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Steven Stapleton Interviewed on KinkFM

On Sunday March 19th, a phone interview/radio special with Steven Stapleton was broadcast on X-rated, radio Kinkfm. An archive should be available for download at by Monday or Tuesday. Steven Stapleton constributes a track to the new CD X-rated as Nurse With Wound.

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Review of the Day

Tonne, "Soundtoy"
Another theme/concept record from Bip-Hop is Tonne's 'Soundtoy,' which is effectively a product demo for a sound sequencing device that Tonne created as an alternative to the big budget, feature-laden audio packages that drive modern electronic music production. The Soundtoy application is included on this disc for listeners to try out, and it allows the user to drag and drop colored squares that represent a bank of sixteen sounds onto a grid of twelve moving lines. Like the board game Othello, Soundtoy takes a minute to learn but a lifetime to master. The interface is intuitive and even fun to play with, but as there is no quantization feature and no way to record your drags and drops for playback at a later time, getting something you really want out of it is another story. But creating whole tracks, like the eight songs also included on this disc, does not apper to be the real aim of Soundtoy. Instead, the artists involved primarily used the application to come up with new rhythmic combinations that a rigid sequencing program might not have helped to produce. Scanner, Si-cut.db, Hakan Lidbo, and Tonne himself each contribute two tracks a piece of noodly electronic tones drenched in reverb and delay, and after listening to the album straight through three times in a row it was very difficult to pinpoint any one artist's signature sound or contribution. Expect a lot of click n cut style percussion stabs, warm sampled bits from analog keyboards, and structures that flirt with the idea of beats but don't usually manage much more than fractured, off-time rhythms. The included sound files from the artists involved should keep bedroom laptoppers busy hacking and remixing for a while, and the music included, while not a necessary advancement in the world of computer music, is fresh enough to earn a spot in the rotation at your favorite chill out spot.


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