4 Sound Films By Stan Brakhage
1990 Video US
Track Listing
  1. Fire Loop
  2. Kindering
  3. Loud Visual Noises
  4. I...Dreaming
Sleeve Notes
Relating to Nurse With Wound

Loud Visual Noises
Die Tötliche Doris
Zoviet France
Nurse WIth Wound
The Hafler Trio
Joel Haertling
mix: J.H. 87

Loud Visual Noises (1987; 3 minutes colour, sound)
A hand-painted film envisioning optic feedback (closed-eye vision) in response to sound. The sound track is a collaboration by Joel haertling with contributions by "Die Toetlich Doris" (W. Germany), "Zoviet France" (U.K.), "Nurse With Wound" (U.K.), "The Hafler Trio" (NL), Joel Haertling (U.S.A.) and "I.H.T.S.O." (W. Germany)

Loud Visual Noises was commissioned originally as a silent hand-painted film loop for a show produced by Paul Lundahl. Brakhage eventually decided on making it a sound film. The idea of a compilation sound track was devised by Joel Haertling. Included here is the original proposal, and the correspondence that followed. The film was premiered at Pacific Cinematique in Vancouver, BC, Canada, and has also been screened in New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, and in the Netherlands (by the Hafler Trio.)
The accompanying booklet also contains images of the various letters sent to and from the artists.
Loud Visual Noises