Various Artists
Brain in the Wire

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April 16, 2002
US 3xCD Brainwashed 004

Disc A:

  1. Old Sparky [Legendary Pink Dots] [MP3]
  2. Cha-ha Meat skran-r the 15lb. Turkey [V/Vm] [MP3]
  3. Broadcast [Greater Than One] [MP3]
  4. Slicer Dubplate (version 2) [Twilight Circus Dub Soundsystem] [MP3]
  5. Harmonics [Fridge] [MP3]
  6. The Brave Ones [Ruby Falls] [MP3]
  7. Battle Stations (dub version) [Panacea] [MP3]
  8. I-tuo [m2] [MP3]
  9. Shadow [Jessica Bailiff] [MP3]
  10. Replaced by His Constellation - [Cyclobe] [MP3]
  11. Trembling [Windy & Carl] [MP3]
  12. Wires [Christoph Heemann & Andreas Martin] [MP3]
  13. Lullaby [Little Annie] [MP3]
  14. Mary Jane (marbles remix) [Aranos & Nurse With Wound] [MP3]
  15. The Magical Bird in the Magical Woods (unused mix from Sleep Has His House) [Current 93 & Pantaleimon] [MP3]

Disc B:

  1. You Can't Win [Matmos] [MP3]
  2. Powder (live) [Bedhead] [MP3]
  3. Structures (version) [Meat Beat Manifesto] [MP3]
  4. Requiem for Dying Mothers (version i, Zamachowski op. 87) [Stars of the Lid] [MP3]
  5. Birds of Death (live in Toronto) [Diamanda Galas] [MP3]
  6. Stressed-Space Palindromes [Gordon Mumma] [MP3]
  7. New Seeker [Volcano the Bear] [MP3]
  8. Vice Versa Dub [Tino] [MP3]
  9. Heaven Lies About Us In Our Infancy [Thighpaulsandra] [MP3]
  10. Ad Nauseam [Cex] [MP3]
  11. Hammherhead (TripleShotMonger mix) [!!!] [MP3]

Disc X

  1. Mayhem Accelerator part 1 [Coil]
  2. Piano Concerto No. 1 [Keith Fullerton Whitman]
  3. Eurasia [Signs of Chaos]
  4. The Purple Ache [Nurse with Wound]
  5. Across the Universe (version) [Kate Mosh]
  6. Harvest [Kadane/Kadane]
  7. My Uncle is Michael Aspell [V/Vm]
  8. We Were Stoned When We Thought Up The Title Of This And We Didn't Want To Give It A Name That We Had To Explain As 'Oh Yeah We Were Stoned When We Thought Of It' So We're Just Calling It Improvisational Jam 11-02-01 [!!!]
  9. Three Sided [Sybarite]
  10. The Apollo Creed [Ku-Ling Bros.]
  11. Saved (Read/Write/Error remix by Thread) [Bowery Electric]
  12. Pregnant Cheerleader Theme Song [Kid 606]

Comes in a metal box with a poster, keychain, patch, and image booklet.
Poster and inserts by Daniel McKernan
Other artwork by Jon Whitney

Originally available as a boxset in an edition of 2000. This edition has sold out. Each disc and extras currently available for seperate purchase.