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His Name Is Alive

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Forget any preconceived notions about His Name Is Alive and Warren Defever and sit back and enjoy an entertaining conversation and performance. We talked about 4AD, Brothers Quay, noise, the stupid music press, and getting pictures taken at 6am! The band are on tour right now supporting Low and it's not worth missing for anybody who either once was a fan or is finally coming around to them.


The Eye: Video of the Day


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Review of the Day

loren mazzaCane connors, "the little match girl"
Loren MazzaCane Connors has made a career of serene guitarwork: ambient, atmospheric, sparse, spacious, or whichever word you feel would classify it best. The latest disc pulls together fourteen new guitar melodies for a collection just shy of 40 minutes. While there is a time and place for Connors' music: like having tea and reading a book before going to bed, I personally am feeling rather unsatisfied, almost as if there needs to be something more this time around. I've heard this entire formula before from Connors on previous releases. On top of that, I can't shake the thought that I feel I'm listening to a Mark Knopfler soundtrack the whole while. Connors knows all about making a rich and beautiful sound out of one source, treated guitar, but it's growing tired and the guy needs to start working with some people again to get some fresh ideas and external sounds going. Having one CD like this in your collection is encouraged, having 20 is excessive.



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