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Future Classics of the Recent Past


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UK CD Dataflow DATCOM1

  1. TD5, "Cosmic Tones" - [TD-5], [DAT05]
  2. Technohead, "The Passion 1" - [REACT23], [DB4791], [SNC2027]
  3. Church of Extacy, "Church of Extacy (Crucify The Acid)" - [SNC2004], [SNC2027]
  4. Technohead, "Accelerator 1" - [REACT35]
  5. Ilsa Gold, "Up (GTO Remix)"
  6. Signs of Chaos, "Killout (One Step from Death)" - [KILLOUT03]
  7. Greater Than One, "Lu + La"
  8. GTO, "The Basic High"
  9. Signs of Chaos, "You Can't Stop It (Camo Club remix)"
  10. John + Julie, "Red Alert 4"
  11. The Salami Brothers, "Gangsta Trax (Whacked Mix)"
  12. Signs of Chaos, "Crackerjack"
  13. GTO, "Pure (Beautiful mix)" - [BANG004]
  14. Tricky Disco, "Tricky Disco" - [a sped-up version of (edit) from WAP7]
  15. Tricky Disco, "Alphabet Soup"

Lee Newman
Michael Wells

Variations of these versions are found on other releases.