Artificial Additives
2001 CD UK Peripheral Conserve pH-06
In digipak
Track Listing
  1. Supplementary Phase - The Sonic Catering Band
  2. Foie Gras - Nish
  3. Cosmic Seafood Fusion - They Came From The Stars I Saw Them
  4. Composition No 1 - Gregory Kurcewicz & Daniel Hayhurst
  5. Flavour X - Clear Spot
  6. Audio Noodles (Bombay Mix) - en-eye
  7. Hindu Monastery Breakfast - Nurse With Wound [ud202cd]
  8. Grace - Clare Connors
Sleeve Notes
This product contains remixed derivatives of The Sonic Catering Band's series of five 'First Supper' records. Culinary trace elements from these editions have been carefully modified with artificial instrumentation for enhanced aural consumption.

All source material prepared, cooked and mixed by The Sonic Catering Band at The Canteens of Atlantis
Additional mastering by Patty Walker at Continental Electronics

Outside Art: 'A Day in the Country' by Louis Wain c. 1920 (courtesy of The Victoria & Albert Museum)
Inside Art: Babs Santini
Disc Art: Dido Hallett

1 performed & mixed by The Sonic Catering Band; guest vocals by Florencia Bernales Campana
2 performed & mixed by Ben Drew and Ivan Seal
3 performed by Alex, Keith, Dino & Horton; mixed by Horton Jupiter
4 performed & mixed by Gregory Kurcewicz & Daniel Hayhurst
5 performed by Clear Spot; mixed by Clear Spot, Brother Lloyd Loud & Yukimi
6 performed & mixed by Tim Kirby
7 performed by S. Stapleton, P. Vastl & M Waldron; mixed by S. Stapleton
8 performed by Clare Connors; mixed by The Sonice Catering Band

Gratuities to: all the remixers for their support & generosity, Loïg Allix-Thivend, Kristen Lound at Amberley Records, Kelly Beverly, Chris Britton & all at Wired, Cargo Distribution, Tim Closs, C*O*L*I*N, Sonja Commentz, The Corbas Twins, Nick Corbett, Glenn Covacic, Elizabeth Dawson, Ruth Judge & Chris Rogers at County Delicacies, Emma Dennis, Stefan Dennis, Teresa Johnson at Denny's Chefs' Outfitters, DJ Diaboli, Nick Dyer, Jon Fletcher, John Forrester, Chris Gibbons, Home James, Le Husk The Idiot Machine, Philip Ilson, The International Food Information Service, Emmanuelle Kirby, Lessons Around Us, Taylor Mead, Mute Records, Toshihide Nukui, Steven Omskwood, Graham Padmore, Colin Potter, Michael Prime, Reading College Bakeries, Dr. Alan Reynolds & all at Reading University Food Science Labs, Annabel Alford & all at Morphy Richards, Billy Rubin, Saloon, Robert Sinfield, Jeremy Smith, Robin Smith, Edward Strickland, Nicolas Strickland, Gareth Tissington, Transform-A-Snacks, Justin Turner, Philothei Tzouvelis, United Dairies, Harriet Connides & Nick Wise at The Victoria & Albert Museum, Watkins Cash & Carry, Mark Webber, Darius Weinberg, Ian Westmoreland, Susan Wolk & all at The London Food Film Fiesta, Melody Wong and Tanya Zeigler.