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This is a somewhat freeform area for record labels, bands, and publicists post press releases about their releases or news items.These are not reviews and they are not criticisms published by Brainwashed but a place for readers to get more information directly from the sources.

Please note:

  • is not responsible for the opinions expressed in this section.
  • The copyrights for these documents are not owned by Brainwashed Inc.
  • These items are dated and may refer to material no longer available.


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# Article Title Author Hits
351 Sean McCann, "Saccharine Scores" Recital Program 3724
352 Distant Animals, "Lines" Hallow Ground 3295
353 This is Where (ex-Swans) Hallow Ground 3523
354 Mike Cooper, "Tropical Gothic" Discrepant 3827
355 William Basinski & Lawrence English, "Selva Oscura" Temporary Residence 4093
356 The Skygreen Leopards, "The Jingling World of..." Soft Abuse 3391
357 Toshimaru Nakamura, "Re-Verbed (NIMB #9)" Room40 3546
358 This Mortal Coil reissues Staff 4416
359 The Passengers, "Queen of Weird / Danger Zone" Staff 3574
360 The Durutti Column, "Without Mercy" boxed set Staff 3766
361 The Durutti Column, "M24J (Anthology)" Staff 3541
362 The Passengers, "All Through the Night / New Life" Staff 3382
363 Drew McDowall, "The Third Helix" Dais 3897
364 Charalambides, "Charalambides: Tom And Christina Carter" Drawing Room 4065
365 Universal Eyes, "Four Variations on 'Artificial Society" (Wolf Eyes/Universal Indians) Lower Floor 3482
366 Klara Lewis and Simon Fisher Turner, "Care" Editions Mego 3302
367 Stephan Mathieu, "Radiance" boxed set Schwebung 4336
368 Puce Mary, "The Drought" PAN 3746
369 Jason Lescalleet, "Almost is Almost Good Enough" Glistening Examples 3326
370 BJ Nilsen, "Focus Intensity Power" Moving Furniture 3858
371 Tim Hecker, "Konoyo" Kranky 3441
372 Swans, "Soundtracks for the Blind" remastered boxed set Young God 3746
373 Marian Zazeela and La Monte Young, "The Well-Tuned Piano" reissue Just Dreams 4283
374 Roland Kayn, "Simultan" reissue Die Schachtel 3842
375 Jim O'Rourke, "Sleep Like It's Winter" Newhere 4141
376 Jake Muir, "Lady's Mantle" sferic 3588
377 Lori Scacco, "Desire Loop" Mysteries of the Deep 3462
378 Alexander Tucker, "Don't Look Away" Staff 2053
379 Sarah Davachi, "Gave In Rest" Ba Da Bing! 3547
380 Sean McCann, "Fountains" expanded reissue Round Bale Recordings 3385
381 Blue Chemise, "Daughters of Time" Students of Decay 3464
382 Caterina Barbieri/Eleh Split Important Records 3347
383 Caterina Barbieri, "Born Again in the Voltage" Important Records 3514
384 Zu93, "Mirror Emperor" House of Mythology 3569
385 Midwife, "Prayer Hands" EP Antiquated Future 3567
386 Mark Fell, "Intra" Boomkat Editions 3674
387 Abul Mogard, "Above All Dreams" Ecstatic 3845
388 Andrew Chalk, "Painted Screens" reissue An'archives 3781
389 Andrew Chalk and Jean-Noel Rebilly, "L'etat intermediare" Faraway Press 4439
390 Ian William Craig, "A Turn of Breath" expanded reissue Recital 4145
391 Norman Westberg, "After Vacation" Room40 15629
392 The Myrrors, "Borderlands" Beyond Beyond is Beyond 3644
393 Kali Malone, "Cast of Mind" Hallow Ground 3611
394 Cam Deas, "Time Exercises" The Death of Rave 3727
395 Jon Collin, "Water and Rock Music Volume I" Feeding Tube 4012
396 Big Blood, "Operate Spaceship Earth Properly" Feeding Tube 3546
397 Aaron Martin, "A Room Now Empty" Preserved Sound 4073
398 Expo 70, "Mother Universe Has Birthed Her Last Cosmos" Sonic Meditations 3914
399 Fluxion, "Ripple Effect" Vibrant Music 4107
400 Bart de Paepe, "Pagus Wasiae" Beyond Beyond is Beyond 3681
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