Krautomania 2
1995 CD NL HP Productions HPCD9508
in jewel case
Track Listing
  1. Macksy / Pain - Klaus Schulze
  2. Berlin 1 - Klaus Schulze
  3. Tension - 2000+
  4. Syntopia - Robert Schroeder
  5. Exploding Head Movie - Crumb Duck [cf20]
  6. Animal Or Vegetable - Crumb Duck [cf20] [ud069]
Sleeve Notes
This is the second volume of compilations with rare and/or deleted items by well-known German musicians. On this CD the spotlight is on Klaus Schulze with two 12-inch released works and a special feature taken from the KLEM-cassette.
Also from this cassette is the Robert Schroeder-composition 'Syntopia'. 2000+ is completely unknown but sounds great. Crumbduck is Stereolab in disguise, sounding really German.

Compiled by Hanky Punk
Thanks to John Podeszwa for the information