Seven Seals
1996 CD UK Durtro DURTRO033CD
2000 In slimline jewel case
Track Listing
  1. To You - Nature And Organisation (2:54)
  2. The Seven Seals, Their Appearance And Nature - Current 93 (10:19)
  3. The Song Of Solomon And How She Sang It To Me - Current 93 (2:32)
  4. My Inspiration Is You - Tiny Tim (2:05)
  5. Nit-pick - Nurse With Wound (1:55)
Michael Cashmore
Sleeve Notes
This compact disc is released to celebrate a Trinity of concerts given by Current 93 in New York and London with The Eternal Troubadour, Tiny Tim. I am especially honoured to include tracks by Nature And Organisation, Nurse With Wound and Tiny Tim on it! Of these pieces, the Nature And Organisation song was recorded for this release, and features Steven Harry Mason on vocals, Stephen Tooper on accordian, and Michael Cashmore on guitar and with sounds. It was written by Rod McKuen and Jacques Brel, and is respectfully dedicated by Michael to Yujie Goto. The Current 93 work is the original version of a piece that later turned up on the Lucifer Over London mini-album; it was originally intended to be placed on Of Ruine Or Some Blazing Starre after "The Old Willows" section of "Let Us Go To The Rose" -- after seeing the Greatglory of the Willows, I have a vision of God appearing as Apocalypse in the form of seven terrible AntiRainbows, and our passing away in ignorance and impotence. I am woken from this cruel vision of all Endings by my loved one singing The Song Of Solomon to me. I eventually decided it did not fit in with the aesthetic and thematic effect I was searching for, and the song was dropped. I sang the vocals, Michael Cashmore played the guitars and basses, and Steven Stapleton did everything else, as well as mix the song. The Song Of Solomon section of the piece was written by Clive Palmer, and appeared on the C.O.B. album Moyshe McStiff And The Tartan Lancers Of The Sacred Heart, which was released by Polydor in 1972. The Nurse With Wound contribution was recorded by Steven Stapleton and myself whilst we were in London working on Musical Pumpkin Cottage and Of Ruine Or Some Blazing Starre. And finally the Tiny Tim classic of classics, gem of gems, was sung to myself and my beloved Andria Annette down the telephone on September, Friday 13, 1996 at 10 minutes to 4 in the afternoon (American Central Time) whilst Tiny was at home with his wife, the delightful Miss Sue, in Minnesota. It was written by Horatio Nichols and another gentleman whose name eludes Tiny at the moment, and was first sung by Morton Downey in 1926. This colourful item is manufactured and distributed by the Lovely Alison, the Brooding David, and the Dashing Alan at World Serpent in London. It was cut by Denis at Country Masters. It is blessed, I hope, by Louis Wain. I wish to thank everyone as always, and especially Andria Annette. See you under the Rain And Teeth Of Gods, Under The Pain And Sleeping Liddy Eyes...

David Tibet, in his Pagoda of Paranoia, London, Friday 13, 1996.
"The Seven Seals, Their Appearance And Nature" and "The Song Of Solomon And How She Sang It To Me" are listed as track III on the sleeve but are, in actual fact, two separate tracks on the CD.