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His Name Is Alive

YouTube Video

Forget any preconceived notions about His Name Is Alive and Warren Defever and sit back and enjoy an entertaining conversation and performance. We talked about 4AD, Brothers Quay, noise, the stupid music press, and getting pictures taken at 6am! The band are on tour right now supporting Low and it's not worth missing for anybody who either once was a fan or is finally coming around to them.


The Eye: Video of the Day

Mojave 3

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Review of the Day

Christian Wolfarth, "Wolfarth"
As a kid I loved banging on things and making loud, annoying noises. I'd hit metal pans together, click my tongue, whistle, holler, and stomp my feet, twiddle my fingers on plastic bins, jiggle door handles, and make all sorts of funny sounds with my throat. It was a blast. Apparently that sort of attitude towards random sounds has stuck with percussionist Christian Wolfarth throughout the years.
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