The Remote Viewer

May 2002

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UK CD-R Threshold House

  1. Remote Viewing 1 - [MP3]
  2. Remote Viewing 2 - [MP3]
  3. Remote Viewing 3 - [MP3]

August 2006

TH CDx2 Threshold House THBKK1

disc a

  1. Remote Viewing 1 - [MP3]
  2. Remote Viewing 2 - [MP3]
  3. Remote Viewing 3 - [MP3]

disc b

  1. Remote Viewing 4
  2. Remote Viewing 5

John Balance
Peter Christopherson
Simon Norris
Cliff Stapleton
Mike York
Danny Hyde - additional sounds and mixing on A1, A2, disc B
"Sympathetically Mastered" by Mark Godwin

Originally sold as a CD-R at live shows.
Disc 2 was created in 2006 using original materials from 2002.

Published as a limited CD-R to be sold at their recent European appearances, Coil's latest EP is a beautiful and stunning piece of work. It consists of a nearly 20 minute instrumental piece in two versions—a "prepared" improvisation with their current tour lineup: Michael York on breton pipes, Cliff Stapleton on hurdy gurdy and a subtile, percussive groove underlayed by various electronic devices of Mr's. Balance, Christopherson and Norris. The main feeling this recording conjurs up for me is one of an unexperienced nostalgia—like an unsure longing for life during an ancient time. Danny Hyde returns to Coil's mixing desk to collaborate on "Remote Viewing 3" and the interlude, "Remote Viewing 2," which seems to be constructed mainly out of parts of the original recording session with added and altered sounds and vocal snippets. "2" works perfectly as a bridge between the two lengthy parts when listened in one go, but doesn't stand out as a strong piece when singled out. Coil have easily managed to surpass any expectations and leave me anticipating the next 'proper' release. It would be a loss, however, if the music on this release wasn't reissued in another form for more to hear. - Carsten S., Brainwashed