Caught From Behind
M.T.T. Mauro Teho Teardo featuring Nurse With Wound & Ramleh
1990 12" IT Minus Habens 006
Black vinyl copies in regular sleeve
Track Listing
Side 1914
  1. Jesuspermary
  2. Colgia Matari
  3. Devayana
  4. Loud Goddess in a Thousand Za Za
Side 2014
  1. Rapemaster D.
  2. Anal Total
  3. Northern Age
  4. Vacuum Flower
  5. Caught From Behind [stappleton01]
Vinyl Etchings
Sleeve Notes
All music by Mauri Teho Teardo (Featuring Nurse With Wound & Ramleh)

Recorded at I.P.S. Studio (London), HOUSE OF METAL (Zul), NAsO (Udine), 1987-88.
Cuts - Utopia Studios (London). Cover by M.T.T.
Music produced by M.T.T. Eat my Beat. Executive production: MINUS HABENS RECORDS.
Special thanx to: Steven Stapleton, Gary Mundy, Pacific 231, Vox Populi, Massimo and Giancarlo Toniutti, G.A. Cavellini.
Dedicated to Guglielmo Achille Cavellini 1914 - 2014.
Not all of the releases have inserts

There are three inserts, two stickers and an information sheet. The first sticker is round (about 4.5" in diameter) Italian flag. It has three pieces of text, one on each section of the flag (green, white and red) It says:
Venezia - Palazzo Ducale
Cavellini 1914-2014
7 Settembre - 27 Ottobre
The second sticker is a small pink rectangle (about 3"x3.5") with black text:
      hi bastards !
the first big thing after
   velvet underground

      Teho Teardo
  The Holy acid biker

 acid sexy rama delight
 delinquent porno gods
 velvet sound crashin'
    eat my beat !!!
The last insert is one sided (about 11" x 11") with a picture of an old gas station (Gibson Motor Co.) with the following information:

the napalm god is back again - the prick that you desire dear bastards 777 -
to all the worshippers of my sexual desecrations - I'm masked, I'm an
innocent record for bored guys - acid sexy rama delight - delinquent
porno gods - velvet sound crashing - magnetic drugs keep me in tune - 
whoredance sonic robot lover.

  		"drill your asshole & think I'm a bastard."
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