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Brain in the Wire2002CDx3features "Saved (ReadWriteError remix)"
Lushlife2000LP/CDBowery Electric - Lushlife
Freedom Fighter200012"/CDEP
Floating World / Lushlife199912"promotional only
A Tribute to Spacemen 31998LPx2/CDfeatures "Things'll Never Be the Same"Bowery Electric - A Tribute to Spacemen 3 - Things'll Never Be the Same
Blow Up/Electro Sleep199712"
Vertigo1997CDx2remixes from Beat
Coming Down199712"all tracks collected on Vertigo
Without Stopping199712"features "Beat (Disjectia mix)" not on Vertigo
Beat1996LPx2/CDBowery Electric - Beat
Bowery Electric1995LP/CDBowery Electric - Bowery Electric

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