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Forced Exposure New Releases for 3/24/2014

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New music is due from Bill Patton, Anna von Hausswolff, Author, and Terence Fixmer,  while old music is due from Brothers & Sisters, Yoshi Wada, Chrome, and Laurence Vanay.


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AP 006R-EP

OBERMAN KNOCKS/AUTECHRE: Dilankex EP 12" (AP 006R-EP) 12.50
Second pressing, full picture sleeve (but no longer a die-cut sleeve), regular price 12" featuring a 17-minute mix by Autechre. Dilankex is a work of opposites -- two versions of the same multiple events -- a black and white release. Oberman Knock's original version (white) is a laid-back affair, echoing with monastic vocals, strings, wind instruments and field recordings, which are offset by synthetic beats, funk bass and entwined sleazy vocals. Autechre's remix (black) is everything that you'd expect from the duo -- frantic, fractured and detailed to within an inch of its life -- unraveling and mutating into what is an unmistakable Autechre crescendo.


AU 1002LP

RUSSELL, ARTHUR: World of Echo 2LP (AU 1002LP) 30.00
"Arthur Russell's most extraordinary work, World of Echo is reissued in this remastered vinyl edition by Audika Records. 18 tracks are featured including drumless versions of his disco classics 'Let's Go Swimming,' 'Tree House,' and 'Wax The Van' along with four previously unreleased tracks. Originally released in 1986, World Of Echo is a deeply intimate and meditative work of awe-inspiring grace and remains a timeless work of sublime beauty. Arthur's aim was to achieve what he calls 'the most vivid rhythmic reality,' with just cello, voice, and echoes. Arthur achieved all of this and more on one of the most incredible albums you will ever hear."


AUS 1459EP

READ, GERRY: Shrubby EP 12" (AUS 1459EP) 14.00
With a formidable back-catalog of EPs and two albums to his name, prolific young producer Gerry Read steps up for another rough-and-ready release on Aus Music. Gerry has carved out a name for himself with a spread of stilted house grooves, and "Shrubby" continues in a similar vein with unpolished beats and unaffected production. Don't let these carefree techniques fool you -- everyone from Ben Sims to Deetron to Ben Pearce has championed his introverted 12"s. Redshape remixes the original twice over with a similar attention to drums and raw sounds.



AUTHOR: Forward Forever 2x12" (BLACKBOX 034LP) 22.00
2x12" version. Following heavy demand and after the dubstep community voted it the best album of 2013, above the likes of Mala in Cuba, a limited run vinyl version of Author's Forward Forever is now released to complement the CD & digital release. First finding a home on Pinch's Tectonic imprint in 2011, Author have since spent time developing their sound to incorporate a more natural-feeling, organic vibe. Featuring guest vocalists ranging from UK hip-hop heavyweights Jehst And Stig of the Dump to dread poet Rider Shafique and reggae star Dan Man, the record builds and expands on their accomplished debut, presenting material that is quite at home on a dancefloor, but with sensibilities that translate perfectly outside of the club environment. This approachability is well-represented by their highly polished live PA, which they've previously toured extensively across the UK and Europe -- including headline sets at the Outlook and Dimensions festivals, with which the pair are closely associated. As individual producers, both possess impressive pedigree -- Ruckspin serving as the producer and engineer for the acclaimed Submotion Orchestra, while J. Sparrow released his solo debut LP on Tectonic in 2010 and has recently added a 12" on Mala's Deep Medi Muzik to his increasingly strong back catalog.


BR 014EP

SWINDLE/JOKER: Let It Be Known/Minors 12" (BR 014EP) 16.50
"For years the comparisons between Swindle and Joker have been highlighted, and people always asked about a collaboration record. When putting the line-up together for our third birthday party we planted the seed, uniting these artists for the first time live as the back-to-back headline set. Before the show, Swindle put together the intro track for the set later that night 'Let It Be Known.' Just as they started, Skepta and JME turned up and jumped on the mic, and together they produced one of the greatest sets I have ever seen. Two anthems from two rare talents." --Elijah (Butterz)



JAAR, NICOLAS: Marks And Angles 12" (CCS 048EP) 12.00
2014 repress, 2010 single. Nicolas Jaar's Marks And Angles EP marks his debut release on Circus Company, as well as another bold step forward for the musician himself. All three tracks are rooted in house music, but Jaar's rich acoustic textures and elastic time-keeping lead to a far more personal place. They explore strange emotional registers, a co-mingling of melancholy and joy in a shadowy slow dance.



FIXMER, TERENCE: Psychik Part II 12" (CLR 075EP) 14.00
CLR presents a three-track EP consisting of Terence Fixmer's follow-up of "Psychik" and two Monoloc remixes of "Lovesick." "Psychik (Part 2)" is a smoothly driving, thoroughly absorbing and faultlessly produced techno track with an uplifting vibe. Terence Fixmer's approach to techno has always transmitted a certain warmth and sincerity, and in both of his remixes, Monoloc pays respect to this rare talent, combining the haunting vocals of Cormac with a soft and elegantly rolling beat, creating a mesmerizing, otherworldly atmosphere. This is a diversified and irresistible EP with an intriguing sonic vision -- music for the mind and for the dancefloor.



COIL/NINE INCH NAILS: Recoiled CD (CSR 193CD) 17.50
Recoiled is a rambunctious alchemy of magikal Coil sensibilities and hi-tech home circa '90s mixing technique, all fused in the cave-like early studios of Danny Hyde/Peter Christopherson. These were the unrestrained PRE-BIG studio-mix-downs of four songs which long-time Coil admirer/collaborator Trent Reznor requested Coil to remix. Reznor sent over the original multi-tracks and DATs to Hyde/Christopherson, who independently mixed versions and then met to synch both creations, molding them into these master versions. Recoiled includes a fuller, more opulent version of the track "Closer," which eventually made it onto the opening credits of the movie SE7EN. These five lengthy compositions (just under 40 minutes) are pre-Ableton/laptop generation-type priest-song creations, with the use of baby alarms and numerous wires to create bespoke effects. These legendary tracks were always rumored to exist and, only the due diligence of a dedicated NIN forum who hunted them down, are released/unleashed for your listening pleasure. Four of the tracks were released on the download-only Uncoiled. A bonus, previously-unheard track from the same sessions closes the album. Jhonn Balance is also manifest on this gilded constellation. Beautifully remastered.



DEATHDAY: Deathday LP (DESIRE 031LP) 23.50
Constructed from the aggressive textures of early industrial music, the ambience of cold wave, and the dynamic energy of post-punk, Deathday blends dark and often esoteric images with sparse, primal analog sounds. In 2009, the trio began to work on what would become their debut album amidst the summer heat, immersing themselves in isolation, dark iconography, occultism, and American violence. To capture the aesthetics of the subject matter musically, the band exercised heavy use of tape saturation and manipulation, recording on everything from reel-to-reels to boom-boxes. Cascading through a plethora of tape mediums and analog devices intentionally gave the recordings a sense of urgency and decay. Deathday's self-titled debut is issued on limited white vinyl via Desire in association with Sweating Tapes. Second pressing is a limited edition of 300 copies. 12" x 12" professionally printed insert. Includes a download card.


PHOSPHOR: Youth and Immortality LP (DESIRE 071LP) 23.50
Phosphor was formed in London in 2011, originally consisting of Nathalie Bruno on vocals and synth, and Jake Ambridge on guitar. The duo then later teamed up with Hélène de Thoury, who now is on synth and backing vocals. Heavily influenced by the likes of Depeche Mode, Sixth June, Fever Ray, HTRK, Linear Movement, Slowdive and Cocteau Twins, Phosphor have written and produced three EPs in the past few years. Phosphor have also produced two slow and haunting singles, "Numb" and "Influx." This debut album is inspired by the confusion and desolation of living in the city, constant battles with the troubled mind and an obsession with beautifully dark-sounding music, creating a bitter, melancholy atmosphere while morphing menacing synths into something of great pop beauty. Comes with a download card. Limited edition of 300 copies.



STREETWALKER: Ooze/Ooze (Silent Servant Remix) 12" (DIAG 008EP) 16.50
Diagonal presents Streetwalker, the duo of Beau Wanzer and Elon Katz. Titled "Ooze," it's a shadowy, mechanistic dancefloor crusher, originally released as a limited cassette single on the Catholic Tapes label in 2011, now pressed to vinyl and accompanied by a remix from Silent Servant. Recorded, processed and overdubbed using an arsenal of hardware, including a rare E-mu modular system and a home-built light-sensitive synthesizer, it builds across 12 minutes from woody drums and spooked whispers into a disorienting mass of snake-like acid lines and corrosive noise. Juan Mendez aka Silent Servant keeps the atmosphere of the original intact but sets it amid delicate drifts of melody, finding brief flashes of warmth amid the shade.



S.O.A: First Demo 12/29/80 7" (DIS 177EP) 5.50
"Henry Garfield formed State of Alert (S.O.A) in October of 1980 with guitarist Michael Hampton, bassist Wendel Blow, and drummer Simon Jacobsen. The band released 13 songs -- three on the Flex Your Head compilation record and ten on the No Policy EP, which was Dischord's second-ever release -- and performed a total of nine shows before calling it quits in July of 1981. This single collects the eight songs that S.O.A recorded with Groff in that first session. Two of the songs ('Disease' and 'Stepping Stone Party') were released on the Flex Your Head sampler and 'Gonna Have to Fight' was included on the No Policy EP. The rest are unreleased versions. Seven months after this recording session, Garfield left Washington, DC and his last name behind, relocating to Los Angeles to become Henry Rollins, lead singer of Black Flag. Hampton, Blow, and Jacobsen would go on to perform in groups like The Faith, Embrace and Iron Cross."


DR 109B-CD

TACKHEAD: For the Love of Money CD (DR 109B-CD) 17.00
Jewel case edition. They have performed hits for millions of music fans. The list of their clients is long, in fact it couldn't be any longer and it includes some of the most illustrious names around: The Rolling Stones, Seal, Annie Lennox, Madonna, Mick Jagger, Nine Inch Nails, Lauryn Hill, Mos Def, R.E.M., Charlie Watts, Tina Turner, Miles Davis, Peter Gabriel, James Brown, Depeche Mode, Malcolm McLaren, George Clinton, Herbie Hancock, Duran Duran, B.B. King, The Cure, Donna Summer, Billy Idol, Al Green, African Bambaata, Mark Stewart, the Tommy Boy label, the Sugarhill Gang label and many, many more. They are more than just highly-talented individual artists and absolute luminaries in their field. The New York Times once called them "one of today's most extraordinary rhythm sections." They aren't just musicians, but also producers, remixers and friends and supporters of fellow musicians. Now, after 23 years, finally there is a new album -- and it almost exclusively features cover versions of artists who have inspired TACK>>HEAD. In October 2012 the Funky President vs. King Bee EP was released. At that specific moment in time -- shortly before the U.S. presidential election -- the name couldn't have been more apt: was "King Bee" (a Slim Harpo composition) a part of "Funky President" (a James Brown composition) or was it the other way around? Who knows? Along with The Meters, Funkadelic, David Bowie/Brian Eno, Stevie Wonder, the Ohio Players, the album also pays tribute to two reggae giants -- Bob Marley and Errol Dunkley -- by getting them "into TACK>>HEAD shape." TACK>>HEAD have always been famous for being acerbic commentators of the prevailing political and social conditions and on this album they again deliver a highly topical statement on our day and age. Listen to the remake of TACK>>HEAD's biggest hit -- "Stealing." The band has also paid tribute to Bim Sherman and immortalized his voice (they also covered themselves because they like what they do). Features Bernard Fowler (lead vocals, background vocals); Keith Le Blanc (drums, percussion, drum machine programming); Skip McDonald (guitar, keyboards, vocals, background vocals); Doug Wimbish (basses, keyboards, background vocals); Adrian Sherwood (mixologist).


EM 1074CD

WADA, YOSHI: Lament For The Rise and Fall of the Elephantine Crocodile CD (EM 1074CD) 20.00
2014 repress! Finally, a CD reissue of Yoshi Wada's most important and most rare LP, Lament For The Rise And Fall Of The Elephantine Crocodile, originally released in 1982 on the India Navigation label. Yoshi Wada is a Japanese sound installation artist and musician -- he moved to New York in the late 1960s, and became well-known as a Fluxus artist with links to La Monte Young, and has been involved in many performances and sound installations. However, he has released only two recordings, which are both hard to find. This CD contains two pieces: track 1 features a solo overtone voice (he studied with legendary Indian vocalist Pandit Pran Nath) recorded at the performance space Dry Pool (literally a dry pool that Wada slept in before this recording), with a deep underground echoing feeling. Track 2 displays Wada's trademark dense psychedelic drones using his "pipe horn," a home-made, bagpipe-like instrument. These wondrous sounds will take you to another, better world. 96khz/24bit digitally remastered complete full-length version (original LP edition was edited). Liner notes in English & Japanese.

EM 1078CD

WADA, YOSHI: Off The Wall CD (EM 1078CD) 20.00
2014 repress. More Yoshi Wada from EM Records! The long-awaited reissue of Wada's 1985 LP Off The Wall, recorded in Berlin and originally released on the esteemed FMP-subsidiary SAJ label. A minimalist yet majestic monsterpiece ("massive," as Tom Johnson declares in his perceptive liner notes), Off The Wall features Wada and Wayne Hankin on bagpipes, Marilyn Bogerd on adapted organ, and percussionist Andreas Schmidt-Neri. The original album consisted of two side-long pieces recorded on successive days by Jost Geber, who captured the power and dynamics of the quartet without losing the meditative delicacy of the bagpipes and the intricacy of their interplay with the homemade organ (constructed by Wada), resulting in a slowly-evolving mosaic of combination tones and overtones. Simultaneously static yet changing, rooted and ethereal, homespun and alien, ancient and very modern, the music is created entirely with acoustic instruments but has "electronic" textures at times, yet is very warm and human, always pulsing, shifting and mutating. Em Records is pleased indeed to release Off The Wall for the first time ever on CD, with the bonus track "Die Konsonanten Pfeifen," a slightly earlier recording with Wada and Hankin on bagpipes and Kevin Newhoff on percussion, originally released as a cassette.

EM 1081LP

WADA, YOSHI: Earth Horns With Electronic Drone 3LP (EM 1081LP) 65.00
2014 repress, originally released in 2009. New four-color printed 12" inner sleeves, six sides, including many unseen rare photos from mid 1970s performances and concert posters. Triple LP version of the entire 162-minute performance -- the vinyl version therefore contains approx 85 additional minutes of music. Yoshi Wada and EM Records presents the first-ever, world-premiere release of Earth Horns With Electronic Drone, recorded live in 1974. Combining four of Wada's self-made "pipehorns" (made from plumbing materials, over three meters in length), with an electronic drone tuned to the electrical current of the performance space, this is a lost masterpiece of early minimalism, placing Wada rightfully in the pantheon with La Monte Young, Phill Niblock, Maryanne Amacher and Alvin Lucier. Recorded live in Syracuse, New York, this recording captures the room-filling complex overtones generated by the ever-shifting interplay of the breathing horns and the constant electronic drone.

EM 1124LP

MARTOC: Music for Alien Ears LP (EM 1124LP) 22.00
LP version. "RECORD OF THE YEAR: Martin O'Cuthbert: B.E.M.S (Esoteric Records) 'Seriously, when I played this record, an object on the wall started to vibrate very quickly, and I have witnesses to prove it. Martin O'Cuthbert is either a very evil person (just listen to the record) or a total fool (just listen to the record). Probably be big in Japan, and at a guess I'd say the whole thing comes off a Yamaha organ cos no synthesizer could sound that bad, could it?'" --John Lydon (PiL), New Musical Express, July 22, 1978. Martoc aka Martin O'Cuthbert, has been making alien and alienated synth-pop in the UK since the post-punk period. This compilation gathers six songs released on 7" EPs during the years 1978-1980, plus four songs released during the first decade of this century. The tracks show a distinctive stylistic unity, inspired by fellow spirits like Fad Gadget, The Normal, John Foxx, and Kraftwerk. Across the decades Martoc has maintained both his close relationship with his synthesizers and an arms-length relationship with society, resulting in an appealingly quirky and individualistic iciness, informed also by his love of science fiction writers such as J. G. Ballard and Iain Banks. One of the songs included here, "B.E.M.S.," was chosen as record of the year by John Lydon in New Musical Express in 1978; John Peel was also a supporter. Despite these and other accolades, Martoc and his simultaneously catchy yet disturbing music has hovered resolutely under the radar, an alien craft avoiding detection by an unaware and perhaps unprepared world. Gathered together here, this collection of tracks offers an excellent opportunity to investigate an alien explorer. Compiled by Tamotsu Mochida, the author of Industrial Music for Industrial People (2013). Newly mastered.


AY 015LP

SHANTEL: Disko Partizani 2LP (AY 015LP) 25.50
2014 repress. Limited edition vinyl: two 180 gram vinyl 12"s, cover printed on high quality 350 gram cardboard. Renowned German DJ/producer Stefan Hantel, aka Shantel from Frankfurt/Main, has firmly established himself as an all-around, world-class electronica producer. After pioneering the concept of Balkan clubbing with his now legendary Bucovina Club parties and albums, Shantel moves on to the next level and releases Disko Partizani (his first solo album in seven years), which lays the foundations for an innovative new brand of pop music. This is the sound of new Europe, incorporating vibrant influences from the emerging new frontier that stretches all the way to Mitteleuropa, the Southeast, Greece, Turkey and beyond. The album features great performances by a host of musicians from southeast Europe and by Shantel himself, who also appears on lead vocals, gracing several tracks with an unexpected, elegant deadpan delivery. Disko Partizani sees Shantel successfully synthesizing his experiences as a producer, musician and DJ to create catchy, energetic and festive pop songs, full of hooks and surprises. Eastern European elements are adopted with real respect for their cultural roots, and then fused and transformed into a new form of urban music that works as an interface between East and West. Venerable melodies and rhythms -- some of them dating back to the Byzantine Empire -- are rejuvenated and used as a new source of inspiration for modern, trans-European pop, a welcome alternative to some of the more worn-out Anglo-Saxon musical models. Shantel conceived these songs while traveling, and found inspiration in the most unlikely locations: a railroad station in Romania, a highway stop in Greece, an airport terminal in Istanbul, an Arabic café in Tel Aviv, a taxi stand in Sofia, the back seat in a Mercedes Benz belonging to a Macedonian gypsy king, backstage in London, Paris and Rio de Janeiro. Some may define it as belly dance meets hip-hop, electronica-fuelled Balkan stompers, Klezmer reggae rock'n'roll tunes, etc., with lyrics in English, Romanian, Serbian, Rom (Gypsy) and so forth. Whatever this is, it is joyful madness.



VA: My Love Is Underground 3LP (FVR 085LP) 46.00
Jeremy aka Underground Paris is a renowned record collector & crate-digger. He is the founder of My Love Is Underground, a vinyl-only label that's been responsible for the revival of the "authentic house groove" in Europe recently. Also a DJ, he travels all over Europe every weekend to spread his message. Pascal Rioux has worn many hats in the music industry over the past 15 years: founder of Favorite Recordings, Rotax Disques and Big Single labels, he's also known for his many deep house productions in the late '90s. When those two house lovers met, they immediately got along, building the idea of reissuing some obscure gems on a compilation. This is what My Love Is Underground is all about: a triple LP with 12 rare, underrated or unknown tunes from the golden days of house music -- carefully picked from Jeremy's collection. Artists include: Aaron Arce, Bipo, University Of Love, MBG, DJ Trax, Natureboy, Dose Of Paradise, Project Democracy, China, Level 3, Caucasian Boy, Manhattan Project, Vissal, and The Poets.



DAPAYK SOLO/INTERELEKTRIKA: Strings and Boxers/Tage Wie Dieser 10" (FENOU 020EP) 12.50
Fenou presents a split EP by Dapayk Solo and Interelektrika. The A-side cut is filled with "Strings and Boxers" by Dapayk Solo, built on a gentle but quite hypnotic analog beat with epic strings and harp sounds next to stylistically confident electronic instruments. The B-side "Tage Wie Dieser" by Interelektrika is the soundtrack for a festival of the same name. The summery mood and all the memories are compressed in a 10-minute deep house masterpiece. As usual, the 10" vinyl release is again a limited edition and numbered by hand.



AKIN, VOLKAN: Hellocopter EP 12" (FUNHAUS 001EP) 14.00
Vinyl-only, 180 gram, limited to 300 copies. Volkan Akin last released on Ultrastretch.



WOOLFY: City Lights 10" (FCL 093EP) 14.00
Enigmatic DFA-affiliated producer Woolfy, long-time friend of Future Classic, returns with an eclectic and brilliant EP. Title-track "City Lights" is a joyful, nostalgic summer jam, full of marimbas and Woolfy's vocal drawl. Meanwhile, "17" is pure disco, featuring a mesmerizing falsetto that floats around the track's driving bass line. Includes download code.


123MRK: Versatile/Secret Secret 12" (FCL 095EP) 14.00
Introducing Future Classic's newest signing, 123MRK -- the enigmatic Frenchman whose intricate brand of future garage production has won over the internet. On his first vinyl release are two instrumentals and on the B-side, his iconic dice logo etched into the 180 gram black wax. This release will be launched in France with a co-headline show -- FC label-mates Bodhi and 123MRK.


SEEKAE: +DOME/The Sound of Trees Falling on People 3LP (FCL 110LP) 34.50
This will be the first time Australian electronic group Seekae's albums have been pressed to vinyl, following their debut 2008 album The Sound of Trees Falling on People and 2011's +Dome releases, and marks the milestone signing to Australia and electronic music's front-running, award-winning label Future Classic (Flume, Flight Facilities, Jagwar Ma). Thirty tracks across two critically-acclaimed albums, now featuring two unreleased vinyl-only locked grooves. Includes download code.



COLD CAVE: Black Boots 7" (HRM 055EP) 9.00
"Two songs of electronic neo-wave recorded and performed by Wesley Eisold in Los Angeles, 2013. On split black/clear vinyl. Edition of 1000. Side A: 'Black Boots' - Cool nihilism. Existential, groovy, psychedelia. Side B: 'Meaningful Life' - A somber ballad. Organ, flute, vintage drum machine, and intimate declarations."


COLD CAVE: Cremations PIC. DISC (HRM 059EP) 21.00
"Originally released via Hospital Productions in 2009, Cremations, a collection of early demo/live/and unreleased tracks, is available now as a 12" picture disc. Limited to 500 copies and sold out. 20 tracks of dark genre-less electronic music. Love and pornography. Industrial music and traditionalism. Poetry and profanity."



KATSOULIS, VANGELIS: The Sleeping Beauties: A Collection of Early and Unreleased Works LP (ITL 002LP) 23.50
Into The Light Records go deeper into the archives of Vangelis Katsoulis after featuring him on their highly-acclaimed compilation, A Journey Into Greek Electronic Music, Classics & Rarities. A great selection (as you'd expect) of ambient/new age gems from this king of Greek electronics. Seven tracks from Katsoulis' back-catalog and four unreleased tracks.



WEN: Signals 2x12" (LDN 044LP) 23.00
2x12" version. Meet Wen, the 22 year-old production prodigy with his own bass-heavy sound built on a pulsing rhythmic backbone, a nuanced sense of environmental texture, and coded vocal samples that interject like pulses. You could call the latter "signals." The album begins by building a space, setting the mood; settling into the kind of textures and temperament not often heard since the very earliest era of dubstep -- long before Wen's time. "Galactic," resurrected from a corrupted Fruity Loops file on a lost hard drive, is ethereal Blade Runner grime. "Lunar," which features Keysound label boss Blackdown, is a Detroit-style night drive through Babylon. Like a breaking storm, the album builds in power and intensity. At almost exactly the mid-point -- during the bouncy but otherwise warm 4x4 garage relick of "Swingin'" -- the calm is punctured. Often sampled from dense London slang and live pirate radio, these are Wen's heavy signals; weighed down with coded nuance. Power, locale, identity, intent, inequality, sexuality, gender, diversity, energy: all are regular themes of these encoded pirate transmissions. "Vampin'" leads you into a hot afterhours club scene full of complex, interpersonal power dynamics of those living for the weekend.



CHROME: Angel of the Clouds CD (KOS 401CD) 12.00
"Reissue of the 2003 Dossier Records album featuring Helios Creed and Damon Edge. Angel of the Clouds, incorporated music from tapes that Damon Edge had recorded prior to his death. Damon and Helios had been talking about putting out another joint Chrome effort. Angel of the Clouds was intended as Helios Creed's tribute to the memory of Damon Edge."



TALE OF US & VAAL: Concor EP 12" (LAD 014EP) 14.50
Life And Death comes back strong with another battle cry into the darkness. Vaal joins forces with Tale Of Us and the stage is set for another epic EP. "Concor" grabs the listener with its immediate sense of urgency and a beckoning, slightly exotic melody. As it slowly twists and turns, it propels the listener to a distant, exotic land. "Seahnak" is an equally beautiful piece of music that manages to present its intricate melody without ever letting its energy dip. Gothic and regal at the same time, the lead synth shoots out of the gate and takes us on a surprising journey.



BROTHERS & SISTERS, THE: Dylan's Gospel CD (LITA 106CD) 15.00
"Of all the great back catalogs in the history of rock, Bob Dylan's is among the most covered, his acolytes ranging from The Byrds to Adele via Manfred Mann and Guns N' Roses. But something tells us you won't have heard anything quite like Dylan's Gospel by The Brothers and Sisters, a choir of Los Angeles session singers brought gloriously to the fore for a very special, one-off record. Originally released in 1969 on Ode Records, this rare and sought-after album finds the California collective covering a clutch of Dylan classics in the era's revolutionary gospel style. Produced by Lou Adler, soon to work his magic on Carole King's mega-successful Tapestry, and arranged by Gene Page, noted for his work for Motown, the performers were largely unknown, but many went on to find great acclaim. Merry Clayton, the powerhouse singer best known for sparring with Mick Jagger on Rolling Stones' 'Gimme Shelter' (and star of the recent documentary 20 Feet from Stardom), appears here, as does Edna Wright of The Honeycones and Gloria Jones who recorded the original version of 'Tainted Love' in 1965. The cast of 27 singers also includes Ruby Johnson, Shirley Matthews, Clydie King, Patrice Holloway, Julia Tillman and more. The tracklist includes some of the best-loved Dylan songs from the singer songwriter's most productive decade, including 'Lay Lady Lay', 'All Along The Watchtower', 'My Back Pages' and 'Just Like A Woman'. The genesis of the project was Lou Adler, the music business visionary who staged the legendary Monterey International Pop Festival. He imagined a project that combined the songs of Dylan with L.A.'s most sought after session singers, most of which began their singing in the Baptist churches of South Los Angeles. 'Listening to Dylan's songs, I felt there was a gospel-like feel to them, both spiritually and lyrically,' Adler says in the liner notes. 'So those two ideas, to work with these singers and to explore that side of Dylan -- came together.' Recording sessions at Sound Recorders Studios in Hollywood were a four-day party, with food, drink and far more musicians than were ordered, many of the singers bringing along cousins, mothers, partners and more. Carole King came to hear, as did Peggy Lipton and Papa John Phillips. It was a rock 'n' roll version of a gospel church. 'Lou just put on a big, crazy party,' remembers Edna Wright. 'He had all these people together, all this raw talent. And we were there for nothing but the love of singing.'"


BROTHERS & SISTERS, THE: Dylan's Gospel LP (LITA 106LP) 23.00
LP version.



VANAY, LAURENCE: Evening Colours LP (LION 127LP) 20.00
LP version. "Pressed on 180 gram vinyl, with full color, four-panel insert. Comes in an old-style, tip-on gatefold jacket. Remastered from the original master tapes. Laurence Vanay is the pseudonym for Jacqueline Thibault, wife of music producer and musician Laurent Thibault (Magma). This is the first ever reissue of her second album, originally released twice in 1975: a version on Galloway credited to fictitious English band Gateway, and once as a CAM label library LP -- both are incredibly rare. Pure genius: almost all instrumental, with gorgeous keyboards of many types (Hammond, Fender Rhodes, etc.), acoustic/electric guitar, even a little Zeuhl bass. Shimmering, dewy, mysterious, deeply emotional examples of melancholic musical beguilement; anyone with an affinity for golden age 4AD bands like the Cocteau Twins or Dead Can Dance will find much to love here. A devastating high-fashion follow-up to the legendary Galaxies."


MADS/MOLESTO, THE: Molesto CD (LION 7664CD) 17.00
"Los Mads started out in the mid-1960's, playing covers and a few of their own songs on Peruvian television. But a chance sea-side encounter with Mick Jagger and Keith Richards after a private party got the Mads the chance to go to England; interest from Stones' manager Marshall Chess got them backstage to see Hendrix at the Isle of Wight -- and recording time in the Rolling Stones studio. Some demos recorded there and at Jagger's Stargroves castle (recorded live to studio truck, just like Led Zeppelin did for their third and fourth albums) plus a name change to Molesto got them gigs at the main venues in London. They jammed with Steve Winwood and Brian Davison (The Nice); they played with Jeff Beck and Carmine Appice; Molesto's guitar player, Alex Ventura, worked in a clothing boutique alongside Freddie Mercury and Roger Taylor. They were in the musical heart of England. And at that point, faced with growing friction within the group, Molesto disbanded. This disc collects recordings from all three stages of Los Mads/The Mads/Molesto's six year career, including two tracks from the Stargroves session. The early tracks are groovy post Summer of Love stuff: 'Birds in My Tree' is a musical creamsicle, just right for summer nights. The excellent eight plus minute instrumental 'Tumor Bossa' has a Santana-esque feel. But the flamethrower guitar on Molesto tracks like 'Feels Like Love' and 'Fly Away' (which luckily clocks in at more than seven minutes) needs to be heard to be believed. Hard driving and heavy; wild, fast, rhythmic, and furious: top of the table stuff. Most tracks are sung in English."



AXEMEN: Derry Legend CD (LUX 002CD) 14.00
"Long overdue re-issue of this cracked pop classic and Flying Nun rarity, Derry Legend was one of Kurt Cobain's top NZ platters and a staple of his mix-tapes. RIYL: Chuck Berry, The Clean, Nirvana." "The music is like childhood memories of the first time you ever heard rock 'n roll; the first time you ever heard slushy-pop; the first time you ever heard rap (!). Listen to 'He's Leaving Home' and wonder what George Benson LP the band sat around and assimilated; hear 'The Wharf With No Name' and wonder why the Beatles never thought of it first; hop on one leg to 'That's Finland, Dear' and understand why Acid House was just a nine-day wonder while Chuck Berry's rhythms still cascade like thunder." -- Bevandra's Ears



GOLDMANN, STEFAN: Signs Taken for Wonders 12" (MACROM 036EP) 12.00
If you have a sweet tooth for what makes the world of dance music go round, Stefan Goldmann nails it for you. From the monster bass of "Minute Blaze" to the edgy grind of "Fat Tails"; from the dark chocolate shavings of "Beautiful Loot" to the soothing sparkle of "Peak Phosphoru"': Signs Taken for Wonders is a magical mystery trip into the space between a kickdrum and a sawtooth bass, weeping tears of joy together at the love song of a filter. This does to dancefloors what Jules Verne does to kids' imaginations: wide awake all night by the thrill of wonders.


MVD 4994LP

BAD BRAINS: Live at CBGB 1982 LP (MVD 4994LP) 18.00
"Reissued for 2014 on limited clear vinyl. This vinyl only release contains audio selections from the DVD release Live CBGB 1982. Sure it sounds confusing, but the material on the CD and LP, while culled from the same series of live shows around Christmas 1982 at CBGBs, is completely different. Includes blazingly awesome live versions of 'FVK,' 'How Low Can a Punk Get,' and more."



DJ KOZE: Amygdala Remixes 2 12" (PAMPA 021EP) 14.00
Here is the second installment of remixes of tracks off of DJ Koze's album Amygdala (PAMPA 007CD/LP). We have no idea what kind of app he used, but somehow Roman Flügel he transformed the title-track from a laid-back, wind-chiming electro-pop number into a clockworking tech-house fairy tale. Robag Wruhme has taken the pleasant puffiness of DJ Koze's "Nices Wölkchen" and incubated it in a deep house cocoon. The witch-shifted voice of guest singer Apparat is given a new life, hovering amidst a mesmerizing mechanical groove.


P 019LP

BRUNO S: Bruno S LP (P 019LP) 31.00
"He was the best. There is no one who comes close to him. I mean in his humanity, and the depth of his performance, there is no one like him." --Werner Herzog on Bruno S. These exclusive recordings of Bruno S' music were made in Berlin in 2009 shortly before his untimely death at the age of 78. They capture perfectly his distinctive voice, accompanied by accordion and glockenspiel, in the places where he performed for many years -- the streets of Berlin, a local tavern, and his own apartment. Bruno S was a street musician and painter who first came to public attention through the two films he starred in for director Werner Herzog, The Enigma of Kasper Hauser (1974) and Stroszek (1977), a film that in some part was based on Bruno's own life. He was born in 1932, likely in Berlin, to a prostitute who placed him in a mental hospital as a child, where he was subjected to Nazi experiments. Bruno would go on to spend 23 years in institutions, including jails and homeless shelters. As an adult he began to perform on the street as well as working as a forklift driver, before ultimately catching Herzog's eye. The common themes of Bruno's street ballads, folk songs and operettas are crime, abandonment, passion, and, perhaps most significantly, the role of the mother. In dealing with his troubled life, Bruno pulled himself out of isolation through his art, at first through music, and later also through his paintings and drawings. This beautiful record is pressed on 180 gram audiophile vinyl and features a large format full-color booklet containing lyrics, liner-notes and reproductions of several of Bruno's paintings and drawings.

P 020LP

CORTEZ, DIEGO: Traumdeutung LP (P 020LP) 24.00
"The Traumdeutung project began in 1999 with a one-hour recording of my snoring into a DAT player placed next to my bed in my NYC loft. My snores, re-contextualized here in musical arrangements produced by Arto Lindsay and Alexandre Kassin, range from the mild and blissful to the vulgar and catastrophic. My original intention was to turn something awful into something listenable or, at least, amusing. However, in the mixing stage, unexpected results were revealed and oblique references came into play. The human snore, if slowed down as we did several times in the studio searching for editing points, is almost identical to the sounds of plaintive underwater whales. In listening to these mixes one follows the moods, if not the actual narratives, of the dreamer -- sudden changes in snoring clearly result from changes within inner narratives. These are abstract matters, as we can only witness such inner events through a series of filters. Traumdeutung, the album, is linked to the modern bossa music of Brazil. The meditative or relaxation-inducing aspect of that music is hyper-conceptualized and exaggerated here. Bossa nova drummer Paulo Braga was first asked to accompany the bare snoring track. Later musicians and friends added parts -- guitar, bass, keyboards, samples, etc. Four tracks with spoken conversations are on the album, two in German, one in Portuguese and one in Japanese. The most satisfying result of this project was to create an opportunity for a listener to read or interpret the stream of thought of the snorer -- what brut moods, feelings and narratives exist within it. In these awkward and displaced sounds we can witness abstract processes of telepathy and psychic communication." --Diego Cortez; Pressed in a limited edition of 300 copies on 180 gram audiophile vinyl. Includes a 12x12 insert with liner notes.



KALKBRENNER, PAUL: Bengang 12" (PKM 010EP) 12.00
For the remix of his track "Bengang," which featured in the cult movie Berlin Calling, Paul Kalkbrenner managed to get the Berlin techno legends Format:B. The almost legendary original version of "Bengang" from the year 2008 has a huge placement in the film and is a key track within Paul Kalkbrenner's live shows. Format:B use their classic techno remix formula and create a top-class rework, digging deep in their box of tricks and creating a unique-sounding uptempo groover based on the easily recognizable pieces of the original.



STARWALKER: Losers Can Win 12" (PROTO 001EP) 17.50
12" version. Starwalker is a brand-new collaboration between two electro-pop icons: Jean-Benoit Dunckel (Air) and Icelandic composer Bardi Johannsson (Bang Gang, Lady & Bird). The title, Starwalker -- suitably spatial and curious -- is an umbrella term for the duo's new works together. Included in this blossoming canon is the debut EP including singles "Bad Weather" and "Losers Can Win," a celestial song featuring the vocals of Keren Ann. The Starwalker project is in part inspired by both the unpredictable nature of Iceland and the clean, classic design of France, and the result pulls you in with its intensity. That is not to say the duo lack a lightness of touch or a sense of humor, however. Bubbles, Warhol, pop colors, burlesque, sexy women -- moving and dancing, Starwalker sing the song in slow-motion.


RM 458LP

Simon James Phillips has created Chair, an album of clustered piano works, where notes compound and flutter in a spiraling flow of attack and decay. Using the natural sustain of both his chosen instrument and the recording environment -- the Grunewald Church in Berlin -- Phillips' playing draws out the natural harmonic saturation of his subjects. Of the recording Phillips notes "My sound engineer Mattef Kuhlmey used numerous microphones, placed in various positions around the church in order to capture not only the sound of the piano, but also how this sound behaved in such a richly resonant environment." Unashamedly beautiful, Chair is a record that does not shy away from the transcendent quality of the piano. Part pulse, part harmony, Phillips' playing taps into the finest minimalist traditions while not dwelling on repetition. Manipulating the pacing of his playing, Phillips creates an unsettled sense of time. Pieces like "The Voice Imitator" utilize large decay tails -- the spaces between the notes ringing out a kind of spatial mapping, that speaks as much to the instrument as to the space. By contrast, "Moth to Taper," with its embracing overtones generates a profound quality of acoustic texture -- notes tumbling into their counterparts in a sea of inter- locking harmony. Chair reminds us that less is almost always more -- one player, one instrument, one room. Outside of his solo work, Phillips spends his time as one-half of Pedal (with Chris Abrahams), as a member of The Swifter (with Andrea Belfi and BJ Nilsen), and he also performs with The Berlin Splitter Orchestra



PROPER, SAN: Leave It Up to All of Us 12" (RH VD13-EP) 12.50
New San Proper on Rush Hour. All tracks written, produced and performed by S. Proper at Trouw's Verdieping 2013. Mixed by Marco Spaventi. B1. dedicated to Sandy & Shell. A1. dedicated to Cinnaman.

RHM 007-1EP

AWANTO 3: Opel Mantra Pt. 1/3 12" (RHM 007-1EP) 12.50
Under his Awanto 3 guise, Steven van Hulle has long been considered a producer with immense potential. Now, he's finally delivered on that promise with Opel Mantra, his awesome debut album. To be released across three 12" singles between now and March (with all of the tracks to be collected together on CD at a later date), Opel Mantra twists house music into intoxicating new shapes, fusing a myriad of global influences into one thrilling, surprising whole. This is clandestine, atmospheric deep house as you've never heard it before.



STL: Time Is Just an Illusion 12" (SOME 024EP) 14.00
Something presents the latest STL platter to take place on your turntable in order to spin for pleasure and delight. Take a trip out with three time-evaporating tracks and two continuous etched loops. Moodily-constructed dark grooves and melodies care for you and your spirits on this release, soon to create deep, lucid intervals within the twilight areas of house music. This 12" comes in a self-made inside/out cover, and as always is in limited quantities -- destined for everyone who wants to spend a good space-time together.



EGAL 3: The Shades 12" (SOV 001EP) 12.50
"The Shades" by Egal 3 is an emotional, minimal deep house track which perfectly encapsulates Sound Of Vast's emerging musical direction It's B-side "Icxperiment" is an ear-catching dancefloor number with extraordinary groove. Scott Kemp and Red Pig Flower then collaborate on the remix of "The Shades." Sound Of Vast was founded by Knock and Red Pig Flower, based in Amsterdam.



LEFT ARM OF BUDDHA, THE: Monkey's Affair 7" (STAGO 047EP) 9.00
The Left Arm Of Buddha is what you call an "exotic" orchestra. In the last 20 years exotica, lounge, space-age pop, etc., were "rediscovered." But there are only a few bands that are currently playing this kind of music in the fashion of exotica heroes like Martin Denny, Les Baxter or Esquivel. Enter The Left Arm Of Buddha. The band consists of eight experienced musicians from the Moon Invaders/Caroloregians/Adolphe Sex-stable, a sound & video engineer, a light engineer, and several dancing girls. A sensual and exotic experience -- an original and rare phenomenon on the worldwide scene.


VA: The Beat from Badsville Vol. 3: Trash Classics from Lux & Ivy's Vinyl Mountain 2x10" (STAGO 048LP) 26.50
Brought up on the radio shows of the legendary rock 'n' roll DJs, the moondogging Alan Freed, Mad Daddy and, later, the ghostly Ghoulardi, it was hardly surprising that The Cramps' Lux Interior and Poison Ivy began trawling the thrift stores for juvenile delinquent tunes, lip-curling bad boy rock 'n' roll, strange exotica, bizarre novelty 45s, dysfunctional doo-wop, psychedelic weirdness and instrumentals made by madmen. In America in the 1950s and 1960s, there seemed to be small town versions of such vinyl madness everywhere that, by the 1970s, were remaindered and to the majority of people, unwanted. To the fledgling Cramps, this was nothing short of heaven. The duo filled their house with novelty memorabilia, schlock horror furniture and a record collection to die for. Lux eventually gravitated to his own Purple Knif Radio Show and the Cramps delivered their versions of some of the stuff they'd found. The duo name-checked many a 45 along the way and seeking them out and sampling their eccentricities is nothing short of mind-blowing. This 24-track collection positively effervesces with eccentricity. Again, the vinyl only double-10" is divided into four themes: "Life's a Scream," "Crazy Guys, Food, Prison and a Guide to the Female Persuasion," "Welcome to the Jungle," and "Wild and Wilder Boppin' Girls." Every track pirouettes dangerously, and at times, haphazardly, around the expected. These are songs for strange times by what can definitely be considered strange people. Gems and nuggets that sparkle even more bright in today's manufactured music maelstrom. The population of Badsville welcomes you aboard. Artists include: Bunker Hill, Ralph Nielsen, Ron Thompson His Rowdy Guitar And The Brougham's, Vince Taylor & Ses Play-Boys, Screamin' Jay Hawkins, Lord Luther And The King's Men, Teddy Rich And The Rockets, Fabian, The Moroccos, Richard Berry And Group, Jimmy Witter And The Shadows, Charlie Baker, Buddy Bow, Glenn Reeves, The Playboys, Jape Richards And The Echoes, The Loafers, The Charts, The Bobbettes, Wanda Jackson, Annette, Sparkle Moore, Stormy Gayle, and The Storey Sisters. Housed in a gatefold sleeve.



GRAFHAM WATER SAILING CLUB, THE: Ankara/Feelin' Blue 7" (VAN 269EP) 10.00
The Grafham Water Sailing Club combines esoteric post-punk with electronic beats and minimalistic industrialism. It's in "Ankara" where you're truly reeled in by the pounding drum beat and spectral, spiraling guitar; but take a step back into its B-side "Feelin' Blue" and you'll truly begin to appreciate the atmospheric sound these four lads from the West Midlands can muster. "'Ankara' parades their eerie characteristics perfectly, the shadow-y, psychedelic-tronic contemporary beats pulsate the listener in to a greater surround sound that leaves you hungry for more; you're well and truly sucked in to the revival of dark '80s new wave." --Artrocker



DUBKASM MEETS SOLO BANTON: Dubkasm Meets Solo Banton 3x7" (DUBK 024EP) 31.00
Housed in a full-color outer sleeve, this trio of 7" singles features four brand-new songs from Solo Banton, whose lyrics are grounded by a set of fresh riddims from Dubkasm. "Listen to Me Dream" features dusty beats and tense synths followed by a dub that strips the piece to its core. "Can't Stop This" is a dancefloor stormer and drops heavy as lead on a sound-system. The counteraction on side B is a clear-cut reworking with hints of Dubkasm's trademark "depth charge" reverbs. Solo meets head-to-head with Bristol grime MC Buggsy for the epic "My Music," and "Never Let I Down" closes the set in rootical style.


TR 283LP

NEXT STOP: HORIZON: The Harbour, My Home LP+CD (TR 283LP) 22.00
LP version. Includes a CD copy of the album. Next Stop: Horizon report back with The Harbour, My Home. A lot has happened in the two and a half years since the release of their marvelous debut album We Know Exactly Where We Are Going (TR 220CD/LP). During one of their highly-acclaimed tours that led Pär Hagström and Jenny Roos with their band through Europe, they were drafted for a theater production at the Saarland State Theatre. Pär Hagström wrote the music for the play Das kalte Herz and the entire band lived and worked for several months in Germany during the rehearsals and performances. With plenty of inspiration in tow, they headed back to Sweden to record the new album -- in their own analog studio. Recorded on gorgeously quirky vintage equipment, the album features instruments that are less commonly heard in pop music -- including bass clarinet, harmonium, and mandolin. But it's difficult for outsiders to find the right words to describe this music. In keeping with tradition, Pär and Jenny bring it more precisely to the point. "Dear friends, we are happy and proud to let you know that the second Next Stop: Horizon album finally is ready. What is music? What is art? What is love? And what does it mean in a world as mysterious, unpredictable, and sometimes dark, as the world we live in? We like to look at music as sounds transcending into little waves of love that can light up our way and point out the direction. Even if we don't know for sure what's waiting up the road. In a way comparable to emergency lights in an airplane floor; necessary when you need to find the way out in the darkness. Or just like a lighthouse showing the way to the harbor that's hidden in the night. We're going there -- hope to see you friends on the road! Love, Pär & Jenny."


BK 003EP

Voices From The Lake are Donato Dozzy and Neel. In July of 2012, Voices From The Lake came from Rome to Brooklyn to present a special night of music at The Bunker in the back room of Public Assembly. Their tremendous six-hour set consisted of two separate live sets, and back-to-back DJ sets. None of the music from the either of the hour-long live sets had been released, so The Bunker immediately got on them about their plans for the tracks. They agreed on their favorite segments, and they produced live studio tracks based on those excerpts.


TONE 045-6LP

VON HAUSSWOLFF, ANNA: Källan (Prototype) LP (TONE 045-6LP) 14.50
Limited edition of 500, white shrink-wrapped sleeve, with color metallic sticker and white labels. Though she now lives in Copenhagen, Anna von Hausswolff grew up in the once vibrant bohemian neighborhood of Haga in Gothenburg, Sweden, to a family who counted amongst their ancestors Bernhard Reynold von Hausswolff, an 18th century governor of Falun, Sweden, who helped bring an end to the burning of witches. Although Anna has achieved acclaim with her song-based albums Ceremony and Singing from the Grave (both first released on Kning Disk in Sweden), she has always had an ear for the radical approach, and this is the first step in a long-term collaboration with Touch. Organ: Anna von Hausswolff. Recorded live at Lincoln Cathedral, October 19, 2013; Cut by Jason at Transition Studios on January 22nd 2014; Artwork & photography by Jon Wozencroft.



TENSNAKE: Love Sublime 12" (TREP 004EP) 14.00
Taken from Tensnake's upcoming debut album Glow, "Love Sublime" is a delicious slice of disco pop adorned with the beguiling vocals of Fiora and the irresistible guitar riffs of the legendary Nile Rodgers. Having already gained huge support from Radio 1's Annie Mac and been graced with the title of Zane Lowe's "Hottest Record in the World," "Love Sublime" is a glistening example of what's to come from the album. Features a special 12" mix edited by Gerd Janson, accompanied by remixes from Duke Dumont, Ewan Pearson, and Jonas Rathsman.



BRACHT, JULIEN: Sun EP 12" (TST 001EP) 14.00
This is the first release from label founder and Cocoon artist Julien Bracht on his own label. The two-track EP radiates a sense of confidence and motivation into a composition wherein the sound is expressed by the combination of melodic and hypnotic sounds, combined and inspired by the hardness of his break/techno beats. The dark and deep songs go deep, but it seems the songs shine more and more in the glimmer of hope, and it leaves a deep sense of destiny to do the right thing, in which you trust to your own will.


VA 055EP

AVATISM: Adamant Remixes #2.2 12" (VA 055EP) 14.00
"I (drumroll) proudly present the final five reinterpretations from some talented friends. It's an honor for me to have Francesco's techno, David's modular madness, Jake's synth-work and Martin's melodies all in one package, but being both fan and friend of everyone on board, I'd be blatantly biased in describing this record's contents. So, since it's 2014, why don't we switch banalities, skip the 'description' and let the music do the talking -- (ugh, did I really just write that?)" Featuring: Clockwork C/W, Lake People, Federico Rizzo, and DeWalta.



PATTON, BILL: A New Kind of Man CD (VERSICOL 003CD) 15.00
"Seattle-based singer/songwriter Bill Patton finally steps out of the shadows with his full-length debut. Bill has played guitar and pedal steel for the Fleet Foxes, Jesse Sykes, J. Tillman (Father John Misty), and many others over his storied career as an in-demand session player and sideman. Never one to play it safe, the new album from the essential Seattle chanteur contains head-turning radical re-workings of both 'Jenny from the Block' and 'I Want To Hold Your Hand,' adding layers of intrigue to this already-rich tapestry. Far from a side-note, A New Kind of Man proves that Patton can more than hold his own and hang with the big dogs as a songwriter and studio-smith. It's the quiet ones, again and again. A great and majestic Americana record a la Red House Painters, Lambchop, or Lanegan, from pedal steel journeyman."


PATTON, BILL: A New Kind of Man LP (VERSICOL 003LP) 26.00
LP version. Limited edition opaque red vinyl with a die-cut jacket and glossy inner-sleeve.


ZK 014LP

TYING TIFFANY: Drop LP (ZK 014LP) 21.00
Vinyl edition on the U.S. label ZerOKilled Music with an mp3 download coupon. Italian goth-pop siren Tying Tiffany defies convention with her irresistible blend of post-punk, industrial and electronic music rooted in the ethos of DIY and experimentations in the visual arts. On her new album Drop, she crafts her own brand of dark, dreamy pop, full of buzzing synths, piercing vocals, and infectious electro-beats. The release will coincide with her SXSW 2014 showcases. Working under the moniker since 2005, the project often reaches beyond the music and visuals to explore themes of Dadaism, sexuality and feminist discourse. And even though the cited influences are extremely diverse, there is an atmosphere of darkness that runs through each movement, creating a shadowy cohesion through her material.

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