European Square Vol. 1
1986 CS FR Bande Blanche BB006
In regular cassette box
With A3 poster in polythene bag
Track Listing
Side A
  1. Our Passions Are Inclined - Nurse With Wound [vod66]
  2. Envie Que L'An Vive - Two Witnesses
  3. You Want To Be A Nurse - I.C.U. (B)
  4. Los Pesces En El Rio - I.C.U. & Nieves (B-Sp)
Side B
  1. La Verita Superflua - Tasady
  2. Lo Sguardo E La Memoria - Tasady
  3. Niente Di Umano - Tasady
  4. L'Espace Du Dedans - Die Form
Sleeve Notes