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Two new tidbits on Current 93:
  1. New facelift to website is live.
  2. NYC shows announced for March 4th and 5th, with a show on the 6th in the same place by Christoph Heemann. Unfortunately the C93 shows are sold out already, the Heemann tickets have not gone on sale yet.

Trans Am have a new album coming out March 23rd. Sound samples and cover artwork are available right now.


The self-titled debut of this Portland, Oregon duo is a brief, but masterful exercise in both organic and inorganic sound. The cover features a lithograph by Max Ernst and the album in general exudes the spirit of German Dada. The liner notes implore the listener to utilize headphones when playing the CD, and as with most albums, it does indeed make a dramatic difference. The first two tracks are a collage of metallic dragging, banging, dropping, rumbling, scraping, and dripping stripped down and isolated. The third and fourth tracks demonstrate the heavy influence of Japanese electronic innovators such as Aube and Ryoji Ikeda, respectively, upon Omro. The third track, "(webster chicago wedded to the computer)", is a power-electronics surge while the fourth, "(one quiet moment in the basin of conjecture)", is an ultra-minimal drone with a thin, scratchy layer of surface noise. The album concludes with a speaker-blowing blast of blistering static interspersed with cello sounds that give one the physical sensation of falling. Diverse, yet uncomplicated, Omro's sound is thoroughly modern , but never seems to forget where it comes from. They are certain to please fans of all forms of progressive electronic-based music. Their CD is currently available via the band and they can be contacted at - Jessica Tibbits

"Wakeford's requiem for the First World War and his expression for peace in Europe in the future." So reads the liner notes from Eleven, the second album from L'Orchestre Noir, Tony Wakeford's neo-classical output that offers him a vehicle to escape from his more prominent musical endeavour, Sol Invictus. The first track on the album, "Eleven--Dawn," opens with Tony Wakeford's distant voice repeating a series of lines, all beginning with "eleven," over a layer of muffled bass drum, a string section, and a staccatto horn line.The rest of the album is filled much with the same, heavy, minimalist compositions and some tracks feature vocals in French, English, and Latin. "Comes the Dawn," midway into the album, uses a lengthy sample from Faust, and the album's penultimate track features layers of violins that build upon a base of organ and bass drum. "Eleven--Dusk" sees Wakeford using a children's choir and his signature metallic acoustic guitar sound to work the album into a frenzied climax. The only dissapointing element to this release was the somewhat patronizing and at times corny foreword to the album, but hey, what can one expect from World Serpent? - Carter Adams

A Rebours marks the full-length debut of Swedish label Cold Meat Industry newcomer Magnus Sundström, better known as The Protagonist, and this highly anticipated release does not disappoint. The title of the album is borrowed from the legendary novel (known to English readers as Against Nature) by French decadent J.K. Huysmans. The album's first track, "The Eternal Abjectness of Life," contains a recitation of a passage from another famed Huysmans novel, Là-Bas. A large portion of the album, in fact, contains lyrics or poetry of various writers (Percy Bysshe Shelley and Edgar Allen Poe, to name a few) and hence the album functions as a sort of tribute to Sundström's most beloved authors. Haunting male and female voices whisper and chant the quoted works, most notably Mark Ellis of Elijah's Mantle's seductive, solemn reading of Shelley. The actual music is strongly reminiscent of In The Nursery, but more interesting and darkly romantic. Swirling orchestral soundscapes combine with heavy rhythms (such as on the brilliant "Zoroaster") and the result is luxurious and enchanting. The Protagonist is poised to become a new jewel in the CMI crown with this album, a perfect soundtrack to the novels of Huysmans. - Jessica Tibbits

As always, check out the latest update of NEW RELEASES brought to you by Greg and Feedback Monitor.


I just rented "The Land of Faraway" with Timothy Bottoms and Christopher Lee at random; and I can't recommend a film highly enough .... raciest thing I've seen all year. I was going to mail a copy to Coil but I heard the "Where are you?" quote from Nurse with Wound's "Who Can I Turn to Stereo?" half-way through and figured they were possibly aware of it already.
Christopher Lee is becoming my staple of great film, from Dracula to the Wicker Man to this. The fight scene between Lee and Bottoms is a Freudian's wet dream. Enjoy! - Brandon, guest contributor

Subject: Can I send visa?

Can you accept visa for the Coil releases for people outside of the USA? I'm living in Israel.

Brainwashed doesn't sell anything (at this time), so when you see an announcement on a web page here that a band is selling something, read the announcement clearly, as the answers to all the questions should be included.


Submitted by a faithful reader, this link, at has all sorts of pictures of Amish women in poses and positions they shouldn't be...


Whoa, what happened to this guy? He was in and out of style faster than you can say Joe Piscopo. This guy hasn't even turned up on Hollywood Squares. I bet he could use a job doing 800 collect calling commercials, but nobody can seem to find him!


Z'ev - Ghost Stories
Sol Invictus - All Things Strange and Rare
Morthond - This Crying Age
Cranioclast - Lost in Karak/Somnii Palus
Scala - To You In Alpha
Tibet/Stapleton - Octopus
- Jessica Tibbits, new contributor extrordinaire.

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