Anthology 1 Come Organisation Archives 1979-1981
2001 2xCD UK Susan Lawly SLCD019
In jewel case
Track Listing
CD 1
  1. Come Sunday - Come
  2. The Trenches - Come
  3. Sex - Come
  4. Rampton 1 - Come
  5. Rampton 2 - Come
  6. Shaved Slits 2 - Come
  7. In Country - Come
  8. Shitfun 2 - Whitehouse
  9. Untitled - Nurse With Wound (+Jim Thirlwell)
  10. Coprophilia - The Sodality
  11. The 150 Murderous Passions Part One [ud09]
CD 2
  1. The 150 Murderous Passions Part One [ud09]
  2. Bradford Red Light District Part One
  3. Bradford Red Light District Part One
Sleeve Notes
Relating to Nurse With Wound.

The Second Coming
The Second Coming compilation was released around the same time as the United Dairies release Hoisting The Black Flag. There was a lot of co-operation and friendship at that time between the two labels, even sharing a mailing address for a time. This was hortly followed by the collaboration project The 150 Murderous Passions (as featured on this CD release) which had both Come Organisation and United Dairies catalogue numbers. On the original LP liner notes the Nurse With Wound track has a title made up of a series of random hieroglyphics. In fact, this surreal piece of music was commonly known at the time as 'The Registered Nurse' - the track partly inspired by Luc Ferrari. I don't remember exactly how Jim Thirlwell contributed to the piece but he worked with Steve Stapleton on a number of sessions at IPS around that time. The track by The Sodality is in fact ersatz Whitehouse inspired by the sound heard sitting at the back of a passenger aircraft on one of our regular trips to Amsterdam. The fourth track is the slightly remixed Shitfun 2 by Whitehouse. The Second Coming compilation was released in limited quantities in four different colours of vinyl: red, green, pink and blue (of which only 25 were pressed).

William Bennett

The 150 Murderous Passions
This was, strictly speaking neither a Whitehouse nor a Nurse With Wound album but a special project intended as a Come Organisation/united Dairies joint release - hence the attached UD09 catalogue number. Steve Stapleton produced the 'long' track (part two) and I produced the 'short' track (part one) with assistance from each other and Peter McKay on the other's tracks. It was in 1990 that Alan Trench's PWC and Stapleton decided to market a CD version of the lbum as Whitehouse/Nurse With Wound for commercial reasons and it was subsequently released by them without my consultation or permission. The proof of the greed is that they could have asked me for the tapes which I would have provided - buttheir haste proved too great. The master tapes were, and always have been, in my possession - when PWC (disguised as United Dairies') went ahead with the CD release they simply mastered it from a vinyl copy of the album. That's why the 'mix' sounds so different (and so disappointingly poor, in my opinion) because, to disguise its origins, reverb and other effects were (rather clumsily) added to it. Susan Lawly decided to include 'part one' on the 1990 compilation 'Cream of The Second Coming' so that at least it was available for people to hear in its proper form. With access here to the original recordings you will notice the enormous difference. It was memorably recorded on Guy Fawke's night 1980 and fireworks played a role in creating some of the sounds.

text adapted from Whitehouse FAQ 1.02