Live 8 December 1984
1984 Live UK Amsterdam, The Netherlands
NL Centrum
Track Listing
  1. St. Peters Keys All Bloody [vod74.4]
  2. Falling Back In Fields of Rape [vod74.4]
  3. Maldoror Rising (aka Maldoror Is Dead) [lay4] [maldoror333boot] [vod74.4]
  4. Raio No Terrasu (Jesus Wept) [vod74.4]
  5. Happy Birthday [vod74.4]
David Tibet - vocals
Andy Leach - drums
Tim Spy - violin
Steven Stapleton - tape mixing
Richard Zylstra - sound
According to an early interview with David Tibet, during this performance (and the following one in Belgium) "no visuals were used, except banners and six hundred and sixty-six posters representing Christ crucified on a hexagram in red and black. Complex vocal effects [were] used, as well as up to twenty prerecorded tapes, each with its own source." The backing tapes were created by Andrew McKenzie of the Hafler Trio and mixed by Steven Stapleton. Richard Zylstra, who worked with the Residents, took care of the sound for this show. The drummer, Andy Leach, was from the group D&V. Tim Spy played violin for Nurse With Wound during their performance this day as well. The show was apparently very crowded.

This show is of interest in that it featured an early version of Happy Birthday, complete with violin accompaniment. A recording of this show was issued by Staalplaat for a short time on the split Current 93/Nurse With Wound cassette NL Centrum-Amsterdam, but it was withdrawn shortly after release. A bootleg recording on LP also exists called Noddy Goes To The Sea. The track "Maldoror Rising" was released officially on the Nature Unveiled CD later on.
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