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We drink to forget the coming storm.

Busy times this May, It was my 40th birthday on the 9th and
to celebrate I compiled a free release for us all.

'We drink to forget the coming storm' is a collection
of forty piano, synth and digital choir pieces which will be available for forty days and nights only before disappearing
into the digital abyss on June the 20th.

It's available right now from Bandcamp where you will also find more details about the content.

The audio can also be purchased, I suggest the price of a birthday whisky to be more than a fair exchange.

Don't forget that all cash received this end from digital sales
goes into funding new works and into updating equipment,
so every little helps this side.

Intrigue & Stuff.

Volume 4 of Intrigue & Stuff has now been released.

The whole series of all four volumes have been
made available to purchase digitally via Bandcamp
and pressed on limited edition vinyl.

Selected Releases.

Mailing List.

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Finding physical editions of all works.

When new releases are available in Britain and the EU I would recommend Boomkat and Norman Records who stock all releases.
In North America Forced Exposure
are handling distribution and direct sales.

There will be re-presses from time to time.

Social Media.

Leyland Kirby Soundcloud
has been updated with all recent releases
and will be updated with all the new works
when they are released.

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Recent Interviews.

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conducted an interview focussing
more on The Stranger's work.