Spaced Muzak
2022 May 2xCD IE United Dairies UD963
In three panel digipak
Track Listing
Disc A
  1. Spaced Muzak (Junk DNA) (44:57)
  2. Space Musik Original (33:32)
Disc B
  1. Space Musik (Ersatz Sleep Concert Version) (43:17)
  2. Throb (Space Musik II) (34:56)
Sleeve Notes
Steven Stapleton
Andrew Liles
Colin Potter

Timo Van Ljuik = Vibraphone on Disc B Track 1
Cover by Santini
Photography and Layout Sarah Stapleton

*Space Musik was officially commissioned by the Melbourne Planetrium 'Scienc In The Dark' 2009

Special thanks to Emilie Zoey Baker