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Out Hud to take a break?

It's unclear whether it's official yet but it seems that Out Hud might be taking a break from each other.  There is still no official announcement yet to pass along nor is there any information on how this might effect !!!.  Given their fantastic album from this year, Let Us Never Speak of It Again and their awesome live shows, we hope this rumor is not true.

News has spread that after their performance on Sunday night when one of the members announced on stage it may be the last Out Hud show, and recently, news of a split has popped up on those 'blog' things those cable news networks seem to talk about.  We will update this news with any further developments.

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Review of the Day

Calla, "Scavengers"
Calla is the Texas-bred, NYC-based trio of Aurelio Valle (vocals, guitar), Wayne B. Magruder (programming, percussion, drums) and Sean Donovan (bass, keyboards, programming). "Scavengers" is their second full length in as many years and the first for Michael Gira's Young God Records. The sound is somewhat minimal, always stark yet spacious, centered around husky hushed vocals, cleanly plucked guitar with mild Americana overtones and a seriously deep bass guitar groove. Add to that adequate rhythm and a very slight amount of subtle electronics and programming for atmosphere. Most lyrical passages are morphine drip slow while musical passages are allowed to repeat and crescendo, to a certain point. The image of crawling is expressed lyrically in two songs and in the title of a brief instrumental third, "A Fondness for Crawling". The last track is an utterly beautiful cover of U2's "Promenade" presented as if it were Calla's own ... and it is now as far as I'm concerned. "Scavengers" has an honest and deep sense of vulnerability, longing and heartbreak throughout. It makes you want to listen to it over and over again and revel in it rather than immediately shut it off and slash your wrists. A remix 12" for "Fear of Fireflies / Slum Creeper" is in the works.

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