The Frightened City (New Moon Over Manhattan Mix)
Steve Stapleton / Tony Wakeford
2011 June Download UK
Track Listing
  1. The Frightened City (New Moon Over Manhattan Mix) (25:06)
Sleeve Notes
This is an exclusive download version of 'The Frightened City'. Due to time constraints this mix would not fit on the extra disc that came with the reissue of 'Revenge of The Selfish Shellfish'. We have now made it available for the very first time in its unadulterated, unabridged and original length, nearly 10 minutes longer than the version that appeared on CD. credits
released 01 October 2009
Original song wrtten by Tony Wakeford & Steven Stapleton. Remixed in 2009 by Andrew Liles.

'The Frightened City' appears on the album 'Revenge of The Selfish Shellfish' by Tony Wakeford and Steven Stapleton. The original disc was released by Tursa in 1992 and was re-released in 2009 as a 2 disc edition by Robot Records.
As of June 2012 this track is available from