael himself). Michael Lee Yonkers is a recording of some of the 'country' songs he was doing at the time, as well as a few songs he wrote for the children at the house parties (like 'Mrs. Jennings Fruit Fly Farm,' recorded live, where you can hear the kids going nuts). The tracks were recorded on a variety of tube-type, reel-to-reel tape machines, which give them a unique analogue sound that begs comparisons to outsider hillbillies like Peter Grudzien, Holy Modal Rounders, and The Legendary Stardust Cowboy, as well as beloved longhair outlaws like Townes Van Zandt and Kris Kristofferson (ok, even one St. Johnny Cash too). The original art and labels have been faithfully reproduced and, with a discreet remastering touch, the tracks sound better than ever."



HANDS: The Soul Is Quick LP (ELP 004LP) 19.50
Ecstatic welcomes The Field's Axel Willner to the fold with his debut record as Hands -- four tracks of plaintive devastation spread over 41 minutes, disintegrating synth melodies drifting over skittering percussion and whispered intonations. Axel Willner: "The Soul is Quick is a protest record for when you've had enough of how the world works. When you find yourself taking inspiration from human decay rather than brighter things." Pressed on red vinyl. Limited to 550 copies.



M-A-E: M-A-E 12" (EDEC 012EP) 12.50
Dirty techno trinkets from M-A-E. Rage on with tough beats, pounding percussion, and rough industrial vibes.



FITZPATRICK & JON GURD, ALAN: N Trap 12" (ESD 052EP) 15.50
Explore, Search, Discover returns with label-owner Alan Fitzpatrick, Jon Gurd and a bomb remix by Fachwerk's Mike Dehnert. Limited to 250 copies only, on yellow vinyl. No repress.



SANDRE, JULIEN: Perception 12" (ETB 015EP) 12.50
Etruria Beat welcomes French talent Julien Sandre, who has previously released music on Hot Waves, Upon.You, One Records, Avotre, Diynamic, and Tsuba. He defines his music as "French underground techno/house," and with "Perception" he expresses his passion for the sound of Detroit, creating a track that blends a typical and powerful raw groove with a melancholic chord melody that reminds us of the most current electronic music. The release is completed by three great remixes from Italoboyz, Luca Agnelli, and Dan Drastic.



DKMD: On the Other Side 12" (FURV 009EP) 12.50
Inspired by classic disco and electro, DKMD have already produced several dance music tracks using old and new technology in order to come up with a unique sound which pays homage to their predecessors without sounding pastiche. Echoes of Giorgio Moroder and Donna Summer can be felt throughout "On the Other Side," while "Taxi Cab" recounts the familiar story of an early morning phone call received by a girl in a cab. In addition to their disco project, the two have a considerable track record as experimentalists, and the dark, cosmic "Androide" is a good example of some of their output in the genre.



RUSSIAN FAG MOVEMENT: Kremlin Rainbow 12" (GKNSTR 003-14EP) 12.50
Disco-infected techno from Russian Fag Movement. Beware: do not play this in regions contaminated by homophobic or religious extremists. You may be arrested or killed due to homosexual propaganda. Only for dropping to an open-minded crowd in the free world.



NAME, JACK: Light Show LP (GODRECORDS 005) 20.00
"Jack Name is a rare entity and a genius story/songsmith and I am envious as hell that GOD? Records is putting this out and not Castleface. Whiffs of young Brian Eno, Gary Numan, Chrome, ELO, Bruce Haack, even Richard O'Brien (a la 'Rocky Horror') and Stefan Wul stain the sleeves of this story, but it's still wholly original and cooked at home so it's as honest as it is good for you. The sounds are a dense and ever-shifting beast -- just an absolutely put-you-on-the-floor headphone record. The narrative holds as much significance as the sound; hopefully there will be a lyric sheet so teenagers ripe for a push in the right direction can follow along, pink-eyed , with their index fingers. Light Show lifts off over an alien plane -- immediate, heavily skimming the surface of the landscape where the story unfurls. A conversation, maybe a dream . . . it's a bit cloudy, but it's just the start and it's wonderful. So you prepare to soak up the whole story and carry it with you from now on. Looking down you get a stream of conscious view into the heads of the opposing factions constantly at war in this mirror dimension to our own. The wooly bullies are applying leaden pressure on the shadows which they resent for their imagination and lust for art. They use the whip of televised terror and the cell of prescriptions to flatten your creative energies. The shadows, in turn, need time, freedom and space to flourish away from the square oppressors."


GP 1022CD

HAND: The Other Side of the World CD (GP 1022CD) 14.00
"Their first album in 40 years. In June of 2013, a new album of Marc Osborne's previously unreleased original songs was rehearsed, arranged, and recorded. The result of these lightning fast sessions, entitled The Other Side of the World, is Hand's second album on Golden Pavilion. It heralds the most unlikely return of a band fully grounded in the present, yet deeply connected to its past. Hand's current sound reflects the band's roots in American rock and folk music, and finds its place within the thriving context of Americana music currently in great demand."

GP 1022LP

HAND: The Other Side of the World LP (GP 1022LP) 23.00
LP version. Includes printed inner-sleeve with band photos and background story. Limited to 500 LPs housed in an old-style tip-on jacket with Japanese style obi.



2014 repress; LP version. In 1982, the mysterious Steve Hall, a self-proclaimed "hippie-punk" who had previously released a couple of D.I.Y. basement-punk albums with his band Afflicted Man, recorded one of the most obscure, underrated and killer heavy-psych albums of all time. Credited to High Speed & The Afflicted Man, Get Stoned Ezy consists of three long tracks of late '60s/early '70s-influenced psychedelic hard-rock. A fuzz-wah assault of epic proportions in the style of other guitar-damage gods like Human Instinct, Wicked Lady, Hendrix, High Rise, Sabbath, Stooges, etc., all played with a real acid-punk attitude. Guerssen Records present the first-ever legit reissue of this lost masterpiece, licensed by Steve Hall. Remastered sound, insert with detailed liner notes by Chris Stigliano (Black To Comm), and rare pictures.


HT 009EP

TUCCILO: Organmind 12" (HT 009EP) 14.00
The ninth release from the well-formed Holic Trax label comes from Italian-born hot property Tuccillo, fresh off the back of his massive EP for 2020Vision and recent work as Doublet with Holic boss Tomoki Tamura. This new EP is released in a limited run of 500 colored vinyls as well as digitally with each package containing different tracks. Tucillo's sound is a cultured but club-ready one with plenty of melodic intricacies and cues taken from chill-out, disco, house and techno in equal measure. These four new tracks prove he is a master of his form, very much still on the rise.



KAITO: Less Time Until the End LP+CD (KOM 292LP) 23.00
In 2013, Kompakt presented Until the End of Time (KOMP 111CD/KOM 288LP), a new full-length from Hiroshi Watanabe aka Kaito, putting an end to a long and meager period of time for fans of the veteran producer who saw his last proper release And That Was the Way (KOM 208EP) in 2010. As with Hiroshi's earlier full-length offerings, Kompakt is truly excited to bring you a special beatless version of the new album called Less Time Until the End that shines a different light on the original opus. While the album's narrative remains a deeply personal one, the omission of the drum tracks has always had the most peculiar effect on Kaito's music: this simple act seems to reinforce the intensity and focus of the original compositions, changing them in a more radical way than any remix could. In no way "let loose" in a slacking ambient environment, these tracks actually gain in vigor when left to their own devices without any beats to guide them. Kaito's work certainly possesses a dreamy quality that sits well with his terraforming rhythms, but the timeless qualities of his trademark sound hit even harder when being presented in a beatless version. You'll find every track from the original album on Less Time Until the End, but no trace of its thrust-heavy musings -- it's all finely-honed soundsculpting with no unnerving bounce. While cuts like "Smile" or "Dear Friends" were already pretty ethereal from the get-go (or "chill," if you like), others endure more profound changes simply by erasing their drums. "Run Through the Road in the Fog" comes to mind, as does "Behind My Life" and many others: in their beatless state of matter they all reveal a new kind of sonic purity that doesn't necessarily translate to being "more abstract" -- if anything, these versions grow more emotional with every listening session, bearing witness to the massive scope of Kaito's vision and talent. The doors of perception certainly won't close on this one.



HECKER, TIM: An Imaginary Country 2LP (KRANK 130LP) 19.00
2014 repress, originally released 2009. Double LP version. "Tim has incorporated more pulses into this work and also works with a sound palette including overdriven mellotron strings and synthesizer. At times this album is less overtly aggressive than previous works, but the notion that this is pastoral work would be dead wrong as there are plenty of the agitated crescendos that he is know for. This music backs off from the void of immensity in favor of a terrain of lushness and warmth. This heat, this work of musical abstraction, is largely made possible by the tools of digital technology that he employs. It is a means of musical production that allows for the obliteration of questions of representation or instrumentation. Strings, synthesizers, pianos and guitars all fade away into the fog of what they once were. A tropical mist (or a northerly breeze) of sound is also a musical resonance of imagination. The title comes from a quote, 'The imaginary country? one that cannot be found on a map,' uttered by Debussy in regards to the sad state of musical affairs at the time, arguing that music was in dire need for alternate worlds of possibility. In some ways this is a utopian work, in the sense of the term meaning that of 'no-place'. All the tracks are landmarks in a dream cartography."


MW 027LP

AUTUMN: Synthesize LP (MW 027LP) 24.00
2014 repress, originally released 2011. "Selections from the band's best material. Autumn was the legendary project of Peter Bonne and Geert Coppens, two Belgian teenagers who started experimenting with the potentials of analog synthesizers during the late '70s and formed a band together soon after in 1980, quickly becoming one of the most truly visionary groups to emerge from the synth scene in Europe. The album is titled after their 'Synthesize' single which was recorded along with its B-side 'The Third Autumn' in 1981 in a professional 24 track studio in only seven hours. Both songs became modest summer hits in Belgian dance clubs in 1982, and the release been highly sought after ever since. This album features 'Synthesize' and 'The Third Autumn' along with other cassette only favorites like 'I Say You Hello,' 'Not Afraid To Die,' and 'Night In June' (featured on Angular's Cold Wave & Minimal Electronics compilation in 2010). Considering how young Autumn were when they recorded these songs, the production is very impressive. These multi-layered synthpop gems are catchy, danceable and definitely ahead of their time. 'I Say You Hello' has been described as an 'amazing' piece of synth music with 'insanely catchy vocals, an incredible bass line and some mind-melting analog patterns.' Autumn was previously featured on The Lost Tapes LP with their 'Time Is On Our Side,' a magical piece of dark synth wave music. Due to heavy interest in the band and our general love for all Micrart Group projects, we decided a full LP needed to be released. Thus we present it to you: a hand-numbered, limited edition pressing on 180 gram clear-green vinyl housed in a heavy printed gloss jacket."



GOLDSTON, LORI: Creekside: Cello Solo LP (MRP 065LP) 13.00
"Lurking around the Northwest music world for years playing with the likes of the Black Cat Orchestre, Earth, David Byrne, Terry Riley, Nirvana and a ton of other musicians, here we have Lori Goldstons' beautiful cello playing in its purest form - unaccompanied and acoustic. The pieces on this LP all carry a certain level of austerity and gravitas, though they never come off as cold. On the contrary, they are warm emotional pieces of music played by someone who really knows their way around the cello. Lori has dedicated her life to music and we at Mississippi Records are very proud to present this LP filled with her visionary compositions."


BUCK, PETER: I Am Back to Blow Your Mind Once Again LP (MRP 074LP) 16.50
"Peter Buck of REM, Baseball Project, Minus Five, and a million other projects is back with a new set of rock and roll. All done the old fashioned way - direct to tape, cut to lathe, cut to vinyl. This time around we have everything from garage rock to psychedelic soundscapes to pretty ballads. All new tunes that will treat you right."



LORD OF THE ISLES: Kurve 12" (MUSIQ 169EP) 14.50
This is the debut release from Lord Of The Isles on Mule Musiq. Previous releases have been on great labels like Firecracker and Shevchenko. Lord's unique music always mixes Detroit house and alternative disco styles. On the A-side the title-track is "Kurve," with a slow-motion techno sound. "Eagle Lake" is like an alternative house remix of some '80s cold funk, and on the B-side, "Here, Now and Beyond" is a dark experimental house track. If you like Vakura and that kind of artist, you will love this track. "Veranico de Maio" wraps it up with a deep house-style beat.


MR 336CD

VA: Sombras: Spanish Post-Punk and Dark Pop 1981-1986 2CD (MR 336CD) 22.00
Sombras is the first compilation to survey in depth the darker side of the fledgling, vibrant music scene of Spain in the early '80s. Featuring 42 artists, including essential names such as Parálisis Permanente, Décima Víctima, Desechables, Gabinete Caligari, Derribos Arias, Ana Curra, Polansky y el Ardor, Los Monaguillosh, Alphaville, Claustrofobia, Agrimensor K, Matrona Impúdica, Ultratruita, Ceremonia, New Buildings, and many more. Includes a 60-page booklet with an essay in Spanish and English by journalist Jesús Rodríguez Lenin and contributions by Beatriz Alonso Aranzábal (Los Monaguillosh) and Carlos Entrena (Décima Víctima), plus many artist photos and memorabilia. "The damn Movida. The best that can be said of that phenomenon is that it was the starting point and the trigger of something else, of another movement that garnered no fame but was far more interesting musically and intellectually, although the glow of glamour went to the fatuous flames of superficiality. This other movement, in contrast, had neither name nor anyone singing its praises. It centered on the existential angst described by the Danish philosopher Søren Kierkegaard instead of the jovial innocence of silly pop in the late '70s and the very early '80s of the last century. It wasn't a time for joking around. The outlook was grim and, logically, after a few years that we had wanted to celebrate because of the death of Franco, murky and ominous images began to inhabit the collective subconscious of those youths who were apolitical by necessity. The most extraordinary paradox is that is that it was a light-hearted new wave group, Ejecutivos Agresivos, that served as the seed for this shift in orientation. Many characters came together in that group who were going to do a 180 on the music that was being made. Carlos Entrena, their singer, who would become one of the founders of the GASA label and the leader of Décima Víctima was there. Also there was Ignacio Gasca, a boy from San Sebastián known as Poch who, after the breakup of Ejecutivos Agresivos, would form Derribos Arias. Jaime Urrutia was in the line-up, who would soon be the singer and guitarist of Gabinete Caligari. The band included Juan Luis Vizcaya, who had a brief stint as the drummer of Alaska y los Pegamoides. Also a member was Paco Trinidad, who would become another founder of GASA and who, with time, would become the main record producer of the 1980s (Hombres G, Duncan Dhu). The transition from one era to another even had an exact date: the 13th of November, 1982. On that day, in the auditorium of the Escuela de Caminos de Madrid, the last concert that Alaska y los Pegamoides played in Madrid took place, although none of the members themselves knew this for sure at the time. They gave to their fans, along with the tickets, a flexi-disc that included two unreleased songs -- 'Volar' and 'El jardín' -- both written by Eduardo Benavente (also of Parálisis Permanente), with a theme and style that had nothing to do with what Alaska y los Pegamoides had done so far. To wrap up that moment symbolically, the group that opened the show was Los Monaguillosh, who would shortly become one of the best-known bands of the nascent psychedelic 'siniestro' sound." --Jesús Rodríguez Lenin


NW 80744CD

GOODE, DANIEL: Annbling CD (NW 80744CD) 15.00
"Daniel Goode (b. 1936) is a fan of (in his own words) 'minimalist thinking and process thinking,' the 'longform,' and 'the trance effect that repetition brings about.' Comprising solo, chamber, and orchestral works, these four pieces span his career as a composer. The earliest, the 'Sonata for Clarinet and Piano' (1959 - 60),reflects his early interests and influences. Using the harmonically enhanced vocabulary of neoclassicism, the sonata is a fast-slow-fast, three-movement tour-de-force similar in many ways to 'the neoclassic sweetness and pizzazz' of Poulenc's three-movement clarinet sonata composed two years later. Goode later learned circular breathing and developed his own approach to minimalism and 'process music.' 'Circular Thoughts' (1974) for solo clarinet, a twenty-minute guided improvisation, is also a process piece with specific scales and suggestions about tempo, articulations, timbre, and dynamics. Representing both the ideas of gradual process and resultant patterns commonly associated with the music of Steve Reich, 'Circular Thoughts' highlights the trance-like quality of relentlessly repeating melodic patterns and cyclic ostinatos. 'Annbling' (2006, rev. 2007), was composed for the Flexible Orchestra, a new concept in orchestral sound designed by Goode in 2004."

NW 80750CD

LEVERING, ARTHUR: Parallel Universe CD (NW 80750CD) 15.00
"Arthur Levering (b. 1953) is a musical mosaicist, creating patterns within patterns whose meanings change with the perspective of the listener. Moments of piquant color and gesture engage us on one level, but over time, and in combination with other such ideas they spin out the broad narrative, the winsome or lacerating or warm or athletic trajectory of phrase and episode. The works on this new collection -- for orchestra, string orchestra, large mixed ensemble, small ensemble with voice, and for two pianos -- cover a wide expressive and technical range, but the composer's elegant and rigorous use of patterns and their transformations is a consistent source of rich and vibrant energy. Various influences can be felt: rock music, with its ever-present pulse and energy, but also Baroque music, minimalism, and Indonesian gamelan. Particular composers, too, might be cited -- Franco Donatoni, Luciano Berio, György Ligeti. Still, Levering's work has its own distinctive sense of wit, its own pacing, and particular tendencies of instrumental color -- its own voice."



HAACK, BRUCE: The Electric Lucifer LP (OMNI 176LP) 25.00
"Bruce Haack's The Electric Lucifer is rightly considered one of the masterworks of 20th century electronic music. Originally recorded in 1968 and 1969 (and released in 1970) it is an album both unique in conception and superb in realization. An eminently listenable work where pop-psychedelia and Moog/musique-concrete sounds coalesce around Haack's central metaphysical concept of 'Powerlove,' a force so powerful that it could end war and unify humankind. Acclaimed upon its original release (one of Rolling Stone's favorite albums of 1970 among many citations) yet unavailable on LP for over four decades, The Electric Lucifer is reissued here officially for the very first time on LP. Remastered and restored from the 'lost' original master tapes discovered in the Columbia vault. The Electric Lucifer is your gateway to the profound yet playful universe of Bruce Haack, a 'far-out' place where flower-power and inner-space electronics collide. Limited edition of 500 copies in deluxe replica packaging on 180 gram vinyl."



SND/NHK: Split 12" (PAN 026EP) 18.00
2014 repress. Split 12" between two of the artists at the forefront of the experimental dance scene, SND and NHK. Aside from sharing three-letter names, the two acts also nicely compliment each other via skewed electronics which come out of mutual dance and minimal electronic sensibilities. SND offer a cut of jacking minimal loops, flows of repetition that unfold before your eyes (and ears), while NHK is suitably equal part bass-squelch with rudimentary snare Motorik via pirate radio broadcast. Mastered and cut by Rashad Becker at Dubplates & Mastering. Limited edition pressed on 140 gram white vinyl which itself is housed in a silkscreened PVC sleeve with artwork by Kathryn Politis & Bill Kouligas. SND was formed in Sheffield, UK, in 1998 by Mark Fell and Mat Steel. Three critically-acclaimed albums for Mille Plateaux alongside the continuing series on their own label put SND at the forefront of new digital minimalism, pioneering a sound that always influenced but also resisted the so-called "clicks and cuts" movement that built up around them. NHK was formed in 2006 in Osaka, Japan by Kouhei Matsunaga and Toshio Munehiro. Mainly as a side project of prolific producer Kouhei Matsunaga (who works under many different aliases such as NHK'Koyxen, NHKyx, Internet Magic and Koyxen), they started making experimental dub techno with a more raw and harsh edge to it. Mastered and cut by Rashad Becker at Dubplates & Mastering. Limited edition pressed on 140 gram white vinyl which itself is housed in a silk-screened PVC sleeve with artwork by Kathryn Politis & Bill Kouligas.



KALKBRENNER, PAUL: Altes Kamuffel 12" (PKM 007EP) 12.00
As a first sign from his upcoming 2014 remix album, Paul Kalkbrenner presents a brand-new rework of "Altes Kamuffel," which is one of the key tracks from his huge catalog. "Altes Kamuffel," which was featured in the cult movie soundtrack for Berlin Calling, gets the remix treatment by French techno legend Vitalic on this strictly limited edition 12". The result is an impressive re-interpretation of the classic Kalkbrenner rave style. Vitalic showcases the raw techno elements of the original and adds synth layers and melody lines with great impact. The B-side features the original version as heard in many of Paul Kalkbrenner's recent live shows.



"Mercury is the sixth release by American Music Club and their major label debut on Reprise, originally released in 1993. Produced by Mitchell Froom and engineered by Tchad Blake (Crowded House, Los Lobos) featuring a subtle mix of pedal steel, electric guitar, and understated drumming supporting Mark Eitzel's lyrics laying out his tales of pain and desperation. Spin magazine voted Mercury the 14th best album of 1993. On 180 gram vinyl."



Camille Norment (b. 1970) is an American-born artist, composer and musician living and working in Norway. For her debut album Toll she assembled an ensemble consisting of electric guitar, Norwegian hardingfele (Hardanger fiddle), and the rare glass harmonica to explore the instruments' collective sensual and contextual psychoacoustics. Toll resonates through a tantalizing union of its instruments' voices and their often paradoxical cultural histories. Each of the instruments were simultaneously revered and feared or even outlawed at various points in their histories. In a slipstream of warping time and abrasive textures, the music levels beauty with noise, and the consonant with the dissonant, as it embraces scratches, squeals, and taunting microtones as equals to the purest of tones. Forming earworms and wooing songs, simple melodic phrases reference one another throughout the tracks -- the echo is like the conjuring and re-forming of a memory that is at once psychological and somatic. The album was recorded at the Henie-Onstad Kunstsenter in Norway during the crystalline resonance of February 18-21, 2013. Besides Camille Norment, the album features the musicians Håvard Skaset and Vegard Vårdal.



"A" TRIO: Live in Nickelsdorf LP (ROAR 032LP) 18.00
"If the city of Beirut doesn't leap to mind as a hotbed of avant-garde musical activity, listen up: since 2005, the Al Maslakh label (translation: The Slaughterhouse) has been documenting far-thinking sounds from the small but vital Lebanese scene. The 'A' Trio's first release, Music to Our Ears, was one of the most startling debuts of 2011; now, Roaratorio is proud to present their second album (and first vinyl release): Live in Nickelsdorf, recorded at the Konfrontationen Festival in 2012. While far from the first to employ extended techniques on their respective instruments, Mazen Kerbaj (trumpet), Sharif Sehnaoui (acoustic guitar), and Raed Yassin (doublebass) create a music that bears little relation to others who traffic in the same outer realms. Heavily textural, frequently perplexing, sometimes unsettling but always suffused with a provocative intelligence, this is the sound of a collective ur-mind that favors the long gesture over pointillistic strokes. Their capacity for generating aural illusions -- one would be hard-pressed to identify the instrumentation as three acoustic instruments, with no electronics or overdubs whatsoever -- is astounding, but it's their skill at harnessing these uncanny tones into a consistently engaging and powerful sound-world that elevates the 'A' Trio into the front rank of contemporary improvisational groups. A limited edition of 350 copies. Download coupon included."


RLP 2150LP

VA: Sailing to Byzantium 4 x10" BOX (RLP 2150LP) 80.00
Rune Grammofon celebrates 150 releases and counting with a selection of tracks showing just where the label is now, some label mainstays, personal favorites, hidden treasures, and to round it off; a beautiful exclusive from Arve Henriksen. No expenses have been spared to make this a sublime and highly-desirable collection: four 10" records -- a format loved by collectors -- different colored vinyl for each record, a big two-sided poster and a long, unedited and frank interview with label founder Rune Kristoffersen and house designer Kim Hiorthøy by UK music writer Rob Young. And all beautifully designed by Kim and individually numbered by stamp in a strictly one-off edition of only 500 copies. The title is borrowed from William Butler Yeats' meditation on art and immortality and follows in the tradition of previous compilations where Rune Grammofon have borrowed from song lyrics and poems; Love Comes Shining Over the Mountains (Jimi Hendrix), Until Human Voices Wake Us and We Drown (T.S. Eliot) and Twenty Centuries of Stony Sleep (W.B. Yeats). Finally, after deciding on the music selection, the label realized that out of the 17 tracks, almost half (eight) of them feature female artists, either as a solo artist, leader, or main singer. Needless to say, the label is quite proud of having championed so many prominent and talented women through the years. Artists include: Hedvig Mollestad Trio, Bushman's Revenge, Scorch Trio, Motorpsycho, FIRE!, Elephant9, Phaedra, Jenny Hval, The Last Hurrah!, Hilde Marie Kjersem, Tove Nilsen, Sidsel Endresen & Stian Westerhus, Maja Ratkje, Alog, Espen Eriksen Trio, Nils Økland, and Arve Henriksen.


SIR 2122CD

SCHOOF QUINTET, MANFRED: The Munich Recordings 1966 CD (SIR 2122CD) 17.00
"These never released before recordings of the Manfred Schoof Quintet featuring Can drummer Jaki Liebezeit, which only existed from 1966 to 1968, are definitely milestones in the history of free jazz. With this album a precious document of the period is reawakened and made available. Unbridled, wild, yet controlled."



DENITIA AND SENE: His & Hers. LP (SDGINP 820LP) 16.50
LP version. Limited physical edition of this Brooklyn duo's debut album, with a bonus track not available digitally. Snow Dog Records presents the limited physical edition of the debut album by Brooklyn R&B duo denitia and sene. Brooklyn duo denitia and sene (spelled in lower case) are part of the emerging vibrant movement of underground American soul musicians that embrace electronics, analog synths and MPCs. The Weeknd, The Internet and THEEsatisfaction all share the heady, soulful and innovative feel that permeates the debut album his and hers. Sultry vocals delivered by denitia with back-ups from the previously-unheard (on the microphone) sene combine for a result that will rank with debuts for years to come. The other, perhaps inadvertent element of his and hers is the downtempo/beat/programming backdrop provided by sene. A veteran of collaborations with Blu and Chief, both important figures in underground hip-hop, with past releases on Plug Research (who debuted Flying Lotus), sene is of the producer generation that includes Exile, Oddisee and Sa-Ra, yet his compositions on his and hers hark back to the lazy beats of Massive Attack and Portishead. denitia's warm tones compliment the heady mix, channeling Sade and even Usher. The effortless-sounding result falls outside all the easy categories. Elements of electronica recur, but the soul, electro and hip-hop references creep in and make you rewind.



DELANO, ALEXI: My Busted SH-101 12" (SPC 115EP) 14.50
Alexi Delano delivers his first release for Spectral Sound. My Busted SH-101 is an ode to the portable synthesizer made by Roland in the early '80s, not long before Delano started DJing. "My Busted SH-101" flutters and pulsates wildly throughout, with a heavy bass kick driving from the start. The sonic rabbit hole soon opens up to crackling, crunching melodies -- Delano pitching up and down, making the synth sing. The B-side remix is provided by Alexi's occasional production partner Jesper Dahlbäck aka The Persuader, who adds sweeping dub echoes and pushes the lower end to the front, creating a strong dancefloor vibe.


SP 1024LP

VA: Live at the Bootleggers - Featuring Lattie Murrell and William Floyd Davis LP (SP 1024LP) 18.00
"Live at the Bootleggers captures a moment in time, and a place in history when community was created around the buying and drinking of illegal liquor, moonshine, white lightning. It was recorded live at a bootlegger's homebase in Fayette County, Tennessee in 1971 at the behest of Lattie Murrell, whom Bengt Olsson and Bill Barth had tracked down to document. Besides Murrell, Barth, and William Floyd Davis, the contributors to this record just happened to be spellin' with the same bootlegger that evening; they are unknown voices, arising with glory from the soak of moonshine, and then fading back into obscurity."



ROMBOY (FEAT. MOGGLI), MARC: The Trigger (New Versions) 10" (SYST 1012EP) 12.50
Two new remixes of "The Trigger" by Marc Romboy, including Kris Wadsworth's "Assid Clock Remicks."


TP 139

CARY, TRISTRAM: Soundings: Electroacoustic Works 1955-1996 2CD (TP 139) 30.00
Restocked, last copies. "Tristram Cary has been working in the field of electroacoustic music for half a century. This set of 2 CDs presents a personal selection of his landmark contributions to the genre, spanning his career as a composer in London and Australia. Best known for the original music for the Dr. Who television series, Cary here shows what an astonishingly versatile composer he is." The first disc features all early analog works, from 1955 to 1978, including: "Continuum" (for stereo tape, 1969; "Continuum' is about time, seen as stretching endlessly in both directions from our position as we move through it. The continuum sound is a mesh of over forty pitches, undulating at different amounts and speeds, and all the material from the piece is extracted from this dense and flexible cluster."); "Suite -- Leviathan'99" (for stereo tape, 1972); "3 4 5 -- A study In Limited Resources for Stereo Tape" (1967); "Suite -- The Children of Lir" (for mono tape, 1959/66); "Birth is Life is Power is Death is God is..." (for stereo tape, 1967); "Suite -- The Japanese Fishermen" (recreated for stereo tape from 78 RPM mono acetate discs, 1955/96); "Narcissus" (for flute and two tape recorders, 1968); "Steam Music" (for quad tape, 1978). Disc 2 features computer music from 1979-1996: "Nonet" (1979); "Soft Walls" (1980); "Sine City II" (1979/96); "Black, White & Rose" (for marimba, gongs, woodblocks and tape, 1991); "Three Clockpieces" (1983/96); "Trellises" (1984); "The Impossible Piano" (for sequencer and samples piano, 1994; "a small tribute to the astonishing player piano works of Conlon Nancarrow, using precisely calculated durations in a computer sequencer as a substitute for Nancarrow's punched paper rolls").



ALBERT & MONOSOUL, JOHANNES: Serious Pleasures EP 12" (TFQ 003EP) 12.50
This 12" is a true deep house 4-tracker and comes from Frank Music's Johannes Albert & Monosoul. Focused on the main ingredients of deep house, the Serious Pleasures EP is a classic by now...deep and raw. The title-tracks is mainly built of a strong kick/hi-hat/clap ensemble combined with a raw bass line. In contrast to that you've got a harmonic chord-sequence which transforms into a warm pad-sound. "Yes We Dew" is made for the floor and goes forward. "Eliements" is an interplay of strong, rhythm-supporting, drifty sounds and a dynamic melody-line. "Pure Passion" is deep, raw and warm with a mood of poise.



SKRAP: K.O. LP (VAF 004LP) 22.00
LP version. Skrap (or "scratch" as one would say in proper English) started years ago, when Anja Lauvdal and Heida Johannesdottir Mobeck involuntarily got locked in a small room together, trapped in between to bass amps which where facing each other. With a tuba on electronic steroids and keyboard á la Korg MS10, the girls started experimenting with things they never tried out before. The sound-waves hit each other hard, and made interactions between the sound-sources and the musicians, making the beginning of Skrap. This is music inspired by bands like Sunn O))) and Streifenjunko, and the members are also known from projects such as Muskus, Skadedyr, Broen, Your Headlights Are On, etc. K.O. is the fifth release from the Oslo-based label for new and challenging music, Va Fongool.



HIVER: The Uncolored Truth 10" (VIDAB 010-2EP) 12.50
Vidab's second 10" vinyl release comes from Milan's Hiver. Hiver's musical spectrum contains dark and distant elements, ranging from the darkest rhythms of dub-techno to melodic capturing lines. This is a vinyl-only release.



CRAMPS, THE: Songs The Lord Taught Us LP (MRSSS 501LP) 25.00
2014 repress; first reissue on vinyl of The Cramps' full-album debut on Illegal Records, originally released in 1980. The jacket reads "File under: sacred music" but only if one's definition includes the holy love of rockabilly sex-stomp, something which the Cramps fulfill in spades. Years later, this album still drips with threat and desire, both testament to the band's worth and Alex Chilton's just-right production. On 180 gram vinyl.


CRAMPS, THE: Psychedelic Jungle LP (MRSSS 502LP) 25.00
2014 repress; first ever reissue on vinyl of The Cramps' second album, and the same atmosphere of swampy, trashy, rockabilly-into-voodoo ramalama reigns supreme. Originally released on IRS Records in 1981, The Cramps' style comes through big time, with Lux Interior throwing in yells, yipes, and other sounds, where appropriate. 180 gram vinyl.


BARRETT, SYD: The Madcap Laughs LP (MRSSS 504LP) 25.00
2014 repress. Not much introduction needed for this magic album, originally released in 1970 on the Harvest label in the UK. Vinilísssimo proudly presents one of the most important cult albums of the 20th century. "I wanted it to be a whole thing that people would listen to all the way through with everything related and balanced, the tempos and moods off-setting each other, and I hope that's what it sounds like..." --Syd Barrett, 1971; "Listening to the long-player four decades on, there's no doubt that, for all of its fractured fragility, it does indeed possess a unified quality. In fact, The Madcap Laughs is an immersive experience, dragging the listener into a world of tangled emotions and battered sound. Hope and fear, joy and dread, loathing and longing, whimsy and reality -- all of these contrasting sentiments and emotions manifest themselves, animating an album that continues to be felt." --Phil Alexander/MOJO. On 180 gram vinyl; housed in a gatefold sleeve.


FOWLEY, KIM: International Heroes LP (MRSSS 525LP) 25.00
After a relatively calm period in terms of his own releases between the late '60s and early '70s, Kim Fowley quickly followed 1972's I'm Bad with International Heroes the next year. Considered by many his strongest collection of songs (along with Outrageous [MRSSS 514LP] from 1968), this outstanding LP seems to channel Dylan through the prism of early British glam. On 180 gram vinyl.


FOWLEY, KIM: I'm Bad LP (MRSSS 526LP) 25.00
I'm Bad was the first American album by Kim Fowley after 1968's Outrageous (with the Swedish LP The Day the Earth Stood Still in between). Released in 1972, it finds Fowley perfecting his wild, crazed, rock 'n' roll outlaw persona, at times invaded by the spirit of Captain Beefheart. He gathered a mighty fine set of musicians for the band, including Mars Bonfire (Steppenwolf) on guitar, and Pete Sears (Jefferson Starship, Hot Tuna) on bass.

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