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Steven Stapleton Interviewed on KinkFM

On Sunday March 19th, a phone interview/radio special with Steven Stapleton was broadcast on X-rated, radio Kinkfm. An archive should be available for download at by Monday or Tuesday. Steven Stapleton constributes a track to the new CD X-rated as Nurse With Wound.

The Eye: Video of the Day

Meat Beat Manifesto

YouTube Video

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Review of the Day

Hototogisu, "Chimärendämmerung"

Despite being a duo, Hototogisu have always had the vibe of a recluse within their music. There’s always been a distance and privacy in their sound since Matthew Bower (Skullflower / Sunroof!) and Marcia Bassett (Double Leopards / Zaimph) first teamed up a few records into Hototogisu’s discography. Within the morass of sounds there’s always been a huge human element, but it’s never been a consciously communicative voice. Hototogisu have always been unique in the field of drone rock, pushing competition into either straight up plagiarism or shunting them into reinvention.

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