Moons Milk (In Four Phases) bonus disc

January 2002

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UK CD-R Threshold House

  1. Copal - [MP3]
  2. The Coppice Meat - [MP3]
  3. Ü pel (Insense Offering) - [MP3]

John Balance
Peter Christopherson

Intended to be limited to 300 copies included with initial mail orders of Moon's Milk (In Four Phases), although some copies were made available seperately.
Each CD comes in a cardboard sleeve that is hand painted, signed and inscribed. Most are numbered, although some numbers were used more than once. Most include a signed Polaroid photo as an insert.
The inscriptions include the following (if you have a copy that is not listed, please send us the number & inscription):
7 - Urban Legends Discussed Over Higuids
4 - The Orgy was Almost Over, but None would Leave
12 - Forty Days and Forty Nights (The Leonids in Petra)
13 - The Sound Of The Waves Lulled Him Into A Deep Blue Revery
13 - Witches Dance In Colours Through My Dreams
15 - Never Sits Down Nor Sleeps At Night
16 - A Procession Of Possessed Mothers And Infants
19 - Care Should Be Taken Not To Give A Second Dose
20 - A Nose Bleed In Stanton Drew
25 - The City Had Completely Disappeared
31 - Sleepiness And The Dazed State Combined (In The Dream Of The Flightless Turkey Bird)
31 - What shall we do about Robert Wyat?...A snowstorm in Scarsdale
33 - We Marvelled At The Moss Under The Pier
39 - As I Lay There, It just Blow Away
48 - My Demon Brother
53 - Dreams Before Bedtime
54 - When Everything Seems To Go Round
56 - 2 Telephone Calls
58 - The glitter Dance of the Mikmaid
59 - Chinese Mountain Range
60 - Bright Lights And Cats With No Mouths
61 - Fantastic And Ants - Naturalistic
61 - Marakesh Mouthfulls
64 - Jealousy
65 - Careful What You Wish For (Black Sun Over Vesuvius)
66 - The Owl Service
67 - Is Nichola Bowery Pregnant Again?
70 - The Ghost Of A Carrier Pidgeon
72 - Astrid Bauer Rides Out
75 - The King Is Dead
77 - The Golden Meningite
80 - It Just Is...
82 - Ploughed Fields Of Benzedrine
82 - The Emperors Old Clothes
83 - My Bloodstream
85 - Hallucination Mass, Hallucination
86 - Standing Stone, Whirling Dervish
94 - You Can't Let Go
106 - Molly Parkins Undercarraige
107 - Utah Eaglespirit/Hiding In Plain Sight
108 - Visualize The Rule, Visualize The Gold
120 - A Very Strange Wind Blowing (Tonight)
127 - Restoration of the Ancients
134 - Manoevering To Extract The Unique Mineral
135 - Spirits Of The Whispering Forests Or A Place To Bury Strangers
136 - It's In The Trees, It's Coming
147 - The Desert Sea Turkey
151 - Falling Spirits (Descent From Hell)
156 - Scooby-Doo Skinned & Nailed To An Oak Tree
187 - The Big Sandpit In The Park
no number - Off The Coast Of Northern California, Kelp-Storms
no number - Green Grows The Rushes oh! (In Peter Warlocks Garden)
no number - By Tropical waters Amazon vision photograph
no number - Parakeets in Barcelona (1.30am - Friday)
no number - A Time Lapse Photograph
no number - Decommissioned Forestry
no number - My Mother Was an Enigma Machinist
no number - An un-earthly disaster
no number - dense Might of The Piercing Atoms of Air
no number - The Dreadful Moment Arrives (on Horseback)
no number - Who would dare to blame Judy (Judy Blame)
no number - Forever Love Universal/The Soul Is On The MercySeat/Psychopomp Is In Parrot Splendour and Aweful Glory


Looking upon it with a sense of dread
Facing it with a sense of dread
Gazing upon it with a sense of dread
Looking upon it with a sense of dread
Facing it with a sense of dread
Larks, carrion crows, ortolans
Turkeys, peacocks, guinea-fowl
Robin Redbreast, thrushes, swans
Edible birds uttering horrible cries
Nocturnal birds, boiled owls
Nocturnal birds, boiled owls
Edible birds uttering horrible cries
Could you swu--
Could you even swallow a boiled owl?
Could you even swallow a boiled owl?
Could you even swallow a boiled owl?
Could you even swallow a boiled owl?
Looking upon it with a sense of dread
Gazing upon it with a sense of dread
Looking right upon it with a sense of dread

The Coppice Meat

The mother tongue
Semblance to waking
Semblance to moving
Semblance to being over with
The mother tongue joining of the drum
Mutter to the dream gutter
The bar of light blinding us at the peak we wait for no longer
Such speech in search of the dead
Only one sound jumping up to thee
They have sent me in search of the dazzling dead
And their face is blurring into mist behind the hill
Only one song, crazed purpose, enactment in the land
What was granted on that first time out over the shadows
They were filling every crooked palace of my eyes' hollows, that look and lunged
On that first walk out
What was spoken first was how all of this
Every least part must be supernaturally clearer, illumined on eternal tables that shift
What was spoken on the first part about the fresh, the vivid, the hole in the vortex
Where worlds pierced ideas with an absolute embraced
And allowed themselves to exist in beauty
What was spoken from moment to moment, revolving in a clear space, without confusion
And the doors opened
The entire map appeared, plan of the whole
Worlds appearing, crashing into perfection like unimaginable powerful and efficient weapons
Stars consume us with longing, boulders reach for us like lovers
And we enter singing; we have gone nowhere
What was seen with a thousand eyes of us, at the brink of all
Suns, glory of mists, cleared from the entryways across the valley floor
And the keepers who wait at the gates of the plan
What was heard in a skeleton's brief aria of obedience
As its rainbow bones paid homage, wing-tip to wing-tip
The ones of the ??? magnificent, crowding to catch with tender clasp
My wisdom which never was
To transport it, with all due pomp
To a distant spot where it may revolve forever on its own delicate pivot
In a style to which it is accustomed, safe from me
Until time is no more
And every gate to the plan and every threshold of every gate
And every approach from the far places
And every cloud that hovers above the plan, desiring wind and the gleaming sky
Where will the cries of the astatic iron bird find us, now that we know
And the shift has shown us, and we are walking with ourselves
Into the shaking air needing nothing
And all being has become as breath over the transfigured spaces?
Into the house of the heart on that first time
Into the plan, through the gate of the first time
Throughout the land I saw you, whom my heart had never hoped to see
And it was all fire, as the first drops of rain fell
And the scents, sliding down the air of the million and one desires of the unnamed god
Penetrated us, who are empty of all wisdom at last
The gate of entry was passed
And night fell over the dissonant ranges
Here, where it all began, as the ground trembles
The wraiths of what was un-god, anything before
Bestows itself prostrate before us, prepared for annihilation
Engraved on the ground where we walk is this warning
"Everything is now destroyed
Do not seek to be anything other than this
You will be divested of every garment until none remain
What is born must become whole by annihilation
By the gates of the first time
By the glittering flight of arrows into all twilights of knowing
By the din of the waning light"
What was spoken, what was heard, what was seen
Beyond the shift

After months of agonized waiting and much hand wringing, Coil has mailed out all 300 copies of the special edition of "Moon's Milk (In Four Phases)" double CD set with a bonus, exclusive CD-R of brand new material. This bonus disc was recorded last Winter Solstice - December 21, 2001 ev. The special sets were supposed to be burned over that weekend and shipped out before X-Mas, however, all of us that ordered have had to show the ultimate patience to wait until early March to see the package. One begins to feel a tad pathetic, looking forlornly at the mailbox every day waiting for the treasure to arrive. The sinking feeling sets in that perhaps the music will not have been worth all of the build-up and anticipation; what if it's totally worthless and anticlimactic? Can you justify having paid $85 for this stupid CD-R? Have you become obsessively insane? Then, all at once, the package arrives, like an enormously belated X-Mas present. You hold your breath as you tear open the package with the trademark Threshold House stamp affixed to it. Inside: a plastic sleeve housing the white cardboard slipcase the CD-R is housed in. On the outside of the package, thick mottled paint forms abstract patterns. Bright colored splotches and dark, veiny paint traces cover its surface. Each sleeve is an original artwork created by Coil. Inside each sleeve is a poloroid taken during Coil's Winter Solstice musick ritual. Yours probably contains a sunrise, a plastic reindeer, a church steeple, electrical high-wires, or maybe even a UFO...who knows? Each copy has a different name; mine is called 'It Dries Up Everything It Comes Across." Maybe yours is called "Harry Potter's First Dose of LSD" or "Marrakech Mouthfuls." So far, so good... The CD-R is completely blank, no art or track names printed; just translucent iridescent plastic. Track one begins: your fear and anguish immediately subside with the rise of warm, attenuated bell tones. This sixteen-minute ambient track sounds like wind chimes slowed down a modulated for maximum pleasurable drone. Then suddenly, Jhon Balance darkly intones: "You look on it with a sense of dread." His voice shifts positions and replies: "Gazing upon it with a sense of dread." Then the bell tones are drawn out for an eternity, it seems, while Balance weaves his beautiful and disarming monologue about edible birds. The second track begins with profoundly haunting orchestral synthesizer drones overlapping as Balance dramatically interprets a mystical/existential poem by Angus MacLise. Incredibly haunting. Track three is all instrumental, with some playfully cosmic vintage synth melodies, reminiscent of Kraftwerk's "Spacelab." This track develops in a complex, kaleidoscopic way towards its ghostly conclusion. Bottom line: Coil has not disappointed in the slightest with this release. They continue to reward their devoted listeners with some of the most innovative and inspiring electronic experimental music being made today. This CD-R is worth the money and the wait. Coil is very aware that the total exclusivity of projects such as these adds an extra, "occult" esotericism to the experience that makes the musick that much more amazing. Bravo. - Jonathan Dean, Brainwashed