2009 CD AU
In jewel case
Track Listing
  1. Big Bang - Nurse With Wound
  2. Dark Matter
  3. Theory Of Everything
  4. M Theory
  5. The Big Bang Theory
  6. Celestial Waltz
Sleeve Notes
1. Big Bang: Nurse With Wound (Visuals, Ai Yamamoto)
2. Dark Matter: Words, Emilie Zoey Baker; Music & Sounds, Nat Bates (Visuals, Mim Whiting)
3. Theory Of Everything: Words, Paul Mitchell; Music & Sounds, Lawrence English; Extra Vocal Alice Garner (Visuals, Mim Whiting)
4. M Theory: Words, Alice Sometimes; Music & Sounds, Chris Nelms (Visuals, Chris Nelms)
5. The Big Bang Theory: Words, Sean M Whelan; Music & Sounds, Ai Yamamoto (Visuals, Ai Yamamoto)
6. Celestial Waltz: Violin, Baritone Guitar & Loops, Andrew Watson; Viola, Claire Fischer. Written by, Claire Fischer and Andrew Watson
A Video of the NWW track can be found here:

Big Bang

and a full set of videos here:


This is an edited version of "Space Music"

Thanks to robert2600 for all information on this release
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