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Following a car accident, Isotope 217's tour dates through November 4th have been cancelled. Luckily enough, nobody was seriously hurt in the accident. More information will be posted to the website as it becomes available.

Once again, sorry to all for being absent again last week. It shouldn't happen again for the rest of the year, honest! The benefits from no advertising pressures is the ability to lead lives outside the web and such. On the flipside, if you want to contribute, please submit reviews or personally written articles and remember - nobody gets paid here!

Tonight San Franciscans get to toke up with the Tino crew in San Francisco to celebrate the 5th release from Tino's Breaks series: Dub. It begins at 9pm at Dub Mission in The Elbow Room and features Jack Dangers (of MBM), Ben Stokes (of H-Gun & DHS) and C.O.D., along with DJ Bo Square and DJ Sep on-hand for the night.

Andrew Chalk and Christoph Heemann will be performing live at the Ceremony Hall in Austin (Texas) on Sunday November 5 and Monday November 6, 2000. Andreas Martin will join them for these performances. The November 5 event will consist of a marathon performance by Mirror stretching hours in length. The November 6 event will be individual works performed solo and together. These will be the first and only performances of Mirror in North America. Seating will be limited: early reservation is thus advised.
Tickets are $20 each night. To buy tickets with credit cards, call (512) 302-5233 or visit Thirty Three Degrees Records. In Austin, the venue is located at 4100 Red River.


Did you remember to turn your clocks back an hour?


Ok, I admit, the new godspeed release might not be the best new album of the year. However, it just be the best album of the year. The material released on 'Lift Your Skinny Fists' is nothing new to me. Instead, through live mp3s that have been circulating around on the internet and via CD-Rs distributed by the band's mailing list, I've heard the vast majority of the music collected on the two discs. While it could be said subsequently that the disc is nothing more than an official release of already known songs played during their more recent tours, I have to interject that the versions presented here benefit from their studio refinement and the great production. More than their first album, this albums shows the band's maturation and missing are the long, stark ambient segments which may have seemed like filler between the bands more dynamic moments. The album starts off with the franglais title track "levez vos skinny fists," a benefiting overture to this collection of these tracks, which are both symphonic and expansive in nature. Perhaps the album's most remarkable moment occurs at the beginning of the second disc, when the wailing guitar of "Monheim" seems to hauntingly filter across a stark background and eventually build into a milieu reminiscent of "Moya," from last year's 'Slow Riot' ep. Another highlight is "World Police," which shows the band at their most fundamental, finding equilibrium and running with it, consuming in their path all the dynamics and rhythms the band members can muster. Even if you have the mp3s, caught them on their recent tours, it is highly recommended that you pick up this document of this innovative band coming to age. - Carter Adams


Boy am I in a weird position with this disc. First off, I'm thinking, "Am I the only one who doesn't find it great any more? The formula has been used by these guys for four albums and the songs aren't getting any stronger at all." From the first few songs (try 11) I feel strangely like I've heard this entire album before. In fact if anything, it seemed as if this group has completely run out of ideas. Most of the songs start up incredibly promising but become way too repetitive all too soon, going nowhere in the end. But I listen on, remembering that I have liked their albums in the past, and this group does indeed put on an incredible live show [hint: if they ever get off their asses and do a proper tour rather than small industry showcases, they might gain some fans outside of the critic community]. The kitch-and-moog combo has become stale this time around, and loads of extra session musicians hasn't seemed to help. Now that you've hoarded all this vintage analogue gear, learn how to write some good songs with it, folks! The saving grace almost arrives at the end with the epic closer "The Regent Is Dead," and I'm thinking "wow, one great song!," but it's already too late. They pull the old "let's throw in 10 minutes of blank space after the song's over" routine, completely ruining this album for me once again. Sorry folks, you're just not 'cute' anymore. - Jon Whitney


Anti-Pop Consortium are the NYC based MC trio of Beans, Priest and M. Sayyid and producer/engineer Earl Blaize. "Tragic Epilogue" is their debut, 3 years in the making, and is obviously the product of learned men - former art students and serious hip hop fans who've paid their dues in the underground spoken word and writing scenes. Anti-Pop don't seem concerned with the mainstream but they do expose all of it's weaknesses out of necessity. Old school influence embraces the after-future, musically and lyrically, to create something I've never quite heard anyone do before. The complicated, tongue twisting rhymes of each MC calmly flow out of the speakers in a mind numbing yet beat precise manner and may at times require a dictionary, thesaurus and a finger on the rewind button to decipher. Topics are far from limited to the usual MC-isms and the occasional disses make most every other dis you've ever heard sound generic in comparison. Blaize's production is a fittingly sparse foundation of melody, low end and beats rich with alien atmospheres and interstellar sound bytes. Think minimal hip-hop. Think New York City. Think intelligent, imaginative and uniquely odd, minus the usual contrived genre cliches. "Tragic Epilogue" might be chapter one of the future of hip hop, or at least I hope it is. The digipack includes sharp liner notes by Greg Tate and a bonus cd-rom with some software and a slick quicktime video for "Sparadic" by 75 Ark Records ( label mates Encore. Also available from Anti-Pop are remix singles for "Lift" and "What Am I? / Laundry" ... - Mark Weddle


You'll find the usual Cologne suspects on the list of Dankes in the notes the latest Joe Zimmerman release. But as the cover art (a circle of traditional Teutonic dancers caught in a mid-air leap) visually suggests, the music is brighter and poppier than the output of most his A-Musik labelmates. Like much of Sclamm's previous work, 'Augenwischwaldmoppgefloete' (Eyeswipeforestflute or somthing like that) takes a flighty, melodic bent, sounding more like a video game soundtrack than any type of hip pomo pastiche: it's more Alex Kidd than Kid 606. (Actually, the opening track "Konfliktfickfahig" is more Super Mario than Alex Kidd). This aesthetic sense of unity and seamlessness is what characterizes most of the Cologne crowd and sets them apart from imitators, and Schlammpeitziger takes it even further with an almost naive simplicity of bouncy rhythms and Casio bleeps. Rather than sounding pedestrian, it's refreshing to the ears. If you liked any of his earlier stuff, you'll dig this one. - Charles Monaco

Jake Trusell's first full-length release through Varunee compiles two of his 12" singles previously issued on his own Bliss Recordings label. The disc however is divided up into three sections: Roots consists of the songs "Carrot," "Radish," "Turnip," and "Beet." All of which are somewhat medium paced, musically conscious, beat heavy gems. Wreck is the next section featuring four lengthy decontructed dub-influenced serene, hypnotic numbers. Remix rounds out the collection, featuring Jake's own remix of "Percussive Wave" from the 'Wreck' portion and an outstanding glimmering remix of "Carrot." [Hey Vat-boy, when's the next fucking album???!!] What separates Jake Trusell from many of the other vicious electronica upstarts is his ability to incorporate fine melodies into his interplay. All too often electronic beat-oriented artists will go for the cutthroat dancefloor stuff which will be forgotten once the hangover clears. Young Trusell here appears to be more focused on making albums for listening and pulling from the shelves to hear long after the current trends are forgotten. - Jon Whitney


Every thirtynothing and twentysomething was a teenager once, many were in their youths in the 80s and weren't exposed to good music for a long while. Hence, many fans of indie rock, post-kraut, electronic and other stuff that brought you to this website were into very bad popular metal in the 1980s. Most are too embarassed to admit this private and personal matter, except for the Fucking Champs (formerly known as the ch43p5). "IV" rings in with a sound all too familiar, thankfully the worst part of the 80s metal (the makup and lead singer) are left out of their formula. What's left are pure, raw steaming wanky guitar power and drum solos, ready for the Yngwie Malmsteen fan we left behind. Look for them on tour with Pole and Red House Painters next spring. - Jon Whitney


Borrowing the title from Hafler Trio's "Four Ways of Saying Five," this tribute CD from Hushush is divided into four equal 15 minute parts and arranged alphebetically by artist. Featured here are Aube, Lilith, P.A.L. and Propeller. The four selections are both tributal and derivative. Much like Hafler Trio's work, all are very spacious, intoxicating, compelling and dreamlike, pulling the listener into a trance and then yanking the rug out with a sudden change. They are cold-calculated and devious, everything is intentional. These pieces are in no way easy to digest nor do they rest well with the listener, which make them all the more fascinating, much as Hafler Trio's work. Perhaps this is why I've sat on this disc for months now without saying a word. Listen to the tracks and judge for yourself. - Jon Whitney


Volcano the Bear returns with their second full-lengther, this time without the help of Steven Stapleton. "The One Burned Ma" is a collection of 4-track recordings and is truly stellar in parts, downright bizarre in others. What would you expect from a surrealist rock band? Violins, organic samples, electronic fuckery, unconventionally played guitars, creepy melodies which might make more sense on hallucinogens, this one's got the works! Each song gently glides into the next making it quite an adventurous collection which is allegedly a compilation of 4-track recordings spanning four years. The disc was released on the small, NY-based Misa label, yet it still has the emotional support from the World Serpent crew. Don't miss this group on the road in the US right now as I have no idea what to expect. Dates are posted at the World Serpent site. For more information, go to - Jon Whitney


As if Low haven't released enough music this year, Tugbot releases this single of three new songs in the UK this week. "Dinosaur Act" carries the title with a song the group has been performing around the country recently, soon to touch down in Europe. Most definitely the most muscular track on the disc (others might say 'the strongest') the song jumps in louder and more distorted than what the Low sound is used to possessing, but once the vocals begin and song develops, it's clearly nobody else. "Overhead," the middle child is by no means a mediocre track, but clearly rests between the strength of the other two. It's a thunderous Low track where it seems as if the glorious vocal harmony has been yanked from its original music, and dropped in a sea of sounds echoing and building off each other. "Don't Carry it All" ends the disc with one of those Low tunes you can't believe a young group came up with - a song which could easily be destined to become a rock and roll standard for years to come. Once the disc ends however, I can't get this damned song out of my head for the rest of the day. Small but powerful, this is one of my fave singles of the year. - Jon Whitney


We know that sometimes these CDs are somewhat challenging to find, which is why we have a RECOMMENDED STORES section which can be used to obtain nearly everything available on the site.


Add N To (X) - Add Insult To Injury CD/2xLP [initial copies include stickers and "scratch & sniff" cover] (Mute, US)
Aix Em Klemm [members of Labradford & Stars Of The Lid] - Aix Em Klemm CD (Kranky, US)
Belborn - Seelenruhe/Phoenix 7" [ltd edition picture disc] (World Serpent, UK)
John Callaghan - You've Got Your Memories, I've Got My Dreams 10" (Warp, UK)
* Cosey Fanni Tutti - Time To Tell CD [remastered reissue with bonus track] (CTI/World Serpent, UK)
Cosey Fanni Tutti - CTI Electronic Ambient Remixes Two CD (CTI/World Serpent, UK)
Current 93 - Faust LP [ltd to 1200 copies on purple vinyl] (Durtro/World Serpent, UK)
Dieselboy - Sixth Session CD (Palm Pictures, US/Canada)
Download - Effector CD (Nettwerk, Canada)
Elite Force - Here Come The Flow 12" (Fused & Bruised, UK)
Erasure - Loveboat CD/LP (Mute, UK)
godspeed you black emperor! - Raise Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas To Heaven 2xCD/2xLP (Constellation, Canada - Kranky, US)
HiM - Our Point Of Departure CD/LP (Fat Cat, UK)
David Holmes - Compared To What 12"/CDEP (Go Beat, UK)
* David Holmes - Bow Down to the Exit Sign CD (1500 Records, US)
Microstoria - Model 3, Step 2 CD/2xLP (Sonig, Germany)
Moby - Play: The B-Sides 2xCD (Mute, UK)
Chris Morris - Blue Jam CD/cassette (Warp, UK)
Neither/Neither World - Suicide Notes CD (World Serpent, UK)
Nobody - Double Dream CD (World Serpent, UK)
Olive - I'm Not In Love two CDEPs (Maverick/Warner, UK)
Prefuse 73 - Estrocaro 12" (Warp, UK)
Sol Invictus - Hill Of Crosses CD (Tursa/World Serpent, UK)
Sol Invictus - Eve 7" [ltd edition picture disc] (Tursa/World Serpent, UK)
Emiliana Torrini vs. Foehn and Chasm - E-RMX 6 7" (Fat Cat/One Little Indian, UK)
Tear Garden - Crystal Mass CD (Nettwerk, Canada)
Tricky - Mission Accomplished 12"/CDEP (Epitaph Europe, UK)
Various - HMM: 20 Cutting Edge Artists Tackling 20 Hymns & Anthems CD (Sprawl, UK)
Various - Two You See 12" [with John Tejada, Esem, Tim Koch, Plus One and CiM] (deFocus, UK)

Banco de Gaia - Obsidian 12"/CDEP (Gecko, UK)
Low - Dinosaur Act 7"/CDEP (Tugboat, UK)
Magnétophone - I Guess Sometimes I Need To Be Reminded Of How Much You Love Me CD/LP (4AD, UK)
Jazzanova/Various - Jazzanova Remix Compilation 2xCD/5xLP [collection of remixes produced by Jazzanova for other artists] (Compost, Germany)
Manitoba - People Eating Fruit 12" [ltd to 1000 copies] (Leaf, UK)
* New Order - Peel Sessions CD [reissue with new cover and liner notes] (Strange Fruit, UK)
* Num Num - Unknown Sources 10" [ltd reissue] (Toytonic, UK)
* Gary Numan - Pure CD (Eagle/Spitfire, US)
Morgan Page - Pathways 12" (Nordic Trax, Canada)
Pele - Realize It CD (Crouton, US)
Emiliana Torrini vs. Immense and Fonn - E-RMX 7 7" (Fat Cat/One Little Indian, UK)
Various - Bliss.Tech CD [with Arovane, Lexaunculpt, Bauri, Jetone, Joshua Treble, Accelera Deck, ^Cursor and more] (Pitchcadet/aii, US)
Various - Criminal 12" (Planet µ, UK)
Various - Invisible Soundtracks Volume V 12" [ltd to 1500 copies; with Chris Brann, Faultline, Sofa Surfers and Gorodisch] (Leaf, UK)
Various - Neurokinetic CD/2xLP [with Arovane, Funckarma, Gimmik, Quench, Cim, Num Num, Multiplex, M-Tec and Fizzarum - LP is ltd picture disc] (Toytonic, UK)
* Various - Signalflow LP [ltd reissue] (Toytonic, UK)
Various - Solesides Greatest Bumps 2xCD/4xLP [compilation of rare and unreleased tracks by DJ Shadow, Blackalicious & Latyrx] (Quannum/Ninja Tune, US/Canada/UK)
Cristian Vogel - Whipaspank 12"/CDEP (Mute, UK)
David Wright & Robert Fox - Blue 4xCD [ltd to 2000 copies] (AD Music, UK)
Yee-King - SuperUser CD/LP (Rephlex, UK)

MC Paul Barman - t.b.a. 12" (Matador, US)
Blectum from Blechdom - De Snaunted Haus CDEP (Tigerbeat6, US)
Bo Square - Outer Space Suite/Numbers 12" (Tino Corp, US)
Clan of Xymox - Liberty CDEP (Metropolis, US)
Collide - chasing the ghost CD (Noiseplus, US)
DHS - House of God: Official 10 Year Anniversary Remixes 12" (Tino Corp, US)
ElectroOrganicSoundSystem - Roots Wreck Remix CD [with mixes by Tube and Hrvatski] (Varunee, US)
Excelsior - Structured Resistance CD (Dark Duck, US)
H.P.P. - Hard Pounding Percussion CD (Possessive Blindfold, US)
* Plaid - Trainer 2xCD (Warp, US)
Sad Rockets - Transition CD (Matador, US)
* Two Lone Swordsmen - Tiny Reminders CD (Warp, US)
Zymosiz - Noiy CD (Possessive Blindfold, US)

Racoons - Racoons CD (Crouton, US)
Various - Aurora CD [ambient compilation with Sense, Melf, Phonex, Proem, Salice, Ilkae, Oblique, Threehz, Syndrone, Kiyoshi Ono, Pandorabox, Soundstate and Eu] (Merck, US)

Beef Terminal - 20 goto 10 CD (Noise Factory, Canada)

For a more comprehensive release schedule stretching far into the future, please check out the NEW RELEASES brought to you by Greg and Feedback Monitor.


While I have ranted and raved before about each of these groups in concert, I felt the need to talk about this show, perhaps one of the best concerts I've ever seen here in Boston. On Monday night, both bands took to the stage in front of a fully packed movie theater, Coolidge Corner Theater in Brookline and played to a smokeless attentive, well-behaved audience. The biggest beef I think any fan of these groups has is that their shows' crowds can often be too loud, interfering with each's own brand of quiet and intense music. Ida's set nearly brought me to tears, featuring many combinations of on stage musicians, including the core four (playing guitar, bass, piano, drums, percussion, and stringed instruments) accompanied with a full-time violinist and double-bass player. Low's set included many unrecognizable new songs from their forthcoming album. From what everybody heard on Monday night, it's going to be stunning. Additional surprises included their cover of the Beach Boys' "Little Surfer Girl" and a captivating lullaby for Alan and Mimi's new baby daughter. I was hardly surprised to see all the copies of that 7" single gone by the time I saw the merchandise table that night. Thanks to this concert, I have new hope for Boston venues, let's just hope the magic doesn't die. - Jon Whitney


Well, it looks as if this person has taken some very cute and artful pictoral interpretations of classic and modern album covers. Have a look at and make some suggestions. Although I highly doubt we'll see 'Music to Shave in the Dark' up there any time soon.

Subject: Brain in the Wire

I saw the write-up in "Brainwashed Recordings" about the upcoming limited release of the Wire 2xCD and was wondering if you had any intention of taking pre-orders for it?

Not at this time, sorry. There's still no projected total cost as all the songs haven't come in for disc two. Once there's an idea as how much the CDs will cost, it'll be made known and hopefully pre-orders will be taken. It is limited to 2001 copies, 1500 will be sold, projected cost will be between 15 and 20 USD, and a package may include a keychain, poster, stickers, surrounded by thin metal, wrapped in a wire.

Subject: Leaf records

I don't remember reading anything about the label Leaf records in past Brain issues. It's an excellent UK label and I can only recommend the artists they promote. Unfortunately the label's site is very poor.

Hey, we'd love to review some of their stuff, they promised they'd send some but never did.

Subject: Who's the big fuck up?

In the latest Brain issue you wrote something about Tomas Jirku's "Sequins" album: "From the big fuck up on the front cover (the album is named "Requins" on the cover)...";
FYI, "Requins" in French means "Sharks"... that explains the art cover doesn't it?

Not if the album's name is actually "Sequins."

Subject: goldfrapp question

good evening-
i was wondering if you could answer a question i have about the goldfrapp song "utopia" that you had a sample of in your previous issue of the brain. i downloaded the sample of that song and i liked what it sounded like so i downloaded it off napster. however, the version that i downloaded off napster was called "utopia" and it had the same lyrics but sounded totally different. so basically my question is: are there two different versions of the song "utopia"? perhaps the sample you had in the brain is a remix? thanks for your help sir.

Why don't you buy the album and find out, cheap bastard.

Subject: URGENT!!!!!

Hey there,
I'm an desperate lady who is searching for vegan bands but can't find a lot and so I asked myself whether you probably could tell me some. This would be so great!!!!! Thanks a lot

Are you that hungry?

Subject: Link of the Week

Dear Jon,

Here is a submission for link of the week - very funny.

By the way, I want you to know that I <*have*> made the decision to change my sex so that I can date you.

Love and smooches
Saufonda Kreme

Errrr, freak.



I am a fan of old who used to go to almost all gigs, I know it is a long time but you may remember me -- its NEVILLE.

Please could you E Mail with any latest inform regarding the group individuals, current sounds or any new stuff knocking about.

Hi, I don't remember you cos I do their web page. If you want to get in touch with them, you should follow the magic links to their respective web pages and see what they're currently doing.,, and Throbbing Gristle haven't recorded together in 19 years. Wake up!

Subject: "chin-scratching email checking laptop fuckers"

The above is by far the most accurate description of this trendy beat-loving bunch I've come across so far! I never told you before, but I always enjoy reading your stuff. Keep the wise cracks going! (as long as they aren't directed to me!)

Sure thing, dorkwad.

Subject: optredens

Wanneer treden jullie op in België?

I don't know what you're asking but the answer is most likely "no."


i've got the "music to play in the dark 2" in vinyl ed !!
i'm very happy !!
i've got the N'ber 1 in CD only !! beurk!!!
i hope to see coil in my town once year !! in rennes, france!! there is great public for this !! bye !!!!!!!!
( i'm fan )

I can feel your joy on this side of the Atlantic.


stockhausen: elektronische musik mit tonszenen vom freitag aus licht
moondog: a new sound of an old Instrument
abba: the visitors
sun-ra: angels and demons at play
lal waterson and oliver knight: once in a blue moon
- Simon and Stephen of Cyclobe.

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