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Plain and simple, if you go to an Akron/Family concert and do not have fun, you just don't like music.  Akron/Family are this year's "it" band from Young God Records and they've bloody earned it: they have been touring non-stop since April of this year (2005).

The Eye finally caught up with them on their third time through this year and this time was easily their best show ever.  We sat down with Miles and Dana for some quality time talking about their music, working with Michael Gira, and crowd surfing, amongst other things.

Once again a special thanks go out to Stacie of The Critique of Pure Reason who has a knack for picking some of the best shows to produce that ever come to town.


The Eye: Video of the Day


YouTube Video

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Review of the Day

Schneider TM, "6 Peace"

As an introduction to the music of Dirk Dresselhaus, this EP doesn't work so well. The music is whimsical and entertaining, but out of the six songs that make up 6 Peace, three are remixes and one is the original version of "Reality Check" from the Zoomer album. The two videos that are included on this CD ("Frogtoise" and "Reality Check") can be found online at Schneider TM's website along with two free songs. If it's an introduction that is needed, Schneider TM's website is the place to go.
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