Necropolis Amphibians And Reptiles (The Music Of Adolf Wölfli)
1986 12" UK Musique Brut BRU002
Black vinyl copies in regular sleeve
Track Listing
Side One
  1. Necropolis, Amphibians & Reptiles - Graeme Revell
  2. Countess Saladine - Graeme Revell
  3. Chimpnags-Apes Of The Union Canada: America - Graeme Revell
  4. Allgebrah - Gordon Hope
  5. Ebony Tower In The Orient. Water Fanfaare No. 1 - Graeme Revell
  6. The Balli - Graeme Revell
Side Two
  1. St. Adolf's Comet - DDAA
  2. Natural Fhorm Of The Holy-Light-Island In The Pacific Ocean - DDAA
  3. Rahma Margarine - DDAA
  4. Lea Tantaaria - Nurse With Wound [nwwawca] [nwwckg] [ud030]
  5. Great-God-Father-Nieces - Nurse With Wound [dpromdcd101] [nwwawca] [nwwckg] [ud032]
Diana Rogerson
Sleeve Notes
For Nurse With Wound:
Performed and produced by Stephen Stapleton, Diana Rogerson & David Tibet
The CD issue does not contain the Nurse With Wound tracks
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