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Chicago, IL 60647-7665
The current lineup: Info originally stolen from an article by producer Steve Albini, but modified later.
Doug McCombs
bass, 6 string bass, lap steel

From Eleventh Dream Day, member of the briefly-re-formed Slint and has also appeared in the For Carnation. Doug has now released stuff as Brokeback with guests from Isotope, Stereolab and Chicago Underground as well as production work by John McEntire.

Johnny (Machine) Herndon
drums, percission, vibraphone, xylophone, keyboards, drum programming

Gifted veteran of Chicago's ranting pot-and-political party-band scene (Ungh!, Precious Wax Drippings, Uptighty, 5ive Style) and utility drummer (Poster Children, Mekons, the For Carnation) who won the Wicker Park MVP golden Shotglass a record 4 times. Currently working also in Isotope 217 along with Bitney and Parker, also spotted DJing around Chicago here and there. Released a 12" on Hefty Records under the moniker of A Grape Dope.

John McEntire
guitar, drums, percussion, EML 101, marimba, drum programming, melodica, etc.

Equally (though differently) gifted drummer for many discriminating bands and projects (Bastro, Gastr Del Sol, the Red Krayola, the Sea and Cake, King Kong), and former Oregon State Champion Snare Drummer. Also a comer in the race for Recording Engineer of Special Merit (the plaid flannel ribbon and knotty-pine plaque you see in many control rooms). He put together a soundtrack for a movie called, "Reach the Rock" and has produced/engineered albums from Stereolab, Trans Am, Brokeback, The For Carnation and others.

Dan Bitney
drums, hand percussion, guitar, keyboards, drum programming and assorted chores

Formerly of Madison, Wisconsin's Tar Babies. I'm not making this up. Also comprising 1/6th of Isotope 217 and 1/4th of Toe 2000.

Jeff Parker
guitar, vibes, keyboards

Formerly a Tortoise guest and roommate, now a full-time member and the youngest inductee to the AACM (Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicans whose members include Art Ensemble of Chicago). He has also played in New Horizons Ensemble, Chicago Underground Orchestra, and is an Isotope 217 and Toe 2000 member along with other Tortoise band mates.

Casey Rice
permanent sound man

Chicago's best known engineer? The force behind Super E.S.P. and Designer. A floating musician and studio rat since he moved to Chicago from Ohio in the late eighties. Resume also includes performances and tweakings on Sunny Day Real Estate, Liz Phair, Shrimp Boat, 5ive Style, Gaster Del Sol, Seam and Ben Lee. "I fill in the blank spots when the band stops playing," he says. "All this 'thanks for coming' bullshit in between songs has got to go."

Past members:
Dave Pajo
bass guitar, guitar

Band leader of Papa M / Aerial M and a founding member of Slint in 1987 as their guitarist, played with The Palace Brothers, drums for King Kong, guitar for The For Carnation, keyboards for Continental OP, and has toured playing bass for Royal Trux and Stereolab. In his hometown Louisville he affectionately refers to himself as "band whore". Replaced Bundy as "hey, Asian boy" in Tortoise.

Bundy K Brown
bass guitar

Formerly with McEntire and David Grubbs in Bastro (MK III), now something of an adjunct member of Tortoise. Usually plays bass when he plays. Has released at least one excellent recording under the name Slowpoke and has recently been pursuing Directions in Music.

Brad Wood
Record Producer

CEO of Idful Music Corp. Possibly the only staff producer at Capitol Records to be descended from a long line of undertakers. Occasionally appears live with Tortoise and contributes to studio sessions in several ways, sometimes just by leaving the door unlocked.

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