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This is it, your last week to vote for your faves of the year. All results will be posted in the new year. BE SURE TO LOOK AT THE PAST YEAR'S ARCHIVES just so you don't miss a thing.

There's no new releases scheduled this week that we know of and there's been a general lack of reviews and reviewers lately coming in so we apologize for the rather slim week here. Maybe it's time to thumb through some past issues and catch up on the CDs and films you missed out on this year that you just might want to bring to the next century...

Buy a shirt!!! Pre-orders are due January 15th. After then, there'll be no more color or style choice and the sizes will only be Lard and Extra Lard.


This is a note received from Touch and Go in Chicago:

    Hello, if you have not yet heard, the much-adored and soon-to-be-lamented rock and roll club in Chicago, the LOUNGE AX, will be shutting it's doors January 15th. It still remains to be seen if and when they will be reopening and moving yet.

    This news is a long time coming, but the new (as of October) landlord of the Lounge Ax building wants to turn that space into a sport/cigar/pool bar. That whole neighborhood has been changing for roughly 10 years, and Lounge Ax was the odd stand out, that's for sure. Bring your favorite college baseball cap!

    This follows the long trials and tribulations of Lounge Ax. In 1996, the city threatened to shut them down after noise complaints and city zoning. We here at Touch and Go rallied to their defense, putting a benefit compilation together to help with the (then) prospect of having to move quickly. The money's still waiting for them.

    Club Owners Sue Miller and Julia Adams have looked at close to 100 places, but the city crack-down is in place. They do not want more bars and live music venues in the city, and you cannot take your existing licenses with you when you move, so they have to move to a location with those zoning licences intact. Thus, the rub.

    If you would like any more information, check out They will be closing on or around January 15th, and scheduled to play closer to that date is and possibly may be Shellac, Scrawl, Giant Sand, Seam, Arcwelder, Tortoise, Eleventh Dream Day, Thinking Fellers, a Drag City explosion, and a reformation of the Coctails, among many, many others.


Owner: John Hughes Jr.
Experience: Everybody wants to be recognized by their own merits and not be referenced as somebody else's son, sibling or other. It's hard however not to be influenced, growing up with a father who's integration of exciting innovative music with film was groundbreaking and important for pop music evolution and filmmaking. The second-hand knowledge of film and music industry workings has probably been helpful, but this is merely speculation.
Founded: 1994
Artists: Super E.S.P., John McEntire (film score), Ilium, Chisel.Drill.Hammer, Ghosts & Vodka, Mondii, Savath + Savalas, Slicker
Location: Chicago IL, USA
Notes: Brilliant interactive website and a keen ear for great music. Hughes is taking risks with new artists on a label started as a hobby during college. With his own musical project, Slicker, he's working on a film score of his own. Hefty's roots may be in the rock/post-rock Chicago scenes but there's definitely a strong interest in releasing more innovative electronic music. 2000 will see releases full releases from some of the artists and hopefully a remix disc featuring Mice Parade, Matmos and others.


Do you want to know your DJ MC or Rap name? Make sure you check out to find out your own personal rap name.

Subject: pick up lines

Listen to me you egotistical bastard, you are disgusting perverse man who most likely never had a relationship beyond your mother or the next-door neighbor's dog. i strongly suggest psycological help. The best thing you can do for yourself is lay off the crack and try some sort of self-help seminar. SOON.

Either somebody has some unresolved childhood conflicts or someone put superglue in your tampon.

Subject: question

hey Brainwashed!

I pre-ordered one of your nifty new shirts and was wondering how long it takes to get it. Are they being shipped out on Jan. 15th? If so, it's more than cool, I am just curious... (I sent my order off in November).

The deadline's Jan. 15th, they will be manufactured and shipped within days after then.

Subject: Techno from Russia

Thank you for interesting site.
We are russian techno-band "The Cocoon Up Overload".
We play jungle, drum'n'bass, acid-jazz, breakbeat, minimal techno.
We play in biggest rave in Russia "Eastern Strike" in St.Petersburg (13000 people).
And we want ask you: do you know any people who can contact us, from labels & clubs?
Please tell us emails some people, if you know.
Thank you.

We don't know. Please don't ask us again. Even though as interesting as minimal breakbeat sounds, I just can't picture it.

Subject: $50 or more

I am not sure if this has anything to do with what you do with, but i was reading something in the Detroit Paper at work today, and i stumbled upon a TRAVEL section which noted some chruch in San Fransisco that has a janitor who closes the door's at night. They call him the Major Domo. does this have anything to do with the brainwashing foundation? I sent my first email to get on the list to a "majordomo".

Any connection?

I'm not at liberty to say.

Subject: What a load of crap.

I live in Australia and that stuff about hanging penises around the neck of a widow is absolutely ludicrous.

Sure sounds it!

Subject: TRIUMPH

Betty needs your help. The producers of her show don't want to make the move to the new theater so Betty is asking all her fans to write a letter to the producers to save the show. Won't you PLEASE help?

Is this a Skater Betty or a Ska Betty? Or is it just a plain old Betty?

Subject: greatings

Vi stiamo ascoltando,io e Fabiana LYrics, la domenica pomeriggio, momento di spinelli e pompini. Buona questa vostra PROTECTION!! Fabiana will call you soon to keep contact and send her hallo.
L'amore invenzione dell'uomo per superare la noia della domenica pomeriggio (Cioran). Bye franco

The black dog runs at night.

Subject: no subject


I am writing to tell you guys thanks for putting up such great music. It is quite refreshing to see others that actually care about music for a change, and think that its content is far more important than any amount of record sales. Keep up the good fight! Hey also, if someone feels like it, come check our project out, not pushing us on you or anything... just if you get the chance...

Thanks, no guarantees, as soon as I get a new comptuer with a new sound card you're on the to-do list.

Subject: Mahir Fans Speak Up!


I was pleased to read your recent Mahir mention in an online article.

Thanks. It was very interesting and I wondered if you know the whole story?

I represent a small but growing group of Mahir fans who are disappointed by the manner in which has sidelined Mahir's message of world peace and human rights. Rather than providing Mahir with a platform from which to address these important issues which he raises on his homepage, eTour has turned his US tour into nothing more than a vapid media circus--and one to which only the Silicon Valley digirati and press are privy.

[this message goes on for a few pages, but in the interest of maintaining interest it's been cut short...]

Mahir's message of world peace? I like sex + I kiss you = world peace? I don't see the connection...


beautiful maladies- tom waits
chemical playschool 8&9- lpd
the best of the doors
styx greatest hits
songs from a room- leonard cohen
- Jon from Lufkin, TX - editor's note: I would never publically admit to owning or listening to anything from Styx

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