Spring is here and in this part of Europe ,the cruel Winter was brutal but mercifully brief. For The Pink Dots ,it has been about writing and recording new material and already the vault is bursting . We shall unveil the parts that send the shivers down down our spines.

Having said that, now is the time for recording and the first notes have been plucked or prodded in anger or joy for the next Pink Dots' album which we guess will be there in late 2012.

2012 - TOUR NEWS

Not a year when The Dots will be out on the road much but a small European adventure is slated for late Spring while plans to visit Moscow once more are bubbling for the Falll/

For a fully fledged LPDs tour of the USA and Canada ,the target remains Spring 2013.

Shows confirmed so far:
May 31 - Darmstadt- Villa Oetinger
June 1 - Geneva- L'Usine

We are looking for shows in the days following these 2 dates so any help would be appreciated. Stay tuned for possibilities in Czech Republic.


Firstly ,something seriously ambitious ...
EDWARD KA-SPEL - A Pleasure Cruise through 9 Dimensions
Beta-Lactam Ring released this new EK salvo which lives up to it's name in almost every possible format (even 8-track cartridge). However , pride of place goes to the vinyl edition with an astonishing handmade gimmix cover. It is hyper-limited and costs 45 euros (plus postage) from us.Most copies were sold via pre-order but we have a handful still in stock.

EDWARD KA-SPEL -A Pleasure Cruise through 9 CD version- 20 euros (plus postage)
Other formats? Alas, no more I think...

THE LEGENDARY PINK DOTS - The Creature that tasted Sound
New CDR release with new studio pieces. 13,50 euros

THE SILVERMAN- Dream Cell Deluxe ( 2 x CDR)
Now out of print on CD for over 10 years, "Dream Cell " has been remastered and coupled with a bonus disc with the vinyl version's extra side and some exciting extras.18,00 euros

A mere 6 copies of the original Dream Cell double vinyl are still available at 25 euros (plus postage). Anyone ordering this will receive the CDR bonus disc free.

Recorded between 11th and 14th November 2011 , and fittingly includes a new version of "Poppy Day" plus songs and pieces directly related to this occasion:
13,50 euros

A wonderful compilation and part of a wonderful series based upon letters of the alphabet put together by G.X Jupiter Larsen. "L" features a long and unusual exclusive piece by the Pink Dots .Other artists include Lasse Marhaug and Lionel Marchetti . 11 euros .

aka Edward Ka-Spel and old pal Mark Spybey .This single is part of Dead Voices on Air's 20th Anniversary series).-10 EUR

THE LEGENDARY PINK DOTS- All the King's Sessions
On TEKA's Trademark of Quantity division.
A trawl through the archive produced many treasures....unheard demos of songs and colourful psychedelic excursions. OUT NOW. costs 13,50 euros plus postage.

THE LEGENDARY PINK DOTS- Atomic Roses (vinyl)
A cornerstone in LPDs history , this release is available on vinyl for the first time (timely as all other formats disappeared a while back). An edition of 300 only on Beta Lactam Ring records. possible.It costs 20 euros plus postage. Very few left- check for availability!!

THE LEGENDARY PINK DOTS- Ancient Daze CD (very limited).15 euros
THE TEAR GARDEN- Eye Spy with my Little EYE CD (20 euros)

EDWARD KA-SPEL - The Patriot / Last Man Standing 7"
Now slated for June/July release.
EDWARD KA-SPEL - Ghost Logik
New CD and deluxe ltd 2 disc set. Destined for Autumn release.
Any Day Now (remastered and expanded) CD with special packaging.

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------SADLY NOW OUT-OF-STOCK
LEGENDARY PINK DOTS- Seconds late for the Brighton Line Double Vinyl.
Please do not order this one from us.

THE LEGENDARY PINK DOTS- Seconds Late for the Brighton Line
The newest Legendary Pink Dots album on ROIR, and we're fiercely proud of it.
Now available on CD at 15 euros

Spectacular and exciting DVD release from 2009 .On Soleilmoon Recordings.
Imagine a club packed like sardines in a can and three cameras hovering over the throng.Possibly LPDs finest , and most intense, visual document so far.
OUT NOW...15 euros .

THE LEGENDARY PINK DOTS- The French Collection
Could this be The Legendary Pink Dots' finest Live document? Collected from shows
during a seriously spectacular tour of France back in 1994, there are chestnuts here which were never repeated.It's a wild ride, but there are moments when you can hear a glass tear hit the floor.On Beta Lactam Ring Records.
Double CD edition- 20 euros
4 x LP VINYL BOX SET- 65 euros (check for availability- just 350 made in a beautiful black and silver box).

THE SILVERMAN- Time on thin Ice
A mysterious , spiritual voyage from The Silverman , featuring a guest appearance from Edward Ka-Spel on vocals.
CD- 15 euros

EDWARD KA-SPEL- The Minus Touch
In Purgatory you have a choice of doors. New CD just released on BLRR.
CD- 15 euros

Special limited vinyl release celebrating 30 years of life in the Dots together for Edward and Phil.
LTD TOUR CD edition - 15 euros
VINYL EDITION-20 Euros (Check for availability!)

.LEGENDARY PINK DOTS-The Crushed Velvet Apocalypse (remaster)
Special hyper-limited version CD in velvet bag with inserts - 20 euros. OUT NOW! Very few left - check for availability!!
Regular edition- 15 euros (out now)

EDWARD KA-SPEL-Chyekk China Doll (remastered CD with new bonus tracks).
A marvellous spring clean for the sound on this album originally released back in 1986. Musicaly a collaboration between Edward and Patrick Paganini
who played violin for the Dots at that time. Steve Stapleton edited and made his inimitable mark.
First edition CD with deluxe cover...15 euros

(i)The Angel (Various sizes)...20 euros
To celebrate 30 years we reproduce the design from LPDs' first vinyl album "Brighter Now".
A popular number on the tour which just concluded- check for availability. Note "mediums"
are VERY thin on the ground.

(ii) Seconds Late (Various sizes)..20 euros
The shirt of the tour and the Dots' latest album designed by The Silverman himself. Very few in "medium" size-it was popular on the US tour.
CONTINUING The TEKA hand-made series....
The Terminal Kaleidoscope mail order service is happy to announce a series of hand-made items brought to you by members of the band.

1.The Tower.........A picture disc with original artwork by the Silverman hailing back to the original live presentation of songs from this album back in the 80s. 40 euros plus postage

2. Faces in the Fire as a picture disc with a handmade cover by The Silverman and New Orleans artist, Alan Jaeger ,
A handful, lovingly created......This is perhaps the cover this release should always have had.
PRICE: 40 euros...........2 copies left

Robodop Snei.....A beautifully packaged and lovingly crafted CD from old Pink Dots' friend Danny Eschbach's project in Australia . Danny has his own way with the synthesizer that frequently thrills you and certianly takes you out there. The title is "Strange Ongoings" released by Tempest Records .

Old Pink Dots' friends Thorsten Wald and Lars Tangmark urged me to
direct you all to their own project here:
It comes strongly recommended

ON ROTATION AT CHEZ DOTS: Painting Petals on the Planet Ghost , jean-Claude Eloy (glorious reissues on CD- try "Shanti " first), Orbit service (we had a sneak preview of the new CD - it's astonishing! ILITCH !!!! BLRR just released a CD of long lost pieces by Thierry Muller and co that make our collective jaws drop....
We'd like to bring your attention to
This is a website dedicated to Edward Ka-Spel's book of lyrics which was released together with an exclusive a few years ago.The site has been updated and visitors will find a section where Edward reveals the origins for many of his outpourings.Not so many books left now .Those interested should write to Kirsten who lovingly created the book and the website.
Barry Gray (aka Stret majest Alarme) ,Legendary Pink Dots' guitar player from all of the first albums has just released a fine and utterly spacey
cassette on Beam Ends Records.Now operating under the name of TAPAJAWA, it can be ordered via our old friend Freek of BeeQueen for 15 euros. Order directly from Freek at

c/o Philip Knight
Bloemenhof 16-1
6663 BL LENT


A LINK We'd like to bring your attention to
This is a website dedicated to Edward Ka-Spel's book of lyrics which was released a few years ago.The site has been updated and visitors will find a section where Edward reveals the origins for many of his outpourings.

The mighty LARD FREE is reforming for a show at Magasin 4 in Brussels ,Belgium on 14 December.This is an event not to be missed. Opening for the legendary Parisian outfit is Marteau Rouge with Evan Parker, while SteveStapleton will be dj for the night.Contact for more information.


Just released- this is a record of astonishing beauty.The first side made me feel like I was tiptoeing through a magical garden at twilight, the second cast me out into a forgotten sea.Timo is an improviser of the first order- everything he creates is worthy of your attention, but if you start anywhere, then start HERE. It's limited as well, so be fast! It can be ordered directly from Timo at this address: tivalu at

Watch this space for details concerning this incendiary solo girl performer from Sweden.She opened for us in Malmo and Im still scraping my jaw from the floor after dragging it all the way back to The Netherlands. Marvellous, hugely inventive....words aren't enough..

ES/ Sateenkaarisuudelma
Available as a beautiful double album release and as a double CD. Quite honestly if the amount of love and devotion poured into this album was contagious (I hope it is) then we could seriously talk about the dawn of a New Age of earth. Nothing sweet here, this is music that lifts the listener to a place he or she probably hoped would exist but somehow doubted it. I had to think of the best work of Terry Riley at odd (golden) moments, but that would be a lazy comparison ultimately. Much has been written about the "Finnish free folk" movement ,and there are an awful lot of releases out there which carry this categorization.My recommendation is to dive into the ocean with confidence...but this is a good place to start from.

I was given this CD by a kind record store owner in Copenhagen, and what a beauty it is!!! Perhaps there are echoes of the sadly missed Godspeed You Black Emperor, but that comparison does this Danish band a disservice.Very much an individual sound to this CD on the Rump Recordings label.Charged, ecstatic .Utterly uplifting in these sepia times.

Sometimes a CD comes along that makes you want to fling open the windows and scream about to the rest of the World (only that would of course interfere with the beautiful music). In the case of John moran, it wasn't one but 2 albums that turned up in the mail box..Psychedelic in the braodest sense, tuneful, intelligent,happy, sad---dont know where to stop.John is fromAustralia and his CDs are on the Puzzle Factory label.Seek him out, and buy his music--you will not regret this.

Title: Epitafio a la Permanencia
Imagine Christian Vander and Pierre Henry collaborating on a lost masterpiece when they were both at the peaks of their powers.....Imagine the master tape turning up in Chile..Imagine it's reputation preceded it and turned out to be EVEN BETTER......Un Festin Sagital is a group I'd never heard of before, but I reckon I'll spend the next few years hearing them again and again such is the depth of this debut.Purchase from <> now before it vanishes.

Beta-Lactam Ring has given Ariels' first insanely rare album a long overdue re-release and it's a glory.Lots of beautiful bonus material as well. We loved this record for years at Chez Dots...Hearing it with this kind of clarity was akin to waking up after a long Winter's sleep.




All orders can be made by sending me a message at
l_khata at

All out-of-stock items have been removed from the previous list. Remember to read the ordering instructions at the end of the lists..

last copiesBig blue reissue
ArtistTitleYearFormatPrice (€)
Legendary Pink DotsThe Maria Sessions2010CD-R13.50
Legendary Pink DotsWhispering Wail2010CD-R13.50
Legendary Pink DotsHuman Radio2010CD-R13.50
Legendary Pink DotsPlutonium Blonde2008CD15.00
Legendary Pink Dots25th Anniversary single20067"10.00shocking pink vinyl
Legendary Pink DotsCassette Archives2007LPx565.00VERY LTD!
Legendary Pink DotsKey Club2007DVD-R15.00live in Los Angeles 2002
Legendary Pink DotsYour Children Placate You from Premature Graves2006CD15.00
Legendary Pink DotsAlchemical Playschool200610"x235.00Soleilmoon 2 copies left
Legendary Pink DotsAlchemical Playschool2008CD15.00Soleilmoon new "standard" edition
Legendary Pink DotsA Dream is a Dream is a Dream2005DVD20.00LPDs live in 1987
Legendary Pink DotsLive in Montpelier2005CD-Rx220.00
Legendary Pink DotsLive in Hildeshem 19912005CD-R10.00
Legendary Pink DotsThe Whispering Wall2004CD15.00
Legendary Pink DotsPoppy Variations2004CD15.00
Legendary Pink DotsPoppy Variations2004CD15.00
Legendary Pink DotsPoppy Variations2004LPx230.00very last copies
Legendary Pink DotsA Guide To... Vol. 2: Psychedelic Classics and Rarities2003CDx2+DVD25.00(compilation - 1 copy in stock)
Legendary Pink DotsAll the King's Men2002CD15.00
Legendary Pink DotsAll the King's Horses2002CD15.00ROIR Edition
Legendary Pink DotsAll the King's Horses2002CD15.00Big Blue Edition
Legendary Pink DotsChemical Playschool Volume 11, 12 & 132001CDx340.00
Legendary Pink DotsA Guide To... Vol 1: The Best Ballads2000CD15.00(compilation)
Legendary Pink DotsA Perfect Mystery2000CD15.00Soleilmoon
Legendary Pink DotsA Perfect Mystery2000CD15.00Big Blue re-issue
Legendary Pink DotsFarewell, Milky Way2000CD15.00
Legendary Pink DotsLive at the Metro1999CD15.00
Legendary Pink DotsLive at La Luna1998DVD15.00
Legendary Pink DotsNemesis Online1998CD15.00
Legendary Pink DotsThe Pre-Millennial Single1998CDEP15.00
Legendary Pink DotsThe Pre-Millennial Single199812" EP15.00
Legendary Pink DotsSterre1997CDEP8.00
Legendary Pink DotsChemical Playschool 101997CD15.00
Legendary Pink DotsStained Glass Soma Fountains1997CDx220.00
Legendary Pink DotsHallway of the Gods1997CD15.00
Legendary Pink DotsUnder Triple Moons1997CD15.00
Legendary Pink DotsLive '891997CD-R15.00
Legendary Pink DotsLive '85-'881997CD-R15.00
Legendary Pink DotsAncient Daze1997CD15.00
Legendary Pink DotsCanta Mientras Puedas1996CD15.00(compilation)
Legendary Pink DotsRemember Me This Way1996CDEP10.00
Legendary Pink DotsChemical Playschool Volumes 8 & 91995CDx222.00
Legendary Pink DotsFrom Here You'll Watch the World Go By1995CD15.00
Legendary Pink Dots9 Lives to Wonder1994CD15.00(Big Blue reissue)
Legendary Pink DotsMalachai (Shadow Weaver Part 2)1993CD15.00Soleilmoon re-issue
Legendary Pink DotsMalachai (Shadow Weaver Part 2)1993CD15.00Big Blue re-issue
Legendary Pink DotsShadow Weaver1992CD15.00Soleilmoon re-issue
Legendary Pink DotsShadow Weaver1992CD15.00Big Blue re-issue
Legendary Pink DotsThe Maria Dimension1991CD15.00Soleilmoon re-issue
Legendary Pink DotsThe Maria Dimension1991CD15.00Big Blue re-issue
Legendary Pink DotsFour Days1990CD15.00Big Blue re-issue
Legendary Pink DotsThe Crushed Velvet Apocalypse1990CD15.00Soleilmoon re-issue
Legendary Pink DotsThe Crushed Velvet Apocalypse1990CD15.00Big Blue re-issue
Legendary Pink DotsThe Legendary Pink Box1989CDx220.00Soleilmoon re-issue
Legendary Pink DotsThe Golden Age1989CD15.00Soleilmoon re-issue
Legendary Pink DotsThe Golden Age1989CD15.00Big Blue re-issue
Legendary Pink DotsTraumstadt 11988CD15.00
Legendary Pink DotsAny Day Now1988CD15.00Big Blue re-issue
Legendary Pink DotsIsland of Jewels1986CD15.00Soleilmoon re-issue
Legendary Pink DotsIsland of Jewels1986CD15.00Big Blue re-issue
Legendary Pink DotsPrayer for Aradia1985CD15.00Big Blue re-issue
Legendary Pink DotsAsylum1985CD15.00Soleilmoon re-issue
Legendary Pink DotsAsylum1985CD15.00Big Blue re-issue
Legendary Pink DotsThe Lovers1984CD15.00Soleilmoon re-issue
Legendary Pink DotsThe Lovers1984CD15.00Big Blue re-issue
Legendary Pink DotsThe Tower1984CD15.00Soleilmoon re-issue
Legendary Pink DotsThe Tower1984CD10.00Big Blue re-issue - SPECIAL OFFER
Legendary Pink DotsFaces in the Fire1984CD15.00Soleilmoon re-issue
Legendary Pink DotsFaces in the Fire1984CD10.00Big Blue re-issue - SPECIAL OFFER
Legendary Pink DotsCurse1983CD15.00Big Blue re-issue
Legendary Pink DotsChemical Playschool 3+41983CDx220.00
Legendary Pink DotsBrighter Now1982CD15.00Big Blue re-issue
Edward Ka-SpelDream Logik Parts 1-32009LPx470.004x LP box set plus exclusive CD - low stock
Edward Ka-SpelDream Logik Part Two2008CD20.00single CD only
Edward Ka-SpelThe Painted River Of Regrets2008LP20.00limited to 300 copies
Edward Ka-SpelThe Painted River Of Regrets2008CDR15.00personally signed edition of 399 copies
Edward Ka-SpelMelancholics Anonymous2007CD20.00300 only
Edward Ka-SpelDream Logik Part One2007CD20.00last copies of deluxe book style cover
Edward Ka-SpelFragments of Illumina2006LPx230.00double vinyl w/bonus 4th side - last copies
Edward Ka-SpelFragments of Illumina2006CD20.00very low stock
Edward Ka-SpelA Long Red Ladder To The Moon2005CD15.00
Edward Ka-SpelO Darkness! O Darkness!2005LP25.00
Edward Ka-Spel/Silverman Live In Basel 2005 2005CD-R10.00
Edward Ka-SpelPieces Of ∞2004CD15.00
Edward Ka-SpelAn Unlikely Event2003CD-R15.00
Edward Ka-SpelLove & Loud Colours2002book + CD40.00
Edward Ka-SpelNeedles 32001CDR15.00
Edward Ka-SpelCaste O' Graye Skreeëns2001CD12.00special offer
Edward Ka-SpelRed Letters2000CD15.00
Edward Ka-SpelThe Blue Room1998CD15.00
Edward Ka-SpelThe Blue Room1998LPx225.00
Edward Ka-SpelThe Textures Of Illumina1995CDx220.00
Edward Ka-SpelThe Scriptures Of Illumina1995CD15.00
Edward Ka-SpelDNA Le Draw D-Kee1995CD15.00Edward, Elke, Ryan & Calyxx
Edward Ka-SpelEyes! China Doll1985CD15.00original vinyl replica sleeve with bonus material
Edward Ka-SpelLaugh China Doll1984CD15.00original vinyl replica cover with bonus tracks from Dance China Doll and unreleased
SilvermanBlank For Your Own Message 2008CD20.00
SilvermanWoodland Calling 2007CD-R10.00
SilvermanSun With A Beating Heart 2007CD-R10.00
SilvermanSpectral Artifact 2007CD-R10.00
SilvermanNature Of Illusion 2005CD20.00 (w/bonus CD)
SilvermanNature Of Illusion 2005LPx225.00bonus 4th side - LOW STOCK
SilvermanRequiem Settings 2002CD15.00
SilvermanState of Union 2001CD20.00(300 only) expanded and remastered from deleted CDR issue
SilvermanDream Cell 1995LPx225.00bonus 4th side - LOW STOCK
Tear GardenThe Secret Experiment2007CD20.00low stock
Tear GardenEye Spy with My Little Eye2002CD20.00low stock
MimirMimyriad 1999CD15.00second album originally on vinyl now as CD. It is NOT the reissue of the orginal Mimyriad CD which was different to vinyl version
Various ArtistsKollabaris2001CD-R15.00LPD and FRIENDS (includes exclusive Tear Garden and Mimir)
Ulkomaalaiset12007CD20.00improvisational trio of E.Ka-spel, Alena Boikova and Martin Heuser (last copies)
Ulkomaalaiset22007CD20.00improvisational trio of E.Ka-spel, Alena Boikova and Martin Heuser
MinizzaMusic for Girls2007CD15.00Collaboration - Edward Ka-Spel lent vocals and lyrics to one track
Martijn De KleerFlow2002CD15.00
Martijn De KleerSo Close Yet So Far Out2004CD15.00features Cevin Key and LPDs
Niels Van HoornColours2004CD15.00
Niels Van HoornKlaverland Klompen2006CD15.00with mark Spybey of dead Voices on Air
Silver StarsSilver Stars2008CD10.00Collaboration - Edward Ka-Spel lent vocals and lyrics to one track
Strange Attractor12006LP20.00Niels van Hoorn and Richard van Kruysdijk (very low stock)
Strange Attractor22006LP20.00Niels van Hoorn and Richard van Kruysdijk (very low stock)
Strange Attractor1&22006CD15.002 albums combined - features Edward Ka-Spel
Strange AttractorMettle2008CD15.00


A new TEKA service where we offer second hand CDs and vinyl records..
needless to say that except in exceptional circumstances we have just one copy of any item listed here....the intention is to update this list at the beginning of each month.
If you want to receive updates ,please send a request to:
l_khata at with the message "obscurity"

Very rare compilation 10" from beta Lactam Ring Records featuring an exclusive track from Edward Ka-Spel amongst others.OFFERS

2.ESKATON/Ardeur LP (ex/ex) -very rare vinyl album from france....similarity to Magma.50 EUROS

3.JAN DUKES DE GREY LP (vg+/vg)-ORIGINAL rare vinyl album.OFFERS

4.CELLORGANICS LP (vg/vg+)LP 1980 avant-garde.CDR reissued on the fabulous Creel Pone label..15 euros

5.JOHN MILLS COCKELL -Heartbeat (ex/ex) member oflegendary Canadian pioneers Syrinx...15 euros

6.EDWARD KA-SPEL 10" LP---Lilith & the Rose 10" vinyl -BLACK test pressing
(with cover)---35 EUR

7.EDWARD KA-SPEL--Fragments of Illumina (original CDR on Piehead label)---25 Euros



c/o Phil Knight BLOEMENHOF 16-1
6663 BL LENT


Before ordering please email this address to check for availability:
l_khata at


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Lyric Book = 5.50 Euros


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Book = 10 Euros


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