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Forced Exposure New Releases for 10/20/2014

New music is due from Wreckmaster Harmonies, VHS Head, and Diplo, while old music is due from Nurse With Wound, John Lee Hooker, Boogie Down Productions, and Sun Ra.


Legendary Pink Dots, "Chemical Playschool Volumes 16 & 18"

cover image

I am not sure which is more amazing: that the Dots are now up to 18 (sort of) of these weird, free-wheeling, catch-all releases or that they are still occasionally both excellent and surprising.  In any case, this double release is quite a fine and rather substantial effort.  Like most (if not) all Chemical Playschool entries, this is not the place to come for hooks and tight editing, but Ka-Spel and company's abstract psychedelia nevertheless blossoms into some very beautiful, strange, and haunting interludes.  Anyone looking to completely detach from mundane reality for 90 minutes without the aid of pharmaceuticals would be hard-pressed to find a better option than this one.


Scott Walker & Sunn O))), "Soused"

cover imageI am not an especially devout Scott Walker fan, as I tend to admire his vision and fearlessness far more than I actually enjoy listening to his albums, but I was definitely very curious to hear how this completely unexpected collaboration would turn out: such a union seemed certain to be both unpredictable and unique at the very least.  Upon finally hearing Soused, however, I am a bit surprised by the early wave of stellar reviews it has received thus far, as it seems like Sunn O)))'s presence is often unnecessary or squandered (or both).  Walker, for his part, certainly provides more of the quavering, deranged catharsis that I have grown to expect from him, but the underlying music is sometimes less than compelling.  Although not a failure by any means (it gets much better near the end), much of this effort feels like less than the sum of its parts (though it is still an absolute monster by non-"Scott Walker" standards).


Luciernaga/La Mancha Del Pecado, "Tile"

cover imageChilean by way of Brooklyn artist Joao Da Silva has been quietly building an impressive discography of droning guitar electronics that can vacillate significantly between dark terrors and bright, shimmering expanses of sound.  These two new limited tapes (one a split release with La Mancha Del Pecado) provide an exceptional overview of his widely varying, yet consistently excellent music.


Gnawed, "Feign and Cloak"

cover imageMinnesota's Grant Richardson may be a relatively new player in the American harsh electronics scene, but his expanding discography of tapes and low-run releases have honed his ability and skill at making ugly noise.  With Gnawed taking cues equally from the European Cold Meat Industries sound and the contemporary US noise scene, Feign and Cloak is a heavy, yet diverse record that certainly brings power and force, but a lot more as well.


Marble Sky

cover imageAlthough Jeff Witscher is best known these days for his work as Rene Hell, he has actually been on the scene for quite a long time and has cycled through a number of both guises and styles.  One of his more beloved early projects was this one, which was reserved for his ambient drone work.  Unfortunately, most of Marble Sky's releases were only available as limited-run cassettes, so this collection of that rare material is quite a useful and timely one.  While there is probably nothing here that anyone will find stylistically revelatory in 2014, Witscher's execution is quite superb, striking the perfect balance between dreamy bliss and frayed, static-gnawed edges.


Black Spirituals, "Of Deconstruction"

cover imageAs a duo of drummer Marshall Trammell and guitarist/electronic specialist Zachary James Watkins, Black Spirituals work with unconventional arrangements.  The immediate reference point I thought of, Lightening Bolt, is anything but appropriate as far as music goes.  While that duo's sound was based upon rapid-fire freak-outs and spastic thrashing, Trammell and James are more deliberate, methodical, and disciplined, but no less thrilling or engaging.


Blood Bright Star, "The Silver Head"

cover imageBlood Bright Star's Reuben Sawyer might be primarily known as a visual artist, but his growing discography as a musician indicates that he is a man of many talents.  The Silver Head, a four song 12" has him locking into a classically minimalist groove that pulls brilliantly from post punk, krautrock, and metal.  The results retain just the right amount of experimentation, while still resulting in a memorable suite of songs.


John Everall

The staff at Brainwashed are saddened by the passing of John Everall. Everall passed away quietly at his home on Friday, September 26th, in the company of his wife, Kelly, and friends by his side. He was a long-time music supporter, operating the Sentrax record label since 1992 (featuring releases by Lull, Final, God, and others), a contributing writer to The Wire (see Obscure Mechanics interview with Coil), and has been recording music mainly as Tactile. John was a friend to many and will be missed.


Godflesh, "A World Lit Only By Fire"

cover imageEven as far as falling back into their historical release pattern of an album paired with an EP of unique, yet contemporaneous material, the resurrection of Godflesh has done everything possible to honor their legacy.  A World Lit Only By Fire does not exactly see the band picking up where the last album, 2001's Hymns left off.  Instead it goes back further into their history, to the era most Godflesh fans wish they had never left.

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