Erroneous, a selection of errors
Larsen & Nurse With Wound
2010 October CD US Important Records IMPREC310
In digipak
Track Listing
  1. Tickety-Boo - N.W.W., Fritz Muller (16:33) [dpromdcd105]
  2. Driftin' By - Larsen, N.W.W. (14:36) [dpromdcd105]
  3. Rock Baby Rock - Larsen, N.W.W. (5:05) [dpromdcd105]
  4. Cob-Kite Toy - Larsen, N.W.W. (6:24)
  5. Call Me, Tell Me - Larsen (9:13)
  6. Bug Vaudeville - Larsen (5:34)
Fabrizio Modonese Palumbo
Marco "II Blue" Schiavo
Paolo Dellapiana
Roberto Maria Clemente
Sleeve Notes
Fabrizio Modenese Palumbo: gtr, electric viola
Marco "Il Blue" Schiavo: drums, cymbals, glokenspiel
Paolo Dellapiana: accordion, electronics, theremin
Roberto Maria Clemente: gtr

Steven Stapleton: nuts and bolts
Colin Potter: loose screws
Eberhard Kranemann: gtr, cello, voice, electronics

Recorded and mixed by
Colin Potter & Steven Stapleton @ IC Studio, London, UK and Marco Milanesio @ O.F.F., Torino, Italy

Mastered by Marco Milanesio @ O.F.F.

Produced by:
trx 1-3: Colin Potter & Steve Stapleton
trx 4-6: Larsen & Marco Milanesio

Artworks by:
Babs Santini, Eberhard Kranemann

Layout by United Errors of Bellissimo

Thanks to:
Daniel Pagliero for bass on trx 3 and 6
Andreas Edler for photography

All material:
© Larsen: trx 4-6, N.W.W.: trx 1-3
(p) Important Records, 2010
Erroneous, a collection of errors is the result of the meeting of Italian cult band larsen and Steven Stapleton's ubiquitous creature Nurse With Wound.
Almost two years of file swapping and occasional conceptual meetings led to a mutli-headed collection of deformed sounds based on one long NWW piece and two Larsen tracks then deconstructed and rebuilt by each other into brand new opuses. Also featuring Eberhard Kranemann (Kraftwerk / Neu!)