Kid 606

  • height: 5'11&15/16”s weight: 175    sex: with women   eyes: big and brown!    hair: um, short....

  • birthplace: caracas, venezuela
  • residence: san diego, CA
  • occupation: cat-sitter

  • important records: too many to mention. I will have to get back to ya!
  • important books:  don't read...
  • important movies: clockwork orange, live flesh, adams family values, all the lum/ranma and a 1/2 uriesa yatsura anime, edward scissorhnads, the cook, the thief, his wife and her lover, belly of an architect, the pillow book, foreskin gump, buffalo66, opposite of sex, bule velvet, star wars,  the list just keeps growing...
  • the history: I had blonde hair as a kid and had lots of trouble growing up
  • the latest: I have darkhair as a kid and have lots of trouble growing up

  • What video game system do you prefer?
    gameboy cause it runs out of batteries
  • Have a favorite game?
    spin the bottle!
  • What is one of your ultimate goals as a musician?
    become president of apple computers
  • Who’s your favorite wrestler, past or present?  Why?
    jay lesser.  because before he gave up wrestling to do music + he would wear nothing but a g-string in the ring.
  • If you were a character from Star Wars, which one would you be?
    definitely luke skywalker. that also applies to which member of 2live crew I would be.
  • Win the lottery or write the great american novel?
    how big would the jackpot be? [Don't answer my questions with questions, damnit.]
  • Who would win in a fight -- Wells Oliver or Alex Reynolds?
    depends on if lance (the referree) was playing favorites..otherwise it would probably be a tie.
  • If you could have one superhero's powers, who's would you take?
    ACK! just one? well it definitely woudln't be batman...maybe havoc from the x-men. or that character in milo manara's CLICK! hehehehe
  • Who’s more goth? Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Sabrina the Teenage Witch?
    buffy easily..... the only sisters of mercy sabrina looks like she's has ever even heard of are the ones she learned about in catholic school....
  • What’s the most personal song you’ve written?
    "I wish that she could be a california girl"

    Bio questions by rjyan kidwell.....

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