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V02I20 - 05161999

Jon's back from Europe, things can return to normal.

Things are right on schedule for the second 7" single release from Brainwashed Recordings - and we're taking pre-orders this time. The single is from Edward Ka-Spel of Legendary Pink Dots and comes on a golden yellow clear vinyl. "Share the Day" backed/with "Dream Stealer" is limited to 1,027 hand-numbered copies and comes with a new sticker and a new post card. Sound samples are available on the website. Brainwashed 001 should actually be out of stock from us by the time June 1 rolls around...


Go Beat! (a PolyGram company in the UK - once responsible for Portishead) has released two brand-spanking new things from London trio, Fridge. First up is the 15-minute two track single, "Kinoshita/Terasaka", which provides a great introduction to the new dimension Fridge are undertaking. On this, the boys move forward with slicker production, more attention to detail and smooth flowing organic keyboards. Fear not, they still sound like three energetic music enthusiast geeks jamming with the energy from the last few releases.
"Eph," their first full-lengther from Go Beat continues with the evolution. While the production is drastically different, slightly more electronic and undoubtedly more polished than ever before, the catchy melodies and driving beats are still there. From the opening, you're introduced by layered drums and swirling melodies, the beats get louder, more layers are introduced but it never gets out-of-control into a chaotic mess. The melodies are intelligent, there's a new "prettiness" factor to their music, and you're even left humming tunes which stand out among the rest - quite a feat for a post-rocky instrumental 21-year old power-trio. Look for it on import cos who knows when it'll ever receive a stateside release. - Jon Whitney

Clocking in at a little under 40 minutes, E luxo so continues in the same direction laid out by the band with Me media naranja. This time around the key word seems to be ambience. Loops and soft, muffled beats reverberate throughout the six pieces as if bouncing around the walls of a room. The band seems to have expanded their sound a bit since the last album with the inclusions of a string section and dulcimers. The song's each remain to be subtle evolutions and the different tracks blend together with a very organic feel. Quite possibly the best song on the album, track 3 creates a somber mood, a soundtrack for those long and sad goodbyes, those melancholy breakups. The haunting piano melody and simple chords laid over a string quartets stark harmonies make you want to run memories of loved ones through your mind as if the memories were filmed on old 35mm film. E Luxo so provides the most beautifully minimalist album I've heard this year.- Carter Adams

When you first put the album on, you're attacked with a couple of seconds of stupidity - presumably to fool you into thinking that this is going to be as bad the previously albums - but then a few seconds later you're heading down a journey into a New Order for 1999. "Make it Happen" is a thoroughly modern mix of big-beats, Marr's wah-wah pedal and Bernard excellent sense of melody and song-writing finesse.
The best thing about this album is that it doesn't overdo anything. The first Electronic album was too Synth-poppy for it's own good, the second was so slickly produced that you could use it as a lubricant. "Twisted Tenderness" uses bits of the synthy side of Electronic, pieces of New Order pop, a liberal sprinkle of Marr's excellent and varied guitar styles, some late-1990's big beats, the merest hint of "rock", Sumner's best ever lyrics, and the pair's brilliant pop sensibilities. This album makes the last two Electronic albums (and Republic) redundant. It isn't perfect by any means - it does miss a certain something (though I don't know what) - but I reckon it is the best thing that the pair could do. - Nic Doye

From the vaults comes this album, 808 State's 1988 debut for the first time on CD. While it's not nearly as melodic as some of their breakthrough albums like ex:el or Don Solairs, this album provides a good archive of their first effort. The rhythms are primitive to 1999's (or even 1991's standards) but are quite hypnotizing. The analog Roland 808s, 303s and 909s play with each other in a warm sync-bath, flowing and moving quite gracefully. The sound quality isn't all that great, however and during tracks like Dr. Lowfruit, you can hear the tape degeneration beginning to have its effect. Kudos to Rephlex for wanting to put this out and 808 State for not being too embarassed about it. It's not _so_ bad remembering your past... - Jon Whitney


Banco de Gaia - The Magical Sounds of Banco de Gaia CD (Gecko, UK)
Beastie Boys - Remote Control/Three MCs And One DJ 12"/two CDEPs (Grand Royal/Capitol, UK)
Bjork - Debut LP, Post LP and Homogenic LP [limited edition reissues on heavyweight vinyl with special plastic sleeves, lyric sheets and stickers] (One Little Indian, UK)
Godflesh - Us & Them CD (Earache, UK)
Kid Loco/Various - Jesus Life For Children Under 12 CD/LP [collection of remixes produced by Kid Loco for artists such as Pastels, Saint Etienne, Talvin Singh, Pulp, Mogwai, High Llamas & more] (Yellow, France)
Kreisel [Mike Ink] - Kreisel 99/20 7" [ltd edition] (Kreisel, Germany)
Laptop - Nothing To Declare two CDEPs (Island, UK)
Moby - Play CD/2xLP (Mute, UK)
Orbital - Nothing Left two CDEPs (FFRR, UK)
The Other Two [1/2 of New Order] - You Can Fly two CDEPs (London, UK)
Thievery Corporation - Lebanese Blonde (Version Francais) CDEP [special 8 track mini-album] (4AD, UK)
Underworld - Jumbo 12"/two CDEPs (JBO/V2, UK)
Urban Species - Woman 2xCDEP [mixes by Rae & Christian and more] (Talkin' Loud, UK)
Various - t.b.a. CD/2xLP [exclusive tracks from all Downsall artists including Kretek, Buscemi, Eavedropper, Dubtales and more] (Downsall Plastics, The Netherlands)
Barry Adamson - The Murky World Of Barry Adamson CD ["best of" with three new tracks] (Mute, US)
Animus Amour - Don't Run Unless God Says CD (Ellipsis Arts, US)
Banco de Gaia - The Magical Sounds of Banco de Gaia CD & I Love Baby Cheesy CDEP (6 Degrees, US)
* Can - Can Box box set [30th anniversary set containing live 2xCD, book, and live/documentary video] (Spoon/Mute, US)
* Expansion Union - World Wide Funk CD (TVT/Universal, Canada)
Motion Worker - Times Of Danger 12" (Palm Pictures/Ryko, UK/Canada)
Muslimgauze - Fakir Sind CD (Soleilmoon, US)
Muslimgauze - Hand of Fatima CD (Soleilmoon, US)
* Naked Funk - Evolution Ending CD (Palm Pictures/Ryko, UK/Canada)
Orbital - Middle of Nowhere CD (ffrr/Warner, Canada)
Perfume Tree - Felt: Feeler Remixes CD (World Domination, US)
Sly & Robbie - Fatigue Chic CDEP (Palm Pictures/Ryko, UK/Canada)
Stackoverflow - Silly Songs for Silly Kids MP3-LP/CD-R [to be made available at No Type website] (No Type, Canada)
Todd Terry - Let it Ride 12"/CDEP (Astralwerks, US/Canada)
Various - Electro Lounge sampler 12" [electronic remixes of lounge/exotika classics by Q-Burns, Utah Saints and Uberzone] (Palm Pictures/Ryko, US/Canada)
* Various - Suck It And See 2xCD [neo-porno music by Howie B. and friends] (Palm Pictures/Ryko, US/Canada)
Proem - Burn Plate No. 1 CD (Hydrant, US)
For a more comprehensive release schedule stretching far into the future, please check out the NEW RELEASES brought to you by Greg and Feedback Monitor.


"Go" would most definitely be the operational word for this film. From the opening scene (which is, unfortunately, used two or three more times later to tie in different characters), "Go!" hits the ground running and never slows down. It's the story of three co-workers, and their separate adventures in the bright lights of Vegas, the bombast of a rave, and the dim lit tension of a drug dealers apartment. The laughs are non-stop, but you would expect that from the creator of "Swingers." The true stand-outs here, though, are Scott Wolf and Jay Mohr, laying rather surprising roles, even if they are in the periphery through most of the movie. Points taken away for reminding me EXACTLY what I felt like all throughout high school (great portrayal of stoned paranoia/idiocy), but still a three and a half out of four stars. - Jason "bar traveler" Olariu

I am too embarassed to even say the title "You've Got Mail" in the headline. God was this awful. I decided to watch it on the plane ride back from England because, well, the Parker Posey factor. It has been said that Parker can make any movie watchable just by her being in it but this movie didn't feature enough. Even when it did, her character was too thin and tossed together. Just an excuse as "somebody's girlfriend". As for the rest of the movie, it blew - Tom Hanks is cast as a powerful executive and Smeg Ryan is a store owner. Ever notice how no Hollyweird actors play average people any more? They're always the big cheese of whatever they're doing in life. This movie was so incredibly painful, disgustingly predictable, and downright nauseous. The only good line was from seasoned professional Jean Stapleton who said "Don't worry about me, I'm rich - I bought Intel at $4.00." - Jon "car traveler" Whitney

Subject: good on ya

hello there brain washed,

ive been an avid reader for weeks now.

is your website is a thinly disguised prop for you and your friends bands?
just checking.

Curses! They figured us out. Well, my band isn't on brainwashed damnit! The only staff members who have bands on here are bands that came here first. Only after then did band members decided to co-work on the website. Not all of the bands are we friends with, either, and most definately are they not all friends with each other. There are a few overlaps, though... Thanks for reading!

Subject: just a fan of your website

i was looking at your Trans Am webpage and i thought to myself that it would be really great if it had audio clips...

It does.

To: Whitney F.

Once again, I wasn't sure which e-mail you would be checking so you get this message twice! So, looks like we are in for a great weekend!
Galapagos sounds like alot of fun and thanks for the invite only I think I will be sunning myself and enjoying the weather! Saturday night should be fun for you guys, I guess that we are either going to cook at your house or maybe go out. I think I am going to give Michael and Holly a call and see how her mother is doing! Anyways, have a great day and tell Bub good luck at the doctors! Love you both!


Wrong Whitney, ya silly yuppy. I don't think I'll tell Bub a damned thing.


yo jon, some psycho-sexual sado-metaphysical secret-santa will probably try and stuff a stinkin copy of my new CD in your mail slot.

Sincerely, P.C. (not an occultist)

Okay, I don't know who out there thinks brainwashed is even listening to demos or signing new acts, but it's not happening - and even if it were, is this the right approach?


The Japanese can be quite in awe of American and English-speaking culture, but what happens when they get the language wrong? Well, this site at has documented some of the more humorous examples.


Despite his amazing internet celebrity status with all those pages like Mr. T Ate My Balls, Mr. T's Shopping Extravaganza and whole slieu of Mr. T vs... sites, Mr. T has kept a real low profile since 1996's "Spy Hard" and 1997's appearances on "Suddenly Susan". Where could he be hiding? Why hasn't he popped up in any candy bar or car ads? Listen closely and we may soon hear, "I pity the fool who calls me collect using zero!"


Harry Pussy - What Was Music
Tony Conrad - Early Minimalism Volume 1
Pluramon - Render Bandits
Godspeed you Black Emperor - Slow Riot for a New Zero Kanada
A Handful of Dust - Jersalem, Street of Graves
RLW - Tulpas
Cabaret Voltaire - Voice of America
The Dead C. - Trapdoor Fucking Exit
- Greg, from Wellington, New Zealand.

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