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His Name Is Alive

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Forget any preconceived notions about His Name Is Alive and Warren Defever and sit back and enjoy an entertaining conversation and performance. We talked about 4AD, Brothers Quay, noise, the stupid music press, and getting pictures taken at 6am! The band are on tour right now supporting Low and it's not worth missing for anybody who either once was a fan or is finally coming around to them.


The Eye: Video of the Day

James Blackshaw

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Review of the Day

syntetika, "100% syntetika"
Shaped Harmonics
Turned on by a recommendation by Jason Bryant (of Riouxs, damn, he's never wrong), this second release for the Russian label is the first full-length album by this Saint Petersburg-based duo. You won't find any bizarre experimentation with crazy rhythms, abrasive noises or harsh melodies within. Instead it's a delicate wash of gorgeous electronic melodies and serene sounds. While it does wander that trecherous border between early Orb and new age, I honestly find myself pulling for this disc frequently when I simply want to tune out the increasingly psychotic world and soak in some valuble personal "me" time. I reached track four, "At_First," in my car once late at night, driving on an urban highway at a relatively high speed through some well-lit tunnels and that, coupled with the following beat-less aural masterpiece, "Paintings," really solidified my love for this disc. Picture the blissful sounds of some of the first Tear Garden material without abrasive cuts, vocals or samples, replaced by conjunct, languid tunes which would please anybody fond of musicians like Ulrich Schnauss. If anything, looking forward, Edda and Vladislav might want to look into updating their sounds when progressing onto their next records, but in the meantime, this album works just perfectly. Sadly, only Riouxs seems to be carrying this label right now.



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