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His Name Is Alive

YouTube Video

Forget any preconceived notions about His Name Is Alive and Warren Defever and sit back and enjoy an entertaining conversation and performance. We talked about 4AD, Brothers Quay, noise, the stupid music press, and getting pictures taken at 6am! The band are on tour right now supporting Low and it's not worth missing for anybody who either once was a fan or is finally coming around to them.


The Eye: Video of the Day


Ten years ago, launched The Eye, one of the first regular music oriented video features online. Over the years, close to 150 mini documentaries were produced from live and interview footage with some of the most innovative acts. In the last few weeks, the videos have been re-visited, re-mastered, and re-presented on YouTube. We're excited for the new resolution, sound, and clarity of these features, along with the portability afforded by YouTube. Over the next few weeks we will be randomly selecting features on the home page here of Brainwashed but you can always  Start at the beginning and see where it takes you!

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Review of the Day

Cybernetic:Fuckheadz is the bastard step-child of Raoul Rotation of Noisex and Patrick Stevens of Sona Eact?/Hypnoskull notoriety. Take the harshest elements of both: Noisex's hardcore techno stylings, and Hypnoskull's heavily distorted, at times undanceable, beats, and add liberal amounts of drum n' bass, and you have the most fucked up dnb record of the year—and it's not even on the Hands label, imagine that.
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