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V02I07 - 02141999

It's finally here, the Brainwashed Recording Label debuts on March 1st, 1999 with a 7" single. The single is a Coil remix by Thread on clear vinyl, limited to 1,027 copies. All future 7" singles will also be limited runs of 1,027. Why 1,027? 10/27 is my birthday and everybody's going to know it now!

HNAS joins the Brainwashed team of wonderful artists. If you are unaware, HNAS (which stands for Hirsche Nicht Aufs Sofa - Moose without a Sofa in German) is Christoph Heemann's musical project which has been around since the 80s. More information, history, and the ties to LPD, Nurse with Wound, Jim O'Rourke, and other such favorites can be found in the website, developed by Francois Carrier. Welcome to the team!


I recently picked up an incredible cd, credited to Derek Jarman and Donna McKevitt called 'Transluscence'. McKevitt worked on Jarman's "Blue", and Jarman loved what she did with his poetry, so he gave her permission to use his poetry with her music whenever she wanted. This release is an entire cd of just that. I recognize one of the songs as being the one that Miranda Sex Garden used on 'Blue,' however it's not as disturbing in this format. (Dont get me wrong, disturbing here is a compliment.) This cd is amazing and I strongly recommend it to anyone that likes beautiful music coupled with meaningful and dark lyrics. - Robin Zebrowski, guest contributor

V/VM bring us 5 new 7" singles, the first is Pig, a barrage of sounds effects, noises, and conversations. This is the avant-noise of the 90s, picking up somewhere between the camp that Nurse With Wound left behind and the loudness that Merzbow still practices. Pig is entertaining but at the price, it's worth more to own than to listen to. Machine on the other hand is a series of 4 7" singles designed to be played with each other. The sleeves are identical minus a few markings to the picture, the records have no writing on the labels, and it comes with a slip of paper with instructions for usage of the Machine. They clearly state that they hold no responsability for any damage for use of the machine and rightfully so. These singles are loud, harsh, abrasive and intricate. This is crap, but beautiful crap, kinda reminds me of the beautiful utter shit Throbbing Gristle and SPK used to churn out. Something worth having. Don't let the cheap sleeves fool you (for all 5 7" singles), the records are pressed on thick colored vinyl (grey for machine, pink for pig), heavy with deep grooves, almost slate-like. Very impressive.

Oh yeah, all of these 7" singles are limited to 600 copies, so don't delay if you really want them... - Jon Whitney

What is SOUP? This question still remains in my mind somewhat, even after numerous listens and careful reading of the liner notes. According to Gil Gershman, who often contributes to "The Brain" and wrote the liner notes for this release, SOUP is a label situated in Tokyo's Sinjuku district who considers themselves a "jazz" label. I can agree with that. From drum'n'bass thrown through a hip-hop filter to undulating stereo atmospherics, the SOUP artists define, innovate, and mutate their definition of jazz. Much like their UK Counterparts, Ninja Tune, SOUP seems poised to attack the US with artists such as Suzukiski, Nagi, Comuter Soup, and Cappablack. - Carter Adams

As always, check out the latest update of NEW RELEASES brought to you by Greg and Feedback Monitor.


Sammo Hung! Yuen Biao! Yuen Wah! Ng Ma! Cynthia Rothrock! Some kid playing a young Wong Fei-Hung! Richard Norton! Bolo Yueng! It's the Hong Kong version of It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World with Kung Fu! Directed and starring Sammo Hung, the first half of the movie is mostly comedy, and their are quite a few recognizable faces from Hong Kong comedy if you watch that stuff. The fight between Rothrock and Hung towards the end is short, but brutal and great! One of my top 10 Sammo fights, dammit. I'm not making any sense. Wahhh! The last half is 100% action. The American equivilant of this movie is getting Every comedian to appear on Saturday Night Live (who's still alive, anyhow), and team them up with Bruce Willis, Steven Segal, I dunno, who else is an American action hero (I've excluded Stalone and Schwrenzburger to highlight the fact that Jackie Chan and Jet Li aren't in the movie) and actually make a good movie. I found a copy Letterboxed and Subtitled on video by Tai Seng. Check out their website (, probably) to see if the carry it for mail order. Highly Recommended for those of you who enjoy Martial Law and Jackie Chan movies. - Thomas Guttadauro

This may be the best movie of the nineties. I can't remember any of the names of any of the actors. Well, Bill Murray, but this is the first time he's EVER been in a great movie, so I won't forget that name. The laughs are well-paced, it's a well-told, highly-imaginative story. Very worth seeing on the big screen. Don't wait 'til video release of this one or I'll come to your house and break all your Coil vinyl, weenieboy. - Thomas Guttadauro


One of the most worthless days of the year. Who thinks of these damned things, huh? These days are just here to make all lovers pay lots of cash and all single people feel worthless and get drunk. Screw them all. Here's a link to follow for everybody participating in this year's Valentine's love and joy!

WHO ARE WE? (again)
Subject: brain washing

Are you an expert in the area of brain washing and for what reasons people brain wash another. I need some history on brain washing. Lets say for antigovernment groups, terroist groups, etc. Any help would be appreciated.

It seems as if you have been trying in the wrong place. Here at, the only brain-washing that is done seems to be of an aural kind. If you wish to stimulate your neurons with artists of the highest aesthetic value, I recommend searching the various band sites found on our domain to inculcate yourself with this newest form of mental subjection. - Carter Adams

For the best in Brain Washing, join either the Christian Coalition, the Religious Right, or the Republican Party. - Jon


I don't think Jerry Falwell has seen what these characters can do. If carrying a purse influences youngsters to be queer, then that's much better than what the TELE-BUBBIES endorse. Check out

Just when you think the net couldn't get any worse, we shamefully bring you, for the most pathetic excuse for voyeurism.


She started off on the Facts of Life as that guitarist/singer, moved on to steal every teenager boy's heart in a slieu of John Hughes films in the 80s, and now after a failed tv series set in Gloucester MA, she's looking for a hit. While she HAS been busy in movies like 1997's 'Office Killer' and Stephen King's made-for-tv thing 'The Stand', it doesn't remove her from the Discount Celebrity bin. Please, someone rescue her from falling into complete obscurity!!!


Matchbox 20 - Yourself or Someone Like You
Dave Matthews - Crash
Night Ranger - Greatest Hits
Dan Fogelberg - Greatest Hits
Various Artists - the Top Gun Soundtrack
- Nicole, a co-worker of Jon Whitney's who claims to listen to "all types of music" and looks like a lost puppy dog when staring at the garbage I bring in to listen to...

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