Live 9 October 2003
2003 Live UK London
Queeen Elizabeth Hall
Track Listing
  1. Halo [durtro0903]
  2. Alone [durtro0903]
  3. Mary Waits In Silence [durtro0903]
  4. Calling For Vanished Faces II [durtro0903]
  5. The Signs In The Stars [durtro0903]
  6. All This World Makes Great Blood [durtro0903]
  7. Good Morning, Great Moloch [durtro0903]
  8. Whilst The Night Rejoices Profound And Still [durtro0903]
  9. 5 Hypnagogue 5 [durtro0903]
  10. A Silence Song [durtro0903]
  11. Sleep Has His House [cmedd1160] [durtro0903]
  12. 4 Hypnagogue 4 [durtro0903]
  13. Fields Of Rape [durtro0903]
  14. So: This Empire Is Nothing [durtro0903]
  15. The Death Of The Corn [durtro0903]
  16. Locust [durtro0903]
Michael Cashmore
Joe Budenholzer
Graham Jeffery
Karl Blake
Finn Sands
Michael Lawrence