Possible Nursemix For Sun And Moon Ensemble
2006 June CD UK ???
In slimline jewel case
Track Listing
  1. Possible Nursemix For Sun And Moon Ensemble (13:11)
Sleeve Notes
Initially 40 copies only available at the first NWW gigs in San Francisco, although some copies available after the shows.

Note from Matt Waldron:

What it is --- the disc contained a 13 minute soundtrack for the Sun and Moon Ensemble, a large-scale puppet troupe that opened the second night in San Francisco. I put the soundtrack together using various released and unreleased Nurse tracks (the "possible" in the title was there because I wanted to get Steve's approval on the mix, but needed to send something to the Ensemble so they could start formulating ideas).

Why it was there --- Steve and Colin were both very happy with the results of the mix, so I decided to print up some copies to put up for sale as a show souvenir. This also seemed a good way of earning a little extra cash to cover the time I had to miss from work in order to prepare for the shows. My idea was to sell them for $5 each, but I was discouraged from doing this by the suggestion that a handful of people would buy all of the copies and then put them up on eBay for $100 the next day. $15 seemed a reasonable compromise. The eBay scenario turned out to be true regardless.

What about that little yellow sign on the merch table? --- One of the people at the table had heard that there were 40 copies on hand, and decided to make a sign announcing it was "limited to 40 copies". They were not asked to do this, and were no doubt thinking that it would make a good selling point. The fact is, there were only 40 copies because I only had time to make 40; if I had been able to make more, I would have done so. I did have a little time before Portland, and so I made 20 more. I would have never announced it as any kind of limited edition myself, as I wanted everyone interested to be able to get one without having to get reamed on eBay. I didn't find out about the sign until after the second show, and decided to make the 20 additional copies anyway, in keeping with my original intention. The whole misunderstanding is very unfortunate and frustrating, and I apologise if anyone feels "duped" as a result (although my real sympathies are with those who did get reamed on eBay despite my intention to prevent that outcome). I will still be making the additional copies for BLRR, however, in order to cover the small demand for the disc that still exists.