An Exquisite Corpse of Sorts

The Exquisite Corpse was a game played by the surrealists which involved one person writing part of a sentence, then passing the paper onto another person who would write the next part, but without seeing the previous section. They would build sentences this way which were said to reveal hidden truths about the authors and the world. This idea was used in many different forms, but the idea stayed basically the same. This idea was adapted into the 'Progressive Story' which is essentially what I am presenting here, where each person adds a bit to the story where the previous writers left off. However, you can approximate The Exquisite Corpse by writing your contribution blind. HTML Formatting characters are not inserted, so if you want a line break, paragraph, or emphasized text you'll have to imbed the html directly into the text yourself before you submit it.

The Exquisite Corpse chapter 1
The Exquisite Corpse chapter 2
The Exquisite Corpse chapter 3
The Exquisite Corpse chapter 4
The Exquisite Corpse chapter 5 (current)

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