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Check out the Podcasts that are being brought to you by Brainwashed.com:

Brainwashed Radio: Podcast Edition
Music from the artists and labels hosted at Brainwashed.
(One new hour every week.)
The Brainwashed Video Podcast
Videos from the artists and labels hosted at Brainwashed.
(Each “episode” is a separate music video.)


All Podcasts are free. Video Podcasts are only viewable with iTunes.

Comments and requests and photos are encouraged to be sent to podcast at brainwashed dot com.


Like what you hear and wanna know more?
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Brainwashed.com is an archival, educational, promotional not-for-profit service. The material included on Brainwashed radio is being used to promote the copyright owners of the original sound recordings.

The broadcast is not a commercial subscription service. Nobody charges money to listeners nor makes money from advertisers.

To find out more about United States copyright laws, visit www.loc.gov/copyright/. US residents are encouraged to voice their opinions to their representatives about fair usage in non-commercial, unpaid subscription broadcasting.

Thank you for your support.


(Brainwashed Nodcast image by Nate Ritter.)

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