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V01I18 - 12061998

Okay, it's now week two of the BRAINWASHED POLL. Vote for the best and worst of 1998 but please keep a few things in mind:
  1. Don't stuff the ballot - It's kinda obvious and kinda lame to see 5 entries in a row that say the same thing. Nobody's winning anything, you're just losing credibility. Don't tell all your friends to vote for you cos it's completely obvious.
  2. Vote for things that actually came out in 1998 - Votes for things that didn't come out this year or "best band" for bands that have been split up for 4 years will be trashed. If you honestly feel there's nothing good that came out this year, don't bother voting.
  3. You don't need to fill every entry. If you have never seen a music video this year, don't vote in that category!
Results will be posted the first issue of 1999.


Finally, the Nothing label is putting out some good stuff, and putting it out on time at that. Squarepusher's latest album struck me as a real suprise. I had heard and read that this wasn't suppose to be the typical drum'n'bass stuff that we hear from Tom Jenkinson, but I figured it was just another one of those silly Brit jokes. Nope, sure wasn't. The album is basically all jazz and fusion, with very little electronics worked in. Definately a good direction, and one of the better albums I've heard of late. Some of the tracks, with their chaotic scattered drum rhythms and funky bass, leave you bobbing your head or tapping your fingers, while a few of the tracks have a darker, ambient overtone. Next time you're standing there deciding which new Aphex Twin adventure to buy, pick up this album and see what new direction this dry-humored British "wanker" is going.- Carter Adams

Current 93 releases the first full length album of original material for quite some time. This album is quite a different turn for C93. The whole disc is almost completely only piano (from Michael Cashmore) with Tibet's vocals. It's very pretty in some parts, but it sounds somewhat unfinished. It does sound wonderful on a cold, rainy, grey day. Play it loud in your house on a Sunday while you're cleaning up with the rain trickling in the background. Tibet's own artwork graces the panels of the CD and the cover of the LP, while there is no tracklist provided. The very last track on the CD is only on the initial digipack release of the CD and reminds me a lot of the instrumental track featured on Coil's compilation titled "Foxtrot". I love this direction C93 has been moving in, the atmospheric soundscapes are very nice - much more remeniscent of the early C93 days as opposed to the "Apocalyptic Folk" so common from more recent C93 material.- Jon Whitney

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Well, I saw it. I probably shouldn't have, but in a frenzy of boredom and desire to get out of the house, I said "what the hell." It was bad. Bad, bad, bad. The first half started out being an exact Hitchcock rip-off, and then in the second half of the movie I was treated to something that resembled an attempt at making a really lame indie film. I never thought I would say that Gus Van Sant should be making sequels to "Good Will Hunting," but if "Psycho" was the alternative then so be it. Fortunately, there were two good moments in the film to keep it from being a complete loss: the first being a small momentary role played by Flea from the RHCP and the second being the role of the investigator played by William H. Macy. I haven't seen the original version of the movie, but I could overhear people in the crowd saying that this remake was little more than a refilming of the original. Luckily for me, I wasn't expecting anything all that great out of the movie. - Carter Adams

Hint #1: Stay away from any movie with Anne Heche. - Jon

I'm really in two worlds with this one. It was a decent movie, but a truly revolting story. Everybody is a dumb neurotic asshole, everybody. Is it a film noir? There are no "good guys". Everybody gets what they deserve, however. You feel no sympathy for anyone. It has its funny parts but it's a real-life-type horror (as opposed to some evil dead people with metal claws). I guess it's not such a horror if you have half a brain and could have avoided all the fuckups this group of people did. If you enjoy watching idiots fuck up their lives, you'll enjoy this movie. - Jon Whitney

Subject: happiness

just in case you're interested...hapiness is todd solondz third movie the second obviously was welcome to the dollhouse and his first (id say his best) was Fear, Anxiety, and Depression...if you can find it i highly recommend it todd stars in it and it reeks of autobiography which just makes it all the more amusing and sad...
thanks for listening - mark

Thanks Mark!

Subject: RRRon part 2

Please note that RRRon has just gotten a computer and has made his presence known via the alt.noise news list.

Noted, Thanks.


Planning to take a trip to a country where they don't speak your native tongue? You'd enjoy this commercial then, that aired in Holland,


Twilight Circus, "Dub Plate Selection"
Panacea, Twisted Designz
Amon Tobin, Permutation
Dj Spooky That Subliminal Kid, Riddim Warfare
Mixmaster Mike, Anti Theft Device
Jurassic 5, Jurassic 5
Sonic Youth, A Thousand Leaves
Butch Morris, Conduction 23
Matthew Shipp, Symbols
Arto Lindsay, Noon Chill
Ryuichi Sakamoto, Discord Symphony
- DJ Spooky

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