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Check out the facelifts on the Diamanda Galas and M as well as some much needed updates on Labradford.

The new film from John Hughes gets a score from none other than John McEntire. The film is due out (on video I think) on March 2nd, while the soundtrack (which features Tortoise, Sea and Cake and others) should be out on Hefty sometime soon.

At 10:50 GMT, Friday 15th January, the artist known as Muslimgauze died.
His real name was Bryn Jones, born and bred in Manchester.
Bryn contracted a rare blood fungus which ravaged through his system, thus deflatng his immune system which eventually led to Pneumonia. He was being kept at Royal Northen Hospital in Manchester, where after being admitted was transfered from Hope hospital over to Intensive care. His condition was that he did not respond to treatment and the anti-fungai agent which would counter-act the fungai did not grow quick enough. The kidney machine which was stabalizing Bryn, had to be swithced off, and from there he worsend.

Amongst the many acheivements, Muslimgauze was by far the most known, and appreciated. Bryn created over 90 LPs in his 15 years as Muslimgauze and a considerable amount of singles, eps, and other songs. His music was percussion led and told a story, dark, minimal, romantic, enlightning, twisted, harsh, brutual, soft, etheral, ambient, lush, intense,... Bryn inspired many musicians, and in turn was on the way to become more and more accepted.

I could go on, but it would be better to visit the official web site that long time freind and admirer of Muslimgauze Terry Bennet Keeps, Terry has better info on Muslimgauze then any other site.

But for you who dont know Muslimgauze, please take a couple of minuate to look at the site, and try and appreciate Muslimgauze. Every person I have ever played Muslimgauze to have become really hooked.

One last thing for those who are ardent Muslimgauze fans, there are still masters from Bryn that are around and will be attempted at collecting these from Bryn's family.

Yours Sincerly
A Fan

This email was delivered by Matt West, BUT WAS NOT written by Matt West. We apologize for any mistakes on our part.


After having an ancient tape copy of Labradford's first album, Prazision, that a friend had given to me until I wore it out, I was expecting to hear the crunching guitar layers and swirling organ on their latest album, Mi Meddia Naranja. At the first listen, I quickly noticed that Labradford had a refined their music into a more mature and better refined sound. Utilizing slide guitar and other various instruments, they tend not to create a thick layer of dense sound, but more atmospheric works. Subtle melodies weave in and out of the music, creating a highly textured. I was very suprised, and have listened to this album probably ten times since receiving it less than a week ago . - Carter Adams

Every summer, I used to visit Toledo, Ohio to see my grandparents. There is one vision that I can always recall of Toledo--driving through town on a rainy day and taking notice of the extremely run-down and dilapidated buildings that were remnants of Toledo's former status as a bustling center of industrial and textile plants. It seems that Toledo's own Jessica Bailiff has had this same vision. With dense walls of beatless music centered around a heavy guitar drone, Bailiff works her sound into various textures and creates a very dynamic response. Occasionally weaving her soft, angelic voice into the mix, she recalls yet another band with a Toledo connection: Charalambides. With this album Bailiff seems to give us an intimate look into the various aspect of her music. Listening to this album, you can't help but get the feeling you are in Bailiff's bedroom as she makes her innocent confessions via a guitar and vocals. - Carter Adams

NOTE: Labradford's new disc is being completed right now and should be out within the next few months. As for Jessica Bailiff, there's possibly a new album due out also later this year. - Jon

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Subject: An Uncivil Action


I read your commentary today about "An Uncivil Action." A&E had a show about the story behind the movie about a week ago. A&E was reporting that the families of the victims received somewhere around $400,000 (my memory of the show is really sketchy).

Given that it was a class action lawsuit, the attorneys probably received about half of the total settlement - perhaps more. However (from the A&E special), the attorneys liens against their personal assets to try the case - so the net amount they received wasn't that much. The lead attorney (the guy with the moustache) apparently went bankrupt in the process. The firm was forced to fold.

Yeah - I think it sucks that the attorneys are making lots of money on the movie rights and the book, while the families aren't getting any of the proceeds.

But - I think the full story would show that: the families did receive some compensation although they all mentioned that no amount of compensation would heal their emotional wounds, the polluting firms were ultimately unaffected (the amount in damages was relatively miniscule), the attorneys won - but at a huge cost (the arrogant lead attorney was forced into bankruptcy and left the law practice).

But my comments are based solely on the A&E special, and no other source. Although, you make an excellent point - all the proceeds from the book and movie will make the attorneys richer - something I would not like to spend my money on.

John Travolta earned $20 Million for the picture, each family received about $300,000 from the 8 million settlement. They wanted an apology and to this day have not yet received it from W.R. Grace and Beatrice Foods. "The Woburn families were wronged by the state's justice system when Judge Walter Jay Skinner refused to let the real story of what happed in Woburn be told in a court of law. They were wronged by companies that refused to take responsibility for their actions. And they have been wronged once again by a movie that does not tell their story, but instead glorifies a slick, egotistical lawyer." - quote from David Tyler, editor for the Woburn Advocate, Woburn MA.


I don't think there's a niche of uncharted porn possibilities on the web, and I think I can prove my point with


South Park once reminded us that, even though Charo appeared on more episodes of The Love Boat than anyone else, the episode with the Captain & Tenielle earned the highest ratings. Charo could sure use a job to fund her struggling music career. Perhaps one of those 10-10-phone number ads would help!


Prolapse, "Italian Flag"
Don Caballero, "What Burns Never Returns"
Macha, "S/T"
Kruder & Dorfmeister, "The K&D Sessions"
The Fall, "15 Ways to Leave Your Man"
- Ari Sass at Insound

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