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Forced Exposure New Releases for 2/17/2014

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New music is due from Gallon Drunk, Randy Gibson, Kevin Drumm, and Stefan Jaworzyn while old music is due from Richard Johnston, Cortex, and Gnod.


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4M 175LP

MOONDOG: Moondog LP (4M 175LP) 19.00
2014 repress; 180 gram vinyl. "Moondog's debut release, originally on the Prestige label, came out in 1956, long after he'd become a legendary New York City street performer. The blind Kansas native showcases his talent for the minimal and avant-garde here, with compositions driven by percussion and Japanese-inspired melodies, complimented by street sounds, recitations and animal noises. Bizarre even for today's standards, it's a wonder this was released over a half-century ago. A brilliant debut."


50 016LP

ADDISON GROOVE: Presents James Grieve 2LP (50 016LP) 21.00
Gatefold double LP version. Features eight tracks from the album, including one vinyl-exclusive track. File under: junglish-footwork flux by one of UK bass music's figureheads. Excellent sophomore album including collaborations with DJ Die, Sam Binga, MC DRS and Josefina. "Bass music arguably wouldn't be what it is right now without Addison Groove." Resident Advisor, March 2012; Boomkat wrote about Addison Groove's debut album Transistor Rhythm (50 006CD/LP): "Addison Groove, drawing on juke, electro, dubstep, ghetto-house and jeep-rocking hip-hop variants to create super-heavy bass music, leaves you with no alternative but to dance and/or bite your lower lip raw." The dancing and lip-biting parts still count for his follow-up James Grieve, but the influences and music genres have slightly changed. There's a strong jungle influence present from beginning to end. James Grieve is also less raw and jackin' than the predecessor and seamlessly combines spacious, laid back and more rollin' tracks with a bunch of straightforward club bangers. While Transistor Rhythm was definitely Chicago-inspired, James Grieve is pure Bristol through-and-through.



VOX POPULI!: Cut Chemist Presents Funk Off: Vox Populi!/Pacific 231 LP + 7" (ASS 008LP) 29.00
LP version. First pressing on LP comes with 7" containing previously unreleased tracks by Vox Populi! and Pacific 231. Vox Populi!, a 1980s French post-punk/industrial/minimal collective known for circulating cassette-only releases, gets the reissue treatment lovingly curated by turntablist/producer DJ Cut Chemist. In 2004, while on tour/record-digging in Milan, Italy, Jurassic 5 founder and DJ Cut Chemist picked up a compilation featuring a group named Vox Populi!, whose track "Megamix" caught his attention. As familiar as he was with early hip-hop releases that pioneered the megamix (The Adventures of Grandmaster Flash, Double Dee & Steinski's Lessons series), this was clearly coming from a different set of cultural reference points. Originally released in the '80s, the track was not rooted in disco, hip-hop, or in DJ history, but rather in the sounds of post-punk and industrial music. The rudimentary "scratching" present on the song was abrasive, and probably executed with a reel-to-reel tape machine rather than a turntable. Its intended effect was not to bridge two songs or breaks, but to jar the listener out of what was otherwise a seamless club track experience. "Musique concrète" is what the collective (Vox, Pacific 231, H.N.A.S., X Ray Pop, and others) might have called their approach at the time. "Wild Style on dust," was how Cut's collaborator Tom Fitzgerald described it. Finding this record ultimately led to Cut Chemist tracking down the group, bonding over shared aesthetics and getting their blessing for this collection, which includes unreleased tracks, photographs and little-seen flyers and art from the group. Their original output was primarily on cassette with the occasional vinyl LP/EP released on their own Vox Man Records imprint, or on other like-minded independent labels. Including extensive insert liner notes.



ORPHAN FAIRYTALE: My Favorite Fairytale 2LP (ZORN 010LP) 30.50
Welcome to the wondrous world of Eva Van Deuren's one-girl project Orphan Fairytale. She creates a fairy-like, mystic and hypnotizing sound-world using only self-made electronics, toy instruments, cassette loops and small keyboards. The music shows a great deal of playfulness. Dream-like patterns are enriched by carefully-placed notes and tones. After almost 10 years of performing and recording, the time has come for a round-up and Aguirre is happy to present a wonderful set of four side-long pieces. The 2LP set consists of delicate, twinkling tunes recorded during the period of 2008-2011, wherein Eva shows an admirable creativity, coalescing minimalism, new age, psychedelic and repetitive sounds. Never too far away from contemporary fellow artists like Dolphins Into The Future, Innercity, and Panabrite, with whom she shares a certain ambience. Originating from Antwerp, Belgium, Eva Van Deuren grew up in a flourishing Belgian music scene and has released cassettes on numerous independent cassette labels -- Audiobot, Beniffer Editions and Sloow Tapes, just to name a few. In the summer of 2007, she was even asked to open for Sonic Youth, and Thurston Moore became very fond of her music. After that she released full albums on Ultra Eczema and Blackest Rainbow. Artwork by Johan and Hannah. Pressed at Handle With Care, Berlin. Includes a pink double-sided insert. High-gloss finishing. Limited edition of 500 copies.


VANDROOGENBROECK, JOEL: Biomechanoid LP (ZORN 019LP) 25.50
Biomechanoid is the classic 1980 album by composer and flutist Joel Vandroogenbroeck. It's 1980, in Munich, Germany. Upstart production music label Coloursound Library releases their debut album. Capitalizing on the success of Ridley Scott's Alien film, the label dropped Biomechanoid, featuring cover art commissioned by H.R. Giger -- whose horrific Necronom IV lithograph served as the basis for the design of Alien -- and the music of the relatively unknown Joel Vandroogenbroeck. Comprised of bleak, cinematic synth soundscapes and percussion, the album served as an inaugural calling card for what would be a decade of dizzying solo releases by Vandroogenbroeck for Coloursound, running the gamut from Mesopotamian ethno-folk to synth sequencer funk to electro drum breaks to in-utero ambient delights. Though the Belgian-born Vandroogenbroeck, 74, may not be a household name, in an ideal world, he would be. As the founder, flautist, harpist, sitar player and keyboardist of the seminal acid-fried Swiss psych outfit Brainticket, he spearheaded the group's three main (and collectible) releases in the early '70s -- Cottonwood Hill, Celestial Ocean, and Psychonaut. Combining a love of exotic instruments coupled with mind-bending out-of-body excursions, the ever-changing collective developed something of a cult following throughout Europe and earned a reputation as one of the heavier psych outfits on the circuit -- which was something of a double-edged sword. While their experimental sound resonated with hippies everywhere, it didn't with the authorities, who associated the act with heavy drug consumption and subsequently began a ban of their music, especially the Psychonaut album, if for the title alone. After that bitter brush with censorship, the group quietly disbanded in 1972. After the dissolution of Brainticket, Vandroogenbroeck departed for the island of Bali with the intent of learning to build and play the gamelan -- an ensemble of primarily percussion instruments from Indonesia. It would become yet another weapon in his ever-growing arsenal of exotic instruments: he was already proficient on the sitar, harp, kalimba, assorted percussion oddities and all woodwinds by this point. Vandroogenbroeck became so enraptured with the frenetic sound of the gamelan that he subsequently left the tropics to start up a joged bumbung (a variation on a gamelan) band back in Switzerland. While playing small festivals and civic events with this group, Joel began to slowly gravitate towards the synth-heavy Kraut sounds of artists like Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze at the same time. And once he began dabbling with oscillators, he never turned back. After inking a library deal around this time with the nascent Coloursound label, who gave him complete creative control, Vandroogenbroeck began turning out releases at a rapid rate, often three to five a year, and under a variety of aliases like V.D.B. Joel, J.V.D.B, and Eric Vann. Starting with the desolate synth drone of Biomechanoid, he continued to expand his sound palette while on Coloursound, moving from early arpeggiators on Computer Blossoms to percussive sound collage on Birth of Earth; and from Oberheim DMX drum breaks on Video Games & Data Movements to Apple II ambient programming on Digital Project. Biomechanoid stands after all these years as an album full of dark, strange, disturbing soundscapes, the obscure side of Brainticket, proving how Joel was still a creative artist. Matte finishing. Double-sided insert. Pressed on 180 gram vinyl. Edition of 500 copies.


EMMANUEL, JD: Time Traveler 2LP (ZORN 025LP) 25.50
Restocked. Kudos to Lieven Martens of Dolphins Into The Future for bringing J.D. Emmanuel back into the spotlight. In 2007, Lieven dug up the masterpiece album Wizards and re-issued it on his own label. A few years later, in 2011, J.D. was asked to tour through Europe where he was accompanied by Dolphins Into The Future and Paul LaBrecque. Denmark, Belgium, Sweden, Germany, and Holland welcomed J.D. and the people attending the concerts knew they were in for an electronic blast from the past. This 2LP set covers the tour with a great deal of unreleased live tracks. The live recordings show J.D.'s phenomenal skill to create a universe of swirling and constantly turning sounds. He's up there in the big league of early electronic and new age pioneers with the likes of Iasos, Laurie Spiegel, and Trans-Millenia Consort. Some words from the man himself: "After my European tour, I decided to use the name Time Traveler to describe my music because it can put the listener into a state where time seems to disappear. This is my goal with my music, to create an altered state for expanding consciousness." With Hawaiian-inspired artwork, just like J.D.'s colorful character, and of course, his T-shirts. Includes a glossy double-sided insert. Mastered by J.D. Emmanuel. Pressed @ Handle With Care, Berlin. Limited edition of 500 copies.


GNOD: The Somnambulist's Tale LP (ZORN 028LP) 23.50
An early and one of the most special Gnod recordings is out now on Aguirre. The Somnambulist's Tale consists of two side-long adventurous pieces which are carried by an incredible loop. The haunting ambience in combination with electronics, distant guitar layers, conversations between the band members, a typewriter, and other sounds from found objects makes this quite an atypical Gnod release, but definitely a great one. Influenced by early Krautrock bands like Can, Hawkwind, and Ash Ra Tempel, Gnod brings us back to those days, adding twisted sounds and strange lyrics to the whole, delivering a truly mesmerizing psychedelic drone record. Gnod is a British Krautrock band from Salford, England. Formed in 2006, the band is a collective with an ever-rotating list of members. They run experimental electronic live nights in Salford called Gesamtkunstwerk (German for "whole arts work") where they offer "outsider electronics, hardwarped machine rhythms and analog debauchery, all reflecting the post-industrial mill space." They have a punky belief in the dissolution of the boundary between artist and audience to the extent that it is not unlikely to find gig-goers onstage, adding to the instrumental melée. Artwork by Fliss Horrocks. Matte finishing. Pressed at Handle With Care, Berlin in a limited edition of 500 copies.


BEC 5161718

VA: Electro Shock 2 2CD (BEC 5161718) 18.00
Volume #1 of the Electro Shock compilations was released in December 2013 and sold over 15,000 copies. Electro Shock aims to reflect the electronic scene today -- in France and the rest of the world -- a constantly evolving scene and the ultimate soundtrack of our times and their fascination for rhythms and dancefloors. The first volume extracted the absolute best from the flowering and vital scene of 2012 -- from established artists M83 to newcomer Nina Kraviz. After the success of its first opus, the second volume of Electro Shock sums-up 2013 as a highly colorful electronic year that will stay with us for a long time. A voyage at the four corners of the globe -- centered on dancefloors, where all the new trends are present. From Jackson & His Computer Band's pop-banger to Major Lazer's dance rhythms, from The Magician's new-disco to James Blake's jazzy refinements, from revelation London Grammar's post-dubstep to AlunaGeorge's sensual R 'n' B, from Cut Copy's electro-rock to Gesaffelstein's pure, hard techno, this is a compilation to listen to over and over, shaking the dancefloors and touching your most romantic side. Other artists include: Breakbot, Ruckazoid, Busy P & Boston Bun, Kavinsky, Daniel Avery, Foals, 2 Chainz, Bruno Mars, Mystic, Domenico Torti, Phoenix, M.I.A., Busy P, Boys Noize, Justice, Duck Sauce, DJ Pone, Tom Rowlands, Duke Dumont, A*M*E, Newtimers, Mount Kimbie, King Krule, Mind Enterprises, Nadia Ksaiba, Factory Floor, Brodinski, Theophilus London, Jabberwocky, Elodie Wildstars, Para One, Chromeo, Flume, Hot Natured, Anabel Englund, and Logo.

BEC 5161719

VA: Star Twerk CD (BEC 5161719) 17.00
Born a decade ago in the ghettos of the Southern United States, in the most remote hoods of Memphis, Atlanta and Nashville, Trap music is to dance music what gangsta rap is to hip-hop: its darkest, most depraved and politically incorrect side, but also musically its most innovative and exhilarating side. Trap music finds its roots in the American dirty South with its stories of drug deals and murders. Its main artists are Juici J from Three 6 Mafia, Gucci Mane, Young Jeezy and T.I, whose album Trap Music put the genre in the limelight internationally as far back as 2003. But Trap didn't really take off before it was mixed with dance music. Heady rhythms, epileptic cymbals, sonic brutality and orchestral synthetic atmospheres bordering on the epic, coming out of the machines of composers as diverse as RL Grime, TNGHT (the duo formed by Lunice & Hudson Mohawke) and Flosstradamus, who have been setting dancefloors around the world on fire in the last few years. Today, Trap is known and renowned, and its influence transpires everywhere, from Diplo -- the electro-dancehall boss with his project Major Lazer and his label Mad Decent on which he signed edgy acts such as the masters of the genre Baauer, UZ, Riff Raff, Flosstradamus, etc., -- or M.I.A., always one step ahead of the trend, the eminent DJ Fresh, veteran Stylo G and web phenomenon Psy, whose planetary hit "Gangnam Style" gets a facelift courtesy of Diplo here. On top of this selection of knockouts to shake your boomers, Star Twerk will also introduce you to a few revelations of the genre: Kimfu and his incredible "If U Like My Beat," The Partysquad (who teamed-up with a string of young artists to rock your eardrums) and Carnage & Tony Junior whose "Michael Jordan" is an absurdly danceable Trap hymn. As predicted by the famous Baauer with his "Harlem Shake," Trap music is ideal for twerking. So let loose and let your body (and your booty) move to the frantic rhythm of these third millenary hits. Other artists include: Bingo Players, Luminox, Busy Signal, The Flexican, Fs Green, Kimfu, Carnage & Tony Junior, Loudpvck, Kid Sister, Dillon Francis, Maluca, Faustix & Imanos & Kai, Irie Maffia, Beenie Man, The Wizard, Yellow Claw, Gta, Bunji Garlin, Stylo G, Sister Nancy, So Shifty, South Rakkas Crew, Rdx, Dface, Ellifant, and Adam Kanyama.



JAWORZYN, STEFAN: Drained of Connotation LP (BLACKEST 027LP) 25.00
Writer, musician, and misanthrope Stefan Jaworzyn was a notorious and energetic presence in the UK underground of the 1980s and 1990s. Following a brief stint in Whitehouse, in 1986 he formed Skullflower with Matthew Bower and remained the band's guitarist for four years, playing on Birthdeath (1988), Form Destroyer (1989) and Xaman (1990), among others. In 1990 he established the Shock label. Shock Records was a resounding boot to the arse of the narrow-minded, welcoming artists as disparate as Lol Coxhill, Coil, Drunks With Guns, The Dead C, and Ramleh into its fold. Jaworzyn rejoined Whitehouse in 1990-1991, and around this time was also invited to participate in a roundtable discussion about serial killers on Channel 4's After Dark program -- it ended with him vehemently debating the meaning of the word "integrity" with fellow guest Michael Winner. Despite having supposedly renounced the guitar, in 1991 Jaworzyn returned to the instrument with some venom, forming Ascension (later Descension) with drummer Tony Irving. In the second half of the decade, Jaworzyn retired the Shock label and largely withdrew from music, choosing to focus on drinking and cursing; although his Texas Chain Saw Massacre Companion was published by Titan Books in 2003, and on occasion he emerged to play live (including the Whitehouse "farewell" show in a duo with drummer Chris Corsano). Now, after 17 years off the grid, Jaworzyn has reappeared. 2013 saw him reactivate Shock to issue two 12" EPs of emphatic new solo material, as well as Eaten Away by Shadows (a compilation of solo bedroom recordings from '82-'83) and the aforementioned Skullflower KINO CD series. Pre-dating the Eaten Away tracks, the driving, faintly sociopathic and supremely zoned pieces on Drained of Connotation were created in early/mid-'82 at Jaworzyn's then home in Cardiff using a Korg MS10 or 20 and his beloved Dr. Rhythm drum machine. SJ: "While a maniacal edge predominates, a couple of pieces seem surprisingly 'mellow,' a concept infrequently associated with my subsequent endeavours and disposition."



HOWARD, NOAH: The Black Ark CD (WEAVIL 024CD) 15.50
2014 restock. Re-issued by the request of Noah Howard's family and estate. Noah sadly passed away suddenly on the 3rd of September, 2010. Born in New Orleans in 1943, Noah was a key player in the U.S. free jazz scene from the late '60s. He recorded albums for ESP and numerous other labels, including his own Altsax label. Many see 1969's The Black Ark as Noah's defining statement, so it is only fitting that it should be available once again. "It's no understatement that The Black Ark is one of the most sought-after underground free jazz releases of all time. The original Freedom vinyl LP and the brief Japanese CD reissue were criminally out-of-print and impossible to find. Both versions popped up on internet auction sites once in a blue moon but when they did, they always fetched insanely astronomical prices. This record simply is THE BOMB -- a perfect combination of Noah's soulful compositions and playing, infused with plenty of sweet/sour/in/out forms and shapes from the incredible line-up assembled for this release. Plus we get to experience Arthur Doyle's outrageous debut on a recording session, increasing the playing and feeling to an intense level throughout. And dig the spaced-out Afro-delay on Juma's percussion (yes, that Juma from Hendrix's killer Woodstock show of the same year). All of the players on this record combine to make it a CLASSIC and its esteemed reputation is well earned." --Oren Ambarchi Musicians on this record include: Noah Howard (alto), Arthur Doyle (tenor), Earl Cross (trumpet), Leslie Waldron (piano), Norris Jones (bass), Mohammed Ali (drums), and Juma (congas).


BASHO, ROBBIE: Bonn Ist Supreme CD (WEAVIL 029CD) 11.00
2014 restock. Subtitled: Live at the Kulturforum, Bonn, Germany, November 24, 1980. Another in the Wooden Weavil series, this time an unreleased live Robbie Basho recording from Germany in 1980. Robbie Basho was one of the great pioneers of the acoustic steel string guitar in the U.S., along with Leo Kottke and John Fahey in the 1960s. This program appears to have been recorded in one go. Robbie scatters his Americana numbers throughout, beginning with "Redwood Ramble," and ending with "California Raga." This date finds Robbie in fine fettle, his playing sharpened by the intensity of touring, his mood seems ebullient, at times (as on "Fandango") he comes off like John Lee Hooker's sun-kissed cousin, stomping furiously along to his playing. There is sweetness to his material, yes, but this is not, as Jack Rose put it, "music for wineries." There is the galloping muscularity of Basho's playing, coupled with the sheer hugeness of his sound; the fearless employment of dissonance as part of his musical make-up; a love for the unexpected chord change. Robbie was a voracious and uncompromising player. Basho's singing was as integral to who he was as his guitar playing, and when he opened his mouth, he filled the room with sound. Say what you like about his lyrics, no one can accuse Basho of dilettantism, of dabbling, or of trying something on merely for effect. Whatever bag he was in, he was in all the way. Liner notes from Glenn Jones and Stephen Basho-Junghans, and beautifully remastered by Glenn Jones.



BOTTICH: Kids 12" (BOTTICH 001EP) 12.50
If you have ever sought tracks with a pop music heart, the groove of house, and the humor of two guys who don't take anything serious but dance music, you don't have to search any further -- Bottich (German for "tub") is what you're looking for. A Justin Timberlake duo for the big-hearted, a groove machine for the lame, and a couple of future hits for the karaoke machine.



KHUNNT: Dead Eyes LP (BOXREC 003LP) 21.00
"Dead Eyes displays a fearsome mastery of their sound, erecting walls of feedback and distortion only to tear them down with bare-fisted riffs and wraith-like howls. Powerful stuff -- highly recommended." ?Boomkat; "It's high bastard art and the lowest form of musical depravity in the land. Whatever audio system you choose to play Khunnt on will sound fucked beyond repair. It is truly horrible, and immensely satisfying." --Beard Rock; "The listener is an observer in this unspeakable war of noise. It's loud, unrelenting and unforgiving with its violent nature. If you're a fan of Khanate and Noothgrush, then you're going to love this." --Sludgelord; "The sounds merge and split and splinter, leaving listeners with no road map on what to expect. Through and through, Dead Eyes is relentless and crushing, drawing out fears through means of improvisational extraction" --Heavy Planet; Formed in 2006, Khünnt have fervently explored the boundaries of esoteric music, from minimalist noise to live improvisation and psychedelic mantra. Focusing exclusively on a more aggravated and blighted composition, Dead Eyes reflects the band's most recent forages into noise and sludge. Comparable to works by Corrupted, Khanate, and Noothgrush, the bleak and at times unbearable landscape of Dead Eyes is a passage of hypnotic despair. LP in hand-screenprinted sleeve with insert.



SORE EROS & KURT VILE: Jamaica Plain 10" (CARE 006EP) 14.50
Kurt Vile and Robert Robinson were introduced to each other back in 2001 by a mutual friend, and by the following year they had begun recording these recently-unearthed and previously-unreleased tracks. Robinson is a past member of The Violators, has toured in Ariel Pink's band, but is best known for his own outfit, Sore Eros. The EP's title-track takes its name from Boston, Massachusetts, where it was recorded. This unhurried and meandering track, that opens with its simple finger-picked melody on acoustic guitar, is a melancholic evocation of a pastoral idyll enhanced by the solely analog production and harmonious use of a drum machine and Korg synth. "Serum" features Robinson's naïve vocal style, which cuts through Vile's gloopy, laudanum-influenced remix treatment of the instrumentation. "Calling Out of Work" returns to the territory of "Jamaica Plain," albeit with a more abstract interior landscape.



GIBSON, RANDY: The First Pillar Appearing in Supernova Cassette (SAUNA 015CS) 9.50
"The two sides of The First Pillar Appearing in Supernova could be considered opposing explorations of the simplest section of my ongoing work, Apparitions of the Four Pillars. When approached by Cassauna to make this cassette, I knew I wanted to use the mechanism of the cassette to create the work. As with my previous work for cassette, Analog Apparitions (TTW 024CS) on The Tapeworm, the sound of the cassette is integral. Cassettes of individual vocal drones were recorded onto a Marantz PMD222. Using the volume and speed capabilities of the Marantz, I worked with a single line at a time to create a dense harmonic world from a simple intervallic source." --Randy Gibson; Randy Gibson is a composer and performer based in Brooklyn. He works with structure, evolutionary compositional models, and improvisation to create enveloping and ritualistic works in just intonation. By presenting his work with visual and ritualistic elements (incense, video, lighting), Gibson encourages the audience to embrace stillness and become absorbed in the sonic experience. Since 2003, Gibson has studied with seminal minimalist pioneer La Monte Young, which has brought great clarity and devotion to his work. Since 2005 he has studied raga singing in the Kirana tradition with La Monte Young and Marian Zazeela. Gibson's music has been presented around the world, including at festivals in Germany, Korea, and Mexico. His works have been commissioned by choreographers (2004-2005's Separate Haven commissioned by Kim Olson/Sweetedge), record labels (2010's Analog Apparitions commissioned by The Tapeworm), ensembles (2010-2012's Circular Trance... commissioned by Ekmeles Vocal Ensemble), and individual performers (2013's Nine Minutes for the Four Pillars in duet with The Paris Drones, recalling The Midwinter Starfield commissioned by Erik Carlson of ICE). In 2010, under a grant from the American Music Center, Gibson traveled to London to premiere The Third Analog Pillar. The performance was hailed by The Liminal as "a moment of pleasingly soporific and mind-emptying purity." His just intonation piano recording, Aqua Madora, was selected by Textura as one of the top 10 albums of 2011. Gibson is the artistic director of Avant Media, a non-profit organization dedicated to collaborative artistic endeavors, and, since 2010, he has curated the annual Avant Music Festival of composer-driven performances.


WATKINS, ZACHARY JAMES: Moveable: Long Commutes Between Loved Ones/Music for Motors and Resonant Strings (Version 1) Cassette (SAUNA 016CS) 9.50
Moveable is scored for pianoforte in a unique just intonation/equal temperament hybrid tuning, and employs a new mechanical extension called the "Piano Monster" built by NYC artist Ranjit Bhatnagar, which uses 16 voltage-controlled motors with attached objects that resonate piano strings. Zachary James Watkins is a California-based sound artist who has earned degrees in composition from The Cornish School and Mills College. Zachary has received commissions from Cornish, The Microscores Project, The Beam Foundation, Somnubutone, the sfSoundGroup and the Seattle Chamber Players. His 2006 composition Suite for String Quartet was awarded the Paul Merritt Henry Prize for Composition and has been performed as part of the Second Annual New Music Marathon in Seattle, WA, the Labs 25th Anniversary Celebration and the Labor Sonor Series at Kule in Berlin, the latter of which is released by the London new music label Confront. Zachary has presented works in numerous festivals across the United States, Mexico, and Germany, including the 2011 Activating The Medium Festival, the 2010 SFEMF, the 2009 Klankunstfest, the second Biennial SJ01 Global Festival of Arts On The Edge and the 2006 International Computer Music Conference. In 2007, Zachary premiered a new multi-media work entitled Country Western as part of the Meridian Gallery's Composers in Performance Series that received grants from the AMC and the Foundation for Contemporary Arts. An excerpt of this piece is published on a compilation album entitled The Harmonic Series alongside Duane Pitre, Pauline Oliveros, Ellen Fullman and Charles Curtis. Zachary received a Subito Grant to assist in the production of the evening-length composition. Moveable premiered on April 2nd 2010 by pianist Tiffany Lin at the Chapel Performance Space as part of the Wayward Music Series in Seattle, WA. His sound art work entitled Designed Obsolescence, "spoke as a metaphor for the breakdown of the dream of technology and the myth of our society's permanence," review by Susan Noyes Platt in the Summer '05 issue of ARTLIES. Zachary has held artist-in-residence at both the Espy Foundation and Djerassi.



NIGHT PLANE: World Turning 12" (CCC 010EP) 15.50
Brooklyn-based indie-electronic group Night Plane has emerged anew from the studio with a potent brew of darkly melodic, pop-tinged deep house. Headed by William Rauscher with high school buddy Casey Gibbs on vocals and guitar, Night Plane has carved a niche with its darkly melodic, indie-tinged brand of contemporary deep house. With its emotive vocals and electronic-rock posturing, the group's new EP bears a strong influence from those lions of the late-'80s, Depeche Mode. Features an all-star roster of remixers: Waifs & Strays, Wolf & Lamb, and Cameo Culture.



GALLON DRUNK: The Dumb Room 7" (CLOUDS 069EP) 10.00
Gallon Drunk unleash a raw, ragged, and uncompromising blast of literate rock and roll. A joyous explosion of a song, "The Dumb Room" celebrates its cast of misfits in a full-throated roar, erupting into a powerhouse band performance full of passion and carefree abandon. "The Dumb Room" is the single release from the album The Soul of the Hour (CLOUDS 062CD/LP) including "The Dumb Room Mono Mix."



MINILOGUE: The Island of If 12" (COR 112EP) 14.00
Minilogue are known for their larger-than-life electronic music adventures, and "The Island of If" comes with a slightly reduced play-time that manages to stop the clock at 11 minutes and 49 seconds. The track is a bit like a winter version of "Knights of the Jaguar" and offers big potential to be one the first hits of 2014. "Nothing Is Lost" features the duo hammering out a breathtaking epic monster that is reminiscent of the highly-acclaimed remix by The Mole of Minilogue's "Hispaniola." Everybody who fell in love with Mole's remix back then will hear pure heaven again with this masterpiece.



ENSEMBLE DU VERRE: The Light Gets In CD (COMP 435CD) 20.00
Musical independence, diversity and stylistic boundlessness are basic elements in Ensemble Du Verre's music. Jazz, dubstep, house, and breakbeat merge and create the unique E.D.V. sound, like on the new album The Light Gets In, which perfectly represents personal expression and creative potential of producer and multi-instrumentalist Soenke Duewer. He is a thoroughbred musician with a lot of live experience. The Light Gets In is a homogeneous collection of songs, performed by the singer Shirin Al-Mousa. She sings on all of the 11 songs, and wrote all the imaginative and often ambiguous lyrics. Her multifaceted vocals bring jazz and soul into their music, giving it an intimate warmth and beauty. Her impressive vocal flexibility adds a very special touch to the predominantly downtempo music. Pulsing, electronic soundclouds, fat beats and bass, spiritual music of the '70s, and Fender Rhodes create a new path in the musical landscape of today. Deep roots in jazz as well as a background in DJing are evident at all times. Also essential are great melodic diversities that never bore the listener at any time. Ensemble Du Verre's history: the first step was the album Facing, Transparent, released in 2004. The sound was already marked with cross-stylistics and electronic influences. E.D.V. played a lot of concerts and in May 2004 they started to perform as the support band for Bugge Wesseltoft. In the following year Sing Me Something was released. International stars like Sidsel Endresen, Ursula Rucker, and Torun Eriksen contributed their voices to the album. Sing Me Something was nominated for album of the year 2005 at Art Online. In 2008 Soenke Duewer founded his own label, Battery. Sanctuary for Animals was released in the same year. That album won the "Prize of German Record Critics." Ursula Rucker collaborated as well. For Duewer she wrote and produced the song "Uh, Uh," on her album Ma 'At Mama. Also in 2008 they released Remixed, all tracks taken from "Sanctuary for Animals." Contributors included Volker Meitz (Sonar Kollektiv Orchestra) and Stefan Rogall (eg nylon). In October 2011 the fifth album from Ensemble Du Verre was released: The Contemporary Cowboy -- a manifestation of Duewer's sound.



KARIJORD, REBEKKA: Music for Film and Theatre CD (CFK 018CD) 16.50
Music for Film and Theatre provides a gorgeous, frequently lush experience. It's one to which Swedish musician/composer Rebekka Karijord herself often accurately applies the label "ambient": within the repetition of tracks like "Madrigal," "Salhus," "Migratory Birds" and "Morula" there's an undeniable Eno-esque quality, though inevitably Karijord moves in different directions from the godfather of the ambient movement. Elsewhere there are other comparably experimental excursions: the angelic choral vocals and Arvo Pärt violin of "Nowhere Home," the ethereal, mystical "The End," and "Kjaere Gud," which conjures up the remarkable ghosts of Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares. There are also airier tracks, like the placid, moving, yet strangely tense "Snö," the gentle piano strains of "Waltz for Norma," and "Anchor Boy," as delicately melancholic as anything Danish singer Agnes Obel has delivered. There will be more to come, too. Now that Music for Film and Theatre has been compiled, Karijord is currently working on a further three film projects, and has also begun work writing for her next album. For the time being, however, Music for Film and Theatre is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy another mesmerizing side to an extraordinary artist's talents.



AV: Venus Bar 12" (DESIRE 081EP) 16.50
AV is the work of young French artist Adrien Viot and Venus Bar is his first release. Rather than lighting candles to his old '80s glory, he prefers to invite them inside the chaos of his generation. The synth from Suicide, Kraftwerk's DNA, and Taxi Girl are tattooed on AV, but he's far from being one of those '80s revivalists; his production is current, dirty but rigorous, his writing cheeky and heady. AV describes Paris and his own spiritual wandering. Often carnal and vicious, his texts are similar to Serge Gainsbourg meets French cult singer Christophe. Includes mp3 download code.


AV: Mort a Vegas 12" (DESIRE 094EP) 16.50
Mort à Vegas (trans. "Death in Vegas") is the new 12" EP by Adrien Viot aka AV, one of the finest protagonists of the French electronic pop scene. AV sings about nightlife, paid sex, alcohol consumption, desire under the neon lights, and the dark side of the American dream, while driving a black Cadillac drunk to death. This 12" EP contains a dreamlike remix by Death In Vegas (as the track was probably written with them in mind) and also a cover of French singer Dominique A's "Hotel Congress," who is known in France for launching the "new French scene" that drove the renewal of French pop. Includes mp3 download code.



DETROIT SWINDLE: Huh, What! EP 12" (DIRT 076EP) 12.50
This is the first EP taken from Detroit Swindle's upcoming debut album Boxed Out (DIRT 006CD/LP). First up is the title-track, a true Detroit Swindle banger that takes us back to pumping Chicago old school house times. Leon Vynehall and A1 Bassline as Laszlo Dancehall rip the track to shreds, resulting in a dark, pounding, straight up jackin' techno groove. "The Fat Rat" is a groovy, percussive, soulful, and stabby house excursion. "Monkey Wrench" has a slow groove, the warm sound of the Rhodes, and an Arp-y bass.



UNER: Tune432 CD (DIYNAMIC 011CD) 17.00
Uner is proud to announce the arrival of his latest album, Tune432. It comes on the Diynamic label that he has been an important part of in the last four years and proves him to be one of the day's finest house producers. 2013 has been another great year for the man, having been a regular in Ibiza at parties like Insane at Pacha, Diynamic Neon Nights at Sankeys and Carl Cox's night at Space. So, too, did he release the excellent Phamovi EP on Cocoon, adding the label to his already impressive discography alongside the likes of Cadenza, and he also picked up an award as best DJ newcomer in 2013, got nominated for "Artist of the Year" at the Vicious Awards and undertook an extensive tour of the best clubs in America from Chicago to New York, San Fran to Miami. It has taken one year for Tune432 to take shape, working while travelling and producing day and night. The end result is spectacular. A 13-track album where acoustic instruments and analog sounds abound, with Uner making the most of his classical training to offer us a more emotional side to his sound away from his usual club offerings: all instruments were tuned to 432 Hz to offer a deep yet sweet tone that laces the whole album. It kicks off with "Let Me Introduce Him," which gets us started with plenty of organic elements that then lead to the different piano layers in "Surfering." Uner finds inspiration in his Basque land to then compose "Laderas del Sollube," which makes us vibrate with the distorted bass, and makes the most of outstanding performances from collaborating artists Peik, LazarusMan, Kafele Bandele and Negra. Tune432 is a harmonious journey filled with emotion and creativity, where organic and analog sounds, a love of melody and harmony and Uner's own particular sound are expressed on a higher plane than we've been accustomed to in his EPs, thus surprising us with an album that is undoubtedly his most important release to date.


UNER: Tune432 2LP (DIYNAMIC 011LP) 21.00
Double LP version.



BOLDER: Hostile Environment LP (EMEGO 185LP) 20.00
Bolder is Martin Maischein, who used to record as Heinrich At Hart on Position Chrome, and Peter Votava, also known as Pure, who has recorded previously for Mego and was half of Ilsa Gold. With their combined background in electronic music of all kinds, Bolder introduces a significant proposition to the current experimental electronic boom. Blurring the lines between industrial, techno, dub, ambient, and narrative forms, the work on Bolder's debut presents a dance amongst the abyss, a world where organic rhythms provide the path amongst a swarm of foreboding electronics. Herein lurks an atmosphere where hostile electronics weigh the hope and paranoia of today's climate. One human's listen is another human's challenge. Mastered by Rashad Becker.


DRUMM, KEVIN: Shut In Cassette (EMEGO 189CS) 14.50
A beautiful piece of easy listening for cabin fever, courtesy of Chicago avant-garde musician Kevin Drumm. Released in an edition of 250 cassettes with archival artwork from the artist himself.



SAWLIN & SUBJECTED: Foreign Awake Pt. 2 12" (EDLX 035EP) 23.00
The second part of Sawlin & Subjected's Foreign Awake picks up the pace with three more "Textures" halfway between part one's ethereal wanderings and the pair's deeper Vault Series offerings. "Texture 1.1" and "Texture 1.2" wrap typical Vault tropes with acid-washed melodies and grainy distorted pads, turning two rusty, hydraulic workouts into weirder and warmer dancefloor reliefs. "Texture 5" concludes with more yin and yang experiments, pooling Foreign Awake's gentler, dream-like sentiments together with punishing bass, splices of hats and mechanical modulations that keep the reverie in check. Housed in a die-cut sleeve.


EF 012CD

KZA: Dig & Edit 2 CD (EF 012CD) 17.00
Together with his buddy DJ Kent, the Japanese producer and ardent record collector KZA made music history. Under the name Force Of Nature the two friends from Tokyo created a rich oeuvre of fresh music using their extensive vinyl collection. Besides their own work, they produced and remixed artists such as DJ Shadow, Five Deez, Sly Mongoose, and Keiichi Sokabe. KZA, who started his career as a hip-hop and funk/soul DJ, released a solo album and a string of highly-acclaimed 12" EPs on Endless Flight. Now he is ready to release his second solo album Dig & Edit 2 -- an album whose title says a lot about the production itself. Like Dig And Edit (EF 004CD), KZA used a voluminous record collection and his highly developed listening ability to shape these unique, sample-based arrangements. He went through his vinyl library with new eyes and ears between midnight and morning, searching for miscellaneous rhythms, harmonies, and melodies that he could turn into something fresh and singular. As he is in love with loops and was trained through the work of sample grandmasters such as Pete Rock, Large Professor, and Marley Marl, he knows exactly where to cut and edit -- a skill that keeps his music from sounding like a conventional edit production. With plenty of studio artifice, the help of his friend Kuniyuki, and some super tight additional bass and rhythm programming, he produced tracks that gently sway between breezy disco fever, laid-back Balearian slow-mo emotions, and high-flying house attacks. Each of them is full of sensual grooves and is charged with catchy folk, rock, disco, and library samples whose origin can only be deciphered by those who dig records as deep as KZA does. Of course, listeners who aren't into record digging will find plenty of pleasure here, too, because it is not necessary to know which mysterious source KZA has used to make his music. One can easily be carried away by his arrangements without thinking about where they originated. Some of the tracks evoke the feeling of a sweaty disco night, some feed hungry house floors with real deep fodder, and others are ready to function as sunset soundtracks wherever the sun goes down.

EF 058LP

KZA: Dig & Edit 2 2LP (EF 058LP) 27.50
Double LP version. Together with his buddy DJ Kent, the Japanese producer and ardent record collector KZA made music history. Under the name Force Of Nature the two friends from Tokyo created a rich oeuvre of fresh music using their extensive vinyl collection. Besides their own work, they produced and remixed artists such as DJ Shadow, Five Deez, Sly Mongoose, and Keiichi Sokabe. KZA, who started his career as a hip-hop and funk/soul DJ, released a solo album and a string of highly-acclaimed 12" EPs on Endless Flight. Now he is ready to release his second solo album Dig & Edit 2 -- an album whose title says a lot about the production itself. Like Dig And Edit (EF 004CD), KZA used a voluminous record collection and his highly developed listening ability to shape these unique, sample-based arrangements. He went through his vinyl library with new eyes and ears between midnight and morning, searching for miscellaneous rhythms, harmonies, and melodies that he could turn into something fresh and singular. As he is in love with loops and was trained through the work of sample grandmasters such as Pete Rock, Large Professor, and Marley Marl, he knows exactly where to cut and edit -- a skill that keeps his music from sounding like a conventional edit production. With plenty of studio artifice, the help of his friend Kuniyuki, and some super tight additional bass and rhythm programming, he produced tracks that gently sway between breezy disco fever, laid-back Balearian slow-mo emotions, and high-flying house attacks. Each of them is full of sensual grooves and is charged with catchy folk, rock, disco, and library samples whose origin can only be deciphered by those who dig records as deep as KZA does. Of course, listeners who aren't into record digging will find plenty of pleasure here, too, because it is not necessary to know which mysterious source KZA has used to make his music. One can easily be carried away by his arrangements without thinking about where they originated. Some of the tracks evoke the feeling of a sweaty disco night, some feed hungry house floors with real deep fodder, and others are ready to function as sunset soundtracks wherever the sun goes down.


KZA: Dig & Edit 2 (Limited Edition) 2LP +7" (EF 058LTD-LP) 32.00
Double LP version, with bonus 7" containing two untitled tracks.


ESK 506199

ATELLA: The Monster 12" (ESK 506199) 12.50
The Eskimo label fell in love with Norwegian Atella after hearing just a few notes. With her enchanting voice, singer Kristiane lures you into a dream-like state and lets you experience the seductive sound of Atella's electronic pop music. "The Monster" is their impressive first output and leaves us hungry for more. London-based electronic soul music duo Stubborn Heart seemed perfect to add breaks and bass to a "Monster" remix. Xinobi, who runs the Discotexas label with Moullinex, strips Atella's original to its core, leaving only the vocals behind. His rework is built around an uplifting piano lick and a ridiculously funky bass line.



HAWA: Another Tree CD (FVR 083CD) 15.50
Born to a French mother and a Burkinabé-Senegalese father, Jennifer "Hawa" Zonou was familiar with the world of Afro-American music from a young age. She showed real talent as a singer and naturally began her musical training with the best school, gospel. She then entered the soul/hip-hop scene in Lyon, collaborating and performing as often as possible. During a show in 2008, Hawa made the acquaintance of Bruno "Patchworks" Hovart (Metropolitan Jazz Affair, Uptown Funk Empire, Mr. Day, Mr. President) and, at the same time, Pascal Rioux and the Favorite Recordings label. Seduced by what he heard, Patchworks offered her his services and in 2009, Hawa revealed to the public a remarkable cover of Justice's "D.A.N.C.E." She also made fine appearances alongside Mr. Day and Mr. President. Naturally, the duo nourished the common desire to embark further and in June 2011, Hawa presented her first solo album entitled My Little Green Box. Collecting first the support and praise of many in the French media (France Inter, FIP, Nova, Telerama) the groove of the album triggered a long series of festivals and concerts throughout France. Hawa reveals herself with a genuine stage presence, spontaneity and ability to move. This provided the opportunity for her and Patchworks to surround themselves with a cohesive group, composed with the finest musicians of the jazz and soul scene from Lyon. With this positive environment around her, Hawa started writing her new album with exalted inspiration. Once again produced by Patchworks, Another Tree marks an important evolution for Hawa, in sound, production, and writing. Deliberately more live, the entire production is made both with analog equipment and tape recorder, and with the participation of the live band members. A perfect background for Hawa's songs, which are significantly Memphis-influenced, crossing genres from soul to folk and even rockabilly. The album also takes influence from the Staple Singers, Isley Brothers, and Shirley Ann Lee, labels like Hi Records, Sun, and Stax, and finally great producers like Willy Mitchell, Jack Nitzsche, and Phil Spector. Hawa happens to be more direct and confident, but also more sensitive and more deep. And without a doubt, it makes her songs that much more intense, original and elegant.


Bruno "Patchworks" Hovart is definitely a name to remember if you're interested in today's groove music scene. After playing as a bassist and guitarist for various bands, he started producing in the mid-'90s and has kept on mixing today's technologies with the raw spirits of disco, funk, soul, and jazz. Following the trail of success left by his projects, such as Mr. President, Uptown Funk Empire, The Dynamics and Metropolitan Jazz Affair, Patchworks has proven his musical ubiquity album after album. Teaming up again with label Favorite Recordings for this new solo effort, he transforms himself into Patchworks Galactic Project, inviting us on a fantastic musical trip called Space: a special project influenced by the 20th century's myths about travelling, exploring, living, and even loving in space. This release is also his first album under the name Patchworks. From David Bowie's "Space Oddity," to Jean Pierre Massiera's works at Studio Antibes, through Air's discography, Patrick Adams' "Cloud One," and La Planète Sauvage by Alain Goraguer, this album follows a long tradition of cosmic cinematic music. From the first note to the last, Space remains loyal to all these influences, while also featuring electro, house, disco, pop and fusion influences that have established the Patchworks' touch -- a classic sound with a contemporary approach to music.



GRANDBROTHERS: Ezra EP 12" (FILM 001EP) 14.00
Erol Sarp and Lukas Vogel are Grandbrothers and all of their music is based on the grand piano. Erol plays the keys while Lukas creates the beats by using little self-made programmed hammers that hit the grand piano. He captures the sounds on his computer, manipulating them and looping them, and creating highly analog soundscapes made for the dancefloor. "Ezra Was Right" has been played a lot by Gilles Peterson in his DJ sets and on his radio show. The track is also remixed by Greg Wilson & Derek Kaye and Kim Brown.



WATERSON, LAL: Teach Me to Be a Summer's Morning: A Portrait of Lal Waterson CD/BOOK (FLED 3095CD) 38.50
Fledg'ling Books in association with Topic Records present Teach Me to Be a Summer's Morning, a portrait of the late Lal Waterson through a collection of her writings, drawings, paintings, stained glass, and a 15-track CD of very rare home demos. Known primarily as a singer and songwriter, Lal Waterson is shown, through this beautiful new book, to be much more: a versatile and vibrant artist. The 15 songs on the CD confirm her stature as a songwriter of rare imagination, depth, and rich beauty; combine this ability with the many drawings, paintings, thoughts and poems illustrated in the book and a clearer picture emerges of Lal's individual, tender, intense, complex, but ultimately very human talents. Teach Me to Be a Summer's Morning is curated by Lal's daughter Marry Waterson and offers a unique, intimate portrait of Lal, through a wonderful selection of her work, from a life lived making sense of the world through music, words, and pictures. 72-page hardback book with CD -- which features tracks from two reels of demo tapes from 1971 of songs written for her debut recording Bright Phoebus -- some never previously released).


GB 009CD

BRAHIM, AZIZA: Soutak CD (GB 009CD) 17.00
Voiced with passion and grace, Aziza Brahim's music adeptly travels the expanse between her Western Saharan roots and Barcelona, the European cosmopolis where she now lives. Aziza is both a contemporary sonic poet and a prominent and eloquent spokesperson for the Saharawi people and their ongoing struggle for recognition and justice. Born and raised in the Saharawi refugee camps lining the frontier between Algeria and Western Sahara, Aziza's life has been marked by both daunting hardship and inspired will. Fleeing from these camps and the regime of political oppression that followed Morocco's 1975 invasion of Western Sahara, as a young teenager Aziza travelled to Cuba for her secondary school studies. There she experienced first-hand the deep Cuban economic crisis of the 1990s and the subsequent denial of her request to pursue a university degree in music. Music had been Aziza's passion since she was a small girl and despite this setback, she returned to the Saharawi camps in Algeria and began singing and playing in different musical ensembles, a process that continued when she moved to Spain in the year 2000. There she founded the eclectic Saharawi/Spanish band Gulili Mankoo with whom she released two acclaimed self-produced recordings: the EP Mi Canto (2008) and an album Mabruk (2012), both on Reaktion. In recent years Aziza has performed extensively, appearing at major festivals and venues including WOMAD Cáceres (2012) and Queen Elizabeth Hall in London (2009). Aziza's album Soutak (trans. "Your Voice"), her debut for the Glitterbeat label, is her first recording to predominantly focus on the cadence of her majestic voice and the soulful critique of her lyrics. The album was produced by Chris Eckman (Tamikrest, Ben Zabo, Dirtmusic) and was recorded live and direct in Barcelona in June of 2013. In the liner notes to the album, Aziza describes her vision for Soutak: "Feeling the need to make an acoustic record, I imagined a somewhat modest musical outline, which would not involve too many instruments and in which the voices would take the expressive emotional lead. I wanted to further explore the range of possibilities found in the Haul, the Saharawi's traditional rhythmic sources, played on the tabal and a source of inspiration for the desert blues." The hand-picked band she assembled for the album consists of Spaniards Nico Roca (percussion) and Guillem Aguilar (bass), Malian Kalilou Sangare (acoustic lead guitar), Aziza's sister Badra Abdallahe (backing voice) and in addition to singing, Aziza contributes acoustic rhythm guitar and the tabal, the traditional Saharawi hand-drum. The music on Soutak is a powerful and nuanced mixture of musical cultures and features Malian, Spanish, Cuban and contemporary Anglo-European motifs all held together by Aziza's deeply rooted knowledge of traditional Saharawi song and sound. Though the songs on Soutak can be unsparing in their details of oppression, Aziza Brahim has delivered an empowered flight to freedom; an alternative world where hope is imminent and dancing is justified.



TREE PEOPLE, THE: Human Voices LP (GUESS 055LP) 14.00
2014 repress; LP version. This is the second album from Oregon's The Tree People, the late '70s predecessors to the ongoing new folk movement in the USA. You already know about their 1979 debut album and you know it's a masterpiece, but did you know about their second album recorded in 1984? Surely not, especially because it was a cassette-only release with a very short print-run. The music itself is equally as good, if not better than, their self-titled debut and is a real must for any folk and psych-folk lover. Acoustic guitars, subtle percussion, wonderful flute work and some warm vocals -- overall, this is a real big dose of quality and originality that makes The Tree People's music absolutely ahead of its time and therefore so much admired today. Includes an insert with liner notes by the band's leader Stephen Cohen, as well as some nice pictures.


HP 016EP

WADE, RICK: Defining Deep 12" (HP 016EP) 12.50
Rick Wade says, "Four new dynamite tracks ready to clear up all this confusion on what deep really means. I call this release, Defining Deep." So there you go.



Within its first year, Houndstooth, the artist-led label from Fabric, was ranked 1st and 3rd on the "Best Labels of 2013" lists compiled by the writers of XLR8R and Resident Advisor, respectively, and received coverage in The Guardian and Pitchfork. The HTH vs. HTH digital compilation was released at the end of 2013 as a thank-you to the label's supporters. In response to overwhelming demand, the two most popular tracks from the release have been committed to vinyl. Special Request (aka Paul Woolford) and Akkord remixed their favorite track from each other's 2013 albums. Cut by Matt Colton and strictly limited to 500 copies -- no repress.



URHEIM, STEIN: Stein Urheim CD (HUBRO 2529CD) 17.00
The Bergen-based guitarist Stein Urheim (b. 1979) made a profound impression with his album Kosmolodi, which was released in an extremely limited edition on vinyl in 2012. Now he is back, with a playful and cohesive eponymous album where he takes his very idiosyncratic instrumental music to new and subtle heights. On this album, in addition to guitars, Urheim plays a wide variety of stringed instruments from different corners of the world. Urheim's music is permeated by a kind of exoticism. It is thoughtful without losing its sense of humor. The influences of jazz, North American and West African blues, and folk music from all over the world are obvious. Urheim himself says that among his sources of inspiration are the American composers Lou Harrison and Steve Reich, Chinese gu qin music, langeleik (Norwegian zither) music from Valdres, and Ornette Coleman. While Kosmolodi was recorded over a period of time in a number of different places, Urheim decided to take a different approach this time. Much of the album was recorded with sound technician Audun Strype in Lysøen, the magnificent home of the legendary violinist Ole Bull outside of Bergen, in January 2013. The wooden house, ice-cold at that time of year, has a fantastic atmosphere and warm acoustics. The recording was later completed and mixed at Duper Studio in Bergen with technician and producer Jørgen Træen. Stein Urheim has already released two critically-acclaimed albums on Bugge Wesseltoft's Jazzland label together with singer and musician Mari Kvien Brunvoll. He has been a member of Gabriel Fliflet's band Åresong and HP Gundersen's highly-respected drone band The Last Hurrah. Stein Urheim: guitars, flutes, harmonica, slide tamboura, fretless bouzouki, gu qin, mandolin, langeleik, charango, banjo, analog synths and effects.


HL 004CD

PLANNINGTOROCK: All Love's Legal CD (HL 004CD) 17.00
Disruption and interference aren't words you ordinarily associate with pop or dance music, but Planningtorock is on a mission to unseat all norms. On her new album All Love's Legal, she leaves you in no doubt as to the seriousness of her vision of transnational gender equality. Surprisingly, given that Western dance music is born out of black, queer music, it rarely touches upon these themes, but All Love's Legal is a refreshingly direct statement of political intent.



DRUMTALK: Time 10" (HUNTLEYS 008EP) 15.50
Continuing the trend of spotting new talent, promoters Huntleys + Palmers is back in business with a big release from the talented Londoner, DrumTalk. Like his label counterparts, Auntie Flo, Sophie and Alejandro Paz, "Time" is a track set to be popular across the board. The focus group who road-tested it this winter came back with positive results: James Holden played it TWICE in his recent Panorama Bar set and Jackmaster featured it on both his Boiler Room and Mastermix. Not a bad start. From East London/Berlin basements to the shores of Croatia and Ibiza, expect to hear this everywhere.



MARKOVIC, NENAD: Kayto 2LP (INT 005LP) 23.50
June 8th, 1984, a deadly F5 tornado nearly destroys the town of Barneveld, Wisconsin, killing nine people, injuring nearly 200, and causing over $25,000,000 in damage -- only five months later, Nenad Markovic was born in Belgrade, Serbia. May 3th 2000, a rare conjunction of seven celestial bodies (Sun, Moon, planets Mercury and Saturn) occurs during the New Moon -- a few weeks after that in his room on the 10th floor of a new Belgrade skyscraper Nenad made his first steps into the wild blue yonder. December 27th, 2005, astrophysicists from the Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics in Garching near Munich measure the strongest burst from a magnetar. At 21:30:26 UT, the earth is hit by a huge wave front of gamma and X-rays. It is the strongest flux of high-energetic gamma radiation measured so far. September 23th 2008, in the Akihabara area of Tokyo, Japan, a 25-year-old man stabs seven to death and wounds 10, before being arrested -- that night Nenad adopted his pseudonym 33. 10. 3402 (33th of october threethousandfourhounded and two). Jun 11th 2009, a Texas mother was hit by lightning while standing in her kitchen inside her Texas home. Witnesses say the lightning came through a light fixture and struck her chest and exited her foot. Her 9 year-old son franticly called 911 to save her life. She had to spend three days in the hospital. A few months later, Nenad performed for the first time under the name 33. 10. 3402 along with DJ Brka in The Wash club. From that time on, Nenad had numerous gigs in prominent Belgrade clubs. Dec 8th 2010, with the second launch of the SpaceX Dragon, SpaceX becomes the first privately-held company to successfully launch, orbit and recover a spacecraft. The same year, Nenad become resident at famous Belgrade club 20/44. Nenad is not responsible for many of these events, nonetheless, he is constantly on the move.



III -- Dusty Kid's third album -- is a cinematic experience of almost two hours listening conceived as a single piece of music, like a wall of bricks that strictly belong to each other to give the whole album a well-defined story. The album, mixed by using a few different vintage consoles and recording everything on a reel-to-reel tape in order to get a more alive and lo-fi result, moves toward a very underground feeling. There are no easy-listening melodies, but it rather sounds like a saga of dirty, confused, delirious, sometimes bizarre and ridiculous, very dark techno moments. III recalls a noir-horror-fantasy movie. The sinister calm of the opening, made of the leftfield acid ambient landscapes and industrial noises of the first four tracks, announces that something is going to happen and leads the listener into a further level of the game where entrance is initially restrained by a man at the door, "He Won't Let You In." Then comes "Leather Bears Cinematic Suite." The five-track "suite" is a deep journey into '90s techno with its first track, "Doom," being an almost metallurgical hell as the listener climbs the stairs that will lead him into the main scene. "Pandemonium" and "Dark Room" really seem to drive the listener inside a wonderfully-painted idea of what's going on in there. As the listener takes the "Exit 12," the journey goes even deeper into the '90s techno sound. "Yota Wave" is in fact a skillfully grotesque recreation of a futuristic techno trance experimentalism of the early Plus 8 records. "In the Wood" sounds like a track recorded from the radio with a poor quality cassette, the triad "Prelude," "Omega Y," and "Omega X" flow into each other, but in a concentric way, as if they were part of a single planetary system. "Escape" follows in the same key as the previous triad with a flying ethereal atmosphere followed by a massive tribal anthem as "Idklip" simply explodes. "Ending" leads the listener to the light at the end of this journey.



VA: Jackpot Dub: Rare Dubs from Jackpot Records 1974-1976 CD (JRCD 052CD) 14.00
The productions of producer Bunny "Striker" Lee were so extensive in the early to mid-1970s that labels were created just to handle his ever-expanding output. Three labels that came about during this time when dub was king were Jackpot, Justice, and Attack. Here, Jamaican Recordings look at the Jackpot label and have compiled a collection of some of its finest dub cuts. Jackpot Records was formed in the early 1970s as a subsidiary of Trojan Records to handle the output from the hit-maker from Jamaica, Bunny "Striker" Lee. Bunny was present at the birth of dub and worked closely with dub master King Tubby. Having his masters stored at Tubby's allowed his rhythms to be worked on by Tubby, whether it was to remix or add vocals to an existing tape, and the new interest in the dubbed version would see the next single being worked on for its version side. Jamaican Recordings have gathered here what they think are some of the best dub cuts from this label and era. CD includes four bonus tracks.


VA: Jackpot Dub: Rare Dubs from Jackpot Records 1974-1976 LP (JRLP 052LP) 14.00
LP version.


JD 003CD

PRAN NATH, PANDIT: Midnight: Raga Malkauns 2CD (JD 003CD) 25.00
2014 restock. Just Dreams is the label of La Monte Young and Marian Zazeela. This Pandit Pran Nath double CD was released in 2002 and features two long live performance ragas from 1971 and 1976 by this legendary Indian vocalist. The first version of "Raga Malkauns" is from 1971, and was recorded in SF with accompaniment by: Terry Riley (tabla), Ann Riley (tambura) & Simone Forti (tambura). The 1976 version of "Raga Malkauns" on disc 2 was recorded in NYT and features: K. Paramjyoti (tabla), La Monte Young (tambura) & Marian Zazeela (tambura). Sensational, timeless music preserved in the finest detail, at last. There's a lot of celestial hype in the world of music, but the music of Pandi Pran Nath travels all corridors of the universe. "Two full-CD recordings of 'Raga Malkauns' by Pandit Pran Nath, accompanied by full texts of the vocal compositions presented in Devanagri script, phonetic English, word-by-word translation, and poetic interpretation by Sri Karunamayee, a longtime senior disciple of the Master."



ASOK: Poltergeist 12" (MOSDEEP 018EP) 12.50
Stu Robinson aka ASOK is the man behind house and techno label Scenery Records. Opening up his Poltergeist EP is "Project Poltergeist," a fizzing brew of incessant hi-hats and prominent acid lines that duck and dive between nicely roughshod claps. "Smash Dimensions" places lots of focus on a lively acid wiggle, but this time dealing in a more serene sense of mood that loosely chucks open and closed hi-hats into a grainy arrangement that gently jacks throughout. "Walker" takes us on a cerebral voyage through melodic droplets and "Captain Blood" pairs a dirty, gnarly bass line with crisp cowbell tinkles and more nicely frayed percussion.



OFFICER!: Ossification LP (MEGA 025LP) 20.00
Officer! is either Mick Hobbs (The Work, Family Fodder, Half Japanese) alone or Mick Hobbs with friends. Ossification is like an amazing party held at This Heat's Cold Storage Studio, with friends like Felix Fiedorowicz, Tom Cora, Tim Hodgkinson, Bill Gilonis, Zeena Parkins, Patrick Q, and Catherine Jauniaux. The output of this party is one of the most unusual, pleasurable, and character-filled "pop" records anyone has heard. Fourteen songs that contain the spirit of pop, rock, classical, medieval, avant garde, R.I.O., The Work, Family Fodder, This Heat, Look de Bouk, Legendary Pink Dots, Henry Cow, and more. Ossification is a timeless anomaly in the history of recorded music. Limited to 700 copies on 180 gram vinyl with an insert. Remastered by Tim Dimuzio. Recorded in This Heat's Cold Storage Studio in 1984.



CATH & PHIL TYLER: Dumb Supper LP (MIE 006LP) 23.00
2011 release. Originally released on CD in 2008 by No-Fi Recordings. Cath & Phil Tyler have been stars of the Northeast underground scene for the past three years, sharing stages with Six Organs Of Admittance, Papa M, Charalambides, and many more. Dumb Supper was originally released to critical acclaim in 2008 by No-Fi Recordings and the record now sees a re-release on 180 gram vinyl by MIE Music. Cath is a renowned teacher on the Sacred Harp singing circuit. Sacred Harp is vigorous community singing of a particular collection of four-part harmony hymns (from the 19th century book The Sacred Harp) usually for closed as opposed to public performances. It has been described as "a cross between Gregorian chanting and bluegrass" and elements of its stylings appear in the duo's recordings. Cath and Phil's music beautifully blends the hard-edged traditions of primitive Americana and English folk, using guitar, banjo, fiddle and more, all topped with their searing vocals and sublime harmonies. Their songs speak of grit, blood and guts, tenderness, love and death. Cath and Phil believe in folk retaining its original storytelling function, passing on tales through the centuries. In their words, "These songs came to us by way of Lena Bourne Fish, Hattie Hicks Presnell, Homer Cornett, Eleazar Tillett, and Martha Etheridge (Anne and Frank Warner Collection); the Sacred Harp... We changed some of the words and wrote some of the tunes." All the songs on the album are adaptations of songs they have unearthed or which have been passed on to them through family members, musical collaborators, and their own love of the original information highway, folk music. Cath and Phil Tyler's take on folk sees a refreshing return to traditional folk at its rawest; reinstating grit, virtuosity, authenticity and mesmeric, powerful performance to this timeless genre. Pressed on 180 gram vinyl and housed in a heavy duty sleeve. Includes inner card. Edition of 300 copies only.


2011 release. Yaguà Ovy is the first collaboration between the sublime noise artist Daniel Menche and Anla Courtis, the Argentinean experimental guitarist and founder of Reynols. Based around the Argentinean mythology of the werewolf, or "the blue dog" that lives on the "land without evil" of Mbya-Guarani, Yaguà Ovy shows Menche and Courtis at their commanding best, whipping up a cacophony of primal and natural noise from all manner of objects and instruments. Menche draws out the sound and resonances found lying in snow and rocks while Courtis bewitches pizza sauce cans and his guitar, creating this mind-flaying homage to the mythical wolf. Alan Courtis (aka Anla Courtis) was born in 1972 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he still lives. He was a founding member of Reynols and has many releases on labels all across the world. He has toured extensively internationally and has collaborated with musicians such as Pauline Oliveros, Otomo Yoshihide, Jim O'Rourke, Mats Gustafsson, Rick and Alan Bishop, Toshimaru Nakamura, and Lasse Marhaug. Courtis' music always has strong experimental sense and is based on high-skilled techniques of prepared sound, tape manipulations, processing of field recordings, live electronics, objects, cymbals, synthesizers, computer tools, playing traditional (both acoustic and electric) instruments as well as self-built, strange and unusual instruments (unstringed guitar, for example). In a genre known for its randomness and chaotic structure, Daniel Menche has established himself as a musician with an uncharacteristic sense of focus and determination. Rather than creating "noise," he strives for order and cohesiveness. Aural intensity is not a representation of confusion or the chaotic, but a concerted effort to provoke and stimulate the listener's imagination by generating intensely powerful sounds and music. Daniel Menche's work originates from the idea that there is no restriction to potential sound sources, especially in terms of a sound's potential sonic energy. Self-made recorded sound sources, instruments, and percussion can all be equally harnessed in creating a living and emotional feeling within Daniel Menche's contemporary work. Any and all sounds are possible conduits to music. There are absolutely no barriers or biases in what can be used. In Yaguà Ovy these two unique artists have come together for the first time and have made a record of stunning primordial beauty. Pressed on 180 gram vinyl in a limited run of 500 copies for the world. The long-time Menche collaborator and artist Eric Stotik did the stunning artwork. Pressed on 180 gram vinyl.


2011 release. MIE Music is extremely proud to be reissuing on vinyl one of the finest gems in Part Wild Horses Mane on Both Sides' astounding back catalog. Poisson was originally released by Rayon Recs in a run of 50 cassettes in 2009, hardly seeing the light of day before it sold out, and it is now released in a run of 500 180 gram LPs with striking artwork by the band. This edition comes with an extra track, "Seven Seasons of Weeping," recorded with Harappian Night Recordings. Droning and looping flute, scattering drums, cyclical patterns, and inaudible mutterings.


YOUNGS, RICHARD: Amaranthine LP (MIE 009LP) 23.00
2012 release. MIE are delighted to be releasing the excellent Amaranthine by prolific UK experimental musician Richard Youngs. Bringing rhythm to the fore, Amaranthine is built around layered percussion and Youngs' ever-present vocals. The asymmetrically patterned underlay is scored for drums, household objects and handheld percussion; at points scything fuzz guitar cuts through the sense of ritual with abandon and deep synths bubble up out of nowhere before dissipating into solo shakuhachi. Amaranthine is another typically atypical Youngsian release in which he ventures deep into uncharted musical space, all the while retaining his essential Youngs-ness.


CHORD: Gmaj7 LP (MIE 011LP) 23.00
2012 release. Chord, previously released on Neurot Recordings and Important Records, are a drone collective based in Chicago, IL, featuring members of Pelican, X-Bax, and Sacred Cities, who explore the minutiae of single-chord compositions. On this release, they approach the G-major 7 chord over the two sides of an LP with radically different styles. "Stasis" (one approach), and "Kinesis" (and the other). "Kinesis" also features Pat Samson, the former drummer for Chicago noise rockers US Maple, and is the first time Chord have recorded with a drummer. About Gmaj7: This G-rooted non-dominant seventh chord presents itself as a major/major seventh consisting of root (G), major third (B), perfect fifth (D), and major seventh (F#). The appearance of movement is created here by emphasizing different dyads present in various voicings of the chord, yet the chord itself is always used harmonically rather than melodically. Gmaj7 was arranged and performed by Kyle Benjamin, Phil Dole, Jason Hoffman, Sean McCarthym, and Trevor Shelley-de Brauw. Drums on "Kinesis" by Patrick Samson. It was recorded and mixed by Greg Norman at Studio Greg Studios, and mastered by Carl Saff. The LP is limited to a run of 300 copies and packaged in a deluxe screen printed cover designed by Delicious Design League and printed by Heavy Rock Printing.


HALLOCK HILL: The Union/A Hem of Evening 2LP/BOOK (MIE 012LP) 29.00
2012 release. Named one of the ten best solo acoustic guitar albums of the year by The Out Door and a top ten album of the year by The Liminal, Tom Lecky's debut album as Hallock Hill elicited a powerful response when it was first released on CD by Hundred Acre Recordings in 2011. The album's unique assembly of stacked and layered acoustic, electric and lap steel guitars delivered a new kind of studio improvisation: pieces that were spontaneously made, yet feel composed, pieces that glide from harmonious to dissonant in the instances where their improvisations swerve around one another and occasionally collide. MIE Music brings The Union to vinyl for the first time as a double LP, paired with Hallock Hill's album A Hem of Evening: six interlocking acoustic pieces that extend the structural themes of The Union's central acoustic tracks. Lecky again builds a range of overlapping improvisations and twisted melodic weavings, but here within a more naked and spare atmosphere. Where some of the tracks on The Union were structured by continually stacking great density of sound and involutions, the tracks on A Hem of Evening work with a different geometry. Air and space: expansion of themselves within themselves, rather than an expansion coming from additional voices. In the words of Fluid Radio's Andy Gillham, A Hem of Evening shows "a canny ability to build meaningful musical structure from free-form composition." A book of prose poems and photographs based on these pieces accompanies the LP. The Union and A Hem of Evening are released as a double LP in a deluxe gatefold sleeve with the A Hem of Evening book in an edition of 300 copies.



RAINER VEIL: New Brutalism 12" (LOVE 092EP) 18.00
Liam Morley and Dan Valentine aka Rainer Veil return with New Brutalism, an exploration of angular, brittle club music. Referencing the stripped-down, utilitarian aesthetic of Brutalist architecture, the five tracks here mine looped, blocky source material gradually embellished with more complex, percussive and atmospheric layers that are at once robust and introspective. From the opening woodblock/rave dismantling of "UK Will Not Survive" to the heady hardcore of "Three Day Jag," the EP evokes a distinctly Northern British Weltanschauung.


JACK DICE: Sip Paint 12" (LOVE 093EP) 18.00
The second EP from Jack Dice throws stylistic references to everything from Prince's Black Album to The Art Of Noise, Drake, Philip Jeck and Evian Christ's "DUGA 3" sessions. "Stash's Theme" features rapper and producer Stash Marina, a track that deploys crisp triplets and mainstream signatures on the one hand, and a world of analog/deviant recording techniques on the other. Available here in both vocal and instrumental versions. The other tracks are more subdued and immersive; you could draw lines straight through the material here to a number of different projects Twells has been involved with, though he seems to benefit immeasurably from Chambliss' presence.



GO FIND, THE: Brand New Love CD (MORR 126CD) 15.50
What previous The Go Find records only hinted at becomes very apparent on their fourth album: the band stirs a big chunk of love for '80s pop music into 21st century pop songs. On Brand New Love, the decade of the New Romantics shimmers through in every song. But The Go Find treats those classic '80s sounds in a surprisingly fresh manner: a mix of indie, electronics and some smooooth synth-loving, combined with the already well-known The Go Find sound. Listen to the opening track "Jungle Heart," for instance: when the swirly synths pop in, the song turns into a dance track: your feet won't be able to resist the beat. "The Lobby" is "Sexual Healing" finding new ways to dance with I "Want to Know What Love Is": The Go Find surprises us with this beautiful track about someone who's tired of waiting for that special someone. If the lyrics weren't so plain heartbreaking, it just as well might become a song you'd like to hear at your wedding. The synth bass in "Your Heart" that surfaces halfway through the song makes you want to drive your car through a hot Italian summer night, while "We Run" is hazy as clouds of morning mist that are about to evaporate in the first beams of sunlight. "The Message" sounds catchy and harbors a wonderful guitar interlude. "Japan" is all about the girls winning, and "Summer Boys" is a beautiful song about a friendship between young boys. It's hard not to fall in love with this record. So don't be too surprised when Brand New Love grows into your brand new love. Just listen and "follow what you feel," as Lou Barlow urges us to do in his fantastic (Sebadoh) song of the same name.


MC 003EP

CROWDPLEASER: Nenekri Remixe 12" (MC 003EP) 12.50
Multi Culti remix resurrection of a buried Swiss-Afro diamond from Crowdpleaser, featuring impressive mixes from Kalabrese, Mickey Moonlight, the Multi Culti production gurus and Crowdpleaser himself. Crowdpleaser's 2011 self-titled album contained a brilliant anomaly in "Nenekri," featuring a unique vocal performance from Burkina Faso native Wamian Kaïd. The Crowdpleaser Dub finally gets the 12" space it always deserved, served up alongside Mickey Moonlight and a host of impressive new mixes. Kalabrese's remix gets a fresh DJ-friendly edit that hones in on the funk and flirts with the acid. Finally, label-heads Angelo Cruzman and Thomas Von Party bring an ecstatic early morning version.



MASIN, GIGI: Talk to the Sea 2LP (MFM 002LP) 30.50
The highly-anticipated second release from the Music From Memory label takes you into the world of Italian musician Gigi Masin. Part of only a small and very much underground music scene in his hometown of Venice, Gigi Masin self-released two modestly pressed LPs, Wind (1986) and Wind Collector (1991), and appeared alongside Charles Hayward for the Sub Rosa compilation LP Les Nouvelles Musiques De Chambre Volume 2 (1988). Having met with little commercial success in Italy at the time, Gigi Masin's solo albums remained for the most part totally unknown. His music has though in recent years, and seemingly by pure word of mouth, developed almost something of a cult following. Gigi Masin's uniquely intricate and at times deeply emotive compositions take the listener into a realm of contemplation, a spellbound mind state where time and space appear to dissolve. His sparse and hypnotic often loop-based compositions seem to draw parallels with Detroit techno's earliest beginnings, all at once conjuring those same feelings of both melancholic longing and ecstatic joy. With access to Masin's large body of work, far greater than that of the handful of released recordings, Music From Memory's new compilation covers a period of over 30 years, from the mid-1980s up until recent works. Including 17 compositions, most of which have remained unreleased or unavailable until now, Talk to the Sea aims to shine a light on Gigi Masin's unique and heartfelt talent. This is electronic music from the soul.


NP 004LP

BIRDS OF DELAY: A Living Room At The Bottom Of A Lake LP (NP 004LP) 25.00
This is the 2009 release from Birds Of Delay, the duo of London-based Luke Younger and Berlin-based Steven Warwick, who have since gone on to individually release work under their solo projects Helm and Heatsick, respectively. As Birds Of Delay, releasing on labels such as Chocolate Monk, American Tapes, Troniks, Hospital Productions and their own Alcoholic Narcolepsy, they had been crafting and sculpting their psychedelic-electronic-noise-drone sound for over half a decade. But who cares and what does that sound description mean anyway? If you ask them, they'll simply tell you A Living Room At The Bottom Of A Lake is a projection into a total rainbow bliss zone. Edition of 240 copies.

NP 005LP

WASTELAND JAZZ UNIT: Space Denial LP (NP 005LP) 25.00
2009 release. Wasteland Jazz Unit is Jon Lorenz and John Rich on saxophone and clarinet. The first full length of this apocalyptic Cincinnati, OH duo is simply akin to the sonic equivalent of pouring molten silver (at 700°C) inside an ear. Space Denial is a powerful destructive trip pushing all the limits of reed electronic manipulations to areas and heights only explored by the mighty Borbetomagus. Edition of 190 copies.

NP 007LP

ASTREINTE: C'est Pourquoi Il Importe, Aux Époques D'adversité De Demeurer Intérieurement Fort Et Sobre De Paroles LP (NP 007LP) 25.00
2009 release. No one knows or will ever know who Astreinte are and what their story is. If ever told, they'll be immediately elevated to cult status considering their personal backgrounds and live shows. Astreinte is a five to nine member collective delivering a totally deafening sonic wall assault directly inspired by Japanese legends such as Hijokaidan or CCCC. The group mainly consists of hippies, crust punks, industrialists, garage rockers and a jazz fanatic. Dwelling in and around Pau, in the south west of France, near the Pyrenees and the Spanish border, their very scarce and violent live appearances have been greeted with comparatively aggressive and emotionally charged reactions. This is their debut LP as a nine piece (vocals, guitar, bass, trumpet, drums, two synths, electronics). Edition of 190 copies with insert.

NP 008LP

SLITHER: Alien Column LP (NP 008LP) 25.00
2009 release. Alien Column is the first full length LP by the thick-smoke-filled-Michigan-basement duo of Chris Pottinger (Odd Clouds, Cotton Museum and the Tasty Soil label) and Heath Moerland (Sick Llama, Cygnus, Drug Abuse and the Fag Tapes label). Often described as a post-Wolf Eyes combo, Slither offer a mutant take on free jazz through their multiple electronics manipulations and dual horn tandem (alto saxophone and clarinet). Additional proof of why Michigan is currently (supposedly) the BEST place to be on Earth. Edition of 240 copies.



BACHMAN, DANIEL: Oh Be Joyful LP (OKF 003LP) 15.00
2012 release. "This is the second full length LP by steel string guitarist Daniel Bachman (who formerly recorded and performed as Sacred Harp). Though young in years, he plays with a technical facility and emotional depth equal to that of the greatest fingerstylists. His discography is already full of strong releases, but this new recording is the first I've heard to fully capture the intimate beauty that many have witnessed in his live acoustic performances across the country. Authenticity has been a issue that has plagued folk music for much of the 20th century and these days anyone can pick up a style that was previously known only to a few mountainfolk. While Bachman's playing is surely reminiscent of the spiritual searching sound of Robbie Basho, and indeed the spectre of Fahey looms large, he is no Johnny-come-lately. There is a real open and, dare we say, 'Psychedelic' vibe to Bachman's playing that elevates it out of the realm of tradition and into the 'now.'"


OT 005EP

BARKING DOGS, THE: Limit Without Patience 12" (OT 005EP) 12.50
Long-time friends and allies of JD Twitch, Milan's Barking Dogs run the fantastic Serendeepity record shop in the basement of which lies their analog sonic laboratory where they create live mutant funk masterpieces. "Funk" is an often mis-applied term, but these tracks ooze it from every pore, and you can literally hear the Dogs wrestling it out of their machines. Eccentric for sure, but certified dancefloor winners for those bored to death with generic, lifeless, clinical dancefloor fodder.



MOD.CIVIL: Opto Watts 12" (ORN 028EP) 14.00
Atmospheric, dubbed-out machine funk from Mod.Civil.


OP 004CD

VTGNIKE: Dubna CD (OP 004CD) 17.00
Nicolas Jaar's very own Other People label returns with yet another discovery from their artist roster. This time it's a Juke by mysterious Russian producer VTGNIKE, which is pronounced Vintage Nike.

OP 004LP

VTGNIKE: Dubna LP (OP 004LP) 23.00
LP version.



VA: A Fistful of Fuzz LP (PART 4020LP) 22.00
Originally issued in a tiny edition 15 years ago, this legendary compilation assembles some of the most fuzz-drenched obscurities to have emerged from late 60s America. From Arizona to New York, Rhode Island to Texas, there's enough attitude here to fuel teenage angst for centuries to come. This mind-blowing set comes complete with background notes and rare photos, making it truly essential for garage psych addicts. Pressed on 180 gram vinyl.


VA: For A Few Fuzz Guitars More LP (PART 4030LP) 22.00
LP version. Originally issued in a tiny edition well over a decade ago, this outstanding compilation maintains the sky-high quality of its legendary predecessor A Fistful of Fuzz. Gathering 20 of the most fuzz-drenched obscurities to have emerged from late '60s America and beyond, it's a feast for fans of psychedelic garage rock, and comes complete with background notes and rare photos. Remastered sound Artists include: The Purple Sun, Velvet Haze, The Golden Grass, Bare Facts, The Ritual, Sherman Marshall, Smith Vinson, Rochelle Rosenthal & The Kickball Queen, Goodly Rubenson, The Living End, Super Band, Peacepipe, The Dystraction, Fowl, White Lightnin', Twiggs, The Attack, Sounds Synonymous, The Sub, and The Outrage.


POGUS 21072

LUCIER, ALVIN: Still and Moving Lines: Decibel Perform Compositions by Alvin Lucier CD (POGUS 21072) 13.00
"Pogus is absolutely delighted to offer this new release featuring Australian new music ensemble Decibel performing four works by Alvin Lucier, three of which are previously unrecorded. 'Ever Present' (2002) (the only work offered here that has been recorded before) is for flute, saxophone, and piano with slow sweep pure wave oscillator and is considered by many to be Lucier's most musical work. 'Carbon Copies' (1989) is for saxophone, piano, flute, and playback; the work investigates musicians imitating their environments. 'Hands' (1994) is for organ with four players. The performers use their hands to subtly alter the harmonics produced from the pipes of an organ. 'Shelter' (1967) is for vibration pickups, amplification system, and enclosed space, and finds Lucier offering the sounds from outside a performance space. All these works are amazing examples of Alvin Lucier's fertile mind and exploring, experimental sensibility. One of the true originals." Performed by: Cat Hope (flute, alto flute, organ); Lindsay Vickery (saxophone, organ, MaxMSP programming); Stuart James (piano, organ); Malcolm Riddoch (electronic playback, MaxMSP performance, organ).



VA: Prologue Portefeuille 3 12" (PRG 034EP) 14.00
Prologue continues with #3 in the Portefeuille series. First up is Etapp Kyle, who recently released on Ben Klock's Klockworks with an unbelievable emotional techno track. The second track is a completely new producer face from Italy called Mod21. Mod21 delivers a biological living techno monster. Last up is Artefakt with deep melancholic grooves for the dancefloor.



VA: Love, Peace & Poetry - African Psychedelic Music LP (QDK 046LP) 16.50
Restocked; LP version, full color gatefold sleeve. "This is volume eight of the Love, Peace & Poetry series. Many records on this compilation are from South Africa, but it also covers countries such as Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and Zambia. As in the other six volumes of this series the tracks are only taken from rare LP's and some fetches prices over $1500 for an original. The biggest problem with original records from African countries are finding them in good condition. The turntables where very very poor and the hot and humid climate does not preserve records very good. Sometimes termites eaten away complete record covers. In addition earthquakes, sandstorms, floods, wars, revolutions and other heavy influences made it hard to release albums and keep them in good shape since the late 60's. All this makes this compilation very special beside the amazing good music. The Bands: Abstract Truth / A-Cads / Flames / Freedoms Children / McCully Workshop / Third Eye / Those Five / Suck / Otis Waygood Ten Light Claps / Wildebeest / Mack Sigis Porter / Blo / Ofege / Quentin E Klopjaeger / Rikki Ililonga / Chrissy Zebby Tembo & Ngozi Family.



GLENN, JEREMY: Wait For The Night 12" (QUINTESSE 037EP) 12.50
Jeremy Glenn goes deeper on this four-track EP for Quintessentials. The title-track is anchored by a pulsing organ bass line, complimented by dark, pitched-down vocals, simple lead lines and the occasional falsetto from Glenn. On the B-side, Glenn moves more into classic house territory with "Jump the Fire," which explores life, death, truth and falsehood, culminating in a pounding chorus complete with Glenn's signature R&B vocal style. To complete the package, J. Wiltshire remixes "Jump the Fire" and takes it straight to the club. The final track is a more down-tempo disco-house groove more in tune with Glenn's earlier nu-disco work.



NOCHEXXX: Thrusters 2LP (RAMP 057LP) 29.00
Nochexxx's long-awaited debut album Thrusters. Vinyl copies extremely limited.


RCD 2152CD

HENRIKSEN, ARVE: Chron + Cosmic Creation 2CD (RCD 2152CD) 21.00
Cosmic Creation follows and expands upon Arve Henriksen's 2013 album Places of Worship (RCD 2147CD/RLP 3147LP), a series of tone poems and mood pieces located around religious buildings and ruins. With Cosmic Creation he has gone beyond physical place to an audio exploration of pure rapture, contemplation and universal origins. His latest piece, in eight parts, enters deep space and time to convey a powerful sense of the eternal. Born in Norway and currently living in Sweden, Arve Henriksen was known for many years as a distinctive trumpet player and improvisor. He played in various jazz ensembles in his youth before co-forming Supersilent in 1997, a prolific free music group with Helge Sten (Deathprod) and Ståle Storløkken, which is still ongoing. His trumpet, augmented with effects and electronics, has appeared with David Sylvian, Terje Rypdal, Nils Petter Molvær, Jon Balke, Terje Isungset and Iain Ballamy's Food. With Supersilent he recently collaborated with former Led Zeppelin bassist John Paul Jones. In parallel he has created a series of exquisite and distinctive solo recordings since 2001 (released on Rune Grammofon and ECM), which feature a combination of electronic textures, digital treatments and a dazzling collection of horns, woodwinds, ethnic instruments, percussion, keyboards and occasionally his mournful, yearning singing voice. Henriksen's music reflects both the stunning beauty of virgin wilderness and the shifting, cosmopolitan environments experienced by the 21st century traveler. Cosmic Creation is released in a double set with Chron, an album which was first released as part of 2012's Solidification (RLP 2137LP) retrospective box set on Rune Grammofon. If Cosmic Creation is about timelessness, Chron is very much rooted in the modern world and the here and now, with most of its source material derived from field recordings Arve made while touring the globe, or recordings made in hotel rooms, airports and other urban locations. Taken together, the two albums give a full picture of Arve's extraordinary breadth of vision as an artist.



MARIO & VIDIS (FEAT. BARBAROSSA): Undercover 12" (SILENCE 019EP) 14.00
Three cover versions glaring with love and respect for Justin Vernon, Prince Rogers Nelson, and Terence Trent Howard. Remixes by Vidis and dOP.


SI 107BK

WALKER/JOHAN KUGELBERG, LANCE SCOTT: Houston Rap Tapes Book (SI 107BK) 24.00
"Houston Rap Tapes is the companion to Houston Rap, Peter Beste's intimate photo book on this important hip hop culture. Houston Rap Tapes complements Beste's photography with a series of oral histories conducted by writer Lance Scott Walker. The book features exclusive interviews with legendary producers and MCs such as Bun B, Willie D, Paul Wall, Z-Ro, Big Mike, DJ DMD, K-Rino, Salih Williams and Lil' Troy, alongside stories from old school masters like MC Wickett Crickett and Rick Royal. The life stories of the Houston rap scene are also represented by an assortment of radio and club personalities, impresarios, ex-pimps, former drug dealers and members of the community. Lance Scott Walker and Peter Beste spent nine years documenting the most influential style in twenty-first-century hip hop and the vibrant inner-city culture from which it stems." 283 pages; softcover.



LOTHAR, CLIFF: White 05 12" (SKUDGEW 005EP) 12.50
Cliff Lothar comes clean with a somewhat darker take on his trademark sound. With "Murked Out" we're reminded of "Dro Friday," but the Halloween version. "Tangaxuan II" is equally funky but dwells further in a deep and bleepy fashion that invokes the early Warp catalog spirit, while "Audiomess" enhances that feeling. Concluding this four-tracker comes the mostly gruesome "Darkhole Gloryroom," which uses high contrasts to convey schizophrenic moves on the dancefloor -- a perfect testimony to what Skudge stands for after a year of unusual journeys.



STL: At Disconnected Moments CD (SMALL 008CD) 17.00
Stephan Laubner aka STL is a myth. A legend. Releasing music on Perlon, Smallville and his own label Something, he became a secret star to the worldwide scene of contemporary techno and house music. But still he seems to be an unknown person. On his new album for Smallville Records, STL is back with a deep excursion into dubbed-out science of sound. What makes the sound of STL so special? What is behind those deep 4/4 tracks that make you feel like not staying on this planet anymore? There is a secret behind all of it. The depth of certain sounds, some almost hidden samples, the structure -- Stephan Laubner is a scientist who creates a mystic microcosm around every tune. On the eighth Smallville album, STL dives deep into echo spaces. Whether you call the facade dub or house music, purists will find this realness -- the authentic echoes, the perfect mixing. But Laubner breaks through the wall with a deeply touching Rhodes melody or some alienated sounds reaching your mind like messages from the beyond. This music is talking to you, it seduces you. And once you're into it, once you're feeling it, you want to stay forever.



JOHNSTON, RICHARD: Foot Hill Stomp CD (STAGO 046CD) 15.50
Richard Johnston was born in Houston Texas. He studied Sociology and Philosophy at San Diego State University. Left for Japan, studied at Gifu University for a year and stayed an additional four years as a burgeoning musician. When he was invited to perform at the first Blues Stock in Memphis in 1997, he returned home. He was scheduled to perform with someone he had not heard of at the time: Junior Kimbrough. Junior no-showed due to health reasons. Out of curiosity, Richard found his way to a little out-of-the-way joint in Chulahoma where he heard Junior's band The Soul Blues Boys, minus Junior, playing the music that would forever change his life: north Mississippi hill country blues -- a rockin' and very hypnotic style of the blues. The world took notice of the music of Northern Mississippi when music archeologist Robert Palmer released his Deep Blues documentary in the early '90s to great critical acclaim. This led to recording contracts for R.L. Burnside, Junior Kimbrough, and Frank Frost, who soon released records on the newly-founded Fat Possum Records. A few years later Junior Kimbrough opened a juke joint called Junior's Place in Chulahoma, MS. Junior, for the most part, was not physically able to tour. To hear Junior play you had to go to Mississippi. Rock bands such as The Rolling Stones, Sonic Youth, and U2 all made pilgrimages. When Junior Kimbrough died in 1998, Richard Johnston (who by then was an adopted son of the Hemphill/Kimbrough clan) approached Junior's band The Soul Blues Boys (basically consisting of Kimbrough's kids and nephews) about continuing the Sunday dances. And so it happened that a white guitarist and a black rhythm section rocked the joint until it burned to the ground in 2000. Johnston went back to Beale Street with nothing but an acoustic guitar and a heart full of hill country blues. A year later, Richard Johnston won the 2001 International Blues Talent competition award, the last solo act to beat all bands (now the competition is separated into solo/band). He also won the 2001 Albert King award as most promising blues guitarist. Ever since then, you can hear him play in front of the New Daisy Theatre on Beale Street in Memphis working as a street musician and one-man band -- as Richard is playing guitar, bass and drums simultaneously. His debut album, Foot Hill Stomp, originally released in 2002, was recorded with the help of Jesse Mae Hemphill, Cedric Burnside, Mark Simpson, and Robert "Nighthawk" Tooms. Loaded with standards from the north Mississippi hill country, the locomotive power of Foot Hill Stomp has the raw rhythmic drive of a primal entity that will infuse itself into the dark, primitive recesses of your primordial senses. Or: That guy sure can play!


SA 005CD

LUCY: Churches Schools and Guns CD (SA 005CD) 17.00
Churches Schools and Guns -- a provocative name for a provocative techno album from one of the genre's most consistently intriguing producers, Lucy. This, his second solo album, pushes forward from his debut full-length, 2011's Wordplay for Working Bees, and firmly establishes him in a league of his own. Over the past few years, Lucy's label, Stroboscopic Artefacts, has became a watchword for techno's vanguard -- providing a platform for new artists pushing at the genre's boundaries and a harbor for some of the most experimental work from names you already recognize. Lucy's progress as a producer has followed that same trajectory, moving from relatively straightforward dancefloor-driven material to deeper, murkier places. Churches Schools and Guns continues on, a collection of 12 tracks that sound, more than anything else, like the act of searching.

SA 021EP

LUCY: Churches Schools and Guns Remixed 12" (SA 021EP) 14.00
Stroboscopic Artefacts bring you a remix selection of tracks from Lucy's forthcoming LP Churches Schools and Guns (SA 005CD). First up is the unsettled edit of "Catch Twenty Two" by Shapednoise, littered with opaque utterances of sonic thrust and standing stoutly on an unpredictable and emotional structure of aural dissonance. Donato Dozzy presents his version of "The Illusion of Choice," bounding along like a train through the jungle. The remix of "Laws and Habits" by Milton Bradley zips along with delicate hi-hats and an elastic groove. Last is Eomac's rework of "The Self as Another," bringing the record to a resonant conclusion.


SF 087LP

VA: Rajasthan Street Music 2LP (SF 087LP) 25.50
"Swathed in hundreds of miles of snaking hinterland, the northwestern Indian state of Rajasthan is a giant canvas for the imagination of the wanderers it gives home to. Through the stark reaches of the vast Thar Desert, Rajasthan shares borders as well as bloodlines with the Pakistani provinces of Sindh and Punjab to the west and the Indian state of Gujarat to the south. The state's rough history and harsh environment is heavily reflected in the Rajasthani people and Marwari tribal culture; centuries of continuous invasions, epic battles, brutal slaughterings and various rulings by Scythians, Mauryans, Satraps, Gurjars, Mughals, Rajputs and the British have left their traces in local folklore in the shape of storytelling, songs and plays. In Rajasthan's modern-day avatar, daily life is controlled by power failures, lasting droughts, dried-out or diverted rivers and an ever-advancing desertification. These hardships of the past and present have equipped the Rajasthani people with their notoriously resilient and proud character and are clearly voiced in the music of the region. This compilation has been recorded in various cities, villages and remote regions of Rajasthan as part of a two-month road trip seeking found folklore, of which one month was spent in the holy town of Pushkar, where we experienced different aspects of Rajasthani cultural and Hindu religious life. Flexible improvisation, good chance and often pure luck allowed these recordings to happen when musicians of different ages and castes crossed our path along the way. This collection does not focus on the contextual technicalities of musical lineage, castes or styles, and is neither an exhaustive folkloric research project nor an ethnomusicology study; rather, it presents the musical landscape of contemporary Rajasthan on the street level as it was found in 2007-2008, a cross-section of aural environment outside of the academic approach to Rajasthani music that many Western and Indian scholars have already covered in intricate detail. The most important criteria for recording these musicians in their homes (or on the streets) was the personal beauty of raw power in their music." --Seb Bassleer; Limited edition 2LP in a full-color heavy gatefold jacket with images of the musicians and detailed liner-notes by compiler and producer Seb Bassleer.



AMAZING, THE: The Amazing LP (SUBL 034LP) 25.50
2014 restock of their debut release from 2009; LP version. The Amazing fell far from the tree. A natural process: coming together through affection, then slowly crystallizing into a folk-rock- psych-pop- collective slowly pushing, bending, then playing with any preconceived notions of pop. Their debut album is an all-encompassing sonic soundscape of groovy electric folk rock, psychedelic pop and airy acoustic ballads. The core musicians in The Amazing are Christoffer Gunrup (ex-Granada), Reine Fiske (lead guitar wizard in Dungen), Johan Holmegard (drummer in Dungen and Life on Earth!) and Fredrik Swahn (also bass player with Anna Järvinen). The Amazing is a feeling, an organic consequence of something that effortlessly came together, the start of a quite extraordinary tale.


PERSSON, BO ANDERS: Love Is Here to Stay 2LP (SUBL 086LP) 43.00
2LP version housed in a gatefold sleeve including booklet with in-depth informative liner notes and pictures. The early works by Bo Anders Persson presented on this record were written between 1965 and 1967, before he started the experimental rock band Pärson Sound. The CD version is housed in a digipack sleeve including a booklet with in-depth, informative liner-notes and pictures. All but one track is previously-unreleased. What is the origin of this strange, un-place-able music? What is its place in history, in the unfolding of important conceptual ideas, turning musical modernism into something wider, more mysterious and blurred? From where comes the lightness of touch, and how does the transient nature of the sounds correspond to the sense of mourning hidden within the music? What makes the music so exciting and loaded is the feeling of change, both in the actual performances and in the atmosphere of the rooms where the pieces are played. The sounds move freely within the minimal, repetitive structures. There are spaces for breathing and dreaming, turning inside and outside, and a sense of being in between positions. Suddenly, the doors are wide open and radical experiments can take place.


SATURN: Saturn LP (SUBL 102LP) 23.00
Limited edition of 500 copies. Reissue of rare and very special U.S. '70s LP. Includes an insert with a previously untold band history and interviews by Patrick Lundborg (author of The Acid Archives and Psychedelia). Saturn is 1970s "Rhinestone Rock," featuring an expressive disco-influenced female vocalist, invoking powerful visions of '70s couples under mirrored balls in downtown velvet sofa nightclubs decorated with huge day-glow zodiac wall-paintings. A heavy mystic sideshow vibe with undertones of the occult and science fiction. On a superficial mainstream level, the mid-1970s may appear as one of the music scene's less exciting eras, dominated as it was by industry-approved repetition and tired formulas. On the regional and local levels however, the situation was different and more exciting. Live music still dominated in clubs, bars and lounges, and thousands of working bands made a living playing gigs on their regional circuits. The traditional model of mimicking recent top 40 hits had given way to a more complex challenge for club bands, which were now expected to handle a melting pot of sounds that emerged out of the creative explosion of the late '60s. One of the more intriguing works to emerge from this next-step progression came from a Colorado-based outfit called Saturn, who released a self-titled album in 1978 containing only self-penned material. This album was intended more as a showcase for Saturn's talents than a genuine commercial release, but within its grooves dwells several outstanding numbers with a rare, magical atmosphere. Despite their genre-transcending originality, Saturn's demo album hardly made a blip on the radar and remains very rare today, with only a few copies known among collectors.


GLENNGARD, MATS: Kosterlage LP (SUBL 103LP) 29.00
First-ever vinyl reissue of rare and sought-after Swedish psychedelic/progressive/folk underground treasures from the early 1970s. From Swedish folk to epic full-tilt fuzz guitar jams, it's all in here. Originally released in 1972 on the obscure Swedish Gump label, with many talented musicians of the time on board. Led by Mats Glenngård on guitar and fiddle, the album shows an interesting musical transition period before he joined the legendary Kebnekajse. One-time only limited pressing of 600 copies. From the original master tapes and with the original artwork, including previously-unpublished archival pictures and liner-notes by Reine Fiske. Don't miss this one.


BK 002EP

WILSON, CLAY: The Bunker New York 002 12" (BK 002EP) 11.50
Clay Wilson began turning heads with mesmerizing tracks from his home base in Brooklyn in 2013. You can sense the subtle traces of Wilson's avant-garde jazz training in his techno, as well as his deep understanding of the low-end, of arranging and composition, of form. Wilson was already a big fan of The Bunker, and was deeply moved by Bunker sets by Voices From The Lake, Demdike Stare, Peter Van Hoesen, the Interdimensional Transmissions crew, Bee Mask, Atom?, Tobias, and many more. Here are three of Bunker's favorite tracks from Wilson, culled from the pile with help from their resident DJ Eric Cloutier.


WIRE 361

WIRE, THE: #361 March 2014 MAG (WIRE 361) 9.50
"On the cover: Actress (Darren Cunningham's soundworld filters South London angst and atmos into abstract private dance music). Inside the issue: Jandek Redux (Following last month's epic interview with the Corwood Industries enigma, David Keenan continues his search for the riddle wrapped in the mystery); Invisible Jukebox: Ellen Fullman (The long string composer gets tangled up in The Wire's mystery record selection); The Primer: Steve Lacy (A user's guide to the avant jazz strategies, soprano sax chirps and wayward art song of one of improvised music's great inconoclasts). Also: Gnod, Carla Bozulich on Billie Holiday, William Basinski.."



ESCHATON: Ancient Methods & Orphx 12" (TOKEN 038EP) 12.50
Those who are familiar with their techno will know that the genre doesn't get much more intense than it does on the music of Orphx and Ancient Methods. The former are Canadian duo Richard Oddie and Christie Sealey, whose 20 odd years of experience has seen them release an extensive catalog of albums, cassettes and EPs. Formerly a two-piece act, Ancient Methods is now the current solo concern of a Berlin-based artist who has worked alongside Adam X, Kareem, and Regis, and whose music is similarly relentless in tone. The three artists unite under the name Eschaton for a self-titled four-track EP on Token.


CTRLS: Movements 12" (TOKEN 039EP) 12.50
Danish Token representative Ctrls returns with three fierce new tracks. Mechanical rhythms, whip-crack electronic riffs, insistent robot vocals: Ctrls proved to master these sounds very well on his past EPs and he only seems to perfect his skills on this fourth installment. Conventional? Never. Powerful? Always.


TV 003CD

CORTEX: Pourquoi CD (TV 003CD) 15.50
Pourquoi is the third and the rarest album recorded by the French legends of jazz funk, Cortex. Trad Vibe Records presents a new edition, using the original master tapes. Pourquoi was initially recorded in 1978. It sounds like a new side of Cortex: songs are mainly composed around the voice and keyboards of band leader Alain Mion, who also played bass lines on synthesizer. Also, the band gave up live recording to use the beloved Stevie Wonder/Quincy Jones technique of "re-recording." But, in spite of these changes, their groove remains as spontaneous and powerful. The band collaborated with great backing vocalists and other session musicians, such as the great Italian trumpet player Giulio Didio, who performed the funky horn arrangements. There is plenty to enjoy on every track: the ending chorus of "Sans Toi" (which was written by Alain Mion for his wife, Mireille, and is probably the flagship track of the album) comes with a brilliant Rhodes solo that is one of the most emotion-loaded moments of the recording. Meanwhile, "Le Visionnaire" resounds with disco echoes and "Pourquoi" dips into melancholy. "Pauvre Star" rides high with its clavinet bass and drum rhythms, recalling George Benson. A favorite of funk collectors and French jazz lovers for years.

TV 005CD

CORTEX: Vol. 2 CD (TV 005CD) 15.50
Vol. 2 is the second and rarest album recorded by the legendary Cortex, the obscure French jazz and funk group that's been a favorite of collectors for years. Originally released in 1977 and reissued last in 2002 by Follow Me Records, it's now back in stock in a final limited repressing of 500 copies, reissued by Trad Vibe Records under official license from band leader Alain Mion. It really is an absolutely killer album, filled with dope jazz-funk tracks. Unlike their first album, it's all instrumental (save for a few chants on "Poxa"), and it leans even more heavily on the groove side, in a funky Blaxploitation kind of way. The group's got a strong fusion-driven groove on this set -- with plenty of tight drumming, hard riffing, and spacey keyboards that give the tunes a nicely soulful finish. The best tracks are actually the mellower ones, which have a nice use of space and sound -- creating strong little patterns of groove that stand out from the rest of the tracks. Lots of work on Fender Rhodes, mini Korg, Hammond, and clavinet -- and titles include "Poxa," "Datura," "Regina," "Mister J," "Efficace Swing," "Oh Lord," and "Devil's Dance."


TEG 75508CD

LORD FINESSE: Return of the Funky Man CD (TEG 75508CD) 15.00
"Return of the Funky Man is the second album by New York legend Lord Finesse. Released in 1992, this album was very anticipated after his debut on the scene just a few years prior. Having already established himself as a punch-line king capable of humorous storytelling, Return of the Funky Man cemented Finesse as a top notch producer. Tracks such as 'Fat for the 90s' and 'I Like My Girls with a Boom' showed the Funky Man truly living up to his name, both on the mic and behind the boards. After the gruff voiced 'Lord Finesse Intro,' the album goes on for 15 tracks on a nonstop journey of witty word play and top notch production."



ZENKER BROTHERS: Stratus Phunk 12" (TRESOR 267EP) 12.50
Stratus Phunk is an incendiary record, developing the ideas seeded in the Zenker Brothers' first release to their fullest extent. The title-track runs along the entire A-side, building the raw acoustic sounds of wind instruments into a rolling jam which soon becomes an unstoppable locomotive. "Stratus Phunk" is a vintage tune forged in the Tresor basement furnace. On the flip, "Thirty-Who" and "Vamp Like" explore the more splintered dimensions of the Münich-based brothers' work, familiar to whoever follows the releases on their Ilian Tape label.



TIGA VS AUDION: Let's Go Dance (Adam Beyer Remix) 12" (TURBO 153C-EP) 12.50
Just when you thought this release couldn't get any bigger... Swedish techno god Adam Beyer rolls in with a gigantic remix for Turbo, the first thing he's done for the Canadian label since his Stockholm Mix Sessions CD back in 2002. The energy swells and builds without ever breaking down completely, the train has left the station and it's not stopping for anyone, ever. Guaranteed massive... the only question is whether your party is big enough to contain this.



PYE CORNER AUDIO: Black Mill Tapes Volumes 1-4 3CD (TYPE 118CD) 23.50
A 45-track, triple CD set collecting all four volumes of the Black Mill Tapes series from Pye Corner Audio. Audio re-mastered by Matt Colton. Housed in a triple jewel case. Lurking in the shadows between deep house, slow techno, Carpenter soundtracks and classic electronica, these sibling albums transcend genres with hallucinatory, shape-shifting effect, trudging from the pastoral whimsy of the first volumes to a darker, less certain point on the horizon. They could just as easily soundtrack a thriller about Balearic drug dealers as a sleazy, modern film noir set in Glasgow or some cosmic sci-fi adventure, spiking stealthy bass grooves with richly visual darkwave motifs and moments of beat-less, flickering neon ambient. Arguably, it's some of the most evocative analog electronica since AFX's SAW II and BoC's Music Has The Right To Children, a masterful balance of eldritch melancholia and darkside prurience ranging from supple square wave rollers to hexed ambient vignettes.


UA 005EP

WAYFARER: Afterlight EP 12" (UA 005EP) 12.50
Uprise Audio releases the first EP from one of the most exciting producers in 140 bass music: Wayfarer. "Afterlight" leads the listener on a percussion-led adventure, full of haunting samples, lumbering subs and stuttering drum work. "Azuma" follows with its own personality, bringing an exotic vibe to the EP. The track opens with a foreboding intro before the arrival of a relentless kick announces a full-blown tribal stomper. "Zeg" really switches things up, starting with an almost laid-back intro, full of sublime drum hits and atmospheric keys. Before long, the track explodes into Wayfarer's signature sound: bass, drums, space and climatic soundscapes.


VA 054LP

AVATISM: Adamant 2LP (VA 054LP) 26.50
2LP version. "For over 12 months Thomas Feriero aka Avatism has been staying at home and working on his album. He moved to Berlin to work on it and now sadly he is moving back to Milan. Adamant is a glimpse into how a city shapes a life and how intrinsically life then shapes music. It's less than two years since his first gig, yet in that time he's managed to craft killer EPs on Vakant and Dumb-Unit, collaborate with Clockwork and Mind Against (who both make appearances on the album) play diverse shows including Sónar by Night, and generally had a really good run at it all. While many would be content simply continuing on this already exciting path, Thomas decided that Adamant was a chance to explore other forms of writing, production and collaboration, and imposed strict conditions so that this album would evolve differently than his earlier works. 'I imposed mandates on myself while making it: the tracks (the music, at least) had to be written in a day. 'Written,' not mixed, arranged or produced, simply written, and even though I was convinced the album was going into a different/wrong direction approximately 292,829 times while making it, I decided to follow through on all the musical parts that I developed in these one-day cycles.' This is an album that exudes a depth and immediacy, the restrictions and exile only strengthening Thomas' depth and detailing. The uncertainty, the melancholy, the general studio stink now neatly wrapped into a glittering whole that we're pretty confident the world will enjoy." --Jeremy P. Caulfield



VA: Sulla Giostra Nell'Ombra 12" (VPN 005EP) 18.00
The fifth release on Violet Poison is a compilation of fresh artists working in the camp of experimental and extreme techno. First up is O/H, Ontario Hospital, the power electronics project from Canadian duo Richard Oddie, half of Orphx, and Dave Foster, better known as Teste/Huren, the legendary Probe/Plus8/Zhark producer. Here they provide a powerful industrial track enhanced by distorted vocals and pounding low-end. Sunil Sharpe provides "Ground Skull," a heavy production with sinister bells and delirious vocals, while Ontal continue the theme with breakbeat techno and ambient drones. CSA, the new ambient project of Ascion, finishes with "Overture", a cacophonous, roiling, near-beatless number.



Locked Groove has made quite a name for himself in recent years. Hot Flush, Turbo, and remixer of choice for a variety of killer imprints, including WPH (Orange). Being from Belgium and blessed with a healthy dose of Absurdistan humor, it was only logical for him to join the label's ranks. Musically, they just told him to do whatever he wanted to do, and so his love for Detroit and Belgian trance vibes are shining firmly on both "Aquarius" and "Latency (Sunrise Mix)." It would be silly to describe beauty like this, so we won't bother. Just get the EP and trance the fuck out on it.

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