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join antony on tuesday!
This coming tuesday September 4th, 2001 @ 8:30pm, you are invited to attend an evening with Antony and the Johnsons at Joe's Pub at the Public Theater, 425 Lafayette Street in NYC. This will be their last show in NYC until November, when they will be presenting a series at PS122 (Nov 8-10). For reservations, please call 212 539 8777. The show is only $15! (cheap) For more information, please see

chance meeting
A 21st Anniversary edition of the first Nurse With Wound outing has been announced. The music is remastered and enhanced from the original analogue tapes with extra material. It will be a digipak edition with all new artwork and a booklet of archive material, all lovingly compiled by Steven Stapleton.

tortoise in new zealand?
Rumors are abound that Tortoise will be playing this year's Wellington Jazz Festival in New Zealand in October. Unfortunately, their website, is still under construction.

trans champs
Trans Am and the Fucking Champs team up together for a co-release, "Double Exposure" on Thrill Jockey due October 23rd. Tour dates are now available for various dates with both groups, but mostly just Trans Am shows.

matmos tours with some unknown icelandic chick
Matmos is touring around Europe right now and will touch down in the USA beginning in October as BOTH the opening and backup band for Ms. Gundmundsdottir. For the dates and more information, check the website. Oh yeah, most of the dates are sold out by now anyhow. Sorry.


coil, "love's secret domain"
You've either got it or you've heard about it. Maybe you downloaded all the tracks online, paid tons on an auction or found it kicking around used or some cut out bin. Any way you slice it, this album cannot be ignored. Now, ten years to the month after its original release, one of my favorite albums of all time is back in print. (With a few minor adjustments of course,...) The cover is the first difference I see: the front shows a little bit more of the legendary painting Steven Stapleton did on his outhouse, including his signature down at the bottom right corner, never before seen. The back is amazingly more legible than the original release — which simply blew up a bit of the cover and used gold text — black background, gold text and a previously unissued image. The back of the booklet is graced by the back photograph of the LP edition, but open the booklet up and sadly, there are no lyrics included this time around.
The most noticable musical difference is about four seconds missing from the opening chopped up sampling bit, but those sounds do get repeated over a few cycles however,... Enough of the nitpicking!
The recordings contained were completed in 1990, pulled from over two years of studio work, which is quite noticable. Back then, electronic musicians didn't have anywhere near as much software, Coil had to do much of this by hand. This is observed right from the opening seconds where a cut-up mishmosh of samples were tossed into a bucket and taped back together. Over the course of an hour, the group pummels the listener with whacked-out stereo separation, mind-bending low-end frequencies and ghostly voices which move in three dimensions around the room -without- the aid of a 5-point surround system! It's genre-defying, electronic based with dabbles of jazz, techno, with flamenco guitars and orchestral arrangements. Guests on this record include vocal contributions from Little Annie Anxiety Bandez, Marc Almond and Rose McDowell, as well as Charles Hayward on drums, and Mike McEvoy's trippy 'ecstatic keyboards' on "The Snow". While songs like "Windowpane" and "Love's Secret Domain" are instantaneously catchy favorites, tracks like "Further Back and Faster" are so amazingly ahead of their time in terms of sound and structure. The multiple layers, samples and sections must have taken many late nights in the studio, the result is a mindfuck which has taken many listens to truly get. People accuse this record of being a techno record, but in actuality, "The Snow" is really the only fast-paced techno dancefloor anthem, and not a bad one indeed with incredible playing, sampling and subliminal vocal manipulations. The record is multi-climactic, and builds a couple times before the end, with the calm and disturbing "Titan Arch" featuring Marc Almond's guest vocals over a chilly throb, "Chaostrophy" where an orchestra fights for center stage with a barrage of white noise, the explosive flamenco guitars of "Lorca Not Orca" into the finale, the title track, snaking lines from William Blake and Roy Orbison. - Jon Whitney


Who better than EinstÙrzende Neubauten to do the soundtrack for a post-Wall Berlin documentary (by German director Hubertus Siegert, see This 37 and 1/2 minute disc is the latest in their color coded, digipacked soundtrack series on Ego/Our Choice, this one lavender in a photographic slipcase. Borrowing from last year's "Silence is Sexy", three versions of "Die Befindlichkeit des Landes" (The Lay of the Land) serve as the anchors and centerpiece while "Beauty" appears in a differing instrumental form. The themes of status and transition within "Landes" likely match those of the film. The remainder are mostly brief, Sexy style tracks or sound pieces requisite of many a soundtrack: whirring helicopters paired with orchestral overture, industrial debris and percussion workouts, snatches of Beethoven symphony, a cacophony of broken glass, a woman reading a German text in a storm, a bit of piano, etc. "Architektur ist Geiselnahme" (Architecture is Hostage Taking) is the one exception with Blixa singing in German. A lengthier version will appear on the soon to be released "Strategies Against Architecture III 1991 - 2001" double disc collection. "Berlin Babylon" is essential only for the most completist of Neubauten fans. I'm not so sure a CD was even necessary, I'd rather just hear it within the context of the film. And be forewarned - this is the first disc I've come across that uses a padlock technology to make it uplayable on a CD-ROM. - Mark Weddle


Little Annie, aka Annie Anxiety Bandez, is best known to me for her neurotic stream of conscious performance on "Thing's Happen" from Coil's 1991 masterpiece "Love's Secret Domain". But, her extended discography stretches back to the mid '80s with several solo singles and albums including collaborations with Penny Rimbaud of Crass, On-U Sound, The Wolfgang Press, Current 93 and COH. She also paints (see cover) and participates in poetry readings in the NYC area. This 3 track disc pairs her words and voice with Joseph Budenholzer of Backworld and one Larry 'Super Model' T. The title track comes in two flavors: smoky original and spacious remix by Christoph Heemann (HNAS, Mirror, Mimir). A slow and slinky piano, brushed snare and bass guitar set the jazzy groove for Annie's seductive vocal. She wryly complains "liaisons of leisure / that once gave me pleasure / don't give me no pleasure no more" and, later, lovingly purrs "I want to run my hand / against the grain / to watch the sparks that fly / like ladyfingers / filet mignon / above the nighttime sky". Clever and sexy. "Lullaby" is just that as Annie comforts a lover back from an unspecified war, assisted by pretty vibe keys, synth strings, intertwined guitars and the gentlest possible rhythm. Heemann's nearly 10 minute remix does what he does best by framing the song in an expansive haze. For five minutes the original track is barely audible, submerged in a soft ambient texture. Then the song begins again, still hazy and broadened, but with the vocals distinctly clear. The effect is staggering, simply by making the song more ethereal. "Diamonds.." is fantastic - single of the year so far, tied with Antony and the Johnsons "I Fell in Love With a Dead Boy". Annie's autobiography "Life's a Cabaret Then You Die" will be released this year and a new album is forthcoming on David Tibet's Durtro label. - Mark Weddle


"2 remixes by afx"
So, V/Vm releases 2 CD singles of Aphex Twink remixes and all the nerdy Ricky James worshippers go insane that this happens. People start posting to newsgroups saying how much of an "outrage" this is without knowing the truth behind everything. Now we've got this, the Twink himself remixing an 808 State classic, "Flow Coma" (from the 1988 album 'Newbuild') and DJ Pierre's "Box Energy", yet neither are credited on this coverless release, issued by Men Records, a sub division of Ricky's Rephlex label. Where's the outrage? The funny thing is, this kicks ass over much [if not all] of his original output over the last few years. I do love the retro-style cut-up collagery of the 808 track, created entirely from analogue gear in perfectly square 4/4 beats, now mimicing much of the broken beat stuff James excels in. His remix of "Box Energy" also relies on the original's analogue 303-saturated acid noises. The last track, "Bonus High Frequency Sounds" is a rather unnecessary 2-minute tag to the remixes, no doubt a toss-off from AFX's much anticipated, much downloaded forthcoming full-lengther. Overall, it's a great little package for those who like to have fun with their electronic. Aphex fans do need to come to grips with reality, however: Ricky's a hack, quite admittedly good at it, but his best stuff isn't nearly original. I know I'll get tons of hate mail for this one, but I have faith those hero-worshippers will eventually come around to learning more about original music. - Jon Whitney


Manchester-based sound designer Andrew Diey has already shed the Foreign Terrain moniker in favor of Black Faction after just three years and a handful of discs. Last year's stunning FT debut "LP 1" was a soothing global audio travelogue comprised of over two dozen pieces of mild electronic ambiance and beats. "Internal Dissident Part 1" is much the same but does so with a lesser number of longer tracks (most in the 6 to 10 minute range, 70 total) as sound effects, atmospheres and melodies are applied to relatively simple, yet very effective, electro beat box grooves. The dissident's journey parallels that of Dante's epic passage through Hell, Purgatory and Heaven, "The Divine Comedy". We begin in Diey's hometown but time and distance soon become irrelevant as we smoothly shift into other mindsets and geographic locations. "Manchestique Concr³te" is a respectful head nod to the thriving local electronica scene, past and present. An early '90s IDM melodic sensibility provides a lulling warmth as a slightly unsettling verbal tick is conjoined to the rhythm. With "Virgil's Bridge" Diey puts his commercial sound design skills to work with a virtual environment of otherworldliness and demonic voices. Most of the latter half of the disc once again pays homage to fellow Mancunian and friend Bryn Jones, suffusing some of the trademark Arabic and electronic overtones and politics of Muslimgauze into the mix. In particular, "Sepia Indate" wails with regional instrumentation and "Afghan Front v1.1" features sound bites of President Carter's condemnation of the Soviet Union attack on Afghanistan. "Widow Maker" brings the journey to a heavenly end as beautifully understated string/key melodies and beats gradually build and break upon a sizzling canvas of static. Nice. Very nice. A 12" for "Manchestique Concr³te" will be out soon via Dal Riada and Part II will be a live version of the album released as a limited edition LP, also by Soleilmoon. - Mark Weddle


Aranos has been a very busy Bohemian bee the past few years having released a 7" on Klanggalerie, a 10" on Beta-lactam Ring Records and several albums including art/music collaborations with Nurse With Wound. Here the Ireland based multi-instrumentalist mixes it up with Milwaukee's Jon Mueller and Chris Rosenau of Pele and Telecognac among others. Seven oddly titled tracks make up the 45 minutes on this edition of 500 on Crouton Records ( "The Other is B flat" sets into motion a hypnotic lullaby of small metallic objects, electronic swirl, delicately plucked guitars and long, bowed violin notes. The next four tracks continue the flow with a background becomes the foreground sort of mellow surrealism: orphaned snippets of ambient wash/drone, the clanking of clutter, mildly distorted scraped electric strings, minor electronic discharge and brief piano flutter. In particular, "Thinking of Penis and Vagina" makes me think of a light breeze propelling a rusty swing in an empty park just barely within earshot of a train yard. "Now Sparkling Ice" is apparently all Aranos and it sounds that way. It's a peculiar yet warm vocal and violin piece in which he accompanies himself both vocally and musically. The first half of the final track "Boiled Pear" violently churns through binary garbage over stray piano/banjo notes and a floating background presence, then quietly settles through the latter five minutes. Far from random and abrasive, "Bleeding.." is accomplished and very pleasant indeed. The sort of disc that demands to be played from start to finish and you lose yourself in. The packaging is a pretty fold-up with equally surreal poetry upon the flaps. Get this while you still can. - Mark Weddle


Thalia Zedek, "Been Here And Gone"
Those of you looking for Thalia to continue in the sound set forth by her former band, Come, are either going to be pleasantly surprised or miserably disappointed in her new direction. I'd lay my money on surprised. Listening to this record there was one immediate thought that repeatedly came to mind: it's a shame this release will not receive the great fanfare and praise and record sales it deserves. Thalia Zedek has a voice all her own. Throw out your Patti Smith comparisons, as they're neither creative nor warranted. Thalia has the voice millions would kill or die for. It's there, in its gorgeous scratchy beauty, in full effect on this, her first solo collection which contains eleven tracks, three of which are covers (including Leonard Cohen's "Dance Me to the End of Love" -- a wonderful choice and execution). Where you think you've heard Thalia before, think again. This release, if nothing else, proves that no one really KNOWS Thalia, nor what she is capable of. Chris Brokaw is along for the ride, but he is not at all in that classic Come form. Very subdued is this music, and rightfully so. That voice demands it. But the best part of "Been Here And Gone" is hearing Thalia the songwriter move to the forefront. By the time you reach "Back To School," the second track, mind you, you'll almost be haunted out of your skin by this music. Then you hear the lyrics, and it breaks you. "Can you tell that sometimes I can't forget that I'm alive?" Incredible. The arrangement is also fittingly spooky, with viola and trumpet in the most amazing places in the sonic palette. Sure, it's a far cry from Come, but it sort of had to be, didn't it? In bringing the sparser, quieter instrumentation to these songs, Thalia reveals herself for more than she ever has before, and the listener is blessed for the experience. All in all a fine release, so listen for yourself, already. - Rob Devlin


Pullman, "Viewfinder"
It's simply amazing to me some bands can be solely instrumental — which, to a certain extent, limits them — but still sound original, and capture a beauty that few bands, instrumental or otherwise, can even approach. Pullman's last release, "Turnstiles and Junkpiles," was a beautiful pass at acoustic guitar arrangements for this quartet, with no other instrumentation like percussion or keyboards present. The songs were stunning in their beauty and collaboration: a real triumph for these four musicians from such diverse backgrounds. This time around, Tim Barnes joins the core group of Doug McCombs, Bundy K. Brown, Chris Brokaw, and Curtis Harvey, which means there are drums on a lot of tracks, and a general nod towards more atmospheric explorations. Whereas on "Turnstiles" the band stayed acoustic throughout the release, this time around the band enters the electric territory, but the sound won't jar you as you might think, especially if you loved "Turnstiles." No, it entirely serves this band's unique sound, allowing them to grow on this release exponentially. I liked "Turnstiles" and found it incredibly satisfying. "Viewfinder" utterly destroyed and moved me the first time I heard it, due to its immense beauty and originality. Barnes is a welcome addition, building the sound to such crescendos it's hard to imagine the band without him. And the use of electric instruments means that there's oh so much more this band can do to make their songs different in structure and feel. Pullman are certainly more than their collective influences, which show through from time to time, and "Viewfinder" is an epic release. Buy the album and see them on tour this September. - Rob Devlin


NIKO SKORPIO, "Chamber Moosick" EP
This EP from Some Place Else, Finland is a pleasant surprise; the samples are used in an entertaining way, voices are nearly hidden with some decent percussion and the electronic soundscapes drift along constantly mutating.
Niko's overall approach reminds me of electro pioneer Frank Tovey (Fad Gadget) in the way he uses his gear for maximum effort without getting lost in technical questions. His sampling attitude, especially on the opening track "Teeth Of Eris," brings Broad Broadcasting Bureau in mind and the more or less analog sounding drones on "Limbo In C Major" and the nearly 12 minute "Flooding Aura" the likes of Steve Roach. But Niko Skorpio (featuring the Mad Jackal Orchestra) has a sound of his own and a caring hand for details; the artwork is well done, avoiding expensive efforts and proving there might be a way to use CD-Rs for independent productions without going cheap.
Not an desperate attempt for uniqueness, but an original one well worth trying - Carsten S.


goldfrapp, "utopia (genetically enriched) ep"
I love Goldfrapp, don't get me wrong, but there's something that needs to change in the trend of releasing CD singles in this country. Remember the time when CD singles were appropriately priced around $4.99? Artists would give a few different songs in the best case scenereos and maybe a mix or two. This "Genetically Enriched" CD EP comes at an unredeeming $9.99 price tag and features five completely useless mixes of "Utopia." It starts with a disappointingly altered version for the radio consumption (all they really did was add a couple sounds and recompress it poorly in the master) and ends up littered with four boring dance versions (yawn). They decided to toss in a couple versions of "Human" for good measure but left out the best mix by Graham Massey (808 State) so if you want to hear that one, you're gonna have to shell out another ten bucks for the import. The only redeeming features of this single are the brand new song "U.K. Girls (Physical)" which incorporates that terrible "(Let's Get) Physical" song and Calexico's 'remix' of "Human" which is really a stellar cover version in Espanol, but that really doesn't warrant the price of admission. Maybe when the record labels stop dicking around the artists and the consumers, they'll stop being referred to as dickheads. On a more positive note, Goldfrapp will be touring North America very shortly. Dates -should- be posted at but by the time this zine was published, the US dates were ignored on her site and Mute's as well. Guess they really don't care enough about North America nor their artists. - Jon Whitney


We know that sometimes these CDs are somewhat challenging to find, which is why we have a community section which can be used to obtain nearly everything available on this site.


Kirk Degiorgio - Nairobi 12" (New Religion, UK)
Fatboy Slim - Ya Mama/Song For Shelter 12"/two CDEPs (Skint, UK)
Hellfish - Meat Machine Broadcast System CD (Planet µ, UK)
Neotropic - Sunflower Girl 7" (N-Tone/Ninja Tune, UK/Canada/US)
The Other People Place - Lifestyles Of The Laptop Caf³ CD/LP (Warp. UK)
S.I. Futures [Si Begg] - The Mission Statement CD (Mute, UK)
Sense - Fourier Transformations CDEP (Aural Industries, Australia)
Stereolab - Sound-Dust CD/LP [first 1200 CDs in special book packaging; LP limited to 3000 copies, with 1200 in special book packaging] (Duphonic, UK)
Trash Bit - Trash Bit CDEP [ltd to 500 copies] (Drectronic, US)
Volume - Dr Salts Massive Lung Trombone 7" [ltd to 400 copies on orange vinyl] (Expanding, UK)
Susumu Yokota - Will 2xLP [ltd to 2000 copies] (Leaf, UK)

Chessie - Overnight CD/2xLP (Plug Research, US - 2.nd Rec, Germany)
Ming & FS - The Human Condition CD (OM Records, US)
* Orbital - The Altogether CD (Sire, US)
Soulwhirlingsomewhere - please sennd help CD (Projekt, US)
Sinewave - Interplanetary Ridicule CD (2Top, Canada)
* Skinny Puppy - Doomsday: Back & Forth Vol. 5 CD [recording of the August, 2000 reunion show in Germany] (Nettwerk, US)
Paul Van Dyk - Columbia 12"/CDEP (Mute, US)
Various - Colapsus CD/2xLP (Sound Ink, US)
Various - Lush Life Electronica CD (Quango/Palm Pictures, US/Canada)

Circus of the Scars - Home Is Where the Hurt Is CD (Beta-Lactam Ring, US)
SoundTank - Arse From Elbow 12" (Jenetic, UK)

Pole - R CD/2xLP [reworkings of the early single Raum, with contributions from Burnt Friedman & Kit Clayton] (~scape, Germany)

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Margaret Cho with guest Dr. Vaginal Cream Davis
This September 1st show, which took place at the Saenger Theatre in New Orleans, Louisiana, was the kickoff of comedianne Margaret Cho's "Notorious C.H.O." stand-up tour. I had no idea that I was right in the middle of Southern Decadence (a massive gay and lesbian festival in New Orleans), but quickly figured it out when a 6'4' African-American "woman" named "Ms. Dr. Vaginal Cream Davis", who claimed to be from "Africa-Germany" as well as being a "Celtic-African-Wiccan-Sorceress" took the stage as the tour's opener. Dr. Davis performed a few songs from her album, "The White to Be Angry" (interestingly enough produced by Steve Albini who worked with PJ Harvey and Nirvana), as well as "shrimping" (the sucking of toes as a sexual act) an innocent man from the audience. In between songs, Ms. Davis ate a combination of "Macrobiotic Aunt Jemima Light Syrup from Macedonia", whipped cream, and maraschino cherries from between the audience member's toes. This, she said, was a virginal sacrifice to some of the more important goddesses of ancient Greece: Chlamidya, Anal Wartease, Syphilis, and Gonorrhea. After parading around in her American flag dress, flipping her long blonde "hair" numerous times, and revealing her sequined American flag-print thong, she left the stage. A mess. Margaret Cho took the stage moments later. After gratefully accepting the gift of an "Anal Pleasures Butt-Plug" from an adoring fan, she began to work the crowd with her unique blend of style, simple grace, and childlike charm. Her routine, often centering on topics like the gay and lesbian community, womanhood, weight problems, and what it's like to be an Asian-American, was a series of sometimes hilariously exaggerated and sometimes touching stories. Between anecdotes about her (usually embarrassing) sexual experiences and impressions of her mother, Ms. Cho often offered bits of genuine, inspirational advice. One got the idea that this wasn't just some comedy act, but the keynote address delivered to a group so wildly different that they could only be classified by their status as being "outside society." In fact, the final part of her show, just before her encore, was a call for a "revolution" that enabled you to "love yourself and others without restraint-unless you're into S&M-then by all means, use restraints" was "long, long overdue." The feelings of pride, happiness, and acceptance that flowed between the self-proclaimed "fag hag" and her audience were almost palpable, making this far more than your average stand-up routine. - Sam Houston


Colin Newman and Malka Spigel

  1. Do you snowboard?
  2. Did you ever snowboard?
  3. Do you have long hair?
  4. Did you ever have long hair?

Hi Jon,

Q.5 - what does this all mean?

We are rarely bored and it hardly ever snows. Neither of us have ever indulged in ski derived sporting activities.

One of us has long hair and the other does on occasion but not right now.



Colin sang lead for a band called Wire, Malka sang lead for a band called Minimal Compact, they have a really cool label, Swim and a really cool kid, Ben (DJ Bumpy).
Bonus points to all readers who can figure out what shirt she's wearing in the picture!
Thanks again to Fakejazz.


local band gallery
You think your crappy band looks awful? Take a look at the goons over at Rock and Roll Confidential's gallery and spend the next few hours laughing yourself to tears. Try and guess how many of these bands sent CD-R demos to brainwashed!


things you hate about your new rommate
Yeah, you're back in school and here's just the beginning of the list of things you hate your newly assigned roommate for:

  1. Soiled underwear on the floor
  2. Dave Fucking Matthews
  3. The strange anal cream smell
  4. Thinking "I'm not asleep, stop beating off"
  5. Beer posters
  6. The fruit fly farm next to the festering buffalo wings
  7. Drunk friends with loud voices whose knuckles drag on the floor
  8. An uncomfortable Sailor Moon obsession
  9. Mysterious, unexplained stains on the carpet, walls, desk and computer screen
  10. Discomfort with V/Vm played late at night


nursing nun

Subject: hafler trio

I have a question about the Hafler Trio that I was hoping you could help me with. To the best of my memory, I believe the year was 1989 - 1990. I was just discovering this kind of musick and I remember buying Current 93, "Dogs Blood Rising" and Tear Gardens, "Tired Eyes Slowly Burning" on the same day.

If my memory is correct, I think I looked at a CD by Hafler Trio. There was a black and white picture of an overweight lady sitting naked wearing a nun's veil. There was also a man kneeling down in front of her in such a way where one breast was exposed. Do you have any idea what album I'm talking about? Is it even by Hafler Trio? IF any information about this album is on their website that I visit via, I have not been able to make any sense out of it. Any help or information you can give will greatly be appreciated.

The album is titled, "Mastery of Money," and it is the Hafler Trio.

Subject: advice


I'm a musician from Israel, moving back to the states ( I was born in delaware ). I have a realy cool band here and we do great stuff. I don't know much about the industry over there. I was wondering if you could spare a tip on how to get started, who to aproach with a c.d. in the New York area, etc..

Don't know if you respond to this kind of question, but I would be eternaly grateful for your input.

Your best bet is to play, play, play many many shows. Try to get a buzz going and then you'll have press clippings to back you up. That is, of course, if you're good enough!
Labels don't want to take a chance on something new without experience, they probably won't even listen to your music, sad but true.
You gotta work, supermodel. Nothing comes easy.

Subject: question

what's cape counting?

You've never been to a goth event.

Subject: grazi

ciao we r lino & Nic of

We wish to tank you for your rewiev on B.washed.

And expecially to have seat in your cds collection,
Near name like N.ebb,Colin Newman,

etc etc.....



Thanks for reading and writing!

Subject: getting kranky

Just a comment on the Kranky Record site. You should change the MIME type of the mp3s so that they download instead of dumping as text. Since it is a web server thing it may be that needs to make the change.

Anyway, keep up the good work.

They work for everybody else, thanks for the feedback however.

Subject: correction

In the 8/12 issue ( you erroneously refered to The Mad Capsule Markets as a Filipino band. You obviously weren't thrilled with them, so maybe it was purposeful, but they are a Japanese band.

If it was purposeful, I don't know if you are trying to thumb your nose at political correctness or what, but people tend to be touchy about having their nationalilty misidentified.

Maurice writes back: My apologies; I recieved this promo CD through a third party who had informed me that they were a Fillipino band.
He has been summarily beaten.
Many apologies


turning tricks is much easier than turning your mind off
TRIANGLES - Triangles
ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE - New Geocentric World
CURRENT 93 & NURSE WITH WOUND - Bright yellow moon
PHILIP JECK - Vinyl coda IV
PHOENECIA - Brownout
RAFAEL TORAL - Violence of discovery, calm of acceptance
CANNIBAL OX - The cold vein
AUTECHRE - Confield
ALEJANDRA & AERON - Haunted folklore one : ruinas encantadas

Thence Fred, France, Then.

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